Proceedings of the 2013 the International Conference on Education Technology and Information System (ICETIS 2013)

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The Construction of Entrepreneurship Service System of University Students

Min Xie, Fanghui Ju, ShuQian Lv
The paper is based on the reality of Ningbo City and according to the business situation of Ningbo students. We takes scientific developmental view as the guide and improves students entrepreneurial effect as the goal .Through field investigation of Ningbo University Students Entrepreneurship, we study...
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Exploration on the FLAC3D software in the Teaching of Petroleum Drilling Engineering Rock Mechanics Course

Baoyun Zhao, Linqing Huang, Tongqing Wu
The rock mechanics course is an engineering discipline which has strong practical and theoretical. According to the lagging of rock mechanics experiment teaching or lacking of experimental teaching funds and difficulty of the combination theory with practice teaching problems, in this paper we put forward...
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Design of Standardized Data Process in 4PL Freight Management

Yan Zhang, Qiong Sun
The problems of low informatization and low intensification are present in China’s TPL industry, and the key way to improve logistics level is to imrove the informatiztion level of TPL. In view of the situation that current management of 4PLplatform can’t meet the practical application needs of TPL enterprises,...
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Innovative Talent Training Model to Actively Explore the Hierarchical Culture

Qigao Hu, Peng Hao, Weifeng Cui, Weihua Zhu
The competition of comprehensive strength between nations is fundamentally the competition of talents . To make a nation powerful, the firth thing is to improve higher education because cultivation of talents must depend on education. Similarly, to make an army powerful, education also should be strong...
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Exploration on the Design and Development of Micro Mobile Learning Resources

Xiuli Yuan, Guangfeng Guo
Mobile Learning as a way of learning emerges as the times requires. In order to ensure the effectiveness of Mobile Learning, this paper analyses and expatiates the design theory, design principles, design processes, learning contents and information sources of designing micro mobile learning resources,...
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Reflection on the reform of Thermal Engineering

Xian Dong, Huiliang Lian, Jimin Ma, Fusheng Peng, Daiyong Jia
Research on the teaching reform was conducted from the point of teaching methods and teaching medium. The author deems that multiplier teaching effect can be achieved by combining those two aspects in view of different teaching contents during the course. To obtain the positive result, teacher should...
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PBL and LBL Combination Pedagogy in Teaching of Structural Mechanics

Xiaomei Shen
Structural Mechanics is an important foundation course majoring in the civil engineering. The teaching methods of structural mechanics are of great significance for improving the teaching quality in the civil engineering. The problems of traditional pedagogy are discussed in allusion to the characteristics...
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Research on the Welding Process of High Nitrogen Steels with Mid-thickness by MIG Welding

Wulin Yang, Donggao Chen, Hongwei Liu, Shengqiang Feng, Jiayun Tang
The process parameters were optimized by bead weld in high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel with 12mm thickness. High nitrogen austenitic stainless steel plates with 20mm and 40mm thickness were welded with the optimum process parameters. The mechanical properties of weld joints were inspected. The...
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Operational Risk Control of Commercial Banks based on Bayesian Network

Xiaoling Hao
Commercial banks are facing challenges in operational risk management, with the occurrence of major events of Bahrain bank and other events on the banks. Most studies have concentrated on how to measure operational risk loss based on the new Basel Capital Accord and focus on mathematic and statistical...
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Using IBE Key Distribution Strategies to Development of DDoS Attack Detection and Prevention

Qing Tan
System based on public key of the certificate biggest problem is the management of the certificate, the certificate inside bind the user ID and the user's public key. To solve this problem, some researchers have proposed the identity-based IBE public key system. The DDoS attacks performer, can be any...
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Social JLU: Towards Building Social Learning Networks

Hao Xu, YuTao Bie
We live in a social and technology-driven world, and academic life is no different. Although there are several off-the-shelf social networking sites, such as Renren and Weibo, universities aim to create academic engagement networks that specifically foster communication and collaboration among students...
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Affective Computing Applications in Distance Education

Jing Liu, Jun Tong, Jun Han, Fan Yang, Shuo Chen
With the rapid development of network technology, the modern distance education has become an important trend in the development of international education. However, the spatial and temporal separation of the modern distance education so that learners cannot meet the exchange of feelings and emotional...
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Study on Integration and Promotion of Humanistic Quality and Tourism Professional English Ability Improvement

Lin Li
A At present China's higher vocational tourism talents cultivation encountered bottleneck: On the one hand, China's foreign-related tourism industry urgently needs to have stronger strong professional English proficiency of high-quality compound talents. On the other hand Vocational Tourism Vocational...
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Writing Activities Embedded in the Teaching Method Reform of Mechanical Manufacturing Course to Improve Students’ Scientific Writing Ability

Jiming Zhou, Lehua Qi
Scientific writing is an important way to accumulate and pass knowledge. It should be focused by numerous researchers. The feasibility and implementation ways of in-course scientific writing activities are discussed in this paper. It can be a useful reference for educators to find an efficient way of...
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Discussion-oriented Teaching Reform on Digital Electronic Technology Course

Min Lin, Li Wang
The course of Digital Electronic Technology integrates the theory and its application. In the traditional teaching mode, students passively receive knowledge and do some exercises. In order to improve students’ initiative, we explored to teach the course in the discussion-oriented mode. On the basis...
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The Research of Theoretical and Practical Teaching of Synthetic Crystal Based on the Dual Employment Patterns

Wei Zheng, Xiulan He, Yexia Fan
The synthetic crystal plays a key role in technology development and daily life. Recently, the employment of inorganic nonmetallic material graduates transform gradually from single direction to diversification. And the teaching method of the synthetic crystal course is being required to adapt this situation...
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M-learning Modes for Language Learning on Blended Learning Theory

Ping Li
Mobile devices and advanced information technology have exerted profound influence on educational resources, contents, methods and modes in language learning. M-learning came into being due to its low cost and high portability. Through M-learning, students can learn at their own pace, at any time and...
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Probe of Differential Teaching Strategy for the Course of Fluid Mechanics and Pump and Fan

Huiliang Lian, Xian Dong, Fusheng Peng, Xu Han, Qiwei Wang
Fluid Mechanics Pump and Fan is a course with strong theory. Differential teaching strategy is proposed in this paper to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude according to different majors’ own characteristics. With continual summarization during the teaching reform process, we’ve obtained...
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The Role of ICT in Social Capital Construction of Rural Female Entrepreneurship

Hongmei Huo
this paper, ICT is proposed to create or strengthen social capital of rural female entrepreneurs. A model of the impaction of ICT on rural female social capital and self-employment was founded under the framework of social capital theory and entrepreneurship theory. A field survey conducted in Liaoling...
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Designing and Implementation about Urban Core Competitiveness Decision Support Model Based on Case Based Reasoning

Shuiying Jin
The decision-making of urban core competitiveness is quite subjective and faced with much uncertainty, which makes the existing theoretical strategies of urban core competitiveness lack practicability. The author used case-based reasoning technology to design an urban core competitiveness decision support...
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The Influences of Compiler Optimization on Binary Files Similarity Detection

Hui Chen
Binary files are generated after compilation. To analyze the similarity detection of binary files, the influences of compiler optimization should be considered. We tested generated binary files with similarity detection tools through the reclassification of clone types and the utility of different compiler...
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Innovation Ability Cultivation of Automation Major Students

Yanqin Wang, Weijian Ren, Fengcai Huo, Chaohai Kang
Nowadays in China, university education is gradually shifting from elite education to mass education. The amount of college graduates increases rapidly, in order to improve students’ competitiveness in the fierce competition, the cultivation of innovation spirit and innovation ability is of crucial importance....
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Current Situation of Higher Education after the Implementation of the National Standard of Students’ Physical Health

Lanping Hang, Chunna Zhao, Rui Zhang, Liyun Han
There has been numerous researches on the implement ation of the National Standard of Students’ Physical Health since 2007. This paper intends to analyze the current situation by means of literature review, and with reference to the writer’s working experience and knowledge of physical tests, and proposes...
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Teaching Quality Evaluation of a New University Mathematics Teaching Mode-an Empirical Research

Ya Tian, Peng Yang, Na Zhang, Guorui Yang
Under the background of mathematics education reform, we put a new teaching mode into practice-the teaching mode of university mathematics integrated into mathematics experiment. And we devote ourselves to the research on the teaching quality evaluation of the new teaching mode. Using analytic hierarchy...
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Translation Training Based on Computer and Internet

Guifen Wang
According to the problem that the intelligence is not high of the soccer robot, using the mechanical theory as a guide, making some mechanical analyses and calculations on the pressure and transmutation states of chip kick mechanics, and conducting optimal design too, then making the structure of chip...
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Effectiveness Analysis of The Application of Clustering in Student Grouping

Chen Xu, Li Zheng
In today's education practices, it is common to group students on their performance and teach them separately. Additionally, now a lot of data mining tools, including many education data mining tools, are available to teachers. With the help of these tools, student grouping can be more effective using...
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Deficiency and Reconstruction of the PE Talent Training System: a Thought from the Perspective of Professional Accomplishments

Jiajun Xiang, Liming Liu, Bo Xu, Jianyu Liu
From the perspective of professional accomplishment, this paper studies and analyzes the training system of PE talents. The traditional training system is deficient in structure and inadequate in function. The plan to reconstruct it has to get out of the thinking frame of the curriculum system and into...
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Jurisprudent Analysis of Students’ Cheating in Examination in China

Wei Chen, Pei Meng
Cheating in education examination is forbidden strictly by law, but it is still overwhelming in china. It influences school selecting excellent talents and keeping order. On the basis of collecting data and typical cases in education examination by statistics method, the author analyzes the relevant...
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Research and Practice of Project-Based Teaching and Examination Methods on Engineering Drawing for Excellent Class

Xiaolan Yang, Ting Zhang, Qilin Jiang
For the status and problems in the teaching of the “excellent class”, the project-based teaching plan is raised to develop the basic capability of engineering drawing ability for the “excellent class”. Through project-based teaching, course teaching, homework, engineering drawing and other teaching links...
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Analysis on Project-Driven Teaching Method

Tao Ye, Wei Chen
Learning theories’ development has brought teaching modes’ improvement. Project-driven teaching method is just a new teaching mode which is based on the modern constructive learning theory. It emphasizes people-oriented, student-centered and project research. Applying the project-driven teaching method...
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Training Students' Practical Innovation Ability,by Building a Four Level Discipline Competition Platform

Cao Pan, Hui Ding, Hongfei Liu
Discipline competition has become an important part of colleges and universities talent training.It has a positive role to cultivate students' innovative practice ability and team cooperation ability.This paper proposed the building of four levels discipline competition platform system(school, city,...
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Exploration and Practice of Higher Vocational Education Internationalization

Li Wang, Yuewei Ding, Yihong Fu, Yonghong Lv, Hong Chen
The higher vocational education internationalization is the important means for the vocational colleges to enhance the educational level and personnel training quality .It is also the objective requirements of the higher vocational education. This essay focuses on the common problems in the higher vocational...
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University Students raise Employment Competitive by Personal Knowledge Management

Weiqi Ma, Yunliang He
The employment become a big problem for college students. Students have to enhance their employability and competitiveness, in order to have a competitive advantage in the in the face of limited employment opportunities. College Students' personal knowledge requirement, knowledge collection, the establishment...
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Creating the New Mode of “Combining Physical Training with Education”——Citing the Research of Cricket in SMIC

Xiaoyu Jiang, Yingying Shi, Xianglong Kong, Bin Cui, Jun Qian
the creation and summary of ‘combining physical training with education’(CPTWE) in vocational colleges, this paper explores the practical problem of creating the new mode of ‘combining physical training with education’ on the basis of the current physical education and the feature of cricket program....
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A Semi-Supervised Text Clustering Algorithm with Word Distribution Weights

Ping Zhou, Jiayin Wei, Yongbin Qin
Semi-supervised text clustering, as a research branch of the text clustering, aims at employing limited priori knowledge to aid unsupervised text clustering process, and helping users get improved clustering results. Because labeled data are difficult, expensive and time-consuming to obtain, it is important...
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A Simulation Study on Production Logistics Balance Based on Petri Net + Flexsim

Zhiwang Qian, Haitao Sun
The manufacturers’ quick response to their market demand largely depends on whether their production logistics system is in a balance and coordination status. A simulation experiment of production logistics balance is conducted for a manufacturing enterprise in the process of processing production, using...
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Reform Attempts in Teaching Methods on Metallurgical Technology Professional English

Yan Liu, Yan Wang, Liying Li, Lina Sun
According to the problem that the intelligence is not high of the soccer robot, using the mechanical theory as a guide, making some mechanical analyses and calculations on the pressure and transmutation states of chip kick mechanics, and conducting optimal design too, then making the structure of chip...
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The Design of Digital Campus Shared Data Center Based on ETL

Jian Zhao, Xiaofeng Wang, Puhong Tang
In order to build digital campus, integrate data resources, and realize data sharing, a scheme of building shared data center to realize data integration based on ETL is put forward. The structure of shared data center is introduced, and the design of ETL between business systems and shared data center...
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The Object-oriented Programming Teaching Around Class as the Center

Yue Gao, Bin Li, Shuying Zhang
The Object-oriented programming is a professional foundation courses which is generally set up in the university, and it is the first lesson of a lot of follow-up courses. It runs through the other subjects of the teaching system. It is particularly important to learn this language for learning other...
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The Cultivation Mode of the Computational Thinking for Economics and Management Professional

Ying Jia, Xiang Fang
With the rapid development of the computer science and network technology, the capabilities of using computer for Economics and Management students in colleges are requested to be further improved and perfect. Now, however, the computer courses for the college Economics and Management professional exists...
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Use of Internet and Associated Technologies in “Cyber-Warfare” and Issues Affecting its Investigation

Benson Otafu, Oluleke Bamodu, Liwei Tian, Ulagba Otafu
With the development of the internet and associated technologies like the World Wide Web, an information age was ushered in bringing a lot of benefits like ease of communication, speedy access to information, convenient business transactions etc. But these same technologies also brought along high tech...
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Reform of Programming and Designing Based on Web Service Course Based on The Theory of CDIO

Limin Sha, Shuzhen Yang
In connection with the course of programming and designing based on web service, there is many kind of knowledge is concerned, and there is more applications in many area. Meanwhile, students study hard in the course because teaching is not effective. So we should reform the teaching through the theory...
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Discussion on Graduation Design Topics for Undergraduates Majoring in Project Management

Mingshun Li, Qiuju Deng
The requirement for graduation design of undergraduate students is basic theoretical knowledge that reflect the characteristics of how to complexly and flexibly use all kinds of knowledge learned from different stages at the college, and then make students have a further comprehension about it, meanwhile,...
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Teaching Reform Practice on University Computer Foundation

Ying Li, Chunhong Wang
University computer foundation is a required course in all domestic universities. Based on the features of computer basis teaching, this paper analyzes its actualities and problems, discusses its developing trend and puts forward the corresponding measures. Based on the computational thinking of university...
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Application of Blended Learning in Data Structures and Algorithms Course Teaching

Xiaojing Liu, Xiaoying Wang, Rui Wang
Data structures and algorithms course is a core foundation stone in a computer science curriculum. But there are many complicated algorithms in it. In order to help students to master the algorithms, this paper describes the use of blended learning in data structures and algorithms course teaching. This...
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Exploration of Engineering Case Teaching and Training of Application Undergraduates

Changsen Zhang, Qisheng Wu, Jinghua Chen
The Paper introduces the development of case method and existing problems of the traditional teaching methods on the training of application undergraduates. On application undergraduates, combining practice of case method of engineering, the advantages of engineering case method is discussed. The engineering...
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Teaching Reform of Web Project Development Courses based on CDIO

Yong Sun
In order to handle teaching problems of Web project development courses in higher education, we apply CDIO engineering education methods to the Web project development courses, focusing on enhancing the ability of engineering practice, reforming curriculum teaching content, teaching methods and assessment...
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The Practice Teaching of Journalism: Empirical Observation and Theoretical Construction

Qin Zhang, Juan Zhang
The paper discusses the evaluation criteria of journalism practical teaching quality on the basis of concept definition, studies and analyzes the issues that related to the level of present journalism practice teaching of most local colleges in China. Besides, the paper tries to make a primary study...
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Role of Basic Surveying and Mapping Production In Urban Management

Lifang Zhu, XiaoYue Yang, Yang Liu
Since the traditional urban management style has been unable to cope with contemporary challenges of the growing number of urban problems, the implementation of urban information management and urban meticulous management are important measure to improve the performance of urban management, and it is...
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The Management and Strategy to Rural Homestead In China

Lifang Zhu, Jing Chen, Yang Liu
Land resources refers to the land as a factor of production and the ecological environment elements. It is the material basis and the source of human production, life and survival, which can provide a variety of products and services for human society, while the rural residential land is fundamental...
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Towards a framework of quality management for cooperative higher education

Jinhua Li, Houjun Yang
The qualities in cooperative education which embed work-integrated learning into the curricula propose challenges for higher education. To address the issues, a framework of quality management on the basis of total quality management and PDCA cycle is proposed. The framework consists of three components...
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School-Enterprise Cooperation Construct a New Educational Model of Mechanical Talent for Independent Colleges

Xiaomei Li, Qiaolian Du, Chengjun Huang
Independent colleges has become an important part of higher education in our country, how to cultivate a distinctive mechanical professional Independent-college graduates is a common concern of issue.According to the characteristics of the independent-college, the premise of the personnel training mode...
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Challenges and Opportunities of Structural Adjustment of Higher Education in China for the Employment Work in Independent Colleges

Ying Tan
Based on statistical analysis, this paper questions the view of the previous scholars that the structural adjustment of higher education in China has but a negative impact on the employment work of independent colleges. Equipped with a dialectical perspective, it discusses both the challenges and the...
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Mass Appraisal of Property Tax Base based on Multivariate Linear Regression—Empirical Study on Four Districts of Jinan

Shan Tian
In this paper, a multivariate linear regression analysis is made to the effective transaction data of 226 housing stocks in four administrative regions (Tianqiao District, Shizhong District, Lixia District, and Huaiyin District) of Jinan, a mass appraisal model of real estate values is established, and...
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An interactive video database for food engineering education

Yuanyuan Jia, Wei Fu, Zheng Zhao
The advantage of videos in food engineering education has been well-recognized. An interactive video system was developed to guide students’ automatic learning, covering the subjects of food engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering, automation engineering, and...
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Research about the Influencing Factors of Inter-organizational Knowledge Transferring from Enterprise Alliance perspective

YueFeng Zhou, XueQing Jing
In order to study the influencing factors of inter-organizational knowledge transferring within enterprise alliance, it analyzes the factors from the capability of node and the environment of alliance, builds up a model where the absorptive capacity of the recipient and the transmit capability of the...
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The Training Program of Application-oriented Finance and Economics Colleges Based on "2 +1" Training Model ---- A Case Study of the Accounting Major

Kening Hao, Tingshan Song, Peihai Wei, Hui Li
It is a feasible choice for application-oriented finance and economics colleges to choose "2+1" training mode. It is the implementation of the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the College Practice Education Work" jointly issued by the Ministry of Education and other seven ministries. In the model,...
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The Philosophical Analysis For Engineering Management Education

Weihua Zhu, Qigao Hu, Junwei Zheng
The engineering management has the systematic integrative and complicated nature which thus presents higher requirements for the engineering manager. The aim of engineering management education includes the imparting of knowledge and the cultivating of intelligence. Knowledge is the tool for human beings...
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An Interactive Virtual Training System Based on Augmented Reality

Sheng Wu, Boxiang Xiao, Xinyu Guo
Augmented Reality (AR) is a novel interaction way in many fields and applications, and it provides more direct and sensory operation mode for human-machine interaction. Virtual training is becoming an effective approach for knowledge transfers in various fields including agriculture. Augmented Reality...
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Research and Design of Hotel Management System Model

Jingda Yang
In order to make the hotel management work systematic, standardization and automation, achieve the aim of improving the efficiency of hotel guest room management. This paper designs the hotel management system, the overall mission of system development is to make the office staff can quickly and easily...
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Preliminary exploration of the reform of Physics teaching involved in agriculture

E. J. Hao
According to the actual situation of the students and course setting in faculty of agriculture, jilin university, we have carried out a series of reforms of college physics from the course offerings, optimize the teaching means and evaluation scheme and so on. Reform has made a preliminary result.
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The Market-oriented Specialty Construction of Characteristic Applied Undergraduate

Yangyang Ge
Characteristic applied undergraduate is a product of strengthening college classification guidance, leading college dislocation development and achieving its own characteristics, which is under the circumstances of structuring regional economic development and the demand for industrial restructuring....
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The Application of Modern Education Technologies in “Nanometer Materials Preparation Experiment Using Sol-Gel Method” Teaching

Ping Zhang, Haifeng Yang, Guoqing Wang
Sol-gel method is a traditional preparation experimental teaching item for undergraduates since it is one of the novel effective methods to prepare nano materials. This paper describes the application which the modern education technologies combined with the traditional teaching about the item. The network...
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The Component Data for E-portfolio

Yanxia Pang, Jumei Zou, Shaochan Dong
We introduce the component data for E-portfolio(Electronic portfolio). E-portfolio) is used to cllect works of students and aimed at learning evaluation, so the components of E-portfolio must be standardized. We do some research on the component data structure of E-portfolio. Based on the features of...
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Effective Teaching System Building of Applied Engineering Colleagues For the Employment

Li Sun, Min Sun, Zhiguo Zhao
In order to improve employment rate of local applied engineering colleagues, and enhance the satisfaction of employer for the students, an effective teaching system for the employment of local applied engineering colleagues is built. The system consists of four aspects: the focus on effective classroom...
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Research of the Learner-Centered Teaching Model for Distance Education

Hongliang Guo, Shaoying Kong, Wei Liu
Compared with the traditional education, the advantages represented by the distance education are discussed in this paper. Based on the analysis on the existing problems in the teaching process of the distance education, the leaner-centered teaching model is proposed and the “task-driven” teaching system...