Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Arts Language and Culture (ICALC 2019)

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Tutorial Video as Learning Media in Art and Culture Extracurricular at SMA N 3 Boyolali

Aan Ardian, Adam Wahida, Edi Kurniadi
Has become quite close to students life either digital or printed. It has given them imagination and become visual language to express their ideas.Nevertheless, they seem to not do their best in creating the comic. The comic making tutorial video may be an ideal and efficient alternative media for those...
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The Role of Art Education Through the Learning of Traditional Dance in Elementary School

Agna Novia Rahmawati, Slamet Subiyantoro, Endang Widiyastuti
Traditional dance is one of the cultural heritages which has values and norms in it. Through learning traditional dance, elementary school students gain a variety of aesthetic experiences. The aesthetics experience indirectly increases the power of appreciation and shapes the character of students. In...
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Tuping Dance Learning at SMA Negeri 2 Kalianda South Lampung

Armayyeni Nurillia Marsim, Mulyanto, Sudiyanto
This research analyzed the Tuping dance learning process in SMA Negeri 2 Kalianda South Lampung. Tuping dance is the one coming from South Lampung representing the troops. This dance is usually performed during a customary celebration in South Lampung, particularly Kuripan Village, Penengahan Sub District,...
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Mortar Music Tradition as the Javanese Agrarian Folklore in Magetan, Indonesia

Dea Lunny Primamona
Javanese is familiar with the rich folklore. In Magetan, East Java, Indonesia there is a music tradition that has a form of rhythm pattern from the pounding lesung (a kind of wooden mortar) and pestle. This study focuses on the music phenomena of oral tradition as a way to educate from the elder to younger...
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AnSeries Software Utilization for Semarangan Batik’s Motives in the Improvement of the Batik Industry

Erna Setyowati, Muhammad Fakhrihun Na’am
The creation of technology-based batik motives is a necessity, demands of production effectiveness, consumer demand, variety of motives is a necessity. Batik production which includes the creation of Semarangan batik’s motifs is a strategic thing that is relevant to respond to research activities to...
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The Rule of Macapat Songs in Karawitan

Iska Aditya Pamuji, Sugeng Nugroho, Slamet Supriyadi
This article discussed the role of tembang macapat in karawitan art. Tembang macapat is a traditional poetry literary work living and developing in Java and karawitan is a voice art resulting from gamelan or human voice in harmony with slendro and pelog. To find out what the role of tembang macapat is...
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Functions of Tembang Dolanan as Educational Media

Kartika Ngesti Handono Warih, Sugeng Nugroho, Edy Tri Sulistyo
This study discusses the functions of Tembang Dolanan as educational media. Tembang Dolanan contains various values with both explicit and implied meanings covering moral values to develop children’s noble characters. Pannen mentioned that art rooted in local tradition and culture is a crucial factor...
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Learning Traditional Dance in Growing the Character of Students in Blitar 5 Junior High School

Kiki Fatmawati, Mulyanto, Sudiyanto
Traditional dance has been used as material in learning in schools. One of the schools that makes traditional dance as a material for learning arts and culture is Blitar 5 Junior High School. Traditional dance as a material in art and culture subjects has a purpose. The purpose of learning traditional...
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The Symbolic Meaning of Batik Wonogiren Development Motives and the Relevance of Character Education

Moeksa Dewi, Mulyanto, Kurniadi Edi
Wonogiren Batik is one of the most valuable Javanese cultures. Batik Wonogiren According to its history of creation, is included in the Kraton Batik category. As a form of culture, Batik Wonogiren, can be placed as a cultural text that can be read to reveal the symbolic meaning contained in accordance...
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The Implementation of Mutual Cooperation Character Education (A Case Study in SD Muhammadiyah 1 Surakarta)

Rohmadin, Sutarno Haryono, Edy Tri Sulistyo, Mulyanto
The research was conducted in SD Muhammadiyah 1 Surakarta, located in Kartini Street No.1 RT 01/RW 09, Ketelan, Banjarsari Sub District, Surakarta City, Central Java. The objective of research was to find out the education value of mutual cooperation character integrated into karawitan extracurricular...
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Karawitan Art Learning Strategy in SLB Panca Bakti Mulia

Singgih Pramusinto, Suyanto, Edy Tri Sulistyo
A successful Karawitan learning in SLB Panca Bakti Mulia must be due to some factors. It may occur due to learning strategy used by teachers in karawitan learning process. The objectives of research were 1) to find out the successful strategy of karawitan art learning in SLB Panca Bakti Mulia. The method...
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Sindhenan Learning in Karawitan Arts Learning as a Means of Establishment of Student’s Character in Malang 4 Junior High School

Sri Bawon, Mulyanto, Basuki Sumartono
This study aims to describe sindhenan learning in musical arts subjects related to student character education. This study examines the values or messages contained in literary works on the text or cakepan sindhenan in musical arts. This research is a type of qualitative research using aesthetic and...
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The Positive Effects of Infrastructure Management in Fine Art Learning (A Literature Study on School Management)

Taufan Amirullah Abiyoga, Mulyanto, Edy Tri Sulistyo
School management is an attempt to managing potential resources existing in school and conducted systematically to achieve the objective of education. School management in either formal or nonformal education institution is important to the quality of fine art learning. The objective of the research...
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Learning Batik in Trisno Kuncoro Batik Industry in Sragen Regency

Tri Nurhayati, Mulyanto, Adam Wahida
Batik handcraft has an important role through economy and tourist advancement. Non-informal education in learning batik is needed in batik industry in order to boost the human resource in knowledge, skills, and attitude aspects. This research aims to formulate throughout learning process of batik from...
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The Learning Process Karawitan Art in Setyo Langen Budoyo Studio Wonosobo Regency

Yuliyanto Tri Wibowo, Slamet Subiyantoro, Slamet Supriyadi
This research entitled “The Learning Process Karawitan Art In Setyo Langen Budoyo Studio Wonosobo Regency” examines the learning process of karawitan art. The purpose of this research is to describe the learning process of karawitan art in Setyo Langen Budoyo Studio, Wonosobo Regency. The approach used...
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“Cundrik Asmarantaka” Dance Learning as a Formation of Children’s Personality Based on Local Wisdom at Ande-Ande Lumut Kediri Art Studio

Yustiana Patrich Rosalia, Slamet Subiyantoro, Margana
This study aims to examine the learning of dance through the dance work “Cundrik Asmarantaka” as the formation of children’s personalities at Ande-ande Lumut Kediri Art Studio. The existence of the dance has an impact on the continuation of the truth and values of life in Kediri Regency. The object of...
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Evolution of Hindu–Buddhist Architectural Ornaments Into Javanese Traditional Architecture: Case Study of Sewu Temple

Ayu Ratna Pertiwi, Hardiyati, Yosafat Winarto
Sewu Temple is the second largest Buddhist temple after Borobudur Temple, located in Klaten Regency, Central Java. As an architectural masterpiece built in the 8th century and older than Borobudur and Prambanan Temples, Sewu Temple has an important role in the development of archipelago’s architecture....
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The Seashell Processing as a Media to Improve Fashion Accessories Making Skills, Astapada Village, Cirebon

Faradina Nurfitri Hikmatunnisa, Mulyanto, Adam Wahida
Processing of seashell in this case especially which applied in fashion accessories will increase economic, utilization, aesthetic value. The creative industry itself is a creativity-based activity that influences the economy and people’s welfare. The existence of innovation and creativity that arises...
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Visual Communication of Denpasar’s Art and Culture Through Cartoons (Case Study in the Travel Guide Book of Denpasar City Entitled “Surviving Denpasar” Second Edition in 2012)

I Wayan Swandi, Arya Pageh Wibawa, I Gde Agus Jaya Sadguna
A travel guide book with the theme “Surviving Denpasar” issued by the municipal government of Denpasar, Bali Province, published in 2012 contains a variety of arts and culture in Denpasar City. Some of them are Pengerebongan Festival, Omed-Omedan, and kite festival. These three festivals are an annual...
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Neo-Exoticism as Indonesian Regional Government’s Formula for Developing Ethnic Arts: Concept, Practice, and Criticism

Ikwan Setiawan, Andang Subaharianto
This article aims to explore the concept and practice of neo-exoticism as an ideal-flexible formula for developing ethnic arts in the midst post-colonial society and neoliberal tourism industry. By analyzing our field data from various events of cultural tourism in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia, we...
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Hidden Communication Identity of Drug Abusers Among Early Adolescent

Lintang Nur Hemas, Prahastiwi Utari, Mahendra Wijaya
This study aims to examine the hidden identity of early adolescent drug users using Communication Theory of Identity. This research is qualitative which case study as research method. The interview were conducted with three drug abusers in one of junior high school in Kendal District. The results showed...
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Spirit and Phenomenon as a Basic Idea for Batik Motive Making

Muh Fakhrihun Na’am, Deni Setiawan, Wulansari Prasetyaningtyas
History is an integral part of the life journey and the civilization of human being. The historical figures can inspire, motivate, and be a good example. The information about Ratu Kalinyamat, for example, has spread among people. Record of accomplishment of Ratu Kalinyamat is very crucial to Jeparanese,...
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New Media Art: Between Art, Design, and Technology

Nala Nandana Undiana
During the development, combination of art, design and technology produced many new patterns of creating works process. The interactive character of work in virtual forms, gives the possibility for every artist and audience to be able to combine the concept of ideas with the reality obtained in the process...
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Plastic Waste-Based Recycle Art Co-Creation to Enhance the Schools Resident Creative Culture

Nanang Yulianto, Edy Tri Sulistyo
Learning process must be able to make the students creative so that in the future they can be independent with their experiences and abilities. The efforts to increase student creativity can be done by organizing a creative program using plastic waste materials produced from the school residents. The...
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3 Dimensional Paper Art with Paper Tole Method as a Visualization of Food Product Displays and Interior Accessories in Semarang Culinary Tourism

Santi Widiastuti
The increasingly lively competition of the food industry, especially restaurants in the city of Semarang as an icon of tourism in Central Java in an effort to serve consumers trying to present its own uniqueness as an attraction, both through the menu of cuisine, entertainment and physical appearance...
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Visual Construction of Javanese Tradition in Langendrian Matah Ati Stage Performance

Sri Rachmayanti, Imam Santosa, Acep Iwan Saidi
Matah Ati is a traditional art performance, that also adopt newest technology and contemporary touch in their performance. The unique of this traditional value performance, considering of Indonesian tradition conservation. To prepared an attractive performance that has traditional value, and also to...
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Local Art Communities as Cultural Sphere for Preventing Radicalism

Albert Tallapessy
This article aims to describe the strategic contribution of the art community as a cultural space to foster the creativity of young people and dynamize the artistic process which can be an alternative to prevent the growth of radicalism in Indonesia. Radicalism is a quite worrying issue for the Indonesian...
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A Study Toward the Influences Affecting Design and Motifs of Terenang Pottery

Ayub Awang, Sahrudin Mohamed Som, Izati Nabila Marzuki, Farrah Atikah Saari
Terenang pottery has been known to exist since the prehistoric era. During the Mesolithic period, there were claims that this earthenware exhibited some influences from the Hoabinhian culture. Derived from the word ‘tunang’, Terenang originally acted as a container for the rings during the engagement...
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The Influence of Effort on the Minangkabau Language Maintenance in Jakarta

Erni Hastuti, Teddy Oswari
This research aims to determine and analyse the efforts that influence of the Minangkabau language maintenance in Jakarta. The approach used in this research is quantitative and qualitative approach. The population in this research is the Minangkabau language speech community in Jakarta. Sample amounted...
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Hidden Calculation on Patterning the Warp and Weft Threads with Double Ikat Technique: Geringsing Textiles

Nyoman Dewi Pebryani, Michael Kleiss, Tjok Istri R.C. Sudharsana
The double-ikat weaving technique only exists in three places in the world: Indonesia, India, and Japan. In Indonesia, the only place that practices double ikat weaving technique is Tenganan Pegringsingan village in Bali, which produces Gringsing textiles. The process of creating Gringsing textile is...
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Women and the Myths Behind the Legend Site on the Trilogy of the Golden Blood

Resti Nurfaidah
Humans are mythcreators or mythmakers. That is because of human awareness of the things that are unknown or considered to have extraordinary powers. Among the myths that exist in human life, tends to be associated with the role of women. Most are related to the role of women as objects of certain myths...
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Emprit Goreng Commodification in Museum Tembi Rumah Budaya, Bantul Yogyakarta

Sudarsini, Andrik Purwasito, Suwardi Endraswara, Titis Srimuda Pitana
This article seeks to reveal how the Museum Tembi Rumah Budaya in Bantul Yogyakarta performs its functions and duties. From this disclosure, there is something unique and interesting, namely the occurrence of gastronomic practices through Warung Dhahar Pulo Segaran restaurant. The practice of gastronomy...
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Minangkabau Language Learning Based on Android Application

Teddy Oswari, Erni Hastuti, Reza Chandra
Introducing Minangkabau language is very necessary to be done as an effort to preserve Indonesian culture to be forwarded to the next generation in order to understand Minangkabau language. To introduce Minangkabau Language, it can be through learning applications, namely media that can be used to convey...
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Women Study on the Existence of Zhai Ji and Female Temple in Vihara Buddhi Bandung Within Chinese Patriarchal Culture

Tjutju Widjaja, Setiawan Sabana, Ira Adriati
The results of the patriarchal culture in Chinese people which violated women are foot binding, mui cai, family system and marriage. Various acts of rejection towards patriarchal culture took place, women refused to accept the practice of foot bindings and marriages. They formed an organized community....
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Finding the Ethical Context of the Dragon Keris

Widodo Aribowo, Andrik Purwasito, Wakit Abdullah, Titis Srimuda Pitana
UNESCO’s recognition of the kris as a world intangible heritage does not stop the marginalization and even harassment against it. Placing the dagger as an object of academic research would be an award for him. The message of ethics as a valuable human idea must be contained in a keris. The message will...
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Brand Personality Higher Education Using Rasch Model Approach

Arianis Chan, Tetty Herawaty, Dadan Suryadipura, Asep Miftahuddin
The study presented in this paper analyzes Brand Personality Higher Education. Focusing on higher education in Indonesia, namely Universitas Padjadjaran, this study aims to examine the factors that affect the Brand Personality Higher Education. The empirical application is performed on the basis of a...
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Sensory Integration and Functional Movement: A Guide to Optimal Development in Early Childhood

Awalludin, Zarina Akbar
Sensory integration is a process that occurs naturally and becomes parts of the brain. In this process, information from all the senses will be managed then given meaning and then filtered whether it was important or were ignored. This process allowed individuals to behave according to experience and...
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Thematic-Based Folklore Learning Using a Media of Kancil Puppet

Edy Suryanto, Budi Waluyo
This article aim are to analyze thematic values (TV’s) of folklore as learning material (LM) designing thematic-based folklore learning (TBFL) using kancil puppet (KP). This research use research and development approach. It is conducted on April – September 2017 in 15 Elementary School (ES) in the Karangayar...
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The Effects of Lesson Study on Learning Community to the Learning Quality

Liza Putri Damayanti, Sri Sumarni, Sukatiman, Waluyo
Lesson study requires collaboration between lecturers, and the community which makes it applicable. The learning community consists of fellow lecturers which share a purpose for mutual learning. In the learning community, lecturers not only learn from teaching other lecturers but can also discuss appropriate...
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Integration of Interactive Multimedia with Local Potential as a Learning Innovation in Digital Era

Mochamad Kamil Budiarto, Hermanu Joebagio, Sudiyanto
Technological progress has had an impact on various fields of life, such as the field of education. The learning process is one of the systems that is influenced by digital technology, ongoing learning has been combined with the presence of innovative digital learning media. With the combination of technological...
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Implementation of 21st Century Learning Through Lesson Study

Mustika Rosdiana, Sri Sumarni, Budi Siswanto, Waluyo
The 21st century curriculum must be designed according to 21st century education standards issued by the BSNP in 2010 based on the 21st Century Skills Partnership (P21) (2008) framework, further detailing a number of 21st century learning frameworks (P21) summarized in specific skills, content of knowledge,...
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The Effect of Pawtoon Video on Students’ Reading Ability

Nuri Ati Ningsih, Rengganis Siwi Amumpuni
This reserach purpose is to know the effect of pawtoon video on students’ reading ability. Quasi experimental design is used in this research. The subject of this research consisted of 21 students. Test was used to collect the data in this research and the data was analyse by using paired sample T –test....
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The Role of Teachers and Parents in Preventing Bullying in Early Childhood Education

Popy Rahayu, Harun Rasyid, Cindi Ambar Puspitasari, Roudlotul Islamiyah
Bullying is a serious social problem that can be fatal to someone. Bullying in early childhood education will be able to influence the behavior of children and will have an impact on the next stage of child development. Parental supervision is the most important thing that parents of early childhood...
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Design of DRR Awareness Campaign Media by Revitalization of Sundanese Oral Culture

Rahmatsyam Lakoro, Agus Sachari, Agung EBW, Setiawan Sabana
Utilization of oral culture as a language and idiom in the mitigation of Sundanese disaster is decreasing. As an area with a high number of hydrometeorological disasters, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) campaign aim to raise awareness about these potential disasters is required, by revitalization of Sundanese...
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Evaluation of School Literacy Movement Program at Cimahi City in Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0

Rina Heryani, Vismaia S. Damaianti, Syihabuddin, Yeti Mulyati
The quality of people’s literacy is the main requirement needed in facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0. For this reason, a literacy tradition needs to be developed since early age through educational instruments. Currently, the efforts to increase literacy among students are ongoing, one of which is...
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Learning Dimensions of Teachers Talk: Knowledge and Value Within Cultural Awareness

Rusdhianti Wuryaningrum
Multicultural context education requires cultural integration in learning. Considering that issue, this research describes the learning dimension with cultural integration. The data were obtained by recording and observing teachers’ speeches in the multicultural class and analyzing the speech acts to...
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(Im)Politeness and (In)Civility in Social Media: The Case of Pronouns and Propositions in Twitter Comments

Aisah, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah
While social media provides “a public sphere”, a term coined by Habermas, which can foster public participation leading towards democracy, this also comes with issues of (im)politeness and (in)civility reflected in the use of language. This study explores issues of (im)politeness and (in)civility in...
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Reconstruction of Nias, Devayan, and Sigulai Languages

Dwi Widayati
Nias (also Batu) and Simeulue Islands which are included in the Barrier Islands have a very unique diversity of languages. The languages on these islands, namely Nias, Devayan, and Sigulai languages, still maintain the Paleo-Hesperonesian languages. This uniqueness is seen in the vocabulary that has...
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Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Producing Words of Indonesia’s Adult Patient

Gustianingsih, Ali, Elmeida Effendi
Special treatment for autistic spectrum disorder in the form of joint research with three relevant fields of linguists could provide the speech learning for patients with special needs. This research was conducted to seek the phonological disorder such deviations of the exchanges of consonant or vowel...
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Phatic Category as an Affirmation in the Speech of Bangka Malay Language

Hazma, Sri Nur Yuliyawati
The study of grammar in Bangka Malay is still limited. The discussion about the phatic category in the speech of Bangka Malay Language will be one of the important discourses in Bangka Malay language. In the speech of Bangka Malay language, the phatic category is often found. This study will explain...
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Language Variations by Guru Zaini Ghani’s Preach in South Kalimantan

Heppy Lismayanti, Kisyani Laksono, Maria Mintowati
This study examines the use of language variations in Guru Zaini Ghani’s preach in South Kalimantan. This study aims to: (1) describe language variations and (2) describe language styles based on the tone and structure of sentences in Guru Zaini Ghani’s preach in South Kalimantan. The approach used in...
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Reflection of Pesantren Culture in Madura Through Behavior Language Codes (Anthropopragmatic Study)

Khusnul Khotimah, Kisyani Laksono, Maria Mintowati
This research is motivated by the specific language behavior of the pesantren community in Madura. In the culture of the Islamic boarding school, Madura plays an important role. Madura language becomes the main language code used. This implies that Madurese pesantren culture seeks to preserve Madura...
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Favorite Vocabulary in Students’ Thesis and Dissertation of S-2 and S-3 Study Programs Language and Literature Education

Maria Mintowati, Kisyani-Laksono, Ahmad Bayu Prastyo
One of the requirements for graduation as a master or doctor is a graduate student writing a final paper in the form of a thesis or dissertation. Through a relatively long writing process to realize the written work, ideas are expressed through the choice of words and their arrangement in sentences to...
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Spelling Errors in Bahasa of Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya University Students

Nadya Afdholy, Terra Bellatrix Aden Nashahta
The study of errors in Bahasa spelling is still interesting to be researched in multi-lingual countries such as Indonesia, considering that Indonesia has more than 700 languages and many are endangered. This research aims to expose spelling errors in the Bahasa of Nahdlatul Ulama Surabaya University...
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Investigating Refusal Strategies in Situational Comedy: A Case Study of Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.

Nico Harared
This research aimed to investigate the form of refusal strategy in the situational comedy and to figure out the structure of refusal strategy used by Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D. The researcher used Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D.’s utterances showed as refusal as the research subject. The researcher collected the data...
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Strengthening Student’s Pragmatics Competence in Teaching and Learning English Through Animation Video

Rosita Ambarwati, Kristina Herawati
This study investigates the importance of video as a media to create a better situation in the teaching and learning process and also to help the student to develop pragmatic competence. This study is based on Hymes’ theory (1972). To analyze deeply the development of student’s pragmatic competence it...
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The Phenomena of Public Debates on Television as Indication of Changes in Language Behavior: A Pragmatic-Semantic Analysis

Sri Handayani, Aceng Ruhendi Saefullah
Public debates frequently happen in television talk shows taking political issues have been negatively responded by people. This research aims at describing the indication of the changes of language behavior of the resource persons in talk shows live broadcasted on television with a topic in politics....
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The Characteristics of Language Politeness in Students’ WhatsApp Messages to Lecturers

Sri Nur Yuliawati, Hazma, Krisna Yudha Bakhti
This study is aimed to describe the characteristics of language politeness in students’ WhatsApp (WA) messages to their lecturers. The research method used was a descriptive method with data consisting of 460 WA messages from 75 students. From this study, it is revealed that 88.7% of the characteristic...
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The Application of Story Mapping Technique to Improve Writing Skills

Sriati Usman, Andini Safitri, Mochtar Marhum
This research aims to find out whether or not the application of the story mapping technique can improve the writing skills of Grade X students of SMK Negeri 3 Palu. The type of this research was a quasi-experimental research design that involved two groups; experimental and control. The population was...
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The Existence of Indonesian Craft in the Middle of DiY Craft Movement by Millennial Community

Alfi Yusrina Farikha
Art, especially crafts or known as seni kriya in Indonesia, has become part of the lifestyle of Indonesian people. Indonesian art of craft in the millennial period is increasingly developing in line with the times. The development of craft creates many derivative terms, one of which is, do it yourself...
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Expression of Counter Hegemony in “New Generation” Song Lyrics of “The.S.I.G.I.T” Album

Asih Prihandini, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah, Novian Denny Nugraha
This research departs from the phenomenon of English-language music lyrics composed by Indonesian musicians, the music group The.S.I.G.I.T in one of his works, New Generation. The purpose of this study is to analyze the structure and meaning used in the lyrics by using the theory of Metaphors by Lakoff...
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Cultural Objects Ethnic Wedding Traditions Brunei Malay in the Federal Territory of Labuan

Dayang Damit @ Saidah Binti Md Yassin, Humin Jusilin
Sabah is well known as “The Land below The Wind” which is popular with many ethnics. This diversity creates the uniqueness of the culture and customs. Unfortunately, cultural identities are difficult to be identified due to clashes with mixed marriages and religious differences. This study interpreted...
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The Ritual “Mantenan Tebu” and Its Role as the Promotion Media of Inherited Indonesian Culture

Heny Indriastuti Riza Fauzi, Kundharu Saddhono, Ani Rakhmawati
Mantenan Tebu is a traditional ceremony that is still held in the Tasikmadu Karanganyar area. Besides, as a form of gratitude, the ritual is believed to invoke salvation from God. The purpose of this study is to describe the performance of the Mantenan Tebu ceremony in Tasikmadu Karanganyar which is...
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Structure of Informal Economy History of Palu City in Early 2000

Mahfud M. Gamar, Haliadi-Sadi
The economy of Palu City in early 2000 changed from the traditional economy to the modern urban economy, especially in the informal sector. The economic rate of Palu City in 2000 was 4.42%, and with Banggai Regency was the lowest price in the Central Sulawesi Province. The economic structure of Palu...
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Simulacra and Hyperreality in Novel Aku Lupa Bahwa Aku Perempuan by Ihsan Abdul Qudus: Perspective Jean Baudrillard

Sulaiman, Tengsoe Tjahjono
This study aims to reveal the Simulacra and Hyperreality in the novel ALAP by IAQ. The theoretical framework used to dissect the novel is the thought of Jean Baudrillard. Baudrillard revealed the occurrence of changes in the character of culture in society and introducing the character of society as...
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Commitment of Surabaya City in Realizing Prime Public Services Through the Media Center Website

Ahmad Burhan, Dimas Ayu Pamukir, Mauli
This study discusses about how the efforts of the Surabaya City Government in improving the quality of excellent service to the public. Public services are performed by the Surabaya city government through the Media Center as a service of information, complaints, and suggestions in order to provide access...
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Emotional Switching in Children’s Speech: A Case Study of Emotion Change Causing a Code-Switching in Education Domain

Budi Setiawan
Children have started experiencing and expressing emotion at home, whereas it is a different way in Kindergarten. A certain situation and circumstance in Kindergarten evoke children undergoing and presenting emotion differently. The emotion stimulation influences children to choose different codes, and...
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The Theater Arts Students’ Contribution to Develop the Community’s Character

Fantasi Fana Sari Asmara, Suyanto, Sunarmi
from a sociological perspective, in creating performing arts, artists start from the conditions they face, both the conditions of society or their conditions. Compared to other arts, theater art manages to present reality in a more complex way because the object of theater art is human. Therefore, the...
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Assessment of Learning Design with Padlet on the Writing Skills of German Language Level A2-B1 CEFR

Kharis, Dhea Elvira Ressa Putri
This study aims to answer the questions, how students respond using Padlet for writing skills in German language level A2-B1 CEFR and how the use of Padlet for this purpose to be optimized. In summary, 21 students participated, which consisted of 2 males and 19 females, within the range of 19–22 years....
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Marketing Strategy Planning Based on Customers Expected Services: Evidence from Sharia Cooperatives in Bandung

Koernia Purwihartuti, Hennidah Karnawati, Kristianingsih, Tiafahmi Angestiwi
The principal of sharia cooperative is free riba. The reality is market share of sharia cooperative only 5%. The purpose of this research is to determine the factors that influence the service which is desired by customers, the service desired by the customers and formulate the strategy plan based on...
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Sign on Cybercrime Text in Java

Mimas Ardhianti, Bambang Yulianto, Suhartono
This study aims to recite the text mark in cybercrime in Indonesia based on the study of semiotics. Cybercrimes in the research related to language which is used as evidence in the police. The focus of research is related to the sign language used to convey suspects in writings on social media. The method...
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Quick and Accurate Fast Online Outpatient Registration System (Si Palin Ceria) Tuban District General Hospital

Moch. Amriza, Bintoro Wardiyanto, Antun Mardiyanta
Public service is a benchmark of the most visible performance of the government. The community can directly assess the performance of the government based on the service it receives. For this reason, the quality of public services in all ministries / institutions is a fundamental matter that must be...
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Posters Containing the Rejection Toward the RKUHP in 2019: The Demonstartion Held by University Students

M. Rinzat Iriyansah, Syahyuri
At the end of 2014–2019 legislative periods, members of the House of Representatives made controversial constitutions, in which if passed, it will threaten civil liberties, among other things, especially the amendment of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Law. This situation makes students conduct...
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6 in 1 Program Implementation to Improve the Quality of Public Services in the Population and Civil Service of Surabaya City

Muhammad Haykal, Eko Supeno, Falih Suaedi
This study aims to describe how the implementation of the 6 in 1 program in the Department of Population and Civil Registration Surabaya. The background of this research is the many forms of public services that are not integrated that cause queues at the Population and Civil Registry Office. The high...
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The Implementation of the Majapahit House Construction Policy on Improving the MSME Sector in Bejijong Village, Trowulan District, Mojokerto Regency

Muhammad Roisul Basyar, Eko Supeno, Bintoro Wardiyanto
East Java Provincial Government and Mojokerto Regency Government have a policy innovation in the form of Majapahit House development. This development is carried out to utilize the great history of Majapahit located in the Trowualan District especially in Bejijong Village. One of the expected impacts...
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Nationalism Representation on Interactive Discourse in Internet Media: Semiotic Analysis

Ninah Hasanah, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah, Dadang Sudana
Nationalism is an attitude of awareness to achieve, maintain the identity, integrity, prosperity, and strength of the nation. Nationalism issues are always hotly discussed in the media. The freedom of the mass media now allows users to respond to issues of nationalism and prioritize group interests....
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Evaluation of the Very Poor Household Jalin Matra Program in Malang Regency

Octyan Danes Siregar, Jusuf Irianto, Sulikah Asmorowati
The Very Poor Household Jalin Matra Program implemented by East Java Provincial Government is the answer to all poverty problems in East Java Province. The high number of poor people in East Java is the main reason this program exists as a solution. This program assists in the form of business capital...
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Contribution of Principals’ Entrepreneurial Behavior to Teacher’s Performance

Education will succeed if the teacher’s performance is good. The principal is the key to the success of educational success. To support the performance of teachers, the entrepreneurship behavior of the principal is needed. This article describes the results of research aimed at 1) describe the entrepreneurship...