Proceedings of the 2023 9th International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Rosila Bee Binti Mohd Hussain, Jimmyn Parc, Jia Li
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Corporate Social Responsibility Perception and Happiness of Employees: Evidence from Disney Resort in China

Meng-Ying Tsai, Wan-Chi Hsu, En-Tong Wang
In recent years, many scholars have discussed good corporate culture, such as corporate social responsibility. The study investigates the relationship between employee perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and happiness in China’s Resort industry. Four types of corporate social responsibilities...
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Human Resource Management Issues in Private Banking—Taking N Bank as an Example

Yuwen Qin
With the rapid development of China’s economy, the size of China’s high net worth population is large and maintaining high growth, and the total number of high net worth people continues to increase. Private banking has become an integral part of the banking business, and the main needs of HNWI wealth...
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Explore the Development of New E-commerce Models and Their Impact on Consumer Purchasing Power

Yang Ding
With the advancement of the Internet, e-commerce has flourished and created a progressive trend toward becoming more social, mobile, and local. Concurrently, the continual growth of e-commerce influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. Therefore, this article has continued the exhaustive investigation...
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Influence of Female Executives on the ESG Rating Performance of Enterprises

Ziwei Zhang
With the increasing attention paid to female executives, the individual characteristics of women and the diversity of an enterprise’s senior executive team play a crucial role in the performance of the enterprise. As an important indicator to measure the performance of corporate social responsibility...
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“Friendship or Romantic Love?”: Critically Adopting Queer Theory to Explore Laotong Relationship in Snow Flower Secret Fan

Tong Guan
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is a popular novel by American author Lisa See. The description of the Laotong relationship - an ancient Chinese relationship that bounded two unrelated girls together to form a for eternity as kindred sisters - has been widely discussed by the public. There exist two prevalent...
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On the Dilemma of Women from the Perspective of the Chinese and Korean Adaptation of “Startling at Every Step”

Jiatong Mu
Modern Chinese cultural researchers generally believe that the “trans fiction” has a “utopian” color: as the protagonist, the strider - usually male - can use modern history and scientific knowledge to change the historical process, so as to achieve the realization of his own value in a fantasy historical...
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Carbon Neutrality Education Promotes Parents’ Pro-environmental Behavior by Children’s Information Communication

Xiaoqing Zheng, Yan Sun
Climate change is a global problem, and the Chinese government has put forward the goal of carbon neutrality. Carbon neutrality is increasingly embedded in the field of education. However, few researchers have explored its effects. In particular, previous researchers have found that education may have...
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The Application of Machine Learning in Chemical Engineering: A Literature Review

Baiyu Lu
In chemical engineering research, to develop a Physico-chemical model is expensive. Also, it’s very difficult for a computationally tractable model to perfectly describe many complex phenomena. Nowadays, machine learning can learn complicated behavior. Also, the development of its model is more economical....
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The Success Behind the Sogdian Mercantile Network

Ziyu Lin
The Sogdians were people of Iranian origin, and with their homeland Sogdiana located at the center of several Silk Road routes, they were some of the most influential merchants to traverse the Silk Road. This paper explores some of the factors that led to the success of the Sogdian Mercantile Network....
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Research on Challenges Facing China’s Internet Finance Law System

Ziang Deng, Chunyu Wu, Wang Yao, Jinke Li, Jialin Liu, Zhuoyu Zeng
With the continuous development of computer technology, the traditional financial industry is undergoing tremendous changes in today’s “Internet+” era. Internet finance can provide efficient and convenient financial services as a new inclusive economic model. However, due to the imperfection of relevant...
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Analysis on the Innovation Governance Strategy of Human Resources Public Service in Sichuan Province

Guo Tong, Guiqing Li, Tingyu Hu, Liu Jie
In the process of China’s reform and opening up, the development of economic level is also constantly improving, the speed of urbanization has also accelerated significantly. According to the data from the Statistical Bulletin on the Development of Sichuan Province and Human Resources and Social Security...
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Narrowing Down the Secrets of the Internet - A Review of Privacy Leakages and Prevention Methods

Bojin Chen, Congjun Xu, Wenxiang Cai, Yuheng Xia
With the massive growth of Internet users, the demand for users to browse the web has also increased enormously. As a consequence of this, users leave a significant number of browser footprints online in addition to a significant amount of personal data. In addition, many third-party websites provide...
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The Development Trend and Inspiration of Physical Education in Taiwan Under the Influence of the Concept of Whole-Person Education

Xiaobing Wang, Dongxiang Huang
Whole-person education is an educational philosophy that aims at the complete and harmonious development of human beings. Under the influence of this, philosophy, school sports, competitive sports and social sports in Taiwan are all coincidentally oriented towards the development of physical and mental...
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Research on the Construction and Promotion of Countermeasures for the Culture of Local Government Administrative Organizations

Based on the Case of Dalian Biliu River Reservoir Administration

Shuning Wang
With the continuous development of modern society, organizations pay more and more attention to the study of organizational culture in order to better adapt to the changes of internal and external environment. Administrative organizational culture, as an important branch part of organizational culture,...
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Analyzation of the Chinese Dating Show Love Actually Using Social Penetration Theory

Shuming Zhang
Dating shows have now penetrated the television audiences of China. The basic fundamentals of the show are to find two compatible contestants, starting them on a road of love and romance. The contestants need to reveal particular issues regarding their characters and background hoping for an attraction,...
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Metaphors of Animal Words in English and Chinese and the Inspiration of Foreign Language Teaching

Li Zhao
Animal vocabulary contains a metaphorical way of thinking, which regards animals as the source domain and people or things as the target domain and implement a cross domain projection. The differences between English and Chinese language users in terms of geographical environment, living habits, ways...
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Viewing the Contradiction from Cyberpunk Under the Operation of Capitalism

Taking Neuromancer as an Example

Junyang Lin
Cyberpunk is a kind of subculture derived from the development process of capitalism, it contains the excessive development of capitalism and technology dependence intensifies social contradictions and ethical issues of extreme concern. To express such concerns, Neuromancer is a strong representative....
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Childhood Trauma Along Life and Correlations Between Childhood Trauma, Attachment Style and Emotion Regulation

Jiani Jiang
Individuals who experience trauma as children can suffer long-term mental and physical consequences. Earlier intervention and assessment of children at risk of dissociation can be made possible with a better understanding of childhood trauma and validated assessments. In this literature review, we will...
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Significance of Improving Rural Bilingual Education in Out-of-Poverty Areas from the Perspective of Promoting Rural Revitalization on All Fronts

Ying Wang, Shiting Huang
Since the process of rural revitalization has witnessed comprehensive promotion in mainland China, the link between areas which have already been lifted out of poverty and markets from home and abroad has also been enhanced, significantly increasing the demand for external publicity and communication...
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The Effect Path of Guiding Role of Science and Technology Award: A Case Study of UHV Technology

Wen-hui Qi, Dan Wang, Bao-guang Xu, Jian-fei Lu, Yan-yan Shao, Wei Zhu, Xin Li
The science and technology award is an important component of China’s science and technology policy, which has been playing an important guiding role in guiding the direction of innovation, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing innovation capacity. In order to research the effect path of the guiding...
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Urban-Rural Disparities Influence Educational Equity in China

Jiajun Li, Huilian Wu
In the past decades, China has experienced explosive economic growth; however, unbalanced urban-rural development also brings serious educational inequality. Educational inequality does not only have negative impacts on the economy, such as leading to fewer educated workers, but also has bad social impacts,...
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Introducing Traditional Culture in the Teaching of Document Retrieval in Higher Education Institutions

Yu Zhang
Many higher education institutions today have introduced Document Retrieval in their curricula. However, students do not tend to take it seriously as it is not one of the core subjects in their studies. We introduced Dream of the Red Chamber, a popular classical Chinese novel, in the teaching of Document...
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Cultural Variation in Perceiving Competition

Tiansi Yang
This study focused on the investigation of the influence of cultural differences on group behaviors in an academic setting. Under a highly competitive environment and facing limited social resources, people would be inclined to perceive competitiveness and make more competitive decisions despite their...
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Research on Crowdfunding Mechanism for 5G Internet of Things Construction for Application Communities

Xirong Gao, Mengxiang Liu
In order to crack the problem of high cost of 5G IoT construction and promote the construction process of 5G IoT, this paper explores the establishment of a crowdfunding construction mechanism for application-oriented communities. This paper analyzes the high cost and high benefit characteristics of...
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Research on Cyber Violence in the “Xiao Xiang Paradise” Community of Douban Group

Take the Cyber Violence Against “Wan Wan” as an Example

Wen Zong
Basing on the frequent occurrence of cyber violence on social media platforms, this paper standing upon the foundations of “Theory of Reasoned Action” to explore the behavioral motivation of the “Xiao Xiang Paradise” community of the Douban group to implement cyber violence from two aspects of “attitudes”...
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The Design and Implementation of Classroom Teaching Reform in College Physics

Hao Lv, Guanghai Guo
Big part of educating students is classroom instruction. Here, we proposed the significance and implementation of classroom teaching reform taking college physics as an example. By reform, we can deepen our understanding of knowledge, strengthen the interaction between teachers and students, and broaden...
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Education and Urbanization

An Analysis of the Differences in Education Between the Village and City

Jingchen Xue
With the development of the economy in China, the author found that though the urban and rural families hold similar ideologies in education, the urban students nearly monopolize all the educational resources, thus creating a large social gap between the urban and rural regions in terms of education....
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A Study of the Integration of Curriculum Ideological and Political Education into Senior High School English Class

Fei Wang, Xiaoxiao Shi, Lixia Li
High School is a key period for students to form their outlook on life, world view and values. The integration of curriculum ideological and political education into high school English class can enable students to understand different cultures, strengthen cultural self-confidence, export excellent Chinese...
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Nantou Village: The Relationship Between Central Government and Local Towns

Xintong Li
Nantou village, a renowned historical site in today’s Shenzhen, had long been the centre of economic, political and social in the area it ruled, including the southeast Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao, up to Yunxiao areas in today’s Fujian. In addition, its location at the Southern boarder of the empire...
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Geographical Pattern and Differentiation Mechanism of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Shanxi Province

Zhihong Pan, Zhe Wang, Yuting Huang, Shi Yin, Zichao Zhang
Taking 946 intangible cultural heritage items in Shanxi Province as research samples, the geographical pattern and differentiation mechanism of intangible cultural heritage in Shanxi Province were studied by mathematical statistics and spatial analysis. The conclusion shows that the intangible cultural...
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Safety Should Be Prioritized When Promoting Financial and Cultural Cooperation Through the Legal System

Shaoqi Jia, Yunfei Zhao, Guanghui Zhou
Legislation to promote cultural and financial cooperation in China has yielded positive results and raised expectations, but legal incentives for the integration of cultural industries and capital markets must prioritize national security, public interest security, and credit security as the first premise...
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Analysis of Spatial Interaction in Taiyuan Suburbs

Based on Gravity Model

Zhiyao Zhang
Gravity model is a common model to measure the interaction force between two places in space. Firstly, this paper selects several indexes to measure the regional quality according to previous studies, evaluates the comprehensive quality of the two places, at the same time, the weight, speed and monetary...
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Chinese Local Jewelry Design Strategy in the Context of New Chinese Culture

Siyu Yan
A country’s cultural traditions represent its essence. Under the new historical conditions, the birth and growth of the Chinese nation are aided by the richness of Chinese culture. Promoting China’s soft power requires a focus on the country’s cultural and creative industries, of which the fashion sector...
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The Inheritance and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Through Film and Television

Taking Dunhuang Culture as an Example

Nan Zhao
China’s intangible cultural heritage is the product of the historical heritage of the Chinese nation spanning thousands of years. It symbolizes the endless and continuous inheritance of the culture of the Chinese nation. With the continuous growth of China’s national economy, the development of science...
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The Evaluation of the Comprehensive Contribution of Digital Twin Virtual Power Plant Participation in the Electricity Market

Xiaohong Lv, Guanting Yin
A comprehensive contribution index assessment system of internal resources of virtual power plants is established to accurately and thoroughly evaluate the role that internal resources play in digital twin virtual power plants, as well as to explore their potential, encourage their internal aggregated...
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The Chaos of Fandom and the Guidance of Teenagers’ Values

Chenying Zhu
In view of the phenomena of curse war, excessive support, private meals, professional water army and traffic supremacy, on the basis of the age, consciousness and behavior of the members of the fandom and the independence and exclusiveness, discipline and standardization, organization and networking...
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Exploration on Ideological and Political Teaching of “Civil Engineering Construction Technology” Course

Wei Zhao, Yonghong Yang
This paper aims at private colleges and universities through the construction of civil engineering construction technology curriculum ideological and political construction, in order to build the whole process of education pattern, which will go with the course and ideological and political theory in...
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Exploring the Psychological Shaping of the Characters in Death of a Salesman from the Conflict of Social Relations

Yidan Shao
Death of a Salesman follows the 24 h before Willy Loman’s death. The old salesman worked all his life and had to rely on his friend Charlie to help him out. Meanwhile, he also had two sons who just sit around – Biff and Happy. He wanted to change the status quo, but was mercilessly dismissed by his boss....
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A Comparative Study of the Economic System of Dunhuang Monasteries and Egyptian Temples

Yimu Shi
Comparative research is an important method of historical research. The premise of the research is that the comparator needs to have the same or similar characteristics for the researcher to analyze and interpret. The subjects of the study is comparison of economic issues between Dunhuang monastery in...
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Research on the Image of Female Entrepreneurs in Chinese Newspaper

Shukai Di
Entrepreneurship is often thought of as a male-only activity, and as a result women tend to be less successful than men in starting their own businesses. This phenomenon is particularly widespread in China. The environment for female entrepreneurs is not open and inclusive. Despite this, there is still...
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Analysis of Female Image Construction in Online Games Under Gaze Theory

Take King of Glory, for Example

Li Lu
As a special mass media, the gender discourse system with men as the narrative subject suggests the gender stereotype and male gaze phenomenon that may exist in the online game space. This paper analyzes the female images constructed in the online game space to reveal the patriarchal thought in the game...
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A Study on the Application of Satir’s Iceberg Theory in Improving Examination Anxiety in Adolescents

A Case Study of Examination Anxiety Phenomenon in a Group of Chinese High School Students

Haotian Xiong
In recent years, as the academic and psychological pressures on adolescent students have increased, more and more people have become aware of the situation and are trying to improve it. This paper firstly outlines the Satir’s iceberg model, secondly explores the causes of anxiety in adolescent students...
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The Decline of Self-esteem and Family Education Mode of Students During the Transition from Primary School to Middle High School

A Study Among Chinese Students

Jinyun Miao, Yifei Luo
With the increasing pressure of social competition, parents and children pay more and more attention to academic performance, and people bond academic performance and teenagers’ self-worth together. Through desk research, this paper analyzes the influence of family education patterns on children’s self-worth...
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Engagement Between Bosnian Muslims and Islamic Countries in the Middle East

Zhiruo Zhang
In the late 20th century, the Bosnian Muslims took the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as an opportunity to start engagement with the Islamic community in the Middle East. While providing humanitarian and military aids to BiH, countries like Saudi Arabia also exported various Islamic sectarian...
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Analysis of the Real Challenges Faced by Network Ideology in Higher Education

Yuling Liu, Huanquan Mi
In the digital age, new challenges have been brought to the work of network ideology in higher education. Specifically, the network ideology work in higher education is facing four challenges: The first is the challenge of information generation; the second is the challenge of information content; the...
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The Evolutionary Game and Simulation Study of Guaranteed Rental Housing Policy

Zhengzheng Xie, Yang Shen
With the accelerated urbanization in China, a large number of new citizens and young people have flocked to big cities, but are facing the housing dilemma of “not being able to afford to buy or rent a house”. In order to solve this problem, the government attaches great importance to and introduces the...
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An Exploration of the Dietary Anthropology of Avena Noodles in Wuchuan

Shu Liu
As the saying goes, “Food is the essence of the people”, and as an integral part of people’s lives, food is one of the most important forms of cultural expression. The article explores the origins, production and value of the famous Avena noodles in Wuchuan County, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous...
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On the Emotional Transmission of Cultural Programs from “Poetry and Painting China”

Xiaocui Huang
The large-scale cultural program “Poetry and Painting China” created by the China Media Group, uses poetry and painting as the carrier to promote Chinese traditional culture and spirit, and has received a lot of praise since its broadcast. The program evokes emotion with cultural symbols, promotes emotional...
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Study on the Influence of Land Reclamation of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone on Hydrodynamic Environment

Jianzhe Qiao, Youping Shou, Ning Wang, Jiaxin Yuan, Guanglou Li
According to the reclamation process of Tianjin port free trade zone, the monitoring data of Marine hydrology, Marine hydrology, topography and Marine environment monitoring data were collected before and after the reclamation of nearshore zone. Through data comparison and numerical simulation, the changes...
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The Construction and Communication of Guangzhou’s City Image: A Study of Fashion Image Communication from the Perspective of Semiotics

Jingwen Wang
Guangzhou, as an international city in China and also the core area of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, serves as the access for both the domestic and foreign public to know China as well as the Greater Bay Area. This research, based on in-depth analysis of “2020 Top Ten Charming Cases...
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Risk Identification and Evaluation of Crowdsourcing Innovation Projects Based on the Improved FMEA Model

Jian Lu, Xiang Su, Yajing Diao
Crowdsourcing is an innovative model for enterprises acquiring external knowledge resources to achieve innovative targets. But it raises a lot of risks during the project operation process for unorganized, voluntary, liberal, purposive, information asymmetry, etc. This article constructs a crowdsourcing...
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Research on the Constraints and Improving Strategies of Science and Engineering College Teachers’ Scientific and Technological Innovation Intention

Zhengyao Li, Zhenyang Cao
At present, China has entered a brand new stage of building a modern socialist country, but some scientific research fields still have the dilemma of being “strangled”. Enhancing science and engineering college teachers’ scientific and technological innovation intention is the key to strengthening China’s...
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The Dilemma and Exploration of the Work-Related Injury Insurance System Model for Employees in New Business Models in China

Yunpeng Guo
With the development of today’s economy and society, a large number of new employment models on the Internet platforms have brought about new flexible employees who have difficulties in identifying labor relations and work-related injuries and applying for traditional employment injury insurance. This...
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Rwandan Genocide and Mass Communication: The Spiral of Silence and the Role of Group Polarisation in Pre-genocidal Ethnic Relations and Its Implications

Yuhao Tan
Ethnic relations have always been a topic of concern for all countries, and how to do a good job of developing ethnic synergies is crucial for countries with multiple ethnic groups. Rwanda, a country with Hutus as the majority ethnic group and Tutsis and Twa as minorities, was shocked by the 1994 genocide...
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Exploration on the Establishment of Endogenous Development Framework in Rural China

Weidong Jin, Jiahao He, Rui Zhang
China has gradually achieved a smooth transition from concentrating resources on poverty eradication to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, representing a historic shift in the focus of the “San Nong” work (agriculture, rural areas and peasants). The recent policy documents show that rural...
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Legal Analysis of Labor Relations Disputes on Internet Platform

Jian Zhao, Hualei Zhang, Yunfei Xu
The purpose of this study is to explore whether employment on the Internet platform constitutes a labor relationship in the labor law. The research results show that the current labor relationship identification standard is difficult to directly apply to the relationship identification in the new sharing...
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On the Construction of Festival Cultural Identity in Internet Group Communication

Yu Liu
Traditional festivals carry and maintain the festival memory and cultural identity of a nation. In its specific time and space cycle, the connotation and scale of festivals are strengthened and extended by ceremonial festival performances. In the era of media, the media narrative logic of Internet group...
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The Innovation of Festival Culture Communication: The Change of TV Festival Party Under the Internet Environment

Mengjie Zhang
The “China Festival” series of Henan Satellite TV has become a series of IP and a successful demonstration of the innovative development of the festival party, triggering the thinking of the creative dissemination of festival culture. As a cultural product produced by mass media, Henan TV festival evening...
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A Study on the Impact of Online Public Opinion on City Image from the Perspective of Crisis Communication

Tangshan BBQ Restaurant Violence Incident as an Example

Jiajun Yin, Haoying Wang, Wenying Bi
When a sudden public crisis breaks out, negative online public opinion can have an impact on the construction of the local city’s image, resulting in damage to the city’s image. Under the combined effect of crisis communication and the new media environment, the fermentation of public opinion on the...
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Research on the Development of Special Town Based on the Background of Big Data

Take China Zhuji Sock Art Town as an Example

Haiyan Lv
In recent years, Zhejiang Province has responded positively to national policies and vigorously developed characteristic towns, making outstanding contributions to economic and industrial development. This paper takes Zhuji sock town as an example, through a comprehensive analysis of Zhuji town, the...
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Research on Dynamic Comprehensive Evaluation of Operating Performance of Textile Manufacturing Listed Companies in China

Peifu Zu, Yulu Chen
Aiming at the comprehensive evaluation of the operating performance of listed companies in Chinese textile manufacturing industry, this paper selects the operating data of 20 listed companies in Chinese textile manufacturing industry or with related concepts in the past 5 years from 2017 to 2021, and...
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On the Cross-Examination of Criminal Cases in Online Court

Yikun Xia
Evidence must be rebutted, challenged, and verified by both the prosecution and the defense before it can be used as the basis for deciding cases in court. With the gradual rise of digital justice, online court hearings are widely used in the criminal field because of their ability to save judicial resources...
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Influence of Diplomatic Political Relations on International Trade from the Perspective of Cultural Distance

Xiaodong Shu
The complex relationship between trade and politics has always existed in different stages of the development of international trade. With the increasing economic strength of various countries, bilateral political frictions have become increasingly frequent, bringing great challenges to the import and...
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Effect of Transformational Leadership of Secondary School Principals on Teacher’s Organizational Commitment: Base on the Mediating Role of Teacher-School Value Matching

Xiaodong Shu, Na Li
In order to explore the mechanism of person-organization matching on teacher’s organizational commitment, in present study the mechanism of transformational leadership of secondary school principals on teacher’s organizational commitment is carried out by the theories of person-organization matching...
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Research on the Parent-Child Relationship of Unmarried Families in China from the Perspective of Satya Theory

Ping Wei, Yutong Lin, Shengchen Shi, Danwen Li, Lu Liu
This study takes the introduction of Sichuan’s birth registration policy to remove marriage restrictions as an opportunity to explore how the Satya family therapy model can be used to address future parent-child relationship problems in China’s non-marital families, and how to reduce the impact of dynamic...
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Research on the Influence of Financial College Undergraduates’ Autonomous Internship on Career Planning Under the Background of Internet Economy

Ruihan Liu, Jinlin Liu
Career planning, as a key factor affecting the employment situation of university students, is receiving more and more attention from society and students themselves, and the increasingly competitive employment environment has led many students to choose to undertake autonomous internships at a lower...
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Study on the Contribution Rate of Innovative Talents to Economic Development in Sichuan

Tingyu Hu, Guiqing Li, Tong Guo
This paper takes Sichuan province as the research object, based on the provincial panel data from 2010–2019, establishes the function model of innovative talent capital stock, material capital stock, and regional economic gross product, and calculates the output elasticity coefficient through the improved...
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Negative Effects of Enhanced Training on Basketball Players’ Explosive Power

Bo Fan
With the development of Chinese basketball towards the direction of “fast rhythm, multiple rounds, accurate long shot, and high intensity”, and the rapid development of domestic basketball sports events, more college basketball leagues have been widely launched, more and more college students actively...
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Ethical Calibration of Artificial Intelligence in Journalism: Anomie and Coordination

Xiaoxue Cao
At present, the popularity of intelligent technology represented by “artificial intelligence” has led to the widespread infiltration of “algorithms and big data” into the field of journalism. In the media environment it creates, artificial intelligence technology helps the personalized distribution of...
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Reasons for the Substantial Increase in NBA Overseas Players

Yuan Gao
In the field of basketball, the NBA is one of the most famous basketball games in the world. NBA games are known for the virtuosity of the players on both sides. Although the NBA is famous all over the world, there are relatively few studies on foreign players who play in the NBA, especially why the...
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Outcome-Based Teaching Model: A New Way to Teach Chinese Writing as a Foreign Language and Its Positive Results

Li Ling
At present, some deep-rooted traditional doctrines and practice in teaching Chinese writing as a foreign language remain unchanged, such as the teaching objectives have been insufficiently achieved, the awareness and attention toward the student-centered and the continuous improvement of teaching are...
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Employee Satisfaction of State-Owned and Private Enterprises in China

Yanze Geng
This essay discusses the important role played by state-owned enterprises in China’s economic growth during the 40 years of economic reform. Despite experiencing hardships and adversity, state-owned enterprises have continued to contribute greatly to the country’s economy. The total amount of state-owned...
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Social Media Misinformation’s Effect on the General Population Under COVID-19 the Public’s Emotional Response to False Material

Zhi Zheng
This paper discusses the explosive spread of disinformation under Covid-19 due to increased public use of social media. With the public unable to judge right from wrong, mass emotions can be affected, especially in societies in the midst of a Covid-19 outbreak, where misunderstood or insensitive language...
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How Does the Disparity in School Readiness Between Urban and Rural Pre-school Children in China Associate with Inequality? - A Bourdieuian Analysis

Di Zhao
The significant gaps in education between urban and rural areas in China, which are evident before children even commence formal schooling, are regarded as the primary driver of educational inequality in China. The promotion of equal school readiness serves as a means to alleviate inequality and break...
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Informal Groups and International Relations: A Critical Study on Behind-Scene World Politics

Wenhao Zhang
The actual content of political work is the handling of human relationships. As the study of international politics progresses, scholars increasingly feel the incompetence of formal organizations and political procedures in explaining political phenomena, thus shift their focus to informal areas such...
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Compensation and Development: Functional Analysis of College Students in Short-Term Teaching

Xinyu Li, Wenjing Zhang
In recent years, college students’ support for education has attracted wide attention as a public welfare activity to help revitalize rural education. More and more college students participate in the practice of short-term volunteer teaching. This study uses semi-structured interviews to investigate...
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The Impact of Community Home Care Services on the Health of the Elderly

Empirical Analysis Based on CHARLS2018 Data

Jiayin Liu, Gongjing Gao
Based on the data of China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS) in 2018, this paper uses Logistic regression model to empirically analyze the impact of community home care services on the physical and mental health of the elderly. The results show that the proportion of elderly people aged...
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From the Perspective of Gender Theory, this Paper Discusses the Causes and Governance Measures of Algorithmic Gender Discrimination

Ying Liu, Gongjing Gao
With the advent of the digital age, algorithms have profoundly affected and changed the real social life. However, while various algorithms bring great convenience to people’s lives, the problem of algorithmic gender discrimination in some fields has gradually emerged. Algorithmic gender discrimination...
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The Knowledge Map and Research Hotspots of Medical-Nursing Combined Research in China

Jing Yan, Wenjing Zhang
In order to better understand the current situation of the combination of medical care and nursing in China, this paper takes 460 literatures on the combination of medical care and nursing included in the CNKI database from 2018 to 2022 as samples, and uses CiteSpace to carry out visual analysis of knowledge...
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The Exploration of the Path of Long-Term Mechanism of Enterprise Empowering Rural Revitalization Based on Mapping Knowledge Domain and Coupling Coordination Model—Taking Three Districts and Three Prefectures of Sichuan Province as an Example

Boren Shi, Ruixi Deng, Hao Yang, Bingkui Tong, Qinting Li
Enterprise subject is an important driving force to establish a long-term mechanism for rural revitalization which is compatible with China’s rural market economy. This paper uses Python crawler technology to form a mapping knowledge domain and builds a coupling coordination model. In view of the problems...
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Review and Prospect of Human Capital Research Based on Knowledge Mapping

Shuyu Guo
Human capital is a multi-level concept, and the research content is fragmented. 357 documents on human capital are taken from the core database of Web of Science from 1999 to 2022 as research samples to analyze from the following aspects: annual distribution, periodical distribution and keyword cluster...
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Study of Electronic Portfolio and Its Application on College English

Jiuju Ren
Based on the research and investigation of the applications of EP assessment at home and abroad, and with the integration of computer and Internet technology being brought into full play, this research designed an EP assessment framework with web-based multimedia college English learning system. With...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Smart Pension in the Digital Perspective of Aging—Based on Citespace Visual Analysis

Yating Sun, Wenjing Zhang
At present, China has entered an aging period. Facing the increasingly serious pressure of population aging, the supply and demand of pension is uneven. The problem of Heng is becoming more and more obvious. As a reform of the traditional pension model, digital intelligent pension is born in response...
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The Triple Dimension of the Chinese Communist Party’s Promotion and Practice of Patriotism

Kaiyu Xiang
Patriotism is the core of the Chinese national spirit. The Communist Party of China is the most determined promoter and practitioner of patriotism, creating the highest type of patriotism in Chinese history. The CPC’s promotion and practice of patriotism over the past hundred years since its founding...
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Research Progress on Multi-attribute Decision Making Methods

Qinggang Shi
As an important branch of decision direction, multi-attribute decision making has a very wide application prospect in the fields of economics, management, engineering and so on. Based on the reviews of multi-attribute decision theory and methods, the development background and definition of multi-attribute...
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China’s Marine Environmental Protection Strategy in the Background of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Progress, Challenges, and Outlook

Yan Kai
The issue of marine environmental protection is a strategic one. China’s marine environmental protection strategy has gone through a process of development, however, there are still many problems remained. The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has brought enormous challenges and opportunities to Chinese marine...
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Childhood Factors and Marital Stability - An Empirical Study Based on CGSS

Wenjing Wu, Wenjing Zhang
In recent years, China’s divorce rate has been rising and the fertility rate has been declining. Unsatisfactory family marital relationships have seriously hindered the development of the productive value of human capital, and indirectly brought negative effects on economic growth and social progress....
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The Impact of the Use of Social Media on the Aesthetics of Young People

Yicen Liu
The definition of beauty in today’s society is gradually strict. Once there is a deviation from the standard of universal beauty, the negative emotions of anxiety and inferiority will linger in the heart, affecting normal social and academics. So the author decided to discuss the factors that lead to...
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Research on the Development and Utilization of Yunnan Minority Mathematical Culture Resources

Likai Qian, Shuangqing Lv
The researcher selected several ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province, and through the study of their national architecture, clothing, crafts, festivals, folk customs, metrology, astronomy, calendar, religion, literature, etc., finally obtained the following results: first, collected some valuable first-hand...
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ATC-Based Production and Centralized Distribution Synchronized Decision-Making Optimization

Wenmin Han, Mingyang Yang, Hailong Zhang
To solve the problems of low solution fit, mutual constraints of solutions in the production and centralized distribution segments in complex production systems and the difficulty of global optimization in a single segment, this paper introduces the analytical target cascading (ATC) method, constructs...
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How Media Coverage of Labour Movement Influence on M&A Deals?

Ran Liu, Guowei Gao, Chengwen Huang, Ranran Lv, Caixing Liu
We focus on how media coverage of labour movements in host countries will affect the results of mergers and acquisitions, with labour relations being an important social relationship whose stability and harmony have a direct impact on the stability of society. In this paper, we examine the impact of...
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Pearson Group’s Digital Transformation from the Perspective of Risk Society

Wenfeng Guo
Risk is one of the characteristics of contemporary society. In the process of digital transformation, Pearson Group, which is in a risk society, also faces many external risks and “created risks”. By analyzing the external and internal risks (economic risks, technical risks and human risks) faced by...
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Research on Knowledge Dissemination of Short Video Platforms from the Perspective of Social Network Analysis—Take Bilibili as an Example

Yan Gao
In the era of short videos, Bilibili has become an important platform for young people to acquire knowledge. Based on the perspective of social network analysis, the follow network of Bilibili knowledge domain creators are constructed, and the structural characteristics of Bilibili knowledge dissemination...
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The Construction of Knowledge Graph of Newspaper Distribution in Yan’an Period and Frontend Visualization

Yifan Du
In order to solve the problems of scattered data of CPC newspapers and periodicals in Yan’an period, weak data connection, linear text presentation hindering the use of literature, and low utilization rate of distribution data, this paper proposes a method to construct the knowledge graph of CPC newspapers...
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The Problems of Intellectual Property in Digital Protection of Cultural Heritage—Taking Dunhuang Culture as an Example

Shuangyi Yu, Linyuan Yang, Yunning Wang, Xiaofei Long, Zhihong Du, Yong Liu
As digital products continue to rise in popularity, protecting intellectual property rights for these products has become a pressing issue. This is especially true for cultural products, like those related to Dunhuang, which are being disseminated in increasingly diverse ways. This paper will delve into...
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A Study on the Microblog’s Communication Network of Beijing Winter Olympics Based on Social Network Analysis

Lijuan Chen
Microblog is an important platform for information dissemination and communication and discussion of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and it plays an important role in the information dissemination of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Using microblog’s users who post information about the Beijing Winter Olympics...
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Function Mechanism of People’s Mediation in China: Based on Interaction Ritual Chains Theory

Tao Ma, Chenhao Fu, Yueyue Xiao, Yingqi Shen, Jinghan Yang
With the constant change of social structure, people’s mediation is faced with practical difficulties in the aspects of dispute resolution effectiveness and emotional construction. The use of interaction ritual chains to deconstruct people’s mediation is conducive to its development and perfection. Through...
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The Psychological Effects of Disasters on Children and Adolescents

Yi Zhan Du, Tsai Feng Kao, Lian Yang, Chengchieh Li, Xintian Wang
The impact of disasters is often enormous. Especially for children and adolescents extensive psycho-social problems related to various disasters, although psychological pain will disappear after disaster exposure, but after the disaster experience, significant adaptation difficulties will persist, these...
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Analysis of the Demand for Business English Talents in the Context of the New Crown Epidemic

Yujia Wu
With the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease 2019, various industries in the domestic and foreign markets have been impacted severely, and many factories are also at risk of closure, especially the export-oriented enterprises. Under this circumstance, the demand for talents in various industries has...