Proceedings of the 2018 Joint International Advanced Engineering and Technology Research Conference (JIAET 2018)

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Research on preparation and properties of isothermal solidification Cu-Sn high temperature solder paste

Manmen Liu, Jialin Chen, Hao Cui, Xudong Sun, Shaohong Liu, Ming Xie, Xiaoli Zhu
A novel environmental-friendly Cu-Sn high temperature solder paste was fabricated by mixing Cu powder, Sn powder and commercial purchased flux. Different type and content of the flux may significantly affect the thermal properties of the solder paste. The bonding layer was composed of compact Cu3Sn and...
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Region Clustering Based Multiple Query Optimization

Pei Xuan Fei, Cai Chen, Yi Liang
In order to solve the problem of low efficiency in dealing with large numbers of queries in Hive, we propose a multi-queries region clustering (mqrc) method to improve the overall performance of Hive. By clustering the query set, we divide the query with high similarity into a set. Each group generates...
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The Progress of Tea Polysaccharide Effect on Anti-aging of Antioxidant

Min Shi, Zenghui Zhao
Tea polysaccharide (TPS), which is considered to be another important active ingredient after Tea Polyphenols Relay, consists of monosaccharides which have a variety of biological activity and the complex structure. It has hypoglycemic, lipid-lowering, anti-thrombosis, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-atherosclerotic,...
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Multi-link query optimization based on heuristic search in data stream

Zhiming Chen, Fengzhen Wang, Boyang Liu
In the stream processing, the connection operation is one of the very important basic operations, and it plays an important role in real-time data query and mining. According to the existing data stream connection technology and combining with the characteristics of coarse granularity processing unit...
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Study on the Data Exchanges between Building Information Model and Fire Dynamics Simulator

This paper studies the methods of the application of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the fire data simulation. Through the analysis of the input data files of Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) standard of BIM and the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) model, it was found that both of them used...
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Design and Implementation of Parking Monitoring System of Bike Sharing In the Electronic Barrier

Wei SHEN, Jiao LI
Electric barrier, which is one of the most vital function in GPS auto monitor system demands, has being widely applied in many fields liking bike sharing. This paper presents an intelligent GPS auto monitor system and describes the design and implement of electric barrier on a Shared bike. By means of...
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Fast High-Density Fingerprint Data Acquisition Based on Dense Sampling

Linfu Duan, Zepeng Hu, Feng Xu, Qun Wan
The demand of indoor positioning become more and more urgent with popularity of the smart home, smart medical, etc. In recent years, the research on indoor positioning has achieved some results, especially the method based on Wi-Fi, which is due to Wi-Fi technology is mature, Wi-Fi signal is relatively...
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Multi-Objective Boundary Tracking Method in Grayscale Image

Shengyuan YANG, Shanshan XU, Xiaoyun ZENG, Yuanyuan PAN
As for complex grayscale image, a kind of adaptive boundary tracking method for multi-objective is proposed in this paper. First of all, the grayscale image with noise is processed by Gaussian filter. Secondly, the image gradient after filtering is calculated. According to the geometric characteristics...
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Quantitative analysis of Coordination between Public Transport and Urban Form in Medium or Small Urban

Yang Li, Yanbo Li, Wencong He
The public transport and urban form of small and medium-sized cities have entered a rapid development and evolution stage. In order to make small and medium-sized cities to be healthy and sustainable development, this paper makes a quantitative analysis of the coordination of public transport system...
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Traffic Forecast Model of Highway Network Based on Improved Four Stages Model

Jiawei He, Hong Chen, Yanbo Li, Yang Li
Traffic forecast is the basis of traffic planning. And it is an important basis for determining the road traffic network structure layout, capacity and provincial corridor layout. The accuracy level of the model and algorithm directly restricts the reasonable degree and scientific level of traffic network...
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Analysis of Fluxion and Heat Transfer Performance of Honeycomb Thermal Shroud for Space

Ran Liu, Lei Zhang
In order to improve the simulation efficiency of the space environment, a kind of honeycomb thermal shroud is designed. Using the fluid mechanics theory and the finite element method to do the numerical simulation for the fluxion and the heat transfer enhancement of the internal fluid in the honeycomb...
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Tree Species Suitability Assessment based on Principle of Maximum Entropy

Wei Xu, Zengchuan Dong, Jie Ren, Biao Sun, Yue Zhou, Yiming Wei, Fangyu Zhang, Jianting Wang
Factors that affect tree species suitability assessment especially for embankment shelter forest are very complex. And the information for assessment always has incompleteness, multiplicity and uncertainty. To solve the complexity and difficulty of shelter forest vegetation species selection effectively,...
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An improved fuzzy entropy of Vague Sets considering hesitancy degree

Weibing Feng, Hairong Wang
The construction of fuzzy entropy is one of the research focuses in the field of vague sets. The existing fuzzy entropy formulae have three deficiencies: Firstly, as the increase of hesitancy degree, the change of entropy value is unstable; secondly, when the value of fuzzy entropy is 1, the change of...
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CIoT-Robot Cloud and IoT Assisted Indoor Robot for Medicine Delivery

Huiru Cao, Xiaofeng Huang, Jianyi Zhuang, Jianqiang Xu, Zening Shao
At present, there is increasing requirements for updating the healthcare system by introducing the new information and communication technologies, especially for indoor domains. However, the current system and healthcare robot are restricted to remote monitoring and medicine delivery research, cannot...
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Design and Development of Intelligent Riding Assistant Equipment Based on Attitude Recognition

Jiaxin Tian, Yang Du, Chenzhi Tang, Fei Guo
This program mainly use the neurons in the main control board and six-axis acceleration sensor belong to Intel based on Arduino called Curie Nano to collect the gesture data. And after extracted the feature of these data, motion data training must be begun, then to recognize the relevant motion such...
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Development Tendency of Detonation Transmission Technology among Long Interlayers in Oil & Gas Well

Wei Yang, Jian Tong, Zhao Zhou, Qinying Li, Zheng Chen
According to the technical features of detonation transmission among long interlayers, this paper uses the new method of powder actuating function and piston restriction energy control, combines the method of liquid restricted transmission in tubing, develops pressurizing device among long interlayers....
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Research on the information integration strategy of traditional Chinese minority sports under the “One Belt And One Road” initiative

Linlin ZHAO, Bin ZHANG, Jingjing ZHAO, Lin WANG, Peng WANG
using the literature material method, in the perspective of informatics, use of library science, archival science, ethnology, multidisciplinary knowledge such as sports science, in the “area” of the value concept- “win-win cooperation”, the Chinese minority sports from the angle of multiple stereo intersection...
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The Cloud Management System of Campus Umbrella

Weihua He, Xinyue Wang, Bingrui Yang, Chai Song
With the arrival of the sharing economy, the shared device appears rapid development.At present,sharing umbrella equipment lacks credit management mechanism (database), client-side, etc. The integrity of system structure is poor, the user experience is not good. RFID circuit design is simple, card reader...
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Analysis of Effect of Symmetric Tiles on Binary Counter in DNA Self-Assembly

Aijun Zhu, Duanyong Chen, Cong Hu, Chuanpei Xu, Aiguo Song
With the growth of complicate system or crystals, whereas, a few phenomena have occurred and been found, which could result in final crystals or patterns with errors. Among those phenomena, one has still not been processed in current published literatures, which is named symmetry tile may appear. This...
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Drink-driving Behavior Research Based on Artificial Neural Network

Lin Shang, Liechao Zhang
Drink-driving, alone traffic police department regulation is not enough. Only taking the necessary scientific and technological means, drink-driving illegal behavior can be effectively controlled. In this paper, first, we established the detection of drink-driving behavior model of BP neural network;...
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Model of Sharing Information in Supply Chain Network based on Metcalfe's Law

Xin Xiong, Mingjing Guo, Tiantian Yang
Aimed at the problem in measuring the utility value of supply chain network in information sharing, this paper proposed a utility value model of supply chain network based on different information sharing strategies. Through the analysis of the research status of sharing information in supply chain at...
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On Unmanned Electric Power System and Its Development Strategy

Jinwen Wang, Bin Wang, Rangming Wu, Haonan Zhang
With the development of artificial intelligence, unmanned system and equipment has become an essential part of electric power system and played a growing vital role in the intelligent power generation and storage, smart grid, unmanned circuit check, and automatic meter reading system. Speeding the development...
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Platinum Resistance-copper Wire Manual Tin Welding Parameter Optimization Based on Process Test

Bile Wan, Wenxing He
The purpose of this study is to study the influence of the manual welding process parameters of platinum-copper wire on welding quality to find out the optimal welding parameters. In welding process, welding can be divided into two kinds. One kind is soldering which is connected by the local high temperature...
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Study on the Influence of Weld Defects on Structural Vibration Responses

Lizong Lin, Chengxiao Yang
In this article we study the influence of weld defects on vibrating responses using a simplified numerical model--flat butt plate with a type-I welded joint. To analyze the changes in vibrating responses influenced by weld defects, a method based on cross correlation function amplitude vector (CorV)...
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Approximation properties of some Lupas-Durrmeyer type operators

Bo-yong Lian, Qing-bo Cai
By using Bojanic-Cheng’s method and analysis techniques, the authors study the rate of convergence of Lupas-Durrmeyer type operators for some absolutely continuous functions having a derivative equivalent to a bounded variation.
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Educational Administration Informatization in Colleges and Universities

Li Cai
With the further development of education in colleges and universities, teaching management of universities has successively been using management system of teaching informationization. It has promoted fast operation of teaching administration and accelerated the innovative development of educational...
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Influence of Mining and Metallurgical Culture on Ecological City Landscape Construction - A Case Study of Huangshi Urban Construction

Chen Ling
The construction of urban landscape should be considered synthetically, and the landscape should be shaped according to ecological law. Huangshi as an eco-tourism city to build, is a combination of urban development goals, direction, group, volume, land and resources and other factors, located in the...
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SubSafe -- A Game-based Training System for Submarine Safety

Qin Nan, Ma Liang
SubSafe is a game-based submarine safety training system developed by UK that presents end users with an interactive, real-time three-dimensional model of a real submarine. The research presents background and main functions of SubSafe. Evaluation of the training effectiveness and some enlightenment...
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Research on Fatigue For AlN - Cu Plate Jointed By DBC Method For Semi-Conductor Substrate

Qiao Ling Zhang, Ting Ai, Hao Kang
A elastic-plastic analysis of AlN/Cu jointing plate was performed by FEM to study the residual stress produced in the jointing-cooling process. This residual stress due to the difference of thermal expansion coefficient between ceramics and metal was analyzed, considering the presence of initial defects...
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Co-evolution mechanism of manufacturing and logistics population ecosystem driven by external environment capacity

Yunfei Zhou, Yunxiu Sai, Li Yan
The co-evolution mechanism of manufacturing and logistics is a research hotspot, but there is no good way to estimate the external stochastic disturbance factors and its nonlinear effect on environmental capacity in the existing research. To address this issue, a co-evolution population ecosystem of...
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Application of Markov Model in Prediction of Annual Premium of Automobile

Yayun Fan, Jingjing Feng
This paper establishes the Markov model based on a insurance system which ascending or descending the auto insurance premiums according to the former multi-state auto insurance. It assumes that the number of automobile claims is a Poisson random variable with parameter l , then establishes a state transition...
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The Optimization Select Method of Spacecraft Initial Orbit Based on K-means Clustering Algorithm

Dingxin Yang, Cong Gao, Peng Du
In the rocket active segment mission, the spacecraft and rocket separation orbit after the initial orbit number is an important basis to determine the success of rocket launchers. At present, there are many data sources that can be used to determine the number of initial orbits. However, it is preferable...
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Discussion on optimization measures of relay protection technology in Intelligent Substation

Qianli Ma, Zheng Li
with the rapid development of China's economy, promote our country science and technology level to a certain extent, but also led to the overall level of substation automation technology in China, through the construction of the implementation of intelligent substation in China, so that it can be in...
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Research on Fusion Model Characteristics of Wind Farm

Qianli Ma, Xuemin Zhang
Wind farm characteristics is the basis of the research on wind power grid operation and control. The main purpose of this paper is to establish a simplified structure, which is a high security, easy maintenance wind farm model. This model can calculate accurate response in the grid disturbance. The idea...
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The Evaluation of High Technology Industry Policy in Shaanxi

Dapeng Ren
Based on the input-output principle, this paper establishes the policy input and policy output system of Shaanxi high-tech industry by selecting 10 indicators. This paper evaluates the policy efficiency of high-tech industry in Shaanxi Province from 2005 to 2013 by using the method of data envelopment...
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A Kind of Binary Coding Based Classification Method for Composite Information and its Application

Zhang Chong, Wang Cai, Caojing Yao
A new classification method based on binary coding is proposed for composite information consisting of a variety of basic information types, which takes the composition of composite information into account at the initial stage of design, so it has high efficiency and good scalability in search operation,...
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The Kinematics Analysis of WangGuangfu 's Backward Slide Shot Put Technique

Jianhong Xu, Jihe Zhou
In this paper, the shot putter Wang Guangfu as the research object, and analyzes the three-dimensional video analysis of the back-stepping shot put technique of Chengdu Railway Station in the National Athletics Throw Series in 2017. The research shows that Wang Guangfu lifted the upper body prematurely...
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Create school teaching management communication platform

Bin Peng
the school teaching management essentially decides the school teaching quality and stu-dents' physical and mental development level. This article use engineering technology interface analysis, hoping to find the school teaching management, establish the interface contradiction of school teaching management...
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Evaluation of Vehicle Performance Based on Set Pair Analysis

Jian Zhang, Mingjun Li, Liping Wang
An evaluation method of vehicle performance based on set pair analysis was proposed. The evaluating index system of vehicle performance was constructed by setting five first-level evaluation indexes and thirteen second-level evaluation indexes. The evaluation models were constructed by using four-element...
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An optimization strategy of massive small files storage based on HDFS

Xun Cai, Cai Chen, Yi Liang
Nowadays, Hadoop distributed file system as a distributed storage system, has a good effect on the storage of large files. However, there is a natural flaw in the storage of small files: storing a large number of small files will produce excessive metadata, resulting in namenode memory bottlenecks; frequent...
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Research on Data Layout Method of Scientific Workflow Pre-placement Stage in Cloud Environment

Shangwei Gao, Cai Chen, Yi Liang
The data placement of scientific workflow in the cloud environment has been the key to reducing data transmission. The flow of data across data centers not only leads to time overhead but also affects the efficiency of scientific workflow. In view of this situation, this paper, presented a more effective...
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Research on Demand response project based on price

Lin Ma, Yaping Li, Peng Xie, Zhijun Zhang, Qingrui Guo, Yutao Li
In this paper, the characteristics of automated demand response (ADR) are introduced based on OpenADR communication protocol. As a result of domestic and international demand response pilot projects,The implementation of price-based demand response accounts for a large proportion.Based on the automatic...
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Research on Identification Technology of Ship Radiated Noise Based on Spectral Entropy Characteristics

Lv Haitao, Yang Rijie, Kong Xiaopeng, Zheng Xiaoqing
There is a great difference between the inter-frame spectrum of ship radiated noise and marine biological noise, so we can identify the two kinds of signals with the difference of inter-frame spectral similarity. This paper describes the inter-frame spectral similarity of the two signals quantitatively...
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Study on Shadow Processing Method Based on Background of Matlab Scans

Zhao Jian-fei, Zhang Xiao-juan
In the process of constructing Dongxiang nationality literature and data database, some ancient books and materials were scanned into scans. Due to the long age, the background of scanned parts was severely affected and the readability of scans was affected. This paper uses the image processing function...
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Reliable Information Transmission Mechanism Research of the Internet of Things Sensing Layer based on the Digital Signature

Zenghui Zhao
With the rapid development of information technology and network communication technology, Internet of Things technology to flourish, in the Internet of Things environment, not only contains the past network environment components, but also joined the intelligent object, it will form hundreds of millions...
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The Enlightenment of Practical Experience of Dust Explosion Protection in Developed Countries to China

Yajing Bi, Qian Hou, Huajun Zhang
Measures and suggestions are brought forward for China to with respect to dust explosion prevention, with successful experience and measures adopted by developed countries regarding dust explosion prevention summarized and analyzed in a penetrating way and with the practical situations of safety production...
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Special Treatment of Video Image Based on FFmpeg

Gaohe Li
FFmpeg is an open source computer program that can be used to record and convert digital audio/video, and convert it into a stream. It contains very advanced audio/video codec library libavcodec, and in order to ensure high portability and decoding quality, a lot of code in libavcodec is developed from...
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Position Location Estimation Algorithms for Mobile Station in NLOS Propagation Environment

Xiaohua Tian, Juanjuan Yin
The non-line-of-sight (NLOS) propagation is a key problem of subscriber location in cellular networks. The angle of arrival (AOA) and time/angle of arrival (TOA/AOA) position location (PL) estimation methods are presented to mitigate the NLOS propagation in this paper. In order to reduce the feasible...
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On the Separability of Local SNR Values Represented by Amplitude Modulation Spectrogram Vectors

Wei Wei, Jinhuan Wang, Jing Wang
Evaluating local SNR values in noisy speech is very valuable for many applications. Research in this paper investigates the separability of local SNR values which are represented by amplitude modulation spectrogram (AMS) feature vectors. Deep belief networks (DBN) were employed in previous studies for...
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A Portable Measuring Instrument for Assessing Physical Activity Based on Triaxial Accelerometer

Chun Jiao, Xuyang Huo, Ming Tang
The usefulness of accelerometer for assessing physical activity has been widely accepted in recent years. In this paper, a portable measuring instrument based on triaxial accelerometer was presented, also the overall design scheme of the portable measuring instrument was expounded emphatically, and combined...