Proceedings of the International Conference on Research and Academic Community Services (ICRACOS 2019)

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Digital Workplace Implementation To Promote Gender Equality

Nita Yalina
The focus of this research is to provide an explanation of how the digital workplace can help to promote gender equality in the organization. We conduct interviews with 4 managers and 8 selected woman on different organization regarding expected condition at the workplace. In the Organization perspective,...
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The Anatomy of Informed Consent that Provides Legal Protection for every Party

Agus Yuda Hernoko, Ghansham Anand, Antonius Gunawan Dharmadji, Chesa Ramadhan
A doctor-patient relationship relies on two kinds of basic individual rights; right of self-determination and right to healthcare. These basic rights derive from patients’ rights to get information about their medical condition. This study discusses the importance of informed consent for any parties...
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Literature Review: The Importance of Adding Sharia Economic Material to Economic Subjects in Senior High Schools

Hakim Luqman, Anwar Moch. Khoirul, Pahlevi Triesninda, Pratiwi Vivi, Kurniawan Riza Y
This study aims to analyze the importance of adding sharia economic material to economic subjects in Senior High Schools, especially in Science Department. The type of this research is literature review research by examining various journals and previous theories. The results showed that the sharia economic...
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Upcycling Wedding Gowns: Development Of Design, Materials And Ornaments

Ratna Suhartini, Juhrah Singke, Aldia Danardewi
This study aims to analyze: a) upcycling of bridal gowns in terms of design development, material uniformity, decoration and upcycling feasibility. This type of research is research exploration. Research procedures include a) problem collection, b) Gathering wedding gowns, c) developing wedding dresses...
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Democratic Practices and Youth Political Participation in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Muhammad Saud, Rachman Ida, Musta’in Mashud
The present study focused on youth political participation in the democratic practices in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan. The study deployed the main theory of Jürgen Habermas ‘The Public Sphere’, this theory indicated that people use to discuss their social and political matters...
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Analysis of the learning style of college student athletes for preparation of distance learning

Kunjung Ashadi, Imam MArsudi, Yonny Herdyanto, Gigih Siantoro
Every individual has a different learning style. By knowing the learning style, an approach can be chosen that fits each of these learning styles. The purpose of this study was to find out the learning styles of students from athletes who performed well at provincial, national and international levels....
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Fashion Student Skill as Millennial Entrepreneur

Ma’rifatun Nashikhah, Mochammad Bruri Triyono
Fashion student in Senior Vocational High Schools (SMK) are middle schools that prepare their graduates for working in certain field of work. This research to know fashion skill student prepared their skill as the graduate school not depend on position as industry and services but it is possible can...
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Factors Influencing Indonesia Coffee Exports Volume

Sucihatiningsih Dian Wisika Prajanti, Suwito Eko Pramono, Fauzal Adzmin
This study aimed to analyze factors influencing coffee exports volume in Indonesia. The study belonged to quantitative research with secondary data of time series in the period of 1983-2017. For more, the technique of analysis employed in this study was Multiple Linear Regression Analysis with Ordinary...
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Experimental Investigation of Double Layer Blades as Obstacle Blades on Savonius Wind Turbine Performance

Indra Siregar, Moch Effendy, Akhmad Rasyid
Utilization of wind energy potential in Indonesia is still small due to the range of wind characteristics in Indonesia frequently changing direction change and its average speed is also categorized low. For that we need to develop high-efficiency wind turbines at low wind speeds. In this research, a...
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Threat of Stunting in Early Childhood

Cindi Ambar Puspitasari, Puji Yanti Fauziah
Stunting is a height index according to age below minus two standard deviations based on WHO standards (World Health Organization). Stunting is a problem in early childhood which is very worrying in developing countries. Stunting is a form of growth failure due to the accumulation of nutritional insufficiency...
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Ecowas Common Trade Policy: Challenges And Opportunities – Gambia And Nigeria

Sunkung Danso, Silas Emovwodo, Muhammad Saud
The present study discussed the ECOWAS common trade in member countries indicates greater optimism in adoption of single currency. ECOWAS Common Trade Policy is an essential tool for the member countries to eliminate all forms of trade barriers to foster growth and development. This paper took the form...
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Islamic Business Ethics on Customer Retention

Regina Suhanda, Arasy Fahrullah
The aim of this research is to test the effect of islamic business ethics that consist of unity/tauhid, equilibrium, free will, responbility, and truth towards customer retention of BMT UGT Sidogiri Cabang Tanah Merah Bangkalan. This research was conducted with an associative quantitative approach....
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Indonesian Students’ Reading Literacy

Sri Wijayanti
Reading is supposed to be an activity frequently performed by university students. However, not all students are fond of reading, particularly in the digital era. This study aims to identify students’ reading literacy both in their family and their campus and determine whether campus library maximally...
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Sustainable Batik Production: Review and Research Framework

Indarti, Imami Arum Tri Rahayu, Li Hsun Peng
Batik is one of the works of ancient art in some countries. This art has become closely associated with the identity of Southeast Asia particularly Indonesia. We define sustainable batik production as a batik production process that is non-polluting, conserving energy and natural resources, economically...
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Community-Based Integrated Coastal Management Strategy in Tugurejo Subdistrict, Semarang

Nana Kariada Tri Martuti, Rudhi Pribadi, Wahid Akhsin Budi Nur Sidiq, Dhita Prasisca Mutiatari
Community involvement has an important role to maintain and manage the coastal area of ​​Semarang. The involvement includes program preparation, implementation and monitoring so that the community feels responsible for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the environment. The purpose of this study is...
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The Strategy of Product Quality Improvement on Small Business Coffee Sales Performance

Musdholifah Musdholifah, Ulil Hartono, Harti Harti
Product quality is considered significant in improving sales performance. East Java is the second largest coffee producing province in Indonesia after Sumatra. Most are small businesses coffee farmers who are able to produce quite good quality coffee although on a small scale. However, the product quality...
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Empowering Women through Batik Training in Dolly's Ex-Localization Area

Aniendya Christianna, Mariana Wibowo, Poppy Firtatwentyna NIlasari
A lot of batik trainings have been done by the Surabaya city government, but batik craftsmen have never received training in the creative process of producing batik motifs. They do not have the confidence to draw their own batik motifs. During this time, they only imitated existing images (from television,...
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The Effect of Dysmenorrhea and Anxiety on Agility With Moodstate as Intervening Variable

Novita Prahastini, Nurhasan, Miftakhul Jannah, Bayu Budi Prakoso
Dysmenorrhea is a disorder during menstruation. Dysmenorrhea can reduce student participation in class, concentration in class, sports participation, socialization and test taking skills. For PE teachers, the incidence of menstruation in students is enough to bring solutions to learning. Those who are...
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Improving the ability of literation, collaboration, democracy attitude, and high level thinking ability with learning based on theory of constructivism

Mustaji, Kristanto, Arianto, Masruro
The ability of literacy, collaboration, democratic attitudes, and higher-order thinking skills is very important for students, but has not been taught optimally in college. Previous research shows that the implementation of constructivist learning theory has the potential to improve literacy, collaboration,...
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Management of Cooperatives in Improving Financial Performance in East Java, Indonesia

Eni Wuryani
The purpose of this study is to analyze cooperative management in improving financial performance in East Java, Indonesia. Cooperative management in this study includes internal control, and the implementation of the annual member meeting (AMM). Financial performance is measured by a report on the calculation...
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The Validity and Reliability of Cognitive Tests for Decision Making on Soccer Players

Ali Imron, Wijono, Miftakhul Jannah, Setyorini
the ability to make decisions becomes an important cognitive skill possessed by soccer players. Practicing tactical awareness is an effective alternative in improving the ability to make decisions. And it has become a habit of a lot of soccer practice, these skills are trained through practice in the...
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Nanocrystaline Titanium Dioxide Nanotube (TDN) by Hydrothermal Method From Tulungagung Mineral Sand

Lydia Rohmawati, Istiqomah, Entang Wulancahayani, Ajeng Haefdea, Woro Setyaningsih
This research is focused on extraction titanium dioxide nanotubes from Tulungagung mineral sands using the hydrothermal method. Extraction is done by dissolving mineral sand into sulfuric acid solution and vacuums pump to obtain TiO2 precipitate. Furthermore, TiO2 precipitate were calcined at 600° C...
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The Readiness of Economy Education Students for the Employment Market of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Susanti, Harti, Vivi Pratiwi, Han Tantri Hardini
This study aims to describe the level of readiness of students majoring in Economic Education at the Faculty of Economics, State University of Surabaya in dealing with the world of work in the era of the 4th industrial revolution when viewed from the self-efficacy’s factor. The type of this research...
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Students’ Perception Toward the Implementation of Project Based Learning for EFL Vocational High School.

Arik Susanti, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah, Anis Trisusana
This study focused on the students’ perceptions toward the implementation of Project Based Learning in learning English as a Foreign Language that was conducted in one public of vocational high school in Surabaya Indonesia. The research was mixed method that used quantitative and qualitative data. The...
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Study Of Social Exchange From TB Care Community Aisyiyah In Early Detection Of Tuberculosis Suspect In Surakarta

Hetty Ratnawati, Sutopo JK, Mahendra Wijaya
Indonesia is currently the fourth most burdened tuberculosis (TB) country out of 22 countries with highest TB burden in the world. Community TB Care Aisyiyah as one of the communities concerned with the problem of tuberculosis is expected to further enhance the findings of TB sufferers so they can be...
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Manufacture of Unesa’s Aerobic Dance

Nur Ahmad Arief, Nurhasan, Kunjung Ashadi
Unesa aerobic dance have different characteristics from other models. The advantages of this include the movement pattern that is in line with the development of a more energetic era, which makes the participants more enthusiastic in participating, music follows an energetic and trending beat pattern...
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An introductory book for coaching athletes with a disability

Khusnul Khotimah, Kunjung Ashadi
The purpose of this study was to identify the ideal book for preparing students to learn of disability sport. The benefit of this research is that after finding out the ideal book, the results of the study will be used for further research, namely developing an introductory sports disability book. This...
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Building an Egalitarian Family through Muslimat and Fatayat Nahdlatul Ulama (Nu)

Darni, Ubaidillah
The purpose of this study generally is to describe the role of Muslimat and Fatayat (an organization of Muslim women) in forming an egalitarian family. Specifically, this study discusses the role of Muslimat and Fatayat NU and gender in forming an egalitarian family. Both of these problems were approached...
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In Vitro Mucolytic Activity Assay of The Acetone Extract of The Silver Fern (Pityrogramma calomelanos)

Suyatno Sutoyo, Tukiran, Nur Indah Kumala Sari
The aims of this research is to determine mucolytic activity of methanol extract of silver fern (P. calomelanos). In this research extraction was carried out by maceration method. Qualitative test was done by ferric chloride reagent and Shinoda test to identify the existance of phenolic and flavonoid...
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The Form of Culture in Songkro Dance

Mega Swastika Junior, Drajat Tri Kartono, Ahmad Zuber
Songkro dance is a new dance that blends traditional and contemporary motion art which is arranged in interesting and unique gestures. Songkro itself is the name of the tool used by sand miners on the banks of the Brantas River, Kediri, and East Java. Songkro is made of woven bamboo that is shaped like...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Nanogold-Nanosilver Cluster Diameter Using UV-Visible Instruments and TEM Electron Microscope Transform Instruments

Titik Taufikurohmah, Djodjok Soepardjo, Rusmini, Hari Armadianto
Cluster diameter analysis of the results of nanomaterial synthesis can be done using UV-Visible instruments with complex mathematical calculations. Another way is to use the Transform Electron Microscope (TEM) instrument directly. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each. This research compares...
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The Content of Coli Bacteria In Shallow Well Water In Surabaya Small Type Housing Is Very High. Why?

E. Titiek Winanti, Indiah Kustini
This research is motivated by the fact that the quality of groundwater in small type housing in Surabaya is low, with a high content of E-Coli bacteria. By this fact, it is necessary to study what factors are causing the high content of E-Coli bacteria. Continuing the previous research as a target of...
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Building the Character of Elementary School Students through Javanese Language Learning

Yunita Ermawati, Darni, Surana, Murdiyanto, Sugeng Adipitoyo
Education is still considered as a pillar for young generations in undergoing a millennial era. Intellectual and character are a complete package that must be had by young generations in undergoing the millennial era. So in other words, school is an institution that is given the responsibility to produce...
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Analysis of Green Open Space in Krembangan, Surabaya City

Sri Murtini, Agus Sutedjo, Ita Zain
There are plenty of Green Open Spaces in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia such as in Krembangan Subdistrict that needed to know its condition. This research aims to identify the type of green open space including its classification. The research method is used by compiling primary and secondary data by...
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The Effect of Zumba and High Impact Aerobic

Nining Widyah, Suminar Jajang, S.P Bird
Zumba and high impact aerobic is a popular training method that can be used to reduce body fat and skinfold thickness. The main aim of the research was to find the significant effect of zumba and high impact aerobic in reducing skinfold thickness. This study was conducted at 30 female members of Jivi...
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Integrating the Hypothetical Learning Trajectory with Realistic Mathematics to In-Service Teachers’ Professional Development

Rooselyna Ekawati, Atik Wintarti, Abadi, Ika Kurniasari
This study aimed at integrating the notion of Hypothetical Learning Trajectory (HLT) of teaching mathematics with Realistic Mathematics approach to in-service teachers’ Professional Development. We constructed a teachers’ training program to develop teachers’ understanding on designing mathematics lesson...
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Validity of Investigation Based Scientific Collaborative (IBSC) Learning Model To Facilitate Students’ Communication and Collaboration Skills

Peni Suharti, Muslimin Ibrahim, Yuni Sri Rahayu
Communication and collaboration are skills that needed in the 21st century, and also including as one of the science process skills and generic skills that students must possess. This development research aims to 1) develop an Investigation Based Scientific Collaborative (IBSC) learning model to facilitate...
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Analysis of the Company’s Performance Based on Method of Economic Value Added

Anita Nisa Kambey, Novalita Silinaung
Economic value added is financial performance analysis tool of company that used for measure the value added per valuation period and also used by investor as a guidance and based to make an investment in the company. The purpose of this study was to know the financial performance in the fishery sub...
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The Dimension of Law as a Social Fact in Relationship with Counter-Terrorism Crimes in Indonesia

Wenly RJ Lolong
Nowadays, non-optimal law enforcement against terrorism crimes enhances the government's challenge. In a social perspective, the law is a social fact. The law and social fact, both have an absolute relationship. This study discusses the philosophical and sociological foundation of law concept as a social...
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Consistency and Relevance of Structured Lecture Materials in Physical Chemistry 3 Subjects

Suyono, Harum Nasrudin, Bertha Yonata
The purpose of the study was to produce a Physical Chemistry 3 (PC3) Structured Lecture Material (SLM-PC3) that was feasible to facilitate students to achieve the minimum ability in argumentation skills (AS), science process skills (SPS), and problem solving skills (PSS) as part of the thinking ability...
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Study of Social, Ethical Woman in Fairy Tales for Children

Wahyu Sukartiningsih, Neni Mariana, Maryam Isnaini Damayanti
The research is based on the identity of a woman's life. Appreciation and recognition of a woman's identity is very important to instill in children. The aim of this study was formulated with a general goal, which is to describe the social ethical aspects of women in fairy tales for children. This research...
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Implementation of e-Learning Modules in Viola Instrument Course-Indria Level Practical Learning

Harpang Karyawanto, Heri Murbiyantoro, Moh Sarjoko
The development of e-learning is a form of quality improvement undertaken to achieve effective learning. The Music Department, as one of the study programs at Universitas Negeri Surabaya, has two types of courses, namely theory and practice. The purpose of this study is to develop e-learning learning...
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Graded Readers in Indonesia: A Review

Pratiwi Retnaningdyah, Kisyani Laksono, Martadi, Raras Tyasnurita, Ahmad Bayu Prastyo
Book leveling system is indispensable to prepare children to become life-long readers. In literacy learning, children read books according to their level of reading competence, and graded readers help teachers and parents select books that suit children’s reading level. To enhance School Literacy Movement,...
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Developing Teacher's Handbook to Enhance Social Interaction of Children with Autism in an Inclusive Primary School

Sartinah Endang P, Andajani Sri J, Anggraini Lisdiana Dewi Putri
This study specifically aims 1) to produce a teacher's handbook in social personal guidance with role playing techniques to enhance social interaction of children with autism in Inclusive Primary Schools, 2) to examine the feasibility of the teacher's handbook in social personal guidance with role playing...
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The Relevance of Standardization of Comprehension Reading Skills in 4.0 Era

Bambang Yulianto, Syamsul Sodiq, Prima Vidya Asteria
Reading comprehension is one of the main components in the mastery of information literacy competencies. This study discusses the importance of standardization of reading comprehension measurement instruments that aim to obtain objective measurement test results. Instrument development is carried out...
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Learning Need Assessment: Formulating Blended-Learning as Academic Services for Student-Athletes

Anung Priambodo, Agus Hariyanto, Vega Candra Dinata, Kolektus Oky Ristianto, Bayu Budi Prakoso
There is no other way to succeed in many ways except to do more business. That is what happens to student-athletes who study at Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE). They must perform optimally as athletes, as well as success in learning to achieve maximum academic achievement. For this reason,...
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Consumer Acceptance and Preference on Rambuta Seed Food Products Development

Meda Wahini, Meinis Sondang Sumbawati, P. R Wikandari
Consumer acceptability and preference was associated with consumer perception toward food innovations. Generally, innovation food product utilized a potentially byproduct foodstuff such as rind and seed derived from high productivity fruit. One of underutilized by-product which has beneficial nutrition...
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Validity of E-Learning Module in Genetic Courses as One of The Technology Information Based Learning Innovations

Trimulyono Guntur, Isnawati
Information technology is currently growing rapidly with great benefits. Learning in the classroom will be very efficient and effective when using of information technology. In the genetic course is expected to be able to implement virtual learning as an innovation course. This study aims to describe...
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Designing And Performance Testing Of Meatball Forming Machine

Arsana I Made, Susila I Wayan, Cholik Mochamad
Indonesia is a country that is famous with variety of culinaries, one of them is meatballs. Meatballs are processed foods from beef with a mixture of tapioca flour in a round shape. Meatballs can be found easily as foodstreet or even restaurant’s menu. In producing the meatballs, manual method is still...
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Exploring The Correlation Between Mathematics Student Teachers’ Proficiency and Their Self-Efficacy in Teaching at International School

Palupi Evangelista Lus Windyana, Putri Hani Rizkia, Yonata Bertha, Sari Dhita A P, Jauhariyah Mukhayyarotin N R, Basri Ahmad, Hidayah Rusly
This study is aimed to find out the relation of student teachers’ English proficiency and their self-efficacy in teaching at international school. Students’ English proficiency is based on two aspects: students English proficiency score and their self-efficacy in English comprehension. In order to measure...
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The Implementation Of Media Detector In Track Running Sport Learning For Visually-Impaired Student In Special Needs School

Sri Andajani, Oce Wiriawan, Pamuji Pamuji
The purpose of this research is to describe the application of media detector in track running sports learning for visually-impaired students in special needs school. Educational Research Development (R&D) Gall, Gall and Borg (2003) is applied in this study. Prototype media detector product in track...
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Forecasting of Childhood Pneumonia in Semarang City

Widya Cahyati, Merlinda Sari
The number of cases of under-five pneumonia in Semarang City recorded at Semarang City Health Office in 2018 was 6,477 cases, a decrease compared to 2017 at 9,586 cases. This study used under-five pneumonia cases in Semarang City as one of the variables to determine the results of ARIMA (Autoregressive...