Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Energy and Environmental Science 2015

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Crop biomass and root morphology in maize/soybean strip intercropping system in karst region

Hao Zhang, Fuping Zeng, Qiujin Tan, Guanghua Xu
It is still unclear that whether intercropping system (IS) could improve the crop biomass and yield in karst soil. A field experiment was conducted to analyze the effects of IS on maize/soybean biomass, root morphology and yield. The results showed that the maize aboveground biomass, root biomass, and...
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An assessment of the effect of abandoned coastal wetland restoration in China- Achievements and lessons

Zhenglei Xie, Zebing Du, Hezi Zhang, Lixiong Xiang, Yuli Wu, Yinghui Jiang, Xiaoxiang Zhao, Shimei Li, Xiaoyang Yang, Kai Shan
Estuary wetlands have been continuing to degrade under the pressures of natural factors and anthropogenic activities. The goal of restoration is to re-establish the hydrologic connection, and one of the most important methods of restoring abandoned wetlands is supplying freshwater to degraded wetlands....
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Method for Insulation Defect Pattern Recognition of Gas Insulated Switchgear based on Support Vector Machine Algorithm

Jun Xiong, Sen Yang, Guangmao Li, Xiaogui Wu
As partial discharge (PD) can reflect the type of insulation defects in a gas insulated switchgear (GIS) and the damage of GIS caused by different types of discharge varies evidently, identifying the type of discharge correctly is of significant value in ensuring the safe and reliable operation, assessing...
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Study on an environmental simulation system of low/high temperature for great space

Weike Pang, Tianping Liu, Jun Wang
An environmental simulation system of low/high temperature for great space that is for a function test on its unfolding structure of some aerials is designed based on air refrigeration principle. According to its practical run at chamber temperature of -70 , its main parts such as driers, turbines, environmental...
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Primary Atomization Implementation of Unlike-Doublet Impinging Jets in Numerical Simulation

Ying Feng, Qinghuang Huang, Qiong Li, Peiyong Wang
Unlike-doublet impinging jets are frequently used for liquid fuel and oxidizer atomization inside small rocket engines. An accurate setup for the primary atomization of impinging jets is crucial for combustion simulation accuracy. Spray location, spray angle, spray flow rate angular distribution, droplet...
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A Method to Divide Flow Units of Carbonate Reservoir

Jianxin Li, Kongchou Li, Shuqin Wang, Man Luo
Oil reservoir north of Zhanzhol, a fracture-pore typed carbonate oilfield, has a variety of reservoir types. According to the combination pattern of different pores and the relationship between porosity and permeability, carbonate reservoirs are classified into four types which are fracture-cavity typed,...
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Discussion on Application of Noise Power Generation Technology in Ship Engine Rooms

Lu Jiang, Zhiwei Zheng
On the basis of the ship engine room noise analysis, the paper discusses the application of the noise power generation technology in ship engine rooms. According to the available research results about acoustoelectric conversion, it puts forward that the reasonable distribution and installation of noise...
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Effects of 2-diethylaminoethyl-3,4- dichlorophenylether on cadmium tolerance and accumulation of an energy plant, hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)

Gangrong Shi, Caifeng Liu, Zheng Zhang
This study was undertaken to determine whether 2-(3,4-dichlorophenoxy)-triethylamine (DCPTA) improve plant growth of Cd-exposed hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) plants. The results showed that exposure of plants to 50 mg Cd kg 1 soil resulted in an increase in the shoot and root biomass, as well as the root/shoot...
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Recognition marks and correlation principles of single sand bodies in distributary channel of shallow delta plain

Tingting He, Xin Tan, Dongxu He, Chao Yu
Distributary channel is the main type of sand bodies in shallow delta plain. Based on logging geology, sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy and development geology, we systematically analyzed single sand body in the compound distributary channel of shallow delta. Shallow delta plain has well-developed...
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Study on Spectrophotometric Determination of Trace Copper after Flotation Separation using Sodium Chloride-Ammonium Thiocyanate-Dodecyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride System

Changqing Tu, Xinrong Wen
The paper presents a novel method for the spectrophotometric determination of trace Cu2+ after flotation separation using sodium chloride-ammonium thiocyanate-dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride system.The effects of the dosages of NH4SCN and dodecyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride (DDBAC),various...
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Simulating Aqueous Adsorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Graphene and Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots

Yiwen Liu, Zhuang Wang, Se Wang, Hao Fang
Interactions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) with graphene quantum dot (GQD) and graphene oxide quantum dot (GOQD) were probed by local density approximation of density functional theory with empirical dispersion correction. Simulation reveals that van der Waals force is the main mechanism...
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Study Progress in the Preparation Coagulant by Industrial Waste

Guangwen Zhang, Yang Liu, Puxuan Zhang
In the progress of industrial production, coal gangue, fly ash and other wastes was produced, which contains aluminum, iron, silicon and other important components of coagulants. Made full use of those materials could change it from waste into valuable products and used for wastewater treatment which...
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Transmission Line Intelligent Inspection System Based on GIS

Changchun Zou, Qingyue Luo, Xiaofang Wang, Meimei Luo, Baiyang Liu
Approach presents an intelligent inspection system for transmission line based on GIS(Geographic Information System). The construction principle, system structure and function of the intelligent inspection system are introduced in detail. The basic idea of the system is to embed GIS handheld intelligent...
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Research on a novel PLL based islanding detection technology for multi grid-connected inverters

Dong Xie, Dajin Zhang, Peng Gao
Aiming at the problem that under the condition of multi grid-connection inverters, the dilution effect can easily cause islanding detection failure of Sandia Frequency Shift (SFS) method, a new phase locked loop based composite islanding detection strategy for multi grid-connected inverters is proposed....
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Regenerative Braking Control Strategy of Hydraulic In-wheel Motor Drive System for Heavy Truck

Guanghan Li, Bing Pan, Dafeng Song, Sheng Li, Gongke Yang, Yanping Niu
This paper introduces the configuration and operation principle of the hydraulic in-wheel motor drive system for heavy truck. According to the regenerative braking function of the system, the distribution algorithm of braking force is proposed and a regenerative braking control strategy is developed...
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Changes in soil microbial biomasses and their quotients over the succession of karst rocky desertification

Lianwu Xie, Yanling Deng, Bin Wang, Haijiao Qin, Jiqian Fang, Fuxiang Cao, Lichao Wu
To evaluate soil fertility of karst land undergoing rocky desertification (RD), the changing trend of soil microbial biomass properties over the succession of RD were studied by investigating the stands and analyzing the soil samples with four different RD grades in the northwestern Hunan province, China....
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Study on Ultrasound-assisted Extraction of Flavonoids from Navel Orange Peel

Xiaokang Li, Yangqin Jiang, Kejun Wang, Jiong Chun, Balian Zhong
A new extraction of flavonoids from navel orange peel by optimization of ultrasound-assisted were studied , The effects of ethanol concentration, liquid/solid ratio, extraction temperature, ultrasonic time, and extraction time were investigated. The results showed that: the extraction yield of flavonoids...
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Effects of Smoking on Rat Peptic Ulcer

Shu Jing, Wei Sun, Weihai Jiang
40 SD rats weighing 200 ± 10g were used, 12 of 40 rats were randomly selected as those in sham group, and the remaining 28 were used to establish the acetic acid-induced gastric ulcers to observe effects of smoking on the rat gastric ulcer and ulcer area. The acetic acid-induced gastric ulcer model in...
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Photovoltaic MPPT Research Based on Fuzzy-PID Dual-mode Control

Fei Wang, Xianxiang Li
This paper introduces the basic principle of Boost circuit topology and photovoltaic maximum power point tracking technology.According to the characteristics of photovoltaic cells output nonlinearity, this paper designs a fuzzy-PID controller to track the maximum power point of PV cell. The controller...
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The Study on the Removal of Ultrafine Particles

Daolai Cheng, Meng Cai, Fang Zhao, Huimin Hu, Junfeng Yao
Ultrafine particles PM2.5 produced during combustion is the main source of environment pollution and has raised the widespread concern around the world. There are several studies about acoustic agglomeration currently, but its removal efficiency is not high, so the scholars have proposed to join the...
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Transmission Line Pulse Testing and Analysis of Its Influencing Factors

Xue Gu, Zhenguang Liang
Transmission line pulse (TLP) is a useful tool in immunity test of electrostatic discharge (ESD). The pulse width and rising time of TLP waveform is the key point of the anti-static interference test. A TLP generator is built based on the principle of TLP. The generator is used to test and analyze influences...
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Dynamic simulation testing of transformer protection based on ADPSS

Jinli Xiao, Ruiming Fang
This paper presents a dynamic simulation test method of transformer protection based on Advanced Digital Power System Simulator, ADPSS. Firstly, a simulation model of three-phase three-winding transformer has been proposed in ETSDAC, a commercial electromagnetic transient simulation program. Then, according...
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Multi-parameter Overload Capacity Evaluation of Power Transformer Based on Improved Neural Network

Yufeng Chen, Hui Wang, Zhihong Guo, Xiumin Du, Yi Yang, Chuanshuang He, Gehao Sheng
Normally, transformer overloading capacity is calculated using method in guide for loading mineral-oil-immersed transformers. However, the method is not so accurate for every transformer. Therefore, a modified BP neural network based on transformer overloading calculation model is proposed. With BP neural...
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Preparation of Electricity Conductive Anticorrosion Coatings For Grounding Grid

Tao Su, Zhiguang Guo, Hongyun Li, Qinjun Yu, Guogang Wang
In the present study, new conductive and anti-corrosion coating which is suitable for grounding grid with a carbon-based conductive filler was investigated. This study determined using epoxy resin as a film forming binder, multi-walled carbon nanotubes as conductive filler, KH550 as the preferred coupling...
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Heat Metering System Characteristic and Energy-saving Analysis Based on On-off Time and Area Method

Jingting Wang, Rui Li
The article started with heat allocation formula analysis, the author studied on the on-off time and area heat metering system characteristics, and discussed influence factors of system characteristics which include temperature difference between supply water and return water, radiator type to fairness...
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Research on low voltage ride through testing method for wind turbine by artificial short circuit

Henan Dong, Zijiao Han, Shun Yuan, Feng Sun, Lingjie Zhang
In recent years, the wind power industry in China developed rapidly, by the people's attention. The development of wind power has brought us considerable economic benefits and significant social benefits, but also to the stability of power system has brought a significant impact. Low voltage ride through...
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Study of Sustainable Development and its Implementation Path

Xuan Shen, Hao Wang, Yan Shen, Bo Li, Xilin Jiang
This paper analyses the background of the proposal of sustainable development in detail. The essence of sustainable development is revealed. The energy analysis method for sustainable development is presented. Some practical advices on the implementation of sustainable development are given. The work...
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A Research on Implementing GPS to Synchronize Sampling in a Disturbed Phase Difference’s High-precision Measure System for Insulation Testing

Dengfeng Ju, Weizheng Zhang, Xiaomin Yin, Xing Zhou, Zhongjing Li, Guojian Ji, Di Su, Xiaohui Liu
It’s been widely used that Synchronize data Sampling with GPS clock. But, the precision should be improved when it’s used for dielectric loss test in a substation. In this article, it’s studied that a portable testing system which based on high-precision sampling synchronously with GPS and wireless....
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Electromagnetic Transient Simulation of Large Power Transformer Internal Fault

Jun Liu, Shiwu Xiao, Qingsen Sun, Huaxing Wang, Lei Yang
In this paper, in the neglect of the core of the magnetic hysteresis, eddy current effect and the core skin effect and based on the analysis and summary of previous experience, an analytical method to determine the parameters of the transformer's turn to turn short circuit fault is improved and perfected...
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The evaluation of heat-transfer cooling performance of PDMS/glass composite lamination interfaced with microfluidic pinnate-like flowpaths

Yongchao Cai, Jiahuan Jiang
In this paper we present the evaluation results of solar thermal cooling performance of PDMS/glass composite lamination in which the microfluidic flowpaths have been fabricated on the interface between PDMS and glass. The microfluidic flowpaths was designed into pinnate-like and its pattern was transferred...
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Study on the Preparation and Performance of APEG-AMPS-MA Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

Jinming Wang
In this research, polycarboxylate superplasticizer is synthetized by solution polymerization. Some influencing factors on synthesis of the product are studied such as raw material composition, reaction time, initiator and pH value of the reaction system. The results show: When the amount of MA used in...
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An Interconnected Hierarchical Porous Carbon Materials Prepared by Polymer Precursor and Its Application as Electrode in Supercapacitors

Fen Ran, Yongtao Tan, Lingbin Kong, Long Kang
Interconnected hierarchical porous carbon (IHPC) was prepared by a poly(high internal phase emulsion) (polyHIPE) and carbonation method based on phenolic-formaldehyde resin for supercapacitors. Structural and morphological characterizations of IHPC were carried out using field emission scanning electron...
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Mining Plants for Biodiesel in China

Chunlin Long, Jun Yang, Zhi Wang, Lijuan Ma
It has become an action plan to develop biodiesel in China. The botanical and laboratory investigations together with literature surveys had been used to prospect potential plants for biodiesel development. Based on field surveys and collections of specimens and samples, 422 oil-bearing plant species...
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Synthesis and Denitration Performance Research of Manganese Oxide Nanowires Loaded by Cerium Oxide as Low Temperature SCR Catalyst

Jiusheng Wang, Mojie Sun, Guoqing Song
The MnOx nanowires loaded by cerium oxide are synthesized using hydrothermal method and impregnation method. The products exhibit excellent performance on selective catalytic reduction denitration experiments at low temperature. Meanwhile, the obtianed Mn Ce composite oxide are characterized by X-ray...
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HVDC Islanding Testing Analysis and Control Parameter Optimization

Jianming Wang, Jian Zhang, Yonghua Yin
This paper researches HVDC operating characteristics and its sensitive factors of islanding system based on JinSu UHVDC in China. Several factors such as water hammer effect coefficient, parameter of governor, load model, DC frequency controller, power system operation mode and stability control measure...
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The Fatigue Life Analysis of the Battery Bracket

Meishi Zhou, Huaixian Yin, Tiezhu Zhang, Hongxin Zhang, Gaojun Liu
To verify the battery bracket fatigue life of electric bus , the finite element model of the battery bracket is built, and the equivalent stress distribution of the frame was got. Multi-body dynamics vehicle model was built in ADAMS/Car. The simulation analysis was conducted based on the road spectrum...
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The recharge method of landfill leachate treatment

Yu Tian, Wenwei Zhang, Jianhua Tang, Wen Li
With the continuous improvement of living standard and the acceleration of urbanization process, the output of city rubbish in unceasing increase year by year and the city rubbish is growing at an annual rate of 9% ~ 10%.Relative to the method of incineration and compost treatment, sanitary landfill...
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Research on the Dynamic Soil Moisture Contents using Hydrus-3D model

Zhan Liang, Jing Zhang, Binbin Guo
Soil moisture, as an important existing form of water resources, has close ties with the field of agriculture, hydrology and environment. Hydrus model is an important means to simulate the complex soil moisture movement. In this paper, Hydrus-3D model was used to simulate soil moisture, the model was...
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Application of Joint Time-Frequency Analysis on PD Signal Based on Improved EEMD and Cohen’s Class

Xu Cheng, Fengyuan Yang, Shiyang Tao, Wenshan Wang
The feature extraction and pattern recognition of partial discharge signal are key steps of equipment condition assessment and fault diagnosis. Time-frequency analysis on PD pulse can make up for deficiencies of traditional phase statistical method by extracting more comprehensive and effective information...
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Photocatalytic Degradation of Selective Herbicides Using Ag/AgCl/Ag3PO4 Plasmonic Nanocatalyst under Visible Irradiation

Xiaodan Zhao, Donghui Chen, Tianxia Zhou
Ag/AgCl/Ag3PO4 plasmonic nanocatalysts were prepared through the ion exchange and subsequently light-induced process. The obtained samples showed a high photodegradation capacity for prometryn, bentazone and metribuzin under visible light irradiation. Effects of reduction time (RT) and Cl/P in the synthesis...
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Study on the Mechanical Properties of the Surface Layer Thickness and the Viscoelastic Properties of the Geothermal Regeneration

Jiangang Qiao, Xiaomin Liu
Viscosity restrain the road performance of asphalt mixture with geothermal regeneration. In the design and construction of the geothermal renewable asphalt pavement, the thickness of the regenerated layer is one of the most important factors that affect the mechanical response of the material. In order...
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KC in Hubei Province and its Influencing Factors Analysis

Huiyuan Liu, Ailin Zhang
In this paper we study the relationship between economy growth and carbon dioxide emissions in Hubei Province by building Environmental Kuznets Curve, adding some influencing factors. The result shows that there is Kuznets' inverted U-shaped curve in Hubei Province, and the inflection point did exist...
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Study on flow and reaction characteristics in a swirling water ramjet

Lijing Liu, Zhiqiang Li
A swirling-style propellant water ramjet model, which was established on the base of a particular model of column-style propellant water ramjet, was employed to numerically simulate the influence on engine performance at difference inlet velocities. The three-dimensional geometrical model was established...
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The industrial research on the co-disposal of municipal sludge using new dry process cement kiln

Hongyu Zhang, Li Han, Jun Gu, Haibing Liu, Wentao Cai
Co-disposal of sewage sludge in cement kiln is an economic and feasible method of resource utilization. The industrial test of co-disposal sludge was carried out in Beijing Taihangqianjing cement limited company. The semi drying sludge as a raw material was transported to the decomposition furnace for...
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Research on the detection method for abnormal data of wastewater treatment plants based on statistical theory

Liang Guo, Ying Zhao, Fuyi Cui
In this study, statistical theory is employed to identify abnormal online monitoring data and substandard effluent water quality in a wastewater treatment plant (WTP) of northern China. The effluent water quality can be monitored and checked by the national standard (GB18918-2002). The detection of abnormal...
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The Design of A New Type of Apparatus For Large Turbo Generator Core Loss Test

Ming Li, Fuchun Sun, Guangke Xu, Weiwei Zhang
The core loss test is an common-used method to diagnose the core fault of large turbo generator. However, it takes a lot of time to connect cables before and disconnect cables after the power-on test using traditional operational approach. To make the core loss test more convenient to conduct, a new...
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Adsorption of U (VI) by Anaerobic Sludge Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) in Wastewater

Shiyou Li, Fan Xiong, Shuibo Xie, Shichao Yuan, Taotao Zeng
The different values of pH, EPS dosage, initial uranium concentration, dialysis temperature and other factors, were investigated of anaerobic sludge extracellular polymer (EPS) on U (VI) in wastewater by adsorption effect. The results show that, the best pH of EPS adsorption of uranium is 6, when the...
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Furfural Formation from Corn Cobs in a One-Pot Method Catalyzed by ZSM-5

Jian Du, Hongling Gao, Jing Guan, Guang Yu, Yuedong Zhang, Haisong Wang, Xindong Mu
This study designed a green one-pot method for furfural production from corn cobs that were heterogeneously catalyzed by recoverable solid-acid ZSM-5. The highest furfural yield of 78.5% was obtained under the following conditions: 473 K, 30% ZSM-5, 15 mL of toluene, and 500 mM of NaCl for 2 h. Catalyst...
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Research on Status and Strategy of Wetland Tourism Development

Jianbo He, Zhen Wang
Since the integrated function of wetland can cater to the consumption psychology and the higher level of spiritual pursuit of tourists, wetland tourism has been enjoying a great popularity among tourists from beginning. The traditional tourism exploitation mode is not fit for the unique geographical...
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Measuring the impacts of urbanization on energy consumption and economic growth in China: A computable general equilibrium analysis

Xiaodong Zhou, Jinghua Sha, Shuai Zhong
With the increasing energy demand, the urbanization level of China has been greatly improved in last decades. This paper utilized a static CGE model to simulate the impact of urbanization against energy consumption based on data from IO-table 2007. The result implies that urbanization imposed salient...
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Temporal distribution of Typical Petroleum Pollutants in oil-polluted Soil of Gudao Region

Xiaohua Ren, Xiaoli Sun
Four soil surface samples were collected and analyzed with GC-MS method to study the temporal distribution of typical petroleum pollutants in the oil-polluted soil of Gudao Region.The results showed that the concentrations of five typical petroleum pollutants increased with the increase of oil well exploitation...
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Experimental Study of the Multiple Factors of Cu-Mo Bulk Flotation

Xiaoying Guan, Yongsheng Song, Wenjuan Li
The present work mainly focuses on the influencing factors concerning copper molybdenum bulk flotation. Test samples which using four kinds of -100+200 mesh pure minerals contain Cu:0.4%, Mo:0.04%, S:3% respectively. The bulk flotation results show that using z-200+ kerosene as collectors in Cu-Mo mixed...
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Microwave-assisted Preparation of Amino Modification Montmorillonite and the Capturing Performance of Carbon Dioxide

Na Li, Zhebin Yu, Zhanghao Chen
The amino modification montmorillonite was prepared using the cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide as modifier by the microwave irradiation and common heating method. According to the analysis of infrared spectra, scanning electron microscope and specific surface area, it is found that the larger amount...
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Study on distributional pattern and funistic composition of the Miridae (Hemiptera) family in the Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia of China

Kai Shi, Yuanyuan Li, Yanqin Zhao
Based on the field investigations in the past and all published literatures, we studied the faunal composition and distributional pattern of Miridae (Hemiptera) from the Hulun Buir City, Inner Mongolia of China. In total, 122 species, which belonging to 4 subfamilies 51 genera were recorded in there....
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Influence of SO2, NO and soot dust in fuel gas on microalgae ZY-1 Growth

Lihong Yue, Weigong Chen, Pengyang Qi
The ZY-1strain, a fresh water microalgae isolated in our former work, was viewed as a possible means of CO2 fixation from fuel gas. In order to confirm the possibility, the influence of SO2, NO and dissolved components of the soot dust in fuel gas on its growth was investigated. The results were showed....
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Research Progress on Catalytic Pyrolysis Technology for Liquid Fuels

Ge Song, Weihong Zhou
The development of bio-fuels were introduced, and it has greatly potential application. Pyrolysis process was benefit for the second-generation biofuels. The reaction mechanism of pyrolysis were summarized elaborately in this review. Main pyrolysis reactors and their research status were described, at...
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Study on Preparation Process of Pd-Ni Alloy Nano-catalyst for Cathode reduction in Direct NaBH4 - H2O2 Fuel Cell

Zaoxi Yu, Dan Zheng, Tingfang Yang
In this paper, we prepared Ni/C, Pd/C and Pd-Ni/C binary alloy nano-catalysts by the impregnation-reduction method. The structures of all catalysts were characterized by XRD and TEM. The electro-catalytic performance of all catalysts on H2O2 reduction were studied by cyclic voltammetry(CV) and linear...
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Accumulation characteristics and exploration practices of lithologic reservoirs at eastern margin of the Pre-Caspian Basin

Yankun Wang, Junzhang Zheng, Zhen Wang, Shutang Jin, Man Luo
The Carboniferous carbonate rocks at eastern margin of the Pre-Caspian Basin originally depositing at the passive continental margin of Eastern European craton are closely related to accumulation of lithologic reservoirs. Three kinds of lithologic reservoirs, i.e. sedimentary-related, diagenetic-related...
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Research on Roadway Surrounding Rock Control Technology Using O-arch Combination Support Scheme

Maoyuan Wang, Tianshu Lin, Leijia Yin, Yang Yang, Lei Yang
According to the soft rock roadway geological, productive conditions and the actual project features in Zhengling Coal-mine, from the theory with practical point of view this study analysis the key damage factors of the soft rock roadway. A new kind of support scheme, O-arch combination support scheme,...
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The Impact of Carbon Emission Trade on Power Generation

Haichao Wang, Dunnan Liu, Xiaoyue Yang, Yuhang Ying
World widely speaking, the power industry is an important area of carbon emission and carbon reduction. It is also one of the main carbon trading market. Carbon-constrained electricity market will profoundly alter the original model of electricity production and electricity trading. Consequently, the...
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Industrial Practice of Sewage Sludge Pump directly into Cement Kiln

Haibing Liu, Jun Gu, Li Han, Ping Wang, Nan Zhang, Wentao Cai
The 150 tpd facilities of sewage sludge pump directly into precalciners was set up in cement plant of 3200 tpd clinker production. The experiment was performed at the sludge feed rate of 4t/h, 6t/h and without sludge. It was showed from that the use of sludge as alternative fuel did not affect clinker...
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Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for Desired Contaminated Groundwater Remediation Strategies based on TOPSIS method

F. Shao, L.X. Ren, L. Liu, H.W. Lu
This study introduced a multi-criteria decision making TOPSIS method to identify the compromised groundwater remediation strategies in 10 and 20 years periods. Based on the PAT technology, the model is applied to a real-world area located in northeastern China where groundwater system has been contaminated...
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A New Two-stage Photovoltaic GMPPT Method under Partially Shaded Conditions

Shuran Jia, Qingyong Zhang, Yang Fang
In a photovoltaic (PV) system that consists of multiple series-connected PV modules with bypass diode, multiple peak points could exist in the P-V curve of the PV system under partially shaded conditions (PSC), causing conventional MPPT methods sometimes unable to track the true global maximum power...
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Effects of Batroxobin Injection on Progressive Ischemic Stroke and Serum MMP-2 and MMP-9 Expressions

Weihai Jiang, Wei Sun, Shu Jing
Effects of batroxobin on progressive ischemic stroke (PIS) and serum MMP-2 and MMP-9 expressions in patients with PIS were investigated. 160 Hospitalized patients with acute progressive ischemic stroke were randomly divided into a treatment group (n=80) and a control group (n=80). Patients in the treatment...
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Research on Calibration Test Method of Infrared Thermal Imager for Power System

Weiwei Zhang, Guangke Xu, Ming Li, Dongdong Xu
The power system application of the infrared thermal imager is introduced in this article. By analyzing the special requirements of power system applications, several important performance parameters of the infrared thermal are summed up. This paper presents a more comprehensive calibration test method...
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Research Advance on Draw Solution in Forward Osmosis Process

Boyu Liu, Jiang Yu, Donglang Li, Dan Lv, Juan Zhang
Forward osmosis (FO) process is a new membrane separation process that developed in recent years; it is driven by the osmosis pressure difference of solution on both sides of membrane. Forward osmosis process don’t need to force energy-driven extra, and the main energy consumption of the whole craft...
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Study on Sustainable Development of Shaanxi Economy Based on Evaluation Function

Qunwei Wang, Gangqiang Cha
How to handle the relationship of environment and industrial coordination development and promote sustainable social and economic development is a hot topic in present social studies. This paper constructs sustainable development evaluation index system and establishes function of sustainable coordinated...
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The Impact of Mn2+ on Anammox

Yafeng Li, Chi Zhang, Lu Zheng
This paper aims to study on the impact of different of Mn2+ concentration on anammox to determine the perfect Mn2+ concentration to realize anammox. The experiment uses real life wastewater of Shenyang Jianzhu University under the condition of temperature at 35 , infusing argon to removal DO, controlling...
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GIS-Based Quantitative Study of Soil Erosion in Miyun County, Beijing

Jing Zhao, Jing Zhang, Binbin Guo
Soil erosion by water is a serious problem all over the world. In China, about 1790000 km2 of land suffers from water erosion, which accounts for 18.3% of China’s total area. Based on RS and GIS methods, this paper taking Miyun County as the study area, with 2011 rainfall data, Landsat TM images, ASTER...
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Effects of DTPA on Cadmium Accumulation of Galinsoga parviflora

Lijin Lin, Zhihui Wang, Ming’An Liao
The effects of diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (DTPA) on cadmium (Cd) accumulation of hyperaccumulator Galinsoga parviflora were investigated through pot experiment. The results showed that the biomass, chlorophyll content of G. parviflora decreased with the increase of DTPA concentrations in the...
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Research on nitrification and denitrification kinetics of three-phase biological fluidized bed with four step-feed process

Bing Wang, Lan Fang
Step-feed nitrogen removal process, as a new sewage treatment technology, was concerned by scholars domestically and abroad in recent years. Three-phase biological fluidized bed with four step-feed process combined step-feed nitrogen removal with biological fluidized bed. In fact,there were many advantages,...
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RUSLE and GIS-based assessment of soil erosion in the mountain areas of Beijing, China

Weiwei Zhang, Hong Li
Quantitative research on the soil erosion intensity in the mountain areas of Beijing was estimated via utilizing RUSLE model supported by GIS and RS technology. It is concluded that no erosion and slight erosion were the primary erosion intensities in the mountain areas of Beijing. The soil erosion was...
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Evolution of patent citation network for hybrid rice breeding

Tianhua Song, Qingpu Zhang
This study models the evolution of technology innovation network. Results argue that the growth of hybrid rice innovation network fellows S-curve by time; the innovation network fits preferential attachment as amended aging Lognormal distributions. And it implies that the degree distribution of the technology...
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Pilot Study on Advanced Treatment of Wastewater Produced by Pressurized Coarse Coal Gasification

Jingzhi Zhang, Linlin Xing, Jiane Zuo, Anping Jiang, Kai Wang
A Pilot study on advanced treatment of wastewater produced by pressurized coarse coal gasification was done in a coal chemical plant. The feasibility of catalytic ozonation, UV/O3, and Fenton process in the advanced treatment of wastewater produced by pressurized coarse coal gasification process was...
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Preparation and Antioxidant Activity of Lycium barbarum Polysaccharide Iron Complex

Liming Jin, Fangning Guo, Ai-Li Jiang, Wenzhong Hu
The aim of the present research was to prepare an organic iron compound, Lycium barbarum polysaccharide iron complex (LBP-Fe), and evaluate its antioxidant abilities on scavenging super oxide radicals and DPPH radicals in vitro. LBP-Fe was prepared by chemically modification using chloride ferric and...
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Effects of EM Technology on Urban River Wastewater Purification

Y.L. Shao, Jing Ma, Yao Lu, Junqi Mao, Haochen Yan, L.H. Chen, X.H. Shao
Considering the various experimental conditions, we carried on the study applying EM (Effective Micro-organisms) stock solution on polluted urban river water purification. Experimental results showed that EM technology on restoration of urban polluted water bodies had a more significant effect, the accumulated...
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Study on the Frequency and Voltage Coordinated Control for Wind and Energy Storage System

Shanying Li, Tao Wu, Haiying Xing, Tingjian Han, Tianzhi Cao, Xisheng Tang, Chao Gao
Due to the characteristics of the operation of the wind turbine and the capacity of the converter and the rotor current and other factors, the use of wind turbine to adjust the system frequency and voltage can not fully meet the requirements. And energy storage equipment has the advantages of flexible...
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Study on Property of Gel-embedded Nitrobacteria Carrier and Its Application in Treating Urban Sewage

Jingzhi Zhang, Xuelian Zhao, Jinquan Liu, Xiangshun Jing, Kai Wang, Jiane Zuo
The diffusion behavior mechanical performance activation and biological property of gel-embedded nitrobacteria carrier LQ-1 were measured, and its application in the treatment of urban sewage was studied by pilot experiment. The results show that the interpenetrating holing-through structure (about 5...
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Evaluation on the Stability of Muddy Tidal Flat

Jingzhi Zhang, Xuelian Zhao, Jinquan Liu, Xiangshun Jing, Kai Wang, Jiane Zuo
Based on the field hydrology test, topographic map, remote sensing data and cross section survey data, the influence factors and the degree of the muddy tidal flat in Jiangsu coast area are studied, and the stability criterion for determining the stability of the three stages is established. The stability...
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Strategic Choice for National Adjustment of Renewable Energy in China

Lihua Tang
This paper gives a brief review ofthe development and utilization status of the renewable energy in China and explains the importance, urgency and feasibility of the development and utilization of the renewable energy regarding strategic choice for national adjustment of energy structure. The renewable...
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Numerical study on two-phase turbulent flow of blunt combustor with strongly swirling flow

Zhiyi Lei, Xuesong Zhang
This study sets double injections in the inlet of the flow field to study the new blunt body’s law of the flow patterns and the combustion efficiency under the condition of the two-phase flow. Compared with the vortex shedding mechanism of the V-gutter blunt, the computational results show that the vortex...
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Study on the Influence of Distribution Generation on Over Current Relays in Distribution Networks

Ning Zhou, Xiang Lei, Xiaorui Jing, Xiang He, Zaibin Jiao
The application of Distributed Generation (DG) reduces the consumption of traditional energy, but it also brings certain challenge to relay protection because of its own characteristics. This paper analyzes that the injection or branching current will cause incorrect operation of over current protection....
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Adaptive Overcurrent Protection Scheme for Distribution Network with High Penetration DG

Xiaorui Jing, Xiang Lei, Jianwei Ma, Xiang He, Zaibin Jiao
This paper presents a new adaptive overcurrent protection for distribution network with high penetration rate DG. The equivalent impedance of DG is calculated by fault components during fault transient state, and works as the premise for protection configuration. The principle and the configuration method...
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Effect of tip speed ratio of rear stage impeller on the performance of contra-rotating wind turbine

Zhiqiang Li, Zhiming Li
Based on the experimental research and numerical calculation of the Contra-Rotating Wind Turbine (CRWT) by using the technique of the aero-engine and propeller, the effect of the tip speed ratio of the rear stage on the performance of the contra-rotating wind turbine is studied by using numerical simulation...
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The Filter Design on Impedance control of Via

Xiaofei Xu
According to the specific environmental noise of the detection system, via holes was caused impedance discontinuities, parasite capacity and inductance which resulted in signal reflection and attenuation, and hence deterioration of signal integrity(SI). The new idea was put in the paper, the specific...
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Phosphorus removal from wastewater by five aquatic plants

Xiaoyun Fu
Five aquatic macrophytes, Acorus calamus, Lythrum salicaria, Monochoria korsakowii Alisma orientale and Sagittaria sagittifolia were tested for the relative growth rate (RGR) and abilities of removing total phosphorus (TP) by the manipulative indoor experiment. A nutrient treatment consisted of two levels...
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Research on High-efficient Balcony Greening Based on the Concept of Low-carbon Green Buildings

Jinkun Sun, Jing Liu, Feng Wu, Hongfen Nian
The design of Low-carbon Green Buildings emphasizes the application of eco-friendly strategies in buildings while paying close attention to their images, with the purpose of dealing with the relationship among buildings, environment and ecology, and realizing a benign cycle between factors of the artificial...
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The issues in chromium-containing wastewater treatment by sodium pyrosulfite

Zhiyong Wu, Jie Feng, Zuoqin Tang
It was found that appropriately increase weight ratio as well as attention to control pH in sedimentation and reduction phases can enhance the treatment effect of chromium-containing wastewater and prevent hexavalent chromium content rebounding after processing.
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Irrigation Decision-making Methods Based on Multi-source Irrigation Information Fusion

Zhifang Chen, Jinglei Wang, Jingsheng Sun, Ni Song, Xiaolei Wu
According to the problem that uncertainty information is difficult to be merged during the decision process of multi-source irrigation information, a fusion method based on fuzzy rough sets and D-S evidence theory was proposed. Using the fuzzy rough set theory, the basic probability assignment function...
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The separation of a phenol-degradable bacterium and its application on coke wastewater treatment by using microbial fuel cell technology

Peng Guo, Yuhan Du, Li Zhang, Lijian Guo, Fang Lv
Phenol is the major organic compound of coking wastewater. It is of biochemical toxicity, difficult processing, difficulty to be degraded and high cost in the treatments. Microbial fuel cell (MFC) is a new type of fuel cell. It can produce electron in the process of metabolism of electricigens and export...
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Study On Energy Saving Power Consumption Characteristics Of Idle Time In The University

Liming Wei, Xueying Lv
The idle time power consumption of universities has a significant impact on the total power consumption of universities. In the paper the power consumption problem is analyzed from the definition of the power consumption of idle time, idle time monitoring of power consumption and idle time factors influencing...
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Applying Research On Fuel Cell Generation System

Liming Wei, Xueying Lv
Fuel cell is attracted much attention as an efficient power, low-pollution means of generating electrical power. In this paper, the fuel cell power generation system problems are described in detail, and expounding on the principle of single battery, power system working principle, characteristics, and...
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Two degrees of freedom Nonlinear oscillations of an energy harvester

Zuyao Wang
This paper investigates a design of a energy harvester that uses magnetic levitation to produce an oscillator with a appendage linear spring. The harmonic balance method is developed to analyze the frequency-amplitude response relationship. The numerical results show that the strength and bandwidth of...
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Research on Environmental Impact Prediction of Sustainable Development of Wetland Resource

Juan Dai, Yue Zeng, Lingyun Li, Miao He, Xiuling He
Wetland is the richest ecosystem with diversified creatures and also is one of the most important living environments. As the irrational utilization and damage of wetland resource in recent years, wetland resource is experiencing a degenerative process. As a unique ecosystem that is different from lands...
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Optimizating Lighting Equipment of Substation Control Panel

Yongtao Shen, Liming Chen, Dong Pan, Xin Chen, Jingru Zhao, Qian Zhao, Jiangang Wang, Hui Liu, Kai Huang, Wei Bao, Wei Guo
Combined with the actual situation, this paper presents a program of optimizing substation control panel lighting- using LED bulbs. Using LED lighting not only saves energy, but also save the maintenance or replacement of lighting equipment required manpower costs. At the same time, it is very friendly...
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A numerical simulation of methane-air mixture explosion under normal and elevated initial temperatures

Na Gao
Study of the methane-air explosion mechanism is of great important for the safety utilization of the coal bed methane and safety production of coal mine. The methane-air explosion reactions were numerical simulated in a closed spherical 20 dm3 vessel with the ignition electrode at the center. The simulation...
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An Investigation on the Aerodynamic Performance Evaluation and the Layout of Wind Turbine in the Typical Mountainous Terrain

Hongchuan He, Wei Yuan
The construction of wind turbine generator set depends on the sufficient measurement of wind resources, and reasonable layout and management. Flat open terrain is the ideal condition for the operation of the wind turbine, but the actual terrain fluctuation is changeable. Because these terrains are close...
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Six Prism Type Ce0.7La0.3O2- Solid Solution Prepared by Reverse Co-precipitation Method with Double Precipitant

Hongrui Hao, Xue Han, Ronggui Guo
The six prism type Ce0.7La0.3O2- solid solution was prepared by reverse co-precipitation method with urea and Na2CO3 as double precipitant. The reverse method favored the washing of precipitate and formation of rod-like CL. Using urea as a homogeneous precipitating agent before precipitation with Na2CO3...
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Influence of electrical joint compound on the temperature rise of electrical equipment

Jie Chen, Zhicheng Zhou, Jianjun Liu, Wei Lian
Electrical joint compound is widely used in metal connections of high-voltage electrical equipment. Based on studying a defect of electrical equipment connection fittings, the influence of electrical joint compound on the temperature rise of electrical equipment was studied according laboratory experiment...
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Multi-agent-Based Voltage Cooperative Control in Smart Grids

Jian Sun, Qiang Wang
To low transmission power loss, maintain voltage stability and improve voltage profile, a novel multi-agent-based voltage control scheme is proposed in this paper by dynamically adapt configuration of control devices, including the automatic voltage regulator of generator, transformer with under-load...