Proceedings of the 5th Asian Education Symposium 2020 (AES 2020)

325 authors
Wedanthi, Nyoman Karina
Flipped Learning for 21st Century Competence Development
Wenas, John Robby
Development of Learning Device Using Discovery Learning Model with a Scientific Approach on Sequence and Series Material
Wesnawa, I Gede Astra
Professional Competencies Profile of Senior High School Teacher
Widdah, Minnah El
The Role of Science Literacy Based Ta’lim Andragogy as an Alternative Media in Strengthening Covid-19 Awareness
Widdah, Minnah El
Self-Efficacy of Principal to Improving Education Quality in Era 4.0
Widiartini, Ni Ketut
Teachers Readiness in Facing Linear Learning in the Pandemic Covid-19 and the New Normal Era
Widiartini, Ni Ketut
Development of Classroom Assessment Tests Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
Self-Efficacy of Principal to Improving Education Quality in Era 4.0
Widodo, Ari
The Interconnection Between Students’ Meta-Affective, Meta-cognitive and Achievement in Science Learning
Wijaya, Made Agus
Analysis of Problems and Challenges in Teaching Sports, Health and Physical Education to Students with Disabilities
Wijaya, Made Agus
The Effectiveness of Physical Fitness Learning Based on Motion Cards in Elementary School
Wilian, Sudirman
Gender-Based Organizational Citizenship Behavior Disposition for Government Senior High School Teachers in Mataram City Viewed From School Locations
Wilian, Sudirman
Gender-Based Organizational Citizenship Behavior Disposition for Public High School Teachers in Mataram, Lombok-Indonesia
Windayani, Neneng
Development of Interactive Multimedia to Improve Student’s Understanding on Carbonyl Compounds Reaction Mechanism Concept
Wiratama, Wayan Mahardika Prasetya
The Empowerment of the Community as a Learning Source for Junior High School
Wulan, Elis Ratna
Equilibrating Internal and External Quality Assurance in Islamic Higher Education
Wulandari, Dian
Improving Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) Through Servant Leadership and Job Satisfaction
Implementation of Educational Autonomy Through Community Empowerment in an Integrated Islamic School in Jambi City
Yustiqvar, Muhammad
Student Concepts’ Mastery
Zainuri, Ahmad
Curriculum Design for Postgraduate Program of Islamic Study at UIN Raden Fatah Palembang During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Zakaria, Lalu Muhamad Ali
Brain-Based Learning Teaching Materials to Improve Critical Thinking Skills and Literacy Skills of Students
Zamrizal, W.
Development of Modern Physics Learning Devices Using Inquiry Learning Model Assisted with Virtual Media to Improve Student Cognitive Learning Result
Zulkifli, Lalu
The Power of Supplements Material of Seagrass Ecology on Student Worksheets to Improve Scientific Literacy of Junior High School Students in Coastal Village, East Lombok
Zulkifli, Lalu
The Use of Seagrass Ecology Context on Student Worksheets to Improve Student Scientific Literacy
al-Munir, M. Ied
Transmodernity: Paradigm Reconstruction of Islamic Education