Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2021)

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Evaluation of High-Quality Foreign Trade’s Development

Guirong Jiang, Tao Li
Using the analytic hierarchy process, this paper puts 15 indexes in 4 dimensions to evaluate the high-quality development of foreign trade based on the review of existing literature on the evaluation indexes of foreign trade quality, and takes foreign trade in Xinjiang from 2014 to 2017 as an empirical...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Accounting Learning Effect of College Students in China

Li-Ling Yang
Accounting education is very important in China, and there were very few researches on the learning effect of accounting of college students. This paper discusses the factors that influence the learning effect of accounting students from Zhaoqing University School of Economics and Management in China....
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Research on the Teaching Mode of Idioms in International Chinese Language

JungChih Tsai, ChingChih Tsai
For the idioms teaching of Chinese as a second language, scholars have proposed various teaching strategies, most of which focus on how to explain the meaning of idioms, using interesting and contextual methods, or online videos for teaching. There is very little emphasis on the sentence structure of...
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The Construction of Overseas Chinese Interpersonal Network and the Generation of Revolutionary Emotion in Singapore and Malaysia

Through Zhang Yong Fu and Lim Nee Soon

Shanshan Qian, Kee Chye Ho
Taking Zhang Yong Fu and Lim Nee Soon as examples, the revolution trend of overseas Chinese intellectuals in Singapore and Malaysia is the reflection of different personal orientations and different interpersonal networks. Based on the historical, political and social factors, the revolutionary emotional...
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Study on Teaching Korean in the Context of “Ideological and Political Education in Courses”

Yanjun Gao, Shuyan Gong
As the economic exchange and trading grow between China and South Korea in the 21st century, educational exchange and collaborations between the two countries have flourished. Students who have pursued further study in South Korea and have been deeply affected by the Korean culture featured by parades,...
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Analysis of Silting Characteristics of Rivers in Shanghai Old Town Based on Dredging Data Statistics (1617-1915)

Qingqing Liu
Based on the quantitative research method to count the number and frequency of dredging in different periods and spatial distribution in Shanghai Old Town from 1617 to 1915, this paper reveals the different characteristics of the siltation of rivers in Shanghai Old Town before and after the opening....
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Energy Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth Based on EKC—Take Yunnan Province as an Example

Lulin Zhu, XiaoQian Zhou, YuanYi Huang, Weiwen Huang
In the face of deeper international competition and the security of the energy environment in the future, “carbon peaking” has become an important starting point. This paper selects the data of Yunnan Province during the 20 years from 2000 to 2019, and calculates the carbon emission level of energy consumption...
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Research on College Online Teaching Practice by Comparing Teacher-student Experience

Le Zhang, Yang Xi, Aojun Li, Ying Zhang
The Covid-19 outbreak made the online teaching the main approach in college unprecedentedly. Based on the questionnaire, this paper takes Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology as the example and analyzes online teaching based on the comparison of teachers and students online teaching and learning experience,...
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Analysis of the Cannibalism in A Madman’s Diary

Kefan Yi
The main research direction of this thesis is to explore the interpretation of cannibal imagery on A Madman’s Diary. The article will interpret the four-thousand-year concept of “cannibalism” through a view of a madman. This paper will be analyzed from four main parts, which are separately from biological,...
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Research on Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode of Operations Research

Haiyan Tu
Online and offline blended teaching is a kind of teaching method under the condition of information support, which has attracted much attention. It is a new mode of curriculum quality reform in higher education. “Operations research” course design with online self-study activities as the leading, offline...
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Research on the Cause of Goodwill Impairment of Zhongtai Automobile

Lan Wang, Xiangeng Li
The high goodwill of M & A has laid a mine for the operation of listed companies. The target enterprise of M & A fails to fulfill the corresponding performance commitment, which directly leads to the parent company’s high impairment loss of goodwill, and has a great negative impact on the interests...
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Analysis of Personal Freedom from the Perspective of Surrogacy

M Gao
The celebrity “Zheng Shuang” event in2021 has brought the topic of surrogacy to the attention of the general public once again. Not only is surrogacy a scientific medical technology but also it involves social ethics, economy, law, etc., but the surrogacy legislation still holds back. The reproductive...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education Quality of Higher Vocational Teachers under the Background of Engineering

Juan Wang, Zhentao Zhang
This research is based on the perspective of promoting the professionalization of engineering higher vocational teachers, according to the professional characteristics, which investigates the professional quality of teachers in higher vocational colleges. The exploration of teachers’ professional quality,...
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Analysing the “Response” to the Tibetan Language Under RPS Model in Language Ecology

Xuewen Duan
This study explores Tibetan’s language ecology. The study applies the first-grade indicators of the “response” under a Press-State-Response (PSR) model to assess the ecology of Tibetan language used in Tibetan-inhabited areas of China. The study collects data from well-documented research and the author’s...
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EAP Need Analysis of Undergraduates in Agricultural Universities in the Border Provinces of China

Xuyan Xu, Luanhua Chang, Hui Zhang
Under the grand background of the construction of neo-agriculture education, what’s the direction of college English reform in agricultural universities in border provinces of China? To answer this question, the author conducted a need analysis of EAP in Yunnan Agricultural University, finding that there...
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A Comparative Study of the Rapid Decline of Bowling and the Enduring Prosperity of Badminton from the Perspective of Social Capital

Ming Zhang, Bo Zhang, Dan Xie
As two popular sports, bowling and badminton have very different development paths in today’s society. As far as bowling is concerned, although it has been introduced to China for a short time, it has been sought after by many people. However, under the influence of many factors, the development of bowling...
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The Characteristics and Effects of Fan Community Communication

Take the Series 227 Events of Zhan Xiao’s Fan as an Example

Jingyi Chen
With the rapid development of the Internet, the fan community communication presents new characteristics and effects. This paper takes the series 227 events of Zhan Xiao’s fan as an example and collect relevant data on Weibo for analysis through quantitative research method. The research shows that the...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Industry-University-Research Integration Innovation in Xi’an

Xinhong Wang, Zhiru Huang
The innovation of industry-university-research integration plays an important role in effectively promoting the integration and distribution of resources, enhancing the technological capabilities and competitiveness of enterprises, promoting the development of the regional economy, and promoting industrial...
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Innovating Translation and Interpreting Pedagogy to Strengthen China’s International Discourse Rights

Dawn F.Y. TSANG, Guozhi CAI
This research project aims at solving the common difficulties translation major would face at undergraduate level in mainland China, and proposes resolutions in terms of innovating translation pedagogy and improving teaching and learning effectiveness. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the international...
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The Brand Internationalization of Chinese Sportswear Companies: A Case Study of Anta and Li-Ning

Chengzhi Niu
This paper selects Li Ning and Anta as research cases to find out how these two companies succeed in internationalization. Through the analysis we concluded a successful path of the brand internationalization process of Chinese apparel companies, and also provide a reference for other Chinese apparel...
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Construction and Integration of Teacher’s Empowerment Images

Shun-Ho Wang
This study uses a dynamic “process model” to explore the construction of teacher’s empowerment images from internal and external processes. The purpose of this study is to explore the construction types of teacher’s subjective and objective empowerment images, as well as the interaction and integration...
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Research on the Contradiction between Supply and Demand of Skilled Talents in Manufacturing Industry -- Taking Hubei Province as an Example

Mei Wang
With Hubei’s economy entering the new normal, the supply and demand and development of skilled talents affect the adjustment of industrial structure and the development of scientific and technological innovation in Hubei Province. Facing the great historical development opportunity of “building fulcrum,...
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Fantasy, Narcissism and David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly

Shu-Yuan Chang
David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly deconstructs Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly by entwining a fact happened in 1986 — a French diplomat Bernard Bouriscot who has a multi-year affair with a Chinese man disguised as a woman. Hwang displays how cultural imperialism and the stereotype of the Asian persona...
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Analysis of Primary School Music Teaching Plan Under the Multicultural Background

Jinyi Guo
The phenomenon of multiculturalism has a long history. The current domestic research on multicultural teaching is mainly based on teaching theory and practice. The common feature is to study and explore the meaning of education from the perspective of multiculturalism. Primary education is the beginning...
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Study on Educational Activities for Children’s Branch of Shanxi Museum in China

Jianguo Fang, Yu Li
In China, children’s education in museums is developing in the process of exploration and reference, and the children’s education activities in Shanxi Museum are representative to a certain extent. Taking the children’s branch of Shanxi Museum as the research object, this study explored the contents,...
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Who is the Better Leader?

Based on Linear Regression and Neural Network Model to Predict the Post Election Performance of the United States

Zeheng Zhang, Yi Jing, Weihua Li, Zenyu Guo, Yixuan Zhao
The general election of the United States has ended, and Biden has been elected president of the United States. Domestic and international scholars in the United States are studying Biden’s economic and political adjustments in different ways, especially the differences compared with trump's....
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Prototype of Emotional Metaphor in Chinese

Hong Xu
Emotional metaphor is a way of expressing and recognizing emotion, which is formed by the similarity of emotion category and other domain category. In the emotional metaphor proposition “A is B”, B is a set of multiple possible values. Some categories related to individual evaluation, physiological response...
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A Preliminary Study on the Framework System of Social Work for Student Party Building in Higher Education

Chengtao Xu
The introduction of social work into the party building work of students in universities is an inevitable requirement for the localization of social work and the need to further develop the special services of social work for party building of students in universities. In the service process of social...
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Ethical Problems Concerning Human Augmentation Technology and Its Future Aspects

Zicong Li
Human augmentation technology, which aims to elevate different capacities of humans through certain ways, thrives as the development of science technology, meanwhile, the ethical problems coming along with the progress of the technology challenge conventions and values of human beings. In this article,...
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Research on the Mechanism of Refuting Internet Rumors in Public Health Emergencies with College Students

Take Shuanghuanglian as an Example

Yifan Long, Chunjuan Wang
At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, and online rumors related to COVID-19 spread widely, resulting in a secondary epidemic. College students are at the center of the Internet era and are greatly affected by online rumors. Taking the “Shuanghuanglian Incident” in COVID-19 as an...
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The Construction Ways of National Identity

Based on the Analysis of Chinese Anti-epidemic Propaganda Films

Jiani Xiao
The construction of national identity is one of the most important issues modern countries facing. The anti- epidemic propaganda films not only narrate the anti-epidemic stories of ordinary people and highlight the anti-epidemic power of the country, but also construct the national identity of the audience....
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Between Balance of Power and Balance of Resolve: Why Russia Used Fait Accompli in Crimea But Frozen Conflict in South Ossetia?

Jialin Li
In the past few decades, Russia and the U.S. have conflicts of interest, especially in Russia’s neighbors. For example, in 2008, Russia adopted a frozen conflict tactic in South Ossetia, while in 2014, Russia adopted a fait accompli tactic in Crimea. Then why Russia employed different strategies respectively?...
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A Comparative Study of Thematic Progression Patterns Between Narration and Argumentation in New Concept English

Xiaoli Guo
Thematic progression is an important concept in systemic functional linguistics. Apart from its theoretical value, it means a lot to reading comprehension and essay-writing because thematic progression patterns reveal how sentences are connected. Most studies are based on one specific text type rather...
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The Presence of the Ghaznavids’ Court Glory: An Analysis of Lashkari-Bazar in Light of the Sociopolitical Order Through Historical and Panegyric Materials

Shangxiner Li
During the tenth to twelfth centuries in the central and eastern Islamic areas, largely today’s Afghanistan, the military Turks established a Sunni dynasty called the Ghaznavids. It was an era of great glory and constant tension in the Islamic world, defined as the medieval Islamic period, with the Ghaznavids’...
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A Case Study on Habitual Gender Conceptions of Bilibili Anime Devotees:

Notions of Traditional Masculinity, Femininity and Their Transformation

Yue Zhu
Recent studies on the fundamental aspects of gender stereotypes have raised public’s concern in Chinese society, where social expectations are very prevalent and are exacerbated after watching certain television programs for both genders. This suggests that the traits are traditionally viewed as masculine,...
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Cholera Epidemic Prevention in Ningbo in 1930s and 1940s

Peiqing Zhao
The Republic of China was a period of high incidence of cholera epidemic in Chinese history. Ningbo, a city located in the southeast coast of China, was also affected by cholera all the year round in the 1930s and 1940s. This paper purposes to use the local historical data of Ningbo to explore the epidemic...
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The Characterization, Causes and Countermeasures of Mental Poverty in Rural Areas of Western China

Zhao Kang, You-li Kang
Mental poverty has led to the lack of spiritual motivation and intellectual support for poverty-stricken groups in western China, which has seriously hindered the pace of rural economic development in western China and the overall effectiveness of precise poverty alleviation. The problems of mental poverty...
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A Study on Knowledge Hiding: Visualized Quantitative Analysis Based on Note Express

Fan Yang, Long Yang
Knowledge hiding refers to the deliberate hiding of individuals in an organization in the face of their colleagues’ knowledge requests. At present, the research review in this field is mainly based on the qualitative research method, relying on the author’s subjective intention to build the theoretical...
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Study on Engineering Educational Accreditation Based on Outcome Based Education philosophy

Xia Zhu, Fangqin Xu, Zhongyun Jiang
Worldwide attention and recognition has gradually focused on Outcome Based Education (OBE) philosophy which was pioneered by an American scholar in 1981. Two great changes from “discipline orientated” to “expected achievement orientated” and “teacher-centered” to “student-centered” teaching ideas has...
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A Study of Textless Back Translation from the Perspective of Intertextuality

Taking the Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts as an example

Wei Cai
Textless back translation is a new phenomenon of back translation, which refers to the process of translation of a text describing the content of the national culture without a specific original or a process of translating the original text into a foreign language. This study focuses on the study of...
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Research on Emotional Design of Creative Cultural Products from the Perspective of Behavioral-Layer Creativity

Xiao Qing Yao
To explore the research breadth and depth of the design methods at specific layers in combination with emotional design and cultural creativity, the concept of emotional design was introduced, and the behavioral-layer design of creative cultural products was taken as the research object to deeply mine...
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The Third Pillar Endowment Insurance Reform and Development Research

Xinhao Gu
In the 1990 s was set up three pillar of endowment insurance system in our country, at present, the government increasingly to the third pillar of endowment insurance reform and development efforts, in this paper, based on the problems existing in the development of the reform, to explore the future...
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Analysis on the Freudism in David Lynch’s Film Blue Velvet

Yuzhou Zhu
Director David Lynch is a representative of contemporary American non-mainstream cinema. His films stand out for their gorgeous, dark, and eerie style that uses black humor. He often uses Freud’s psychoanalysis to show the mental symptoms of anxiety and depression in people. This article mainly devotes...
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Discuss the Selection of Interview Dates—Consider the Innate Differences of Matching Departments

Yu-Ko Huang, Lon-Ping Zu
For most departments of a selected university, this article first calculates the matching comparison performances of correct selection rate, the reserve rate, and the distribution rate, in the 2014-2016 academic years and the 2018-2020 academic years respectively; Then, it compares the difference of...
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Study and Countermeasure to Improve Cadets’ Learning Enthusiasm

Kai Lu, Qing Wan, ShunXiang Wang, YuJia Li, ShengKun Gao
By means of questionnaire survey and opinion exchange, combined with personal work experience, the study enthusiasm of undergraduats in Army Logistics Academy was qualitatively analyzed and thought. Through statistical analysis of the distribution of cadets’ enthusiasm, the paper explores the deep reasons...
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Wang Zengqi’s View on Prose

Xiaojing Liu
Wang Zengqi is a master of contemporary prose. His essays are deeply influenced by Song people’s notes and late Ming essays. In the process of prose creation, he also thought about the writing of prose, and gradually formed his prose view. His prose views include: China is a prose country with a long...
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Benefit of the New Platform: The Win-win Cooperation Between the Responsibility and Performance

Sample Analysis Based on SIP-CSRA

Yang Zhao, Pei Chen, Kun Yang
Nowadays, in the political ecology, collaborative governance has gradually become the center in the process of community governance. Based on the micro-foundation of internal governance, the advantages of social organizations participating in social governance have been highly recognized. However, there...
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An Analysis of the Behavior Logic of the Spread of Christian Religion on the Internet

Bijun Wu, Xiaowei Liang
When the network emerged and provided a “field” for religious organizations and individual believers that might exceed the scope of traditional public affairs management, the expression norms of individual believers in the “public field” space of the network and the balance between “private religious...
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An Investigation on the Relationship Between Celebrities’ Ideal Body Images on Social Media and Young Generation’s Body Dissatisfaction

Jing Chen
The current research was conducted to examine whether celebrities on social media intensify body dissatisfaction of the young generation or not. Young people aged from 18 to 24 years old from the top three cities in South, North, and East China were investigated by a survey experiment. Unlike previous...
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To What Extent Financial Autonomy Affects Social Security Expenditure

Ziyao Hu
Social security expenditure is affected by many factors. According to the ‘ the flypaper effect ‘ and public choice theory, it can be concluded that the high financial transfer payment of the superior government will expand the local fiscal expenditure, and the local governments have the motivation to...
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Research on the Hanfu Movement in New Media Environment

Huansong Yang, Weiran Dou, Zhifei Chen
Secretary-General Xi Jinping has put forward the requirement of “double creation” for the excellent Chinese traditional culture, which is of great significance for the inheritance and development of traditional culture. Through the new media, the Hanfu movement has been able to gain momentum, and through...
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The Unable-To-Be-Made-White Black Soul

The Presentation of Black Cultural Value in Song of Solomon

Lei Zhang
The self-quest of black people is vividly described in Toni Morrison’s major novel song of Solomon, in which the confusion of identity and the desire for recognition is deeply analysed under the racial and gender discrimination in American society. Focusing on exploring the influence of dominant culture...
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Jenő Hubay and His Four Violin Concertos

Lihua Pu
This paper examines the four Violin Concertos composed by Jenő Hubay. The goal is to present evidence that connections exist between Hubay’s style and the performance styles of each of his dedicatees. In addition, his roles as founder of a Hungarian violin school and as a popular concerto soloist will...
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Research on Cross-border M&A Networks in “One Belt One Road” Countries Based on SNA

Min Li, Huanlin Pan, Zhengqun Zhan
This paper constructs a cross-border M&A transaction network in the “One Belt One Road” countries, and explores the structural evolution characteristics of the network through social network analysis methods. The results show that the degree of closeness of M&A transactions between countries...
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How Socio-economic Status Affects Academic Performance

A Study of Education Inequality in Junior High School Students in China Based on a Structural Equation Model

Yuchen Jiang
As social stratification has deepened in contemporary Chinese society, educational capital and academic performance in secondary education have differentiated according to students’ socio-economic status. Most of the existing studies on the relationship between family background and children’s academic...
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An Analysis of Relationships on Domestic Service and Apprenticeship in The City of London, Based on Legal Records, 1672-1715

Kaiying Xin
This research focuses on the relationship between masters/mistresses and their servants/apprentices in the city of London through the legal records from the Old Bailey Proceedings during the years of 1672 to 1715. Assorted by the categories of offense, the research will examine the relationship shown...
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Thoughts on the Reform of Teaching Law

Junfei Li, Longhai Zhao
This article discusses the teaching method reform of the “ Three Education Reforms “ in Chinese higher vocational colleges, and focuses on the problems existing on teaching project and teaching information, and put forward solutions. This article has a certain reference value of the “ Three Education...
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A Brief Analysis of the Core of Comprehensive and Strict Party Management in the New Era

Xiaoyun Jiao, Qianqian Wang
The Report of the 19th National Congress puts forward the general requirements of strengthening the Party’s construction in the new era. Moreover, it plans the general layout of the Party’s construction in the new era, drawing a new blueprint for the Party’s construction in the new era. Planning the...
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Macao Museum Tourism

current situation, problems and suggestions

Linan Zhang
For Macao, which has more than 400 years of cultural integration between the East and the west, museums are not only an important carrier to preserve and display its historical and cultural heritage, but also an important tourism resource and media in Macao. The in-depth development of museums has become...
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The Further Development of the International Carbon Emission Legal System under the Transition of Covid-19

Yufei Liu
In recent years, the international society has put tremendous effort into regulating carbon dioxide emissions. While the COVID-19 pandemic had significantly impacted global energy use and created a drastic but temporary reduction in CO2 emissions, it is important to re-examine the current international...
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The Mechanism Construction of the Stable Promotion of Students majoring in mining’ Professional Thought—Take Wuhan University of Science and Technology as an example

Xiao-Long Deng, Jia-Qian Li
With the acceleration of the construction of a two-oriented society in China, the mineral industry has also undergone transformation and upgrading, at the same time, it has also been accompanied by a large number of mining professionals. However, in the mining universities, the proportion of students...
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Energy Cooperation Mode of China and Countries along the “Belt and Road”

Shigang Yan
The paper stated the main progress and challenges of energy cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road. Then the paper constructed the evaluation index system of energy cooperation to analyze the energy cooperation degree between China and countries along the Belt and Road by using...
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The Analysis of Argumentative Strategies of Jack Ma’s Discourse on 996 working hour system

Xiaoqi Zhang
At present, the domestic academic research mainly analyzes discourse from a linguistic or social point of view, and seldom studies discourse from the perspective of argumentation. In view of this, in the framework of Generalized Argumentation Theory, this article takes Jack Ma’s argumentative discourse...
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Research on the relationship between real estate industry and regional economic development in Underdeveloped Areas

Take Heyuan as an example

Yingchao Bai
In recent years, with the well-known real estate development enterprises sinking into the third and fourth-tier cities, it is of great practical significance to study the relationship between the real estate industry and the economic development of the underdeveloped areas. In this paper, taking Heyuan...
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The Pedagogical Strategies for Online Music Learning of Instrumental Lessons in Higher Education

Kuo-Ying Lee
With the increasing growth of modern technology, more and more educators incorporate innovative equipment in their classes for advanced educational approaches. Particularly, the physical courses are limited or prohibited during the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore the online courses became mandatory...