Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2021)

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Plea Bargaining vs Leniency to Confession of Guilt and Punishment:

What is the Way Out for China?

Yi Wang
China has established the Chinese “plea bargaining”, the leniency to confession of guilt and punishment in 2018 in domestic law. When comparing to western plea barging which is causing controversy recently, Chinese leniency to confession shows its own superiority but it also deserves vigilance when it...
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The Research on the Problems and Countermeasures of Establishing Shandong Province’s Red Cultural Economy Development-Taking Weifang as an Example

Yuelin Zhang
The red culture is an advanced culture with Chinese characteristics that was created by the Chinese Communists, the advanced elements and the masses of the people during the revolutionary war. It contains rich revolutionary spirit as well as profound historical and cultural connotations. Thus, carrying...
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The Analysis on Causes of Public Skiing Accidents Based on Data Mining

Zhi-lin Yang, Jun-qing Fan
Based on data mining, using the 2-4 model of accident causes, 53 cases of skiing accidents are analyzed by mathematical statistics method. According to the research, the direct cause of public skiing accidents is the unsafe actions of the people who caused the accidents. In particular, the unsafe actions...
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Research on the Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Human Social Development from the Perspective of Marxism

Chun ji Qin
Artificial intelligence is the product of the high development of productive forces in the information industry era, and it is also an important driving force of the fourth industrial revolution, that is, the green industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence not only improves social productivity,...
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Overview of Practical Experience of Public Service Supply Reform in Britain and America

Chunxia Guo
In 2013, my country began the exploration of the government to purchase services from the society, which means that the supply of public services in my country has officially moved towards marketization. In the past few years, my country has carried out a series of pilot projects and attempts, and some...
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A Quantitative Study on Effective Speaking Frequency and Hesitation in the Second Language Oral Test Using Man-machine Conversation Mode

Yong Fang
Effective speaking frequency and hesitation of the examinee in the second language oral test are important aspects of their performance. In this study, two groups of undergraduates, five in each group, were recruited as subjects, and six teachers were recruited as examiners. A simulated oral English...
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The Evolution of Democratic Socialism Ideas in China and Its Realistic Reflection

DanDan Xu, Bian Wang
More than 40 years after the reform and opening up, The introduction of the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for Xi Jinping’s new era shows that China’s socialist construction has reached a new level, and it is also to build a new discourse environment for the study of democratic socialism...
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The Realistic Implication in Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion

Fangming Gong
George Bernard Shaw is a prolific writer in the west who wins the Nobel Prize in 1925. As an Irish outsider in English society initially, he fights his way into the literary centre in England. His work Pygmalion is, somehow, an indirect representation of his personal growth and reflects his understanding...
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Analysis on the Image and Discourse Popularity of “Ma Baoguo Style” from the Perspective of Social Media

Chakting Lui
Ma Baoguo, who is the leader of “Hunyuan Xingyi Taichi”. His unique “Ma Baoguo style”, such as “young people have no martial arts ethics” and “mouse tail juice” (It is your funeral), has become popular on the Internet by the end of 2020, and has been used and spread by many netizens. Based on Bakhtin’s...
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Analysis of the Cultural Symbol Behind Raising the Red Lantern

Fangchi Liu
Film is no doubt a special media nowadays, which has become one of the most important social practices and mainstream cultural forms all around the globe. The symbols in the films do play a role researching human nature, sexual relationship, social change and power struggle. Contemporary movies[5] have...
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Development and Validation of the Psychological Well-Being Scale for Undergraduates in China

Changhong Xia, Chengchieh Li
The purpose of this study was to validate the Chinese version of the psychological well-being (PWB) scale for undergraduates in China. A total of 704 participants were recruited for the current study. The results of this study showed that all items of PWB scale were medium difficulty, were suitable for...
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The Review of Primitivism and Approve of Imagination: Research on the Art Criticism of Roger Fry

Siru Liu
In the early twentieth century, the post-impressionist painting exhibition was held at The Grafton Gallery for the first time. With the exhibition of the works of these painters, there were many voices from the public, which inevitably brought voices of opposition. In this controversy, as the defender...
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The Plight of Male Child Care Workers in Taiwan

Hungchang Lee, Chengchieh Li
Taiwan society traditionally has stereotypical notions concerning the two genders. Gender differences in the structure of human physiology have led people of different genders to have different personalities, traits and behavioral patterns. It also has caused people to have different role expectations....
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Europe’s Position on the Sino-US Trade Technology Cold War: National Interests and Americanization

Yujia Chen
Since 2018, the Sino-US technology trade war, especially the dispute over Huawei, has had a great impact on the world, especially in Europe.In addition to the Sino-US trade war, under the influence of the US-Europe trade war and Sino-European trade friction, European countries’ trade technology policies...
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To Define the Research Category of Linguistic View of Landscape from the Difference Between Speech and Language

Suzhen Lin, Guiping Qin
“language landscape” in the field of social language is a set of symbols formed by the interaction between language symbols and language symbols in the artificial construction of landscape and the space in which they are located. It is a symbolic system with humanism, emotion, experience, diachronic...
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Exploring the Theory and Teaching Practice of Integrating Ideological and Political Elements Into the Classroom

Take Linear Algebra as an Example

Juan Xu, Ying Wang
The curriculum carries ideological and political education, which is embodied in the curriculum. We aim to fully tap the ideological and political elements contained in the course of linear algebra, and form the first classroom with teaching as the main position and the online second classroom with “reading...
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A Case Study of the Influence of Assessment Attitudes on MOOC Learners’ Behavioral Engagement

Shanyun Kuang, Zhijun Xu
Students’ online behavioral engagement was an important factor that affected their learning performance, and it was also a prerequisite for deep learning. Studies had confirmed that peer assessment activities provided opportunities for students to participate in the formative assessment process, enhanced...
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Research on the “Trinity” Educational System of Journalism

Jinglei Nie
The party and the country attach great importance to the training of journalism professionals, and the training of journalism professionals adopts the “Trinity” education system. “Trinity” refers to the establishment of a collaborative development model of ideological and political education, professional...
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Research on the Current Situation and Promotion Strategies of the Education of Cultural Self-confidence of International School Students in China

Yuxiao Wang
Youth is not only as an important force to promote historical development and social progress, but also to be a key subject to strengthen cultural self-confidence. The degree of recognition of national culture and the depth of cultural self-confidence foundation of youth directly affect their depth of...
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A Toolbox Perspective on Chinese-Self

Yumeng Tong
Chinese self-understanding is one of the major themes with the rising of Neo-Confucianism. After Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming, many generations of Confucian scholars have proposed different models concerning the topic. They challenge, develop from, contradict each other, and sometimes with minor consensus;...
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Research on the Teaching of Western Economics in Chinese University Classroom

Qiang Jiang
Under the background of globalization, science knows no boundaries. In particular, the development of natural science has fully benefited the economy and society of various regions. However, humanities and social sciences often have different local value judgments in different countries. Western economics...
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Exploring and Analyzing the Path of Incorporating Women’s Views in the New Era Into the Course of “Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis”

Mingfang Zeng
Since the 18th CPC National Congress, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, there has been a firmer belief in the future of women development based on Chinese socialism among Chinese women. In this background, women are able to participate in economic and...
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Research on the Characteristics of Coaching Leadership Behavior of Basketball Coaches in Chinese Universities

Wenxian Lin
The purpose of this paper is to explore the empirical analysis of the characteristics of coaching leadership behavior of College Basketball Coaches in China. This paper takes the college basketball players who participated in the 21st Cuba Fujian competition area in 2019 as the research object, using...
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Collaborative Innovation Contracting in Double Moral Hazard

Hui-fen LI
Under the background of innovation driven strategy in China, collaborative innovation can accelerate the speed of enterprise innovation and improve enterprise innovation performance. The key to collaborative innovation is effective contract governance. Due to the knowledge stickiness in collaborative...
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Exploring the Cultural Differences Between the US and China in “The Joy Luck Club” Through the Lens of Family Values

Xue Tang
The article aims to explore the differences in Chinese and American family values between the two generations of immigrants in the film “The Joy Luck Club”. Mainly through literature research method, case study method, exploratory research method and qualitative research method, it finds that the cultural...
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The Status Quo and Cause Analysis of Hidden Discrimination Under the Employment Protection Policy for Women—Based on the Perspective of Social Gender Theory

Lifeng Lu, Yifen Du
With the development of economy and the progress of social civilization, women gradually abandon the traditional concept of “men dominate the outside, women dominate the inside”, and increase their social participation through employment in society. At the same time, the government In order to encourage...
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Under the Background of Compressed Population Transition:

The Change of the Youth Group’s Concept of Gender, Marriage and Family

Yidi Hu
Based on the data of CGSS in 2006 and 2016, this paper analyzes the gender role concept and marriage family concept of Chinese youth under the background of the population change of compression in the past ten years from four indicators. The results show that, firstly, the concept of gender role of youth...
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Analysis of The Kukotsky Enigma from the Perspective of Post-Realism

Juan Lin
Post-realistic literature eliminates the opposition between post-modernism and realism. It has been one of the most important literary schools in Russian literature in recent years with certain literary research value. The Kukotsky Enigma, composed by the Russian female writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, is...
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A Research on the Adaptation Translation Strategies of the Culture-loaded Words from the Perspective of the Intercultural Communication

Yong Qin
The translation quality of the culture-loaded words of the Chinese literary work plays a significant role in the intercultural communication between China and the West. With Howard Goldblatt’s translation of Mo Yan’s Red Sorghum as a case study, this paper puts forward the translation strategies of the...
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Who Supported the Strong Preventive Measures During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Jinghui Wang
The current Coronavirus pandemic has caused large-scale negative consequences to the economic developments as well as the society on a global scale. To prevent the further spreading of the virus, most governments have put forward a set of very strong measures that restrict citizen’s freedom to some extent...
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A Comparative Analysis of the Engagement Resources of Chinese and American Newspapers on Hong Kong National Security Law

Peng Zhuo
This paper compares the differences of engagement resources in the news on Hong Kong National Security Law between People’s Daily and The Washington Times with the help of the Engagement System of Appraisal Theory, and analyzes the causes of the differences. The results show that: both newspapers tend...
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Study on the Protection of Human Genetic Information in the Era of Big Biological Data

Meixuan Xu
The overlapping development of life sciences and information sciences has promoted the arrival of biological big data era. As one of the fast-growing big data types, biological big data has been profoundly affecting biomedicine and promoting the popularization and application of “precision medicine”....
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The Composition of Innovative Psychological Structure of College Students and Suggestions for Innovative Education

Quanhui Wu, Guibao Liu
In the innovation ability system, besides explicit indicators such as knowledge and experience, psychological quality also occupies an important position. This article combs the current research status of college students’ innovative psychology, explores the key psychological factors that affect college...
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Charles Dickens’s Reflection on Race and Empire in The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Tianyue Li
In his early works, especially “The Noble Savage” of 1853, one of his most controversial articles, Charles Dickens expresses rather unpleasant racist views, leading many scholars to consider as a definite racist. However, his last unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, presents a substantial reversion...
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Music of Domenico Scarlatti

Innovation and Style of His Keyboard Sonatas

MingChih Hsieh
Domenico Scarlatti (Napes, 26 October, 1685- Madrid, 23 July, 1757) is one of the most significant Italian music composers in the eighteenth century late Baroque period. Although he is a prolific composer who has composed a great deal of music in wide variety of forms and genres, he is best known for...
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A Discussion on the Construction of Talent Team in University Library

Jing-Jing LI, Qing-Kuan Wang
Meeting the needs of users is the foundation of library construction. With the development of computer technology and the popularization of network, the user community of the library and the needs of the users all have new features. These changes have led to continuous innovation in the management and...
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The Functions of Observational Learning in the Learning Processes

Take Two Experiments of Modeling Learning as Examples

Humeijia Xu
With the increasing demand of high quality education and stress of students from the more and more competitive learning environment, it is significant to figure out the effective and efficient ways of how to learn. This paper contains perspectives of various scholars about observational learning and...
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Analysis of the Effective Ingredients in Tea

Yanjun Liu
Through the determination of the active ingredients of tea and the study of the effect of tea making on its content, it has been proved that tea is indeed beneficial to the health of human body. Therefore, in this paper, the extraction and improvement of active ingredients are studied, and the application...
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Xi Jinping’s Theoretical Connotation and Practical Path on the Important Exposition of Leading Cadres’ Family Style Construction

Jing Jia
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has seized the “critical minority” of leading cadres, standing at the height of seeing Party self-governance exercised fully and with rigor, announced new expositions, new viewpoints and new requirements about...
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Individual’s Breakthrough Against Habitual Destiny: The Drive and Identity of Students Resuming the College Entrance Examination

Jingqian Xiao
The existence of students who choose to resume college entrance examination (Gaokao) gambling on a better result has long been a characteristic phenomenon in Chinese education. However, relevant educational policies generally inhibit this phenomenon, and these students also suffer from social discrimination....
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Research on Innovation of Ding Porcelain Products Based on Intangible Cultural Heritage Technology

Xiaoshu Deng, Xiaoqing Yao, Jing Liu
The inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage has always been an important subject. This paper starts from the problems facing the intangible cultural heritage industry, takes the Ding Porcelain as the research object, sorts out its origin and characteristics, puts forward specific...
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Utilizing Museum Marketing Strategies to Help Xianyang Museum to Attract Visitors

Xintian Liu
The majority of the medium and small-sized museums in China trapped within a traditional management system that lacks the essence of innovation, which hinders their efforts to make positive changes to their marketing concepts. As the concept of marketing has gradually crept its way into museums, it provides...
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Study on the Influence Mechanism of Gender Discrimination in Children’s Toys

Yu Liu, Wenjing Zhang
Toys have an important impact on children’s gender socialization, but this is an area of insufficient attention. Based on literature review and the development history of toys, this paper summarizes the influence of toys on the formation of children’s gender concept. Toys mainly affect the shaping of...
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The Evolution of the Connotation of College Students’ Information Literacy in the 5G Environment and the Cultivation Strategy

ZhiHong Ruan, Rao Xiang, QianQian Weng
With the advent of the 5G era, the connotation and cultivation of college students’ information literacy have been given a new era connotation. This article sorts out the development path of information literacy of college students in my country under the 1G to 4G environment, and tries to propose the...
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Exploring the Influence of the Scale of Higher Education on My Country’s Economic Growth Based on the Multiple Regression Model

Wang Jing, Yan Chenxiao, Zhang Tingting
At present, my country’s economic development has entered a new journey of socialist modernization, and correspondingly, higher requirements have been put forward on the level and level of my country’s education. However, how does the scale of higher education affect my country’s economic growth? This...
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Exploring the Effects of Product Placement in Movies and Its Influence on Consumer Behavior-A Case Study of the Transformers Series

Muyuan Wu, Murong Yang, Yuqi Zeng, Qiantong Chen
Product placement has been widely acknowledged as a promotional strategy through the international film industry. However, the receptive extent of the audiences might be depended on the genre of placement. Here, we investigate the factors as well as issues relating to the impact of product placement...
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A Curriculum Development Project for the Future Global Communication of Chinese students

Yuqi Chen
As an international language, English is used more and more frequently in international cross-cultural communication. Due to traditional China’s test-oriented education, most people still cannot communicate proficiently in English in universities or even at work, which is “Dumb English”. As an English...
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Training Strategy Research of Mechanical and Electrical Specialty Teachers Under the Background of New Engineering

Ji Yongzhi
As the guiding ideology of the current higher engineering education reform, new engineering not only puts forward new requirements for the professional training of outstanding talents in colleges and universities, but also points out a new direction for the engineering construction of teaching staff....
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Research on the Influence of Real Estate Listed Enterprises to Fulfill Social Responsibility on Enterprise Growth

Fumin Liu, Weitong Ding
This paper combed the first social responsibility related to the growth of all kinds of research at home and abroad and combining the current our country real estate industry present situation and the social responsibility fulfillment influence mechanism and the research hypothesis is put forward, and...
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Painter or Missionary: Life of Lang Shining in the Forbidden City

Qifan Jia
Lang Shining (1688-1766) was originally named Giuseppe Castiglione and was born in Milan, Italy. At the age of 26, he was sent to China as a missionary by the Jesuit. When he came to the Chinese Qing court, he was appointed as a court painter. After that, he lived in China for fifty-one years, painted...
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Art History Research in the Digital Humanistic Era: Paradigm Shift and Method Transformation

Xuyu Niu
This article will make a comprehensive summary, generalization and refinement of the academic research focus and academic research methods of “digital humanities”. Digital humanities does not have a clear definition, but it emphasizes the combination of digital technology and traditional humanities....
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Communication and Diffusion:

Mazu Belief in South Taiwan

Wu-long Xu, Shi-hui Pan, Ju-cheng Xiao
The paper based on Communicology of Mazu belief, the theory of religious and cultural communication, to discuss the spread process of Mazu belief culture in South Taiwan. This paper discusses the way of communication firstly. The second part analyzes the routes of communication. Finally, we describe...
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Research on the Training Mode of Artificial Intelligence Applied Talents in Higher Vocational Institute

Take Guangdong Polytechnic Institute as an Example

Jing Wang
Artificial intelligence is the need of national strategic development. How to cultivate artificial intelligence applied technical talents is the primary task of higher vocational institutes. However, as artificial intelligence technology service is a new major, many higher vocational institutes have...
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The Practical Study of the Collaborative Teaching Mode of “AI-teacher” in the 5G Era

Yingquan Wang, Peng Han, Lili Shi
With the entering of 5g era, the practice form of “AI+ teacher” collaborative teaching formed by the co-existence of artificial intelligence and teachers will provide new opportunities for efficient teaching and personalized education. There are four forms of “AI agent+teacher”, “AI assistant+teacher”,...
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Platform Monopoly and Regulatory Measures

Tian Mao, Xin Yi Zhang
Recently, the Chinese government has been emphasizing anti-monopoly issues and has introduced administrative measures to address monopoly issues. The platform economy is a characteristic form of China’s economy, and its expansion has created a series of problems that harm the rights and interests of...
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Analysis of Higher Mathematics Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Scientific Literacy and Humanistic Spirit

Jing Li
Combining with the characteristics of higher mathematics curriculum and the teaching methods of humanities, this paper discusses the reform of higher mathematics curriculum.
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Analysis of the Communication Mode of Internet Rumors: Taking Top Ten Online Rumors about COVID-19 Epidemic in China in April as Examples

Chutian WU
At the beginning of 2020, the emergence of COVID-19 had a huge impact all over the world, followed by a large number of rumors about the epidemic, and caused panic among the people and society. This article focuses on the analysis of ten typical Internet rumors about COVID-19 epidemic in China in April,...
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Analysis of the Path of Spreading Red Culture by Film and TV Works in the New Era

DeMin He, WenHui Li, Yue Li
In terms of the red culture under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, it refers to the abstract sum that influences the thinking patterns and behavior patterns formed and developed in the long-term revolution, construction and reform, which is under the guidance of Marxist theory, takes the...
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Research on the Social Media Use and Educational Strategies of Youth in a Chinese 3rd Tier City

Guibao Liu, Yingfang Zhao
While the development of information technology brings convenience, it also brings new challenges to youth education. In the new media era, how to guide young people to use social media correctly and reasonably and reduce its negative impact has become a hot issue of concern to the whole society. Based...
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Analysis and Evaluation of China’s Major Port Logistics Competition

Ya-nan Wang, Guo-Qing Cheng
As the connection point of sea and land transportation and the node of international transportation of resources, ports play a pivotal role in the economic systems of countries today, and have become an important part of economic development. In China, most foreign trades are carried out by sea. Recently,...
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Analysis of the Social and Economic Factors of Wastewater Discharge in China

Fang Wang, Hsing Hung Chen
In many developing countries, especially in China, water pollution, which brings a great threat to public health, is a serious problem. In order to control water pollution and provide the scientific basis for governments to make the sustainable development plan, it is very important to find out the social...
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An Empirical Study on Coordination Degree Between Land Urbanization and Population Urbanization in Qinghai Province Based on High-quality Development

Zhihong Pan, Wenling Xiang, Shengxi Ding
It is an important strategy to realize the coordinated development of land urbanization and population urbanization in Qinghai Province. Based on the analysis of the coordinated development of land urbanization and population urbanization in Qinghai Province and two cities in the province, this paper...
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Do Boys and Girls Behave Differently Online?

A Review of Gender Differences in Cyberbullying

Yuanyuan Chang
As more and more adolescents gain access to electronic devices and the Internet, cyberbullying has become a widespread issue. One disputable aspect of cyberbullying is whether there are gender differences among cyberbullies and cybervictims. The current review analyzed previous studies on gender patterns...
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An Overview of the Translation and Introduction of “Liaozhai Zhiyi” in the English World

Yanan Jin
“Liaozhai Zhiyi” is known as the peak of ancient classical Chinese novels. The narrative is close to the folk. The protagonists, with strong folk customs, are principally from the bottom of the society, which reflects the religious concepts, folk beliefs, magic and folk culture of ancient Chinese society....
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The Design Path of State-owned Enterprise Equity Incentive Scheme

Han Wang, Wan He, Tong Gao
Equity incentives are an important medium and long-term incentive method for state-controlled listed companies and state-owned technological enterprises. This article starts from the related policies of state-owned enterprises’ equity incentives and corporate practices, and deeply explores the design...
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AI Works Protected by the Laws of the International Situation and Enlightenment

Yuang Sun.
At present, a large number of works of artificial intelligence impact on human cognition and countries also put it into legal measures to cope with this situation. In the UK, artificial intelligence’s copyright belonging to the work of creation is a necessary arrangement. The European parliament is proposed...
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How the Media Can Facilitate Public Deliberation in Crisis Events

Take the Example of COVID-19

Linqin Fan
The anxiety brought by the crisis event makes the looming identity crisis more obvious, but the resolution of the crisis requires a rational public deliberation process. The media has a role in calming public sentiment and contributing to public deliberation by disclosing the progress and guiding public...
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Chinese Parental-Adolescent Relationship: Between Control and Autonomy

Jiawei Sun
Chinese parent-children interactions have long been considered as emphasizing conformity while discouraging adolescents’ autonomy [1]. However, there is a lack of research on the subjective views of Chinese teenagers in the major cities of China, especially after 2000. Leveraging the author’s identity...
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Analysis of City Marathon Event Holding Mode Based on Market-oriented Operation

Fengzhen Wu, Mengning Fu, Tiechen Qi, Kefu Liu
In recent years, the City Marathon in China has been developing rapidly, with more than 100 events held each year, and the number of events held and the number of participants has continued to increase. As a competitive and mass event, the marathon has brought greater social and economic benefits to...
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The Impact of AI on Jobs and Sexual Discrimination

Zhiqiao Huang
Artificial intelligence has been applied more into occupations by companies and individuals. However, the effects within the benefits are both imaginable and unpredictable. Sexual discrimination in jobs is also a debatable topic. The purpose of this paper is to combine the topics of both AI and sexual...
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Research on Infringement of Short Video in Film and Television Editing

Take “Gu Amor Series Case” as an Example

Zhang Jingcao, Zhou Zhide
With the development of science and technology, short video, as a new information transmission medium, has adapted to the current trend of time fragmentation. With its advantages of brevity and quickness, short video is rapidly rising in public social interaction. Due to the rapid development and large...
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Effect of Multimodal Teaching Mode Based on Rain Classroom on Graduates’ English Learning Agency

Hanbin Zhang, Zanyanjizhaoma
The purpose of the study is to discuss the effect of multimodal teaching mode based on Rain Classroom on graduates’ English learning agency. This paper constructs the multimodal teaching mode of graduates’ English based on Rain Classroom. The mode contains three steps---students’ preparation before class,...
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A Research on Teaching Strategies to Cultivate the Critical Thinking Abilities of College Students in English learning

Lei Zhang
To cultivate college students’ critical mind in learning English is one of the major objectives of College Education in China. The college English teaching cannot detain on the skill-training both in in-class teaching and autonomous learning process, but to promote the critical thinking abilities for...
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A Parental Perspective of the Screen Devices Influence on Children: Chinese Families’ Anxiety Among Entertainment, Education and Social Needs

Junxi Lin, Lin Jiale
This article describes the views of parents of Chinese families on their children’s use of touch-screen devices in an era of rapid media technology development. This research relates to the new-media influence issue and inter-generational relationship of the Chinese family. It contains multiple dimensional...
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Gender Employment: Occupational Gender Segregation and Income Gap

Tiantian Song, Shuhua Xu
Gender equality in employment is considered to be an important driving force of social and economic development, and also an important symbol of social civilization. To achieve gender equality in employment is a topic that the academic circles have been keen to study and discuss. However, due to the...
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Research on the “Digital Divide” and Social Integration of the Elderly in the Post-epidemic Era

Yanyan Zhu, Weifeng Li
At present, the Internet participation of the elderly is showing a rapid rising trend. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the news of the elderly being hindered from traveling without health code has attracted wide attention. With the rapid development of digital information, the phenomenon of “digital...
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Ageing, Husbandry and Distillation

A Reading of Shakespeare’s Procreation Sonnets

Weiqiang Mao, Rui Li
Time is a tyrant whose crime against the fair youth can be halted only through husbandry and distillation, which, Shakespeare believes, can help produce another self that bear the fair youth’s form and memory so that the equilibrium of giving and taking can be maintained to achieve certain sense of immortality....
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The Struggle and Survival Picture of Little People

Take “Seventeen Year Old Bicycle” as an example

Yiwen Li
“Seventeen-year-old Bicycle” tells about the living conditions of rural migrant workers and the people at the bottom of the city during the period of reform and opening up in the 1980s and 1990s. The film uses a bicycle as a medium to cast its perspective on marginal figures in the real society, showing...
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To Teach by Example

Light up the Way of Education

Ying Zhao, Ying Zheng
The traditional virtue of Chinese teachers is to set an example. Confucius, a great educator in the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period, regarded “being a teacher” as the most basic requirement of the teacher profession. He once said, “He who is upright does not obey orders. He who...
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Cooperation or Confrontation: An Analysis of Two Trades Conflicts Between the U.S. and China Centered on IPR

Xin Wang
Intellectual property conflicts have affected the U.S. and China’s relationships for several decades. Some have been resolved finally through negotiations and compromises, but some escalated to trade war. This paper will discuss why a potential trade war was avoided at the end of the 20th century but...
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Whitman’s Transcendentalism: An Analysis of “Song of Myself” by Comparing with Emersonian Thought

Rui Liu
Whitman’s “Song of Myself” shows his transcendentalist thoughts, greatly influenced by Emerson while also having his distinguished understanding. The paper mainly focuses on “Song of Myself” to analyze the similarities and differences between Whitman’s and Emerson’s transcendentalism. Fundamentally,...
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Analysis and Suggestions on Bilingual Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Jie Li, Qiang Guo, Yali Yao
Bilingual teaching has received tremendous interest in China over the past two decades in view of the requirements for social informatization and economic globalization, and meanwhile it satisfies cultivating high-quality innovative and high-level compound talents. Graduates with solid professional knowledge...
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Research on Rural Environmental Governance in Remote Mountainous Area from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization – A Case Study of Q Village in Liuzhou, Guangxi

Lixuan Li, Tianyi Wang, Yu’an Chen, Shuxin Yang, Yi Chang, Hongyi Zhao
In the context of targeted poverty alleviation with great results and the gradual advancement of rural revitalization, environmental governance issues in remote mountainous rural areas still need to be resolved urgently. The centralization system of township governments, the absence of the functions...
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Research on the Soft Power of Cross-border Language and Culture in the Core Area of the Belt and Road Initiative

Cailing Xu
Language planning is a social governance activity that is both theoretical and practical and has an important position and role in the national development strategy. In the past five years, language planning research focusing on language topics of the “Belt and Road” is an academic focus formed by the...
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Exploring Paths for Development of Characteristic Majors Based on Teaching Faculty Development at Universities in the Era of Digital Transformation

A Case study of the Major of Environmental Design

Qionglin Liu, Zhaoming Du
Since China made the “development of double first-class universities” national strategy, teaching staff development has played a crucial role in development of characteristic majors. In the age of digital transformation, this study takes the development of the characteristic major of environmental design...
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A Brief Analysis of the Reference Significance of “Calendar Painting” to Modern Poster Advertisement

Yuwan Ma
This refers to the card type of single-page calendar, the calendar painting in Chinese folk, also known as the calendar, is China’s unique art style, has been one hundred years of history, in the thirties of the 20th century when its booming, but later as the Anti-Japanese War, its foundering, become...
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The Teaching Upgrade of Drama, Film and Television Under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Take “Table Read” into the Class as an Example

Xing Liu
Under the strategic background of China’s new liberal arts construction, it is necessary to upgrade the teaching of drama and film majors in universities, especially in practical teaching. The teaching of drama and film professional courses should be based on the current industry development, review...
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Wisdom and Strategy ─ An Example for Zhang Liang and Liu Bang

Minhwa Zhou, Meihwa Zhou
Liu Bang used to be just a County Magistrate (police station director) in Sishui County, Jiangsu Province. He had low status, no fighting experience, and no ability to defeat Xiang Yu, the God of war. But he was very lucky. Zhang Liang, a Han nobleman, was willing to be his counselor and always gave...
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Image Construction of Neutral Idols in the Era of Social Media

Regarding Neutral Idols from Youth with You 2

Yiming Yuan
Based on the current craze for neutral idols on social media, text analyses were conducted on relevant microblogs with respect to Liu Yuxin and Lu Keran, two neutral idols from Youth with you 2. It was found that their media images are characteristic of “rebelling” traditional women, seeming like men...
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Construction of a Mental Health Warning Model and Proposal for Countermeasures for Community Residents in Dalian, China

Yingnan Liang
New period the important task of community construction in our country is to establish a scientific and effective model of community mental health service, which has an important role in the improvement of community residents’ psychological quality and in having a good life for happiness.This study,...
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Decolonisation of Past and Present Identities:

A Discussion on the Representations of ‘Britishness’ and ‘Otherness’ in UK Museums

Yizhu Chen, Aline Khoury
In this article we analyse the role of museums in building national identities and in including migrant perspectives in this process - with a focus on the United Kingdom case. We briefly examine how ideas of otherness and foreignness were built in British museums, especially through the narratives around...
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Threshold Mechanism for Rural to Undertake Urban Industrial Transfer Under High-quality Development

Feng Zhang, Xiaona Song
From the perspective of system theory, the basic principles that the countryside should follow to undertake the transfer of urban industries were designed, and the network topology structure of the assessment system of rural undertaking urban industrial transfer threshold was constructed. The specific...
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Repetitive Project Scheduling Optimization with Soft Logic Considering Maximum Constraints and Resource Continuity Constraints

Kong Feng, Yuan Chen
Project scheduling is an essential branch of construction management, which has been proved of practical worth. This paper aims to make improvements in it by adding new constraint to this problem to make it more practical. This article firstly establishes a model which can be optimized with soft logic...
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A Brief Analysis of the Interactive Teaching Methods and Functions in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Hongzhi Zhu, Yingbo Li
with the improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength in teaching Chinese as a foreign language has been booming, many kinds of teaching method to get the different progress and development, the interactive teaching is more and more get people’s attention and concern, from the teachers, students,...
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Study on the Sustainable Development Legal Mechanism of the Development and Utilization of International Watersheds

Yamin Han
The contradiction between the current situation of water shortage in the world and the increasing demand for water resources in the economic development of various countries has promoted the use of water resources in the international community to implement the concept of sustainable development. As...
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Dunk of China: The Innovation of Chinese Sports Programs in the Context of Media Convergence

Guo Yu
This paper is based on Dunk of China.This paper discusses the innovative forms of sports programs under the background of media convergence. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the connotation of media convergence and its influence on sports programs. The second part is based...
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What a Mask Reveals-- Assessing Chinese and American Societal Differences

Shangkai Su
The usage of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as face masks diversify immensely in the US and China during the COVID-19 pandemic. To fully address this issue, this paper conducts a multi-aspect research on US and China society. This research aims to compare the two cultures and identify the underlying...
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Study on the Factors of Physical Deterioration and Improving Measures of Contemporary College Students

Haibo Zhou, Daming Sun
The youth is strong, our country from the sports power step into the era of sports power, good physique is a strong vitality of a country, but also the pace of contemporary society forward. Today, the contemporary university students’ physique status decline year by year is not optimistic, students of...
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Research on the Influence of the Internet on Teenagers’ Psychology and Behavior

Nuoya Lin
With the development of the Internet, people have gradually entered the information society. As the internet brought technological development, it also has a profound impact on the psychological behavior of young people. This article uses socialization, use and satisfaction theories and cognitive theories,...
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Research on the Risk Factors of Material Misstatement of Listed Companies in China

Lan Wang, He Zhang
Since the 21st century, with the rapid development of the global economy, economic business is complex and diverse. At the same time, financial fraud and audit failure cases occur frequently at home and abroad. Under the modern risk oriented audit mode, the identification, evaluation and response of...