Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference 'Current problems of social and labour relations' (ISPC-CPSLR 2020)

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Macroeconomic Indicators’ Implementation for State Marketing Activity: Azerbaijan Case

Samira Abasova, Rashad Safarov, Yahya Sanan
This article considers the macroeconomic indicators in different types of state marketing activity of the Azerbaijan Republic in 1991-1999, in 2000-2003, in 2003-2014 and 2014-2018 years by statistic dates. Authors have analysed and gave their expert assessment to state marketing policy of Azerbaijan...
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Gender Aspects of Shadow Employment in the North Caucasus Regions

Zaira Abdulaeva, Shamil Umatov
For many years, the North Caucasus region has been the leader in unemployment and shadow employment among the Russian Federation subjects. In addition to the economic factor, one of the reasons for the labour market tension is the high birth rate and low death rate in the region, creating enormous reserves...
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Assessment of the Demographic Policy Effectiveness in the Republic of Dagestan

Pirmagomed Abdulmanapov
The components of the decline in the Republic of Dagestan’s birth rate over the last five-year period are determined, and their contributions to the formation of negative trends are determined. In the Republic of Dagestan conditions, since 2014, a birth rate decreased in all age groups of women, due...
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Regional Cluster: Terminological Analysis of the Concept

Abdulazim Abdulrakhmanov, Rasul Magomedov, Lukman Aigubov
The article considers and systematises theoretical approaches to determining clusters’ nature and role in developing the regional economy. Based on the terminological analysis results, the cluster’s main characteristics that underlie the definition of its essence are identified. These include the association...
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PEST-Analysis of Factors of Medical Workers’ Professional Burnout

Vsevolod Adzhienko, Svetlana Soboleva, Dmitry Shuliko, Valeriya Orobinskaya
Objective: Testing the PEST-analysis for assessing of influence of environmental factors on the emotional state of the medical personnel of the Volgograd Region State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Central District Hospital of the Dubovsky Municipal District” in the context of professional burnout. Results:...
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Economic Development and Civil Society

Aigum Aigumov
In the article discusses the prospects of post-crisis development of the Russian economy. The role of forming a terraced civilisation in Dagestan, the agricultural terracing of land and the formation of appropriate forms of public power with private property and citizens’ political equality, the modification...
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Pedagogical Problems of E-education

Guliya Akhmetzyanova, Angelina Bagateeva, Alexey Petrov, Alfia Gazizova
The article deals with various approaches to Informatization of education as one of the most important processes of Informatization of society. The purpose of the research was to analyze and generalize various psychological and pedagogical researches, scientific and pedagogical literature, and own experience...
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Problems of the Azerbaijani Economy Diversification in Modern Conditions

Shafa Aliyev
The article deals with the problems of diversification of the Azerbaijani economy in current conditions. Azerbaijan has formed a model of economic development considering the effective use of oil resources, which became the engine of the country’s economy after the restoration of its independence connected...
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Analysis of the State and Trends of Differentiation of Socio-Economic Development of Russian Regions

Elmira Amirova, Rabiyat Kutaeva
In this article, the author examines various forms of socio-economic inequality and socio-economic development problems of the Russian Federation regions. The article compares the level of the Russian Federation’s federal districts’ main macroeconomic indicators in the context of three main groups that...
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National Economic Security Planning: Recommendations for Russia

Konstantin Andrianov, Andrey Markov, Peter Shmakov, Evgeniy Mozhaev
In this article, the authors, based on the earlier analysis of the best practices of strategic development of the leading countries of the world, give certain recommendations and suggestions for the practical development of the national economic security strategy of the Russian Federation. The analysis...
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The Role of Innovation Clusters in the Development of Innovative Environment

Roman Andrienko
This article is devoted to assessing the role of innovation clusters in enhancing innovation activities of the state. At the present economic development stage, innovation clusters can be considered as one of the main elements of the innovation system since the strategic task of their functioning is...
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The Role of Digital Marketing in Creating an Information System Conducive to Social Development

Marina Andriianova, Valeriia Kruchinina
Digital marketing tools and technologies are an integral part of all spheres of life in the modern world. In economically developed countries, digital technologies are a tool for influencing both manufacturers of goods and services and consumers. This article discusses the impact of digital marketing...
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Investment Development of the NCFD Regions: Current Trends and Challenges

Shamil Arslanov, Ramazan Nabiev, Nazira Magomedova, Larisa Gadzhimuradova
The purpose of this study is the attempt to identify the main problems and directions of investment development in the region, as well as to identify factors and problems that hinder investment development, using the example of the subjects of the North Caucasus Federal District. The paper examines the...
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Economy Digitalization: An Experimental Legal Regime

Shamil Arslanov, Muradgadji Omarov, Viktoriya Stofarandova
This study aims to determine the directions of the development of digitalization processes in the Russian Federation and identify the features and use of legal mechanisms to stimulate digital innovation elaborations. The paper investigates the main directions of development of the Russian Federation’s...
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Development of Crowd Investments in the Region: Opportunities and Challenges

Shamil Arslanov, Zubarzhat Abdulaeva, Aminat Daitova
The purpose of this study is to try to determine the main directions for the development of crowd investments in the Russian Federation and in its regions, as well as to identify the tasks of forming crowd investment mechanisms based on the introduction of digital innovative developments. The paper investigates...
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Discussion as a Means of Teaching a Foreign Language in High School

Tamara Babiyan, Irina Abakumova
The tendency to study a foreign language for oral communication has become acute, so students’ ability to speak correctly and fluently is the first consideration of English language teachers. They are in search of effective methods to develop students’ communicative competence. The purpose of the article...
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The New Quality of Life as a Trend of Social Development: The Experience of the Bryansk Region

Svetlana Barmatova, Maria Rezunova, Olga Ovchinnikova, Alina Belozor
Ensuring a new quality of life is one of the most debated issues in modern management science and practice of public administration. The article’s research object is social indicators that characterise the quality of life in a particular region of the Russian Federation – the Bryansk region. The authors...
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The Link Between Body Satisfaction and Motives in Girls

Natalia Barysheva, Ludmila Ozhigova, Natalia Lupenko
Modern realities induce a young person to be more often in the position of presenting themself in different contexts (in reality, on the Internet), which affects the problem of a person’s attitude to his external appearance and raises the question of strategies for the interaction of a person with the...
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Quality of Life of the Population in the Context of Balanced Development of the Country’s Regions

Aminat Bashirova, Kamila Omarova, Bariyat Ramazanova
The article investigates how the quality of life of the region’s population is determined through indicators that characterise various areas of its development. For this purpose, national ratings are studied, and methods of comparative and statistical analysis are applied. Conclusions are drawn that...
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SEZ in Africa: Causes of the Crisis and Development Potential

Marina Berdina, Aleksandr Berdin
The relevance of the topic is caused by the fact that the African continent is still both poorly studied and unattractive for most foreign investors. The aim of the study is to determine the main problems in the creation of SEZ in Africa and to analyze possible directions for the effective development...
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Psychological Suppositions of the Program Implementation for the Personal and Professional Development of the Future Teacher in the Educational Process

Svitlana Bilozerska, Svitlana Mashchak
The article analyzes the main aspects of the technology of implementation of the program of personal and professional development of the future teacher in the educational process of the pedagogical university. It is stated that personal development and professional development are a prolonged process...
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Labor Health and Safety of Personnel Exposed to Traffic and Industrial Noise

Aleksey Bogomolov, Sergey Dragan
The results of the study of the problem of occupational health and safety of personnel exposed to traffic and industrial noise are presented. It is shown that the impact of transport and industrial noise causes increased health risks and requires the implementation of a set of measures to protect and...
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Self-Employment in the Cultural and Educational Sphere as the Principle in Human Capital Development

Elizaveta Boldyreva, Baina Dordzhieva, Elzata Boldyreva, Olga Dordzhieva
This publication reveals a solution of the problem concerning identification and definition of the role, place, and effective use of self-employed persons’ labour activity within the context of studying the issue of human capital development in an agricultural region. A special form of employment requires...
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Problems of the Formation and Development of Territorial Public Self-Government: Sociological Analysis

Sergey Bozhenov, Evgeny Barkovsky, Nikolay Danakin, Elena Starostova
The article highlights actual problems of the formation and development of territorial public self-government (TPSG), which has become widespread in Russian regions. The results of applied sociological research conducted among residents and activists of TPSG in Belgorod are used. The following issues...
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Economic and Social Contradictions in the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies

Alla Bylinskaya, Tatiana Loginova
The relevance of the research topic is related to the denationalization of the social services market and, as a result, the increasing importance of issues of social responsibility, an important role in solving which belongs not only to the state, but also to the non-state sector. The key problem of...
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Economic Security of Economic Entities in Crises

Olga Chepik, Elena Mishanova, Galina Kalinina, Alla Gracheva
The study examines a set of measures that affect the level of economic security of the country as a whole, individual regions and companys. Current economic conditions determine the state of the economy, which is determined from a position of macroeconomic control of the state over the use of national...
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Modern Digitalization as a Social Institution and as a Sphere of Society

Yuriy Chernavin
The article discusses the institutionalization processes of digital public relations, which have two forms of social embodiment - a digital social institution and a digital information sphere (subsystem) of public life. The basis of their emergence is the “human - knowledge - communication - computer...
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Correlation of Wages and Labor Productivity in Russia and Abroad

Alexander Chernopyatov, Ludmila Makuschenko, Maksim Mordanov, Mariya Zalevskaya, Anna Korepanova, Vera Popova
Current article represents research in the field of labor productivity and wages, as well as their correlation. The authors highlight the main tasks and set the goal of analyzing the correlation between wages and labor productivity in the Russian Federation in comparison with the EU countries and the...
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Excessive Control of Teleworkers’ Activity as a Factor of Labor Relations Pollution

Marina Chudinovskikh, Alena Fedorova, Natalia Tonkikh
With the spread of COVID-19, many organizations are forced to switch employees to telework. One of the most important issues in the organization of telework is the control over the activities, results ant outputs. This study evaluates the methods of monitoring teleworker activities, including electronic...
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Analysis of Employment and Poverty Monitoring in the Subjects of Russia

Irina Omelchenko, Oleg Dozortzev, Marina Danilina, Ekaterina Safonova, Alexander Safonov, Olga Selivanova
This article aims to analyse employment in the Russian Federation and analyse poverty’s efficiency, reducing methods and monitoring. On the basis of the analysis of the content of the documents and other sources and the use of statistical data, the authors make the conclusion about the poverty situation...
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Main Trends and Proposals to Improve the Wage System in Russia

Irina Omelchenko, Oleg Dozortzev, Marina Danilina, Alexander Safonov, Tatiana Vartanyanz, Alexander Vas’kov
The article analyses the methods for setting the minimum wage in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The second part of the article presents the results of the study of the relationship between the size of the minimum wage, established by regional and tripartite agreements, with the achieved...
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Analysis of the Influence of Agricultural Climatic Conditions on the Allocation of Labor Resources in Agriculture

Bayarma Dashieva, Anna Ukolova
The article studies the influence of agricultural climatic conditions on the distribution of agricultural labor resources in the territory of the Russian Federation using the methods of analytical and typological groupings. The study, as expected, showed that agricultural climatic conditions play a decisive...
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Efficiency of Subsidies and Inclusive Development of Agriculture During the Implementation of State Programs

Vadim Demichev, Anastasiya Nestratova
The article evaluates the effectiveness of subsidies provided to agricultural organizations in the period 2006-2018, particularly in the context of the development of the inclusive economy. The latter implies the need to monitor not only economic and production, but also social and environmental performance....
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Comparative Analysis of the Financial Situation in the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia and China in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maria Petrovskaya, Xiaowei Ding
With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc around the world in 2020. It led to a heavy blow to the performance of representative enterprises in the energy, aviation and other industries. Resulting in a linkage effect that led to a sharp reduction in the demand for oil and gas resources, which...
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Professional Expert Communities as a Party in Socio-Economic Relations

Ruslan Dolzhenko, Svetlana Dolzhenko
The paper discusses professional expert communities’ role in socio-economic relations and solving different tasks by community members. The definition of the term “professional expert community” is given with the emphasis on experts’ role in such communities. The paper singles out several factors that...
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Project-Based Learning in the Aspect of Forming the Professional Identity of Engineering Major Students

Aleksey Dorofeev, Galina Bukalova, Alexander Novikov
Within the post-industrial society, Russian engineering training faces a topical pedagogical issue of forming professional identity by students as the main element of professional responsibility of engineering professionals. The purpose of this article is bringing the specifics of forming professional...
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Problems of Interaction Between the Labor Market and Universities: A Systematic Approach

Christina Drokina, Natalya Rakuta, Tatyana Sitokhova, Oksana Torchinova
The purpose of this study is to research the problems of interaction between universities and the labor market in current Russian conditions, as well as to propose measures to improve its efficiency. The paper highlights the problems of interaction between the labor market and universities, which actualise...
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Correctional Education and Child-Rearing with Visual Impairment Through Work Involvement

Sergey Yekimov, Aleksey Masenko, Natalia Grankina, Irina Gerasimenko, Elena Udina
This article examines the problem of correctional education and upbringing of children with visual impairments by attracting them to work. It is shown that introducing visually impaired children to work improves their sensorimotor skills, and their presence will be necessary for them in their future...
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The Problems of Graduate Training Education Specialities

Sergey Yekimov, Elena Golovina, Oleg Turchanin, Natalia Grankina, Tatyana Sundukova, Olga Bil’
Nowadays, education specialists have occupied the process of rethinking some stereotypes and creating a certain paradigm of the educational type. In this sense, you need to understand that it is vital to develop an educational system, the essence of which is to train teachers who can successfully work...
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Study of Semiotic Aspect in Youth Communication Based on Neurotechnologies

Julia Yeremenko, Oksana Ulanovskaya, Elena Remesnik
This paper explores the features of youth perception of the message semiotic aspect and its impact on the communication process effectiveness through the use of neurotechnologies. A neurophysiological study using a stationary IT tracker made it possible to obtain new objective data on the level of visual...
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The Independency of Regional Budgets as a Condition for the Financial Stability of the Constituent Entities of the RF

Aishat Gadzhieva, Muslim Chazhaev, Mainat Chazhaeva
Improvement of regional socio-economic policy is one of the tasks of state policy in the RF. Increasing the independence of problem regions is a critical component in developing a set of measures to overcome the backlog in multidirectional world trends (financial instability, digitalization, epidemiological...
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Special Integration Aspects of Students Professional Training with the Use of Distance Learning Mode

Nazirkhan Gadzhiev, Ravil Arykbaev, Mikhail Trofimov, Sergey Konovalenko, Arthur Gadzhiev, Bashir Abdulaev
The research examines the methodological problems of combining distance learning and traditional learning technologies, choosing the most suitable distance learning mode and grounding its organization scheme, taking into account individualization principles while providing electronic distance learning. Under...
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Implementation of the Assets and Liabilities Structure’s Ratios in a Company Activity Evaluation

Elena Galkina
Presented in this article the main financial analysis ratios allow evaluating the structure of the company’s assets and liabilities. For each reviewed financial ratios the economical determination is given alongside the determination procedure and designation in the international analysis. The correlation...
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Classification of Management Decision-Making Methods in Economics

Elena Galkina
The article presents the main methods of economics decision-making. The emphasis in work is made on the classification of such methods to describe the specifics of each group of methods using for different primary conditions of decision-making. The basis of the proposed approach to the classification...
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Comparative Analysis of σ-and β-Convergence of the Economic Growth of the Southern Russia Regions

Nabiyula Gichiev
The article substantiates the strengthening of differentiation of economic growth in the Southern Russia regions during the introduction of international sanctions, reveals the trend of delayed and negative growth dynamics, which should be considered when developing a short-term forecast of economic...
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Socio-Demographic Problems of Labor Resource Reproduction in the North Caucasus Federal District of Russia

Shamil Gimbatov
The study aims to determine the regularity in forming the processes of labor resources reproduction in the North Caucasus Federal District of Russia (NCFD). The article assesses the changes in socio-economic processes in the region in recent years. The article analyses the demographic situation and its...
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Problems of Professional Education of Russian Philology Students

Irina Gladilina, Valery Volkov, Natalya Volkova
The purpose of the work is to construct algorithms for professional reflection and choice of profession of philological profile for students-specialists in Russian Philology. The language material – the names of professions in which students can work is extracted from the texts of business and journalistic...
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Energy Policy of the State as a Key Factor in Modern Foreign Affairs

Oleg Grishin, Ralitsa Todorova, Laith Mahdi, Marats Kasems
The article aims to analyze the role of energy policy in the development of modern states in the context of foreign affairs. Energy security is an essential element here. Attention is focused on the fact that the problem of energy security often remains uncertain, misunderstood or incomprehensible; countries...
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Sociological Diagnostics of Collective Representations of Russians in the Context of Migration Dynamics

Svetlana Guzenina, Tatyana Kuznetsova, Nina Volkova
The article summarises the sociological data of empirical measurements conducted in Russia during 2012~2019 on the issue of collective perceptions of Russians regarding labour migrants, and presents the results of the author’s 2019 sociological survey. A comparative analysis of publications and experimental...
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Labor Migrants in Russia: Sociocultural Portrait

Svetlana Guzenina, Elena Radchenko, Khatira Kamalova, Ziba Aitmuratova
The article reveals the problems of interaction between people who come to Russia for work and the sociocultural environment of the host society, an essential component of which is the attitude of the local population to labour migrants. Data from empirical studies show that relations with the host...
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Social Aspect of the Use of Modern Digital Technologies in the Protection of the Environment

Alexey Khabarov, Ludmila Korol’kova, Tatyana Chernavina, Igor Shepet, Konstantin Korolkov
The article deals with the social aspect of the use of information technologies in the environmental protection. Environmental problems are currently quite acute, and structures that have a direct impact on the environment, for various reasons, are not always ready to implement systemic measures in this...
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Axiological Foundations of Modern Medical Education

Olga Ignatenko, Yulia Fateeva, Tatyana Fomina, Olga Altuhova
The article is devoted to the main components of axiology in modern medical education. The medical profession, like most modern fields of activity, is influenced by time, which changes not only the perception of the profession by others and professionals themselves, but also its legal field. All this...
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Online Education: Trends and Risks of Digital Technologies

Svetlana Ilynykh
Purpose: to consider the specifics of online education in the context of trend lines, as well as digital technologies playing a significant role in education. Research subject: online education trends that capitalize on education and enable investment in the future. Materials and methods: the research...
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Prosecution of Legal Entities: History, Theory, Practice and Proposals

Bokhodir Isroilov, Gaybulla Alimov, Bobokul Toshev
The article considers the history of the legal entities’ responsibility, their responsibility in the legislation of developed countries, the general classification of legal entities of Anglo-Saxon and Romano-Germanic legal families, types of legal entities, features of the responsibility of legal entities...
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The Efficiency of Implementation of the Developed Guaranteed Training Technology in the Course “Economic and Mathematical Methods and Models”

Meyram Issin
The purpose of the research is to theoretically and methodically justify the adaptation of the guaranteed training technology in the course of economic and mathematical modeling. Research methodology and methods. The object of the research is the process of implementing the guaranteed training technology...
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Developing a Model for Managing the Quality of Education in the Republic of Dagestan

Tatyana Kamalova, Madina Shabanova, Yusup Umavov, Gazalieva Napisat
This article assesses the role of education in ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the country, region and municipalities. The authors considered approaches to the definition of the essence of the concept of “knowledge economy”. Also, we have substantiated the understanding of the quality...
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Scientific and Methodological Support of Professional Education of a Life Safety Teacher

Marina Kartavykh, Galina Kamerilova, Elena Ageeva, Marina Gubareva, Irina Prokhorova
The article is devoted to the consideration of the actual pedagogical phenomenon-scientific and methodological support of professional education of life safety teachers. In the context of modern pedagogical approaches, the considered scientific and methodological support includes scientific and methodological...
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Prospects for the Development of Human Resources in the Digital Economy Era

Natalia Kaufman, Nailya Khadasevich, Marina Glushchenko, Svetlana Zelentsova, Irina Sergeeva, Marina Imamverdieva
The article defines the role and place of high technologies at the current stage of social development, considers the principles of human resources development at the current stage, and identifies the reasons for changing the role of knowledge. The digital economy essence and the personnel requirements...
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Education in Human Development

Khadizhat Khadzhalova, Sabina Savzikhanova, Nigara Eminova
The article highlights the importance of human development, which is the main factor in developing society, economy and the state. Human development’s main strategic directions are education, health care, the labour market, and other areas. Education is a crucial component of human development. In this...
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Essence, Structure and Classification of Educational Technologies

Magomed Khaibulaev, Jamila Salmanova, Raisat Suleimanova, Shamil Magomedov
The article provides a retrospective analysis of the classification of foreign and domestic educational technologies in theory and practice until the beginning of the 21-st century. As a result, the authors have come to the conclusion that until now a holistic idea of educational technologies and their...
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Marketing Communications in the Digital Economy

Arsen Khalilov, Sergey Shestov, Viktor Shinkarenko
The consideration of the development potential of marketing communications in the forming digital economy is the purpose of this paper. The digital economy, stemming from the data bulk, cloud servers and digital platforms, results in transforming the marketing requirements and marketing communications. The...
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Study on the Relation Between Social Activity and Responsibility in Schoolchildren

Elena Kharlanova, Nadezhda Sivrirova, Natalia Shirochenkova
The article presents a study aimed at studying the relationship between involvement in various types of socially significant activities and the structural elements of responsibility in schoolchildren. The study was conducted in the form of an online survey in 2020 (N = 85 students aged 11 to 17). Study...
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Gold, Cryptocurrency and Oil Adaptive Analysis and Forecasting

Ilvira Khasanova, Lubov Orlik, Galina Zhukova
The work is devoted to identifying and tracking development trends, structural shifts in the economy under the influence of world markets, represented by non-stationary time series of gold, bitcoin and oil prices. The heuristic potential of the concept of the long and medium wave is used for forecasting...
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Assessment of the Stability of the Regional Socio-Economic System (on the Example of the Rostov Region)

Nataliya Kholodkovskaya, Irina Oleynikova, Tatiana Chernova, Tatiana Sherbakova
The authors have substantiated theoretical and methodological approach to a comprehensive assessment of the sustainability of the socio-economic development of the region. What is more, we highlighted the key characteristics inherent in the concept of “sustainable socio-economic development of the region”,...
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Deviantological Aspects of the Methodology of Pedagogical Correction of Children on the Materials of the Republic of Belarus

Flura Khramtsova, Elena Samal, Natalia Voroshilina, Violeta Pakshtaite
The research is based on the destructive tendencies of information threats’ influence on the destabilization of society, disadaptation of children in the context of a wave of protest attempts to overturn the constitutional system and transfer of color revolutions to the Republic of Belarus. Trends of...
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Clinical Psychology in Penitentiary Practice and Training of Psychologists

Renata Kiseleva, Vladimir Orlov
The article presents research data on the severity of mental abnormalities and their variants found among the convicts serving sentences in penitentiary institutions of Russia. The data on the prevalence of mental disorders among convicts are presented. Criminal behavior can be a consequence of the presence...
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Innovative Model of Formation of Social Activity of Young People with Special Health Opportunities

Irina Klimenko, Tatiana Shebzukhova, Anna Anuchkina
The implementation of inclusive education in the system of national higher education is one of the critical tasks of the scientific and pedagogical community, the state and society as a whole. Nowadays, young people with disabilities should be considered by society as a full-fledged and full-fledged...
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Problem-Search Based Teaching Method as a Mean of Forming Professional Competencies of Students

Nurgul Кoichumanova, Askar Baiserkeev, Beishen Ishenov, Svetlana Novikova
This article examines and analyzes the peculiarities of using the problem-search based method in the framework of teaching the discipline “Psychology and Sociology of Journalism”. The effectiveness of the problem-search based method was investigated as well as the use of research techniques of this method. When...
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Individualized HR Management Concept of the Organization

Inna Kondaurova, Tatiana Kovalenko, Aleksandra Kulik, Irina Gorchakova, Olga Shtager
In the article, the conceptual model of individualized HR management in the organization is proposed. Employee’s personality can be defined as a combination of unique individualized components of his inner world and the working environment, which can qualitatively influence the organization’s operational...
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Poverty and Social Ostracism: Interdependence in Modern Society

Tatiana Korobeinikova, Angelina Shelkovnikova
The purpose of the study is to analyze the reasons and factors influencing the emergence of social ostracism based on wealth in modern society. Setting this goal involves solving the following problems: to consider the essence of such a psychological and social phenomenon as social ostracism; determine...
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Legal Essence of the Corporate Contract

Tatiana Korobeinikova
The purpose of this study is to reveal the legal nature of a corporate contract as an institution of civil law. The study was conducted by analysing their content. The analysis of scientific research in this area has demonstrated different opinions in the doctrine on several issues arising in connection...
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Russian Experience of Patriotic Education: Generalization Tendencies of the Consensus around Militarism

Andrey Koshkin, Egor Moroz, Aleksandr Yankilevich, Daria Andreeva
In this article, the authors attempt to analyze the facts that indicate a tendency to militarize the patriotic education of Russian young people. Luhmann’s institutionalization concept was chosen as a theoretical model and methodological basis for the study. Based on empirical data collected at the XIV-th...
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The Life Quality and Behavioral Stereotypes Concerning the Health of Students of Medical Professions

Kirill Kosilov, Ekaterina Fedorishcheva, Olga Barabash, Irina Gareeva
The goal of research consists in the study of correlation between the self-assessment of the life quality and behavioral stereotypes concerning the health of students of medical professions in terms of the structural and functional approach. 652 students of both sexes took part in this study, the sample...
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Recommended System for Educational Literary Tourism Organization Using Information Technologies

Igor Kotsyuba, Aleksey Shikov, Ruslan Vlasov
The presented concept of organizing literary tourism describes the development of an information system that allows filling the database with all the necessary information for the implementation of the literary tourism educational goals, taking into account users’ needs. One of the development directions...
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Problems, Trends and Prospects of the Region’s Labor Potential Development (on the Example of the Chelyabinsk Region)

Elena Kozhushko
The article deals with the problems, trends and prospects for the development of labor resources and their reproduction in the Chelyabinsk region. Each region, depending on the nature and level of the state of the economy, has its own characteristic features of the renewal of the labor force to replenish...
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The Interconnection of School Culture and Educational Management

Olga Kravets, Tatiana Klikushina, Elena Palmova, Natalya Shchitova
The paper examines the key issues of formation and promotion of the school culture under multiculturalism conditions in modern society. It discloses the important role of the school principal and administration in supporting appropriate school culture. School administration and pedagogical staff must...
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Features of Human Resource Management in Higher Education Institutions in the Context of the Transition to the Model “University 4.0”

Tatiana Кreydenko, Tatiana Adashova, Natalia Rogoten
The widespread introduction of digital technologies has led to a significant revision of the requirements for the qualification of employees, the transformation of staff competencies in connection with the change of work. Reducing the life cycle of professions, the emergence of new ones, increasing the...
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Adaptation of a Young College Teacher to Professional Activity

Elena Krolevetskaya, Daria Nedostupenko, Natalia Shekhovskaya, Olga Muromtseva
The relevance of the study is due to the contradictions characteristic of the field of secondary vocational education, namely, the discrepancy between the requirements for the professional activity of a college teacher and their implementation in their professional activity in specific working conditions;...
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Drivers of Innovative Growth of Regional Agro-Industrial Complex

Vladimir Kruglov, Ekaterina Alexeyeva, Olga Medvedeva, Yuliya Pilipchak
The relevance and significance of the research topic are predetermined by the need to ensure factors for creating a system of food security in the Russian Federation, preserving the traditional way of life in the field of agriculture, increasing the share of products with a high share of added value...
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Employee’ Assessment of Conflict Factors in the Organization: Healthcare Companies Case Study

Inna Kulkova, Irina Niyazova
The article is dedicated to the study of the causes of the conflict in healthcare companies. The research contains the analysis of the medical staff’s opinion poll results devoted to the factors of the conflicts and fulfilled by the author. The total number of respondents was 264 men and women in the...
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Alternative Method for Assessing the Employee Involvement Level

Inna Kulkova, Yekaterina Kozarezova
The article presents a method developed by the authors for studying the employee involvement level without using traditional questionnaires, since it is possible to get the expected answers in the questionnaires, especially if the polls are conducted quite often. The tool offered by the authors allows...
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Main Factors of the Tax Control System Development

Rabiyat Kutaeva, Larisa Gadzhimuradova, Ravzanat Alikhanova
The material of the conducted research actualises the problem of the development of tax control since the effective functioning of the tax system, compliance with tax discipline, collection of taxes and fees will depend on the stability of the country’s budget system, its social and economic development,...
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Key Factors in the Development of the System of Professional Orientation and Training of In-Demand Personnel

Shihragim Kutaev
The study is devoted to considering issues related to the processes of professional orientation and training of NCFD personnel. The author identifies and examines the problem of the lack of an effectively functioning system of professional orientation and training of in-demand personnel, considering...
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Innovative Aspects in the System of Labor Relations of a Modern Enterprise

Fatima Kutsulova, Saidat Nazhmutdinova, Marianna Ostankovskaya, Maryam Umavova
The article is devoted to the problems of innovation implementation in a modern enterprise. The article reflects human resources’ effective use in the conditions of instability of the external environment and personnel’s irrational behaviour. The paper offers some psychological tools and principles of...
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Teacher’s Social Relations in the Context of Distance Education Modern Problems

Yulia Kuznetsova, Aleksandr Boikov, Oleg Ilyin, Stanislav Bogolepov, Maksim Dugin
The article considers changes and problems in the educational process’s organisation in the conditions of the digital educational environment’s dynamic development, defining the teacher’s role in implementing distance education. Based on the results of two surveys, which were attended by about 400 teachers...
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Financial Support for the Organization of an Accessible Environment Within the Framework of Social Protection of the Population in the Russian Federation

Larisa Lazarova, Fatima Kairova, Fatima Kulumbegova, Karina Kizinova, Elizaveta Tsagaraeva
Unfortunately, many people associate the concept of “accessible environment” with the presence of ramps. Whereas, for people with disabilities, an accessible environment is a whole range of activities, including those that take into account the formation of a social environment that allows them to actively...
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Development of Educational Abilities of Students in the System of Continuing Education in the Context of the Pandemic

Dmitry Legenchuk
The definition of abilities and their proper development are the most important pedagogical tasks that require special attention, solutions, and approach, especially during the period of changes in the content of the educational process associated with the pandemic. To update the educational approaches...
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Digital Educational Environment as a Tool for Continuing Professional Development of the University’s Academic Personnel

Aleksandr Lunev, Olga Kirillova, Evelina Michailova, Irina Gavrilova, Svetlana Kashina
The digitalisation of the economy required the training of specialists with competencies to develop and implement digital technologies. The purpose of the study is to characterise the digital educational environment as a tool for improving the university’s academic personnel’s skills. The study’s methodological...
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Psychological Features of Socialization of the Young Generation in the Conditions of Post-Conflict Society

Olga Moskalenko, Larisa Khabaeva, Inna Abaeva, Elena Gioeva, Elena Siukaeva
The article is devoted to identifying and substantiating the psychological characteristics of the socialization of the younger generation in a post-conflict society. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that in the modern world the number of regional conflicts is growing, despite all the warnings...
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The Role of Humanitarian Cooperation in the Formation of Interethnic Relations Between Turkey and the Countries of Central Asia (From 1991 to 2020)

Valentin Moskalenko
The article is devoted to identifying and substantiating the nature of the role of humanitarian cooperation in the formation of interethnic relations between Turkey and the countries of Central Asia (from 1991 to 2020). The relevance of the study lies in the attractiveness of Central Asia as the richest...
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Evolution of Transformation Approaches of the Consumption During Public Relations Informatization

Julia Nanakina, Alexey Mikhailov, Olga Ryabova
The conditions of the modern economy often dictate the inherent use of digital technologies based on the management of information on different scales, quality, structure and nature in the field of consumer processes. Modern information can become a measure of measurement, boundaries, expanding and cutting...
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Life Values of Modern Youth

To the Issue of Institutionalization of Education

Tatyana Novikova, Galina Fomchenkova
The article examines the education issues, which, as a social institution, forms the sociocultural self-determination of young people, contributes to the choice of a place in the system of social relations concerning the profession, family, moral norms, values. The purpose of the article is to consider...
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Assessment of Innovative Development of the Russian Economy and Mathematical Modelling

Victor Orlov, Tatiana Ivanova, Galina Sokolova, Valentina Arkhipova, Anna Ivanova
In the article, the authors have developed the method for assessing the innovative development of the Russian economy. For this, an index analysis of the following factors has been carried out: the number of organisations and workers performing research and development; financing innovative activities;...
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Features of the Motivation of Russian and Foreign Students Studying at the University

Elena Perchenko, Tatiana Gudina
The importance of the problem of motivation in training a specialist is dictated by the qualitatively changing conditions of modern society and the action of those new requirements that are imposed on the learning process and the formation of professionally significant competencies. This predetermines...
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Personnel Marketing for Generation Y

Natalia Petrovskaya
About half of the companies’ employees worldwide are Generation Y representatives, and their share will grow. They are the critical human resources of the near future. The study aims to reveal the features and tools of personnel marketing for the “Millennials” generation. The study is based on a comprehensive...
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Value Orientations of College Students with Different Status of Professional Identity

Yulia Popova, Valery Petkov, Veronika Grebennikova, Konstantin Shkuropy
This study aims to identify the meaningful relationship of personal value orientations depending on professional identity status. The article presents the results of a study of students’ value orientations of a pedagogical college with different professional identity status. The data obtained based on...
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Technological Priorities of Production Technologies Development in the Industrial Sector of Russia

Olga Pudovkina, Ekaterina Ivanova, Diana Khazanova
Under the fourth industrial revolution’s influence, the industrial phase of development dictates specific requirements for modernising technological processes and industries. This is especially relevant for industry, whose share in the country’s GDP is relatively high. In this regard, it becomes vital...
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Leasing Services as a Type of Investment Activity: Russian Experience of Legal Regulation

Anna Pugacheva, Anna Romanova, Aleksandr Lunev
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses need to attract investment to operate effectively. The purpose of the study is to characterise the Russian experience of legal regulation of leasing services. The study’s methodological basis is a comparative legal approach, which allows us to...
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Integration Into the Global Mainstream of Engineering Education Based on the Digital Paradigm

Natalya Pugacheva, Tatiana Dymolazova, Marseille Hakimullin, Oleg Zakharov, Tatyana Kirillova, Anastasia Luchinina
The economy digitalization has demanded the training of specialists with competencies for the development and implementation of digital technologies. The purpose of the study is to characterize a virtual workshop for training a process engineer. The methodological basis of the study was a digital paradigm...
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Social Partnership in the System of Regulation of Labor Relations

Asel Rashidova, Shadrina Ekaterina, Khasan Radjabov, Angela Manatova, Larisa Shabanova
The article reveals the specifics of social partnership and its place in the modern legal regulation system of workers’ labor in the Russian Federation. Social partnership is a set of ways in which employees and their representatives, employers and their representatives, state authorities, and local...