Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Innovation on Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences (ICOSI-HESS 2022)

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Peer-Review Statement

Dyah Mutiarin, Achmad Nurmandi, Arie Kusuma Paksi, Zain Rafique
All articles are going to be peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief of ICOSIHESS 2022 who affirms that this document is a truthful description of the conference’s review process.
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The Impact of Money Politics to the Indonesian Democratic System: With Special Reference to South Kalimantan Governor Election 2020

Iwan Satriawan, Firdausy Shabrina Ramadhani
Money politics is a terrifying scourge for Indonesia’s democratic process. Politics and Money are two distinct groups that cannot be separated. Money politics practice has been undertaken since the first general election, so everyone must be aware of them. Money politics started from the election of...
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The Effect of Changes in the Value-Added Tax Rate on Tax Compliance Behavior of Taxpayers in Indonesia: A Field Experiment

Agustine Dwianika, Badingatus Sholikah
Increasing the value-added tax (VAT) rate has been identified as an option to increase tax revenue although the possible effect of changing the VAT rate on tax compliance behavior has not been determined. It is planned that the value added tax (VAT) rate will increase on April 1, 2022. The amount of...
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Comparison of Threshold Provisions for Presidential Candidacy in Indonesia and Turkey

Rahmat Muhajir Nugroho, Sudarsono, Istislam, Muchamad Ali Safa’at
In Indonesia, there is a nomination threshold often referred to as the Presidential Threshold in the mechanism to nominate a President and his/her Vice-President in the Election of the President. The stipulation of the threshold as a condition for Political Parties to nominate pairs of President and...
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Comparative Study on the Legal Framework of Corporate Group Under Common Law and Shariah

Nazri Ramli, Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas, Hartinie Abd Aziz
Under common law, the legal framework of corporate group is derived from the ownership of share by holding over its subsidiaries. The parent company has majority shareholding ownership and control in the subsidiaries. From Shariah perspective, group of companies is discussed under the sharikah concept...
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Comparative Study of Outsourcing in Indonesia: What Can Indonesia Learn from Outsourcing in Japan

Wiwin Budi Pratiwi, Murti Ayu Hapsari
Outsourcing in Indonesia is carried out based on the provisions of Act Number 11 of 2020 on Job Creation. This provision results in opening up opportunities for the proliferation of outsourcing types of work relationships, even though it has been proven that this form of a triangular outsourcing relationship...
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International Jurisdiction of the Indonesian Court in Private International Law Litigation

Herliana Herliana, Sujayadi Sujayadi
This article will evaluate Indonesian statutory law that can be used as the basis for the Indonesian court to assert jurisdiction over defendants residing abroad. The analysis of this article will be based on legal doctrinal research with statutory and comparative approaches. The instrument used as the...
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Unitary V. Federalism: Constitutional Debates Concerning the Form of State in Indonesia’s Post-independence (1945–1950)?

Andy Omara, Gunawan Tauda
Generally, federalism is desirable in plural society while unitary state is preferable in a relatively homogenous society. However, in Indonesia unitary arrangement bind the diverse society, not federalism. Indonesia chose to adopt unitary state instead of a plural society. Through legal-historical analysis,...
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The Act on Public Information Disclosure Reformulation: A Comparative Law Study of Indonesia and Canada

Murti Ayu Hapsari, Wiwin Budi Pratiwi
Freedom of information (FOI), the prominent and integral part of fundamental right according to the 59th UN General Assembly’s Resolution, is to embody the ideal and sustaining modern democratic state, open and accountable government institution. Indonesia, as one of the young democratic states, adopted...
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Jogja Waqf Movement: Program Models for Social-economic Development and Poverty Reduction in the Community

Muchammad Ichsan, Mahmudi
Waqf is a form of worship that has been practiced eternally. It has a significant socio-economic function and role, particularly in building the growth of people's welfare and proffering a practical and tangible solution to supporting the national economy and alleviating poverty. This research aimed...
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The Consistency of Sharia Principles Application in Murabaha Contracts During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Muhammad Khaeruddin Hamsin, Abdul Halim, Rizaldy Anggriawan
The aim of this article is to investigate and thoroughly assess the consistency of Islamic financial institutions in adopting Sharia principles. It compares the standard operating procedures and company regulation which adopted by the Sharia Rural Bank (BPRS) with the fatwa issued by the National Sharia...
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Disparity in Judges’ Legal Reasoning on Marriage Dispensation Regarding Minimum Marriage Age: Indonesian Experience

Dika Putri Vindi Santika Anie, Herliana
This article identified and analyzed the disparity of judges’ legal reasoning in granting a marriage dispensation application in respect to the minimum marriage age in Indonesia. This study indicated that amendment to the Marriage Law which increases the marriageable age of women did not necessarily...
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The Impact of the World Superbike (WSBK) 2022 Event on Tourism Policy in West Nusa Tenggara

Usman Munir, Baiq Rara Charina Sizi, Anies Prima Dewi
The islands of Lombok and Bali have been designated as national tourism gateways in the MP3EI (Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development) Corridor V. The nomination of Mandalika area as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has an impact on accelerating the development...
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Judicial Appointment of German Bundesverfassungsgericht: Lesson for Indonesia

Iwan Satriawan, Tanto Lailam, Farid Sufian Shuaib, Devi Seviyana
The appointment of constitutional court justice is the main stage to creating qualified justices. Notably, Indonesia still faces plenty of problems within the Constitutional Court, including the lack of integrity since many codes of ethics are violated by the Justices. Meanwhile, many scholars agreed...
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How to Prepare Student’s Self-managed Learning in Gregorc’s Learning Style

Ni’matul Istiqomah, Lisa Rokhmani, Nur Anita Yunikawati
The purpose of this study was to find out how to prepare for their independent study according to the learning style of Gregorc’s theory. There are 4 types of Gregorc’s learning styles, namely, Concrete Sequential, Abstract Sequential, Concrete Random, and Abstract Random. Self-managed learning (SML)...
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Reciting Al Fatihah to Reduce Stress Levels Adolescence

Laili Nur Hidayati, Rizal Aji Prabowo
Adolescence is a transitional period, they tend to experience emotional improvement and susceptibility to stress. The level of stress experienced by adolescent can be reduced by spiritual activities that are reciting surah Al Fatihah, which can motivate themselves. By so doing, they no longer feel hopeless...
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A Comparison Between Offline and Multimodal Online Platforms at English Standardization Tests for College Students

Yudhi S. Purwanto, M. Farid Rifai, Hendra Jatnika
English standardization is needed by a college to ensure the quality of knowledge and skills of their students before they join the international learning and research culture there. As a campus that has an international vision, Institut Teknologi PLN (ITPLN) created two English tests in for the students...
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Leaf of Ananas Comosus L. Merr as an Innovation of Local Wisdom to Increase Income of Rural Communities

Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Baskoro Wicaksono, Rury Febrina, Sekar Nur Wulandari, Momon, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Citra Permatasari, Suci Emilia Fitri, Tania Andari, Nurhuda Firmansyah, Arif Ramadhan, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Evi Maya Savira, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Marsono, Yanuar Farida Wismayanti, Suripto, Robby Firman Syah, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Nova Yulanda Putri Sipahutar, Novi Savarianti Fahrani, Asriani, Vivi Ukhwatul Khasanah Masbiran, Herie Saksono
Indonesia is included in the ranks of pineapple-producing countries (Ananas comosus L. Merr) after Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines and China. Abundant yields produce pineapple leaf waste as animal feed or just thrown away when in fact, it can be of high economic value and useful if processed properly....
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Exploring Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Experiences in Lesson Planning

Ika Wahyuni Lestari, Nurbaiti Utami Siwi
Lesson plan is a set of class plans that include guidelines for a teacher about what type of learning resources to use and how to use them. Moreover, teachers are required to design a lesson plan related to the course that they will apply in the classroom. However, designing a lesson plan may be challenging...
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The Role of Case Based Teaching Method for Japanese Learning

Rita Agustina Karnawati, Ninuk Lustyantie, Uwes Anis Chaeruman
Studying Japanese as a foreign language requires the learner's skills and abilities to understand grammar and master the four language skills so that the learning process will be maximized. Therefore, appropriate learning methods are needed to answer these outputs. The focus of this research is...
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University EFL Students’ Grammar Mastery and Their Writing Ability: A Quantitative Study

Sri Rejeki Murtiningsih, Sonia Kurniawati, Anisa Wahyu Dwi Putri
Grammar is one of the language components that plays a vital role in performing good writing. However, problems occur when students produce a piece of writing. This study aimed to look into students’ grammar mastery, discover the students’ writing ability, and investigate the correlation between students’...
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Access to Basic Needs for Marginalized Groups in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Homeless and Beggars

Husmiati Yusuf, Hari Harjanto Setiawan, Mery Ganti, Yanuar Farida Wismayanti, Badrun Susantyo, Nurhayu, Ita Konita, Menik Budiarti, Muhammad Belanawane Sulubere
The social problem associated with extreme poverty is a large number of homeless and beggars scattered in big cities. Around 77,500 homeless and beggars are estimated to live in big cities in Indonesia in 2019. The government has tried to provide solutions through the implementation of regulations, providing...
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The Issues and Social Economic Potentials of Urban Marginal Groups in Indonesia

Mery Ganti, Husmiati Yusuf, Yanuar Farida Wismayanti, Hari Harjanto Setiawan, Badrun Susantyo, Nurhayu, Ita Konita, Menik Budiarti, Muhammad Belanawane Sulubere
Urban poverty is a complex issue related to employment, income, housing, and other social pathological problems, such as social incompetence and vulnerability to crimes and violence. Urban marginal groups consist of a group of people that experience one or more aspects of removal, discrimination, or...
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Investigating the Implementation of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in English Teaching and Learning

Andi Wirantaka, Hanif Sultan Riyata Sukarno
Problem-based Learning (PBL) is one of approaches used in teaching and learning. PBL is a learning approach in which students learn through several real-problems happened in their daily life. There are two purposes for this research which are to find out the perception of students towards the advantages...
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Persuasive Communication Analysis of the Instagram Account of a Niqabi Beauty Influencer

Vinanda Cinta Cendekia Putri, Alem Febri Sonni, Janisa Pascawati Lande
Beauty influencers are those who review beauty and skincare products on social media platforms, like Instagram. Generally, to persuade their followers, beauty influencers use their faces as their primary asset when reviewing beauty products. They do this by displaying a photo or video of their face before...
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The Use of Social Media by Bantul Electoral Commission to Increase Voters’ Participation in 2020 Regent Election

Tunjung Sulaksono, Bambang Eka Cahya Widodo, Wais Alqarni, Arissy Jorgi Sutan
Social media has become a massive platform to disseminate information relating the 2020 regent election in Bantul. But how exactly the social media is used in increasing public participation is still in question. This research explores how social media is used by Bantul Electoral Commission (KPU Bantul)...
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Communication of Central and Regional Governments on Social Media in Handling Covid in Indonesia

Suswanta, Anang Setiawan
This article aims to find out how Communication Of Central And Regional Governments On Social Media In Handling Covid In Indonesia In analyzing data using qualitative descriptive methods and processed using NVIVO 12 Plus is a data processing application to analyze online data and social media so that...
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Activities and Communication Patterns of the West Java Provincial Government During the Covid-19 Pandemic Through Twitter

Alma Titian, Dian Eka Rahmawati, Haryadi Arief Nuur Rasyid
The Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia was a challenge for the West Java Provincial Government since the first case was found in residents of Depok City. Inevitably, it caused panic and confusion of information in the community. Therefore, the West Java Provincial Government was demanded to overcome panic...
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Activities and Communication Patterns of the Communication and Informatics Office of the Special Region of Yogyakarta in the Covid-19 Vaccination Program

Habi Nurka Mulia, Dian Eka Rahmawati, Haryadi Arief Nuur Rasyid
The mass vaccination program during the COVID-19 period is an effort by the government to “Public Goods” in mandatory affairs (Obligatory Pubic Health Functions) to create “Herd Immunity”. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method using Nvivo 12 plus as an analysis tool using theory from Erliana...
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Government Communication Patterns in Tourism Village Development During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Gunung Kidul Regency

Hankam Wafa Teja Kusuma, Dian Eka Rahmawati
This research was conducted to find out how the communication pattern of Beji Tourism Village in promoting its tourism potential through social media in the “SI DEWI SINTAL” program. The research method used is descriptive qualitative, namely the data obtained in this study in the form of oral sentences...
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Analysis of Russian War Violations in the 2022 Ukrainian Conflict Based on the Perspective of International Humanitarian Law

E. N. Domloboy Nasution, Zamzami Raudia
International humanitarian law is international treaties, international customs or general legal principles governing armed conflict with the main objective of protecting human beings. This study was made to analyze the violations of the Russian war in the Ukraine conflict in 2022 but based on the perspective...
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Designing a National-Local Simultaneous Election: A Proposal for Indonesian Electoral Governance

Ridho Al-Hamdi, Tanto Lailam, Sakir
This article is an attempt to propose the design of a simultaneous election in contemporary Indonesia. Public debates between two popular choices of the simultaneous election: between the national-local model and the legislative-executive model. Which one is more effective for Indonesian election? This...
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Students’ Perceptions on Multicultural Classroom: A Case Study in One Private University in Medan

Risa Anggraini, Ikhwanul Mubarrak Lubis
Culture and language are interconnected. Language teaching today is very sensitive to cultural issues, and rightly so. Being multicultural is inevitable in Indonesia, and diversity is national identity. Indeed, multicultural issue is something important in Indonesia due to the uniqueness and cultural...
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Understanding EFL Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs About Second Language Acquisition and Learning Through Language Autobiographies

Arifah Mardiningrum, Muhammad Haikal
Pre-service teachers’ beliefs resulting from their experiences can predict how they will approach their professional teaching practice in the future. Being future teachers, pre-service teachers hold a unique position of viewing experiences from the perspectives of both teachers and learners. The current...
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Indonesia’s Green Economy Growth Prospects During the Covid-19 Pandemic: An Analytical Review from a Good Governance Perspective

Muhammad Noor Cahyadi Eko Saputro, Dian Eka Rahmawati
Like other countries in the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia is still faced with challenges in improving the quality of development and creating food and energy security while reducing risks to the environment, and other ecological problems through the implementation of green economy practices....
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Students’ Remotivating Strategies in Learning English During Covid-19 Pandemic

Gendroyono, Hindun Azizah
Since the Covid-19 virus, all students in Indonesia have been experiencing online learning and this has resulted in motivational problems. Motivation is a support for students to learn. Moreover, during the pandemic, students need to remotivate themselves. Little study has been conducted on how students...
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Implementation of Debate Practice in the Jitsuyou Kaiwa Class in Online Mode

Dedi Suryadi, Anisa Suratni Indriyati
This research is entitled the implementation of debate practice in the Jitsuyou Kaiwa class in online mode which aims to describe class activities and find out student responses related to Japanese language debate learning. This research is a descriptive method with a qualitative approach to 3rd year...
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Chinese Diplomacy in the Islamic World

Bambang Cipto, Achmad Sahide
Since China declared the BRI in 2013 it has increased its diplomacy in the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East. The Middle East is an area where China can develop cooperation. As Jonatan Fulton said that BRI can create more cooperations. My findings indicate that there is mutual economic interests...
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Improving the Speaking Ability of the Fourth Semester Students of English Education Study Program, University of Potensi Utama Using OmeTV Application

Ashari P. Swondo, Fadilla Haya
This study deals with the improvement of students’ speaking ability using OmeTV application as one of the online interactive media. The objective of this study is to find out whether students’ speaking ability will be improved by applying OmeTV application. This study was conducted by using Classroom...
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Industrial Waste: The Strategic Role of Indonesian Women in the Challenge of Climate Change

Aulia Srifauzi, Nurul Azhimi
Today, the global community lives based on a linear economy, with producers producing products and people as consumers of these products and then throwing them away. The FMCG industry, or Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, is an industry that is growing in the field of providing products for consumers’ daily...
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Innovation of Competence Development of State Civil Apparatus Through Knowledge Management Model

Herie Saksono, Adi Suhendra, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Marsono, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Suripto, Evi Maya Savira, Robby Firman Syah, Adhityo Nugraha Barsei, Arif Ramadhan, Tania Andari, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Nurhuda Firmansyah, Joko Sabtohadi, Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Rury Febrina, Asriani, Novi Savarianti Fahrani
Competency development of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) has become an obligation for government agencies in Indonesia. This relates to the management of human resources carried out by the agency as an organization in order to find, use, maintain, and develop human beings. Innovation is carried out...
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Analysis of the Effect of Tourism Bus Service Quality on Tourist Visit Interest: A Solution for the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Momon, Vivi Ukhwatul Khasanah Masbiran, Afriyanni, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Herie Saksono, Sekar Nur Wulandari, Suci Emilia Fitri, Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Rury Febrina, Melati Ayuning Pranasari, Virgiawan Listanto, Adhityo Nugraha Barsei, Tania Andari, Evi Maya Savira
The government, through the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia has allocated a National Economic Recovery (PEN) fund as a response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused a decrease in tourist visits. The funds are provided for the procurement of facilities and infrastructure...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Forum: Private Sector Participation Strategy in Equitable Development of the Regional Government of Muara Enim

Nova Yulanda Putri Sipahutar, Yanuar Farida Wismayanti, Herie Saksono, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Madya Putra Yaumil Ahad, Adi Suhendra, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Novi Savarianti Fahrani, Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Nurhuda Firmansyah, Arif Ramadhan, Robby Firman Syah, Tania Andari, Adhityo Nugraha Barsei, Evi Maya Savira, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Renny Savitri, Metha Claudia Agatha Silitonga, Ladiatno Samsara, Citra Permata Sari, Rori Gusparirin, Virgiawan Listanto, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Marsono, Lindawati, Suripto
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is mandatory and every company is expected to fulfil this obligation. Generally, the company makes and implements its CSR program incidentally and eliminates obligations. Therefore, not all the benefits of CSR programs impact the community. One of the causes is the...
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Electrical One Stop Monitoring System (E-OSMOSYS) Innovation in West Java as an Integrated Electrical Energy Monitoring and Control System

Adi Suhendra, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Muhammad Akbar Pribadi, Melati Ayuning Pranasari, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Arif Ramadhan, Marsono, Suci Emilia Fitri, Tini Apriani, Suripto, Herie Saksono, Purwadi, Herman Yaarozatulo Harefa, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Tania Andari, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Nurhuda Firmansyah, Evi Maya Savira, Novi Savarianti Fahrani, Robby Firman Syah, Joko Sabtohadi, Bachtari Alam Hidayat
This research is about the application of the “Electrical One Stop Monitoring System” (E-OSMOSYS) in West Java as an Integrated Electricity Monitoring and Control System. This research is significant because electricity is a basic need and is one of the main components in realizing and improving the...
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Public Health Center Regional Public Service Agency: Alternative Policies for Improving Public Health Quality

Herie Saksono, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Adi Suhendra, Herman Yaarozatulo Harefa, Purwadi, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Nurhuda Firmansyah, Arif Ramadhan, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Robby Firman Syah, Dian Martha Indarti, Tania Andari, Novi Savarianti Fahrani, Afriyanni, Suripto, Rosidah, Tini Apriani, Evi Maya Savira, Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Putri Erlyn, Marsono, Joko Sabtohadi, Melati Ayuning Pranasari, Suci Emilia Fitri
The quality of excellent service is one of the keys to building trust and community satisfaction. However, the community remains unsatisfied specifically the health sector about the quality of basic services provided by the government. This can be seen from various health problems that are still prevailing...
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Revealing Regional Development Through the Gerbang Kaca Program: A Study in Fakfak Regency, West Papua

Suci Emilia Fitri, Melati Ayuning Pranasari, Imam Radianto Anwar Setia Putra, Evi Maya Savira, Dian Martha Indarti, Purwadi, Herman Yaarozatulo Harefa, Novi Savarianti Fahrani, Tini Apriani, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Worry Mambusy Manoby, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Adhityo Nugraha Barsei, Vivi Ukhwatul Khasanah Masbiran, Rury Febrina, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Robby Firman Syah, Muhammad Akbar Pribadi, Adi Suhendra, Tania Andari, Joko Sabtohadi, Sekar Nur Wulandari, Afriyanni, Prabawa Eka Susanta, Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Herie Saksono, Andi Tenri Awaru, Asriani, Husnah Rahman
The Gerbang Kaca program is a regional development policy set to seek change through intervention in the village. This research aims to explain how policy interventions with the development pattern approach are carried out by the Fakfak Regency government. This study uses a qualitative approach supported...
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The Dynamics of Governance of Village-Owned Enterprise (Bumdes) Amarta in Strengthening the Economy of the Pandowoharjo Village Community During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Juhari Sasmito Aji, Dian Retnaningdiah, Kemala Hayati
This study aims to identify indicators of BUMDes governance and observe its practice by investigating the application of cooperative, participatory, transparent, accountable, emancipatory, and sustainable principles. This research employed a qualitative approach with primary data collection from interview...
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Performance Accountability in Mattiro Deceng Technical Implementation Unit of WOMEN’s Social Service Center (UPT PPSKW) in Makassar

Nurul Mufidah, Gita Susanti, Muhammad Irvan Nur Iva
Accountability in public administration is an important issue to control a public organization. Understanding how to improve accountability in the public sector is crucial for ensuring good governance. Unfortunately, in many cases accountability in public sector does not run effectively due the high...
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The Implementation of Indonesia’s Free and Active Foreign Policy Over the Russia-Ukraine War During Indonesia’s G20 Presidency

Helga Yohana Simatupang, Michael Romulus Panggabean
Indonesia’s G20 presidency will provide a great platform for the country to demonstrate its influence as a major regional actor to the international community. As the G20 Summit in Bali takes place during the Russia-Ukraine war, it will be a critical measure for Indonesia’s foreign policy integrity and...
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The Urgency for Stipulating Regional Regulations on Gender Mainstreaming in Achieving Kediri City’s SDGs

Ane Permatasari, Atik Septi Winarsih, Juhari Sasmito Aji, Bhakti Gusti Walinegoro
Gender mainstreaming is a strategy to integrate gender issues into the development process. The goal is to ensure that the government can properly solve gender issues. The Kediri City Government has been struggling to achieve gender equality and justice. However, the evaluation results unveiled that...
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Stunting Prevention Through Collaborative Governance in the Berbah Sub-district, Sleman

Ane Permatasari, Nur Sofyan, Bhakti Gusti Walinegoro
Berbah Sub-district’s stunting rate is still worrying and requires accelerated handling through the involvement of many stakeholders. Such involvement can be framed through collaborative governance. This study aims to analyze how collaborative governance in the Berbah Sub-district is carried out to overcome...
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Understanding Hadith in the Perspective of Muhammadiyah and Its Impact on Worship Practices

Rohmansyah Rohmansyah
Muhammadiyah is a religious and social organization founded on the Quran and hadith. Through the Tarjih and Tajdid Council’s interpretations of the Quran and hadith, it performs its duties and comprehends its faith. The meaning of hadith differs from that of other groups with ramifications for worship...
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The Leadership Style of Dedy Yon Supriyono as a Mayor of Tegal in Handling COVID-19 Pandemic

Shafira Virginia Rahmasari, Erni Zuhriyati, Adibah Dhivani Gusmi
The study of local leadership in COVID-19 pandemic crisis has not been widely discussed. For this reason, it becomes interesting to discuss the regional leadership style in the problem of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study aims to provide an overview of Dedy Yon Supriyono’s leadership style as Mayor of...
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Ambiguity of Financial Management Supervision in State-Owned Enterprises of the Company

Reni Anggriani
The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia has the main goal of realizing the welfare of the community as a welfare-type state that focuses on equalizing the welfare of people's lives. The state is required to play an active role in creating equitable community welfare, one of which plays a...
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The Perception of Islamic Education Teachers Towards Online Learning in Islamic Subject at SMA Negeri 1 Godean

Dwi Agung Sambodo, Tumin
This study aims to find out the perception of Islamic Education teachers towards online learning in PAI (Islamic Education) subjects in SMAN 1 Godean in the 2020/2021 school year. This research used a qualitative approach with case study. The subjects of this study were three informants, namely the Vice...
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Synergy of Multi-actors in the Empowerment of Women Refugees in Indonesia

Machya Astuti Dewi, Melaty Anggraini
Refugees are a severe problem encountering numerous countries, encompassing Indonesia. Although Indonesia is not a country which signed the Refugee Convention of 1951 and the Refugee Protocol of 1967, it is actively a stopover country providing a place for refugees from other countries before they are...
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Empowering Society by Collaborative Governance

Awang Darumurti, M. Eko Atmojo, Wildan Okto Maghribi
This study aims to comprehensively analyze the implications of collaborative governance and community empowerment in tourism development in the Pakem Sub-district, especially ecotourism development, regarding the outcomes of public policy integration felt by the community and the social dynamics in the...
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Analysis of Vietnam’s Response to the US-China Trade War in Times of Pandemic

Fitri Fatharani
The US-China trade war and the COVID-19 Pandemic are becoming major disruptions to global supply chains (GSC) making businesses to consider diversification strategies instead of relying on their current suppliers. China, which for the past decade has been the center of GSC traffic, will be avoided as...
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Analysis of Community Trust Levels Using Commuter Line Public Transportation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tania Andari, Suci Emilia Fitri, Herie Saksono, Momon, Witra Apdhi Yohanitas, Nurhuda Firmansyah, Bonataon Maruli Timothy Vincent Simandjorang, Bachtari Alam Hidayat, Arif Ramadhan, Ladiatno Samsara, Robby Firman Syah, Renny Savitri, Rury Febrina, Evi Maya Savira, Adhityo Nugraha Barsei, Mirna Rahmadina Gumati, Siti Hanifa Azanda, Afriyanni, Melati Ayuning Pranasari, Novi Savarianti Fahrani, Ari Sasmoko Adi, Joko Sabtohadi, Azwar Aswin
As a provider of transportation services, the Commuter Line has experienced a fairly heavy impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Various policies were implemented to suppress the transmission of the virus on public transportation, especially on the KRL Commuter Line train. Currently, people feel that...
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Increasing the Role of Non-state Actors in Collaborative Governance

Awang Darumurti
This research aims to identify the role of NGOs, which should ideally perform at collaboration stages, determine supporting factors to make NGOs perform well in collaboration, and discover a strategy to deal with the dynamics of collaboration. The research was conducted as a case study with a qualitative...
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Storytelling in the Management of Artisan Brand’s Marketing Communications

Erwan Sudiwijaya, Ayu Amalia
Omah Niteni is an artisan’s guest house founded due to the owner’s anxiety about the garbage problem in Monggang Lor, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This research aims to describe storytelling in digital marketing communication management of Omah Niteni in solving the waste problem in Monggang through...
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The Values of Humanist Education in the Qur’an (Study of Tafsir Al-Azhar and Tafsir An-Nur)

Puspita Lestari, Syamsul Hidayat, Muthoifin
The article attempts to scrutinize the values of humanist education in the Qur’an with the study of Tafsir Al-Azhar and Tafsir An-Nur. The purpose of this study is to find out the comparison between Tafsir Al-Azhar and Tafsir An-Nur in interpreting the verses of humanism, then analyze the values of humanist...
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Measurement Welfare of Zakat Recipients Micro Entrepreneurs Program in Central Lazismu

Sutrisno, Richa Angkita Mulyawisdawati
Empowerment of the poor through entrepreneurship programs as one of the models carried out by zakat institutions in improving welfare and reducing poverty and long-term impacts. This study aims to determine the level of welfare of zakat recipients in the micro-entrepreneurship program in order to reduce...
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Implementation of Podcasts as Japanese Language Learning Media

Arsyl Elensyah Rhema Machawan, Shahnaz Naura Yusuf
The condition of Indonesia, which has begun to be hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, requires that all face-to-face teaching and learning activities be temporarily suspended and transferred to Distance Learning (PJJ). Teachers must have innovations in the learning media that will be used so that students...
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Spiritual Well-Being, Intra-Familial Relations, and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Malaysia: A Framework Analysis

Mimi Fitriana, Jasmine Ahmad
Mental health issues during the pandemic attract the global concerns and has become one of the main focuses in research across disciplines. The involvement of family and the contentment of individuals’ religious practices during the COVID-19 pandemic deplete the significant desolation of the issues in...
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The Indonesian Multi-stakeholder Partnership for Education Sustainability of Migrants Children in Sabah, Malaysia

Sidik Jatmika
This article explores the engagement of Indonesia Multi-stakeholder Patnership in handling Education Sustainibility of Migrants Children the in the Sabah, Malaysia. This issue is very sensitive when at 2010 there are 36.000 (75%) of total 48.000 of their children, are not receive education rights, yet....
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Caring for Children

The Indonesia Humanitarian Diplomacy to Safeguard Migrants Children Education in Sabah, Malaysia Amid Unfavorable Socio-geographic Realities

Sidik Jatmika, Ramli Dollah
In 2019, in Sabah Malaysia, there are about 25.000 children of Indonesian migrant can’t access, education facility. This research will examine the Indonesian Humanitarian Diplomacy in dealing issue of education right for Children of Indonesian Migrants in Sabah, Malaysia. This is quantitative research...
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Deed of the Official Making of Electronic Land Deeds in Relation to the Law of Proof

Reni Anggriani, Yossica Ariatami Edwina
The development of information technology provides many benefits and conveniences for every activity of human life. One of them is in land registration activities. Along with the development of time and increasing technological advances, land registration activities can bring new problems, especially...
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How Does the Indonesian Newspaper Portray Indonesia’s Diaspora in Malaysia?

Surwandono, Ali Maksum, Ariyanto Nugroho
This article examines how the Indonesian diaspora in Malaysia has changed over the last 50 years, from bias symptoms to the importance of social cohesiveness. The dynamic and distinctive pattern of social ties between the Indonesian diaspora and Malaysian indigenous peoples, who have a close racial,...
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Political Preferences of Muhammadiyah Residents as Minority Muslims in the 2018 Bali Governor Election

Suswanta, Anang Setiawan
Muhammadiyah must have a different perception about something. Likewise, the views of the people in Denpasar towards Muhammadiyah, where people have different perceptions about Muhammadiyah. This can be caused by various factors including knowledge, understanding, belief and so on. Political communication...
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Social Media Role to Support Palestinian on Palestine—Israel Conflict (2021)

Muhammad Nurul Huda, Achmad Nurmandi, Zuly Qodir, Arissy Jorgi Sutan, Misran, Nur Utaminingsih, Suswanta
This paper aims to find out the media narrative in responding to cases in Palestine and Israel. This study used a qualitative approach with descriptive methods to explain social media narratives. In addition, this study used Qualitative Data Analysis Software (Q-DAS). These methods utilized analysis...
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Securitization of Migration and Kafala System Towards Indonesian Female Migrant Domestic Workers in the Gulf Countries

Muhammad Zahrul Anam, Ali Maksum, Ali Musa Harahap, Maharani Alifah Dhiya Rahmadhanitya, Muhammad Fariz Abdillah
This article aims to shed light on the securitization elements practiced by migrant exporting countries in response to the Kafala system of major Middle East recipient countries addressed to foreign female domestic workers. The existing studies have inferred that the Kafala is a form of securitization....
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Sunda Strait Tsunami Disaster News: Seeing the Production Process to the Selection of News Sources

Filosa Gita Sukmono, Fajar Junaedi, Mohammad Jafar Loilatu, Qholiva Yuni Fadilla
In reporting on the tsunami that occurred in the Sunda Strait in 2018, journalists faced changing information from government agencies that have authority in the field of disaster. Unequal and changing information has created new challenges in the practice of disaster journalism in Indonesia. This is...
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Reciting Al Fatihah to Reduce Stress Levels in Adolescents

Laili Nur Hidayati, Rizal Aji Prabowo
Adolescence is a transitional period, they tend to experience emotional improvement and susceptibility to stress. The level of stress experienced by adolescent can be reduced by spiritual activities that are reciting surah Al Fatihah, which can motivate themselves. By so doing, they no longer feel hopeless...
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The Efforts of UPT BP2MI Nunukan, Indonesia, in Protecting Indonesian Migrant Workers Rights During COVID-19 Outbreak

Dian Azmawati, Ni Made Ray Rika Azzhara
The phenomenon of international migration has occurred in Indonesia for a long time, mostly related to the economic aspect called workers migration. The Indonesian migrant workers (IMWs) have an important role in the country’s economy through their remittances but ironically they face problems, especially...
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Internationalization of Higher Education: Collaboration Between Australia and Indonesia

Abdul Rasyid Ghazali
The purpose of this paper is to explore how Australia and Indonesia have been managing internationalization in higher education to date. I will focus on the internationalization between the two countries, specifically through student and staff mobility and research collaboration. Questions have been...