Proceedings of the 4th ASEAN Conference on Psychology, Counselling, and Humanities (ACPCH 2018)

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Relation Social Support and Psychological Well-Being among Schizophrenic Patients: Self-Care as Mediation variable?

Latipun Latipun, Diny Rezki Amalia, Nida Hasanati
The subjective well-being on schizophrenic patients is influenced by many aspects, especially family support. However, the influence is not always in a direct affection; it may through self-care. The present study is aimed at finding out the influence of family support toward well-being through self-care...
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Anxiety About Aging: Cultural Value Masyarakat Toraja

Lusy Asa Akhrani, Grace Eka
This study has been made with the purpose to find out the relationship between cultural values and anxiety about aging. The subjects of this study were Toraja people of middle age groups (40-60 years) and late adults (60 years and over) who were still performing the Ma 'Nene' or Ma 'Ta' Da 'ritual totaling...
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Exploring the Islamic Culture in English for Islamic Studies (EIS) Classroom

Naf’an Tarihoran, Rahimah
The aim of this study is to explore the Islamic culture in English for Islamic Studies (EIS) classroom. In the course of EIS, the priority should not only be given to increase international understanding by enabling the students to speak another language but also understanding the cultural values. The...
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Prejudice: Sources, Types And Reducing Among Martial Arts Colleges In Madiun

Ika Herani, Afifah Nur Hidayah, Rahma Ulifa
The conflict between two martial arts colleges is very interesting to study. This study aims to identify sources, types of prejudice and ways to reduce prejudices. This study uses qualitative methods with phenomenological approaches and data analysis models of Moustakas. Data collection techniques using...
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Coping Strategy among Bullying Survivors

Nur Andini Sudirman, Alif Aulia Masfufah
Bullying is a phenomenon that often occurs in adolescents because at this time children are in an unstable period and are easily influenced by external stimuli. The selection and use of the right coping mechanism can help individuals to reduce the stress experienced, so they can successfully pass the...
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Attitude Toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as Sangkal Putung Patient Satisfaction

Lusy Asa Akhrani, Yeni Ardyaningrum
This research aims to determine the attitude on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as sangkal putung patient satisfaction. Attitude is defined as psychological construct that can be realized through beliefs, feelings, and relevant behavioral components that can predict patient’s satisfaction...
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Reality Group Counseling to Reduce Disturbing Behavior for Youth Problem with Destructive Behavior Classroom

Noor Latifah Andina
Participants in this case were IPS 11 grade high school students totaling 4 people with a range of 17-18 years old, with Destructive Behavior classroom. The assessment method used was interviews, observation and CFIT tests. From the results of assessments that have been carried out with the results of...
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The Influence of Peer Support and Self-Efficacy Against Academic Procrastination on Teenagers’ Online Game Addiction

Adam Setiawan Ibrahim, Sulastika Ertina
Games that were originally created as a means to deal with stress can also make players more friendly. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of peers friends and self-efficacy on academic protectionism on adolescents online game addiction. This study uses adolescent online game addiction...
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The Resilience of Former Drug Users (A Case Study on Former Cannabis Users)

Nixie Devina Rahmadiani, Firdaus Yuni Hartatik
Drug abuse is one of the most threatening issues of human life today as a result of lifestyle changes that make individuals susceptible to psychological problems. Resilience is necessary in order to prevent individuals from using drugs and relapse. The purpose of this study was to find out how is the...
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Which Emotion is Preferred by Indonesian People?

Alifah Nabilah Masturah
Emotions are part of being human. One of the prime reasons that emotion has likely evolved is to monitor and negotiate our social relations. An emotion can be defined as subjective feelings. Emotions have two types. Positive emotion and negative emotion. The aim of this research was to describe positive...
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Attachment of the Youngest Child with Working Mother: A Case Study of the Youngest Daughter

Dian Putriana, Dian Nur Andriani Eka Setiawati
As a mother, having another job outside the home requires good skills in sharing time and attention between work and children. These skills will later affect the results of the attachment obtained between the mother and child. Especially for the youngest child who is basically more spoiled and always...
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Stay or Out: Commitment and Employee Turnover Intentions among Indonesian Employees

Ismya Humayra, Nurintan Sri Utami
The purpose of this study was to determine the role of the working commitment to the intention turnover in employees in Indonesia. The subjects in the study consisted of 111 employees from Borneo, Maluku and Java from various agencies. The average age of employees is 29.64 years with the number of female...
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The Influence of Organization Commitment towards Turnover Intention: A Literature Review

Ismya Humayra, Juandra Prisma Mahendra
This literature review aims to review researches on the influence of organizational commitment towards turnover intention. The review was conducted on 12 national and international research journals from 1974-2017. In this review, the subjects involved consist of various elements of employees, both company...
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The Happiness Level of Students from Borneo

Nisa Kurniati, Fitri Atikasari
The purpose of this study was to examine the happiness level of students from Borneo who actively involved in the regional organization in Malang. This study applied a quantitative descriptive design using a survey approach. The subjects involved in this study were 30 students aged between 17-22 years...
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Pali Ritual as a Portrait of Dayaknese Local Wisdom at Borneo Island in Treatment of Nature

Misrita Misrita, Evi Feronika Elbaar, Misrita
One of traditional attitude of Dayaknese heritage is how people treat the forest. Dayaknese put a tree or forest as a subject which stands in a linear fashion with a man. Hence, trees do not become objects of exploitation but the tree will be able to place itself as a determinant of which also affects...
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The Happiness Level of Javanese Mother

Fitri Atikasari, Nisa Kurniati
Happiness is an important aspect for all people, there is no exception for a mother. Another study showed that happiness was determined by the origin culture of an individual. Hence, the purpose of the study was to examine the happiness level of mothers from Javanese ethnic. The study applied a quantitative...
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Moral Emotion of Adolescents in the Context of Decision-Making

MM. Shinta Pratiwi, Subandi, MG. Adiyanti
Adolescents need to have moral emotions as an effort to make moral decisions and anticipate the emergence of moral transgression. The moral emotions as those emotions that are linked to the interests or welfare either of society as a whole or at least of persons other than the judge or agent. Some people...
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The Effect of Social Support on The Self – Adjustment of Overseas Students in Java

Anissa C.Q. Rembulan, Titian Hakiki
Indonesia has different culture in each region. Javanese culture is one of many cultures visited by migrants from various corners of the city and even the country. This research intends to measure the effect of social support on the adjustment of overseas students. Subjects in this study were students...
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If you can survive, then you will stay: Resilience and Turnover Intention on Employees

Fathul Hidayah, Fuad Ardiansyah
This research aimed to understand the effect of resilience on turnover intention on employees. There were 78 respondents in this study, consisting of 44 men and 34 women who were actively working in an institution, civil servant, education, and entrepreneurs with an age range of 23 to 53 years old. Random...
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Coping Strategies to Improve the Quality of Life among Thai Students

Fikrhatul Fitriyah Musthafa, Annisa Baitina
Thai Students who are getting educated in Indonesia are experiencing various circumstances such as stress due to cultural differences. This makes the students have the appropriate coping strategies to adjust themself in the face of cultural differences that are stressful. This research is a research...
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Self-Concept of a Drunk Individual

Firhani Rasni Lestaluhu, Imam Abdillah Lukman
The purpose of the study was to examine the self-concept of a drunk individual. The researcher used a qualitative paradigm. This study was conducted in a natural setting. The subject involved in this study was 1 person aged 25 years old. The results of the study showed that the subject has a positive...
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Music Therapy for Children with Autism and Their Mothers' Wellbeing: A Case Study from Clinical Practice

Monica Subiantoro
Raising children with autism is a challenging journey.Parents are faced with financial burden, emotional and psychological stress. Moreover, the difficulty in communicating verbally affects the dynamic within the family. A study by Hastings et al. (2005) shows that mothers, compared to fathers, are more...
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Happiness among Single Women and Married Women Intermediate Adults

Bilqis Nudhar Nabilah
This research was conducted to find out happiness in single women and women who have been married in middle adulthood. The subjects of this study were 40 women with adult and middle aged, between 22 to 40 years. The measurement instrument used in this study is the happiness scale. The research method...
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Mother Perception of Toilet Training in Toddler

Dian Nur Andriani Eka Setiawati, Dian Putriana
The development of toddler is very important to be noticed by a mother, because when the transition phase occurs the children, learn to regulate and control themselves in doing poop and pee, therefore in this phase toilet training is very important to be implemented. A mother's perception has a very...
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Description of Santriwan and Santriwati Coping Stress in Al-Falah Abu Lam-u Islamic Modern Boarding School Aceh Besar

Imam Abdillah Lukman, Firhani Rasni Lestaluhu
Coping stress is the human ability in managing their stress. The purpose of this study was to learn the way of santriwan (male student) and santriwati (female student) in Islamic modern boarding school Abu Lam-U Aceh Besar to overcome their daily life pressure. A qualitative method with interview approach...
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The Effect of Resilience toward Psychological Distress Among Female Medical Students

Fatimah Azzahra, Rizki Wira Paramita
This research was conducted to determine the effect of resilience on the psychological distress of female medical students. The scale used is The Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10), and Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) 10. The scale was distributed to 134 selected subjects using a quota...
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Does Self-Compassion affect the Stress on Married Women Workers ?

Roselina Dwi Hormansyah, Nurul Hidayah
One's response to stress is certainly different. Everyone has preparation in facing reality so that they can receive the preparation and create a sense of self-compassion. This study aims to determine the effect of self-compassion on stress. The subjects in this study were 60 married women workers. The...
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Relationship of Assertive Behaviors and Social Media Addiction among Adolescents

Hani Khairunnisa, Ade Ayu Harisdiane Putri
Social media addiction is increasingly prevalent, especially among adolescents. There are many factors that make adolescents addicted to social media. Adolescents who are less assertive are more susceptible to using social media as an alternative to express their feelings or just communicate with others....
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Life Satisfaction on Dwarfism

May Lia Elfina, Dwi Martha Ramadhani
Dwarfism or Short Stature has a physical difference from normal conditions which makes it has different psychological dynamics with normal people related to their life satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to find out the life satisfaction experienced by individuals who experience dwarfism in young...
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Optimism as a Mediation between Self-Acceptance and Successful Aging for Elderly

Ulya Rahmatullatifa Umami, Inastasya
Aging could not be avoided by individuals. Those who accepted aging happened to themselves would be successfully able to face it. On the other hand, those who could not accept aging, they would face obstacles in their lives. This study was aimed at measuring self-acceptance and successful aging by using...
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The Students’ Hedonism Lifestyle

Sulastika Ertina, Adam Setiawan Ibrahim
Hedonism behavior among students profoundly captured an attention in which the lifestyle of hedonism and the tendency of the emergence of a person's behavior by passing social interaction between someone and someone else, in order to obtain happiness and freedom to achieve the enjoyment of life (According...
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The Relationship of Family Function and Social Media Addiction among Adolescents

Ade Ayu Harisdiane Putri, Hani Khairunnisa
Social media addiction behavior is a problem that is quite interesting, especially among adolescents. Addiction involves psychological, physical, social and environmental components in which the individual cannot control addiction and raises various problems. It is undeniable that social media is misused...
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The Effect of Neuroticism on Psychological Distress in Medical Students

Yulia Purnamasari, Dini Cahyani
Psychological distress is a stress which gives a negative impact on mental and physical health. It also caused anxiety, worries, depression and psychiatric disorder. Psychological distress has several causal, such as individual behaviour, there are several behavioural traits such as neuroticism. Individual...
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Peer and Parent Attachment and Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents from Diaspora Families in Bawean Island

This study aims at determining the relations between peer and parental attachment with psychologycal well-being in male and female adolescents from diaspora families in Bawean Island. The research subjects were middle aged teenagers between 15-19 years, both male and female from diaspora families, or...
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The Optimism Observed by Workers of Javanese and Non-Javanese Cultural Background

Fuad Ardiansyah, Fathul Hidayah
Optimism becomes a resource in the workplace that is impact on increasing worker productivity but also must be seen from the geographical location in the cultural background case of the workers. The purpose of this study was to see the differences in the optimistic attitudes from the Javanese and non-Javanese...
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Mother's Daily Life Stress and Teacher’s Emotional Support in Predicting Child Behavior Problems

Rifdha Wahyuni, Dwi Martha Ramadhani
Problematic children are thought to originate from a pathological family environment, especially having mothers who have persistent daily stress which is reinforced by the inconsistency of emotional support shown by the teacher at school so that children strengthen the emergence of problematic behavior....
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Self-Forgiveness in Former Drug Addict (A Case Study on Former Methamphetamine Addict)

Firdaus Yuni Hartatik, Nixie Devina Rahmadiani
The recovery period is one of the phases that ex-drug users have to go through where in addition to having to withstand physical side effects due to substance use termination, former drug users are also faced with inner turmoil that makes them have to fight against desires that can damage the healing...
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Agreeableness as a Mediator on Correlation between Self-Compassion and Prosocial Behavior in Adolescents

Karisma Dewi Puspasari, Zulfany Safira Nabila
The research on self-compassion and prosocial behavior showed a significant positive relationship. But there are also studies showed that there is no significant relationship between self-compassion and prosocial behavior. Agreeableness has a positive and significant relationship with self-compassion...
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Self-Efficacy in Young Adults with Divorced Parents

Elis Suci Prapita Sari Abdullah, Rahma Fitrah
Divorced parents have negative consequences and have an influence on the psychological condition of children in living their lives. Children from divorced families showed poor adjustments compared to children from non-divorced families. This is certainly experienced by children of various ages, including...
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Celebrity Worship on Early Adult K-Pop Fangirling

Dini Cahyani, Yulia Purnamasari
The development of the Korean wave in Asia, especially in Indonesia becomes a phenomenon that is widely discussed not only among adolescents but also lively discussed among early adults. The love of music or drama originating in Korea gave birth to a term of fangirl or female fans. Starting from a sense...
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The Existential Communities Play Therapy to Increase Self-Acceptance in the Elderly with Post-Power Syndrome

Rizki Wira Paramita, Fatimah Azzahra, Dwi Martha Ramadhani, Rifdha Wahyuni, Alif Aulia Masfufah
Subjects were elderly aged 55-95 years old consisting of 11 men and 14 women. Subjects is a person who experienced the symptoms of post-power syndrome after being pensioner. Based on the results of assessment by using interview, observation and measurement with post-power syndrome and self-acceptance...
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The Influence of Anger Management on Aggression Behavior and Peer Acceptance as a Mediation Variable

Ria Rizki Utami, May Lia Elfina
Aggression behavior can get worse when individuals do not have anger management skills. Anger management or the ability to manage emotions and anger becomes important to reduce the level of aggression in adolescents. When adolescents individually learn to build relationships with their social so that...
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The Effects of Family Functions on Anxiety of SBMPTN Participants

Nurul Hidayah, Roselina Dwi Hormansyah
SBMPTN is a selection of new student admissions at State Universities in Indonesia through written tests or a combination of written test results and skills tests. SBMPTN is an arena that causes anxiety for many participants. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of family function on...
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The Impact of Locus of Control towards Depression in Chronic Disease Outpatients

Annisa Baitina, Fikrhatul Fitriyah Musthafa
Chronic illness is a persistent disease which sometimes cannot be cured. This condition directly raises anxiety, worries and even depression to whom suffers from it. Individual who possess internal locus of control tends to believe that their own abilities controlled their own success, while people who...
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Gratitude and Life Satisfaction of Hearing Impaired College Students

Afitria Rizkiana, Dimas Setiawan Santoso
Life satisfaction is a comprehensive assessment of feelings and attitudes about life at a specific point in time from negative to positive. Everyone often expects perfection in every aspects in life, whether it is physically, mentally or intellectually. But not all of these expectations can be realized....
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Materialism among Indonesia Adolescents

Nurintan Sri Utami
This research was held to describe materialism among Indonesian adolescent through a qualitative approach. Preliminary studies conducted by researcher was to collect data and categorize it. Data was taken from 30 adolescents aged 13-14 years old. The results of the preliminary study showed that most...
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Positive Thinking on Future Anxiety on Hearing Impaired College Students

Dimas Setiawan Santoso, Afitria Rizkiana
Anxiety about the future is a concern about uncertainty in the future that individuals think about their future living conditions. If associated with physical conditions for those which having) Hearing Impairment it is very possible for them to experience future anxiety. In addition, the government also...
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The Effect of Self-Regulated Learning on Academic Achievement Among Hafiz Students

Titian Hakiki, Annisa Rembulan Cahyaning Qolby
The tradition of memorizing the Quran has been firmly rooted in the Muslim community of various ages, thus forming a cultural entity that is unique to the community. This study aims to see whether there is an effect of self-regulated learning on academic achievement among Hafiz students. Subjects in...
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Phenomenology Research of Self-Concept on Married UMM Students: Studies on Students that are Attending Classes and are Married

Inastasya, Ulya Rahmatullatifa Umami
Education is still considered as an important thing in society. Beside the increasing interest to of takeing higher level education, the phenomenon of getting married at a young age while taking attending college also arise. The purpose of this study was to find out the self-concept of married student...
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Meaningful Work on Tengger Ethnic Group and Javanese Culture

Diah Widiastuti
Meaningful work has become alluring topic as an object of research because of their enormous positive impact not only for the worker itself but also for their environment, especially through culture approach. The Research had been conducted in order to understand how meaningful work worked on two different...
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Altruism of Free Road Crossing Services “Supeltas”

Septia Purwandani, Windy Rainata
Human is a social creature who should help each other. But it cannot be denied that humans also have a tendency to be individualist. The society's indifference(public indefference usually resulting to negative effects. These phenomena are still much going on in Indonesia. As the phenomenon at the crossroads...
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Life Satisfaction Based on Gender

Miqdad Daly Ahmad, Silfiasari
The purpose of the research was to examine the difference in life satisfaction between men and women. The aspects studied are psychological well-being, subjective well-being, and life satisfaction. This research applied a quantitative design. This research involved 32 men and 40 women from various ethnic...
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Conflict in Javanese Adolescents’ Friendship and its Resolution Strategy

Tri Rejeki Andayani
Friendship is a voluntary interpersonal relationship based on liking. Through friendship, someone learns how to know and understand others’ behavior. However, friendships can be interrupted for some reasons. The aim of this preliminary research was to explore the adolescence experiences with friends,...
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Mother's Daily Life Stress and Family Functioning in Predicting Children's Behavior Problems

Dwi Martha Ramadhani
The rapid progress of the times provides various effects in the development of their children. The family acts as a major supporter of children's behavior to be problematic or not. Most are shown by maternal psychological conditions that can affect the problem. The purpose of this research is to predict...
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Phenomenological Study on Motivation for Wearing Hijab Among College Students: Study on Students of Muhammadiyah University of Malang

Zulfany Safira Nabila, Karisma Dewi Puspasari
Hijab is fashion character for a muslim woman. The majority of college students on the campus are wearing hijab. The purpose of this study is to: 1) know about collegian understandingthat hijab is obligatory, 2) know the motivation for wearing hijab in collegian of Muhammadiyah University of Malang....
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The Self-Esteem among Non-Materialistic Individuals

Uswatun Hasanah
Self-esteem is one of the psychological aspects that humans need in order to be happy. Unfortunately, various studies have shown that a person's level of self-esteem is directly proportional to the level of materialism. Many studies have also found that materialism does not bring happiness to individuals....
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Problem Focused Coping as a Moderated between Extraversion Personality and Resilience on Adolescents Living in Orphanages

Pertiwi Nurani, Defi Astriani, Latipun
Adolescents who are left by parents due to passed away and underprivileged, and have to stay in an orphanage tend to experience psychological distress. This causes adolescents to experience sleeping difficulty/disorder, stress, and depression while in an orphanage. Problem focused coping is a method...
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Effect of Forgiveness on Life Satisfaction Mediated by Gratitude

Silfiasari, Miqdad Daly Ahmad
Life satisfaction is indicated by the success of resolving conflict and contributing to the society. Some factors that have an important role in life satisfaction are forgiveness and gratitude. This study aims to determine the effect of forgiveness on life satisfaction mediated by gratitude. This study...
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Parents‘ Resilience of Child with Cerebral Palsy

Rahma Fitrah Dewarna, Elis Suci Prapita Sari Abdullah
Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition in which a child have damage to the brain which results in the absence of muscle control, posture abnormalities and movement barriers. CP is a condition that is suffered throughout lifetime. Nurturing children with CP certainly causes stress. So that to minimize it...
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The Effect of Big Five Personality on Happiness of Sasak Lombok Ethnicity Students in Malang

Juandra Prisma Mahendra, Ismya Humayra
This study aims to determine the effect of big five personality on happiness on students from Lombok in Malang. This research is a quantitative research using regression analysis method to determine the effect of independent variable on the dependent variable. Research subjects were 32 students from...
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The Effect of Resilience on Preceived Stress Moderated by Extraversion Personality in Adolescent who Live in Orphanages

Defi Astriani, Pertiwi Nurani, Latipun
Adolescents who live in orphanages become more easily depressed and experience a variety of psychological problems. Perceived stress is defined as the extent to which a person perceives that is experiencing stress which is characterized by the presence of unpredictable feelings or emotions, unable to...
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Adjustment of Marriage on Woman in the Manner of Matchmaking Culture

Erfan Afandi, Ardiansyah
Adjustment of marriage is the acceptance between couples to bring a sense of friendship between couples about the importance of affection of intimacy and support provided to each other. The purpose of this research is to know how the pattern of adjustment made by women who marry in the manner of matchmaking...
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Impact of Affective Commitment with Employee Performance Moderated by Organization Citizenship Behavior (OCB)

Ardiansyah, Erfan Afandi
The research explain about determine and the impact of the variables studied in this research, the variables tested included the influence of affective commitment to employee performance, the influence of affective commitment on Organization Citizenship Behavior (OCB), and the influence of employee performance...
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The Relationship between Autonomy and Life Satisfaction of Migrant Students

Putri Adriyati, Nuligar Hatiningsih
Migrant students are required to be autonomy and have the ability to adjust to their new environment, so that with the high level of autonomy that students have they are expected to feel the high life satisfaction. This research aimed to examine the relationship between autonomy and life satisfaction...
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Interaction of Mothers in Playing as Media to Introduce Profession

Wisnu Sri Hertinjung, Ayu Kurniawaty, Illiyyin Tri Mukaromah
Maternal-child interactions in play activities are recognized as beneficial, including supporting the development of children's knowledge and understanding. Game types also varyies, it can be structured or not structured, using media or without using media. In this study, playing doctors is used to know...
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Flow in High School Students in Malang

Fenny Febriyanti
Flow can be defined as a subjective state in which is psychologically, physically, or affectively individual focused on one activity he was working. Flow is interesting to analyze in academic activities. In several prior studies, flow is associated with student motivation and procrastination behaviour....
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Picollo (Positive Psychology in Classroom) Programme : Training for Increase Grit for Adolescent Community in Classroom Setting

Alif Aulia Masfufah, Nur Andini Sudirman
One of the most difficult challenges faced as teachers or educators is developing the potential of mental health at school especially in classroom. Educators and researchers tend to research curriculum-focused and pedagogical. Some factors such as non-cognitive like how students judge themselves, how...
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Life Satisfaction Level Among Javanese and Non-Javanese Students Who are Studying in Malang

Luluk Wulandari, Sri Ayu Ramadhani
As one of the largest archipelago country, Indonesia have various race and ethnicity, in which Javanese is the most dominant one. Javanese people are considered calm, polite and respectful in behaving. It tends to be different from non-Javanese society. Moreover, Javanese reside in the island of Java,precisely...
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The Difference of Student Engagement between Javanese and Non-Javanese Students who are Studying in Malang

Sri Ayu Ramadhani, Luluk Wulandari
Student engagement is characterized by the success or failure of students in learning. Student behavior in learning activities also shows student engagement on campus. Student engagement aspects consist of three dimensions namely behavioral engagement, emotional engagement, and cognitive engagement....
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Implementing Flashcard to Improve the Early Reading Skill

Nuligar Hatiningsih, Putri Adriyati
Early reading skill has important positions and roles in the human life and. This ability becomes a media for students to have interactive abilities in learning process among their friends and teachers. Students will face more barriers to learn the next level of reading and writing when their reading...
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Attachment Mother and Child Through Play

Partini, Adinda Ratna Dwi Septianingrum, Elisa Nur Yasintha
Attachment,interaction,mother and child,social emonitional development
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Students’ Self-Control Depiction among Junior High School Students

Lilik Mufidah, Yaumiyatul Furqoni
This research aims at identifying and examining self-control among students at State Junior High School (SMP) 14 Malang. This research employed qualitative design with case study approach. This research employed observation and interview guideline to obtain the data regarding the examined aspects. The...
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Parent’s Expectation and Academic Procrastination of College Student

Zainul Anwar, Fairuz Ifah Qonita
Academic procrastination is a general phenomenon which occurs among college students. Parents’ hope becomes one of predictor of the academic procrastination phenomenon. The aim of this research was to find out the relation between parents;’ hope and academic procrastination of college student. The research...
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Motivational Analysis in Carrying Out Research: A Study of Medical Faculty Lecturer at Hang Tuah University

Gartinia Nurcholis
Research is one of the activities found on catalogues of higher education which is the basis for evaluating the performance of certain higher education. The problem of lecturer productivity in carrying out research is considered near to the ground. Less motivation is indicated as one of the factors leads...
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Mother Support in Cognitive Development for Pre-School Children: A Phenomenology Study

Wiwien Dinar Pratisti, Muhammad Jundi Al Faqih, Desy Purnama Sari
Mother is the main pillar in supporting cognitive development particularly in pre-school children. There are many activities that can be held to stimulate cognitive development, one of which is play activity. The aim of this research is to reveal, understand and describe mother role for cognitive development...
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Using Theory of Planned Behavior to Explore Beliefs of Public Health Promoters in Promoting Adolescents’ Reproductive Health: Case in Tengger

Nurlaela Widyarini, Sofia Retnowati, Diana Setiyawati
The aims of the study are to explore personal, social and control factors that determined promoting ARH. To construct belief-basedof attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control on intention to promote adolescent’s reproductive health (ARH) based on theory of planned behaviour. Participants...
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Development of Measurement Tool of Smartphone-Addicted Indication for Middle-Aged Children

Udi Rosida Hijrianti, Sofa Amalia
This study is aimed to develop a measurement tool to assess daily behaviour exhibited by children related to their interactions with smartphone. Variable used in this study is the smartphone-addicted indication. The concept of addiction to smartphone is based on several factors, such as daily-life disturbance,...
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Family Counseling and Psycho-education to Improve Social Functioning in HIV Patients through Family Support

Virgina Dwiki Zilma Zuraida, Siti Suminarti Fasikhah
HIV is still being a public concern because the healing has not yet been found. Besides, the HIV has an impact on physical and psychological conditions as well as social issues. The family as a support system plays an important role to support HIV patients in social life. This study is aimed at improving...
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Goal Achievement as a Predictor of Personal Growth Initiative for Generation Z

Putri Saraswati
Personal Growth initiative (PGI) is individual intentional involvement in changing and developing as a person. It means that individual feels active, enthusiastic, and good endurance to force their activities and problems. One of the factors which influence PGI is achievement goal. There are several...
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Aggressiveness among Sasak Tribe Adolescent and Java Tribe Adolescent

Yuyus Aditya Pratama, Sulastika Ertina
This research uses quantitative method. This study aims to determine the differences of aggressiveness between teenagers of Lombok Island (Sasak) tribe and Javanese teenagers. Students who come from Lombok Island (Sasak) tribe are more aggressive than Javanese teenagers. The researchers employed scale...
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Happiness in Elderly: Contribution of Health's Perception and Filial Piety

Sofa Amalia
The elderly is considered as a fairly difficult period. At this time, someone will begin to think about death and a sense of loss left by a spouse, family, and begin to retire from work activities. Additionally, the elderly often feel Empty-nest, a loneliness in life because their children have left...
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Understanding Pro-Social Behavior: The Impact of Empathy on Adolescents in Rural and Urban Areas

Siti Naharotun Nikmah
Pro-social behavior is a form of someone's action that aims to help others. One of the factor that supports pro-social behavior is empathy. Empathy can be interpreted as a person's ability to understand the feelings and circumstances of others. The purpose of this study is to see the effect of empathy...
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Smartphone Addiction and Loneliness in Adolescent

Diana Savitri Hidayati
Adolescent nowadays spent most of their time online in the internet or used their smartphone. In consequence, they spent less of their time interact with their friends. It can cause a decreasing number of friends and made them experienced loneliness. Loneliness is a subjective unpleasant experience caused...
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Academic Procrastination in Collegians Upgrading Level (A Case Study of Upgrading Level Fisheries Collegians)

Windy Rainata, Septia Purwandani
Upgrading level is a condition where collegians undertake further education program at the applied undergraduate program. This program is not easy thing to do, causing problems that generally occur to collegians such as procrastination. The purpose of this study was to describe the procrastination that...
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Stimulation in Acupoint St-36 and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Reduce Il-6 in Anxiety Disorders

Sudjiwanati, Suparno
Anxiety disorders in patients with chronic diseases can affect the healing process of the disease. Many cases of anxiety disorders in patients can lead to comorbidity of physical-mental illness. Acupoint stimulation therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a combination of physical and psychological...
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Psychological Profile of Entrepreneurial Female Students at University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia

Nisa Rachmah Nur Anganthi
Entrepreneurship female students are an interesting phenomenon in higher education institutions. The motives underlying them involved in economic activities are not solely financial, but more psychological factors. The purpose of this study is to describe the psychological profile of business female...
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An Umbrella Review on Intergroup Emotion as A Preliminary Study of Social Engineering on Burqa Women

Fadjri Kirana Anggarani, Tri Rejeki Andayani, Hardjono
Many studies have been conducted on inter-group emotion. Intergroup emotion is the basis of mutual feelings in a group of burqa women occurred in social engineering. An umbrella review that was a literature review has been summarizing the determinants and concept of intergroup emotion. Eligible systematic...
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Children using Learning Gadget Addiction, Can Traditional Games With “Berlian” Method as a Solution Increase the Social Skill?

Iswinarti, Retno Firdiyanti
This study aimed to examine whether traditional games can improve children's social skills. The research subjects were 10 primary school age children who had the characteristics of gadget addiction in the medium and high category and moderate and low social skills. This research was an experimental study...
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Self-Care Ability and Self-Compassion : The Implication toward Life Satisfaction of the Elderly

Diah Karmiyati, Yanuarty Paresma Wahyuningsih
The alteration and deterioration of physical and psychological function causes high levels in dependency of elderly age for asking help from others. Therefore, they need to optimize their self-care ability because it is expected to increase life satisfaction in elderly age. This study used self-compassion...
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Application of VAKT Methods (Visual, Auditory, Kinestetic, and Tactile) to Improve The Ability Reading for Mild Mental Retardation

Susanti Prasetyaningrum, Arsi Faradila
Reading skills needed for mild mental retardation children, but due to the presence of obstacles in the level of intelligence, mild mental retardation children need quite long time to be able to achieve the ability to reading. The purpose of this study is to improve early reading skills (simple single...
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The Prevalence of Psychological Distress among Adolescents: An Initial Study of Adolescents’ Mental Health in Malang, Indonesia

Dian Caesaria Widyasari, M. Salis Yuniardi
. This study is aimed to investigate the prevalence and risk estimate of psychological distress among adolescents in Malang, Indonesia. Gender-related patterns were examined in this study. This study used the Hopkins Symptoms Check-List 25 (HSCL 25) to measure psychological distress (“case” score ≥1.75),...
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The Effects of Work-Life Balance towards Employee Engagement in Millennial Generation

Dwi Putri Larasati, Nida Hasanati, Istiqomah
Company needs to maintain and to give consideration to their employees as they want the company productivity to gain profits. The majority employees in the company are from millennial generation. Millennial generation without a doubt leaves their company when they have not felt yet attached to the company....
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Validation of Dark Triad Personality Scale

Nida Hasanati, Istiqomah
The Dark Triad Personality scale consists of three measured dimensions; Machiavellianism, Narcissism and Psychopathy. This research was done by doing test adaptation. The reason is for the scarcity of measuring instruments about personality, many measuring instruments about personality but which reveal...
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Play and Emotion in Childhood and Adolescence

Siti Suminarti Fasikhah, Titi Fatiyyah
Children need to play, because playing will give them positive emotion experience, however some childen do not have a chance to play and feel negative emotion experience such as sadness or fear. These feelings come up because of their past experience or leastwise of children who play with their family...
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The Need Analysis of Islamic Counseling Approach in Solving Students’ Problem

Nik Rosila Nik Yaacob, Nor Shafrin Ahmad, Rashidah Md Hasan
The purpose of this article is to report on the need analysis study on the way to solve students’ problems in school from teachers’ and students’ perspective. The finding is important for researcher in order to develop an Islamic counseling module as an alternative approach in counseling practice. Data...
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The Relationship between Personality and Self-Esteem towards University Students in Malaysia

Eswari A/P Varanarasama, Avanish Kaur A/P Gurmit Singh, Kavitha A/P Nalla Muthu
This research investigated the relationship between personality traits and self-esteem among university students in Malaysia. The main objective of this research is to assess the relationship between personality traits and self-esteem among university students. This research examined the predictive value...
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The Correlation between Personality and Self-Esteem Level among Students at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Nur Izyan Binti Sahidan, Nor Syuhada Farhanis Binti Hashim, Syahirah Husna Binti Rusdi
Self-esteem refers to how an individual assesses himself from a positive or negative perspective. The ability to self-assess will build self-esteem and be able to manage ways of thinking, acting and emotion control. There are several factors that affect individuals in self-determination process of self-esteem....
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The Effectiveness of Scratch in Collaborative Learning on Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Programming Subject Among Year-Six Students

Norizwan Ideris, Siti Mastura Baharudin, Norhasyimah Hamzah
This study aims to identify the effectiveness of the use of the Scratch software as a teaching aid in collaborative learning and its effectiveness on harnessing the ghigher-order thinking skills (HOTS) among year-six students undertaking a programming subject. The objectives of the study are to identify...
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The Impact of Transformational Leadership and Commitment on Teachers’ Innovative Behaviour

Aziah Ismail, Al Amin Mydin
Rapid technological and social changes in society have led to reformation and transformation in educational system. This has demands for innovative behaviour among teachers that play the key role in implementing the educational reformation and transformation schemas at school. The purpose of this study...