Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Future Computer and Communication Engineering

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Hidden Markov Model for Predicting the Turning Points of GDP Fluctuation

Cuiping Leng, Shuangcheng Wang
At present, the methods of predicting the turning points of GDP fluctuation is difficult to choose suitable influence indexes, and emphasize static function dependency or dynamic propagation of time series so that the static and dynamic information can not be consistently combined. In this paper, hidden...
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Dynamic Traffic flow Control and Its Simulation on GPS Municipal Scheduling

Guanli Huang, Meng Zhou, Chunyang Di
This paper according the GPS technology to alleviation traffic pressure and enhance the vehicle speed, with the route choice algorithm and the GPS fluctuation vehicle intelligence transportation technology solving, realizes the way optimization. The Improved Velocity weighed Average Algorithm to further...
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An Improved Capture Data Processing Technology based on Human Eye’s Resolution

Xiangning Zhou, Zhiyong An
A large number of redundant data will be produced during the data capture processing. This paper based on the resolution of the human eye and the improved algorithm, uses the sensors as little as possible to capture the movement data in the skeletal animation technology. Then based on 3D virtual human...
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Magnetic Circuit Design for Electromagnetic flow Transducer with Locally Shrunk Measurement Pipe

Tiejun Liu, Guangming Zhang
Based on the analysis of the magnetic circuits of the electromagnetic flow transducers with uniform circular pipe, locally shrunk circular pipe and locally shrunk rectangular pipe, the sensitivities of the different designs were compared. The design with locally shrunk rectangular pipe was adopted, the...
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A Review of Fractal Tree Antennas

Hongming Zang, Xiaoying Zhao, Xiong Xu, Gonglei Zhang, Jingjing Lu
Fractal tree structures can be utilized to design antennas in order to enhance the performance of the antenna, such as widening the working frequency band while reducing the size of the antenna. This paper summarizes the development process, current research, and the application of fractal tree antenna...
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Robust Stability of System with M Input and N Output in a Class of Catastrophe “Hyperbolic Umbilic”

Beisenbi Mamyrbek, Mukataev Nurlan
The robust stability of control systems where the controlled object has dynamics is highlighted in present. This paper proposes a new approach to designing control systems for objects with uncertain parameters in the form of three-parameter structurally stable mappings. This method allows the synthesis...
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Research on Adaptive Scheduling Algorithm Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm for Multifunctional Phased Array Radar

Shuaijie Wang, Jun He, Bin Wang, Ruilong Ji
Because of agile beam capability, Multifunctional phased array radar (MFPAR)can perform not only search and track targets but also test and verify targets. Therefore an effective scheduling tactics is required so that the time and energy resources can be effectively allocated to optimize the overall...
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Public Proof of Retrievability Scheme against Active Attack in Cloud Storage

Jianhong Zhang, Wenjing Tang
Data integrity is one of the major concerns with cloud data storage for cloud user. Besides, the cloud user’s constrained computing capabilities make the task of data integrity auditing expensive and even formidable. In recent years, many public data integrity verification schemes have been proposed,...
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A Practical Solution to the Information Security Risk Evaluation Problems in Power Systems

Yun Ye, Wei-min Lin, Song Deng, Tao Zhang
With the rapidly development of computer and network technology, information technology has been widely used in many energy systems, such as power system. Power system is a very important sector and energy industry in China, but it presents more and more weakness in its information systems along with...
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A Compact Design of Ultra-Wideband Antenna with Effective Triple Band-Notched Features

ZhengLin Zhou, Ming Li
A new design of ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna with triple band-notched feature is presented, in which the rectangle radiation patch is applied. The bandwidth of the UWB antenna is extended by using circle corner for the rectangle cut from the ground. A parasitic element is inserted, where an inverse U-shaped...
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A Method of Data Storage and Management of Embedded Trusted Platform Module

Gang Liu, Xun Zhang, Yuan Zhang
This paper firstly discusses the data storage and management of trusted platform module (TPM) system on a trusted PC, mainly including certificates and keys, platform configuration registers (PCR), and firmware program. In order to overcome the limitations of TPM defined by Trusted Computing Group (TCG)...
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Propagation Characteristics in a Planar dielectric waveguide with Left-handed Medium

Jiapeng Pu, Guizhen Lu
this paper has studied electromagnetic waves in planar dielectric waveguide containing left-handed medium propagate characteristics,the mode of transmission with left-hand materials is analyzed theoretically.Through the analysis of TE and TM wave in the transmission characteristics of planar dielectric...
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Design of CMOS UWB Noise Amplifier with Noise Canceling Technology

Ya Gao, Ningzhang Wang, Yan Zhao
A TSMC 0.18 µm RF CMOS low-noise amplifier (LNA) for 3 GHz–5GHz ultra-wideband (UWB) applications is presented. The designed LNA employs single-ended to differential conversion and is successfully implemented using the noise-canceling technique. This paper introduces common-gate stage performance and...
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A New Compatible Remeshing Approach for 3D Face Construction and Expression Clone

Jing Tong
This paper presents a new compatible remeshing approach, by morphing with Radial Basis Function based on approximate geodesic distance (G-RBF) followed by a mesh optimization to generate compatible meshes efficiently while approximating the input target geometry accurately. To test the proposed approach,...
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Network Coding based Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jian Ji Xiang
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have received significant attention recently. Wireless sensors are deployed to achieve network load balancing, prolonging network lifetime, and improving network coverage. To achieve these goals, energy efficiency directly affects battery life and thus is a critical design...
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Smart Home Application based on CloudDB

Nan Ding, Fangqin Xu
While the IOT, Smart Home ZigBee Protocol and CloudDB tech is still in developing in China area, this paper introduces a Smart Home Manage System designed by Visual Studio 2010, a system uses ZigBee Protocol to transmit data and share the database 24/7 by CloudDB, a system promoting the comfortability...
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One Multi-source Heterogeneous Web Resources Aggregation Model

Min Wang, Yongbin Wang
To meet the diversification of the demand and terminal of web user’s resource service, the paper brought a MSAM Model, which belongs to the multi-source heterogeneous web resources. First, it analyzed the current situation of web resource aggregation. Then, it raised a MSAM Model which is suitable for...
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Human Behavior Recognition Based on Wavelet Moment and Regional Optical Flow

Manyi Wang, Liang Zhang
Motion history image (MHI) and motion energy image(MEI) can recognize simple actions effectively, but they can’t represent the velocity information of the actions. Sometimes in the behavior recognition, we must take the speed into account. For example, touching a person, fierce and friendly touches are...
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Action Recognition by Fusing Spatial-Temporal Appearance and the Local Distribution of Interest Points

Mengmeng Lu, Liang Zhang
The traditional Bag of Words (BOW) algorithm considers the frequency of visual words only, whereas it ignores their spatial and temporal correlations. Many methods have been designed to remedy this defect .In this paper, we propose a new descriptor to describe the local spatio-temporal distribution information...
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Design and Implementation of Three-Dimensional Digital Campus Based on Sketchup and ArcGIS

Zitao Du, Yang Xu, Hongjie Wei, Chaoran Wang
With the mature of three-dimensional GIS technology, digital campus is gaining more and more attention as micro-reflection of digital earth. As current two-dimensional GIS has some limitations and much three-dimensional information cannot be fully utilized, with Sketchup three-dimensional modeling and...
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An Improved Inter-frame Difference Algorithm and its Application on Tidal Bore Video Auto Detection

Rui-Rong Wang, Xu Zeng, Cui-Fei Xu, Guo-Wen Zhang, Ying-Hong Sun, Yi Liu
As the mother river of Zhejing Province in the east of China, Qiantang River catch dozens of people’s lives every year because of the strong tidal wave. In order to prevent the tidal disaster of Qiantang River, a real-time tidal bore detection and warning system must be built up. In this paper, an improved...
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Studies on Configuration of NPP’s DCS HMI Simulation

Geyan Deng, Jichao Yin
The characteristics of DCS level two are complex function and large amounts of data. They seriously affect system’s performance. Using a fully open configuration software to simulate the ADACS system configuration is a challenge. How to design and choose the configuration scheme to meet the requirements...
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Chemical Warehousing ERP System Design and Implementation

Guangmin Sun, Haitao Yan, Wei Liu, Rui Wang, Beichuan Ma, Junling Sun
Chemical warehousing ERP system development is based on familiar chemical warehousing transit, storage, trade, business change, is effective tool to strengthen enterprise management and improve the work efficiency. This system is in Visual Studio2008 development environment, using c # programming language,...
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The Design of Fall Detection and Positioning Alarm System Base on WCDMA

Guangmin Mon, Meng Zhang, Xu Yao
In this paper, a novel fall detection and automatic alarm system has been designed and presented, which consists of sensor module, control module and communication module. The sensor modules composed of 3-axis accelerometers are placed on object’s pocket to monitor the object’s acceleration. System is...
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The Safety Analysis on Representative Random Key Pre-distribution Schemes for Wireless Sensor Network

Su-min Yang, Hong-feng Lu, Jing Cui, Yue-xia Han
For wireless sensor network, almost all the key management schemes are improved with the representative E-G and q-Composite key pre-distribution models. Firstly, the author analyzes the key pre-distribution principle of two representative models and studies the node storage key number, and key pool size,...
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Study on Support Vector Machine Combined with Infrared Spectroscopy for Timber Species Identification

Yi-Dan Sun, Jun-Yi He, Mei-Hua Wu, Jing-Jing Zheng, Yuan Gao, Xue-Shun Wang
Via infrared spectroscopy (IR) combined with support vector machine (SVM), the study on timber species identification was carried on. Ten kinds of precious timber were used as experimental materials; each timber picked three sets of samples. The corresponding spectrum was recorded by infrared spectrometer....
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Research on Information Resource Sharing System Based on Semantic Discover and Query Technology

Yan Li, Sheng-Yang Li, Huai-zhong Kou
With the development of “Digital Yellow River” project, Yellow River Conservancy Commission accumulates a lot of information resource. There exists heterogeneous phenomenon in data. It is hard to integration and share. In order To solve this problem, the information resource sharing system is put forward...
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Using the Improved Ant Colony Algorithm to Solve the Chinese TSP

Jing Sun, Yan-ping Bai, Hong-ping Hu, Jin-na Lu
In this paper, an improved mixed Ant Colony Algorithm is proposed. The introduced algorithm is based on the traditional ant colony system algorithm. At the beginning an initial result is constructed using the nearest neighbour method. Build on top of that, the result is improved using 2-opt partial search...
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Route Restoring Based on Hidden Semi-Markov Model

Guannan Wang, Jian Ye, Zhenmin Zhu
Present raw geo-tagged photo routes cannot provide information as enough as complete GPS trajectories due to the defects hidden in them. This paper mainly aims at analyzing the large amounts of geo-tagged photos and proposing a novel travel route restoring method. In our approach we apply the Hidden...
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A Low Cost Design of the Rural Intelligent Meter Reading System

Huishan Yu, Chuankao Yao
Analysis of the current use of rural electricity meters, and according to the situation of economic development in rural areas of China, to the greatest extent to reduce costs as the goal, intelligent remote meter reading system is presented which is applicable to China's rural areas. The system is composed...
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Robust Watermarking Approach Based on Coefficient Comparison of Detail Sub-bands of DWT

Qiudong Sun, Yufeng Shao, Liandong Wang, Lin Gui, Wenying Yan
This paper presented a novel watermarking method to protect copyrights for digital media. Firstly, a visual model is employed to calculate the block based just noticeable difference (JND) to control the embedding intensity to improve the transparency and robustness of watermarking. Then, two neighboring...
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Key Management Infrastructure and Application Supporting Framework based on Beidou Satellite Navigation System

Yu Wang, Wei jie Han, Yuan Tian
Beidou Satellite Navigation System can provide accurate time services, location services, speed services, safe and reliable short message service for end users. The paper establishes key management infrastructure and application supporting framework on the basis of Beidou Satellite Navigation System,...
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Container Production Management System based on the CPS

Haifeng Lu, Fangqin Xu
CPS (Cyber Physical System) is a multi-dimensional complex system that synthesizes computing, networking and physical environment, it implements a large engineering system of real-time perception, dynamic control and information service by the organic integration and highly collaborative of 3C technology....
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The Design and Implementation of an Embedded Virtual Experiment System Kernel

Kelian Peng, Fuan Wen, Lu Song
With the rapid development of embedded technology, embedded simulation technology also followed it. In this paper, with single chip microcomputer of 8051 as an example, it introduces an implementation process of 8051 simulation kernel by using discrete event model and object-oriented modeling approach,...
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Binary Generalized Quasi-Cyclic Self-orthogonal Codes and Binary Construction of Pure Quantum Codes

Weiliang Wang, Yangyu Fan, Luobin Guo
In this paper, a special subclass of binary generalized quasi-cyclic self-orthogonal codes and quantum codes constructed by Steane construction are discussed. Firstly, eight 16-dimensional even length generalized quasi-cyclic self-orthogonal codes with dual distance five are built based on circulant...
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Weight Distributions of Divisible Codes Meeting the Griesmer Bound over F5 with Dimension 3

Fangchi Liang, Yuena Ma, Tao Ku
Based on a relationship between generator matrix of given code and its weight distribution, all [31s+t, 3] 5(t=7, 13, 19, 25) optimal divisible codes with divisor 5 are determined by solving systems of linear equations. Then their generator matrices and weight polynomials of these optimal divisible codes...
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An Optimized Controller for Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure Ventilator

Yucong Xu, Lala Li, Jia Yan, Yuxi Luo
This paper presents an optimized controller to achieve better synchrony in human-ventilator interactions. An experimental platform was built by using data acquisition, a set of signal collectors, and a blower wired with driver circuit. The related signals were all acquired and processed by a program...
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Entanglement-assisted Quantum Codes of Distance Four Constructed from Caps in PG(5,4) and PG(6,4)

Qiang Fu, Ruihu Li, Gen Xu, Luobin Guo
The entanglement-assisted (EA) formalism is a generalization of the standard stabilizer formalism, and it can transform classical linear quaternary codes into entanglement-assisted quantum error correcting codes (EAQECCs) by using of shared entangled qubits between the sender and the receiver. In this...
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Time Series Analysis in the Task of Oil Equipment Malfunctions Forecasting

Iakov S. Korovin, Maxim V. Khisamutdinov
The task of oilfield equipment malfunctions’ early prevention is considered in the paper. Input data for the analysis are the indications of sensors, established in the well and represented as time series set. Due to the forecasting analysis (predictive analytics) of the given set it is possible to discover...
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Multi-DSP and FPGA-based Image Acquisition and Processing Platform

Liping Chen, FuHai Han, Zhifeng Ma
To meet the complexity of digital image processing algorithms and the development trend of the modular process, proposed multi-DSP and FPGA based digital image processing platform. Four TI's DSP of C6455 family as platform cores, and FPGA of Virtex-4 family as a system coordinated controller, achieve...
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Research on Motivation and Effect of the Consumers’ Internet Word of Mouth Spreading

Kai Xiong
With the development of the information technology, internet word of mouth has become a very important guidepost of the consumer shopping. As a very important way, the influence of the word of mouth marketing is growing gradually recognized by people. To correctly understand the important role of the...
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The Discussion of Cross Specialties Comprehensive Professional Training Mode Based on VBSE

Hongqin Li
At present, the practice situation of college students is worrying. But enterprises are very popular to college students with experience. How to improve the practice quality of college students has become an important issue in colleges and universities. The cross specialties comprehensive professional...
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Research on the Crucial Pieces Consume Disciplinarian of Self-propelled Artillery Equipment

Anqing Ming, Jie Lei, Jiancheng Wang, Hongfei Luo, Chunhua Liu, Liang Luo
The research on the crucial pieces consume disciplinarian of self-propelled artillery equipment have great significance for maintenance and support tasks. A crucial pieces impact factor is proposed and the consumption prediction model of crucial pieces is established based on the crucial pieces consumption...
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Analysis on Ability of Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Detecting Cavern in Bare Hillslope

C.-C. Shi, X.-J. Zhang, Zheng Liu, Y.-H. Sun
Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar has certain capacity of detecting underground things. According to the facet theory and radar image simulation method, the mountain slope with the underground cavern has been divided into many grids based on the radar resolution criterion.The radar echo intensity calculation...
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Design of Chongqing Power Emergency Communication Network Framework

Xiao-Xian Liu, Yi-Jiang Li, Tao Tang, Yu-Cheng Wu, Cheng Dai, Yu-Xi Pi
In order to establish a strong network system of chongqing electric power emergency communication system and realize the three-dimensional integration of heaven to earth by the double network system, an emergency communication backbone network construction scheme of Chongqing was proposed using satellite...
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Face Recognition System Based on the Second Generation Identity Card

Xin Ni, Zhen Lei, Hui Xing, Dong Yi
In this paper, we develop a new face recognition system that was designed to use the second generation identity card (2G-ID card). In order to ensure the security in enrollment, the new subject is registered in a verification way. In enrollment phase, the captured image is firstly compared with the face...
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Design and Implementation of a Real-time Traffic Recognition Method based on Video

Xiu Wang, Jianqing Ye
As the increasing of vehicle, the problem of traffic jam is more prominent and the real-time traffic recognition systems come into being. Combine with the characteristic of vehicle distribution in congested roads, a real-time traffic recognition method was designed and implemented by visual space transformation...
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Study on Innovative Model of E-learning Based on SNS under Background of Web 2.0

Kai Xiong
Under background of Web2.0, the traditional mode of education is faced with severe challenges. E-learning has become a new business model, which is paid much attention by the majority of the education sector and investors. Due to its features of information sharing and interactive exchange, Social Networking...
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Security Application Model Based on Identification Management for Cloud Computing

Yazhe Wang, Shunan Ma, Yu Wang
Aiming at the challenge of entity identity management technology in cloud computing environments, we propose a security application model based on identification management, and present a security access method based on privacy protection and audit about the entity uniform identity management. In this...
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Research and Implementation of the Active Interactive Web Information Mining Technology based on Virtual Machine

Yuan-sheng Wang, Hua-rui Wu, Jing-qiu Gu, Feng Huang, Lei Luo
Intelligent web information mining is an effective method of agricultural information resources integration. Web crawler based data mining technology is a popular way of resource integrate in recent years. But, as the web technique developing and the information resources sites update frequently, the...
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Dynamic Face Recognition Surveillance Management Platform

Hui Xing, Xin Nin, Dong Yi
Video-based face recognition technology is an emerging research direction and topic in the field of computer vision. Face recognition surveillance system is an important application by using this technology. For most of the current face surveillance systems, the running status is unknown and the information...