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Capture of Carbon Dioxide by Cucurbit[7]uril Complex

A supramolecular approach to CO2 capture by cucurbit[7]uril (CB[7]) complex was developed. NH2(CH2)6NH2⊂CB[7] complex can convert CO2 to bicarbonate product exclusively and faster in solution due to the deshielding effect, thereby providing a green absorbent to CO2 with regard to high stability, non-corrosiveness...
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Microsatellite Marker LEI0258 Variability in Six Indonesian Local Chicken Populations

Fatmawati Mustofa, Aprilianna Putri Zahara N L Sari, Akhmad Fathoni, Heru Sasongko, Dwi Nur Happy Hariyono, Prabuddha Manjula, Jun Heon Lee, Dyah Maharani
The microsatellite LEI0258 is a genetic marker for chicken MHC haplotypes and can be used to study the influence of population genetics on immune responses. In this study, we investigated the variability of the LEI0258 locus in 173 chickens from six Indonesian local chicken populations (Black Kedu Pelung,...
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Exopolysaccharide Fermented Milk Ice Cream

Ekaterina Pozhidaeva, Evgeny Popov, Yana Dymovskih
Currently, there is an increasing interest in exopolysaccharides as effective biocorrector and auxiliary technological agents. Experimental studies were carried out to obtain fermented milk ice cream with a high content of exopolysaccharides. As a nutrient substrate for the cultivation of probiotic microorganisms,...
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Potential of Goat Whey Added with Soy Milk as Alternative Growth Media for Lactobacillus plantarum

Yurliasni Yurliasni, Zuraida Hanum, Lola Firtiana, Atikah Haura Sy
A study on the potential of goat whey as a growth medium for lactic acid bacteria has been carried out at the Laboratory of Science and Technology of Milk Processing, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The purpose of this study was to examine the performance of goat...
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A Variant of Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF1) Gene Affects Body Conformation Traits in Madura Bulls

Irida Novianti, Suyadi, Veronica M. A. Nurgiartiningsih, Sri Rahayu
This study aimed to identify the DNA variants located in one of IGF1 gene region and to investigate the association between those variants with body conformation traits in Madura bulls. There were 58 Madura bulls used for this study and chest width; chest girth; body length; body height; hip width and...
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Erythrocyte Immobilisation with Total Protein Extracted from Gnetum gnemon L. Seeds on Variety of Solid Media

Hery Haryanto, Steffanie Nurliana, Syariffuddin Syarifuddin
The objective of this research was to determine the effectiveness of erythrocyte immobilisation with total protein extracted from gnetum seeds on a variety of solid media, i.e., filter papers, doff plastics, and nitrocellulose membranes. Old gnetum seeds were ground to make powders. The powders were...
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Characterization of Physicochemical Properties of Powder Coconut Crab Shells (Birgus latro L.) from North Maluku

Hamidin Rasulu, Danar Praseptiangga, I Made Joni, Ari Handono Ramelan
Coconut crab (Birgus latro L.) or in North Maluku language called coconut crab is one of the biological natural resources of high economic value. People consume coconut crab dishes that have a taste similar to lobster, but have a distinctive advantage because this animal consumes coconut meat. Utilization...
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Revitalizing Science Research for Sustainable Development: Fostering Inclusive Practices

Michael O. Faborode
This paper explores the necessity and potential for revitalizing science research for sustainable development through the implementation of innovative strategies which embrace inclusive practices. Sustainable development is a key component of modern development, which requires the integration of economic...
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Gender Analysis of Vegetable Farmers During Pandemic in Cimande, Bogor Regency

Reni Suryanti, Wahyu Trisnasari, Intan Kusuma Wardani, Tri Ratna Saridewi, Sri Palupi
The COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on vegetable farmers. The study focused on determining the gender equality of vegetable farmers’ households during the pandemic. The research involved 31 respondents from Cimande, Bogor Regency. The qualitative method was used to analyze gender equality using the Harvard...
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Effects of Air Temperature Fluctuations on Turnover Time of a Little Mountain Reservoir

Hong LI, Zengwen GAO
Reservoirs serve a lot in solving water shortage problems. It is critical to ensure the quality in the reservoir. Turnover time is identified to influence the water quality significantly. In this study, the effect of air temperature variations on turnover time in a reservoir on Fushan Mountain (Qingdao,...
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Health Issues for Psychosocial Counselling in Children

Hector Chiboola
This article was developed based on the literature review with the intention of isolating health issues which affect children aged between 0-5 years and how these issues can inform the psychosocial needs in child counselling. Counselling children is a growing area of interest in contemporary society,...
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Validity LKPD Based HOTS on Human Digestive System for Junior High School Grade VIII

The curriculum 2013 requires students to have High Order Thinking Skills. Nowadays, however, The High Order Thinking Skills of students especially in Indonesia are still low. It is caused by many factors, such as the unavailability of HOTS-based worksheet at school. For instance, in SMPN 1 Padang, there...
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Gross Margin Comparison of Bali and Crossbred Cattle in Small Holder Beef Cattle Farming in South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ika Sumantri, Hui-Shung Christie Chang, Tri Satya Mastuti Widi, Sholih Nugroho Hadi, Eni Siti Rohaeni
Crossbred cattle have become more popular for smallholder farmer in Indonesia due to their superior performance compare to local breeds. However, assessment on economic performance of crossbred relative to local breeds, especially Bali cattle, in a smallholder farming is still limited. This study aims...
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Application of Growth Regulatory Substances CPPU and GA3 on the Growth of Porang Plants from Bulbil

Tutik Nurhidayati, Kristanti Indah Purwani, Zulfan Febriawan, Firda Fortuna Nasich
Porang is known as an alternative food source. The main obstacle for porang production is the long harvest period with growth time needed ranging between 4-5 months and 7-8 months of dormancy. The application of plant growth regulators (PGR) such as CPPU and GA3 could be used to break porang’s dormancy....
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Research Progress on the Relationship between Interleukins Gene Polymorphism and Type 2 Diabetes

Yang Li, Miaojing Li, Xinyu Cui, Shengzhong Rong, Ge Jin, Hui Zhang, Yingying Chen, Qing Ye, Yuda Wang, Yue Guan
Inflammation plays a significant role in the etiology and pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).Many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in various genes including inflammatory cytokines have been reported as a risk for T2DM.Interleukins (IL) such as IL - 6, IL - 10, IL - 18 and IL – 1 are...
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Local Cultivars of Sweet Potato in West Sumatra, Indonesia: Its Characteristics, Yield Potentials, and Organoleptic Values

Zul Irfan, Sumilah, Srimaryati
Sweet potato is one of the major food crops in Indonesia. More than 20 national varieties of sweet potato have been released by the Indonesian government since 1977. However, most of farmers in West Sumatra province have not used national varieties, but they consistently planted local varieties. Researches...
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Study and Modeling the Influence of a Solvent on Extraction of Eugenol from Laurus Nobilis L. Leaves

Valentina Radyukova, Nikolay Boyko, Elena Zhilyakova, Zoja Tsvetkova, Diana Martceva, Anastasia Malyutina, Valentina Kasakova, Daria Fadeeva, Ghadeer Balloul
this paper presents the results of a study and modeling of the influence of the solvent’s dielectric constant on the extraction of eugenol from the Laurus nobilis L leaves. The aim of this work is to study the effect of the solvent on the extraction of eugenol from the leaves of Laurus nobilis L., to...
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Analysis of Peeling Results of Red Meranti Wood Types on a Spindleless Rotary Lathe Machine at PT Rimba Raya Lestari, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan

Syafii, Edy Budiarso, Bandi Supraptono, Agus Sulistyo Budi
Rotary lathe veneer peeling machines with large spindles are widely used in veneer and plywood factories in Indonesia. On average, half of the raw material logs become waste, and the rotary lathe contributes 25%. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the world’s need for plywood products will never disappear...
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The Clamshell and Fishbone Can Increase Thyroid Hormones Effectiveness to Improve Muscle Strength

Akhmad Abror As Sidiqi, Claude Mona Airin, Sarmin Sarmin, Pudji Astuti
Clamshells contain aromatase inhibitors that can increase testosterone, while fishbone can be an effective animal protein source. Bangkok rooster has an impressive muscle characteristic and physical activity that indicates manifestations of testosterone. T3 and T4 are thyroid hormones that mediate the...
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Groundwater Quantity and Quality of Springs of Karst Region in Pacitan Regency, East Java

Tri Anggraeni, Doni Prakasa Eka Putra, Ahmad Taufiq
The emergence of springs and underground rivers is one of the characteristics of a karst landscape that is formed due to the karstification process in which carbonate rocks are dissolved by water to form cavities or channels. Karst Pacitan is an area located in parts of Donorojo, Punung, and Pringkuku...
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DNA Barcode of Black Capped White Eye Zosterops atricapilla (Aves: Zosteropidae) From Bengkulu Indonesia Based on Mitochondrial DNA COI Gene

Jarulis, Ahmat Fakhri Utama, Sipriyadi, Santi Nurul Kamilah
The study aims to determine the genetic character of Black-capped white-eye (Zosterops articapilla) using the mtDNA COI gene. Blood sample was collected from bird market in Bengkulu city and its DNA genome isolation and purification following the Protocols of Dneasy® Blood and Tissue Kit Cat no 69504...
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Molecular Identification of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-15 (BMP-15) gene of Sumba Ongole cattle

Cynthia Dewi Gaina, Maxs U.E. Sanam, WMN Nalley, Imanuel Benu
This research aims to identify the BMP-15 gene in Sumba Ongole (SO) cattle (Bos indicus) which were reared extensively in Sumba Island. This gene has been known for its function in regulating reproductive performance in cows. The blood sample was collected from 161 SO cattle. The first step was DNA isolation...
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Effect of The Combination of Polishing and Dry Milling Method on Black Glutinous Rice Flour Characteristics

Riezka Zuhriatika Rasyda, Tjahja Muhandri, Slamet Budijanto
This study aims to determine the effect of the combination of polishing and dry-milling method on the characteristics of black glutinous rice flour (BGRF) it produced. The observed parameters were total anthocyanin content, total phenolic content, DPPH and FRAP antioxidant activity, proximate content,...
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Physical Quality of Halal Propolis Extract Using the Ultrasonic as an Active Drug Ingredients

Indha Fitria Pangesti, Agus Susilo, Khothibul Umam Awwaly, Miftakhul Cahyati, Nurjannah, Dodyk Pranowo
Propolis is currently widely used as an active ingredient in natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs on the skin and mouth. The needs of the times, the extraction process requires the latest method with a shorter time with optimal results. The purpose of this study was to obtain an optimal...
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Animal Model Analysis based on the Characteristics of Clinical Symptoms of Alcoholic Hepatic Injury

Le KANG, Zhenya HU, Xiaoyan FANG, Mingsan MIAO
Objective: Based on the analysis of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine clinical symptoms of alcoholic liver injury. Method: In this paper, the characteristics and modeling methods of alcoholic liver injury animal model were summarized through analyzing the clinical...
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Functional Properties of Protein Hydrolysate of Sea Fish and Low Economic Value Hydrolysis Results Using Biduri Protease

Yuli Witono, Livia Wahyuni, Lilik Krisna Mukti, Ardiyan Dwi Masahid, Asrul Bahar
In 2017, The Indonesian fishing productivity reached 6,424,114 tons from the sea and 467,821 tons from freshwaters. Some kinds of sea fish which contain high protein are Crocodile flathead fish (17.86%) and Cardinal fish (18.26%), while kinds of freshwater fish that contain high protein are Common barb...
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Physiological Aspects of the Growth of Corns (Bonanza 9-F1 and Bisi-18) to Air Salinity Conditions on Coastal Area

Saparso, Arief Sudarmaji, Muhammad Bachtiar Musthafa
The air salinity in coastal area may contribute significant effects to the growth of plants. Physiological aspects of the plant growth of plants are important information to give optimal treatments during cultivation process. One potential plant cultivated on coastal area is corns. This study aimed to...
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Development of Learning Tools Based on Realistic Mathematics Education Aproaches to Improve the Mathematical Problem Solving Skills at X Grade in High School

M Arrahmah, E Musdi
The purpose of this research is to describe the effectiveness of learning devices based on RME approaches, improving students ‘ mathematical problem-solving skills through a developed RME-based learning tools, and student response to RME-based learning devices developed for high school class X learners....
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Response of Indonesian Eggplants due to Nematode Attack and Genetic Diversity Revealed by SSR Marker

Aida Ainurrachmah, Taryono, Siwi Indarti
Eggplant (Solanum sp.) is one of the most important solanaceous vegetable crop plants. Root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita-RN) is one of the biotic factors and becoming a serious problem, affecting the root system and physiological activities, resulting in reduced plant growth and yield of eggplant....
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Identification of Protein Levels as Production of Bacteriosin from Lactobacillus Plantarum in Fermented Chicken Eggs

Azmi Mangalisu, Irma Isnafia Arief, Andi Kurnia Armayanti, Zakiah Wulandari
Lactobacillus plantarum is a lactic acid bacterium that can produce lactic acid as well as degrade proteins into soluble proteins, peptides, and amino acids. L. plantarum can also produce bacteriocin, which has antibacterial properties. The goal of this study was to determine the protein levels in fermented...
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The Effect of Green Planning Design on Pedestrian Way at Jln. Kyai Tapa, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta

Reza Fauzi, Nur Intan Simangunsong
Urban areas have a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors. Green open space is one of the means to support urban community activities. Green open space is one of the essential factors for the urban environment, and pedestrian paths are one of the areas that can become green open spaces for urban...
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A New DNA Cryptography Algorithm Based on the Biological Puzzle and DNA Chip Techniques

Yunpeng Zhang, Zhenzhen Wang, Zhiwen Wang, Yasin Hasan Karanfil, Weidi Dai
Currently, a lot of theoretical and technical issues still need to be addressed regarding applications of DNA computing in the field of DNA cryptography. The current common DNA cryptography algorithms are basically based on traditional cryptography, integrate dintoexisting DNA technology, of which the...
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Phenotypic Diversity of Photosynthetic Characteristics in 16 Cucumber Accessions Selected from the Core Collection

Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Sha Li, Rui-Jin Zhang, Li-Hong Su, Huan-Xiu Li, Yun-Song Lai
To investigate the phenotypic variation of cucumber photosynthesis, net photosynthetic efficiency of cucumbers were measured by LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System. Non-rectangular hyperbolic model was adopted to fit the light response curve. We used 16 cucumber accessions selected from the core...
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Mechanisms of anti-stress action of low-intensive mm radiation on microcirculation of animals under stress conditions

Marina Ravaeva, Anastasia Furkovskaya, Elena Chuyan, Elena Birukova, Olga Kornilenko
animal studies with laser Doppler flowmetry showed, that there were local and systemic changes in the microcirculation caused by hypokinetic stress, what allowed us to expand our understanding of the pathophysiological processes caused by the influence of a stressing factor on the body. A study of the...
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Evaluation of Coliform Bacterial Contamination in a Meat Grinding Machine at the Traditional Market Polewali Mandar

Nur Saidah Said, Deka Uli Fahrodi, Setiawan Putra Syah, Sulmiyati Sulmiyati
Meat is one of the livestock commodities that has complete nutritional content, especially protein, where meat protein contains complete amino acids so it is needed by the body. Meat has enormous benefits but meat is also an excellent medium for bacterial growth if handled incorrectly. A meat grinder...
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Sustainability Status and Factor Analyses to Improve Post-mining Land Use Sustainability Level with Pepper and Rice Plants

Ansahar, S. R. P. Sitorus, H. Hardjomidjojo, E. I. K. Putri, Y. H. Lawing, D. Wahyudi
This study aimed to: (1) Determine the sustainability status and factors that can be used to improve the post-mining land use with the Multidimensional-Scaling (MDS) method based on the ecological, economical, social, law, infrastructure, and technological dimensions, (2) Calculate the business investment...
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Twin-Studies on the Role of Non-Genetic Factors in T1D Pathogenesis

Li-li MA, Yan-ling WU, Ying DONG, Yoshimasa TANAKA, Wen ZHANG
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a complex autoimmune disease characterized by T cell-mediated destruction of pancreatic cells, which is resulted from the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Twin-study is one of the most important methods to identify the genetic basis of complex diseases or traits...
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Lampblack Pollution and Control Measures in the Canteen of a University in Ji'nan

Ting LI, Xupeng WEI
The environment is usually changed to benefit human life. However, advances come with a significant environment cost. Our health is suffering severe persecution that created by burning fossil fuels and pour polluting chemical waste into the living environment. Canteen is an important place for college...
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The Importance of Purification and Activity Analysis of the Purified Product of Thrombolytic Protease from Bacillus sp. HSFI-12– A Review

Nurul Islamiyah, Stalis Norma Ethica, Muhammad Ardi Afriansyah, Ana Hidayati Mukaromah, Dewi Seswita Zilda
Mortality and morbidity of Cardio-vascular diseases (CVDs) have been the major issue in the group of non-communicable diseases worldwide. However, the existing antithrombotic drugs to combat CVD still have many shortcomings in terms of price and safety. Bacillus sp. HSFI-12 had been previously reported...
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Backward Regression

To Build the Best Model of Developing Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Service Business as Support to Vegetable Production

Intan Kusuma Wardani, Kusmiyati Kusmiyati, Achdiyat Achdiyat
Agriculture faces a challenge to the success of the zero-hunger program of SDGs. The Ministry of Agriculture has granted farm equipment and machinery service businesses to farmers’ organizations. However, these businesses are unsuccessful in increasing the farmer’ prosperity. Therefore, the study aims...
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Development of Problem-Based Mathematical Learning Device on Problem Based Learning (PBL) Models by Using GeoGebra Aids to Improve the Problem Solving Skill of the Students in VIII Class of Junior High School (Preliminary Research)

M Adriani, IM Arnawa
Students’ low ability in mathematical problem solving can still be found by the researcher in the field. This can be seen in the implementation of learning at school, students are not get used to solved the problem appropriately. Some problem solving indicators are not found during students solved the...
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Transaction Cost for Marketing of Voor Oogst Kasturi Tobacco: Case in Jember Regency

Wilda A. Safitri, M. Rondhi, Triana D. Hapsari
The tobacco marketing institution has strategic roles (entry point) in driving tobacco agribusiness system and improving farmers’ bargaining position. However, the limited information owned by the farmer in marketing the tobacco causes not all farmers to directly sell the tobacco to the warehouse, even...
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Alimentary factors for the correction of nutritional status and physiological conditions

Natalya Rodionova, Evgeny Popov, Michael Syromyatnikov, Elena Artemova, Ekaterina Pozhidaeva
The nutraceutical aspect of the design of new food products involves the consistent implementation of the design algorithm for multicomponent biocorrector. The analysis of potential natural sources of biologically active substances allows to prioritize products of deep biotechnological processing of...
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Biochar Application on Spodosols Soils Promotes Higher Plant Growth and Survival Rate

Syahrinudin, Triyono Sudarmadji, Nurman Krisdianto, Ibrahim, Wahjuni Hartati
Interests in biochar applications for improving soil properties and fertility are increasing worldwide, and numerous production techniques, raw materials, and application options are now available. This research aimed to investigate the effects of biochar application on growth rate (height, stem diameter,...
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DNA Barcode of Mountain White-Eye Zosterops montanus (Aves: Zosteropidae) Based on Mitochondrial DNA Cytochrome Oxidase Sub Unit I

Jarulis, Melisa Mayang Sari, Risky Hadi Wibowo
The study aimed to describe the genetic characteristic, single nucleotide polymorphism, genetic distance, and phylogenetic of mountain white-eye Zosterops montanus based on mitochondrial DNA CO1 gene and carried out in March-June 2020. A sample of the bird was taken from Pasar Minggu, Bengkulu city....
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Growth Response and Yield of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) with NPK Application and Cassava Bark Compost in Ultisol Land

Tri Lestari, Rion Apriyadi, Verawati
Sorghum is a plant that has the potential to be developed on dry land such as ultisols. Provision of organic matter and application of NPK is one of the efforts to optimize plant growth on critical land. Cassava peel block compost and cassava peel compost are organic materials that can be used to increase...
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The Experimental Study on FGD-Gypsum Improving Coastal Saline-Soil

Sanyan DU, Meifang HOU, Xiaohua CHEN
Two kinds of flue gas desulfurization gypsum (FGD-gypsum) A# and B# were chosen to improve coastal saline-soil at the different ratios of quality (0%, 0.5%, 1%, 2.5%, 5%) respectively in soil column leaching experiment. A came from a steelworks whose technology was wet gas gush churn tower sintering...
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The Effect of Storage Time on the Internal Quality of Chicken Eggs in the Second Phase in PS. Mandalan Jaya, Malang Regency

Aju Tjatur Nugroho Krisnaningsih, Dimas Pratidina Puriastuti Hadiani, Tri Ida Wahyu Kustyorini, Hafiza Tunyanan
This study aimed to determine the effect of storage time on the internal quality of Hy-Line strain chicken eggs in the second phase of chicken production. The research method used was a field and laboratory experiment with a completely randomized design (CRD). The research treatments included egg storage...
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The Observations of Hot Water Blanching Effect on Trimmed Young Coconut (Cocos nucifera (L.))

Satria Primatama, Fahri A. Muhajirin, Bayu Nugraha
Trimmed Young Coconut or TYC is one of Indonesia's favorite tropical fruit. The high demand for TYC brings to the development of TYC preservation in Indonesia. However, due to its damage, postharvest handling that has not been optimally operated impedes the development of the TYC agroindustry. In...
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An Improved Target-decoy Strategy for Evaluation of Database Search Engines and Quality Control Methods in Shotgun Proteomics

Xiaodong Feng, Jie Ma, Cheng Chang, Kunxian Shu, Yunping Zhu
With the advance of mass spectrometry and experimental techniques, proteome research has broken through the bottleneck of data generation, and a huge amount of mass spectrometry (MS) data has been accumulated rapidly in the past few years. Meanwhile, the lack of efficient data analysis and quality control...
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Clinical Observation of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Conservative Treatment for Ankle Degenerative Osteoarthropathy

Bo Gou, Xiao-Tao Wang
Observe and analyze the clinical effect of minimally invasive surgery and conservative treatment for ankle degenerative osteoarthropathy. Method: research the 90 patients suffering ankle degenerative osteoarthropathy who were received and cured by this hospital from January, 2014 to January, 2015, and...
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Physical Characteristics and Nutritional Contents of Peanut Flour and Black Oncom (Fermented Peanut Meal) Flour

A. Rohimah, B. Setiawan, E. Palupi, A. Sulaeman, E. Handharyani
The solid state fermentation (SSF) process technology can improve the physical characteristics and nutritional contents of legume flour. The aim of this study was to determine the physical characteristics and nutritional contents of peanut flour and black oncom (fermented peanut meal) flour. This research...
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Physicochemical Properties of Retort Pouch Packaged Rembiga Satay with Various Sterilization Time

Mutia Devi Ariyana, Baiq Rien Handayani, Moegiratul Amaro, Tri Isti Rahayu, Neta S. Afriliya, Sri Widyastuti, Nazaruddin, Firman Fajar Perdhana, Yesica Marcelina Romauli Sinaga, Asep Nurhikmat
Rembiga Satay is a culinary specialty originating from Lombok Island, characterized by the use of beef as the main ingredient and a unique blend of spices that impart a distinctively spicy and sweet flavor profile. Rembiga satay is a popular choice among tourists. Nevertheless, it is not a great option...
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Alkaloid Fraction of Mirabilis Jalapa Leaves has Higher Betaxanthin Levels than Ethanol Extract and is Potentially Developed for Anemia Treatment

Yuliana Heri Suselo, Dono Indarto, Brian Wasita, Hartono
Mirabilis jalapa is a medicinal plant, which is widely distributed in some tropical countries including in Indonesia. Indicaxanthin, Miraxanthin and Boeravinone F active compounds, which are the family member of Betaxanthins in the M. jalapa plant, are able to inhibit hepcidin and to activate matriptase-2...
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The Effect of Sanrego Wood (Lunasia amara Blanco) Extract Addition to the Andromed® Diluent on Sperm Quality of Belgian Blue Crossbreeds Bull

Sigit Bintara, Panjono, Riyan Nugroho Aji
Sperm quality is vital for livestock reproduction. Without good sperm quality, reproduction will not occur properly, which will cause a hamper in the increase of livestock population. Sanrego (Lunasia amara Blanco) is a plant that has an aphrodisiac effect that can increase libido, so this plant is very...
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Physical Quality Duck Jerky with Liquid Smoke Sonication

Nitya Salsabila, Agus Susilo, Djalal Rosyidi
This study aims to determine the effect of adding coconut liquid smoke sonication on pH, Water Holding Capacity (WHC), tenderness, L*a*b* color, and duck jerky aroma. The jerky is made from ground duck meat with additional spices such as salt, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, galangal, and coriander. The...
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Expression of NOB1 Gene and Its Clinical Significance in Ovarian Cancer

Ning LIU, Shun-qing ZHOU, Yang LIN
[Purposes] To explore the correlation between mRNA expression of NOB1 gene in tissues from ovarian cancer, normal ovary, benign ovarian tumor. [Methods] 50 samples of ovarian cancer as the experimental group, 20 samples of normal ovarian tissues and 50 samples of benign ovarian tumor as control groups....
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Plant Origin Phenolics as Prospective Antioxidants: State-of-Art for Application

Naira Sahakyan, Margarit Petrosyan, Irina Batlutskaya, Armen Trchounian
In the recent years there is a growing demand for plant origin antioxidants, due to their potential therapeutic value and low level of side effects. Among the plant origin substances, the metabolites with antioxidant activity are the widely used which are mainly belong to the phenolic group of compounds...
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The Impact of Learning Cycle 7e and Student Initial Ability to Student Competence of Grade VIII Junior High School 13 Pekanbaru

Susilawati, Yuni Ahda
Biology learning at Senior Pekanbaru wich dominated by the teachers, less variated method and student initial ability rarely noticed by teachers lead to low of student learning competence. It proved by student learning competence average score still below minimum standard score. One of the ways to solve...
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The Characteristics of Buprofezin Resistant Bacteria From Cassava Rhizosphere

Sapto Nugroho Hadi, Prita Sari Dewi, Ida Widiyawati, Yugi R. Ahadiyat
Bacterial isolates from rhizosphere of cassava plant were isolated. The bacterial isolates are resistant to buprofezin. They have the potential to be used as bioremediation agents. The buprofezin-resistant bacteria isolates need to be carried out to determine the morphological, biochemical, Plant Growth...
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The Influence of Climate Factor on the Yield of Winter Wheat in Germany based on LINTUL 2 Model

Zhe LIU, Ying HOU
The study, which was conducted in Klein-Altendorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany, simulated the effect of temperature and solar radiation on the yield of winter wheat from 1991 to 2004 by using LINTUL 2 model. The parameters of temperature and radiation were modified to check the sensitivity of the...
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A Preliminary Survey of Siamese Crocodile Habitat Preferences

Floating Vegetation on Lake Mesangat, Muara Ancalong, East Kutai, Indonesia

Teguh Muslim, Rachmat Budiwijaya Suba
Floating vegetation is one of the biotic components in the Mesangat Lake ecosystem, which plays an essential role for Siamese crocodiles. Floating plants in the Mesangat Lake can be used as an indicator of habitat preferences and Siamese crocodiles’ success rate in nesting. This research aimed to find...
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Antioxidant Activity of Fermented Goat’s Milk with the Use of Bifidobacterium longum

Zuraida Hanum, Yurliasni Yurliasni, Fadella Haqqi Seutia
Fermented goat’s milk with Bifidobacterium longum has the potential as a source of antioxidants to counteract free radicals. This study aims to determine the antioxidant activity of fermented goat’s milk using Bifidobacterium longum as a starter which is thought to have high antioxidant activity. The...
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Introduction to Plant Metabolism, Secondary Metabolites Biosynthetic Pathway, and In-Silico Molecular Docking for Determination of Plant Medicinal Compounds: An Overview

Risanti Dhaniaputri, Hadi Suwono, Mohamad Amin, Betty Lukiati
Natural ingredient produced by plants are widely used for therapeutic treatment, because they are believed to have fewer side effects and are cheaper than synthetic drugs. Plants used as treatment media contain natural secondary metabolites compounds derived from primary and secondary metabolism. Primary...
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Hydrogeochemistry of springwater in Leuwisari subdistrict and surrounding, Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia

Sofia Fadillah, Wawan Budianta, Doni Prakasa Eka Putra, Dwi Agus Kuncoro, Fabian Priandani
The southern foot slope of the Galunggung volcano in Leuwisari subdistrict and surrounding, Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, is abundant in springs. These springs are crucial to the community since they provide water for both domestic and agricultural purposes. However, the hydraulic connection between these...
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Analysis of the Causes and Prevention of the Postoperative Infection of the Oral and Maxillofacial Region Tumor

Le Xiang, Wei Yu
Observe the factors related to the postoperative infection of the oral and maxillofacial region tumor and the countermeasures for prevention and cure. Method: choose 45 postoperative infected persons (11.84%) from 380 patients having been taken with the oral and maxillofacial region tumor surgery in...
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Overripe Tempe Stock Prototype Development and Evaluation of Consumer Acceptance for Commercialization Preparation

Elissa Florentina, Stacia Andani Fortunata, Nila K. Hidayat, Maria D.P.T. Gunawan-Puteri
Indonesia is experiencing a growth of sales in health and wellness packaged foods with more consumers aiming to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Overripe tempe is traditionally used in Central Java as condiment, however it is not well known in other areas of Indonesia. Overripe tempe stock is a food...
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The Capacity of Extension Workers and Demonstration Methods to Farmers’ Behavior in Utilizing Yards with Vertical Vegetable Cultivation

Oeng Anwarudin, Nazaruddin Nazaruddin, Pandu Danar Raharjo
Agricultural extension activities were carried out to encourage the use of the yard. To deal with the narrowness of the yard, a vertical vegetable cultivation technique was used. The demonstration extension method was chosen to set an example and encourage changes in farmer behavior in the use of yards....
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Differences in Leaf Functional Traits of Canarium vulgare Leenh. Between Two Growth Stages: Mature vs. Seedling

Febrina Artauli Siahaan
This comparative study aimed to understand the life strategies adopted by the tropical tree species: Canarium vulgare Leenh by measuring functional leaf traits in two different developmental stages. This study found that there was a noticeable increase in Leaf Mass per Area (LMA), Leaf Dry Matter Content...
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Retrospective of Spring Wheat-couch Hybrids Breeding in the Department of Remote Hybridization MBG RAS

Olga Schuklina, Ekaterina Enzekrei, Sergey Zavgorodniy, Olga Ermolenko, Irina Voronchihina, Fedor Klimenkov, Irina Klimenkova, Alexandr Polkhovskiy
The article presents the results of breeding in the department of remote hybridization of the Main Botanical Garden n.a. N.V. Tsitsin (MBG RAS) from 1946 to 2019. The aim of this work is to create high-yielding varieties of spring wheat of an intensive type that most fully meet the peculiar conditions...
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The Estimation of NI, NRR, and Output of Garut sheep at Breeding Center in Garut-West Java

Putri Kusuma Astuti, Hamdani Maulana, Aprilianna Zahara Nafsina Luvita Sari, Panjono, Yudi Guntara Noor, Nuryanto, Rahmat Hidayat, Dyah Maharani
Sheep is one of Indonesia’s most important germplasms, whose prolific capability enables it to meet the meat consumption needs of small ruminants. PT Agro Investama is a private company that operates as the largest Sheep breeding center located in Malangbong District, Garut Regency, West Java. This research...
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Numerical Study on the Effect of Liquid Injection in Hepatic Microwave Ablation

Zhen Tian, Qun Nan, Xiaohui Nie, Tong Dong, Ruirui Wang
Purpose: The aim of this study is to research the impact of the liquid injection in hepatic microwave ablation (MWA) by using finite element method (FEM). Methods: We used the finite element method to simulate the MWA without liquid injection, with 0.9% NACL (saline) and with ethanol in turn. At the...
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Preparation of Activated Carbon from Palm Oil Trunk Using H3PO4 as Activating Agent

Delviana Dwi Jaya, Miftahul Khair
Activated carbon has been successfully made from oil palm trunk with carbonization temperature of 200°C, held for 60 minutes, and chemical activation at room temperature by flowing H3PO4 15% as an activating agent. The proximate analysis results are yield of 78.9%, moisture of 1.1%, ash content of 4.1%,...
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Heavy Metal (Pb) in the Rhizophora apiculata Mangrove in Asahan, North Sumatera, Indonesia

D. Ariyanto, H. Gunawan, D. W. Purba
Mangroves have an ability in environmental conditions, i.e., in the sediment, and organs. This research was carried out to assess the Pb absorption rate (sediment and mangrove parts of R. apiculata) in the eastern coast of Asahan, North Sumatra. The results showed that Pb content increased in the sediment,...
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Synthesis of Mesoporous Silica From Beach Sand Using Variation of Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide (CTAB)

Lisna Efiyanti, Wega Trisunaryanti, Syaiful Bahri, Yatim Lailun Ni’mah, Nia Meisa Wulandari, Satriyo D. Sumbogo
The potential for sand in Indonesia is very abundant because Indonesia has a long coastline than other countries. This research was conducted to explore the potential of beach sand as an alternative raw material to replace commercial silica. To obtain the natural silica, the beach sand was prepared and...
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Changing of Morphological, Anatomical, Cytological Characteristic and Artemisinin Content in Artemisia cina by Colchicine Treatment

Maria Marina Herawati, Endang Pudjihartati, Andree Wijaya Setiawan
The induction of artificial polyploidy has been considered a valuable tool that can improve many plants’ genetics and change their morphological, anatomical, and physiological characteristics. Artemisia cina plants’ polyploidy is induced through shoot culture to increase artemisinin content. This research...
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Study of Natural Food Sources of Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) in the Buffer Zone of New Capital City of Indonesia

Dijan Sunar Rukmi, Medi Hendra, Mawaddah Bashar
The riparian forest area along the Tunan river in Waru District, Penajam Paser Utara, is one of the proboscis monkey habitats in East Kalimantan. This area is included in the buffer zone closest to the new nation’s capital city. As a result of the ongoing land use conversion, this area is divided into...
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Microrna -145 Expression Inhibits Invasion and Metastasis of Cervical Cancer Cells

Shun-qing ZHOU, Ning LIU, Yang LIN
[Purposes] To investigate the expression of microRNA-145 on invasion and metastasis of cervical cancer cells. [Methods] Analysis of the relationship between high expression of microRNA-145 on invasion and metastasis of cervical cancer cells by Transwell invasion assay and Wound scratch assay. [Results]...
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A New Indicator to Evaluate by Sector Water Use Efficiency and Its Application

Xiuli LIU
The aim of this study is to find a reasonable indicator to evaluate by sector water use efficiency (WUE). Based on a water resource input-occupancy-output model, a new indicator (total water use coefficient) that considered indirect demand effects and occupancy was provided. Use this indicator and the...
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Policy Analysis on Bio and Wood Energy Development in East Kalimantan

Tien Wahyuni
East Kalimantan relies heavily on fossil fuels, including diesel and coal, for on-grid power and diesel generator sets for off-grid power. The development of wood energy is one way to utilize forest products that are currently underway. Various efforts and research projects have been conducted, but there...
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Sensory Quality of Sate Rembiga in A Retort Pouch Packaging with Different Sterilization Time

Mutia Devi Ariyana, Baiq Rien Handayani, Moegiratul Amaro, Tri Isti Rahayu, Neta S. Afriliya, Sri Widyastuti, Nazaruddin, Firman Fajar Perdhana, Yesica Marcelina Romauli Sinaga, Asep Nurhikmat
Rembiga satay is a local culinary product of Lombok Island which is in high demand by tourists. The development of sate rembiga into a product with high shelf life that is practical and efficient to carry has the potential to increase the market reach. To achieve this goal, the development of rembiga...
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A Synthetic Wheat L-System to Accurately Detect and Visualise Wheat Head Anomalies

Chris C. Napier, David M. Cook, Leisa Armstrong, Dean Diepeveen
Greater knowledge of wheat crop phenology and growth and improvements in measurement are beneficial to wheat agronomy and productivity. This is constrained by a lack of public plant datasets. Collecting plant data is expensive and time consuming and methods to augment this with synthetic data could address...
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The Influence of Transcranial Electrostimulation on Blood Pressure in Dogs with Modeled Hypertension

Oleg Sein, Olga Tatiyanicheva, Konstantin Mikhailov, Alexander Shevchenko, Ivan Boiko, Natalia Maslova
The present article describes the results of the transcranial electrostimulation (TES) for the correction of blood pressure (BP) in dogs. During the experiment, systolic blood pressure (BPs), diastolic blood pressure (BPd), pulse pressure (PP), and mean blood pressure (MBP) were registered. It was established...
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Zn Electrodeposition of Titanium Dioxide for the Application of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) with Extracts of Natural Dyes That Were Co-pigmented with Salicylic Acid

Hardeli Hardeli, Hary Sanjaya, A Nurul Fadhilah, Y Lasmi
Dye Sensitizer Solar Cell (DSSC) is a dye- based solar cell which is an alternative to meet energy needs, where these cells will convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. This study aims to produce DSSC using Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) glass as a substrate and extract of red grape skin (Vitis Vinifera),...
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Multiobjective Optimization of Vibro-Pneumatic Separator Using Full Factorial Design

Muhammad Dzulkifli, Rozzaq Habib Amrullah, Makbul Hajad
Vibro-pneumatic separator has been applied widely in grain cleaning industries for separating light impurity, gravel and various types of contaminant from grain products. Pneumatic section is utilized as the suction part to separate the light impurity contaminant from the basic product based on the distinction...
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Optimization of Aqueous Extraction of Indonesian Bay Leaf (Syzygium polyanthum Wight) as Powder Seasoning

Gabriella Masaki, Filiana Santoso, Maria D.P.T. Gunawan Puteri
Indonesian bay leaf (Syzygium polyanthum Wight) is one of traditional spices originated from Indonesia which is usually used as spices to add the aroma of foods. Extraction of the aroma of Indonesian bay leaf could be proposed as a more practical usage to its fresh form. This research aims to find the...
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Physical and Organoleptic Quality of Balinese Beef with Pineapple Juice (Ananas comosus L. Merr) Marination

Harapin Hafid, Fitrianingsih Fitrianingsih, Arbyin Pratiwi, Asma Bio Kimestri, Siti Hadrayanti Ananda
Pineapple produces bromelain enzyme, which could hydrolyze protein used to tenderize meat. This study aims to determine the physical and organoleptic properties of Balinese beef which had been marinated using pineapple juice (Ananas comosus L. Merr). The study used Balinese beef with pineapple juice...
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Morphometric Characteristics in Local Sheep and Nonlocal Sheep

Sucik Maylinda, Ali Mahmud, S. R. Hidayat
The objectives of the research were to find out the morphometric characteristics (qualitative and quantitative traits) in local sheep, especially Fat-tailed sheep (JFTS) and nonlocal sheep (Texel sheep). The observation was done in 24 FTS ewe and 39 Texel ewe. Variables in this research was the qualitative...
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Factors Affecting the Levels of Pb and Cd Heavy Metals in Contaminated Farmland Soils

Jianghua ZHANG, Yaoguo WU, Youning XU
The toxicity and bioavailability of heavy metals depends upon characteristics of the surrounding soil matrix. To assess the risk of heavy metals in soil, it is necessary to understand the relationships between the heavy metals and other soil chemicals. Lead (Pb) and cadmium (Cd) in soils affected by...
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Phytochemical and Toxicity Assay of Meistera chinensis Fruit Extract: The Endemic Plant of Southeast Sulawesi

S. A. Tee, Musdalipah, Karmilah, I Sahidin, A. Fristiohady, A.W. M. Yodha
Meistera chinensis is one of the endemic plants of Southeast Sulawesi from the Zingiberaceae family which has a large number of species and an interesting potential to be developed as a source medicine. However, there is no report on neither chemical contents nor biological activities of the plant. The...
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The Roles of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery Sectors in the Economy of Banyumas Regency

Sheila Megawati Vinanda Gusmanto, Erlyna Wida Riptanti, Refa’ul Khairiyakh
Regional development is an effort to maximize resources to improve community welfare. Local governments must identify the leading sector to facilit-ate the formulation of appropriate policies to achieve development goals. This study aims to identify the contribution trend, growth rate trend, and factors...
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Phenotypic Variability of The S2 Families Derived from Crosses Between Local and Introduced Okra Cultivars

P. K. Dewi Hayati, Rahmi Aprilia Adianto, Sutoyo, Renny Eka Putri
Okra (Abelmoschus esculenthus L.) is a functional food crop consumed when the pod is immature and tender. Crosses the local okra, i.e. green and red okra, with introduced varieties B291 and Ve022 aimed to improve the local cultivar traits. This study aimed to assess the agronomic variability of S2 from...
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Vibration Analyses of a Single Osteoblast in Vitro using the Finite Element Method

Liping Wang, Hungyao Hsu, Cory J. Xian
In this study, the dynamic properties of a cell in vitro are analyzed using the finite element (FE) model. An idealized FE model of a bone cell is developed, and then FE analysis is performed to study its vibration in vitro. The first ten natural frequencies of the bone cell can be obtained using the...
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The Effectiveness of Bio-catharanthine on Peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) Lurik Cultivar

Dwi Indahning Rohmah, Melza Mulyani, Laras Nur Janah, Adi Pancoro, Miftahudin Miftahudin, Anjar Tri Wibowo, Budi Setiadi Daryono
The productivity of peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) in Indonesia from 2017 until 2021 is estimated to have average production growth minus 11,82% per year and cannot meet the domestic need of the peanut. According to that statistic, Indonesia is the world’s second largest importer of peanuts. Looking for...
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Varietal Identification of Liberica Coffee in Kepulauan Meranti Riau using RAPD Marker: A Preliminary Study

Ninik Nihayatul Wahibah, Rizka Prathama Putri, Atria Martina, Arini Arini, Yasir Sidiq
Identity of plant variety is essential for crop production system. Two liberica coffee varieties, Lim 1 and Lim 2, have been cultivated in Kepulauan Meranti where peat lands area predominantly found. In addition to their adaptability to peat lands, the two varieties also were reported resistant against...
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The Histological Study of Orthodontic Force on the Periodontal Tissues Regenerated by Nano Bioceramics in Beagle Dogs

Lan-lei WANG, He-ying HOU, Sheng-yan YU, Ai-zhong GUAN, Yun-mao LIAO
The aim of the experiment was to study the histological reaction of orthodontic force on the periodontal tissues regenerated by nano biphasic calcium phosphate (NBCP) bioceramics in beagle dogs. Two third incisors were randomly selected and operated as experimental group. The contralateral third incisors...
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Impact of Storage Temperature on Physiological Changes and Shelf Life of Mango CV. Mahachanok

Napong Kantanet, Pavalee Chompoorat
Mango (Mangifera indica L.) is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, provitamin A, carotenoids and other phytochemical compounds. Mango is characterized by climacteric fruit and ripen rapidly after harvest. Commercial growers normally harvest mango during...
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Strengthening Role and Policy of Local Government in Accelerating Development of Social Forestry in East Kalimantan

Tien Wahyuni
The implementation of The Green Growth Compact (GGC) movement in East Kalimantan is in synergy with the Social Forestry (SF) Program, which is being rolled out and become a government priority program. The following paper aims to provide an overview of how the strengthening of local government roles...
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Elicitor Effect of Chitosan on In Vitro Culture of Different Explants of Physalis Accessions From East Java

Retno Mastuti, Jati Batoro, Budi Waluyo
Chitosan is a natural molecule derived from arthropods and fungi that can stimulate many physiological responses in plants. Chitosan had also shown positive effect on in vitro shoot regeneration. Therefore, this research aims to observe the response of shoot growth of in vitro Physalis plant accessions...
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The Effect of Lactobacillus plantarum Addition on Cooking Loss and Water Holding Capacity of Beef with Different Temperatures and Storage Time

Amhar Abubakar, Zuraida Hanum, Syalia Varadita
Meat is a food ingredient produced from livestock that is rich in nutritional content and is favored by some people because of its delicious taste. In general, people can buy beef in traditional markets. Traders in traditional markets sell fresh meat in large pieces. Beef is expected decent quality for...