Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economy, Management and Entrepreneurship (ICOEME 2020)

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Deposit Insurance Systems: Evolution, Risks, Development Trends

Nataliya A. Amosova, Mikhail Yu. Sanakoev
Economic recovery after crises and economic growth are the relevant objectives for many countries worldwide amid the pandemic. A special contribution to fulfilling these objectives can be a research on the essence, institutional framework, characteristics and efficiency of deposit insurance systems....
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Analysis on the Development Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce in the Belt and Road Economic Zone

Hui Wang
In the context of modern international market trade, in order to further promote the implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, some scholars have proposed the concept of a cross-border e-commerce development model in the economic zone, using e-commerce as an international trade channel, making...
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Reflections on the Accounting Treatment of Lessees in the New Lease Standard: Methods and Examples Based on New Lease Standards 21

Yingting Liu
The new lease standard no longer makes distinguishes between operating leases and financial leases for accounting treatment of lessees, and uniformly uses the “right-of-use model” to separately list an asset and a liability in the balance sheet. The accounting treatment has undergone a disruptive change...
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The Application of Digital Banking to Promote Banking Products and Services

Olga S. Rudakova, Olga M. Markova
The present article focuses on the issues of the application of digital banking to promote banking products and services. The authors compare budget expenditures of major banks on online marketing, analyze the rates of user engagement in the communities of major banks in social networking sites, conclude...
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Research on the Evolution and Upgrading Mode of Industrial Clusters From the Perspective of Sharing Economy — Countermeasures of Taiwan’s Bicycle Industry

Xinjie Zhang, Zhengkai He
A successful industrial cluster is a booster of the rapid development of regional economy and an important way to enhance national competitiveness. On the basis of practical investigation, combining the existing industrial cluster evolution model and industrial upgrading theory, this paper constructs...
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The Threshold Effect of the Financial Structure Optimization and Economic Structure Transformation Dual-wheel Driving: Based on Data from Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Shizhong Xiong
This paper selects the panel data of 11 cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area from 1997 to 2017, and uses the empirical methods of Fu1ly Modified Ordinary Least Squares and Granger to analyze the dynamic relationship between economic structure transformation, financial structure and...
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An Ecological Economic Interpretation of Agro-Ecological Capital Operation and Coordination Among Targeted Poverty Alleviation Regions

Tian Tian
The concept of “ecology, green, poverty alleviation” has been increasingly influencing the agricultural development. Agro-ecological capital operation defines the role of agro-ecological environment in green development, and seeks to achieve the maximum economic and social benefits of agricultural production...
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Executive Compensation & Companies’ Soft and Hard Investment

Dongxu Yang, Shizhong Xiong, Tian Tan
Executive Compensation is a critical issue today, since executives’ decisions, motivated by compensation incentives, critically affect firms’ value and stakeholders’ interest. Consistent with prior literature, we have documented a positive (negative) relationship between Vega (Delta) from executive option...
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Research on the Development Status, Problems and Countermeasures of Digital Finance in China

Bin Wang, Xi Wang
With the rapid development of digital technology, China’s digital finance keeps making new breakthroughs, but at the same time, the hidden risks of China’s digital finance keep accumulating. Based on the analysis of the development status of digital finance in China, this paper explores the main problems...
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The Principal Directions in Advancing the Mechanisms for Ensuring Accessibility of Cultural Goods and Services for People With Disabilities in the Russian Federation

Elena Blagireva
The article discusses the advancing of mechanisms for ensuring accessibility of cultural goods and services for people with disabilities in the Russian Federation, which are aimed at individual empowerment. The author focuses on the preparedness of cultural institutions to provide an accessible, barrier-free...
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Prediction on Average Price of Commercial Housing in Sichuan Province and Analysis of Influencing Factors Based on Grey System Theory

Jiaying Li, Enchi Liang, Huaxue Zhuang, Cheng Liu
Real estate is of great significance to a country’s economy and people’s livelihood, and the future price of real estate and its influencing factors can directly reflect the real estate market. This article builds a grey prediction model, referred to as the Gray Model (1, 1), based on the average price...
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The Debate on Social Welfare in Western Developed Countries

Wenxi Xu
With the development of global economy, the shortcomings of social welfare system in western developed countries are gradually exposed. Social welfare system has become a hot topic in today’s society. Therefore, this paper first analyzes the status quo of social welfare system in western developed countries....
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Executive Compensation and Corporate Debt Policy and Monitoring

Dongxu Yang, Tian Tan, Shizhong Xiong
Both debtor monitoring and corporate risk-taking are very interested to researchers, but how does these two come together and interplay in terms of executive compensation contract structuring? This paper intends to shed light on this question in the following dimensions. First, we have documented that...
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Measurement and Evaluation of Regional Financial Integration in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao: Based on the Panel Data from 2000 to 2018

Shizhong Xiong, Dongxu Yang, Xiaofang Xiong
Financial integration is the trend and hub of China’s contemporary high-quality economic development and regional financial integration is an important carrier to realize the coordinated and stable development of regional economy and promote financial innovation. Taking the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao...
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Research on Agricultural Supply Chain: Sources and Preventions of Financial Credit Risk

Shuqin Xu
The credit risk faced by developing agricultural supply chain finance includes external factors and internal factors. External factors include the natural environment, economic environment, legal environment, and credit environment. Internal factors include information asymmetry, core enterprise default,...
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A Study on the Foreign Direct Investment Distribution Differences and Influencing Factors in the Three Major Areas of Shaanxi Province

Yang Liu
Analyzing the differences in the location of foreign direct investment in Shaanxi Province and the influencing factors is of positive significance for reducing regional foreign direct investment differences and coordinating economic development. This paper uses standard deviation, coefficient of variation,...
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Research on the Obstacles and Counter Measures of Mobile Payment in Short-Term Inbound Tourism

Rong Qiu, Khonkhlong Suppakorn
China’s mobile payment scale is in the forefront of the world. While the short-term inbound travel is growing, the advantages of mobile payment are not fully exploited. On the basis of comparing the different countries’ means of mobile payment, including the United States, this paper considers that short-term...
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Study on the Importance of Communication in Financial Management in Higher Education Institutions

Lichun Chen, Xihong Min
In recent years, the economic activities of colleges and universities, such as school-enterprise cooperation, industry-education integration, teaching, scientific research, financing, investment and so on are increasing. The new government accounting system and comprehensive budge management is fully...
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Third-Party Payment and Commercial Bank Competition Relationship After Nets Union Clearing Corporation Running

Yuguo Yang, Shuyi Cai, Hao Yang
Third-party payment has cooperated with banks since the first date of its birth and directly connected to commercial banks. The payment is completed online and it is fast and convenient. However, there is fierce competition in terms of capital attraction and payment. After Net Union Clearing Corporation...
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Market Behavior of Knowledge Consumption and the Development Strategy in the Era of Digital Economy

Xinhang Yu
Knowledge consumption behavior is an important feature of the digital economy era. Consumers’ knowledge anxiety, user learning behavior, and the networked crowd structure have expanded the demand for knowledge. Technological innovation and participatory production have improved the ability to generate...
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Research on the Development of Commercial Value Based on China Dancesport Open Series

Feng Xue, Qing Ma
Since 2009, China Dancesport open series has become the highest level dancesport event in China. At present, the development of business value in the competition of dancesport is still limited to the primary level of naming fee, registration fee and ticket, which shows that its commercialization level...
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The Japanese Experience in Building the System of Human Resource Quality Management in the Organization

Irina Lyskova
The article focuses on the issues of quality management and justifies the importance of developing the approaches to human resource management and the need to establish the human resource quality management system of the organization in the current socio-economic conditions. The objective of the study...
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The Impact of Network Literature Website Service Quality on Reader Loyalty Based on Technology Acceptance Model

Yangjing Xu
Based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), this paper introduces the service quality theory into the field of network literature websites, and studies the mechanism of the service quality of network literature websites on reader loyalty. It is found through research that the service quality of online...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Online Group-Buying Behavior Based on Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology Model

Mengyuan Liu
With the development of Internet technology, online group-buying of the emerging e-commerce model has become more and more popular with consumers. Based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT), this paper explores the mechanism of individual perception and social influence on...
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Research on the Construction of Model and Measurement Index System for Evolution Process of High-tech Industrial Cluster

Xinjie Zhang, Yitao Zhang
Emerging technologies have significant characteristics of biological species, and the evolution of emerging technology industrial clusters conforms to the evolutionary law of biological life cycles. This paper builds and derives the evolution model of emerging technology industrial cluster based on the...
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Analysis on Brand Development of Private Colleges and Universities in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Based on the Perspective of Sustainable Development

Mingchao Li
The special geographical location and political system of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the international background of coexistence of multiple cultures have strong basic strengths and international advantages in education and talents, and have the rigid conditions for the development...
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The Impact of Work-life Balance on Post-90s Young Employees on Innovative Behavior: Empirical Research Based on Three Cities in Shandong Province

Li Wan, Jiakun Liu
In the context of China’s vigorous promotion of innovation and the construction of “Healthy China 2030”, the research on work-life balance and innovative behavior is of great significance. This article takes 500 young post-90s employees in Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai of Shandong Province as research objects,...
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Comparative Research on the International Competitiveness of China’s Manufacturing Industry From the Perspective of Global Value Chains Based on World Input-Output Database From 2000 to 2014

Suping Zhao
Against the background of the development of global production network, the scientific evaluation of national industrial competitiveness needs to consider the global value chain characteristics of export commodities. Based on the revealed comparative advantage index of trade added value adjustment, this...
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Practical Exploration of Student Club Based on Blockchain by Shandong Technology and Business University and Ethereum Foundation

Jun Yang
Student clubs in colleges and universities are self-organized and self-managed mass organizations, which play an important role in improving students’ comprehensive quality and application of professional skills. As a new mode to promote student clubs, the attempt to build professional clubs jointly...
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Protestant Ethical Spirit and National Innovation in the New Industrial Revolution

Juan Zhao
Promoting national innovation is the inevitable choice for the country to win in the new industrial revolution. By analyzing the mechanism of the role of Protestant ethics in promoting the improvement of national innovation, it is concluded that the Protestant ethical spirit has an impact on the promotion...
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Research on the Response Mechanism of Public Emergencies Based on Knowledge Management

Hang Gao
Information is the carrier of knowledge, and the occurrence of public emergency is accompanied by massive information. The complexity of public emergencies requires the application of a great deal of knowledge in the process of emergency warning, handling and dealing with the aftermath. This paper puts...
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Development Path Construction of the Community-Based Child Protection

Caozhenshu Wu
With the continuous development of society, the emergence of new social problems makes children’s growth and children’s protection work face many new challenges. China’s existing child protection mainly emphasizes family, school, social and judicial protection, and ignores an important environment for...
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Research on the Influence of Internet on Scientific and Technological Innovation: Based on the Threshold Model of Financial Development

Tianzheng Luo
Based on the panel data of 30 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in China from 2008 to 2017, this paper establishes a threshold model to analyze the impact of Internet on scientific and technological innovation in regions with different levels of financial development, and explores the nonlinear...
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Research on Company’s Financial Governance From the Perspective of Blockchain

Lingfeng Xu
Blockchain technology has been a hot topic in recent years. As a distributed accounting verification database, the idea of transparency, freedom, equality and win-win makes it become a new technology that people follow with interest. Most of the researches are focused on how Blockchain technology will...
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Analysis of Research Progress on Ecological Efficiency Based on Histcite and Web of Science

Longshan Liu, Xiaojuan Yuchi, Guangcheng Wang
In order to understand the evolution of research history and methods of ecological efficiency and provide experience for sustainable development and future ecological efficiency research, HistCite bibliometrics is used as an effective statistics analysis approach. This paper uses “ecological efficiency”...
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Inbound Tourism Promotion Strategy of Hainan International Tourism Consumption Center: Based on Comparison of Experience in Hongkong, Singapore and Dubai

Hui Li, Fuyuan Bao
The strategic positioning of Hainan as an international tourism consumption center proposed by China in 2018 requires higher for the development of inbound tourism there. However, its development has been undermined by such unfavorable factors as volatile market, competition from neighboring countries...
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Adaptability Discussion of Multiple-Streams Framework in Chinese Context: A Literature Review

Baozhen Yao, Wei Cui
The differences in political and administrative system bring about differences of constituent elements evolution environment, development trend in streams of problem, policy and politic. Therefore, it brings out the necessity to discuss the theory transplantation. We try to present a detailed Chinese...
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Empirical Analysis on the Development Level of Sichuan High-tech Service Industry

Can Wang
In order to do a good job of the comprehensive development of Sichuan’s high-tech service industry, this paper first builds an evaluation index system from the four dimensions of basic resources, high-tech input, market share and service output. Then the system clustering method is used to cluster the...
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Analysis on Job Burnout Level and Influencing Factors of Young Employees in Guangdong Express Delivery Industry

Chunshu Liang, Jing Chen
In the express delivery industry, young employees are vulnerable to job burnout. According to the analysis of the survey results of job burnout among young employees in the express delivery industry in Guangdong province, it can be seen that there is a moderate level of job burnout among young employees...
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The Way to Enhance University Students’ Entrepreneurial Leadership

Hongjie Li
With the horn of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” blowing up, as well as the introduction of relevant preferential policies for innovation and entrepreneurship, it has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of college students to start a business. Entrepreneurship leadership is the ability of college...
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Corporate Social Innovation: New Integration of Social Responsibility and Innovation

Wenqing Shan, Limin Ling
With the rapid development of economy, social problems are becoming more and more complicated. With a better integration of corporate social responsibility and innovation, corporate social innovation has become a new paradigm for contemporary corporate innovation. Corporate social innovation is oriented...
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Current Status and Prospects of China’s Hainan Free Trade Zone

Jiexuan Zhou, Jingyi Dai, Zhuyu Liang
Reform and opening up is an important policy for the development of modern China’s economy, and opening up to the outside world is the direction that has always been adhered to. In 2018, the establishment of a free trade pilot zone on the whole island of Hainan was mentioned as a policy. This reflects...
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Elevating Value Marketing Strategies in Singapore Airlines Driven by Macro and Micro Environment

Tian Qin
The present marketing plan is aimed at identifying the opportunities and strategic issues for Singapore Airlines. In this concern, the document presents a detailed analysis of the external environment including macro and micro environment that the company operates. The internal analysis of the company’s...
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Research on the Current Situation and Marketing Strategy of Artificial Intelligence Products Based on the Value of User Experience

Qing Yun
As artificial intelligence (AI) has become a phenomenal hot spot and users have gained a general understanding of the concept of artificial intelligence, products based on the concept of artificial intelligence, such as intelligent speaker, have been active in the market. Yet they are still in a very...
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The Content Production Logic of Chinese We-Media Driven by the Platform Economy

Fengying Wu
With the diversification of Chinese we-media platform types and the continuous innovation of service models, content production entities at different levels from grassroots to elite are all involved in the content creation field, and the scale of content production has been increased unprecedentedly....
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Research on Social E-commerce Marketing Mode Against the Background of Traditional Retail Transformation

Yuqing Chen
In the context of the dilemma faced by traditional e-commerce, the combination of social and e-commerce has promoted the transformation of retail enterprises. Against the background that the current retail e-commerce development is in trouble and eager to transform to social e-commerce, this article...
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Research on the Current Situation and Optimization Mechanism of Chinese Government’s Contracting Back-in of Public Services

Xiaoning Zhu, Zixin Li
In the process of purchasing public services by the Chinese government, it appears that the purchase of services cannot realize the public value of saving expenditure and meeting the market demand, and the phenomenon of government’s contracting back-in of public services arises. In response to this phenomenon,...
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Enterprise Performance Management System Construction: Based on Strategy Organization

Yuxing Dong
With the rapid development of economic globalization, competition in all industries continues to grow; people-oriented management concept has been emphasized in enterprise management. However, there is no perfect enterprise performance management system. In this paper, by using the theory of strategic...
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The Development of Chinese Local Government’s Innovation Governance

Li Qin, Haixiang Lu
Since the starting of the Reform and Opening-up policy, China has achieved rapid economic development. Especially after the implementation of National Innovation-Drive Development Strategy, China’s regional and municipal innovation competence has been developed significantly, along with accumulated innovation...
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Research on the Management Methods of Youth Campus Football Teaching

Chen Wang
This article takes Shaanxi Province as an example to analyze and study the current situation and management methods of youth campus football teaching. Through research, questionnaire survey and discussion on teaching management, it is found that the current development of campus football and the existing...
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Analysis of Employment Effect of Environmental Regulation: Based on the Pilot Policy of SO2 Emission Trading

Xiaohui Gong, Chunyan Lin
Taking the pilot policy of SO2 emissions trading as a “quasi-natural experiment”, based on the data of industrial companies in China’s listed companies, propensity score matching--difference in differences (PSM-DID) is used to explore the causal relationship between market-oriented environmental regulation...
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Research on the Loopholes in the Supervision System of Online Game’s Version Number

Dingzhuang Chen, Xiaokun Jiang
The operation of online games is subject to the pre-approval supervision of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. It can be put into operation after getting the version number. Due to regulatory loopholes in the system, large companies that have not been approved...
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Research on Contract Management and Claim of Construction Project

Tianxin Wang
The construction industry has always occupied an important position in the economic development of our economy. At present, the number of construction projects in China continues to rise, and the challenges of contract management of construction projects are increasing. The construction of the project...
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The Influence of Coronavirus on Enterprise Management and Countermeasures

Heyuan Chen
The sudden epidemic disease, coronavirus, has brought a heavy strike to all walks of life. The traditional enterprise management method has exacerbated the difficulty of enterprises to resume production and work under the epidemic. By analyzing the influence of covid-19 epidemic on the organizational...
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Study on the Influence of Litigation Risk on Chinese Listed Companies

Ci Zhang
In recent years, the number of lawsuits filed by Chinese listed companies has been on the rise. So does the scale of the amount involved. When a public company is involved in litigation, the potential uncertainty increases dramatically, threatening investment projects including innovation. This paper...
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An Analysis on the Current Situation of Secondary Circulation in Rural Land Contracting: Taking H Village of A City in Southwest China as an Example

Hang Liu, Yi Liu
This article mainly conducts on-the-spot investigations on the current situation of the second transfer of rural land management rights in Village H of City A in the southwestern region, including rural land management rights transfer contracts signed by both parties, farmers’ satisfaction, and land...
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Rental Customer Segmentation Based on Length, Recency, Frequency, Average-Monetary and Satisfaction Value Model and Cluster Analysis

Fu Tao, Xindi Wang
As the rental market continues to grow, it is increasingly important to subdivide rental customers and formulate targeted marketing management strategies. Aiming at the characteristics of large number of renting customers, long period, and large potential value, a length, recency, frequency, average-monetary...
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The Feasibility Analysis and Construction Strategy of Cultural Tourism Circle in Great Xi’an

Zhiyan Ren
The foundation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism indicates integration of culture and tourism is the theme of tourism development. By strengthening the concept of culture and tourism integration, implementing integrated management, Great Xi’an can enhance regional integration and realize Great Xi’an...
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The Connotation, Model and Innovative Path of Sustainable Development of Poverty Alleviation Through Tourism in Ethnic Areas

Huijuan Song
After the stage goal of poverty eradication is achieved in 2020, continuous poverty reduction tasks will continue to exist. Ethnic areas suffer from economic backwardness, complex society and fragile environment; after overcoming poverty and removing the label of poverty, it is critical to maintain a...
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Discussion on the Promotion Strategy of Convenience Store Service

Xinxin Wang
Compared to such areas with mature convenience stores as Japan and Taiwan, stores in mainland China enjoy bright prospect in terms of quantity. However, with the popularization of mobile Internet and the fierce competition in retail market, the comparative advantage of convenience stores is wearing thin....
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Research on the Integrative Development of the “Three New Aspects” Related to Cultural Industry and the Mainstream Ideology

Na Wang
Cultural industry is an emerging carrier of the trend of economic and cultural integration. As economic development has entered a new normal, the number of new industries, new forms of business and new models related to the cultural industry (the “three new aspects”) has been on the rise, becoming an...
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Data Mining of New Snack E-commerce Reviews Based on Text Sentiment Analysis and Latent Dirichlet Allocation Topic Model

Qian Yang
In the new retail era, in order to promote the development of new snack e-commerce enterprises, increase customer satisfaction with their products and services and the desire to repurchase, this article makes sentiment analysis on the 430,000 online reviews of new snack e-commerce as crawled online from...
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Research on Residents’ Perception of Rural Tourism Construction: Taking the “Creating 10000 Scenic Villages” Project in Zhejiang as an Example

Chunyan Li, Ya Jin, Yuxiao Xie, Ping Xu, Shijia Shao
Residents’ attitude towards a tourism construction project directly affects the continuous development of the destination tourism. In order to study rural residents’ perception of tourism construction and its impact on the development of tourism, this article takes the “Creating 10000 Scenic Villages”...
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Fresh Food Cold-Chain Logistics Requirement Element Classification Based on Kano and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Yi Wang, Yao Feng
In view of the subjectivity of traditional Kano model when analyzing data, the existing methods of Kano and failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) were integrated to define the accurate requirement classification curve of Kano model. Then the risk priority number (RPN) value was calculated to determine...
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Impact of Tax and Fee Reduction on Manufacturing in Dongguan: Taking Souyute Group Co., Ltd. as an Example

Yingting Liu, Shimin Zhao, Jiaping Zheng
In recent years, the state has issued a series of policies related to tax and fee reduction. The promulgation and implementation of these policies are of great significance for the transformation and upgrading of micro-enterprises and have a profound impact. Especially in the context of the global manufacturing...
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Research on Industrialization Development of Local Cultural Resource: Taking Five-Store Bazaar of Jinjiang City as an Example

Hang Ye, Jian Lin
Local cultural resource is not only the premise and foundation for the grand development of cultural industry, but also a new engine for the high-quality development of the regional economy. From the perspective of cultural industry development, this research took the Five-store Bazaar of Jinjiang City,...
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Opportunities and Challenges for Graduates of Colleges and Universities in Shenzhen City in the Context of the Construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Biao Tang
This paper makes an in-depth discussion on the employment of college graduates from Shenzhen, analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of college graduates from Shenzhen in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao from the aspects of policy background, market demand, location and so on,...
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Research on Constructing Integrated Operation System of Public Sports Service in the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula

Meixia He
Using the methods of literature, investigation and interview, and combining with the strategic measures of the state to vigorously promote the construction of the Blue Economic Zone of Shandong Peninsula, this paper proposes the necessity and feasibility of the integration construction of public sports...
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Study on Open Recruitment in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Political, Economic, Social-Cultural and Technological Analysis

Min Wang, Yu Zhang
Compared with other scientific research institutes or academic universities, higher vocational colleges have their own advantages and disadvantages in the process of openly recruiting new teachers. The advantage is that colleges are less competitive than universities because it has lower requirements...
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A Case Study on Pseudo-Demand of Document Delivery and the Strategies

Feng Xu, Xiuxia Zhou
This paper finds out various types of pseudo-demands in the process of document delivering through investigating the pseudo-demands from users of document delivery service in the Northeast Normal University Library in 2017 by statistical analysis and comparative analysis. After deeply exploring the underlying...
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Analysis on the Self-Built Characteristic Database and Intellectual Property Protection of University Library

Wenbin Zheng, Na Zhang
With the rapid development of information technology, digital library provides readers with convenient and fast information services. In order to meet the needs of teaching and research and personalized information of readers better, each university library is building its own characteristic database,...
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Technical Directors in the Process of Green Development in China: Distribution Characteristics and Enlightenment

Duan Ji, Di Zhao
As the concept of green development becomes more and more popular, the role of technical directors in promoting green technology innovation has gradually attracted the attention of many enterprises. In order to comprehensively understand the development trend and distribution characteristics of technical...
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Study on the Impact of Corporation Social Responsibility on Financial Performance of Tourism Enterprises: Based on the Regulatory Role of Corporate Strategy

Gege Zhang, Huiyue Liu
Based on the perspective of stakeholders, this paper selects the annual data of listed tourism companies from 2010 to 2018 as samples to study the correlation between corporate social responsibility (CSR) investment in tourism enterprises and corporate financial performance, and at the same time considers...
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Research on New Type Think Tank Talent Support Innovation Management: Taking Pingxiang City of China as an Example

Jin Zheng, Jinchun Huang, Qiyan Li
China’s economy is developing rapidly, and the construction of talent think tanks is an important support for economic development. This study takes Pingxiang City, China as an example, analyzes the current situation of Pingxiang think tank talent construction, summarizes the shortcomings of Pingxiang...
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Problems and Countermeasures in the Development of Characteristic Towns in Sichuan: Based on the Survey of Longtai Town

Yapping Jiang, Binyu Hu
With the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, creating a number of distinctive small towns with complete industries and long-term development has become the focus of a new round of high-level urbanization. This article analyzes the characteristics of characteristic towns, summarizes the...
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Research on External Supervision System of National Supervisory Power

Sihan Liu
At present, the national supervision system with Chinese characteristics has been initially formed, and the national supervision power has become a new type of power, which has the characteristics of high status, heavy power and wide scope. Beginning with the pilot reform of the national supervisory...
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The Belt and Road Initiative’s Impact on China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Shaosong Wang, Weihua A. Liu
The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is one of China’s important foreign policies to strengthen economic ties with the countries along the Belt and Road. This project applies the Propensity Score Matching technique to prove that the Belt and Road Initiative treaties have significant positive impacts on...
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Research on the Cultivation of College Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability: Taking “Xinmiao Program” of Zhejiang Province as an Example

Lemin Chen, Qingqing Bao
This article takes “Xinmiao Program”, the innovation and entrepreneurship program of Chinese college students, as an example. Through an empirical investigation of 162 principals of this program, the author further understands the implementation, practical utility and shortcomings of this program, and...
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Research on the Integration Path of Regional Tourism in Shandong Peninsula

Pingqing Zhang, Yang Wang
With the acceleration of the belt and road construction and the new and old energy conversion Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Shandong Province, the development of regional tourism is facing greater opportunities for development. In view of the problems existing in the regional tourism of Shandong...
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Analysis on the Operation Model and Development Strategy of Theme Parks in Wuhan

Xiaoman Guo
In view of the saturation of theme parks in China’s first-tier cities, the prospective strong demand for tourism in second-tier cities, coupled with the low land price and operating cost in second-tier cities, the theme parks are gradually penetrating into second-tier cities. As a central city in central...
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The Progress of China’s Private Banks Against “the Belt and Road Initiative” and Its Enlightenment to Private Banks in Xi’an

Jianghong Yao
As of late August 2017, 17 private banks in China have been approved to set up since the first five pilots in 2014. The proposal of “the Belt and Road Initiative” brings great development opportunities and challenges to private banks in Xi’an. The paper first analyzes the development status of private...
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Marketing Communication of Disney Brand Against Cross-Cultural Background: Taking Disneyland as an Example

Lu Wang
As a world-renowned media and entertainment company with decades of history, The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) includes multinational enterprises specialized in animation, movies, theme parks, games and so on, and achieved great success. From the perspective of theoretical and empirical research, this paper...
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The Dilemma and Solutions of the Legal Regulation on the Card Drawing Mechanism in Games

Chenxi Wu
With the rapid development of the game industry in China, the types of gameplay are becoming more and more diversified. Card drawing is a new rule of the game. Players spend money to draw props, but since the process is random, they don’t necessarily get the prop with highest value. Under the stimulation...
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Reflection on Internal Control of Commercial Banks’ Bond Investment Business Process: Taking Industrial Bank, Xiamen Branch as an Example

Jiawei Xu
As an important part of the financial market, China’s bond market has been developing and improving in recent years. With the rapid development of inter-bank bond market, bond investment business has gradually become an important tool for commercial banks to improve capital structure and conduct asset...
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Factors Influencing Chinese Readers’ Evaluation of Magazines — Empirical Research Based on Reader Reviews of Chinese Amazon Website

Cuihua Ma, Jinyu Zhuang
This paper takes the reader evaluation content of magazines on the Chinese Amazon website as the research object. Through a qualitative study of 5,710 pieces of randomly selected reader review information, a 3-level conceptual system of reader evaluation elements is established. Based on the multiple...
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The Impact of “Brickist” Reviews on Online Reviews: Based on Qunar’s Hotel Review Data

Hua Xing
A large number of online comment usefulness votes of some websites are 0, which makes the usefulness of online reviews unmeasurable, and facts show that the reading of text is a substitute for text usefulness to a certain extent. By analyzing the 289 pieces of data of hotels on, the effect...
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The Economic Influencing Factors of Local Government Transfer Payment in the Context of Province Governing County: Based on the Empirical Analysis of Sichuan Province

Ruoxue Zou, Huafeng Lu
Studying the factors of transfer payment and improving the financial transfer payment system to achieve the equalization of basic public services is of great significance to the realization of high-quality and high-level regional economic stable and coordinated development. This paper uses the cross-sectional...
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Analysis of the Use and Problems of the Malis System

Lishu Zhang, Lili Zhao, Dake Wang
The construction level of digitization and informatization is the direct sign of the development of library modernization. With the rapid use of library automation system in recent years, the work efficiency and service quality of library have been improved rapidly. Malis system is a library integrated...
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Analysis on the Predicament of Destination Brand Personality Creation from the Perspective of New Media

Wanxin Shi
The booming mobile Internet technology in the new era poses opportunities and challenges to destination marketing. In view of the severe homogenization of products and the changing needs of tourists, branding has become an important means of destination marketing. This paper introduces the concept of...
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The Challenge and Strategy Analysis of RMB Regionalization Against the Background of “the Belt and Road”

Dejun Yu, Feilin Luo
The strategy of “the Belt and Road” has drastically increased the trade cooperation between China and the neighboring regions and also provided new opportunities for the regionalization of RMB. Based on the current situation of RMB circulation along “the Belt and Road”, this paper analyzes the challenges...
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Evaluation and Promotion Strategy on Cultural Competitiveness of Cities Along the “Xi’an-Chengdu High-speed Railway”

Ying Zuo, Yan Cui
This article selects cities along the Xi’an to Chengdu High-speed Railway as the research object, to research the urban cultural competitiveness. In the understanding of urban cultural competitiveness based on the connotation and evaluation index system both at home and abroad research, the researchers...
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Analysis on the Research Hotspots and Trends of Subject Service in University Libraries in China

Yuchen Chi, Lixin Zhang, Feng Xu
Purpose/significance: As an important part of University Library service, subject service has become an indispensable service ability of University library. The improvement of subject service ability marks the direction of transformation and development of University Library in the future. Method/process:...
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Research on the Credit Guarantee System of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China

Yuxi Zhu
With the widespread of the reform and open policy in China, the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are becoming one of the vital parts of the national economy. Currently, Chinese credit guarantee system for SMEs has made some achievements, such as the increasing number of our country SME credit guarantee...
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Thoughts on Some Problems in the Digitalization Construction of Museums

Ping Shi, Yifan Feng
With the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, the traditional management and information storage methods of museums have been unable to meet the needs of today’s society, and the digitalization construction of museums has become an irresistible trend of the times. This paper introduces...
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Research on Feature Extraction and Evaluation Methods of Successful Design Innovation Entrepreneurship Projects

Huabin Wang, Yitong Liu
This paper is aiming at extracting the characteristics of innovative entrepreneurship projects in the field of design, discussing evaluation system of successful entrepreneurship projects, finding the way to success of design entrepreneurship, and providing reference for entrepreneurs. Taking the crowdfunding...
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Research on Brand Image-Building in Modern Consumer Culture

Yue Qin, Gang Cao
Since the early 1990s, brand image has become an indispensable part of the consumer society in China, so people begin to pay attention to the exploration and research of brand image. While results of a variety of brand image research have been made in China and abroad, most of the exploration and research...
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Research on the Optimization of Adversity Quotient Education for College Students’ Entrepreneurship

Lin Luo
The state attaches great importance to cultivating the public’s innovative thinking and improving the entrepreneurial ability. College students become the living forces for innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, college students have many problems in the process of entrepreneurship. When entrepreneurship...
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Construction and Analysis of Chinese College Students’ Entrepreneurship Motivation Model

Xiaofeng Ran, Jinli Shi
With the rapid development of the economy, the pressure on Chinese job seekers has increased yearly. Facing the increasingly severe job market, more and more college students choose to start a business. Many colleges and universities offer courses to guide students in entrepreneurship, but most of these...
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Research on Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Students in the Context of “Internet Plus” and the Countermeasures

Jia Na
In the context of economic globalization and information networking, the development of “Internet +” has provided more entrepreneurial opportunities for college students, and more and more college students have joined the entrepreneurial team. This article mainly studies the problems and new challenges...