Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Advanced Multidisciplinary Research (ICAMR 2018)

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A Comparison of Natural Family Planning Knowledge among Family Planning Counselors in South Sulawesi

Andi Asmawati Azis, Hilda Karim, Andi Faridah Arsal, A. Bida Purnamasari, Andi Citra Pratiwi
The research is a descriptive study aimed to investigate the understanding of Family Planning counselors on Natural Family Planning (NFP) methods. Although the information about Family Planning Services already available, the level of participation on Family Planning is still low, especially on NFP....
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The Relationship between the Ability of Married Couple in Expressing Love in Siri’ Culture and the Domestic Violence for Women in Bugis-Makassar Household

Nurlinda Azis, Nurhayati Azis
The research aimed to identify the relationship between the ability of a married couple in expressing love in Siri’ culture and the domestic violence for women in Bugis-Makassar household. This research also illustrates the causal factors of domestic violence. The subjects that participated in this research...
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Tourism Competitiveness of South Sulawesi Province

Muhammad Azis, Agung Widhi Kurniawan, Dr. Anwar
The purpose of this study was to analyze competing strategies in tourist destinations. The research method was a survey. The sample units were 149 respondents. Data collection technique used a questionnaire instrument with Likert scale measurement. Respondents were asked to provide answers to closing...
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Abrasion Hazard Mitigation Efforts on The Coast Maros Regency of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Nasiah Badwi, Ichsan Invanni Baharuddin, Ibrahim Abbas
Abrasion is one of the natural disasters that have to be controlled in a comprehensive manner. As for research purposes namely; 1) to know what mitigation efforts already undertook community on the coast of Maros. 2) to analyze what the appropriate mitigation forms are done in order that the Maros Beach...
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Emotion Regulation Strategies: The Effect on Emotional Exhaustion, Emotional Control, and Heart Rate

Resekiani Mas Bakar, Ms. Muliana
The study of emotion regulation topic generally associated with the reappraisal strategy that may be offered a positive impact, rather than suppression strategy which affect negatively. This experimental study constituted the manipulation of disgusting video towards three groups (reappraisal strategy...
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Islamic Encounter and Local Tradition of Kololi Kie Ritual

Idham Khalid Bodi
This study aims to explain the process of encounter between Islam and local traditions in the traditional Kololi Kie ritual. The traditional ritual that has been going on for hundreds of years which are still carried out by the Ternate Sultanate. This research is qualitative research. Data were collected...
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Creating Creative Cosplay Industry in Indonesia using Vacuum Forming Technology

Dian Cahyadi, Muhammad Farid, Lanta L.
The cosplay in Indonesia initially have not become a trend of creative activity in Indonesia until half of the decade of the 2000s. It is not yet a post-2010 period with the presence of the Jember Carnaval Festival. The cosplay fever in Indonesia is now beginning to end with the presence of cosplayers...
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Need Assessment for The Development of Disaster Mitigation Training Model in South Sulawesi

Firdaus Daud, Arsad Bahri, Andi Citra Pratiwi, Dr. Adnan, Arifah Novia Arifin
This research is aimed to assess the community needs to development Disaster Mitigation Training Model in South Sulawesi. The research population was adolescents in South Sulawesi Province, and the sample consists of 50 people who represented a total of 15 districts and three cities. The questionnaire...
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Empowerment of Micro Business in the Department of Trade, Industry, Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises

Muhammad Guntur, Henni Zainal
This economic crisis that has been happening so greatly influence the regency economy. In a short time, the country's economy was sharply shattered. The weakening of the rupiah made the prices of basic necessities continue to increase which also pushed up the inflation rate. With soaring prices of basic...
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The Analysis of Discipline of Civil Servants on Agrarian Office in Makassar City

Muhammad Guntur, Henni Zainal
The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the discipline of civil servants in the Agrarian Affair office at Makassar City. This research is quantitative research. There is two variable in the research namely discipline and the leadership in the organization. The researcher used a questionnaire...
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Cultural Love and Prestige: Doi Menre at a Wedding in Kajuara

Amiruddin Hamid, Rifal Najering, Ms. Satnawati, Mr. Bahri
Money on the wedding event in Bugis tradition experienced a shift of meaning, no longer as a form of women's appreciation but served as an arena of prestige, with a high number of offered money (doi menre) positively and negatively impacted. This study aims to determine, (i) Dominant Factors to determine...
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Ecopreneurship Ability for Young Women Entrepreneur Candidates at University

Risma Haris, Sapto Haryoko, Jasruddin Daud Malago, Nurlita Pertiwi
The critical role of young entrepreneurs in maintaining the environment is the rationale for the preparation of this study. This article describes the ecopreneurship of young women in universities. The descriptive quantitative method with focuses on prospective young female entrepreneurs aged 19-22 years....
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Socio-technical Approach to Agricultural Information Systems Development

Hadi Hariyanto, Misita Anwar
Agricultural information interacts with and influences agricultural productivity in informing decisions regarding land, labour, livestock, capital and management. Relevant, reliable and useful information and knowledge can arguably improve agricultural productivity. The creation of information systems...
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Work Discipline of Employees at the Office of Cooperatives and UKM in Makassar City

Umar Sugeng Hariyono, Yusran Sopyan, Haedar Akib, Hasnawi Haris, Sukardi Paraga, Agnes Tumanan
This study aims to determine the level of work discipline of employees in the Office of the Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) in Makassar City. This type of research is a descriptive study using quantitative methods and approaches that describe the level of work discipline of employees...
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The Effectiveness of the Performance of Civil Servants in the Integrated Service Office in Gowa Regency

Umar Sugeng Hariyono, Yusran Sopyan, Haedar Akib, Hasnawi Haris, Sukardi Paraga, Alwiyah Astuti
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the performance of civil servants in the integrated services department in Gowa district. This study uses a type of research with a quantitative descriptive approach with observation, questionnaire, interview, and documentation data collection techniques....
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Continuity of Traditional Ceramic Arts in The Socio-cultural Context of Crafters Society

Mr. Irfan, Prof. Dharsono, SP. Gustami, Dr. Guntur
Traditional ceramic art in various regions of Indonesia has existed for hundred years, but its form and function still remain sustainable in the modern era, it is allegedly influenced by various socio-cultural elements of crafters who have a pattern of inheritance continuing to their next generations,...
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The Effect of Social Support of Job Stress of PT. X Makassar Employees

Muhammad Jufri, Novita Maulidya Djalal
Stress is a condition in which a person experiences feelings of stress in dealing with problems or tasks that must be completed. The PT. X employees who are required to carry out their duties professionally are not spared from the stressful work conditions. The purpose of this study was to find out whether...
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Fundamentals of Qalb: The Impact on Muslim Project Managers

Musmuliadi Kamaruding, Wan Nurul Firdaus Wan Mohd Naim, Suriadi Kamaruding, Rosni Abdul Rani Ibrahim
Recently, in the concept of contemporary project management, the fundamentals of qalb have not been emphasized as one of the most important elements that a project manager must have. The focus was more on the knowledge of skills, tools, and techniques on how to ensure that projects can be completed on...
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Creating a Conducive Environment for The General Election

Andi Kasmawati
Democracy is a symbol of a country that authorizes its people to control and monitor how the state organizations run although democracy implementation has not been able to manifest the welfare desired by its people. In addition, general elections, which are a means of establishing democracy, often come...
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Role of Women According to Ancient Text Perspective and Bugis Community Historical Context (Finding Relevance in the Modern Context Society in South Sulawesi)

Andi Ima Kesuma
The traditional ancient manuscripts of the Bugis in South Sulawesi both I La Galigo manuscript and Lontarak can be traced to find how the role and gender were in the practice of kingdoms history. This paper aims to analyze gender perspectives in some ancient manuscripts and its history as well as to...
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Portrait of Female Leaders in Universitas Negeri Makassar Environment

Dr. Lu'mu, Dr. Ruslan, Mardiyanah Nasta
This study aimed to determine the managerial ability, the suitability of educational background and the suitability with the position, achievement motivation, and satisfaction of the job allowance received by female leaders in Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM) Environment. This research is quantitative...
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The Effect of External Environment and Low-Cost Strategy on Financial Performance of Banking in Indonesia

Akhmad Muhammadin, Rashila Ramli
The external environment is a challenge for the banking industry in Indonesia. The dynamic changes of the external environment influence the strategy and performance financial in the global competition of the banking sector in Indonesia. The objectives of this study are 1) to analyze the effect of the...
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Optimization of the Role of Islamic Education in Public Universities in Counteracting Religious Extremism in Makassar

Dr. Muhammadong, Dr. Wahyudin, Dr. Saharullah, Masjumi Nur
Islamic Education is a compulsory subject taught in public universities the role of Islamic educations very strategic in counteracting extremism. In the learning process at public universities, the Islamic Religious Education upholds moderate understanding that can accept all classes. Therefore, so that...
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Measuring the Shrinkage Properties Power of Local Soil Material to Produce the Accuracy of the Shape and Size of the Art Crafts Ceramic

Ali Ahmad Muhdy, Mr. Irfan, Mr. Solihing
The shrinkage of clay as a ceramic material is the process of changing size and weight when the water content decreases and evaporates due to drying and burning. In general, pottery craftsmen in Takalar Regency do not understand misunderstand and have not been able to be measure the shrinkage of soil...
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The Implementation of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) in Building an E-Commerce Website

Ms. Nahlah, Mr. Paramudia, Mr. Amiruddin, Mr. Lukman
OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is an object-oriented programming method. The purpose of OOP is to facilitate the development of the program by following the models that have existed in everyday life. Object-oriented programming techniques are becoming very popular today in the process of creating...
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Metasynthesis of The Dynamics of Hope

Haerani Nur, Wiwin Hendriani
Hope is an essential concept in human life when faced with problems of life. Hope can facilitate coping ability, sources of resilient, and impact to human well being. Hope is a dynamic process, which sometimes is still difficult to understand. There are many studies that reveal the dynamics of hope....
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Semiotic Studies of The Menara Pinisi Symbolization in Visual Identity

Mr. Nurabdiansyah
Menara Pinisi is Academic Administration Center building which is an important academic building at Universitas Negeri Makassar (Makassar State University). This landmark is located on Jalan Andi Pangerang Pettarani, Makassar, the capital city of Sulawesi Selatan. The main design of the Menara Pinisi...
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An Analysis of the Relationship between Economic Growth and Human Development of South Sulawesi for 2011-2016

Sukri Nyompa, Rosmini Maru, Maghfir Rafsan Jamal, Amal Arfan, Dr. Uca
The purposes of this research are to find out: 1) the description of economic growth and human development in South Sulawesi, 2) the relationship between economic growth and human development in South Sulawesi, and 3) the cointegration relationship between economic growth and human development in South...
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Bandung Tourism Image: Stakeholder Perceptions on The Representation of Creative City

Bhawika Hikmat Prasetya, Ketwadee buddhabhumbhitak
At the end of 2015, UNESCO has announced the designation of Bandung as one of the city who joined UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). This recognition not only offers credibility and global recognition for the city but also makes Bandung facing a potential benefit which comes with the acknowledgment....
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Factors that Influence Employee Performance Department of Education Bone District based on Factor Analysis

Andi Quraisy, Mr. Ikramuddin
This research was conducted at the Department of Education in Bone regency with the purpose of knowing the factors that influence the performance of civil servant Department of Education of Bone Regency. Factor analysis is used to summarize a number of variables into several factors and their naming...
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Comparative Perspective Decisions of Traditional Fisherman by using Outboard Motor and Non-Powered Motor in Choosing Empower Capture Fish Processing Business

Abd. Rahim, Diah Retno Dwi Hastuti, Wardihan Sabar, Ms. Rosmawati
The government assistance policies program in Barru District include policies for fishing gear for outboard motor fishermen and outboard engine for the non-powered motor. However, those policies do not run well. It can be seen where the income is not sufficient for household economic needs. Therefore,...
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Analysis of Social and Cultural Values in the Development of Traditional Houses Im at Marsela Society

Tanwey Gerson Ratumanan, Juliaans Marantika, Christi Matitaputty
This paper had been carried out to expose the socio-cultural values formed in the process of building Im as traditional houses in Masela Island , Babar Archipelago, South West Mollucas as a cultural heritage. This paper is a part of the development of the local content curriculum of Babar Islands. as...
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Motives of Youth Volunteer Behavior

Ahmad Ridfah, Nur Afni Indahari, Wawan Kurniawan
This aims of the study are to obtain an overview of the changing motives of youth volunteer behavior before and after participating in the Positive Youth Project. The model used in this research was a quasi-experimental model with a pre-posttest design. Twenty- five high school students participated...
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Maternal Feeding Strategy used by Working Mothers of Children 4-6 Years Old

Rohmah Rifani, Prof. Suryanto, Dewi Retno Suminar
The Study of Parental feeding strategy is still limited in Indonesia. Most working mothers have a time constraint in feeding their children. This causes working mothers to choose ways that are easy to do in feeding children. The ways that are often used by working mothers include feeding while playing,...
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The Relationship of Science Knowledge and Decision-Making Based on Gender on Socioscientific Issues

Haryanti Putri Rizal, Galuh Yuliani, Parsaoran Siahaan, Dr. Hasri
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between students’ understanding of science and decision-making based gender on socio-scientific issues (SSI), especially on environmental pollution in Indonesia. Science Instruction based SSI was developed and implemented to encourage students...
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The Effect of Body Fats Percentage on Cardiovascular Resistance for Futsal Athlete

Dr. Saharullah, Dr. Wahyudin, Dr. Muhammadong, Mr. Aswar
This study aims to determine the effect of body fat percentage on cardiovascular endurance for futsal athletes. This study is an experimental design. The population in this study were Futsal athletes of Faculty of Sports Science, Universitas Negeri Makassar. There were ten Futsal athletes selected by...
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Development of Sheet Jam from Various Local Materials and Ecopreneurship for Application in the Early Revolution of Industry 4.0

Jokebet Saludung, Sundari Hamid, Amelda Paramezwary
This research is a research and development based on technopreneurship in the form of experiment with new innovation which has found sheet jam from various local material and ecopreneurship. It aims to develop the product sheet jam of various local materials based on ecopreneurship that is watermelon,...
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Mother Support for Early Childhood Development

Mr. Suardi, Patta Bundu, Mr. Anshari, Sulaiman Samad
This study aims to examine maternal daily actions/responses given by mothers in facilitating child development at home. This study used a descriptive design involving 147 mothers as respondents who were determined through the non-probability method with purposive sampling technique. The results showed...
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Analysis of Organizational Performance of Student Activity Units

Rachman Suwandaru, Ms. Herlinah
This research was conducted to determine the performance of the STIM Nitro student activity unit in the city of Makassar. By using the Balanced Scorecard approach and Likert scale, SPSS assistance can be seen whether or not the organization is run effectively by students. The results show that the Student...
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Social Economic Conditions of Seaweed Farmers in Jeneponto Regency

Husain Syam, Jamaluddin P, Amirah Mustarin, Andi Alamsyah Rivai
Designing the right strategies for the business development of seaweed cultivation in Jeneponto Regency requires a variety of information. One of the required information is the socio-economic information of seaweed farmers. This study aimed to describe the socio-economic conditions of seaweed farmers...
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Social Livelihoods of Silk Weaver’s Family in Bira Bulukumba

Dr. Syamsidah
This study is using a qualitative that aimed to describe the social livelihoods of weavers' families in Bira, knowing their cultural values that affect the lives of weavers' families. The subject in this study was selected purposively from weavers' families in Bira with the following criteria. (1) Bira...