Proceedings of the 2016 6th International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

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A Fixed-loaded Interface Component Mode Synthesis Method for Dynamic Analysis of a Folding Wing

Yingge Ni, Xiaopeng Wan, Meiying Zhao
A fixed-loaded interface component mode synthesis method is presented for carrying out a dynamic analysis for a folding wing. The present method has the advantages of the fixed interface method and loaded interface method, in which the effects of the elastic and inertia force at interfaces are included...
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A Study of Energy Recovery System during Braking for Electric Vehicle

Lin Zheng, Zhanqun Shi, Yuegang Luo, Jing Kang
The braking energy recovery system of electric vehicle is worthy to be further discussed due to the improvement of both the energy efficiency and the endurance capacity. In this paper, the structural and the principle of the energy regenerative system for electric vehicles are discussed. The comparisons...
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A Operational Risk Evaluation Research for Instrument Landing System

Rui Zhang, Yong Fan, Rong Cheng
Instrument Landing System ILS is widely used in flight precision approach at present, therefore a operational risk evaluation system is in need of protecting the instrument safety operation in theory. This article adopts SHEL model for setting up a risk evaluation system and adopts analytic hierarchy...
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Design of Frequency Characteristic Test Instrument Based on USB

Zhengling Wu, Nannan Zhang
Aiming at the issues of high cost, large size, high maintenance cost for traditional frequency characteristic test instrument, this paper introduces a design process of frequency characteristic test instrument based on USB2.0. The whole system took single clip microcomputer as the control core, and the...
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Application of Trio Motion Controller in the Control System of Glass Engraving Machine

Hua-Yang Zhao, Da-Peng Liu
In recent years, glass engraving products get the favor of consumers, demand of glass engraving products become higher and higher, the traditional glass engraving is mainly done manually, labor intensity is big, the work efficiency is low, in view of this situation, a kind of glass engraving machine...
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Design of Virtual Multimeter Based on VIIS-EM Platform

Zhengling Wu, Haiyan Wu
From enriching VIIS-EW independently researched and developed by Jilin University, the development of virtual digital multimeter was finished for the purpose of designing modern intelligent digital multimeter. With the idea of modularization, the virtual digital multimeter was designed for the module...
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Application of an Improved Apriori Algorithm in Intelligence Greenhouse System

Xiao-guo Liu, Yu Chen
To solve the problem that the accure data can't be pushed by the failure of local sensor in intelligence greenhouse system, it was presented that the Apriori algorithm which was based on association rule applied in the prediction of sensor fault data. Forcasting the greenhouse environment temperature...
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Research on the Accurate Continuous Calibration System for Current Transformer

Yonghong Fan, Jiandong Zhao, Huaguang Li
The current transformer, as one of the basic electrical system components, by its accuracy and stability, ensures the metering, protection and analysis of the power system. The current transformers are wildly used since 1884, when the electromagnetic transforms were invented. Recently, the capacity of...
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Mechanical Proving for ERD™S-SZEKERES Problem

Meijing Shan
The Erd”s-Szekeres problem was an open unsolved problem in computational geometry and related fields from 1935. Many results about it have been shown. The main concern of this paper is not only show how to prove this problem with automated deduction methods and tools but also contribute to the significance...
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Research on Intelligent Picking-robot System Based on FPGA and Neural Network

Hai-Liu Xiao, Yan-Ping Wei
In order to solve inaccurate picking caused by the nonlinear input and output with the traditional picking measuring robot system, this article will put forward a new robot picking system based on FPGA and neural network. Comparing with the traditional robot system, the new one can enhance the linear...
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Research on the Electronic Circuits Reliability Tolerance Analysis Method and Its Application

Yonghong Fan, Na Li, Jianguo Zhang
In the electronic circuit system design process, tolerance analysis is the basis for reliability design. And it is also the most advanced design technology representing an important development direction in this field currently. In this paper, electronic circuits reliability tolerance analysis method...
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Theory and Application of Drilling Drainage Radius Determination Based on Drill Gas Flow Method

Ying Zhu, Linchao Dai, Kai Wang
In order to determine the drilling gas drainage radius, several different spacing drilling group were set up, and the relationship between drill pumping rate and the drainage time was solved through the relationships between drill gas flow and drainage time. Then on the basis of objective standards in...
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Design of Beef Cattle Feeding System Based on Motion Controller

Xiao-Qiang Wu, Da-Peng Liu
According to the traditional beef cattle feeding way of simple equipment, low labor efficiency, high production cost, a beef cattle automatic feeding system is designed based on motion controller. This system uses form of upper computer and lower computer, PC is for the overall planning and programming,...
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The Four-legged Loaded Robot Design Based on MCU Control

Baohua Jiang, Qiang Qi
Based on the bionics, using MCU as the controller and the steering gear as the driving components, Combined with various sensors, makes a flexible, inexpensive, large load ability four-legged robot. The article introduces the constitute principle of the system, analyzes the system working process and...
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The Application of Trio Controller in the Control System of Cutting Robot Design of Beef Cattle Feeding System Based on Motion Controller

De-Hui Zhang, Da-Peng Liu
With the development of industrialization, application of pipe is becoming more and more. The traditional pipe cutting method cannot meet the market demand. CNC cutting can make up for the deficiency of traditional manual cutting, a kind of cutting robot control system based on Trio motion controller...
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The Design of Automatic Temperature and Humidity Recorder

Yu-jie Chen, Pei-xue Liu, Jin-tao Luo, Wen-xiu Xu
Aiming at the problems that the traditional temperature and humidity recording manual operation is low efficiency, put forward a design scheme of temperature and humidity automatic alarm recorder. real-time monitor temperature and humidity sensors using single chip microcomputer technology, after the...
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Research and Application for Key Technologies of Container Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) at Port

Rui Yang, Wei Zhang
On the basis of the research for AGV20 container automated guided vehicle (AGV), this paper focuses on analyzing and discussing core technical issues and treatment mode for global positioning system at the aspect of design and application, especially dual close-loop vector control drive of positioning...
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Food Cold Chain Logistics Based on Internet of Things Technology

Xiao-guo Liu, Min-hua Xu, Chen Yu
Based on the food cold chain transportation, the problems of food cold chain logistics in our country is expounded. The Internet of things technology system can provide the feasible countermeasures for the food cold chain logistics.
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Design of Plate Rolling Machine Based on Trio Motion Controller

Chun-You Zhang, Da-Peng Liu
The development of industrial automation puts forward new requirements of plate rolling machine, traditional plate rolling machine has been unable to meet the market demand. In view of this situation, this paper a kind of control system of plate rolling machine is designed based on trio motion controller,...
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Design and Development of Automation Production Control System for Production Line

Yongqiu Liu, Jijin Zhu
The range of operating temperature for production line of frozen food is generally from -80 to 20 , which causes difficulties for food production and food hygiene supervision. The research develops an automation production control system controlled by computer. Experiments show that the system can complete...
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Design of Coal mine Multi-joint Snake-like Rescue Robot Based on ARM

Hongyan Li, Yuanbin Hou
In order to make the coal mine snake-like robot can better perform search and rescue missions in different terrain environment, according to the characteristics of the snake like robot, a new front end actuator was designed. According to the faults of traditional snake like robot head only has sensor...
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Wave Equations for Prestack Reverse-time Migration

Qiqiang Yang
Numerical solutions of the wave equation have greatly aided geophysicists in both forward modeling and migration of seismic wave fields in complicated geologic media, and they promise to be invaluable in solving the full inverse problem. This paper compares time-stepping methods based on the solution...
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Hybrid Synchronization of Fractional Order Chaotic Systems

Xue-feng Liang, Li-xin Yang
This paper studies the modified hybrid projective synchronization of fractional order chaotic systems, which generalizes many various synchronization forms. We firstly present this kind synchronization that the response and drive systems have scaling factors at the same time. In addition, based on the...
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The Evaluation Model and its Application to University Laboratory Safety Based on BP Neural Network

Yu Chen, Xiao-guo Liu
The evaluation model of university laboratory safety based on BP neural network is presented. By reference of the domestic research for laboratory safety evaluation and combining with of laboratory characteristics of Jinlin University, the safety evaluation index system of university laboratory is selected....
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Research on Anti-jamming Algorithm Implementation of GPS Signal

Youhui Zhang, Rui Zhang
GPS has been more and more important in people's life, which can provide accurate positioning for us. However, under realistic conditions GPS signal is very weak, it is easy to be outside intentional and unintentional interference, and thus can't achieve good positioning. This article describes the basic...
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Optimization and Implementation of Image Compression Algorithm Based on Neural Network

Jing Hu, Xianbin Xu, Xuefeng Pan, Lingmin Liu
This paper presents an image compression algorithm based on neural network with almost real-time response, to address the difficulty of real-time video transmission and compression. After giving the structure of the neural network based video compression system, the self-learning algorithm of neural...
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Analysis of Dynamical Behavior in Hyper-chaotic Complex System

Xue-feng Liang
This paper investigates the complex dynamics of fractional-order hyper-chaotic complex system via numerical simulations. It is found that the variation of both the system parameters and the fractional order can induce bifurcations, and the parameter ranges of chaos are different. Also, a controller of...
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Prestack Synthesized Arel Shot Record Reverse-time Migration

Qiqiang Yang
Reverse time migration allows steep dip imaging, any lateral velocity variation and correct amplitude and phase information at the same time. However, it is time consuming and requires large hard disk memories. To shorten the running time of prestack reverse time migration, we use synthesized areal shot...
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Bifurcation of a Fractional-order Complex System

Honggang Dang, Xiaoya Yang, XiaoJun Liu
In this paper, bifurcation of a fractional-order complex system is studied. As system parameter is varied, bifurcation of the system is showed by the numerical simulation. The routes leading to chaos including the period-doubling and tangent bifurcations are obtained. The phase portraits for different...
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Application of Bearing Diagnosis Based on Wavelet Preprocessing Neural Network

Jiang-bo Chen, Shi-xian Zeng, Yan Li
According to compactly supported characteristics of bearing local damage diagnosis based on wavelet analysis, the construction of compactly supported orthogonal function method are studied. With the wavelet multi-resolution analysis and multivariate time series analysis as the foundation, the parameters...
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Synchronization of a Fractional-order Complex System

Honggang Dang, Xiaoya Yang, XiaoJun Liu
In this paper, synchronization of a fractional-order complex system is studied. Based on the stability theory of fractional-order systems, the scheme of synchronization for the fractional-order complex system is proposed. the synchronization for the system is realized by designing appropriate controllers....
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Research Status and Prospects of Coal Seam Gas Content Prediction Based on Mathematical Model

Linchao Dai
The coal seam gas content is the base of coal mine gas reserves calculation, but also is the important index to forecast the gas emission and evaluate the coal and gas outburst danger. The paper summarizes the current widely used mathematical models to predict the coal seam gas content, and focuses on...
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Short-Term Crude Oil Scheduling Modeling and Algorithm with High Fusion Point Oil and Two Pipelines Transportation Based on Priority-Slot

Yuming Zhao
Some oil refineries arrange low fusion point crude oil storage tanks and high fusion point ones at two different locations. Different fusion point crude oil needs different pipeline to transfer. So, to transport diverse fusion point oil needs two pipelines. Because of the constraints resulted from transferring...
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Research and Application of Quality Detection Method for Corn Oil Based on Neural Network Algorithm

Wei-Feng Gao, Ming-fen Wu
The nutritious value of corn oil is gradually recognized by the public, while with the expansion of its production, how to detect its quality has become a tough problem. The research performs data analysis on the infrared spectrum of corn oil to inspect the quality of corn oil by adopting neural network...
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Online Media Communication Performance Statistics Based on Bayesian Algorithm

Xiaoxing Ma
Network media has become the main means of communication in modern life, this paper discusses how to do evaluation of the effect about network media dissemination, whether the media files reach the audience and the extent of the impact on the audience. To calculate the performance effect of network media,...
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Research on MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Cheng Yin, Wei Wang, Hui Xi
The underwater acoustic sensor network has been used in such wide areas as oceanographic data collection, pollution monitoring, disaster warning, offshore exploration, navigational assistant and tactical surveillance application. While the implementing of these applications lies in the key technology--underwater...
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Construction of Smart Campus System Based on Cloud Computing

Xiaofei Cheng, Rui Xue
In this paper, the authors stated the concept and characters of smart campus, and put forward a smart campus construction program based on cloud computing, internet of things and other technic. The analysis and study shows that the new information technologies are playing more and more important roles...
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The Development of Computer Management Information System for the Test Criterion of Food Safety of Large-Scale Shopping Malls

Tong Jiang, Dong Xie, Guangjun Guo, Yan Zhang
Recently, food safety incident takes place frequently. As the last link of the future food supply chain, large-scale shopping mall is especially important in the safety guarantee of food. Through establishing management information system for large-scale shopping malls, this study can help large-scale...
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Research on Vehicle High Speed Motion Stability and Simulation Based on Computer Aided Design

Zhensheng Zhang, Hailing Han, Rui Li, Xingyuan Zhang
In this paper, through the research on high speed moving vehicle aerodynamic stability by using the method of computer aided design, the result of the research has showed that there is a close relationship between the automobile body surface pressure distribution and automobile shape, which can have...
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Keyword Queries by Matching Synonyms in Relational Databases

DingFang Huang, Dong Xie, Heyun Liu
In recent years, the database technology has been widely used in a few fields. The keyword search technology based on relational databases does not require users to master any knowledge of SQL grammar and database schema. Users only need to input keywords, and conveniently search information via keyword...
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Study on the Inspection Testing & Certification by Game Theory

Zhaoying Zuo, Deshan Tang, Shangrui Wu, Xiaodan Yang, Jian Sun, Yixian Wang
Firstly, we analyse the common character of inspection testing and certification. Then based on the theory of game theory, the paper analyses the act of finite repeated game by the coal ore inspection. Some measures should be taken to enhance the international competitiveness of the inspection testing...
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Research on the Status and Development Trends of Embedded Software Technology

Changlin He, Yufen Li
Currently, embedded technology has become a key technology of information industry, embedded technology has become an important part of computer technology development, but also been widely applied to aerospace, industrial production, military and national defense, health and our daily life, on the current...
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Present Situation of Web Information Search and Its Improvement Strategy

Tang Lin
With the advent of the era of big data, people face Web information overload problem. In order to efficiently and accurately obtain information on the network, Web information search technology has been developed rapidly. First in this paper, the working principle of the keyword search engines that are...
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Analysis of Competition between Open Source Software and Proprietary Software

Jian Dong Zhao, Ying Liu, Li Zhu
Open source software and proprietary software are in a coexisting and competitive relationship in today's software market. Through the comparison of the asymmetric structure of the two types of software, this paper analyzed their competitive relationship in market entry order, product price asymmetry,...
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The Research and Design of Wearable Smart Blind Guidance

Rui Xue, Shixian Zeng
In order to solve the deficiencies of the prior art. We present an intelligent wearable with guide blind shoes. It can detect the road surface and the convex surface on the ground of the obstacle position and distance accurately, and can help the blind to determine their specific position accurately,...
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Research on Multidimensional Data Storage Model Based on Relational Database

Yan Zhang, Dong Xie, Guangjun Guo, Tong Jiang
This article describes a relational database for the ultimate data storage management model, through the establishment of a multi-dimensional data storage management support module between the data management and relational database, users achieve multidimensional data objects and storage management...
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Research for Multi-source Data Management System of Digital Mine

Shiyao Xiang
According to guiding ideology of digital mine construction as well as the production and operating conditions of open-pit coal mine in China, this paper designs the multi-source data management system of digital mine for open-pit coal mine. 6 kinds of spatial data and 3 kinds of non-spatial data were...
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Research on Distributed Wireless Sensor Network Communication Protocol

Yan Zhang, Dong Xie, Guangjun Guo, Tong Jiang
With the rapid development of communication technology, embedded computing technology and sensor technology and increasingly sophisticated, with perception, computing power and communication capabilities of micro-sensors began to appear in the world. By a distributed wireless sensor networks composed...
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Research on Application of Database Forensics Technology

Qin Liu
Electronic evidence has become one of the new litigation evidence. Computer forensics as an effective means of obtaining electronic evidence has been widely studied. Database forensics is a new field of computer forensics. Based on the specific database products, this paper gives the common database...
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Study on an Interactive Roaming Control Scheme for Industrial Products Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Yimin Su
In this paper, it develops a set of interactive roaming control scheme applied to the virtual reality system through the research and study on human engineering characteristics. This scheme realized the functions of viewpoint rotation, visual angle change and scale transformation in the virtual scene,...
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Research on the Application of NFC Technology in Electronic Commerce Mobile Payment

Chunlei Han, Fangfang Liu, Xia Hou
On December 18, 2015, Apple's official announced that apple began to cooperate with china Unionpay and launched apple pay in china, Unionpay cardholders can add their UnionPay card to the iphone, apple watch and ipad, and pay by using these intelligent terminal. NFC payments break the traditional mode...
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Improvement of Nitrogen-phosphorus Intumescent Flame Retardant and Its Application in Polystyrene Retardant

Chunxue Wang, Xiao Suo
With the aim of reducing thermal hazards of polystyrene (PS), the traditional nitrogen-phosphorus intumescent flame retardant ammonium polyphosphate (APP)/dipentaerythritol (DPER) was improved. Three kinds of intumescent flame retardant were made which are melamine formaldehyde resin coated APP (MFAPP)/melamine...
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Study on Multispectral Stealth Composites

Rongwang Guo, Liangyan Jiang, Wannian Zhu
In this study, the authors use the infrared stealth theory of phase change materials into development of multispectral stealth composites. The study results showed that we can form a kind of hierarchical structured multispectral stealth composites, which can achieve good multispectral stealth effects...
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Preparation of EVA/PVA/PU Multi-component Water-based Adhesive

Ning-bo Huo, Chun-hai Zhao
The stability, compatibility, bond strength and other parameters of the polymer emulsion system were investigated. The effects of different additives and additives content on the water resistance of water-based adhesive were studied. The results showed that the system stability is good when the content...
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Study on Anti-Hygrothermal Aging Properties of TPS Hot-melt Adhesive

Ning-bo Huo, Chun-hai Zhao
TPS type hot-melt adhesive damp heat aging phenomenon along with the seasonal variation is analyzed. Effect of kinds and content of tackifying resin, elastomer and TPU on the properties of hot-melt adhesive bonding is studied, and with the method of orthogonal design the optimized hot-melt adhesive formula...
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Aryloxy Amide Herbicide: Flufenacet

Ning-bo Huo, Chun-hai Zhao
There is a flufenacet review on its physical and chemical properties, mode of action, application, synthesis, analysis methods, patents, toxicology and formulation.
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Implementation of Corrosion Prevention Practices for Ground Vehicles

Xuecheng Zhang, Qixun Liu, Lu Jiang
Ground vehicles are operated in severe environments at the risk of corrosion. The corrosion would degrade military readiness and cause a large amount of cost. This paper describes some engineering practices of corrosion prevention for ground vehicles based on results of the environmental test and field...
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Food Diversification Levels and Nutrients in Tuberculosis Patients With and Without Diabetes Mellitus

Yumei Guo, Qiuzhen Wang, Yufeng Liu, Aiguo Ma, Yanxu Zhao, Yue Zou, Limei Sun, Hong Tian, Guofeng Jiang, Ruihan Lin, Yin Wang, Xiaojuan Dou
We aimed to investigate the food diversification levels and nutrients intake of tuberculosis patients with and without diabetes mellitus. Participants were diagnosed and treated at Qingdao Chest Hospital between April and August 2015. A total of 131 patients were eligible in the study and 50 of them...
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Anti-hepatocarcinoma Effects of Resveratrol Loaded Solid Nanodispersion by a New Material Nano Silica

Xiang-ping Meng, Yi-fei Wang, Zhi-ping Wang
Hepatocarcinoma, a malignant cancer, threaten human life badly. It is a current issue to seek the effective natural remedy from plant to treat cancer due to the resistance of the advanced hepatocarcinoma to chemotherapy. Resveratrol (Res), a major symbol ingredient in red grapes and peanuts, has a wide...
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Effect of Cortex Lycii Radicis Ethanol-Extract on the Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic In Type 2 Diabetic Rats

Changlei Li, Xiji Shu, Xiaoqing Chen, Yuwei Liu, Huiling Yi, Wei Liu, Baomiao Ma
To observe effect of cortex lycii radicis ethanol-extract on the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic in T2DM rats. T2DM rat modelinduced by intravenous injection small dose of streptozotocin (STZ) and feeding high fat-high glucose diet .The rats were randomly divided into blank control group, model control...
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Study on Polygonum Cuspidatum combined with Aerobic Exercise Treating Dyslipidemia

Li Liu
In the study investigate the ameliorative effect of the extract of Polygonum Cuspidatum (PC) in combination with aerobic exercise in hyperlipidemia rat. The rats were raised by high fat diet for four weeks; meanwhile these rats were treated with PC and aerobic exercise for four weeks. The rats were executed...
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Study of Jujube Polysaccharied on Protection from Lipid Peroxidation Damage of Cardiac Muscle Tissue after Exercise

Li Liu
By the method of experimental animals, to examine the jujube polysaccharide on protection from lipid peroxidation damage of cardiac muscle tissue in exercise rat . Twenty-four SD mice were selected and divided into control group,exercise group and exercise + jujube polysaccharide group randomly. There...
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Study on Health Education and Health Knowledge of Female College Students

Haina Cui, Tingting Xie
Primary dysmenorrhea seriously affects the personal life and learning, through the system of health education, can alleviate the dysmenorrhea, so as to improve the quality of life and learning effect.
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In Vitro and in Vivo Antitumor Efficacy of Berberine-solid Lipid Nanoparticles Against H22 Tumor

Xiang-ping Meng, Yi-fei Wang, Zhi-ping Wang
Hepatocarcinoma, a malignant cancer, threaten human life badly. It is a current issue to seek the effective natural remedy from plant to treat cancer due to the resistance of the advanced hepatocarcinoma to chemotherapy. Berberine (Ber), an isoquinoline derivative alkaloid, has a wide range of pharmacological...
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Research on Capital Cost Analysis of State Owned Enterprises in China

Pei Wang
The Capital cost is one of the most important concepts in the development of state-owned enterprises, which directly determines the enterprise value and is widely used in terms of investment and financing decisions, thus plays an important role in the company's financial goals. Estimating the capital...
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Tender Evaluation Method about Bidding of Construction Based on Set Pair Analysis

Jing Wang, Wei Su
A comprehensive optimum seeking model using identical degree of set pair analysis and analytic hierarchy process has been built; it is efficacious for tender evaluation of bidding of construction. The rationalization of the model and method is verified with an example.
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Research on the Profit Model of the Asset-light Operation Driven by Financial Strategy

Shao-Yan Zhou
There are inextricably linked between financial strategy and asset-light business model. The profit model of the asset-light was driven by financial strategy, and the corporate operating model will need to match the financial strategy. First, asset light theory, asset light operating profit and asset-light...
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Analysis on the Factors Influencing the Validity of Quality Talents Evaluation

Lan Lan
Analysis on the factors influencing the validity of quality talents evaluation is the premise of evaluation. Factors influencing the validity of evaluation for quality talents are evaluation mechanism, personnel policy, evaluation experts, quality characteristic and social relations. The result of factor...
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Development Research on Internet Cultural Industry in Hebei Province under the Network Technology

Xuguang Yang
With the rapid development of network information technology, the traditional cultural industry is growing stronger with the support of Internet technology. In this context, around the sharing of the network information platform, the cultivation of emerging industries and the information security, the...
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Field Observation Research on 3207 Large Mining Height Faces Rib Spalling in Huoerxinhe Coalmine

Qiao Wei
In order to further study Huoerxinhe coalmine 3207 large mining height faces rib spalling and complete the control management work, the laser rangefinder and visual observation method were used to observer the mining faces rib spalling and failing. The date(rib spalling depth, height, daily spalling...
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Research on Financing Complexity of Small And Micro Enterprises Based on Amartya Sen Entitlement Conception

Jian-Ying Lou
To describe the financing coefficients of small and micro enterprises, this paper use price elasticity to build the concrete form of it, basing on Amartya Sen entitlement approach. According to 71 small and micro enterprises' detailed survey data, the paper set up a Log-Linear Model to calculate the...
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Research Progress and Prospect of CBM Cascade Utilization Technology in China

Weifeng Zou
The concentration of methane can play a vital role in choosing the application of CBM (coal bed methane) utilization technology, which can determine the utilization mode as well as the degree of difficulty. In recent years, with the rapid development of CBM utilization industry, especially the breakthrough...
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The Predicting Model of Urban Residents Pension Income and Expenditure based on Multiple Linear Regression

Yuanjing Liu, Xiaotao Shi, Jiatai Gang
In order to keep the social security system have sustainable development and solve the problem of population aging, this paper adopts the method of grey correlation degree analysis among the influencing factors of pension income and expenditure, picking out the best index to reflect the income and expenditure...
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Study and Analysis on the Recruitment and Training Modes of Civil Helicopter Rescuers

Weiwei Zhu, Ting Sun, Hao Wang, Rui Yang
This article focuses on the standardized recruitment and training of civil helicopter rescuers. By giving a comparable study on the existing recruitment and training methods adopted domestically and internationally, the article takes into account the industry's characteristics and its development demands...
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Information Retrieval System Based on Context-aware in Internet of Things

Junhong Ma
The Context-aware computing in internet of things plays an important role in extracting useful information from a large amount of data. In this paper, through analysis on the characteristics of information in internet of things, using existing internet situation cognitive computing technology, the authors...
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Research on Limit Analysis Finite Element Method for Loess Slope and Application

Yajun Jia, Cunli Chen, Baocheng Hu, Huyuan Zhang, Li Ma
Classical geotechnical engineering limit element analysis method is widely used, but it is not suitable for heterogeneous materials. In particular, the finite element method should be used to analyze the strength of the loess slope. With the development of computer technology, it is possible to utilize...
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Numerical Simulation of The Influence of Steep Coal Seam Mining to Roof Fault Activation

Mingdong Zhao, Zilong Guan, Donglin Dong
The formation of a certain mine is the overturned stratum. The roof of coal seam is the limestone aquifer, which is cut by the normal fault. The deep mining of steep inclined coal seam is easy to cause the activation of fault and conduct limestone aquifer, resulting in water inrush accident. Facing the...
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Research on Geotechnical Engineering Technique Innovation Method in Loess Region

Yajun Jia, Cunli Chen, Huyuan Zhang, Naijun Liu
As urbanization continues to accelerate the development, construction projects are gradually increasing, and geotechnical engineering technology is constantly attention. Because the technology is directly related to geotechnical engineering building high-speed rail, bridges, tunnels and other projects,...
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3-D Poststack Migration Using the Adjoint Operator of Modeling

Qiqiang Yang
From the modeling operator, we derive its adjoint operator which is used to migrate 3-D poststack data. It forms a theoretical foundation for the reverse-time migration. The method would be helpful to get a new way to improve the result of conventional reverse-time migration. The inference of the adjoint...
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Situational Reconstruction of C Programming Technology based on the Systematic Work Process for polytechnic

Wuxue Jiang, Jingjing Bao, Libin Gao, Shufei Li
In order to further improve more efficient application of the C programming technology in IT industry and promote the scope of application of C programming technology in professional positions, by making use of the work process systematic theory, with "C Language" database as a carrier and in close connection...
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Reform of Computer Curricular in University of Political Science - Example of East China University of Political Science and Law

Meijing Shan
At present, the computer curricular in the liberal arts universities is getting more and more attention. To our school - East China University of political science and law(ECUPL) as an example, aiming at cultivating the compound type of law talents, reform the whole computer curricular with legal characters,...
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College English Teaching in Social Networking Services Based on Six Degrees of Separation

Xiangju Chai
Social Networking Services (SNS) which are based on the theory of Six Degrees of Separation emerged in 2003. With the rapid growth, it came to be a popular social service network in 2009. SNS have features that conform to learning theory of constructivism, thus having more advantages than traditional...
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Talents Cultivation Mode of Integrated Innovation for Information Technology and Law

Meijing Shan
In the current new situation, "public entrepreneurship, innovation" deepens the reform of higher education. The paper expounds how to cultivate talents with the integrated innovation for Information technology and law education. We put forward "Class and Competition" mode, "Class-Certification Integration"...
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Research on Education Management Information System Based on Cloud Computing

Min-hua Xu, Feng Ye, Xiao-guo Liu
Teaching management information system(TMIS)is an important part of education informationization. Education informationization will be deployed to the cloud,supporting mobile applications,which is the trend of future. Cloud computing provides a new platform for the TMIS. Based on the functional analysis...
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The Application and Innovation Research on Mathematics Education Technology

Li Zhu, Yong Hong Fan, Ying Liu
Mathematics education is not just the technology of modern information technology as an auxiliary tool for teaching mathematics, but emphasized the need to promote information technology as a modern independent learning, and the use of a large number of shared resources provided by modern information...
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Application of WEB Technology in Teaching Administration of University

Min-hua Xu, Xiao-guo Liu
Applicationof computer and WEB technology already become the inevitable demand of teaching administration modernization of university. In this paper the author expatiates detailedly on main application of computer and WEB technology in teaching administration of university, at the same time probes into...
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Research on the Application of Modern Educational Technology In Mathematical Education in High School

Ying Liu, Na Li, Jian Dong Zhao
In this paper, the author elaborated the definition of modern educational technology and characteristics of high school mathematics education, analyzed the mode and shortcomings of the Traditional Mathematics Teaching Mode in High School. And the authors also analyzed the advantages of applying modern...
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Research on the Person-job Matching of Vocational College Students Based on Java

Hong Shi, Shouqiang Sun
The vocational college graduates can not find work which is related to the professional. This phenomenon results in the unfully utilization of the human resources and education resources. This situation have a great impact on individuals, businesses and society. To solve this problem, proposes a teaching...