Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

Volume 17, Issue 3, September 2018
Research Article

1. On the Characterizations of Chen’s Two-Parameter Exponential Power Life-Testing Distribution

M. Shakil, M. Ahsanullah, B. M. Golam Kibria
Pages: 393 - 407
Characterizations of probability distributions play important roles in probability and statistics. Before a particular probability distribution model is applied to fit the real world data, it is essential to confirm whether the given probability distribution satisfies the underlying requirements by its...
Research Article

2. Characterizations of Exponential Distribution Based on Two-Sided Random Shifts

Santanu Chakraborty, George P. Yanev
Pages: 408 - 418
A new characterization of the exponential distribution is obtained. It is based on an equation involving randomly shifted (translated) order statistics. No specific distribution is assumed for the shift random variables. The proof uses a recently developed technique including the Maclaurin series expansion...
Research Article

3. Shannon Information in K-records for Pareto-type Distributions

Zohreh Zamani, Mohsen Madadi
Pages: 419 - 438
Pareto distributions provides models for many applications in the social, natural and physical sciences. In this paper, we derive the Shannon information contained in upper (lower) k-record values and associated k-record times of Pareto-type distributions for a finite sample of fixed size and for an...
Research Article

4. Parameter Estimation Using the EM Algorithm for Symmetric Stable Random Variables and Sub-Gaussian Random Vectors

Mahdi Teimouri, Saeid Rezakhah, Adel Mohammadpour
Pages: 439 - 461
Applying some well-known properties of the class of symmetric α-stable (SαS) distribution, the EM algorithm is extended to estimate the parameters of SαS distributions. Furthermore, we extend this algorithm to the multivariate sub-Gaussian α-stable distributions. Some comparative studies are performed...
Research Article

5. Active and Dynamic Approaches for Clustering Time Dependent Information: Lag Target Time Series Clustering and Multi-Factor Time Series Clustering

Doo Young Kim, Chris P. Tsokos
Pages: 462 - 477
One of data mining schemes in statistics is clustering panel data such as longitudinal data and time series data. Classical approaches to cluster such time dependent information do not properly count time dependencies among objects we are interested to analyze. In the present study, we propose an approach...
Research Article

6. Generalized Poisson and Geometric Distributions – An Alternative Approach

Md. Tareq Ferdous Khan, Mian Arif Shams Adnan, Md. Forhad Hossain, Abdullah Albalawi
Pages: 478 - 490
An alternative approach of Poisson and Geometric distributions having a more general form of sampling method are suggested in this paper and defined them as generalized Poisson and generalized Geometric distributions respectively. It is evident that the traditional forms of both the distributions are...
Research Article

7. Parameter Estimation and Application of Generalized Inflated Geometric Distribution

Avishek Mallick, Ram Joshi
Pages: 491 - 519
A count data that have excess number of zeros, ones, twos or threes are commonplace in experimental studies. But these inflated frequencies at particular counts may lead to overdispersion and thus may cause difficulty in data analysis. So to get appropriate results from them and to overcome the possible...
Research Article

8. f-Majorization with Applications to Stochastic Comparison of Extreme Order Statistics

Esmaeil Bashkar, Hamzeh Torabi, Ali Dolati, Félix Belzunce
Pages: 520 - 536
In this paper, we use a new partial order, called f-majorization order. The new order includes as special cases the majorization, the reciprocal majorization and the p-larger orders. We provide a comprehensive account of the mathematical properties of the f-majorization order and give applications of...
Research Article

9. Estimating the Parameters of a Generalized Exponential Distribution

Syed Afzal Hossain
Pages: 537 - 553
A three-parameter generalized exponential distribution was suggested by Hossain and Ahsanullah [5]. Some important aspects of this distribution in the area of estimation remain unexplored in the earlier works. We discuss here the maximum likelihood (ML) method and the method of moments to estimate the...
Research Article

10. The Exponential Lindley Odd Log-Logistic-G Family: Properties, Characterizations and Applications

Mustafa Ç. Korkmaz, Haitham M. Yousof, G. G. Hamedani
Pages: 554 - 571
A new family of distributions called the exponential Lindley odd log-logistic G family is introduced and studied. The new generator generalizes three newly defined G families and also defines two new G families. We provide some mathematical properties of the new family. Characterizations based on truncated...
Case Study

11. Modeling Pinhole Phenomenon in Sanitary Porcelains Case Study: Isatis Sanitary Porcelain Plant, Yazd, Iran

H. Bazargan, A. Dehghanzadeh
Pages: 572 - 586
Sanitary porcelain products might have several defects, causing potential high-grade desirable products be converted into low-grade ones. Some of the defects are such that a few of them in the products will result in a great fall of product rating and consequently reduction of its value and price. Among...