Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Engineering for Mechanics and Materials

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Error Correction of Temperature Measurement System Based on the Seepage Test

Siling Liang, Jiawei Mi, Yutong Cao
This study is based on the application of temperature in seepage experiment. The output temperature is compared with the actual temperature to fit the curve of the relationship through the measured data of the 107 groups. The error correction model is established to achieve accurate measurement of sensor....
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Application and research of soft polymer material decoration in interior architecture

Jianwei Ban, Lin LI
The establishment of the human living environment is the soul of interior space environment design, under the background of material worship and mechanical fever, increasingly ecological destruction, population crisis, threat of energy consumption, etc, people call for modern "ecological environment"...
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Research about Renewable Materials in Indoor Decorate Engineering

Wei Liang, Longxia Zhen
Modern society is highly productive society, as well as high consumption. How to limit resources constantly in the process of consumption, as far as possible to save resources, efficient used multiple times, maximum the value of resources This is a worth further discussing issue for every field in modern...
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Application of the Interior Decoration Materials in Environmental Engineering

Sijia Zhang, Weida Shi
At present, the research and application on material still stays in the primary stage in domestic, mainly by introducing the foreign advanced technology and experience, rare in independent research and new materials development of technology. Proceeding from our national conditions, we should focus on...
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The sustainable development and application of indoor environmental protection materials

Xiaodong Zhang, Changrong Peng
Material mode of existence, inevitably determines its color, texture, feel, and other physical properties and chemical properties, a good designer should also be a fantastic material user. He can produce emotional communicate with material, will put the material in one of the most appropriate location....
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Cylindrical gear transmission optimization design based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Guannan Hao
In this paper, a fuzzy optimization method for gears has been proposed. The biggest advantages is to design the optimal solution under the existing conditions (including the level of equipment, technology, materials and design and manufacturing technology), and the proposed method was implemented by...
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Reconstruction Research of Heavy Truck Left Panel Lining Surface Based on Reverse Engineering

Ping Zhou, Yongfang Shi
The author scanned the surface of left panel lining of JieFang heavy truck(J6) using ATOS optical scanner and obtained three-dimensional(3-d) point cloud data. Then realized 3-d model reconstruction of the left liner using surface modeling function of UG NX software after processing the point cloud data...
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Application of Reverse Engineering in Design of 8½ Torsional Impact Bit

Xiaojun Li, Deguo Wang, Junfeng Zhang, Jibin Zhao, Feiyue Wang
To solve the problem of drilling difficulty of hard strata in China’s Yumen Oilfield and so on, torsional impact drilling tools are widely used in the field. This paper mainly describes the reverse design process of 8½ torsional impact bit, to coordinate the torsional impact drilling. Through establishing...
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Progress in Synthesis and Application of Water-soluble Fluorescent Gold Nanoparticles

Yuying Li
Water-soluble fluorescent gold nanoparticles have been attracting great attention due to their excellent optical, electronic, catalytic and biological application in recent years. In this paper, recent research progress in the preparation methods such as using small single molecule and macromolecule...
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Research on Longitudinal Driving Stability of Wheel Hub Motor Driving Electric Vehicle

Yinqiao Gao, Xiong Shu
The wheel hub motor technology is a kind of important technology in automobile, and it is also called as in-wheel motor technology. Its feature is to fully integrate the common power, driving force, and braking device into automobile wheels, which simplifies the mechanical part of electric vehicle. This...
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Discussion on Application of Pneumatic Devices in Printing Machinery

Huijie Zhao, Guangping Wang
With the development of society and progress in science and technology, the social competition has been fiercer and fiercer, printing factories also face more challenges and developments, and more and more printing factories hope to reduce the waste rate of printing products reasonably, so as to continuously...
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Solution to Multi-axial Fatigue Life of Heterogenic Parts & Components Based on Ansys

Na Wang, Lei Wang
It is very difficult to utilize traditional method for strength analysis and life calculation of heterogenic parts & components in mechanical products. In this paper, finite element analysis software Ansys is used to analyze hub of core parts and components in wind power generator unit. Addition of external...
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Optimal Design of Motion Parameters for TBM Cutting Head

Quanxiang Xiong
Motion parameters of TBM cutting head have a serious impact on the load fluctuation of cutting head and the specific energy consumption for cutting; meanwhile, the service efficiency of TBM is widely affected by the moving load nature of cutting head, and its service life is also closely related to the...
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Simultaneous Optimization of Pump Configuration and Operation Parameters in Multi-source Water Injection System

Jianjun Yang, Qingtang Li, Zhiyuan Zhang
The pump operation condition and configuration are closely related in water injection system, but the existing operation optimization is carried out in the given pump configuration. In order to optimize the operation condition of the new-built system, the pump configuration and operation parameters are...
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Ultra short Wave Set Tester Improvement Design

Jing Zhao, Liuqiang Li
According to the problem that the original tester is big, heavy and expensive, using a virtual operation interface instead of actual operation panel and substituting a simple RS232 to USB converter for a big circuit box, make the tester be more portable and convenient operation. After practical application,...
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The Design of Vehicle Antenna Servo Control System Based on Ziegler Nichols PID Control

Yueming Dai, Rui Zhang
In this paper, a method based on Ziegler Nichols - frequency response of the vehicle servo system adaptive PID controller is proposed. The control circuit online identify important critical frequency response characteristics of process object through input and output data in the normal process operation,...
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Experimental Study on Vibration and Noise of Minibus Rear Driving Axle

Dequan Jin, Qidong Wang, Huibin Li, Mengyin Gu
Test of interior and external noise and vibration signals of Minibus were conducted in accelerating and constantvelocity driving conditions. By using time domain, frequency domain and 3D spectral arraymethods, the exterior noise, interior noise, the vibration acceleration of driver’s seat and driving...
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Tracking and Positioning Mechanism for Mobile Intrusion Nodes

Kai Guo, Jia Dong, Wenzhi Chen, TianChi Zhao
Wireless sensor network (WSN), which is usually composed of a large number of wireless communication nodes, is a new area of research in the field of information science. These nodes can be equipped with some sensor modules. Wireless network is an important part of the Internet of Things. With the sustainable...
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An 800 bps vocoder based on Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction

Ye Li, Qiuyun Hao, Peng Zhang, Jingsai Jiang, XiaoFeng Ma, Yanhong Fan
Based on the Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction (MELP) model, this paper presents a vocoder to obtain high-quality synthetic speech at 800 bps with 25% redundancy for channel coding. The vocoder parameters are designed and an unequal error protection method is proposed to improve the robustness over...
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Research on Communication Command Network Architecture Based on Ship-Shore Integration

Jinfeng Huang, Fuzheng Zhao
With the deepening of the official ship information construction, the building of communication command network architecture becomes one of primary tasks. A summary and review about some core elements about satellite communication, HF network and communication networks for ship formation was given. Based...
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Research on Weight Calculation Method for Design Indexes of Marine Shaft System based on the Analysis of Attribute Dependability in Rough Set

Wenjian Li, Fanming Zeng, Jinlin Liu
Aiming at the problems of every design index weight’s distribution and evaluation of marine shaft system, the analysis of attribute dependability in rough set for calculation and analysis was used in this paper attribute reduction method to remove redundant attributes, retain key information and generate...
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An Image Filter Based on Improved Shearlet Transformation

Qingfeng Xia, Yan Zhang, Shuting Zeng
Image restoration processing is to rebuild or restore original images with some prior knowledge according to given degraded images or noise-polluted images. This paper proposed an image filter algorithm based on improved Shearlet Transformation. Firstly, it adopted classical Shearlet Transform to decompose...
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The lateral effect research of traffic flow based on the modified car-following model

Jieyin Zheng, Yazhou Zheng, Hongxia Ge
In this paper, an improved car-following model is proposed to suppress the traffic jams. Considering the relative velocity, relative optimal velocity and the difference between safety distance and headway, a comprehensive control scheme is constructed according to the feedback control theory. The stability...
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Consensus Problems on Small-world Networks with time delay

Jinjin Shi, Lei Gu
In this paper, we study the consensus problem on small-world network with time delay. In particular, we give the sufficient condition of the consensus problem reaching consensus base on a rigorous spectral analysis for the Laplacian matrix of small-world networks. Closed-form upper bound for the spectral...
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An Image Encryption Scheme Using Bit-planes Pair Exchange Permutation and Diffusion

Ruisong Ye, Li Liu, Ming Ye, Xiaoyun Shi, Wenhao Ye
An image encryption scheme using permutation-diffusion mechanism is proposed. The permutation is performed by exchanging the gray values at different bit-planes pair. The diffusion is executed over the shuffled image after permutation. One round of permutation and one round of diffusion achieve perfect...
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Numerical simulation of failure process of rock mass with a joint

Fengshan Han, Xinli Wu
In this paper failure process of rock mass with a natural joint is presented by numerical simulation based on RFPA2D. numerical simulation shown that failure of rock mass with a natural joint begin first in joint for rock mass, with the increase of the vertical load, joint is closed, along the joint...
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Synchronization Problems on Small-world Networks with time delay

Lei Gu, Jinjin Shi
In this paper, we study the synchronization problem on small-world network with time delay. In particular, we give rigorous mathematical analysis and arrive with sufficient condition of the synchronization problem when the synchronous states are global stable. The general closed-form analytical results...
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Research of tooling test signal collection and analysis

Guozhuang Liang, Xuan Chen, Yufeng Yao
This document is intended to test the acquisition module of the signal to perform the research and analysis. First analysis of the implementation with the design requirements and, to a lesser extent, in conformity with the needs of the test system to complete the test of the material forming part of...
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Research and Implementation of the Satellite Channel Two-State Model Under the Cloudy and Foggy Weather

Yecai Guo, Runzhi Zhou, Weijuan Zhao, Jiahui Wu, Ningxiao Gu
In order to research the propagation characteristics of the satellite channel under the environment of the cloudy and foggy, a satellite channel two-state Markov model under the cloudy and foggy weather is proposed. Firstly, the influences of the multipath effect, shadowing effects, and cloudy and foggy...
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SRP-PHAT Source Location Algorithm Based on Chaos Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Yecai Guo, Jiping Wu, Sainan Zhu
Aiming at defects of large computational complexity and poor real-time performance of the traditional steering response power-phase transform (SRP-PHAT) sound source localization algorithm, a SRP-PHAT sound source localization algorithm based on chaos artificial bee colony algorithm was proposed. In...
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An Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithm for SEQ-IC-SEQ-IC-LCS Problem

Daxin Zhu, Xiaodong Wang
In this paper, we consider a generalized longest common subsequence problem, in which two constraining sequences of length and must be included as the subsequences of the two main sequences and the length of the result must be maximal. For the two input sequences and of lengths and , and the given two...
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Remote Expert System of Poultry Farming Based on Internet of Things

Xiangli Xin
In order to make it easy for poultry farming staff to seek help and diagnosis for poultry diseases, especially emergent and disastrous situations, enhance the effectiveness, rapidness and simplicity of the service, and avoid cross infection caused by experts walking from a farming area to another farming...
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Mechanism based on pipe cleaning apparatus of high-pressure water jet

Sicheng Nian, Hanxu Sun, Yong Cheng
Industrial pipes conveying fluid in the long process will produce dirt, which affects the efficiency of transmission. This paper presents a design applicable to pipeline clean-up program. The use of high pressure rotating nozzle head is designed to use high-pressure water jet to clean up the striking...
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The study of router standby mechanism for smart and cooperation network

Chunjiao Miao, Wei Su, Hongke Zhang, Huachun Zhou
This paper is devoted to researching the routing reliability and router standby mechanism for smart and cooperation network. The method of updating and initiating the standby router has been also provided. With the aid of virtual interface, both the main router and standby router will be transparent...
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Parallel Algorithm of Monte Carlo Method for Computing Infrared Transmittance in Particle Cloud

Zhenhua Wang, Zhihong He, Hong Liang, Shikui Dong
In this paper, the random number was generated by skip algorithm from parallel computation, so each thread can have independent random function distribution, and then can track different emission direction, to achieve the parallel computing by using Monte Carlo Method (MCM). Calculation results show...
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Design of High Performance SRAM Based on Single-Port Sense Amplifier

Shunrui Li, Zuocheng Xing, Jianjun Chen, Zhentao Li
Through the rapid development of integrated circuits,high performance and low power consumption always as the same goal for the IC designer, Especially in SRAM design.This paper described a full-custom design of high performance SRAM,the full-custom design using 40nm process, based on a new single-port...
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Operational control of the multimedia player of smart phones using a Kinect voice-sensing scheme

Ing-Jr Ding, Chongmin Ruan, Jiayi Shi
Voice control has been a popular human machine interface in electrical equipments including the smart phone device. Voice control on smart phone still suffers from inconvenient operations due to the limitation of the extremely short distance between the human operator and the phone device. This paper...
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Extreme learning machine based on improved genetic algorithm

Hai Liu, Bin Jiao, Long Peng, Ting Zhang
This paper puts forward a novel algorithm called extreme learning machine (ELM)which is optimized by improved genetic algorithm(IGA), and points out the weaknesses of ELM. The input weights and thresholds randomly generated by ELM are optimized by IGA. After it, ELM can get the more effective input weights...
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An Improved Harmony Search Algorithm & Application

Ting Zhang, Bin Jiao, Hai Liu, Long Peng
Harmony search algorithm is an intelligent optimization algorithm. The function converges to its optimal solution with increased iterations and completes the optimization by adjusting the solution variables repeatedly in harmony memory. The original steps and processes of harmony search algorithm are...
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Humanized Design and Its Application in Modern products

Paying great attention humanized design, is precisely lofty ideal which the moder products pursues, namely produces humanization design product for the humanity, accomplishes a more comfortable life and the working conditions. From five aspects of the physical level's concern, the physiological level's...
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Numerical Simulation Analysis of Ultrafine Powder Centrifugal Classifier

Bizhong Xia, Yiwei Chen, Bo Chen
Numerical simulation of liquid-solid two-phase flow was used to analyze the flow of the fluid in the classification chamber of ultrafine powder centrifugal classifier. Under the condition of the steady state, in order to study the influence of different blade angles on the classification performance,...
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Experimental Study of Cement Mortar Beam Strengthened by SMA Wires

Seung Jo Lee, Jungmin Park
In this study, six highly intelligent reinforced cement mortar (HIRC) test specimens were fabricated by reinforcing the cement mortar with garnet, fiber (nylon and polypropylene), and shape memory alloy (SMA). The objective was to examine the effects of the number and position of the reinforcements on...
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Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Sarcandra glabra

Yongming Luo, Fengxiang Lin, Yuqian Du, Hongtao Li, Chenxing Jiang, Hua Liu
From the total water extracted from Sarcandra glabra extraction part chloroform extract, nine compounds were isolated and identified as isofraxidin(1), 8-methoxy- 6,7-methylenedioxy-coumarin(2), 7-methylnaringenin(3), kaemferol(4), kaemferol-3-O- rhamno- pyranosyl 1 6 glucopyranoside(5), eleutheroside...
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Down-regulation of MEF2D via HBc Nanoparticle Mediated siRNA Inhibits HepG2 Cell Proliferation in vitro

Jing Kong, Xiaoping Liu, Jun Chen, Fang Fang
Objective: Recombinant hepatitis B virus nucleocapsid protein maintains the ability to form particles self-assembly. We tried to use non-virus-like particles HBc package wrapping foreign gene to protect and transfer siRNA of MEF2D gene to target position, in order to make a contribution to analyze the...
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Nanotechnology Development in Japan Based on Patent Analysis

Jia Zheng
Based on nanotechnology related patents applied in Japan from 1991-2010, which are collected by Derwent Innovation Index database, this paper elaborates the distribution and development trends of nanotechnology in Japan, through the quantitative analysis of patent distribution in five nano areas (materials...
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Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Turpinia arguta Seem

Hongtao Li, Xiangming Wu, Fengxiang Lin, Yongming Luo
From the Turpinia arguta Seem, twelve compounds were isolated and identified as corosolic acidacid-28-O- -D-glucopyranosyl ester(1), pomolic acid(2), ursolic acid(3), quercetin (4), rhoifolin (5), apigenin-7-O-rutinoside(6), quercetin-3- O-a-L-ara- binopyranoside(7), p-hydroxy cinnamic acid(8), caffeic...
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Study on Nattokinase-Extraction with two-phase aqueous system

Yingge Yang
The extraction of nattokinase with two-phase aqueous system was studied.Distribution behavior of nattokinase with PEG400/(NH4)2SO4 and PEG6000/MgSO4 two-phase aqueous systems were studied respectively. PEG400/(NH4)2SO4 two-phase aqueous system is suitable for the extraction of nattokinase. Various factors...
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Study on the enzymatic properties of Nattokinase

Yingge Yang
The fractionation by (NH4)2SO4 of nattokinase was studied,the (NH4)2SO4saturation of 30%was selected to remove impurity protein, (NH4)2SO4 saturation of 60% was seleted to precipitate nattokinase.The nattokinase was purified bysalting out method to obtain the crude enzyme solution,the enzymatic properties...
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Base-Catalyzed Synthesis of Pyridopyrimidinone Derivatives

Peng Yang, Daxin Shi, Mingxing Liu, Jiarong Li
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds become main trend of chemical materials gradually due to its structure diversification, high selectivity, low toxicity and other environmental- friendly characteristics. Meanwhile, it is very important in pharmaceutical research and development. Wherein, people...
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The Solubility of Cucurbit[5]uril in Pure Water and Hydrochloric Acid at Different Temperature and Some Relative Thermodynamic Functions

Hongyan Lu, Jiarong Li
The solubility of cucurbit[5]uril in pure water and different concentration of hydrochloric acid aqueous solution( HCl:H2O = 10:110, 15:105, 20:100, 40:80) were investigated between 283.15 K and 323.15 K at atmospheric pressure by using the UV vis spectrophotometer method. The solubility of CB[5] increased...
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Rectification and Spin Filtering Effects in Benzene Molecules Connected Via Co and N Atoms

Y.H. Zhou, Y. Lei, Y.L. Peng
The transport properties in molecule consisting of two phenyl-rings connected via Co and N atoms are investigated by first principles, where the molecule is put between two ZGNR electrodes. Rectification and spin filtering effects are found in our designed molecule. The current at positive biases is...
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Study on the Properties of Ni-Zn Ferrites Prepared by Using Nano-Size ZnO

Jiwei Fan, Zhihui Zhang, Huijun Zhao, Xiaoli Zhang, Zhenguo Zhang
The present work reported and discussed the results of investigation of employing nano-ZnO and general ZnO (AR grade) to prepare Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 ferrites. The samples were prepared by using conventional ceramic processing route and sintered between 1150-1250oC. The comparison of sintered samples made...
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Microstructural Characterization of Zinc Alloy ZA27 with Modification and Heat Treatments

Shuo Zhang, Xiaolin Wei, Wenbin Yu, Zheng Lian, Huaizhi Zhao
The influence of Ti and Zr incorporated modification and heat treatments on microstructure of ZA27 zinc alloy were investigated in this work. The results of XRD and optical microscopy analyses showed that modification with the addition of 0.03 wt.% Ti and 0.05 wt.% Zr changed the morphology of primary...
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Optimizing Synthetic Process of Epoxysuccinic Acid

Zhenfa Liu, Haihua Li, Yuhua Gao, Lihui Zhang
Epoxysuccinic acid (ESA) was synthesized using maleic anhydride (MA) as the raw material, NaOH as the initiator and 30% H2O2 as the oxidizing agent, and three kinds of agents as catalysts, and the effects of different catalysts on the yield of ESA were investigated. The results showed that the optimal...
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Solvothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Bi2O3Nanoparticles

Zisheng Jiang, Yajun Wang, Peng Li, Changgen Feng
In this paper,bismuth oxide (Bi2O3)nanoparticleswere fabricated by a facilesolvothermal process with the presence of ethylene glycol and further calcination.Theresultant products were characterised by thermogravimetric analysis, powder X-ray diffraction, scanning electronmicroscope.The results show that...
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Adsorption and Separation of H2S in HKUST-1 Metal Organic Frameworks: A Monte Carlo Simulation Study

Jing Xu, Pengpeng Sang, Lianming Zhao, Wei Xing, Zifeng Yan
H2S is a toxic gas and universally presents in natural gas, chemicals, and biomass syngas. It is very important to remove and separate it from gaseous mixtures. In this work, we simulated the adsorption of pure H2S and CH4 and their mixture on HKUST-1 under different temperatures and pressures by the...
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Removal of Organics in Landfill Leachate by Microwave-enhanced Fenton Process

Zhaolian Zhu, Aixin Wu, Hui Chen, Bing Ji, Hailing Wang
Microwave has been used to enhance the removal of refractory organic contaminants from wastewater, but there are few studies about its use in landfill leachate. Mechanism and superiority of microwave irradiation are not completely clear in Fenton process. Here, removals of COD, UV254, chroma and fluorescence...
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Development Tortoise shell PCR Detection Kit and Evaluation Parameter of the Kit

Li Qu, Miao Wang, Ying Deng, Lihua Zhang, Jiamu Niu, Mingcheng Li
Tortoise shell is the dry breastplate and carapace of the testudinidae animal turtle [Chinemys reevesii (Gray)]. Traditional identification methods can't meet the requirements of quality control of Tortoise shell market. We developed a detection kit for Tortoise shell DNA and to investigate the kit's...
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A New Chiral Catalytic Ceramic Membrane Reactor and Its Use in Catalyzing Epoxidation of Styrene

Min Liu, Zhiping Zhao, Xiaolan Wang
A new chiral salen-Mn catalytic ceramic membrane reactor was constructed by two steps. Firstly, the ceramic membrane was modified by grafting 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane. Secondly, the Jacobsen type salen-Mn(III) catalyst was immobilized onto the modified ceramic membranes through chemical bonding of...
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Laser Cladding Composite coatings of Co60 and TiCN

Xiaowen Wang, Xiaojuan Yang, Jianbin Zhang, Dongmei Yu
An approach for fabricating specimens with composite coatings of Co60 and TiCN (titanium carbonitride) via selective laser cladding (SLD) is presented. The focus aims at adding (0%wt., 10%wt., 20%wt., 30%wt., 40%wt., and 50%wt.)TiCN at gradual mass fraction in Co60 powder as mixed cladding composite...
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The Teaching Reform of Analytical Chemistry under the Background of Massive Open Online Courses

Yongpeng Xie, Yingge Yang
MOOCs inherit the concept of open and shared knowledge of OER and achieve the global share of quality education resources successfully and efficiently. They are a breakthrough innovation for learning ways and methods. The disadvantages of the traditional teaching mode of analytical chemistry is mainly...
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A Study on the Bond Performance of φ5 mm CFRP Tendons According to Surface Treatment

Moon-seoung Keum, Woo-tai Jung, Jae-yoon Kang
Need is for diversified material tests and member tests of CFRP tendons to develop NSM (Near Surface Mounted) strengthening using CFRP. To that goal, research should be preliminary conducted on the bond characteristics between the CFRP tendon and the filler. Accordingly, this study performed bond test...
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An Analytic Study on the Identification of the Stress Softening Region of the Compression-type Sleeve for CFRP Tendons

Woo-tai Jung, Jae-yoon Kang, Moon-seoung Keum
Compared to the bond-type anchor, the compression-type anchor, whichanchors the CFRP tendon by applying a compressive force on its surface, presents the advantages of not needing a curing period for the filler and to reduce the sleeve length by more than 30%. The fabrication of the compression-type anchor...
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Research and Application of Fluorine Complex Acid Plug Removal and Sand Consolidation Agent

Zhanshuang Xu
Fluorine complex acid plug removal and sand consolidation agent is composed of trifluoroacetic acid, corrosion inhibitor, complexing agent, surface active agent. In this paper, the reaction mechanism, clay dissolution quantity, change of formation permeability, resistance to erosion intensity of fluorine...
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Research and Application of High Temperature Resistant Water Shutoff Profile Control Agents

Meng Zheng
After many rounds stimulation, high permeable zone of Liaohe oilfield heavy oil block has reached high recovery degree. Every steam injection didn’t enter into the middle and low permeable formation, medium and low permeability layer recovery degree is still very low or unused, leading to low steam injection...
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The Effect of Revert Addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of K418 Ni-base Superalloy

Xiaojuan Yang, Xiaowen Wang, Juanjuan Li, Shengzhong Kou, Jianbin Zhang
The paper utilized vacuum induction melting furnace to smelt three kind of nickel base superalloys as the research subject. It investigated the effect of revert addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of K418 Ni-based superalloy by means of XRD phase test, microstructure observation and...
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Novel Technology for the Preparation of Thermal Spray Aluminium Bronze / Nano-SiC Composite Coating

Hu Cheng
The purpose of this study was to develop a method that may be suitable for preparing the thermal spray aluminium bronze / nano-SiC composite coating. Inhomogenous precipitation, sintering, broke and plasma spray composite technologies were used to prepare the aluminium bronze / nano-SiC composite coating....
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Research on the Construction of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model of Analytical Chemistry

Yongpeng Xie, Yingge Yang
Flipped classroom is a new teaching mode. The flipped classroom has injected fresh vigor into the modern classroom teaching. The analytical chemistry course was took as an example to design flipped classroom teaching model. Students should make full use of open education resources, virtual experiment...
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Research of the Microscopic Polarizability Tensors for the Third and Fourth-Order Nonlinear Spectroscopy

Yuan Wang, Xueyong Ding, Liansheng Wang
Knowledge of the ratios between different polarizability tensor elements of a chemical group in a molecule is crucial for quantitative interpretation and polarization analysis of its coherent anti-stokes raman spectra (CARS) and coherent anti-stokes hyper-raman spectra (CAHRS). The hyperpolarizability...
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Numerical Analysis for Heat and Mass Transfer of Pure Vapour Condensation in Inclined Flat Finned Tube

Hui Deng, Yan Bai, Sai Wu
A 3D mathematical model to the condensation of pure vapor flowing downward in an inclined flat finned tube is proposed and implemented numerically in Wolfram Mathematica®. The predicted values for condensate rate and mean condensation HTC(Heat Transfer Coefficient) are in good agreement with the experimental...
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Effect of Heterogeneity on the Measurements of Mechanical Properties of Composite Coatings

Xiaojuan Lu
The heterogeneity of porous features and different phases, especially porous features are important in the performance of ceramic coatings as thermal protection. In evaluation of mechanical properties of porous composite coatings by using nanoindentation, the effect of heterogeneity needs to be clarified....
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Modeling of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Using Support Vector Regression Machine

Jiangling Tang, Jian Huang
In this paper, a nonlinear offline model of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is built by using a support vector regression machine (SVRM) based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. During the process of modeling, the PSO aims to optimize the parameters of SVRM. Compared with the...
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Study on Accurate Determination of Volatile Fatty Acids in Rumen Fluid by Capillary Gas Chromatography

Cheng Luo, Suyi Cai, Linyan Jia, Xiang Tang, Ruinan Zhang, Gang Jia, Hua Li, Jiayong Tang, Guangmang Liu, Caimei Wu
In order to obtain accurate results of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) in rumen fluid by capillary gas chromatography (GC), a pretreatment method was firstly conducted by dissolving VFAs in the methanol. An internal standard method (ISM) with crotonic acid as the internal standard was adopted in the detection....
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Optimization of extraction technology of Gynostemma polysaccharides by response surface methodology

Xiaodan Tang, Junchen Song, Bo Li, Huan Lu, Zhuo Zhang
The aim of this work was to employ optimization strategy based on statistical experimental designs to enhance the polysaccharides extraction yield from Gynostemma pentaphyllum. The effects of three independent variables on the polysaccharides extraction yield were investigated and the optimal conditions...
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Research on Characteristics and Heating Modes of Heat Pump System

Yang Du, Shan Tu, Hongjuan Wang
Heat pump can recycle waste heat and improve waste heat utilization rate of thermal power plant. In the design of heat pump, different heating schemes should be selected to match different demands of heating users. In this paper, based on actual heat supply network of a northern city and the thermodynamic...
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Steel sheet coating paint film after pitting problems research

Jing Xu, Jianwei Yang, Jianqiang Zhang, Fayun Zhang, Jianping Cao, Sheng Hai, Qian Zhao
Use the labrotary methods to analysis the dot corrosion (DC) of steel sheet passivating film after the painting process. S-3400N type of SEM and EDS were employed to resarch the microstructure and the chemistcal component. The results showed the inclusion of sheet surface decrease the coverage and uniformity...
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Tribological Property of FG/UHMWPE Composites

Longhua Xu, Jiatong Shi, Yawen Zheng, Xingkai Zhang, Wufanbieke Baheti, Bin Liu
Fluorinated graphene/ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (FG/UHMWPE) composites were prepared by ultrasonic dispersion and hot pressing. The mechanical propertys and tribological property of pure UHMWPE and FG/UHMWPE composites were investigated by micro hardness tester and high-speed reciprocating...
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The fundamental properties and application characteristics of foam fluid for enhanced oil recovery

Junhua Bai, Zhen Wang
According to the research status of foam fluid, by referring to a mount of literatures, the characteristics and superiority of foam fluid for enhanced oil recovery were analyzed, the foam displacement of reservoir oil mechanism and dynamics characteristics of oil displacement process were summarized....
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Friction and Wear Properties of Nitrogen-doped graphene /Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene Composites

Jiatong Shi, Longhua Xu, Hengxi Cao, Xingkai Zhang, Bin Liu
Ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and nitrogen-doped graphene /Ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene composite (NG/UHMWPE) samples were successfully fabricated through an optimized hot-pressing molding method. Friction and wear behavior of UHMWPE and NG/UHMWPE samples sliding against...
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Hybrid Techniques for Blind Source Separation

Haining Jiang, Yongjian Zhao
This paper proposes a parametric density model under a maximum likelihood framework. One may set different exponential parameters, based on the kurtosis properties of the desired signal, to match different possible signal distributions. In contrast to traditional techniques, the proposed signal separation...
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Hybrid Source Extraction Techniques for Periodic Signals

Haining Jiang, Yongjian Zhao
Many natural signals, such as speech signal and biomedical signal, have significant temporal structure. This work is motivated that the majority of physiological signal mixtures show some degree of periodicity and statistical nonstationarity. In fact, the nonstationarity has testified itself to be variations...
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A Secure Scheme for Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A strategy for wireless sensor network security is presented through dividing sensing multi-dimension hypercube into clusters and using the overlap key sharing (OKS) concept in this paper. The multi-dimension sensing hypercube is divided into a number of small same dimension hypercubes called cells,...
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A Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave-based Tire Pressure and Temperature Sensing Module

Hsing-Cheng Chang, San-Sah Hung, Yahui Chen, Minghan Tsai
Based on the piezoelectric and temperature effects of lithium niobate (LiNbO3) wafer, this paper presents a design of a one-port resonator-type interdigital surface acoustic wave-based sensing device with a wireless transmission function for measuring vehicle tire pressure and temperature. The sensing...
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Genetic Algorithm Combining Operation Tree (GAOT) for concrete performance

Li Chen, Changhuan Kou, Shih-Wei Ma
Genetic Algorithm Combining Operation Tree (GAOT) was constructed to estimate the slump flow of high-performance concrete (HPC) by using seven concrete ingredients. HPC is a highly complex material; because modeling its behavior is extremely difficult, robust optimization techniques are required. GAOT...
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Implementation of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems for Broadband Folded Dipole Array

Chang Jiang, Wei Fang
Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are widely used in biotechnology, medicine, communication and inertial sensing. Utilizing the integrated combination of electro and mechanical systems, MEMS are able to achieve new functionality. In particular, a folded dipole array is an important component in...
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Combat Performance Evaluation and the Analysis Combat Requirements of Amphibious Armored Vehicles

Chunxu Li, Zhanjun Niu, Baozhan Qin, Zhenggen Yu, Xuesong Tang, Xiaobing Lu
The amphibious armored vehicles will be the future integration across the sea island, especially the battle equipment of emergency operations, based on grey fixed weight clustering and triangle whitenization weight function, put forward to evaluate performance of amphibious armored vehicle combat general...
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Iodine-Mediated Efficient Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydro-pyrazines

Yansheng Dong, Fengping Yi
The synthesis of 2,3-dihydro-pyrazines has been developed by an efficient protocol of annulations of 1,2-diketones and ethylenediamine. A variety of 2,3-dihydro-pyrazines were prepared in high yields in the presence of a catalytic amount of iodine.
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Design and Optimization of Lifting Mechanism in Hemming Machine Based on ADAMS

Juguang Lin, Zhiwen Jiang, Wenjie Wu, Lei Cai
Hemming machine is an important method of craft of the hemming of automobile panels. According to the working characteristic of hemming machine, designing a kind of lifting mechanism of great reinforcement ratio that moves steadily. Establishing virtual prototype model of lifting mechanism with dynamic...
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Ventilation Method Assessment of the Average Permeability of the Fractured Granite Rock Mass around Tunnel

Shuguang Wang, Jincai Zhu, Jinchao Yang, Jianhua Chen, Wei Yang
Focused on a single end granite tunnel, the feasibility of the assessment method of the average permeability of wall rock based on the Darcy’s law has been explored in this paper. In according with the Darcy seepage phenomenon of low-pressure driving gas in porous medium, under the pressurized ventilation,...
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Process and Kinetic Models of Hydrochloric Acid -Extracted Collagen from Bighead Carp Scale

Lijuan Wang, Youqin Zou, Boquan Jiang
Fish scale contains rich collagen. Collagen is an important material which is widely used in many kind of industries. Extracting collagen from fish scale not only reduces the pollution but also obtains new raw material of commercial collagen. In this paper, single factor test method was firstly used...
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Identification Characteristics for Amber and its Imitation

Hui Li, Xuan Wang, Yong Zhu
Amber, copal resin and anime belong to the natural resin formed in different geologic age, which are similar and transitional in the physical and chemical properties. The artificial heat- pressurized treatment copal, synthetic resin, pressing amber and covering film amber are similar to amber in the...
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Identification Characteristics of Weathering Crust for Nephrite Gravel and its Imitation

Hui Li, Xuan Wang, Yong Zhu, Zhengyu Zhou
The price of nephrite gravel (alluvial deposits nephrite) is becoming higher and higher duo to the growing market demand, and more and more imitations are produced. In this paper, nephrite gravel, primary nephrite with natural secondary weathering crust and artificial weathering crust imitation were...
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Partially Overlapped Reduction Kinetics of Low-Grade Pyrolusite by Mixture of Cellulose and Lignin

Yun-Fei Long, Xiao-Yan Lv, Jing Su, Yan-Xuan Wen
TG/DTG was applied to study the overall kinetics for the reduction of pyrolusite by the mixture of cellulose and lignin, two major components of biomass. The respective reduction processes can be described by a new empirical equation based on the JMA equation, and the apparent activation energy is 38.66...
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Electrochemical performances discharged to lower potential for LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material synthesized by PAA-assisted co-precipitation method

Zhen Wang, Weiquan Shao, Shaou Chen, Lizhu He, Hongliang Li, Yueqin Ban, Xiaojie Guo, Haifeng Zhao, Yingnan Zhang
The cathode material LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 with cubic spinel structure was prepared by co-precipitation process using LiCl, NiCl2•6H2O and MnCl2•4H2O as raw materials, oxalate as a precipitant, polyacrylic acid(PAA) as a dispersant agent. The synthesized materials were analyzed and characterized by X-ray diffraction(XRD),...
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Extraction of parathion by hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquid aqueous two-phase system

Bo Zhou, Gao-zhang Gou, Shi-juan Xu, Na Wu, Wei Liu
An ionic liquid/aqueous two-phase system (ATPS) formed by the hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquid 3-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-1-methylimidazolium chloride ([2,3-dhpmim]Cl) and salt has been developed for extraction of parathion. The experimental parameters affecting the extraction efficiency including the...
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Removal of Reactive Brilliant Red X-3B and Co(II) Ion with Amino-EDTA Functionalized Silica Gel

Hanyi Chen, Zhijun Xu, Zhichao Lin, Yunfeng Huang, Qiang Wang
Silica gel was modified with N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine, following grafted with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). The functionalized silica gel was used to readily absorb Co(II) ion from aqueous solution forming SG-Co, via the coordination of EDTA group on the surface of silica...
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Adsorption of Acid Orange II and Cu(II) Ion with Amino-EDTA Modified Silica Gel

Hanyi Chen, Zhijun Xu, Yunfeng Huang, Zhichao Lin, Yanbo Zhang, Qiang Wang
Silica gel was modified with N-[3-(Trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine, following grafted with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). The functionalized silica gel was used to readily absorb Cu(II) ion from aqueous solution forming SG-Cu, via the coordination of EDTA group on the surface of silica...
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Simultaneous Adsorption of Ni(II) Ion and Anionic Dyes by a Novel Silica Gel Functionalized with Amino-EDTA

Jinli Fang, Zhijun Xu, Yunfeng Huang, Zhichao Lin, Qiang Wang
Amino-EDTA functionalized silica gel was prepared, and it was used to absorb Ni(II) ion from aqueous solution to form SG-Ni, via the coordination interaction of Ni(II) ion with EDTA group on the surface of the silica gel. The adsorption of anionic dyes including Acid Orange II (AO II) and Reactive Brilliant...
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Chiral Resolution of Naptalam Using D-tartaric acid and Functionalized Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes

Dushu Huang, Yunhui Long, Wei Liu, Yong Hong, Ming Zhong, Shijuan Xu
Chiral resolution of naptalam using various functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) mediated thin-lay chromatography was studied. D-tartaric acid was used as chiral selectors and cyclohexane-alcohol solvent mixture was used as developers. The results indicated that under the condition of...
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Resolution of racemic α-cyclohexyl mandelic acid using chiral micromicroemulsion liquid membrane

Dushu Huang, Yunhui Long, Wei Liu, Yong Hong, Ming Zhong, Shijuan Xu
This paper deals with the resolution of racemic -cyclohexyl mandelic acid across microemulsion liquid membranes system using tartaric acid benzyl ester as chiral selector, sodium dodecyl sulfate as surfactant and mixed solvent of n-butyl alcohol and n-heptane as organic solvent. The effect of several...