Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information, Electronics and Computer

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Design of 5.83GHz Microstrip Antenna Used in the OBU

Cheng-xiang Yang, Xiao-han Guan
The electronic toll collection system is an important part of the intelligent transportation system. The microstrip antenna is the bridge between the OBU and RSU when they exchange information. This paper introduces the microstrip antenna’s theory and simulation. The microstrip antenna’s structure is...
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Verification Method for Exponential Distribution and Uniform Distribution

Xuemei Tang, Bin Gan
Verification method of simulation models is explored using actual output and simulation output. Verification method of static data in small-sample circumstances is focused on in this paper, and the verification method of dynamic data in small-sample circumstances is seen in literature [1]. From the probability...
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Research on Fuzzy Association Classification Algorithm for Large Transaction Database Based on SVM

Wen-qi Wang, Qiang Li
Aiming at the defects of inefficiency and hard classification boundary in large transaction database classification, A. fuzzy associative classification algorithm based on SVM was proposed, SVM input eigenvector was constructed by weighed index and compatibility measure of fuzzy associative classification...
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An Approach for Quality Measure of Association Rule Based on QL-implicator

Wen-qi Wang, Qiang Li
To solve the low resolution of fuzzy association rule in airborne radar data mining using traditional quality measure, a fuzzy support degree improving approach based on QL-implicator was presented. Distinguished from The traditional approach which positive example was gained, non-counter example was...
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Research of Computer Aided Select Plank of Optimal Layout

Shaolin Li
Enterprise must select plank specification when cutting rectangle fragments in a plank. An analysis system of computer-aided optimal layout has been designed in this paper. Run this system, it could show optimized layout figure, output material utilization and cutting-tool wear’s parameter. The elements,...
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The Chaos State of Internet and Coping Method

Xiaofeng Wang, Xin Liu
In this paper, a deterministic nonlinear model, i.e., the TCP-RED feedback system is adopted to simulate a complex computer network. The phase-space reconstruction is applied to reveal the hidden information of rate which could be obtained from the Internet easily. In addition, the maximum Lyapunov exponent...
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Integration Scheme of Information Management in Gongchangling Mining Corporation

Keqing LI, Yiqiao Wang, Shuo Ping
On the basis of introducing application situation of information management in Gongchangling Mining Corporation, the advantage and disadvantage of B/S mode and C/S mode were analyzed. Respective characteristic of major developing technologies, such as JSP, ASP and PHP, had been compared. The feasibility...
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Analysis of Call Admission Control with IM Service in Multimedia OFDMA System

Yi Chen, Zhifeng Ni, Yong Wang
This paper presents an appropriate call admission control (CAC) scheme which admits Instant Message (IM) traffic with conventional traffic for the next-generation OFD MA wireless network. In the proposed scheme, we consider three types of traffic having different quality-of-service (QoS) requirement,...
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The Study of The Framework For TCM Production Management System

Herui Wang, Chaoying Wu
In combination with a traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical factory’s current production situation, in view of the various problems such as the poor quality, the low productivity faced in the process of production. This paper solves the poor quality problems such as real-time data acquisition and...
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The Application of VB GUI and Animation technology in the Automation Simulation Test

Ai-xin Yang, Hong Li, Hong-yan Liu, Qian Wang
As the Internet is more and more widely used, the use of animation technology is increasingly popular. Microsoft GUI is an extension of the VB GUI, It provides a large number of writing classes and support codes and can deal with many standard Windows rogramming tasks,using VB GUI can simplify the programming...
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The Study of Reusable WEB Information Inquiry System Design Framework

Ling-xing Yang, Wen-xian Xia
As the WEB information inquiry system application is getting wider and its requirements are getting more complicated this paper proposes a design framework for reusable WEB information inquiry system. It adopts the advanced and mature design methods and technologies sufficiently, such as XML, XSLT, Web...
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A Recognition Method of RMB Numbers Based on Character Features

Xuejiao Zhu, Mingwu Ren
According to the features of RMB banknote images, combining digital image processing and pattern recognition, this paper proposes a recognition method of RMB word numbers based on character features. The recognition algorithms include: image preprocessing, number region location, feature extraction and...
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Newton Iterated Search Excitation Source Localization Algorithm Based on the Weighted Least Squares Method

Ming Han, Lijie Feng
With the development of modern science and technology, target localization technology has been widely used in many areas such as the bridge monitoring, warehouse monitoring, environmental testing and other fields. In this paper, we propose the Newton iterated localization algorithm based on the least...
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A matching algorithms based on the depth first search for the general graph

Chengcheng Yu, Zhonge Sheng
In this paper, a matching algorithm of general graph based on depth-first traversal is proposed. The algorithm does not need to shrink and expand treatment when a flower is searched. This algorithm’s time complexity of search an augmenting path is equal to corresponding graph’s depth-first traversal...
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The Study of Qujing’s Educational Resources Sharing Mode and Application Strategy underCloud Computing

Ling-xing Yang, Wen-xian Xia
With the education informationization putting into effect in Qujing City, the contradiction between energy supply and demand of education resource sharing has become increasingly prominent. After explaining the characteristics of cloud computing, this paper analyzes the current situation and the existing...
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Auditory feature for monaural speech segregation

Yi Jiang, RunshenG Liu, Yuanyuan Zu
Monaural speech segregation has been a very challenging problem for speech signal processing. The implication of the ideal binary masks to an auditory mixture has been shown to yield substantial improvements in signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) and intelligibility. In this paper, we use the time-frequency...
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Analysis of the New Features of OpenFlow 1.4

Tiantian Ren, Yanwei Xu
Software Defined Networking (SDN) separates the control plane from the data plane within the network, allowing the intelligence and state of the network to be managed centrally while abstracting the complexity of the underlying physical network. Among the three layers architecture of SDN, the southbound...
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The significance of license plate location based on Lab color space

Chen Chen, Mingwu Ren
This paper proposes a significant license plate locating method based on Lab space. First of all, preprocess image, delete fog and uneven illumination areas. Then utilize a lookup table to accomplish the transformation from RGB to Lab, and use the characteristic of b component to extract the license...
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A computational study on structural barrier to vertical spread of window spill plume along building exterior façade under external wind

Nan Zhao
External wind is one of the major factors that influence the spread of fire along building exterior facade in high-rise buildings. Fire simulation experiments are conducted .First, under two circumstances of low-speed and high-speed side-blown wind, observing barrier of window spill plume along building...
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Robust H2/H Control of Linear Markovian Jump Systems

Min Bian, Qingyun Guo
The problem of robust H2/H control for a class of linear continuous-time uncertain systems with randomly jumping parameters is investigated. The uncertainties are assumed to be norm-bounded. The transition of the jumping parameters is governed by a finite-state Markov process. A sufficient condition...
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Performance Analysis of an Adaptive Incremental Cooperative Relaying Scheme for Wireless Relay Networks

Shaoqing Wang, Leiming Zhang, Yuwu Yan
In wireless relaying networks, the traditional incremental cooperative relaying scheme (IR) could improve the system throughput enormously over fading channels by exploiting relay nodes to retransmit the source data packet to the destination. In order to enhance the system throughput over time-varying...
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No reference video quality assessment model based on eye tracking datas

Lixiu Jia, Xuefei Zhong, Yan Tu
This paper describes a novel no-reference video quality assessment (VQA) model which is based on eye tracking datas for H.264 coding videos.This assessment model is based on the blur and the blockiness. The eye tracking datas were used to the no-reference video quality assesment.The experimental results...
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Research on Measure of Noise Trading in Stock Market Based on EGARCH-M Model

Jin Feng, Dengpeng Lin, Xiangbin Yan
The impact of noise on stock market is one of the main reasons for inefficiency of information, and deviation of stock price. The measure of noise trading is beneficial for judgment of stock value. This paper has authenticated the existence of noise trading in SHSE A-share market through the variance...
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Analysis and Research to Process Control Adopting Field Bus Control System

Yu-Sui Liu
Whether the field bus control system was available, real-time and reliable would relate to its process monitoring system accuracy, safety and stability, as well as affected the unit reliability and economic operation. According to the standards of the industrial Ethernet and the demands of the process...
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Study on Visual Style of Twist Silk Knitted Fabrics

Yuan Fang, Ya-qun Zhang, Cai-ying Lou
The relationship between the twist and the visual style of the silk knitted fabric was studied by testing fabric related parameters. The effect of the twist on fabric dropping property was also investigated. Meanwhile the grey clustering analysis method was applied to evaluate fabric visual style. The...
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Study on the Application of the Theory of Rough Sets to Text Excavation

Dali Yin, Yan Yan
The rough set theory is a new calculation which deduces the concept categorization rules through attribute reduction with the categorization capacity remaining unchanged, and has wide application to data excavation and text excavation. This paper focuses on the analysis and improvement of the application...
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Based on Otsu thresholding Roberts edge detection algorithm research

JinWei Tao, JingZhi Cai, HaiLong Xie, Xin Ma
In this paper, based on the theory of Roberts edge detection operator, as Roberts algorithm is sensitive to noise and it requires artificial specified threshold and other issues , through the image beforehand Otsu processing division after the formation of binary image , and then after Roberts operator...
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Spontaneous Construction of Voronoi Diagram for Polygon

Ye Zhao, Xin Liu
Voronoi diagram for polygon is difficult to construct because polygons have Irregular boundary consisting of segments. In traditional algorithm, when generators of polygons are complex, production process will be extremely complex because of the complex relationship between line segments. In this paper,...
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Research on Music Classification Based on MFCC and BP Neural Network

LiuYong Chun, Hong Song, Jing Yang
Because of the diversity and uncertainty of music, the classification rate and accuracy are both lower for the traditional classification methods in the large-scale music classification application. A based on BP neural network (BPNN) music classification method proposed in this paper can improve this...
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Air Traffic Control Approach Procedural Separation Assessment Mode

Wei-zhen Tang
In recent years, with the rapid increase of air traffic flow, fight conflict have become more and more serious. So it is very necessary to study mid-air collision. The purpose of the paper is to establish the mode of approach procedural separation assessment. The degree which approach separation is been...
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A New Method of Parameter Estimation of Frequency-Hopping Signal

Yongli Qin, Ming Lv
Aiming at the resolution contradiction between time and frequency in frequency-hopping (FH) signal parameter estimation, a new FH signal parameter estimation method based on STFT is proposed by analyzing the influence of window function of STFT on the time-frequency spectrum. The parameter of FH signal...
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Application of GA Optimizing Neural Network to Coal Sales Forecasts

Shuang Zhang, Hu Qinghe
With the rapid development of the market, coal enterprises predict sales by subjective experience, which is far from accurate. In order to minimize decision-making errors, to avoid warehouse inventory shortages or backlog and to increase prediction accuracy of coal sales forecast, the study of forecast...
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Television station identification system based on speech forensics

Wenxiu Wang, Yunxia Zhou, Jingkai Zhou, Dongjian Cao
This paper introduces the principle of speech signal processing, the method and the research status. According to the domestic and foreign relevant speech signal processing technology research [1], at the beginning of this research, we prepare enough files. Presenting a BP neural network based on MFCC...
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Research On a Real-time Database of General Engineering Flight Simulation

Cong Zhang, Hong Xu, Weiqun Shen
General Engineering Flight Simulation Database is a important subsystem of Engineering Flight Simulation Platform. Engineering Flight Simulation Platform, which is oriented to the development of new aircraft, is a indispensable equipment for developing new aircraft, researching flight theory and flight...
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Construction of Online Course based on FCM Concept

Zhongmei Zhang
In 2007, flipped class model was firstly employed in class by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, chemical teachers of Woodland Park High School, Colorado. Along with the popularity and development of internet, flipped class model of Khan Academy has drawn wide attention from global educators.Since Khan...
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Construct Scheme to Enterprise Staff Performance Management System

Jian Zhang, Jianbo He
In terms of adapting the revolution of “Three Centralization Five Huge” reform, constructing scientific and standard enterprise staff performance management system, improving stimulation constraint mechanism, enhancing staff working enthusiasm, as well as ensuring and promoting “One Strong Three Brilliant”...