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The Wringin Lawang Concept in the Border Gapura of Malang City through Fractal Geometry Synthesis

Antariksa, Adrian Widisono, Yusfan Adeputera Yusran
The era of the Majapahit kingdom was the forerunner of gapura. In those days, the gapura has a function as the entrance to the kingdom. Nowadays, the function of gapura shifted into a marker towards the inclusion of a city, including Malang. The entrance gapura of Malang City is identified with a character...
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Children-Friendly Assessment of Urban Green Open Space: The Case of Trunojoyo Park in Malang City, Indonesia

Anthea Putri Yasmin, Novi Sunu Sri Giriwati
UNICEF issued a policy in the form of CFCI (Child-Friendly City Initiative) as an effort to fulfill children’s rights. Malang City has fulfilled the child-friendly indicators with a Madya rank, by meeting 60-70% of the Child-Friendly City Indicators. Malang City provides a playground for children in...
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Thermal Performance of Clay Bricks, Lime Bricks, and Ventilation Blocks as Building Walls

Iwan Wibisono
Indonesia is one of the countries affected by climate change. One of the most significant effects that happen in the environment is global warming, which causes the air temperature to rise. Climatic conditions will directly affect the human body since the air temperature influences the human body. Indonesia...
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Visual Continuity Evaluation of Transition Space on Shopfront of Shopping Center in Malang, Indonesia

Herry Santosa, Nur Fauziah, Wahyuni Eka Sari
The expansion of shopping centers has become an issue of interest in the formation of a transitional space between the shop fronts with a public area. Shopping facilities are expected to accommodate the continuity of motion and good visual on spaces that transition with the surrounding environment. The...
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Imageability of a Historic Street and Its Influence on People Preference

Jenny Ernawati
The local community’s opinions play an essential role in conserving a historic area, such as historic streets because the existence of a historic street depends on the appreciation of the local community. People’s preferences will provide valuable consideration in conserving the heritage area. Therefore,...
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Earthquake-Resistant Design Principles of the Traditional House in Lombok Island

Fajar Aswadi Syamsuri, Heru Sufianto
Indonesia lies above one of the active three tectonic plates on earth, which causes earthquake disasters frequently. In 2018 the island of Lombok was hit by a 7.0 Richter Scale earthquake creating major destruction of buildings. While most of the modern building construction damaged when hit the waves,...
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The Characteristic of Minaret Based on Community Preference for the Composition of Mosque Architecture in Malang City

Wulan Astrini, Herry Santosa, Indyah Martiningrum
A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims. The mosque’s architectural elements include domes (roofs), mihrab, minarets, portals, and decorative ornaments. Elements of mosque architecture can express the identity of a mosque. Minaret often acts as a marker of the mosque’s existence on a city scale. The...
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Contextualizing Modernization in the Kayutangan Towards Its Images as a Heritage Town Area of Malang

Yusfan Adeputera Yusran
The Kayutangan Street Corridor is a historical area where there are still found historical buildings of the Dutch East Indies that form the distinctive character of Malang City. In 2019, the Mayor of Malang planned to revitalize the Kayutangan area with a Citywalk concept such as found on Jl. Malioboro...
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Layout, Configuration, and Interaction of Spaces on Malang City Square to Re-Construct the Concept of Alun-alun

Abraham Mohammad Ridjal, Sigmawan Tri Pamungkas, Elsa Intan Pratiwi
Jami’ Mosque is one of the elements of catur tunggal within the spatial order of Malang City Square (Alun-alun Malang). The changes in one or all of the elements that form the square will also affect its spatial order. Therefore, the interrelations between elements forming the alun-alun need to be understood...
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The Three Dimension (3D) Spatial Urban Heritage Informatics of Malang City, Indonesia

Adipandang Yudono, Herry Santosa, Herman Tolle
The spatial multimedia systems in the urban planning process is the latest innovation in urban planning and design activities. The development of this system aims to build the 3D spatial building information through online system, especially information on the spatial structuring of landscaping and historic...
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Sacred Signs and Forms of the Modern Mosques

The existence of a sign on the building is very important because it communicates the message of the building to the observer and user. With the sign, a building can be known as its functions. Not only the sign, but the form of the building also shows the function in it. Therefore, a sacred building...
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Morphological Study of Residential Real Estate Development in Urban Fringe (Case study: Tunggulwulung Urban Village, Municipality of Malang)

Angga Perdana
In the last two decades of the 21st-century residential real estate development in the municipality of Malang has increased rapidly. The urban fringe has chosen for the development location because of the availability of vacant land, and the situation in this area is not too crowded. The lower land value...
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Perception, Preference, and Participation: Community Social Inclusion and Involvement as Decision Making Process in Archi-tourism

Novi Sunu Sri Giriwati
Architecture and tourism are inseparable things. In tourism development, planning and design also carried out and generate some architectural design. The architectural product involved a user, who will respond in a certain way towards the architectural object and built environment in general. People...
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Strategies to Improve Natural Lighting in Deep-Plan Cultural Heritage Buildings in the Tropics

Wasiska Iyati, Aprilia Prihatmi Riski, Jusuf Thojib
Tropical climate areas have an advantage in terms of utilizing natural lighting for buildings. On the other hand, deep plan buildings have limitations in natural light penetrations through the sides of the building, while making the natural light enters from the roof risks of blending in with the heat...
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Fostering the Management of Post Office Building from Architectural, Heritage and Urban Design View (Case study: The Solo Post Office, Central Java, Indonesia)

R.Siti Rukayah, Shabrina Adine Vania, Sudarmawan Yuwono
There have been many studies on the impact of social media and the presence of freight forwarding services by private parties. Social media and private parties have an effect on post office services in the world and Indonesia. The digital era and the delivery of mail and goods through private sector...
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Design Factors of Ngembul Spring Water Tourism Development for Conserving the Green Belt of Tajinan, Malang

Subhan Ramdlani, Ariza Rufaida
Community-based tourism is now being developed on many lands belonging to the village community or owned by the government, which are considered capable of involving the community in planning, management, and decision making in their development. Ngembul Spring Water (NSW) is spring water surrounded...
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Place Attachment in Public Space Case Study: Hiraq Square Lhokseumawe Aceh - Indonesia

Bambang Karsono, Julaihi Wahid, Yenny Novianti, Nurhaiza, M. H. Soraya
Concerning the issue of place attachment, the research tends to observe the functional attachment, which will affect the level of attachment in Hiraq Square Lhokseumawe (HSL), a renowned public space among local people in the city of Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia. Place attachment is known as a process...
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Origami Tessellation Ceiling Panels to Improve the Room Acoustic Quality (Case Study: Lecture Hall of the Department of Architecture, Universitas Brawijaya)

Ary Deddy Putranto, Oryza Ardiansyah
The lecture hall of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya, is a room with a large volume of space. The room is close to M.T. Haryono Street, which has relatively dense traffic activity resulting in acoustic disturbance for lecturing activity inside the room. Thus,...
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The Development of the Post Office Cultural Heritage in Semarang

R. Siti Rukayah, Sudarmawan Yuwono, Agung Budi Sardjono
This paper aims to find new improvements from the post office building that mostly occupies the old building that is classified as a cultural heritage building. Architecturally, the conservation of cultural heritage has been written in regulations and laws, but the question is how to conserve the activity...
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Cognition Map for the Visually Impaired Individuals in the Special School Type A (Case Study: SMP/SMALB A YPAB Surabaya)

Muhammad Satya Adhitama, Rizka Nur Afifah
Visually impaired individuals have limitations in vision to capture the information; thus, they have their uniqueness in performing cognition maps. This research is conducted to identify the cognition map by visually impaired individuals in SMP/SMALB A YPAB Surabaya. Based on initial observation, the...
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The Ecological Impact of Tempeh Industrial Center in Sanan Village

Sri Utami, Kartika Eka Sari
Sanan Industrial Centre is one of the household industrial centers in Malang City. Waste produced in Sanan Industrial Center comes from two sources; they are from tempeh and cattle farmers industries. Fourteen tempeh industries utilize waste from tempeh as food and drinks for cattle. In comparison, other...
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The Change of Architectural Characteristic on Megalithic Todo Village Based on Periodization

Antariksa, Dezzalina Dyana Paramita
Not many people know that Todo is one of the megalithic villages that was the center of the Manggarai Kingdom in the past. The stories contained in the literature always mention Todo as the forerunner of the emergence of Manggarai residents. Like other Manggarai megalithic settlements, Kampung Todo is...
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Urban Typography as a Reflection of Talkative Behavior in Malang City

Susilo Kusdiwanggo, Chairil B. Amiuza
There is a phenomenon of large sign letters presence in almost all cities in Indonesia at present to mark names of places that are already known by the public, including Malang City. This trend shows that there seems to be a contagion that infects one city to another without apparent reason. This mimetic...
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Imaginary Vs. Traditional Museum: The Historical Heritage-Based Design

Yuke Ardhiati, Prawesthi D Ashri, L. Edhi Prasetya, Febri Kurniawan
This study is qualitative research that was concerned in a museum of the millennials’ age. By a comparison study between a traditional museum “De Tjolomadoe” and an imaginary of Soekarno’s virtual museum was found the similarities and differences scheme. “De Tjolomadoe” as a traditional museum shows...
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Lesson from Vernacular Tobacco Barn: A Passive Design Strategy for Energy-Independent Building

Andika Citraningrum, Daning Herawati
Gudang Atag is one of Indonesia’s vernacular buildings, which is a characteristic of the Na-Oogst tobacco plantation as raw material for cigars. This tobacco barn can produce tobacco leaves with quality that conforms to the standard using the process of air curing. Air curing is the process of drying...
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Baruk, A Traditional House of Bidayuh in Borneo, Its Space Related to Structure

Yunitha, Mandarin Guntur
Nowadays, not all traditional buildings are still standing firmly on. Many of them have disappeared by nature disruption or by cultural distillation. This study aims to promote Baruk spaces meaning as a traditional house of Bidayuh, who settled in the western part of Borneo Island. Through its structures...
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Visual Image of Architectural Elements as the Identity of Menanga Traditional Village

Agus S Sadana, Prawesthi D Ashri, Adryanto Ibnu Wibisono
The Menanga Village has interesting traditional houses and village layout. There are some unique architectural shapes, easily known and remembered by the observers’ minds. This study combines descriptive and graphical method with quantitative analysis to translate the mental map into a variable map,...
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Sustainability of Thematic Kampongs

Surjono, Feronikana D.P. Rahma, Deni A. Setyono
Indonesian urban areas are formed by the formal and informal pattern of settlement. Kampongs are a typical feature in the urban settlement, which are often misled as slum areas; therefore, it is important to see whether kampongs are sustainable or not. The research selects four thematic kampongs based...
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Typology of the Facade of Weapon Barracks at Fort Oranje

Endah Harisun
The Dutch colonial period in Indonesia, especially in Ternate for about 3.5 centuries, left an extensive influence, especially for the development of architecture. The colonial heritage architecture has its features and historical values. In Ternate, the influence of Colonial Architecture was very pronounced....
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Local Wisdom of Farmers in Ngadas Village, Malang Regency in the Management of Agricultural Landscapes

Sri Utami, Antariksa, Dian Kartika Santoso
In Indonesia, Ngadas Village is one of the Agricultural Villages. Ngadas people do more activities in the fields than in their homes or dwellings. So, research about local wisdom of the Ngadas community in managing an agricultural landscape was fascinating. This research aimed to provide an overview...
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The Meaning of Typographic Design in Malang Urban Space: Based on Signs and Objects Relations

Indyah Martiningrum
The phenomenon of the big text signs in almost all cities in Indonesia to mark the name of a place that is already known by the surrounding community will ultimately affect the collective knowledge of citizens. It is just that the presence of big writing is no longer unique when all the cities are busy...
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Effect of Cow Manure and KCl on Changes in Soil Properties and Growth of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) in Inceptisol Galela

Tri Mulya Hartati, Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami, Makruf Nurudin
Nutmeg plant is one of the spice commodities that had been known from the ancient world. In an effort to revive the dignity of spice crops, nutmeg also promise encourage to be developed. This study aims to analyze the effect of cow manure and KCl to change soil properties and growth of nutmeg in inceptisol...
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Tnyafar: Women, Livelihoods Strategy Based on Agroforestry (Case Study in Selaru Island, Tanimbar Island District)

Junianita Fridianova Sopamena, August Ernst Pattiselanno
Selaru Island community has long ago been familiar with activity of fulfilling needs through Tnyafar. Being a local wisdom, every household used Tnyafar as a livelihood strategy. Through Tnyafar, community exploited natural resources regularly to ensure the fulfillment of the needs. This research was...
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The Effect of Cocoa Paste Percentage of Fermented Cocoa Beans on the Sensory Characteristic of Chocolate Bars

Wahyu Margono, Mustamin A. Masuku, Nurjana Albaar, Tamrin, Suryati Tjokrodiningrat
This study aims to obtain optimal chocolate bars according to sensory tests based on the percentage of cocoa paste. The research carried out in stages, namely the selection of fermented dried cocoa beans according to SNI 01-2323-2008, making the cocoa paste, and treating 30% and 60% cocoa paste on chocolate...
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Length-Weight Relationships of Brown-Marbled Grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Forsskål, 1775 in Bobong Taliabu Waters of North Maluku, Indonesia

Umar Tangke, Frentje Dusyan Silooy, Rochmady, Fikri Rizky Malik, Susiana
Length-weight relationship (LWR) species Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Forsskål, 1775 by gender (male and female) were collected from September 2016 to June 2017 in Bobong Taliabu waters, North Maluku, Indonesia. Fish captured using bottom trap, size 80 x 60 x 35 cm with mesh size 5 cm. LWRs of significant...
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Introduction Test Edible Coating Fresh Fish Fillet of Tuna and Smoked Fish Using Biopolymer Nanoparticle Chitosan Coconut Crab

Hamidin Rasulu, Danar Praseptiangga, I Made Joni, Ari Handono Ramelan
Maintaining the quality of fish can be done in several ways among others by utilizing the edible packaging technology. The use of chitosan biopolymers in the form of chitosan nanoparticles to maintain the quality of fresh skipjack fish and smoked tuna is the best solution to avoid the use of synthetic...
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High Yielding Coconut of Nui Sua Tall from Sula Islands, North Maluku

Meity Tulalo, Sukmawati Mawardi, Hengky Novarianto
The superior coconut seednuts resources is one main problem to develop coconut programs in Indonesia, include North Maluku. Sula Islands Regency is one of the largest coconut distribution areas in North Maluku Province, Indonesia. The purpose of this research was to study the character, production potential...
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Condition of the Coral Reef of Maitara Island Based on Chaetodontidae Fish for Coral Reef Improvement in North Maluku Province

Syahnul Sardi Titaheluw, Rovina Andriani, Armain Naim, Raismin Kotta
This study aims to look at the level of damage to coral reefs based on Chaetodontotidae fish and biodiversity of Chaetodontidae fish on Maitara Island. This research was conducted in April to May 2019 at 2 stations. Collecting coral reef data using the Line Intercept Transect (LIT) method which is placed...
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Acceleration of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) Seed Germination by Scarification and Gibberellin Application

Abu Rahmat Ibrahim, Santosa
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) is a native commodity of Indonesia. Propagation of this plant is relatively difficult and takes a long time for germination because of its hard seed coat. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of scarification and gibberellin (GA) application on the nutmeg seed germination....
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Ayam Taliwang as a Solace After Disaster

Eli Jamilah Mihardja, Tuti Widiastuti, Prima Mulyasari Agustini, Fatin Adriati, B. P. K. Bintoro
Lombok tourism industry slumped dramatically since the earthquake. Comprehensive efforts are needed to make it rise again and bring prosperity to the people. Among them, through culinary.AyamTaliwang, despite coming from Sumbawa, a famous culinary carries the name of Lombok. However, the popularity of...
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The Effect of Guided Inquiry Learning Strategies on the Results of Learning Natural Sciences (Experiment Research in Taruna Terpadu Junior High School, Bogor)

Umi Fatonah, Zulfiati Syahrial, Priyono, Muhammad Ridha Albaar
The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of guided inquiry learning strategies on science learning outcomes of students of the Taruna terpadu Bogor Junior High School. Guided inquiry is one of the learning strategies that emphasize students active learning through the investigation with...
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Impact of Rainfall Harvesting as a Fertigation Resources Using Autopot on Quality of Melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Nurpilihan Bafdal, Sophia Dwiratna, Siti Sarah
Global climate changes which cause increasing the dry season and impact of decreasing in water resources. Water has an important role in agriculture sector especialy to the process of plant growth and water use efficiency while rainfall harvesting will impact of water quality.Fertigation and using autopot...
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Profile of Fatty Acid and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Smoked Pokea Clam (Batissa violacea celebensis Martens 1897) Produced in North Konawe District, South East Sulawesi

Kobajashi Togo Isamu, Ahmad Mustafa, Fajriah, Roslindah Daeng Siang
Pokea clam (Batissa violacea celebensis Martens 1897) is one of the endemic species in Southeast Sulawesi, which is much fave by local people as one of the daily favorite food menus, and one form of processing is by smoking. However, research on the profile of fatty acids and PAH compounds in smoked...
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Analysis of Agricultural Land Use Changes Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in Kendari City

Sawaludin, Saban Rahim, Weka Widayati, Rahmawati Maulana, Fatimah Wardhana, Ida Usman
Along with its development, the area of agricultural land in Kendari City has declined. This study aims to determine the extent of agricultural land in 1997, 2007 and 2017 and the causes of the conversion, in addition to knowthe projected area of agricultural land in 2027. This research is based on remote...
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Study on Perception and Acceptance of Nutmeg Farmers Toward the National Rehabilitation Program: Increasing the Production of Cash Crop Commodities (Nutmeg) in Tidore-North Maluku-Indonesia

Mardiyani Sidayat, Mila Fatmawati
The majority of farmers in North Maluku are planting cash crops such as coconut, nutmeg and clove as their main source of income. In the study sites (Kota Tidore region) Most of the farmer have cash crop as the major agricultural commodities. The central government introduced a national program of increasing...
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The Use of Fishing Tuna Flour Fortification Modified Tapioca Starch in Emergency Food Product

Hasbullah, Hamidin Rasulu, Nurjana Albaar, Nabel Ahmed A Mansour
Starch is used as a thickener and stabilizer in food. Natural starch causes several problems related to retrogradation, low stability, and low paste resistance. This is the reason for starch modification. When chemically modifying starch with ginger oil, a cross-linking bond will create, which is the...
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Contribution of Agroforestry to the Plant Communities and Community Welfare in Ternate

Abdul Kadir Kamaluddin, Fadila Tamnge, Mahdi Tamrin
An agroforestry system is land use developed to provide economic, ecological and social benefits to improve the welfare of the community. The aim of this study are (1) to determine the contribution of agroforestry to plant diversity, and (2) to calculate the contribution of agroforestry to community...
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Analysis of Lipase and Lipid Formation in Adipocytes Inhibitory Capabilities in Kelakai (Stenochlaena palustris) for Obesity Management

Maria D.P.T. Guanwan Puteri, Filiana Santoso, Evelyn Antoinette Halim, Della Rahmawati, Eisuke Kato, Yanetri Asi Nion
The objective was to test S. palustris which has high antioxidant activity for bioactivities that may alleviate obesity: lipase inhibitory activity and lipid accumulated in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Water, 50% methanol and methanol extracts of S. palustris were tested for lipase inhibitory activity and lipid...
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Antidiabetic Potency and Characteristics of Corn Flour and Cassava Flour-Based Rice Analog Added with R. mucronata Mangrove Fruit Flour and E. cottonii Seaweed Flour

Hardoko, Yahya Abdul Hafidz, Bambang Budi Sasmito, Yuniwaty Halim
Rice analog can be made from various sources of carbohydrate other than rice itself and can be designed to become functional rice by adding ingredients that have functions on health. The aim of this research was to determine the antidiabetic potency and characteristics of corn flour and cassava flour-based...
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Planning of Land Use Based on Environmental Carrying Capacity in East Tidore Subdistrict, Tidore Island City

Ramli Hadun, Amiruddin Teapon
Land needs for the development of the agricultural sector in East Tidore Subdistrict always increase along with the increasing population. Lack of understanding of land characteristics causes agricultural development is not based on the ability and carrying capacity of land. This can be seen from the...