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A Review of Challenge and Prospect of No-Tillage Practice to Sustain Spices Cropping Systems in North Maluku

Lily Ishak, Sarni, Erwin Ladjinga, Ramli Hadun
No-tillage or zero-tillage has been adopted for years by local farmers to sustain islands-based tropical spices cropping systems across the North Maluku region. Various studies in other parts of the world have proven a remarkable effect of this practice on soil health indicated by the enhancement of...
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Spatio-temporal Variation of Nitrogen in River Water and Groundwater Recharged by Recycled Water at Qingyang River

Weiyan Pan, Zhenghe Xu, Feng Wang
Municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse has been an effective way to solve problems of shrinkage and drying up of rivers and lakes. The residual pollutants in recycled water may pose a risk to groundwater. A field study on the spatial and temporal variations concentrations of nitrate, ammonia and...
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Analysis on Trade Patterns in Electronic and Electrical Products: An Empirical Study of the U.S from 2008 to 2017

Fei Wang, Yang Yu, Hui-long Li
The development and protection of electronic and electrical industries are essential parts to America’s national strategy. Using data from UNCOMTRADE database, This paper analyzed trade patterns in electronic and electrical products (HT1 category in Rev.2 classification) in the US from 2008 to 2017....
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Selection of A Rational Form for The Steel Winding Tower as A Preventive Measure to Increase Its Industrial Safety

Elena.G. Kassikhina, Vladimir V. Pershin, Nikiya O. Butrim, Weiguo Qiao
Herein there is a new approach to improve industrial safety in terms of operation of the steel winding tower based on rational design solutions.
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Research on Failure Mode and Ductility of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete Columns under Small Eccentricity

Jing-Hai ZHOU, Hong WANG, Ze LI
This paper studies small eccentric compression test of eight waste fiber recycled concrete columns with recycled coarse aggregate replacement ratio, waste fiber length, and waste fiber incorporation as parameters. The test is carried out on the failure mode and ductility of the waste fiber recycled concrete...
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Smart Home Wireless Power Control Design Based On Internet of Things

XinYi Qi, Mindan Bai
In view of the current intelligence lives in complex structure, such as the high cost of weakness, use of switch power supply and single chip design a wireless intelligent household system. It will control instructions through wireless remote control by way of the wireless controller sent to the module,...
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Community Structure Of Seagrass In Ketawai Island, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia

Wahyu Adi, M. Rizza Muftiadi, Okto Supratman, Dwi Rosalina, Fika Dwi Pratiwi, Sudirman Adibrata
The seagrass ecosystem of Ketawai Island has the potential as a shelter, feeding, spawning ground from various aquatic organisms and it has an important role for the coastal and marine environment. The utilization of coastal and Ketawai island as a tourist area becomes a threat to the growth of seagrass...
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Physical and Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Concrete Contain Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement from National Road in East Java Province Indonesia

Ari Widayanti, Ria Soemitro, Januarti Ekaputri, Hitapriya Suprayitno
Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) is a paving stripping material with Cold Milling Machine. The RAP accumulation in East Java Province is estimated 50,000 m3 per-year. The RAP usage can decrease RAP accumulation, natural material, damage rate by mining or excavation. RAP mixture produced an optimum performances...
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Mechanical Analysis of Environmentally Friendly Concrete Rubber

M. Rizki, Sri Sumarni, Ernawati
Tire production Indonesia has been increased by numbers from year to year along with a great amount causes the availability of abundant rubber tire waste, this waste has not been widely used and has unravel able properties leading into environmental pollution. In this research, we developed an environmentally...
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Developing Procedures to Assess Contractors at Various Stages of Cooperation

Turgaeva Aksana Albekovna, Azizova Esenia Anatolevna
State customer activities inevitably imply signing governmental contracts with companies of various types. Government contract making may result in certain risks and economic security threats for the state customer and it is of primary importance because its successful execution influences the budget...
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The Application of Digital Fabrication in Architecture, Case Study: Prototyping a Scale Model

Hendro Trieddiantoro Putro, Wiliarto Wirasmoyo
Technological developments in architecture continued such as parametric design methods with computational optimization process and digital fabrication to make a scale model. Digital fabrication defined as the process of manipulating objects using CNC router machines, 3D printers, and laser cutters through...
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Development of a Priority Scale in Handling National Road Maintenance in Banten

Novel Ridwan, Leksmono Suryo Putranto
National road should be maintained periodically to keep its performance in a serviceable condition. Banten is a province next to the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Therefore, road maintenance in this area must be conducted properly. Banten is one of the areas in Indonesia, in which the national road...
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Evaluation of Land Carrying Capacity in Tsunami Affected Areas of Aceh Besar Regency

Widodo Widodo, Aris Slamet Widodo, Nanda Chintia Melrhoza
Aceh tsunami disaster in 2004 caused damage to agricultural land in Aceh Besar Regency. Meanwhile the post-disaster development has caused migration of people to the regency, causing a greater pressure on agricultural land. The study aimed to evaluate the land carrying capacity in tsunami-affected areas...
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Innovative Technologies of Cultivation of Crops in the Era of the Digital Economy

N.V. Abramov, S.A. Semizorov
Based on long-term stationary and field experiments (1977-2017), the optimal parameters of soil fertility (gray forest, dark gray forest, leached chernozem) were established. The highest economically and ecologically justified productivity of agrocenoses is obtained when the density of addition for cereals...
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Ecotoxicants in the System Water-Soil-Plant and Possible Risks to Public Health

Tamila Nasirovna Ashurbekova, Zaira Gadzhievna Natalia Gadzhibutaevna, Natalia Gadzhibutaevna Isaeva, Elmira Mugutdinovna Musinova
The article presents the results of a study on the content of arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in water, soil and in plant products that are directly used by humans for nutrition. During four years of observation, water analysis demonstrates high arsenic concentrations. The arsenic content ranges from...
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Recent twin revolutions in structural biology

M.R.N. Murthy
The development of optical microscopes led to the discovery of cells as the fundamental units of life. It made us aware that microbes dominate the living world. However, optical microscopes have limitation as to the size of cell and cell organelles they can focus. This size limit is referred to as the...
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Correlation analysis of the population and energy--the coexistence of promotion and inhibition

Lingxiao Wang, Yufang Chen, Weifeng Zhu
The energy innovation has brought about an exponential increase of population each time, meanwhile, population growth brings greater energy demand. Hence how to maintain a balanced relation between energy production-consumption and population is of great importance. This paper highlights the relations...
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Torsional displacement ratio of frame-tube structure under expected rare earthquake

X.M. Chen, J. Duan, Y.G. Li
Columns in frame-tube structures may be damaged easily because of the torsional response, therefore, torsional displacement ratio was defined by national codes for spectrum analysis under frequent earthquake. For analysis of time-history under expected rare earthquakes, different from displacement angle,...
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Research on preparation and properties of isothermal solidification Cu-Sn high temperature solder paste

Manmen Liu, Jialin Chen, Hao Cui, Xudong Sun, Shaohong Liu, Ming Xie, Xiaoli Zhu
A novel environmental-friendly Cu-Sn high temperature solder paste was fabricated by mixing Cu powder, Sn powder and commercial purchased flux. Different type and content of the flux may significantly affect the thermal properties of the solder paste. The bonding layer was composed of compact Cu3Sn and...
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The construction of "smart campus" and the protection of students' privacy in the age of Internet of things

Hui Yan, Yuqi Zhang, Xinyan Fan, Qian Liu
Development momentum in recent years, the Internet of things technology, has become the important strategic development direction of information emerging industry in China. All walks of life increasingly widespread use of Internet of things technology, the Internet of things development prospect is bright....
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Lifetime Prediction for A Certain Missile Based on Field Data

Xuecheng Zhang, Xuning Sun, Qixun Liu
A statistical procedure of the lifetime prediction for a certain missile is established by the reliability analysis using the field data. First, the reliability at given time point is estimated by the Kaplan-Meier method according to samples undergoing long time storage. Second, the lifetime distribution...
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Patterned Photonic Nitrocellulose Membrane for Bio-detection Based on Coffee-Ring Effect

Litianyi Tang, Hong Liu
In this work, we report a method for the fabrication of nitrocellulose (NC) membrane with photonic crystal (PC) pattern for bio-detection. The membrane is prepared by imprinting the corresponding PC pattern into it through thermal Nano-imprint method. Aptamer beacon marked with fluorescein is used for...
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Principle of Indentation-flattening compound deformation technology and application in AZ31 Magnesium Alloy

Zhongtang Wang, Xunan Liu, Jihao Jiang
Indentation-flattening compound deformation technology (IFCDT) is defined, and the characteristics and stress-strain state of IFCDT are analyzed. The mechanism of grain refinement and texture weakened of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet which deformed by IFCDT is analyzed. The influence law of parameters of...
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Rotor Speed and Rotor Position Estimation Based on MRAS

Xueliang Ren, Mingjiang Wang, Jun Chen
In the traditional mechanical equipment, the motor is generally equipped with sensors for measuring the speed and position information of the motor. However, installation of sensors increases the structure burden. In this paper, a sensorless method is proposed for measurement of rotor speed and position....
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Design and Implementation of Motorcycle Circuit Based on Flywheel Balance

Jiayong Yang, Huazhang Wang, Sixue Yang, Jiang Yan, Yanqing Dai
This paper designs and implements the hardware circuit of the self-balanced motorcycle with the MK60DN512ZVLQ10 as the control core, and has the capabilities of attitude acquisition, data processing, response and man-machine interface. First building a self-balancing motorcycle overall framework, each...
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Implicit Finite Difference Method for Fractional Wave Equation with Dirichlet and Fractional Boundary Conditions

Shaomei Fang, Wenjie Huang, Changping Xie, Yingshu Zhanga, Jinyan Li, Zhenfu Cai
In this paper, the implicit finite difference method is developed for the fractional wave equation with Dirichlet and fractional boundary conditions. The consistency and stability of the method are strictly provedbytheGerschgorintheoremandmathematicalinduction. Numericalexamplesshowtheaccuracy and efficiency...
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Concept of reducing cost of mining thin low-power uranium veins with using narrow web mining machine

Oleg Nikolaevich Alekseev, Zuffar Firanusovich Akchurin
In the article, the experience of low-power uranium ore bodies working off is considered. The practical experience of low-power ore bodies working off with the use of load-haul-dumpers (LHD) of the middle class of PD-2E type or Toro150 at the mines of PJSC PPGHO is accumulated.
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Improving the design of poppet valve in piston mud pump

Rima Yavdatovna Abdyukova
Research conducted in the oil field development facilitate formation of a system of fundamental knowledge that allows future specialist to scientifically analyze problems in their professional field, apply in practice the knowledge, independently (with modern research methods) master the new information...
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Height Prediction of Water Flowing Fractured Zone and Thickness Effect of Long Wall Caving in Thick Loose Seam with Weak Cementation

Yao Lu, Changxiang Wang, Wenbo Wang, Chuanping Sun, Buchu Zhang
Based on the transfer rock beam theory and the mining overburden movement theory, the height prediction methods of collapse zone and fracture zone under different lithologic conditions are deduced according to the characteristics of rock mass dilatation and rock strata combined motion. Furthermore, the...
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Numerical Simulation of Predicting Wear Sites Distributions of Inlet Impingement Plate and Shell Wall of Feedwater Heater

Xiao-Xin CHEN, Jian-Qun XU, Wei-Li JIANG
Based on the three-dimensional physical model of shell and tube heat exchanger, by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, the RANS k-Epsilon turbulent model and the Mixture model were adopted to simulate the flow properties and heat transfer in the shell side. And the reliability of the...
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Review of Failure Mechanism and Modification Research of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Ying Liu, Peng Peng
In this paper, the failure mechanism and modification research of damage performance of recycled aggregate concrete were summarized systematically. The general failure rules of recycled aggregate concrete were summarized according to the failure mode and fracture characteristics of recycled aggregate...
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Organic Polymer Monolith: Synthesis and Applications For bioanalytical

Ahmad Sabarudin
High-speed separation, enrichment, digestion, as well as high-throughput analysis of biomolecules are very important in analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, biosciences, etc. for thesepurposes, currently a single piece of porous material so-called "monolith", Has been rapidly developed for Several...
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An Evaluation of Structural Model for Independent Learning Through Connectivism Theory and Web 2.0 Towards Students’ Achievement

Zulkifley Mohamed, Nor Ubaidullah, Siti Yusof
The purpose of the study was to evaluate an independent learning measurement model based on connectivism theory and Web 2.0 learning tool. The quantitative method was utilised in this study. The data were collected using connectivism and Web 2.0 learning tool instruments among students of Two Year Programme...
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Research and Design of Online Education Platform Based on Named Data Network

Linglin Li, Dening Jiang, Di Miao, Kaixin Li
This paper proposes a new method for data transmission using the Named Data Network (NDN) architecture, and introduces the new NDN network into online education innovatively. Based on the information center network (ICN), the special advantages of the NDN network are utilized to improve the real-time...
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The Effect of Low Ventilation to Thermal Condition in Cathedral Church

Augi Sekatia, Erni Setyowati, Gagoek Hardiman, Bangun Harsritanto
Building designs that are being prioritized today are sustainable architecture and green architecture. The designs can reduce the energy consumption that has a positive impact on climate. Actually, the design of such buildings has started since the Dutch colonial era. Buildings from that era are very...
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Ergonomic Seating Design On Machine Combine Harvester

Ahmad Hanafie, Andi Haslindah, M. Saripuddin, Awaluddin Yunus
Ergonomics is usable in work with the human function of balancing the body dimension with a talking device or machine. Its efforts and others are used for exhausting, regulating temperature, light, and humidity to suit the needs of the human body. The design of the seats on the combine harverter machine...
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Parameter Identification for the Impulse Response Signal of Transmission Tower Containing Double Frequencies

Qingshui Gao, Yi Yang, Chu Zhang
Tuned mass damperis designed on transmission towers to reduce vibration. Two new frequencies appear nearby the original natural frequency if the tuned mass damperis installed. The impulse response signal containing double frequencies is complex. It is difficult to identify signal characteristics parameters....
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Development of Environmental Tension in Zones of Extraction of Solid Minerals on Eastern Caucasus Slopes

I.D. Alborov, O.G. Burdzieva, F.G. Tedeeva, I.G. Arkhireeva, S.A. Bekuzarova, M.V. Maysuradze, L.V. Dzobelova, N.G. Dzhusoeva
The article contains a retrospective of the development of extraction of mineral resources in the mountain ecosystem of the Eastern Caucasus; the stages of environmental tension growth in various components of the biosphere of the region are also shown. It has been proved that in the areas of dislocation...
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The Single-vector and Multi-vector Mixed Compressed Storage of Tangent Matrix

Wenjiao Da, Xiuli Wang, Jing Wen, Han Zhang
Matrix is a mathematical object, commonly used in scientific computing and engineering calculation. We are not interested in data itself in the data structure, but interested in how to store the elements in the matrix, and make the various operations can run effectively. The main purpose of the compressed...
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Risk Factors of Post-earthquake Fire for Constructions Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach

Hsiaomei LIN, Chingyuan LIN, Juicheng KO, Yushiang WU
Urban area is always gathering huge population and different kinds of activities. Once there is any disaster, it would be very possible to have unrecoverable damage. For the post-earthquake fire in constructions, it would caucus damage not only in civilians' lives but also property. Therefore, it becomes...
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Intrusion detection method based on cloud model and semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting

Liping Wang
Aiming at the problem of low detection rate and high false positive rate of intrusion detection system, a cloud model semi-supervised clustering dynamic weighting intrusion detection method is put forward. As the attribute contributes to the classification difference, the cloud was near relative degree....
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Farmers' Will to the Treatment of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution ??Survey from 447 Farmers in Hunan Province

Mu-Rong Bin, Kong-Liang Wen
Farmers are the main participants involved in livestock and poultry breeding pollution control, whether they are willing to control the breeding pollution by the mutual influence of many factors. Based on the field survey data of 447 households in Hunan Province, the Logistic regression model and the...
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Research on Lateral-Directional Dynamic Characteristics and Control for Large Envelope Flight of Modular Aircraft

Wen-Xin Zhang, Li-Xin Wang, Ting Yue
The linear parameter varying (LPV) system model of the lateral-directional dynamics for large envelope flight of modular aircraft including various configurations was built. The validity of the aircraft LPV model was verified by the comparison of dynamic simulation between the LPV model and the nonlinear...
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Coupling and Analysis of 981 Deep Water Semi-submersible Drilling Platform and the Mooring System

Xudong Wang, Chaodong Luo, Xiaomei Zhu, Liqin Qian, Jianwen Sheng, Dayong Wang, Feng Yang, Haotian Bai, Fan Yang
With the increasing water depth, semi-submersible platform mooring system weight has increased rapidly. Because the coupling of the platform and mooring system will directly affect the safety of platform location, the mooring system must use the design of multi-component mooring line. The paper introduces...
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Optimal Design for Matching Network of L-band Low Noise Amplifier

Yisong Zhang, Fumin Lin, Liuxing Zeng
This paper introduces a matching network composed of lumped elements and transmission lines, which is more accurate and compact compared to the traditional one. Meanwhile, the added microstrip lines is used for bonding pads and connection lines on printed circuit board (PCB), and the dimensions of these...
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Design and Realization of City Tourism Interest Geographic Information Data Collection System

Xiao Zhou, SHuai Zhu, Lan Yao, Xu Li, Haoyi Zhang, Wei He
City tourism contains plentiful data information, but not all the information is interested by tourists. Relying on tourists' interests, this paper designs and develops city tourism interest geographic information data collection system. Take Zhengzhou urban sight spots as an example to collection data...
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Optimization of an organic solvents tolerance lipase expressed in E.coli

Ren Peng, Chun-Mei Tong, Ming-Qing Lin
Owing to the safety consideration and improvement of lipase productivity, the genes of lipase and its cognate foldase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa CS-2 was co expressed in E.coli BL2 (DE3) and the optimization of expression condition was investigated in the paper. The recombinant strain entered the stationary...
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Perfection of the Programming Design for Medical College Internship Files with the Utilization of Android Mobile Phone Client

Xiaomeng Liu, Changguo Xu, Ju Wang, Xiaolin Hu, Seng Li
This paper describes the design of the medical intern students' file program, which utilizes the universal application of Android mobile clients to solve the hard problems from the collection of the students' files after they enter the internship places, mainly including the three aspects: the program...
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Calculation and Analysis of Transformer Transient Over-Voltage in no-Load Switching

Fengyun Quan, Jia Chen, Yu Liu, Yu Wang, Wangling He, Xishan Wen
Transformer no-load closing may result in various types of over-voltage, which may affect the stability of power system. To analyze this problem, a 500kV transformer no-load closing model in Bailianhe Pumped Storage Power Station is built by EMTP/ATP, the closing over-voltage on primary equipment is...
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Analysis on Complex Target Electromagnetic Scattering Features based on Improved Finite Element Boundary Integral Method

An Xu
Computational electromagnetic has been more and more mature after development for dozens of years. Domestic and foreign scholars have proposed many methods especially when it is used for solving 3D complex target numerical value questions. Traditional methods include moment method, finite element method,...
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Method of Locating End Points of Insulator Strings Based on Minimum Enclosing Rectangle

Jiawei Hu
In the algorithm of extracting end points of insulator strings by image technology, we propose a method to find the Minimum Enclosing Rectangle (MER)of the target by using the the principal axis method based on the combination of the vertex chain code and the discrete Green theorem.Then the binary image...
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Room temperature ultrahigh pressure extraction in big beautiful crape myrtle leaf 2-α hydroxyursolic acid

Xia Qin, Xiao-Yan Ren, Hong Li
On the basis of single factor experiment, orthogonal test method for 2-α hydroxy for optimizing the extraction technology of ursolic acid, choose L9 (34) orthogonal experiment was carried out to 2-α hydroxy yield of ursolic acid as index, at room temperature (25 øC) under ultra-high pressure, holding...
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Resonance of Open Ring Frequency Selective Surface Arrays

Xiao-kun Chen, Jia-ao Yu
In this paper, the resonance of open ring frequency selective surface arrays is studied in particular. The new resonant cells are greatly reduced in dimensions and very compact in structures, so it is possible to realize the lower frequency selective surface. Simulation and measurement are basically...
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Analysis and Improvement of Identification Method for Critical Unit in Transient Process of Multi-generator Power System

Wenyong Li, Hongsheng Su
The extended equal area criterion (EEAC) is one of the most important methods to identification the stability of Multi-generator Power System, and the key of this method is to correctly identify the critical unit. However, critical units of the existing recognition methods exist some problems, such as...
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Preliminary study on determination of reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels under earthquake

Yongqiang Zhou, Qian Sheng, Xianlun Leng, Xiaodong Fu, Nana Li
For determining the reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels, the criterion is often only for the excavation, and does not take into account the earthquake situation. In order to ensure the stability of surrounding rock masses, safety and economic rationality during construction and...
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Orthogonal test optimization Coix chinensis Tod. polysaccharide leaching process conditions

Yong-guang Bi, Yu-min Li
Based on preliminary studies to optimize the ultrasonic extraction of polysaccharides Coix chinensis Tod. conditions using orthogonal test method, the test results showed that: In order to obtain a higher extraction rate, optimization of process parameters for each factor A3B3C2D1, namely ultrasonic...
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Analysis on the Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission of Jiangxi’s Tourism Industry Using the Extended Kaya Identity

Junsong Jia, Xiu Zhou, Xinping Zhong
Firstly, we divide the energy consumption (EC) and carbon emission (CE) of Jiangxi’s tourism industry into three groups and account them respectively. Then, we analyze the drivers of the total CE (Tc) by using the Arithmetic Mean Decomposition Index (AMDI) method based on the Kaya identity. Results show...
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Combustion Analysis and Operation Adjustment of Thermal Power Unit

Jun Li, Weiwei Li
The characteristics of main low nitrogen combustion technologies are to be introduced. By analysis of unit’s typical outfire accident after low nitrogen combustion transformation, proposed some targeted solutions to optimize operation of the thermal power unit, such as adjustment of the air distribution,...
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Capacity of MIMO Laser Optical (VLC) Wireless Networks

Siming Yang, Peng Xue, Bicheng Li, Xianfeng Wang, Haicheng Liu
In wireless communication systems, the laser optics wireless communication systems becomes more and more popular, such as the visual light communication (VLC) system. In this paper, we have analyzed the capacity of MIMO VLC communication system using Shannon Capacity in general, and provide necessary...
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Synthesis of Ultrafine Copper Oxide Powder with Plasma-dynamic Method in the Coaxial Magneto-plasma Accelerator

Golyanskaya Evgeniya, Kruchkova Maria, Sivkov Aleksandr
One of the most promising trends in modern physics is the high-temperature superconductivity. Analysis of high-temperature superconductors revealed that almost all of them are complex copper-based oxides. Studies have shown the possibility of using them for the synthesis of coaxial magneto accelerator....
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Implementation of a Network-wide Time Synchronization Strategy for WirelessHART

Sheng Zhang, Zhongsheng Xiang, Jie Chen
WirelessHART is an international wireless communication standard proposed by HART Communication Foundation. As a crucial technique for wireless networks, time synchronization plays an important role especially in WirelessHART networks. For constant and reliable communication, it is necessary to provide...
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Effect of Oxygenated Treatment to Oxide Growth and Exfoliation of Superheater Tubes

M.C. Zheng, S. Liu, J.F. Xiao, Z.P. Zhu
Based on the increasing attention of the effect on oxygenated treatment to oxide growth and exfoliation in supercritical units superheater tubes, this article introduced the mechanism of oxygen oxidation at first, and then the domestic and foreign related research in the effect on oxygenated treatment...
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Research and Development on the MPPT Intelligent Control Device for WPVC Power Generation System

Zhongnian Li, Lei Zhou
A new type of  WPVC(Wind PhotoVoltaic Complementary) power generation system is researched & developed, the system performance-cost ratio is high, the"D/D/D"(Direct-current/Direct-current/Duty-ratio)-"D/D/ D"(Direct-current /Direct-current/ Duty-ratio) MPPT (Maximm Power Poin Tracking) intelligent control...
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Evaluation of Green Building Cost Based on Life Cycle Theory

Yanli Guo, Chengli Zhu
With the deteriorating climate and the ever-tightening of available resources, green, environmental and low-carbon buildings are more and more emphasized. On the basis of expounding the connotation and characteristics of green building, this paper uses the life cycle theory to analyze the influencing...
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Algorithm of Face Recognition Based on Chaotic theory

Yu-ping Yang
Face recognition belongs to the field of digital image, there are many applications. The classical algorithms of face recognition include algorithm of PCA, algorithm of LDA, algorithm of ICA, and algorithm of SIFT which is for robust feature extraction, etc. In this paper, the improved algorithm is proposed...
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Detecting Ocean Eddies Automatically from MODIS L1B Data

Jian Ding, Shuang-Shang Zhang
This study aims at the automatic detection of the ocean eddies from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) L1B data in the China Seas. First, the sea surface temperature (SST) is estimated from MODIS Aqua/Terra L1B data using the nonlinear IMAPP algorithm. Based on the distribution of SST,...
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Study on economic dispatching of wind power consumption considering dynamic game time-of-use price

Fang Xi, Yuan An, Qian Wei, Jiang Yao, Yuyao Wang
In the view of the anti-peaking characteristics of wind power, the electric power companies and the users were selected as the object to study and formulate reasonable demand side hourly price mechanism and the demand response model was established based on dynamic game time-of-use price. Proposed model...
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Experimental study on dynamic characteristics of foundation for large turbine-generator set

Bing Lu, Tiejun Qu
Based on a large turbine-generator foundation in the actual project, dynamic characteristics of 1:10 model of this foundation are obtained from modal analysis of the random excitation method. Natural frequency,mode shapes and damping ratio of the structure are acquired. The results of basic vibrating...
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Study on Control System of Continuous Wave Mud Pulser

Xianfeng Gong, Kai Chen
In order to transmit the parameters of Measurement While Drilling (MWD) to the ground rapidly and effectively , a high speed continuous wave mud pulser has been developed.In this paper,the author introduces the overall scheme of the control system,including the position servo control of the Permanent...
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Research and Implementation of Data Synchronization for Wireless Data Acquisition System

Tao Huang
A wireless data acquisition system will continue to carry out data collection, which will face the problem of data redundancy. Therefore, how to manage the database is particularly important. This paper mainly studies and designs the database synchronization module of the wireless data acquisition system....
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The Design and Realization of a Rotary Inverted Pendulum Based on Efficient Control

Zhi-Yu ZHAO, Gang DU, Yun-Tao GOU, Jun LI
Abstract: In this paper, a single-stage rotary inverted pendulum system is set up by using rotary encoder, servo motor and some mechanical structures. Lagrange equation is used to build up the mathematic model of single-stage rotary inverted pendulum. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) and fuzzy control...
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Traction network currents distribution under different power supply voltage

Valentin Ivanovich Sopov, Evgeniy Yrievich Abramov, Nikolay Ivanovich Schurov, Evelina Garrievna Langeman
Factors that generate power supply voltage and current distribution in traction networks are considered. Determination methods of the current distribution in the substation area for double power supply sections of a traction network for transport route are provided. A calculation method of currents in...
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Determination of barium content in pyrotechnics used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

Junyi Wu
Methods used for the determination of barium content in pyrotechnics are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the barium with high content, the sample solution...
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Analysis of Graduation Thesis Information Based on Decision Tree

Mengyi Li, Jiuru Dai, Zhigang Zhang
In order to improve the quality of graduation thesis, many colleges and universities carried out reforms on the thesis work according to their own actual situation. Through data mining method, this paper explores the main factors affecting the result of graduation thesis, and then classifies and predicts...
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Local Shape Similarity Retrieval of Mechanical Parts

Jiale Wang, Yin Jun
A scale-invariant shape feature is proposed. The shape feature is extracted on gray voxel models by a SIFT-like algorithm to describe the local shape information of 3D models. Shape feature vectors are constructed by a BoF method. A distance function that supports the part-in-whole matching is employed...
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Heat Load Forecasting of District Heating System Based on Numerical Weather Prediction Model

Hongying Yang, Shuanglong Jin, Shuanglei Feng, Bo Wang, Fei Zhang, Jianfeng Che
This paper reports an application of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) in the heat load forecasting field. The NWP is applied to obtain the correlated weather parameters of the heat load, and then the properly structured Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model is designed to perform the prediction. Satisfactory...
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Influence of subgrade defects on vibrational characteristics of ballastless track subgrade of high-speed railway

Qiyun Wang, Hongbin Zeng, Tingwei Jiang
In order to analyze influence of subgrade defects on the dynamic characteristics of ballastless track subgrade, a three-dimensional finite element model of the CRTSâ…¡ ballastless slab track subgrade was establisbed, vertical vibrational displacement and acceleration of sugrade were calculated in consideration...
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Waterworks comprehensive monitoring management system design based on T-S model

Yan Bai, Wengang Zheng
This paper designs a set of PLC technology, network information technology, configuration technology in the integrated monitoring and management system, which has the advantages of unified management, reasonable open source, optimizing the configuration and overall saving. In the process of water treatment,...
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Research on Surface Fatigue Crack Image Recognition Detection Method Based on Computer Vision Technology

Xuepeng Huang, Xiaohui Chen
This paper goes through computer vision technology in the application of image acquisition and processing to solve the surface fatigue crack image recognition detection problem. At the same times, this paper studies machine vision technology (AVI) in the surface fatigue crack detection method, its method...
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Efficiency Optimal of Inductive Power Transfer System using the Genetic Algorithms

Jikun Zhou, Rong Zhang, Yi Zhang
The Inductive power transfer (IPT) systems' efficiency is determined by kinds of parameters. Aim at maximum the power transfer efficiency for Inductive power transfer (IPT) system, the efficiency of four basic topology IPT systems is analyzed. Based on the analysis, genetic algorithms (GA) are used to...
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The Bloggers' Personality Traits Categorizing Algorithm Based on Text Features Analysis

Guohua Ou, Jingkai Li, Junjia Guo, Zhaoquan Cai, Mengping Lu
Nowadays, researches of blogs mining mainly concentrate on opinion mining, community mining, blogs recommendation system and so on, with little concentration on personalities mining. How to mine bloggers' personality accurately and effectively from the tremendous non-structural blog texts becomes a difficulty...
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Transmission Performance of 433 Mhz Wireless Sensor Nodes in Through-the-Earth Communication

Xiaoqing Yu, Wenting Han, Zenglin Zhang
Wireless sensor nodes have the advantage of being low-cost easily deployed and of good mobility. However, the significantly high attenuation caused by soil is the main challenge for the communication of between the aboveground node and the underground node. In this paper, experimental measurements have...
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Study of gradation characteristicsbased on subgrade filling with weathered phyllite by cement

Wenjie Cen, Qingmeng Meng
This article is based on the practical engineering need of expressway .Study about the mechanical properties of phyllite filler, and then improve the property by using the cement. Testing the original rock phyllite minerals analysis experiment, uniaxial compressive strength test and physical parameters...
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Nonlinear analysis of BPSK optical phase locked loops using MATLAB and Simulink

Ziyang Chen, Yunpeng Hu, Lu Liu
Optical phase locked loops (OPLLs) plays a vital role in coherent detection of optical communication systems. To simplify the analysis of OPLLs with complex structure, two different. Simulink models are presented to have a vivid observation of nonlinear BPSK OPLLs. Simulation results show that both balanced...
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Finger ECG De-noising Based on GA-wavelet Shrinkage

Shenshen Zou, Xiaohong Zhang
In view of the low signal to noise ration and the difficulty on de-noising for ECG signal collected under unconstrained environment, a GA(Generation Algorithm) based wavelet method of finger ECG de-noising is proposed after a systematic study of wavelet threshold de-noising and generation algorithm....
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Study on Consolidation Calculation of the Concrete-cored Sand-gravel Piles Composite Foundation

Yunfei Guan, Yanwei Yang, Xiaomei Li, Wenxuan Li
The new style composite foundation is composed of the concrete-cored sand-gravel pile, the soil between piles and the cushion. According the work condition under the embankment, and considering the annular drainage section of sand-gravel columns composite foundation, the control equation and analytical...
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A Fixed-loaded Interface Component Mode Synthesis Method for Dynamic Analysis of a Folding Wing

Yingge Ni, Xiaopeng Wan, Meiying Zhao
A fixed-loaded interface component mode synthesis method is presented for carrying out a dynamic analysis for a folding wing. The present method has the advantages of the fixed interface method and loaded interface method, in which the effects of the elastic and inertia force at interfaces are included...
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PEG-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of VO2(A) nanowires with remarkable optical switching properties

Xiangli Liu, Weiming Xiong, Yue Zheng
High quality single crystalline VO2(A) nanowires were synthesized by a facile hydrothermal method using oxalic acid as reducing agent and polyethylene glycol 6000 as surfactant. It was found that polyethylene glycol 6000 can effectively accelerate the transformation from V2O5 precursor to VO2(B), and...
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Agent-based Modeling and Simulation on the Electric Vehicle Travelling Ability in the Smart Grid

Yan Li, Peng Han, Jinkuan Wang, Xin Song
The massive adoption of the electric vehicles in the near future with the rapid development of the smart grid shall significantly affair the resident transportation worldwide, while the modeling and simulation are the key approaches in analyzing the effect of the electrification of the vehicles. This...
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Resource Approach to the Estimation of International Cooperation in Integrated Development of Calciphyre Deposits

Olga Kamkicheva, Anna Voznaya, Tatyana Mikhailova, Galya Gribanova
Deposits of precious corundum are very rare, since the transparent crystals can be formed only under favorable growth conditions. The most important core sources of precious corundum are marble with ruby mineralization and sapphire-containing basalts. The scholars of T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical...
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Noise Characteristics Test of Hy-Vo Silent Chain for Hybrid Vehicles

Yabing Cheng, Xiaopeng Wang, Honggang Qi, Lei Li, Zhenming Fu, Nen Wan
Based on the structure of hybrid vehicle and meshing theory of silent chain, the Hy-Vo silent chain drive system for hybrid vehicles is built. Through performing the noise characteristics test of Hy-Vo silent chain drive system, the noise value and noise characteristics under different rotational speeds...
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The Research on The Synchronous Control System of Load-sensing Hydraulic Bending Machine

Xi Yang, Yuwan Cen, Xiaohua Ye, Jianzhong Huang
As the energy consumption and the synchronous control precision of the large metal plate bending machine is undemanding currently, it employs load sensing and pressure compensation technique and constructs the AMESim model of synchronous control system in load sensing hydraulic bending machine, adopting...
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Research and Implementation of the UDS Diagnostic System

Lingfeng Xie, Feng Luo
As an automotive diagnostic technology, the UDS (unified diagnostic services) protocol has been more and more widely applied. In this paper, a diagnosis system based on UDS is developed and tested. According to the UDS protocol, the software is designed and groups of diagnostic services are implemented....
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Collection of Basic Data on Thorax and Abdomen of Chinese 50th-Percentile Adult Males

Yan Yin, Chunsheng Ma, Yongqin Feng, Xiaorui Zhang, Lingyun Zeng
Nowadays, body data model, as a powerful means for occupant crash protection against impact loads, has been widely used to measure and predict the injury degree of those occupants exposed to the crash or explosion of transportation tools such as cars, airplanes, spacecrafts and ships. The numerical model...
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Effects of Different Soil Water Potential at Tillering Stage on Rice Yield and Physiological Traits in Saline-alkali Soil

Feng Jin, Yanqiu Geng, Shuang Hua, Xiaoxuan Huang, Yueyue Liu, Xiwen Shao
To explore the effects of different soil water potential of tillering stage on rice yield and physiological traits in saline-alkali soil, using four treatment levels of soil water potential of 0 kPa (H1: soil moisture), soil water potential of -15 kPa (H2), soil water potential of -30kPa (H3), and CK...
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Coal Mining under Water-containing condition and it's Research Status and Trend

Xue-Yang Sun, Qian-Wen Liang, Heng-Xin Fu, Zi-Qiang Liu
The one core content of Green mining technology is how to achieve coal mining under water-containing, which means implementing efficient exploitation of coal resources and protecting the valuable water resources in coal mining, and is the trends and requirements of the development in the coal mining...
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Multi Agent Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Double Layer Behavior Driven

Yan Cheng, Zhiming Yang, Weisheng Xu, Xiaoling Ao
In recent years, with the development of the Internet and network learning community rapid development, information technology is changing people's ways of e-learning with amazing speed. At the same time, learning trek, knowledge overload problems gradually emerged. Personalized learning recommendation...
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Functional Cellulose by Microwave Initiated Grafting Polymerization in Homogeneous Media

Gang Chang, Tiaokun Fu, Xiaoyi Wei, Jihua Li, Fei Wang, Haiyan Feng
The cellulose grafted copolymer was synthesized by homogeneous media grafting 2-(Dimethylamino) ethylmethacrylate (DMAEMA) onto the sugarcane bagasse under microwave irradiation. A homogeneous solution formed with cellulose dissolved in 1-butyl-3-methylinidazolium chloride ionic liquid which the grafting...
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Catalytic Oxidation Desulfurization over PTA-dispersed MIL-101 under Mild Conditions

Yong Liu, Jian-Fei Bai, Xiao-Hong Yin, Hong-Tao Duan, Yan-Fei Zhang
With H2O2 as oxidant, phosphotungstic acid (PTA) was used as heterogeneous oxidation desulfurization catalyst via immobilizing on porous MIL-101. By combining the catalytic activity of PTA with the adsorption property of supporter MIL-101, 91.2% of dibenzothiophene (DBT) in model fuel has been removed....
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Sustainable and Renewable Energy Application: From Green Buildings to Green Sustainability

Te Fu Chen, Tsai-fong Tan, Chieh-Heng Ko
The study aims to explore sustainable and renewable energy application via a case study from green buildings to green sustainability. Therefore, first of all, the study reviews definitions of sustainable energy, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, smart-grid technology, green energy and...