Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Science Education and Art Appreciation (SEAA 2022)

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Zehui Zhan, Chew Fong Peng, Marcus T. Anthony
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 International Conference on Science Education and Art Appreciation (SEAA 2022) during June 24–26, 2022 in Chengdu, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers] and...
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The Treatments for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Different Age Groups

Mingyue Deng
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a mental disorder, is usually found in children and has the potential to persist throughout their lifespan. It negatively influences many dimensions of patients’ life, including emotions, academics, occupation, and relationships. Today’s medications and...
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The Relationship Between Region and International Symbols – Design of Graphic System Around Yizhuang Creative Life Square

Siyu Kang, Ziting Wang
With the development of society, international symbols have been widely used because of the cultural exchange and impact among countries. As a unique cultural symbol of a country, regional symbols show many different styles and development trends, thus showing the national cultural characteristics of...
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The Role of Family Socioeconomic Status in Parenting Styles and Practices

Kexin Ma
This paper investigates the impact of family socioeconomic status (SES) on parenting styles and practices from two main perspectives. The macro perspective emphasizes the overall impact of SES on parenting, whereas the micro indicators of SES further highlight the respective effect of SES variables such...
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The Application of Fit Concept in Interactive Packaging

A Case Study of KENGEE Moon Cake Packaging

Dong Tui, Ying Li
In recent years, with the establishment of cultural self-confidence, people’s attention to traditional festivals has gradually deepened, and the consumption demand of traditional festivals has continued to rise. Moon cake is a necessary seasonal product in the Mid-Autumn Festival. With the emphasis on...
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A Quantitative Study on Body Image Anxiety of Contemporary Generation Z College Students

Yangyi Zhang
Body anxiety is a hot topic with the rise of consumerism and feminism. This paper mainly discusses the main factors causing body image anxiety of contemporary college students, especially the Generation Z. Through the questionnaire survey, 279 valid samples were obtained in this study. After the normality...
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Cross-Language Influence English Learning as Chinese Learners

Hantong Zhao
As an indispensable subject in the compulsory education system in China, it is of vital significance for every young learner to acquire English and gain proficiency in using the foreign language. However, because of the influence of L1, some typical challenges may arise during the learning process, which...
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How College Counselors Can Manage Classes Effectively

Ling Fan
Counsellor is the manager of class in the university, are the organizer, coordinator and guider, the link between school, family and society. The class is the basic organization of school. The great class can trait students’ integrated quality, and gives free rein to all kinds of capabilities. I will...
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Research on the Application of Standard Collaboration Method During Network Course Construction

Jingde Huang, Xin Zhan
This paper puts forward a new way to build high-quality network courses in batches based on standard collaboration method in view of the problems faced by professional teachers in application-oriented universities when making network course. This paper analyzes the concept and connotation of the standard...
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The Research on Chinese Consumers’ Acceptance of Oversized Style Advertising

Jiaqi Gao, Ziqi Liu, Shule Long
Oversized is a fashion style that means one size larger than normal clothes. Oversized fashion culture contains complex political and social hierarchies. The main content of the survey is the cognition and understanding of the cultural background and connotation of oversized clothing among 16–35 years...
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Analysis of Advertisement Strategies and Effectiveness Oatly as a Case Study

Xiaoxiao Chen
Advertisements are increasingly used by companies to attract consumers and persuade them to make purchases. Oatly is one of the most successful companies using advertisement techniques. This paper is aimed at analyzing Oatly’s advertisement strategies and effectiveness using different subject knowledge...
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A Study on the Brand Culture of Avant-Garde Clothing with Yohji Yamamoto as an Example

Tianyue Chen, Leyang Li, Jiayi Zheng
Avant garde is a cultural scene that has attracted much attention in recent years. The application of avant garde art in the field of clothing has become a marketing strategy for many fashion brands to enhance their popularity. This paper mainly focuses on the brand culture shaping and its influence...
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The Influences of Embodied Experience on Social Presence of Chinese University Students’ Online Learning

Xuechao Chen
Online courses have brought about the separation of time and space. In previous study, social presence of online learning have been extracted, with the in-depth analysis of learners’ participation neglected. This study explored the influences embodied experience on social presence in Chinese university...
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On the Psychological Characteristics of Hearing Impaired Children and the Design of Rehabilitation Training Products from the Perspective of Metacognitive Theory

Bo Gao, Yi Li
In recent years, the total number of disabled children in China has been rising, and the number of newly added hearing-impaired children has been climbing up every year. The deaf children are in the language sensitive period of early discovery, early treatment and early rehabilitation at the age of 0–6....
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The Application of PBL in TESOL Education

Xiaoyi Chen, Zihan Chu
Problem-based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students learn by engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects actively. In Project Based Learning, teachers provide more opportunities for students to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Students work...
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A Discussion of Minimalism Style in Interior Design

Lin Yan
With the continuous development and progress of economics, science and technology, people’s living standard and quality of life have been improved a lot. At the same time, with high intensity of work pressure, people are seeking for better life quality level. Minimalist living environment not only can...
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The Application of Problem-Based Learning in SLA

Yaqian Qi
This paper reviews the current situation of the Chinese teaching model and compares it with Problem-Based learning (PBL) in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). The disadvantage of this teaching model is the superficial teaching in writing, which pushes students to pay too much attention to their academic...
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The Contradiction and Relationship Between PBL Education Concept and Psychological Behaviors

Hongni Cai, Xiaoen Hu
Project-based learning (PBL), an innovative student-centered model, has called for improving the cramming in current education, which caters to the demands for diversified well-rounded talents in social market. To better understand the application of PBL in current Chinese education, this paper summarizes...
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Comparison of the Content of Chinese and British Senior Secondary Mathematics Textbooks

Siyan Liang, Yingyi Lyu, Yingkai Zhi
This paper explores the differences between Chinese and British mathematics textbooks, mainly from three aspects: 1) Focus on the training object; 2) Comparison of content difficulty; 3) Comparison of mathematical culture and function. The textbooks this paper selected are Chinese People’s Education...
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Identify the Reasons of Students’ Choices for Majors and Courses

Ruiyi Cheng, Jiarui Gao, Hanzhi Zhang
The future careers of students aged 15 to 24 are more or less affected by the school’s course settings and majors, and students often have such problems that they have to choose some courses or majors. As a result, this phenomenon often comes up with gender inequality, which leads to occupational segregation....
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A Study on the Construction and Practice of the Online Course of the History of English Language Education Based on the Superstar Fanya Platform

You Chen
With the rapid development of information technology, various online teaching platforms are emerging. In the process of online teaching, how to apply the network platform to conduct the effective teaching and ensure the teaching quality and learning effect has become a challenge for teachers. Thus, this...
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Discussion on Post Practice of Civil Engineering Specialty Based on Post Core Professional Ability

Zhigang Zhu, Qiang Zhang
Post practice is a very key practical teaching link in the teaching process of higher vocational education, but in the real implementation process, due to the influence of various factors, students have many problems in post practice. Based on the principle of truly realizing the purpose of post practice,...
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Analysis of the Influence of Teachers’ Implicit Values on Students’ Values in the New Media Era

Yilin Su
In new media era, medium information not only affect teachers’ values, but also affect students’ values. Due to the epidemic in the past two years, middle school students had been exposed to Internet most of the time, so that students’ moral anomie often occurred. In the process of students’ ideological...
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Research on the Research Teaching Practice of “Pedagogy Principle” Under the Background of Normal Professional Certification

Yunxia Fu
The part of the preschool education normal professional certification standard (level 2) curriculum and teaching clearly put forward the “curriculum content”, “curriculum implementation”, “curriculum evaluation” on the dimension of education and teaching three indicators. Control index point, with “principle...
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The Research on the Influence of Transnational Relations in Video Social Media Upon Chinese Young Audiences’ Understanding of Multiculturalism

Qingyuan Ji
This study discusses how the theme of transnational marriage in video social media influences young Chinese audiences’ understanding of the concept of multiculturalism in the process of globalization and the rapid development of the Internet. To answer this question, this study adopts the method of thematic...
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A Brief Analysis of the Performativity and Non-performativity of Drama Education in Primary and Secondary Schools Based on the Current Aesthetic Education in Mainland China

Yutian Shi
As aesthetic education is attached increasing importance to in mainland China, different aesthetic courses have been established in a growing number of primary and secondary schools. Drama, as a class of foreign origin, is confronted with the following problems: a lack of teaching strength, a lack of...
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Problem-Based Learning in Chinese K-9 Mathematics Education

Rongjie Jian, Ziyi Yang
With the implementation of education in China, the education sector pays more attention to how to optimize teaching methods to improve the quality of classroom teaching. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is in line with the concept of “student-centered” education and the basic requirements of high-quality...
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The Development of Vocational Education in China

Yixuan Tian
The double reduction strategy in China refers to the government’s planned student burden reduction agenda while another regulation, known as “Secondary Streaming,” ensures that the number of pupils enrolled in vocational high schools and regular high schools is roughly equal, indicating that students...
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Research on the Construction of Teaching Standards for Undergraduate Vocational Education of NC Technology Specialty Group

Xiaoyue Hu, Humin Dai, Zhi Shan
By analyzing the job division and job levels in the manufacturing industry, this paper determines the school running orientation, training objectives and teaching mode of undergraduate level vocational education in the NC technology specialty group. On this basis, the post group ability standard of undergraduate...
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Reasonable Construction and Legal Regulation of Interpretable Mechanism of Educational Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Luji Liu, Xietao Cheng
The problem of algorithmic “black box” has a negative impact on the deep application of AI in education. The current educational AI still has many problems in data generation and access, algorithm prediction and decision making, and human-computer interaction interface, etc. The establishment of algorithm...
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Research on Professional Development of Sports Management in China

Yi Zhou
China is one of the regions with the most developed sports today. Although China’s modern sports started late, whether it is competitive sports, mass sports, school sports, or the sports industry, it has had a specific impact on sports development in other parts of the world. The laws and characteristics...
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The Influence of the Concept of Virtual-Actual Coexistence in Taoist Aesthetics on Traditional Chinese Painting and Landscape Art

Di Tian, Ji Xiao Zhang
With thousands of years of inheritance and development, Taoist aesthetics has become one of the core values carried by traditional Chinese painting art, and has greatly affected the formation and development of Chinese traditional aesthetic ideas, prompting the concept of Taoist aesthetics to run through...
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Long Term Violence in Children’s Family Lead to Potential Harm in Children’s Early Development: A Family Investigation

Yichun Sun
Family environment is a relevant factor of affecting children’s development in their early ages. Many children are living under domestic violence and their childhood are not healthy. Unfortunately, it is hard to completely end the issue of domestic today and scientists are working hard to find important...
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The Effects of Mood and Valenced Information on Semantic Memory Retrieval

Haixin Liu, Chenxi Wen, Xinyi Zhao
The relationship between emotion and memory has been widely studied. The present study aims to explore the effects of mood and valenced Information on memory. Sixty undergraduate students aged 18–26 years were induced with positive or negative emotions and then completed the Positive and Negative Affect...
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Digital Note-Taking Strategies in EFL Vocabulary Learning

Xinzhu Shi
Most college students take lecture notes. Studies have shown that effective note-taking practices can improve study practices, course outcomes, and retention of content. While L2 vocabulary learning is one of the most popular topics in mobile-assisted language learning, little attention has been paid...
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“Salt God”: A National Opera for Ordinary Working People

Hao Chen
“Salt God” is a national opera that praises the working people at the bottom of the society. It takes the love story of the hero and heroine as the main development line. When the team they lead encounters setbacks and difficulties, they still trust and support each other, and finally lead the salt workers....
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A Multimodal Study on Image Metaphor in Cartoon Image Paintings – A Case Study of the Artistic Creation of the “New Cartoon Generation” in China

Rui Sun, Wen Huo
Cartoon image painting is a new type of diversified art work created by artists integrating the formal language of animation, cartoon, traditional Chinese painting and oil painting and applying image elements and related attributes. Among them, the metaphorical nature of images, as an important attribute...
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Insight into STEM Education

Hongyu Luo
This article explains the importance of problem-solving skills in STEM education and why insight is an efficient problem solution searching technology. This paper uses the searching inference model to propose insight as a mechanism in heuristic thinking used to help cognitive agents restructure problem...
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Strategies to Transform Introverted Students into Better Public Speakers: A Case Study

Qing Huang, Ruiting Ma
In the communicative process, the introvert personalities display negative influences on foreign language acquisition. However, teachers’ scaffold can increase introverted students’ willingness to venture into new ZPD and go through a transformation. Despite the obvious necessity of supporting and assisting...
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Research on Chinese Film and Television Export in Recent Years and Development Recommendations

Zixuan Huang, Jingqi Xue
Under impetus of globalization and diversity, film and television export trade has reached an alarming degree. The export trade in China is still in stage of growth, the international competitiveness is weak, and the power in the international market competition is also at a disadvantage. Although Chinese...
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Study on the Inequality Between Urban and Rural Education Development in China

Xingyu Long, Jiaqi Zhang, Yifan Zhang
This paper mainly focuses on Research: Study on the inequality between urban and rural education development in China. This topic is primarily analyzed from the three aspects of economic investment, teacher strength, and educational opportunities. The article finds and analyses that the Chinese government...
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Five Teaching Strategies to Stimulate Chinese Pupils’ Interest in Learning English

Yawen Yuan
In recent years, Chinese students have begun to learn English from primary school being as English became very popular. However, some monotonous, boring, and mechanized traditional teaching makes plenty of Chinese primary school students not interested in English, which brings difficulties to the English...
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The Effects of Stereotype Threat in Female’s State Anxiety and Underperformance

Jianqiao Liu, Qian Zhao
Females with introverted or sensitive personalities could be primarily affected by gender discrimination toward them, and stereotypes often give rise to discrimination. The purpose of this article is to study stereotype threats on females’ state anxiety and underperformance on working memory tests by...
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The Relationship and Influencing Mechanism Between Perfectionism and Mental Disorder

Zhengbang Luo
Since 1989, perfectionists and mental disorders have increased simultaneously. With the development of the internet, they have easy access to more dimensions of information, which leads to more aspects of themselves that people can criticize and criticize by others in a rigorous evaluation. The present...
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The Challenges and Dilemmas of Vocational Education in China

Zijing Guo
With the rapid development of industrial society and the increasing importance attached to vocational education, the quality of vocational education is in conflict with the demand for vocational education, which also affects the status and attractiveness of vocational education. This article reviews...
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The Influences of Intrinsic Motivation on Adult Beginners of Learning English

Dongying Li
In recent years, learning English as a second language has become a necessary learning need in life, social and business circles. In the face of this situation, many adults are beginning to learn English for their personal interests, working needs and so on. However, adult beginners have difficulties...
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The Background Analysis of Electronic Arts Battlefield Series Games in the Chinese Market

Jiacheng Liu, Yuqi Wang, Yanzhe Yang
As the development of electronic games becomes more and more diversified, the types of games gradually become more and more diverse, Games of all kinds spread around the world at breakneck speed and then disappear for a variety of reasons. After 20 years of iteration, the Battlefield series is still...
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The Analysis of Path-End or Potential-Buried Vocational Education in China

Jiacheng Liu
In recent years, China’s top decision-makers have published a succession of recommendations and opinions on vocational education, indicating its importance on vocational education. As of 1949, when the People’s Republic of China was established, Chinese people have experienced several intensive policy...
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Set-Size Effects in Visual Search Tasks

Junyi Chen, Yijia Gao, Ruijun Pan
Set-size effects have always been fundamental factors to be studied in visual search tasks. The existence of set-size effects has been proven in most visual search tasks. However, some exceptions did not demonstrate significant set-size effects. Results of several experiments indicated that altering...
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Study on the Communication Effect of Disneyland Lina Bell’s Image Among University Students in Shanghai

Siqi Chen
Lina Bell is the latest Duffy family character announced by Shanghai Disneyland. On September 17, Shanghai Disneyland’s official account “Duffy with you” released a video featuring Lina Bell for the first time. According to the setting, Lina Bell is a curious, adventurous little fox. On September 29,...
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Study on the Historical Changes of Dr. Martens Martin Boots Advertisement

Anqi Wei
In this paper, Dr. Martens, an American brand of Martin boots, is studied under different historical backgrounds. Based on the previous viewpoints and research of some scholars, the new research results and objectives of this paper are generated. This paper studies Dr. Martens’ advertisements in different...
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“Student-Centered” Teaching Reform of Building Environment Control System

Yan Yan Zhang
Building environment control system is the core course of building environment and energy application engineering. It not only covers the main knowledge of heating engineering, air conditioning and industrial ventilation, but also focuses on the comprehensive application ability of knowledge in engineering....
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Inquiry Teaching Design of Plant Tissue Culture Experiments in Secondary Vocational Education

Lijun Ling, Mingmei Pang, Kunling Jiang, Shufang Pei, Xinrui Zhao
Based on the experiment of “establishing plant tissue regeneration culture system”, this paper briefly discusses the general steps of inquiry teaching design of plant tissue culture experiments in secondary vocational education. Inquiry experiment teaching begins with posing questions, which is the premise...
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Research on the Inheritance and Future Development of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zhoushan Fishing Rope Knot

Yuyan Yang, Yunjia Lei, Bei Zhang
Fishing rope knots can be divided into three types: fishing rope knot for production, net fishing rope knot and comprehensive fishing rope knot. Fishing rope knots are widely used by fishermen in long-term fishing operations, net making and daily life. Fishing rope knot was listed in Zhoushan Municipal...
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Extrinsic Motivation Factors of Primary School Students in English Learning

Shuqi Liu
With the increasing emphasis on education, extrinsic motivational factors are being given with high expectations, especially for primary students who are less self-controlled than other learners. The learning status of the beginner will have a great impact on their future learning. This paper aimed to...
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The Negative Effects of Sleeping Disturbance and Corresponding Treatments

Yuling Li
This review paper organized the very importance of sleeping and the adverse effects of sleeping disturbances. Particularly long or short hours of sleep per night can raise the potential of body inflammation, as well as disrupting daily cognition and functions. Youth may lose cognitive and neuronal growth...
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Application of Low Polygon Style in Fashion Design

HeFei Tu, Jian Xiao
This topic takes the low polygon style as the research object, and analyzes the development history, artistic style, expression form, cultural connotation, era significance and other aspects of the low polygon style. Combining low polygon style with children’s clothing design, this paper discusses the...
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Analysis and Reflection on Chinese Education Under the Double Reduction Policy

Hongwei Guan, Yutong Ma, Jiaxin Xie
The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued “Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Students’ Homework and Off-Campus Training in Compulsory Education” (hereinafter referred to as “double reduction”) on July 24, 2021....
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Multimodal Teaching: A Feasible SLA Teaching Method of Mandarin

Youni Shao
Mandarin learners fails to reach the best effect of studying Mandarin in traditional Mandarin teaching methods when the number of Mandarin learners increases. Based on the bad Mandarin studying effect, Mandarin teachers seek new Mandarin teaching methods. The multimodal teaching is widely used in English...
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Female Consciousness in Wedding Photos: A Study on Western Wedding Dress in the Modern Chinese Contexts on Social Platform

Xinguo Li
A wedding dress, as a gown worn by females during a wedding ceremony, has an important symbolic meaning. Traditionally, a wedding dress has a close connection with a woman’s marriage and her role as a “housewife”, which stands for a milestone in her life. Multiple social ideologies are added to the dress,...
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Implications of Cizhou Kiln for Product Design

Peng Wang, Jixiao Zhang
Cizhou kiln, an important folk kiln system in ancient China, enjoys a long history and reflects a strong flavor of life and the wisdom and interests of creation. It holds an important place in the history of Chinese ceramics and craftsmanship. Thanks to the Cizhou kiln, it is possible to interpret the...
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Viewing the “Fifteen-Year War” Concept from Keiichi Eguchi’s “A Brief History of the Fifteen-Year War”

Danlamu Yang
Through Keiichi Eguchi’s research on the “Fifteen-Year War” concept and confronting the two significant historical stages of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (i.e. Partial Anti-Aggression War and Nationwide Anti-Aggression War”), a holistic view of history can be unveiled. Moreover,...
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The Development Dilemma and Breakthrough of Chinese Rural Teachers from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Min Gao, Jiaxin Liu, Lan Wu
Far from imparting knowledge and educating people, rural teachers play an increasingly important role in rural social, political and cultural governance. However, existing literature reveals that teachers have encountered many difficulties in performing their functions. Poor teaching environment and...
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Development of Vocational Education in Contemporary China: New Trends and New Dilemmas

Yijiu Han, Yueying Hu, Yusi Huang
Vocational education plays a vital role in the economy and promotes economic growth. After the double reduction policy promulgating, China emphasises vocational education. This article reviews the development of Chinese vocational education——the new dilemmas and new trends. Firstly, this paper has a...
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Media Image Presentation of Female Athletes in Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Taking People’s Daily’s WeChat Report as an Example

Yurong Li
The media is the final judge of the success of an Olympic Games. Winter Olympics coverage plays an irreplaceable role in national image construction and international communication. As Beijing is the only city in the world hosting double Olympic Games, it is of practical significance to study the media...
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The Impact of TikTok Short Videos on Anxiety Level of Juveniles in Shenzhen China

Ruiqi Fan
TikTok is one of the most successful Chinese social media applications in the world. Since it was found in 2016, an increasing population of user, especially teenagers, have been engaged to the social media platform by its short videos. Despite the new technological effect and newer method of online...
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The Impact of Emotional Working Memory on Emotional Regulation and Relevant Interventions

Justin Yang
Working memory is a cognitive system that temporarily stores a limited information capacity due to competition of cognitive activity for use during ongoing processing. Working memory is domain-general and linked to various cognitive activities. Working memory training has been developed to help people...
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Brand Communication and Cultural Acceptance

A Case Study Based on Denim Jacket

Ruite Wang
Cowboy clothing is one of the most common and popular clothing elements in the world. It is widely loved by people because of its advantages in price, design and use. This paper mainly takes denim jacket as a case study to explore the cultural communication and cultural acceptance of clothing brands....
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How to Facilitate Chinese EFL Learners to Achieve SLA in an Emerging Context

A Qualitative Analysis of Language Learning Strategies

Xinye Yang
This paper explores Language Learning Strategies (LLS) for Chinese English as a foreign language (EFL) learners’ language acquisition in specific cases of an emerging context. This study aims to provide insights into the implications and effectiveness of LLS in Chinese EFL classrooms in the post-epidemic...
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On the Construction of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in Schools from the Perspective of Cultural and Educational Integration

A Case Study of Zhoushan

Yunjia Lei, Yuyan Yang, Bei Zhang
With the rapid development of economy and society, the pursuit of material civilization and spiritual civilization is the best booster to promote the development of human society. Intangible cultural heritage is an effective carrier to realize the cultural self-confidence from cultural consciousness....
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The Effects of Color Noises on Attention

Kejing Guo, Yanzhuo Wu, Hairu Zhang
This study investigated the potential effects of two kinds of color noises (white and pink) on attention. Eighty-one healthy college students were recruited and divided into 3 groups (quiet, white noise, and pink noise). Twenty trials of attention tests without noise or in different noise contexts were...
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Character Image Analysis of Elite Male Cho Sang-Woo in Squid Game of Netflix

Yifei Wang
Squid Game is a thriller and suspense television series produced by Netflix that premiered on September 17, 2021. Netflix was founded in 1997 as a subscription streaming platform. With an intense plot and outstanding performances, the Squid Game has been widely praised by audiences around the world....
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A Study on the Practical Path of Ideological and Political Education in Military English Curriculum

Wenhui Hao, Mei Song, Yucheng Zhou, Xiaoli Zhang
Since 2016, the country has been proposing various courses to realize curriculum ideology and politics. Under this background, how to integrate ideological and political education in the process of military English teaching and cultivate student’s contemporary revolutionary military values and military...
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Social Phobia in Young Adults: Causes, Impact, and Treatment

Ruotong Lu
Although there is a lot of literature on social phobia, most research focuses on the correlation between a single factor and social phobia. The purpose of the present review is to systematically summarize the causes, manifestations, prevention, and treatment of social phobia. The results showed that...
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An Exploration of Education for the Cultural Development of China’s Ethnic Minorities

Lisha Li, Yirong Xiang, Xinyuan Xu
The cultural development of ethnic minorities is significant for multiculturalism in China, and higher education plays a crucial role in inheriting culture. Through a review of the literature and a brief interview, this paper discussed what and how education affected the development of ethnic minority...
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Research Trends of Blended Learning for Engineering Disciplines in China and Abroad

Wei Zhang
Blended learning is developing rapidly in China and worldwide recently especially after the COVID-19 appeared. A lot of research has been conducted on blended learning, whereas it is still unclear for the research status of blended learning for engineering disciplines in China and abroad. Therefore,...
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An Investigation of the Application of Multimodal Teaching in Chinese Middle School EFL Reading Classes

Xiyan Li
In the 1990s, western scholars have applied multimodal theory to the teaching and learning processes. Although numerous studies on the implementation of multimodal English teaching models in China have been conducted, the most of them have concentrated on high schools or universities, and the study on...
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Exploring Effective Teaching Strategies for Business English Beginners

Ziying Huang
The use of English teaching strategies has been one of the heated topics in the past years. With the rapid development of the economy and the internationalization of urban development, more and more white-collar workers, especially business people, need to use English in the workplace. However, a large...
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Research on Gender Decoding of Stand-Up Comedy in Chinese Network Communication

Taking Rock & Roast as Example

Yiling Huang
Through decoding gender issues in stand-up comedy, this paper shows how gender issues are carried out in Chinese comedy programs, and how they cause social concerns. In the context of media convergence, new modes of communication and new forms of programs based on Internet platforms have attracted the...
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Analysis of Research Hotspots of Cognitive Load from the Perspective of Product Design Based on Measurement System, Cause Analysis, and Regulation Strategy

Kai Zhang, Yu Gao
In order to sort out and analyze the research hotspots of cognitive load in product design, this paper analyzed the domestic and international research progress of cognitive load research from the perspective of product design by means of literature research method and other tools such as CiteSpace,...
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The Effects of TikTok Topic “Make Peace with Your Make-Up Free” on Participants’ Social Appearance Anxiety

Liyang Zhu
With the popularity of the social media platform TikTok and its increasingly powerful beautification features, more and more netizens are posting beautification photos of their daily lives to attract others’ attention. When some Internet users see other people’s looks better than their own, they will...
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Integrated Technology Scaffolding Guides Students into the ZPD

A Case Study of Online Solfeggio Class

Qiaoying Liang
The development of online education provides a new form of teaching and learning for teachers and students. In China, the number of people using online education continues to increase, but the efficiency and pedagogy of online teaching and learning should be noticed. This study is based on the development...
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The Research on the Construction of Female Images in the Chinese Female-Themed Film The Fall

Haoyi Wang
In the past, female images in movies were always accompanied by male gaze, which was regarded as the carrier of male desire. With the spread of the “MeToo” movement (a global feminist social movement) around the world, it not only triggered extensive discussions in various fields such as politics, academia...
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Non-conformist Visions of Chinese Female Queers: Locating Emotional Appealing in Chinese Lesbian Movies Small Talk (2016) and Intimates (1997)

Xinyue Gou
Lesbian group is an important topic in minority research. This paper mainly discusses how the film reveals lesbian identity, empowers lesbian feminism, and improves the popularity of LGBTQ culture. This paper reviews the social and cultural background of Chinese lesbians and the development of Chinese...
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The Inheritance and Innovation of Cultural Variety Shows

Taking the Third Season of “The Reader” as an Example

Qiqi Zhang
After more than 1,000 days and nights of accumulation, the third season of “The Reader” will return in full bloom in September 2021. The new season’s programs have been completely upgraded in terms of theme, guests, scenes, technology, etc., and also linked online and offline communication channels to...
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The Discussing of the Development History and Existing Problems of Immersive Theater in China

Shang Xiang
In recent years, immersive theatre has been booming in China. As a new form of theatre, immersive theatre has been loved by the audience because of its high degree of freedom and high interaction. This essay discusses the development process of immersive theatre in China by comparing the similarities...
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Analysis of Gender Stereotypes in Illustrations of the 2nd Edition of Junior High School English Textbooks “Go For It”

Yutong Ouyang
In China, gender issues are receiving more and more attention in education. Although gender stereotypes or gender bias have been addressed in recent studies regarding other aspects in school, such as peer interaction, teacher’s role, and school’s role, the attention distributed to illustrations in the...
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Apply Vocal Techniques to Surmount English Speaking Obstacles

Jiaying Wei
With the development of cognitive science, the correlation between musical aptitude and second language acquisition has been proved by many researchers. Using songs and singing in classes have become a new aspect in creative pedagogy of teaching English. Also, with globalization, students’ eagerness...
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Research on English Translation Strategies of Culture-Loaded Words from the Perspective of Cross-Cultural Communication-Taking “A Bite of China I” as an Example

Yinuo Dong
The effective cross-cultural communication of Chinese food culture is closely related to the appropriateness of the translation of related culturally loaded words. Taking the documentary “A Bite of China I” and its English translation as the text, the culture-loaded words are classified into material...
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A Study on TPACK Structural Characteristics and the Effects of Community of Practice for College English Teachers

Jingxiao Guo
Through the rapid development of internet communication technology, big data, cloud computing and a series of information technology, the field of education is also undergoing profound changes. The research is based on the theoretical framework of Niess’s TPACK (Technological Pedagogical and Content...
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The Effects of Multimodal Teaching for Primary Students in L2 Primary School Classrooms

Ruoyu Lian
Multimodality theory has been applied in a second language learning environment where various language transformation approaches such as oral and written language, videos, gestures, and movements, are vital to improving L2 students’ understanding. Moreover, the realization of multimodal teaching through...
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Research on the Cultivation of Computer Network Technology Professionals Based on Huawei Certification in the Context of the Greater Bay Area

Shuanglong Pang, Desheng Zeng, Xiaodan Chen, Caijiao Pang
This paper focuses on the development needs of the ICT industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the characteristics of regional economic development, and the orientation of higher vocational colleges. The curriculum system of Huawei vocational certification. Guided by Huawei’s vocational...
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Exploration and Practice of Mixed-Mode Teaching for Orienteering Course Based on Mobile Terminals

Lei Wu, Mingyuan Zhao
This paper uses experimental comparisons and questionnaires to study the mixed-mode teaching for the mobile terminal-based Orienteering course by constructing a mobile terminal-based mixed-mode teaching. The study implements integrated teaching evaluation inside and outside the classroom and focuses...
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Identifying the Factors Leading to the Globalization of K-Pop

Yixuan Sun
This thesis provides a comprehensive analysis of the growing popularity of Korean pop music (K-pop) worldwide in recent years and explores how entertainment companies have employed techniques to influence the global music market through K-pop. These will be useful in comprehending the current state of...
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Grammar-Translation Methodology

Weaken Inequity in India

Jiawen Qian
In India, English is considered as the symbol of a better life with a high group, pursued by the majority of Indians and used for any opportunities, power, and personal social status. Because of the peculiarity of the English language in this country, it is used as a tool for class division. In current...
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A Study on the Translation Strategies of Marine Legal English from the Perspective of “Maritime Power” Strategy

Bei Zhang
President Xi Jinping underlines that “telling the Chinese story well, spreading the Chinese voice well, and showing a true, three-dimensional and comprehensive China are important tasks to strengthen the construction of China’s international communication capacity.” The CPC Central Committee and the...
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Research on the Ideological and Political Construction of the “Civil Engineering Materials” Course Under the Background of First-Class Undergraduate Course Construction

Chengqin Chen, Wei Zhang, Hongjuan Wu
How to research the construction of “Civil Engineering Materials Course Ideology and Politics” was discussed in this paper’s context of the structure of first-class undergraduate courses. Given the problems in the ideological and political construction of the “Civil Engineering Materials” course, this...
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Three Representative Teaching Methods of Oral English in Chinese Primary Schools

Qianying Li
“Dumb English” is a widespread phenomenon in China. It illustrates that it is difficult for students to communicate naturally and fluently in English after studying English for many years. The reason is that students lack of oral English training. Moreover, there are different problems affect Chinese...
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Research on the Profit Model of Chinese Talent Variety Shows

Taking CHUANG2021 for Example

Xinyi Liao
Talent variety shows are a new concept that has emerged in recent years. With the popularity of “Korean Wave”, the show also swept the Asian market. This is a concept of “idol cultivation”. Different from the previous song and dance campaign variety shows, in idol cultivation variety shows, whether idols...
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The Research on Chinese College Students’ View on the Information Cocoons on Douyin

Zheyu Chen, Jiaqing Liang, Yongyu Liu, Wenjian Zhang
Faced with the negative social impact brought by algorithmic recommendations such as echo bubbles and information cocoons on college students, the study focuses on the perception of information cocoons among Chinese college students, exploring the attitudes and reactions of this group towards algorithmic...