Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015

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The Key Technology of Electronic Evidence Collection Research Based on Cloud Computing

Yanwei Xu, Honghui Gong, Ting Zhang
A computer system for the new types of objects and tools of criminal activity gradually spread, combat and prevent computer crime has become the public security of the judiciary need to be solved. In this case, the digital forensics have come into being. Digital forensics collected electronic data is...
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An Exploring Research on Key Technology of CAN Bus Configuration for the Industrial Automation Applications

Xuexuan Zhu
Herein fieldbus control system configuration software is hardware platform, the first about the definition and development of domestic and international fieldbus, specifically discusses the characteristics and hierarchical structure CAN bus, followed by a detailed analysis of the development of the configuration...
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Present Situation and Improved Measures of Medical Equipment

Hongjie Gao
With the rapid development of medical and health undertakings in China, the requirement of the qualified medical service system was increasing, more and more medical had introduced the advanced medical equipment, the introduction of a large number of equipment to make the medical equipment maintenance...
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Research on the measurement of static friction force of bamboo root soil

Ling Chen, Yunwei Zhang, Dalong Wang, Yong Yu, Xiangyi Zeng, Yangyang Fan, Zhan Wu
Root soil maximum static friction play as an important parameter to measure the effect of soil reinforcement.Accurate measurement of it has the higher application value and research significance. this paper takes the bamboo root bamboo developed as the researching object ,and uses a self-made device...
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Chinese Spam Filter under Adversarial Impact

Yaqing Zhao, Yan Xu, Xiaodan Zhao
Machining learning techniques have achieved great success in anti-spam area. But because of the limitations of these techniques, classifiers derived from them often get attacked by spam senders thus posing a threat to the whole Spam filtering system. This article briefly describes the type of attacks...
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The Expression and Significance of Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
NGF and its receptor are expressed in multiple nervous system and tumor of the non-nervous system, which also participate in tumor proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and other biological behaviors. In this paper, it takes the interpretation of nerve growth factor (NGF) as the breakthrough...
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Research on the Anomaly Detection of Flow Streaming Technology in Network

Jin Si, Guochun Sun, Chunhua Zhang
According to practical requirements of the network security monitoring, this paper based on flow streaming technology to analyze and research the network anomaly flow. From the perspective of network security, this article introduced the principle of NetFlow technology and the implementation of the collecting...
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A Method of Text Dimension Reduction Based on CHI and TF-IDF

HaiBo Tang, Lei Zhou, Xu Chengjie, Quanyin Zhu
In order to improve the result of text dimension extraction, a text dimension reduction method which is based on CHI and TF-IDF is designed and realized. News websites on the Internet provide news articles, through the page analysis based on SVM and application method designed based on CHI and TF-IDF,...
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Research on the Regularity of Distance Distribution between Adjacent Mines

Xiang-wen Leng, Xu Zhang, Lin Shao
based upon the influence of mine position distribution error, adjacent mine space cannot fulfill the task of actual combat. this paper builds the model of adjacent mine space distribution regularity under two conditions of the same voyage and different voyages. In combination of examples, a series of...
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High Efficient Link Schedule with Spatial Reuse in Relay Enabled Broadband Wireless Networks

Hanwu Wang, Liping Chen, Tao Yu
The relay enabled broadband wireless access is based on the IEEE 802.16j standard and acts as a promising technology to construct the next generation high speed metropolitan area networks. However, the link schedule and the relevant resource allocation, which is a key challenging issue in such networks,...
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Aqueous solution polymerization of acrylamide:a pilot-scale study

Haidi Cai, Fangyou Meng, Changhong Li, Feng Zhao
The polymerization of acrylamide was initiated by complex redox system in aqueous solution.Meanwhile, according to the best experimental craft,we conducted a pilot-scale polymerization of acrylamide.We studied the effects of different pilot experiment intrinsic viscosity of the polymer, dissolution time,...
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Synthesis and Study of ternary copolymerized cationic polyacrylamide

Haidi Cai, Fangyou Meng, Changhong Li, Feng Zhao
The ternary cation flocculant P(AM-DMDAAC-DMC) was synthesized by aqueous solution polymerization with raw materials of acrylamide(AM),and dimethyl diallyl ammonium chloride(DMDAAC) and methacryloyloxyethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride(DMC) with the complex redox as initiator.Effects of cationic mononer...
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The Research of NC Programming Method Based on DXF File

Qisheng Liu, Dechen Huang, Xueli Tai, Tao Han, Bingbing Yan
DXF format file is a standard format of the ASCII text file, the CAD graphic data is saved accurately. A method of NC program is proposed based on DXF file in this paper, the valid data is extracted from AutoCAD DXF document in the graphics file (including straight line, circle, circular, elliptic arc,...
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Research on Zigbee Indoor Position Algorithm Based on Particle Filter

Wenhao Wu
In an indoor environment, such outdoor positioning technology as GPS may have the phenomena of weak signal strength and poor availability due to construction blocking. As a result, the application of Zigbee wireless sensor network becomes a hotspot of the indoor position research at present. Specifically,...
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Design of Digital Campus Network Portal Platform Based on Portal

Haiyun Xiang, Xiao Fu
The campus information portal based on Liferay is the entry point of the entire digital campus. It integrates the functions of the identity authentication and the user interface. The system can be integrated in the campus, so that users can easily publish and share information. Provides the service with...
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Research and Design for Intelligent Control Algorithm of the LF Furnace Electrode

You-jun Yue, Zhi-yong Sun
By the way of build a new model to intuitively response the temperature changes in the refining furnace, using the results of the temperature changes to control the output of the current, and achieve the purpose of accurate control and not waste resources. Combining temperature prediction with this model,...
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Screening Method Research on Main Water Polluters of Liao River in Jinzhou

Xiang He, Runlei Cai, XueJiao Feng, Fan Wang
The water polluters of Liao river basin in Jinzhou is elected preliminarily basing on the basin of the key water polluters of Jinzhou city, combining with the principle of polluters screening and the computing method of equal standard pollution load, optimizing and assessing the indexes which involves...
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Flotation Froth tracking and speed measurement based on features and spatial relationship

Guoying Zhang, Daihong Zhou, Beihua Feng, Wenlin Gong
The tracking and speed measurement of floatation froth is important for the control and optimization of floatation industry. A new tracking and speed measurement method based on features and spatial relationship is proposed in the paper. The salient bubble objects are extracted from frames, and they...
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The application of k-means algorithm based on 2-SVM in Intrusion System

Shizhen Zhao, Qiang Yu, Yu Fu, Wei Song
After analyzing the superiority and the deficiency of K-means clustering algorithm, the author put forwards the IDS based on the 2-SVM, according to the research achievement on SVM in the field of IDS. The result shows that this algorithm can avoid the problem of decreasing detection rate by local optimum...
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Application of Atmosphere Precipitation Resources Distribution Remote Sensed by Ground-based GPS in the West of Taiwan Strait

Weihua Pan
In this work, the ground-based GPS data in the West of Taiwan Strait was used to remote sense atmospheric Precipitation Water Vapor (PWV) in Fujian, and dynamically analyzed the spatial pattern change characteristics of PWV, combined with meteorological data, in order to quantitatively analysis the relationship...
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Design and Implementation of IaaS platform based on tool migration

Wei Ding
Based on cloud computing architecture and future network service resource architecture using the OpenStack open source framework, design an Service Innovation Platform which can manage development tools and application programming interface in many aspect. Maximum collecting the dispersed, isolated service...
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A New Interface Detection Technology Based on Fusion Boundary Enhancement

Guoying Zhang, Daihong Zhou, Beihua Feng, Wenlin Gong
An interface detection method based on fusion boundary enhancement is proposed, and can be used to extract the oil water interface in the test tube accurately. Boundary extraction is carried out by using differential operators, morphological operations of image processing. The fusion of Sobel differential...
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Effects of Lactoalbumin Addition to Vulcanized Rubber Determined by RPA2000

Jiao Yang, Tianming Gao, Hongxing Gui, Jianfeng Guo, Maofang Huang
We investigated the effect of lactoalbumin on the processing properties of vulcanized rubber by adding lactoalbumin protein. We found that G’ and G’’ of vulcanized rubber were increased and tan was decreased by adding lactoalbumin. The addition of lactoalbumin can improve the processing properties of...
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A New Method of B-spline Surface Reconstruction Using Hierarchical Surface

Zizhi Lin, Yun Ding, Sihui Shu
In the process of surface reconstruction, the least squares fitting surface often produces singular matrix and it will cause a failure surface fitting. In this paper, we propose a new surface reconstruction method based on hierarchical surface. We first construct a low-order surface to interpolate data...
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The Design and Implementation based on IOS Pocket Closet

Ruiying Zheng
Pocket closet is mobile application software developed based on Objective - C language, which can help users manage a wardrobe. When users don't know how to match clothes, the software recommends collocation through user testing results; Users don't have to dig out tie-in dress, but through the software...
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Campus Second-hand Trading Market Application System

Li Zhu, Lan Bai
The emergence of the Internet led to a period, also brought a lot of convenience to people's life, and the wave of Internet online shopping has gradually become another mainstream network service. School students now do not have a very good handling for second-hand resources, which not only wastes the...
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Cloud Computing: Concepts, Architecture and Applied Research

Yingjie Wang
Since cloud computing could be understood only by specialists, it is necessary to write a clear but not complex description regarding knowledge to promote common people understanding this technology. This paper refined three essential characteristics of cloud computing, analyzed both software and hardware,...
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Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence

Yingjie Wang
Since the successes of the Artificial Intelligence might increasingly impact on multiple subjects in new millennium, it is necessary to write a summary of the recent development of this technology. This paper refined four essential and important aspects of the Artificial Intelligence, summarized both...
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Research on Some Topology Model of Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Complex Network Theory

Kui LU, Xin Jin, Jian-dong Zhao, Jian-peng Sun
The placement of the wireless sensor networks in the wild or the unpopulated area makes it difficult for energy supplement, and vulnerable to damage, so it is of great importance to improve the overall network energy efficiency and prolong the maximum life cycle. In consideration of the energy consumption...
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Mining Users’ Mobility Patterns Based On Apriori

Hongyan Cui, Xiaolong Yin
Mobility pattern of users is decided by people themselves. However, in the daily life, mobile users often repeat regular routes in certain periods. To effectively mine the mobile rules of users and allocate the resource among mobile telecommunication operators and Internet Service Providers (ISP), grasping...
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Research on Properties of Polymethyl Methacrylate Colored Non-slip Surface Coating

Yongqiang Zhong
Colored non-slip surface coating has an important role in the prevention of traffic accidents and obtains more and more attention and application. This paper based on chemical reaction principle of poly methyl methacrylate with a curing agent to produce a fast secondary crosslinking reaction coating...
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Cleaning of mildew on the optical lens with an economical and ordinary Diode laser

Xinji Gan
Laser cleaning of the mildew on the optics lens with economical and ordinary Diode laser has been studied in this paper Mucor and Penicillium are the simples tested in the experiments. The mechanism of laser cleaning them is thermal effect through the interacting of photon and mildew It is demonstrated...
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Vertical distributions and seasonal variations of volatile phenols in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
We analyzed the spatial distributions and seasonal variations of volatile phenols in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October in 1983. Results showed that volatile phenols contents were changing by means of vertical water’s effect. Volatile phenols contents in surface waters were in...
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A Security Policy Description Language for Distributed Policy Self-management

Zengbang Ma, Yingjie Yang, Yutong Wang
The existing security policy description languages can’t support distributed policy self-management and have some problems in the aspect of describing capability, extensibility, portability and other issues. Against these problems, this paper proposes a security policy description language SPDL for distributed...
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Optimal Research of Equipment Maintenance Interval Based on Monte-Carlo Simulation

Xianghui Meng, Shaohua Wang
The optimization of maintenance interval of new equipment by simulation is brought forward according to related maintenance requirement and reality. According to the features of equipment, the basic hypothesis that failure rate increase linearly, deteriorate coefficient is opted to adjust failure rate...
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Study on Live Overhaul Robot Technology for Substation

Minghui Bao, Qian Wang, Rui Ran, Ting Cui, Gaolin Wu, Changping AN, Chao Chen
The automation and intelligence of the overhaul technology are related to the level of the whole substation automation and intelligence. Aiming at the problems of low automation level of substation high-voltage equipment overhaul, this paper mainly studies robot-based live overhaul technology. The design...
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The Combination of the Hilbert Transform and the Fourier Transform for Mechanical Vibration Signal Analysis

Xiao Wang, Yan Zhu, Bo Yu
In this paper we propose one method for mechanical vibration signal analysis. The given mechanical vibration signal is firstly decomposed into several intrinsic mode functions (IMFs) by the empirical mode decomposition (EMD) method. The Hilbert transform of each IMF, calculated by a recently developed...
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Parallel-Based Error Metric For Large-Scale Terrain Rendering Method

Zihou Ge, Xianyu Zhang
This paper presents a terrain rendering technique for large, textured terrain, which uses Parallel-based error metric. In a preprocess, the domain was first tiled and computed into a nested geometric space error map based on geographic theory, taking the advantage to save displaying memory with terrain...
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The Drawback of Image Resizing Based on Seam Carving

Zijuan Zhang
Lots of image resizing algorithms that based on seam carving belong to the discrete resizing methods. Seam-carving algorithms refer to delete or insert pixel lines in order to resize image’s size. Pixel lines horizontally or vertically pass through the whole image, deleting the pixel line to make the...
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Design and Implementation of Personalized Network Teaching Management System Based On the JSP

Guangyu Wang, Jing Zhang, Dan Han
Along with the development of information technology, the network education is rising and the online courses are innovating. But the information of network resources is so huge, that it is too difficult to distinguish between good and bad. The students spend a lot of time to find the information they...
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A Kind of De-noising and Segmentation Method for CAPTCHA with Colored Interference Lines

Wang Zhao, Zitong Cheng
The research of CAPTCHA recognition can discover the security vulnerabilities of CAPTCHA in time. It has great significance in improving the CAPTCHA design method and promoting the design level of CAPTCHA. Text-based CAPTCHA recognition mostly uses the method of characters segmentation and recognition....
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Test case prioritization based on clustering analysis

Yifan Xue, Yuguang Mao
With regard to the existing test case priority algorithm rarely focusing on the static covering condition of test case and other design information, as well as the testing person need to online collect relevant information about each statement in the procedure, and a higher dependence on code information,...
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Double Closed-loop Control System Design of PMSM Based on DSP

PengTao Mou, JianGuo Song, Qiang Song
In this paper, the vector control theory of PMSM is studied, and the double closed-loop control system of PMSM is designed. By analyzing the mathematical model of PMSM, vector control principle and control strategy based on vector control, the control strategy and realization method of this paper are...
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The Ultra-hard Honing Oilstones

Z.C. Zhou, J. Du, Y.K. Zhang, Y.P. Zhang, S.Y. Gu
Physical, chemical and mechanical properties of some abrasives such as diamond, CBN are described in this paper. The preparation and application of ultra-hard oilstones such as diamond and CBN are also discussed. They are widely applied in honing and promote great development of honing technology. However,...
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The Development and Application of Power System Relay Protection Technology

He Zhang, Lin Sun, Jing Zhang, Deguo Zheng, Liang Wang, Xiaoyu Weng, Jun Jiang
This article mainly tells the development of power system relay protection technology, application status and application prospect in the future, and for the relay protection device equipment type selection, function analysis, this paper introduces the current mainstream of relay protection technology,...
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Discussion on Strengthening Information Technology and Basic Education In-depth Integration Method

Shuping Li
Information technology penetrates into education field continuously with development of information technology. Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in education. Information technology has changed traditional mode of education, and created a brand-new learning environment...
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Video In The Shadow Of An Object To Determine When And Where Of The Video

Qianwen An
Shadows of the sun position techniques can determine the place and date of the video. First, use Matlab to extract video files, extract n pictures at such intervals, after reading the picture get n sets of the shadow length l changes with time t. Known date from capture date calculate solar declination,...
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Study on the Application of Microcomputer Remote Control Technology in Unattended Substation

XiA Tian
Aiming at the limitation of the traditional substation in the control and management, computer remote control technology was used to ensure the personnel on duty in the remote control center can obtain monitoring information of unmanned attended substation to realize the substation intelligent management...
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Fast face recognition based on KDDA and SRC

Jun-ying Gan, Chao Pen, Cheng-yun Liu, Shan-lu Li
Recently, the sparse representation-based classification (SRC) is getting more and more attention in many fields, such as pattern classification, which has been successfully applied to face recognition. However, the essence of SRC, within face recognition, is to use the linear combination in the same...
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Research on Earning Warning of Railway Freight Based on Support Vector Regression (SVR)

Lingyan Cheng, Shiwei He, Weichuan Yin
The traditional railway freight early warning adopted independent indicator thresholds discrimination. But it would lead to inaccurate results warnings, it may alarms when abnormal events occur instead of early warning. This paper proposes a railway freight early warning model, which apply support vector...