Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2019 – Humanity, Education and Social Sciences (IcoSIHESS 2019)

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Investigating Written Feedback on Students’ Academic Writing

Andi Wirantaka
Written feedback in academic writing is an essential factor that enables teacher and students to interact with each other in order to improve students’ writing. This research aims to find out the types of written feedback the teachers use for students’ academic writing, the most useful feedback, and...
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Developing Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition (CIRC) Weblog Materials

Annida Asni, Suwarsih Madya
This study aims to develop cooperative integrated reading and composition (CIRC) weblogs materials for the second-grade students of MAN 1 Yogyakarta. The materials were developed through ADDIE stages. The qualitative data were analyzed using the descriptive analysis while the quantitative data were analyzed...
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EFL Self-Concept in an English Drama Club: A Case Study of Two English Language Education Department Students

Arifah Mardiningrum
Self-concept has been considered as one of the determining factors of a student’s success in learning. A student organization such as drama club can be a place where students build certain self-concept. The current study is aimed at investigating students’ EFL self-concept in relation to their involvement...
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Persuasive Function in Food and Beverage Service: A Sociolinguistics Approach

Denok Lestari
Language is an arbitrary symbol of sound system, which is used for social interaction, consists of form, meaning, and expression. The study of language (Linguistics) focuses on both aspects of micro and macro linguistics. This present study belonged to the later, i.e. Sociolinguistics, as it discussed...
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ICT and Project-Based Learning in a Rural School: an EFL Context

Dessy Santhi, Didi Suherdi, Bachrudin Musthafa
This research presents a description of a technology-based English learning in an Indonesian context project completed by rural high school students. It employed a descriptive qualitative research method in a class consisting of 35 students. The data were collected from videotaped observations, interviews...
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Introducing Lesson Study to Improve Student Learning in the Classroom

Eko Purwanti, Endro Hatmanto
The 2013 National Education Curriculum requires students to be the center of teaching and learning process in the classroom. Having Student Centered Learning (SCL) as the teaching approach, the implementation of the curriculum implies that students should be involved actively during the transfer of the...
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Challenges in Implementing E-Learning in the Language Education Context: Case Study at an English Education Department in Indonesia

Endro Hatmanto, Eko Purwanti
At present the world of education, including the sector of English language teaching, has been witnessing the massive development of information technology and using it as a means of improving the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process. Studies confirm that e-learning improves students’ learning...
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“I Love Creepy Pasta”: EFL Students’ Book Selection for Extensive Reading

Evi Puspitasari
The important element in extensive reading, a second language reading approach, is materials to read. Finding suitable reading materials is the biggest mission to achieve the goal of the approach which is reading for pleasure or reading engagement. This research aims at uncovering a trend of books selected...
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Blended Learning in an English Listening and Speaking Course: Freshmen’s Voice and Choice

Fitria Rahmawati
Listening and speaking skills clearly turn into a critical ability for language students as those skills facilitate the fruitful adaptation, particularly on the advancement of education and technology. There have been numerous studies investigating that blended learning supports the enhancement of students’...
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Exploring Career Motivation of Indonesian Pre-service EFL Teachers

Ika Lestari, Puput Arfiandhani
Pre-service teachers may hold different motives in choosing a career path as a teacher. The present study aims at investigating the types of motivation to choose a career as an English teacher among participants from a teacher training program in a private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Of 23 students...
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Understanding Teachers’ Knowledge, Skills, and Principles on Language Assessment: A Survey on Teachers’ Language Assessment Literacy

Indah Puspawati
The Language Assessment Literacy (LAL) refers to language teachers’ knowledge, skills and principles on language assessment and evaluation. This study investigated the LAL of teachers in a higher education context in Indonesia. The three components of language assessments were the focus of the inquiry...
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Blended Learning as a Means of Promoting Autonomous and Collaborative Learning Experiences

Nina Herlina, Wachyu Sundayana, Pupung Purnawarman
The benefits of the integration of technology into English learning and teaching within a framework of blended learning are likely to outweigh the challenges. Introducing a combination of online, offline and traditional modes of delivery, this study provides practical ideas on how blended learning led...
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The Role of Social Network Sites in Developing English Language Skills: Students’ Voices

Puput Arfiandhani
The advance of technology has provided a third virtual space where people from various regions and linguistic background can interact with each other. Social network sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others, are the examples of these spaces. As a lingua franca, English is often...
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A Portrait of EFL Students’ Experiences in an Internship Program: A Case Study

Puthut Ardianto
Doing an internship is one example of experiential learning. Students learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL) are obliged to complete an internship in order to fulfil the requirements of their Bachelor of Education. This study aims to report on the findings of a qualitative investigation through...
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Blended Learning Approach Implementation: Pre-service English Teachers’ Perception

Rizki Farani
The purpose of this study is to investigate pre-service English teachers’ perception about blended learning approach to support them in developing instructional design for English subject. The participants of this study were 2 pre-service English teachers from Teaching Reading and Writing course. In...
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(Mis)matched Perceptions of EFL Teachers and Students regarding Effective Teachers

Sri Murtiningsih
Effective teachers can influence students’ learning and success. Research in this area is scarcely found in Indonesian contexts. The objective of the study is to explore teachers and students’ perception regarding the criteria of effective teachers using mixed method. The qualitative data gathering process...
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The Influence of the Discipline of Congregational Prayer on Student Learning Achievement

Faaiza Nabiela, Rizqi Amalia
This research is a quantitative study of the influence of the discipline of congregational prayer on student learning achievement. It is motivated by the goals of education in Indonesia, which make learning achievement a benchmark for the success of student learning in schools. Researchers are interested...
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Land Tenure System and Farming Household Food Access in North Cotabato, Philippines

Camille Villapando, Cherry Nuñez, Rachelle Mariano, Melodee Castro, Faustino Arrienda
This study explores the association of land tenure to food access in selected villages in the municipality of Pigcawayan situated in the North Cotabato province of the Mindanao peninsula, Philippines. There were 56 farm tenants that were interviewed in the study through snowball sampling. Using the...
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Determination Analysis on Taxes Compliance of SMEs : Case Study in Tangerang, Indonesia

Agustine Dwianika, Naurissa Biasini
This study aims to examine the effect of financial conditions, types, and size on tax compliance of SME in Tangerang with a reduction in tax rates (Tax Facilities) as a moderating variable. The population are SMEs located in Bintaro, South Tangerang. 70 SMEs were chosen by using purposive sampling as...
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Recreational Value of Mangrove Forest and Tourists Willingness-to-Pay for Mangrove Conservation

Diswandi Diswandi, Endah Saptutyningsih
Mangrove forests produce ecosystem services benefitting human beings such as protection from tsunamis, abrasion, carbon sequestration; a place for fish nesting; and also for recreational purposes. However, the values of mangrove forests including their recreational value are often ignored. Several mangrove...
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How Does Islamic Financial Technology Influence Debtors’ Preference in Islamic Rural Bank

Dimas Wiranatakusuma, Tazkiyyah Hawwa
This research aims to analyse the influence of Islamic Financial Technology on the change in Debtors’ Preference for Bangun Drajat Warga Islamic Rural Bank Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The influence of Islamic Financial Technology is measured using several variables, comprising Perceived Financial...
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Household Willingness to Pay for Landslide Hazard Mitigation in Purworejo, Indonesia

Endah Saptutyningsih, Diswandi Diswandi, Melawati Aziizah
Landslide hazard could have severe impacts on public properties including damaged infrastructure, changing land structure, relocation of buildings and roadways, reduction on water quality in streams and irrigation facilities, etc., Household mitigation for landslide hazard is necessary to reduce such...
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The Appraisal of Understanding Level on the Cash Waqf Among Members of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Yuli Utami, Muhammad Wawan, Tjiptohadi Sawarjuwono, Abu Hadi
In the disruptive era, cash-waqf has greater potential for humanitarian and economic development impacts. Therefore, this study aims to find the initiative of involvement of Muhammadiyah members in cash-waqf by analyzing their level of understanding of it. The primary data were taken based on the answers...
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Trade Performance Analysis of Indonesia and Malaysia to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Saykha Araz, Dyah Wardani
Along with its development, OIC was able to contribute to the economy, especially in the flow of international trade. Indonesia and Malaysia are the main actors in increasing exports in the OIC countries but Indonesia's exports in 2014-2015 in intra-OIC trade fell by 6.8%, while Malaysian exports in...
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The Potential for Developing Organic and Non-Organic Rice in Bantul District, Special Region of Yogyakarta

Eni Istiyanti, Retno Wulandari
Rising awareness toward the effects of chemical substance on public health and environment has led to the initiation and the development of organic farming system. This research aimed at analyzing the financial feasibility and technical efficiency of the development of organic and non-organic rice farming....
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The Role of Regional Government Expenditures on Regional Economic Growth in Indonesia

Agus Basuki, Yunastiti Purwaningsih, A Soesilo, Mulyanto
This research aims at empirically proving the composition of local government expenditure (education, health, marine and fisheries, agriculture, and general allocation fund) on economic growth in 18 provinces in Indonesia from 2010 to 2015. The model used in this research is panel data regression. The...
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The Moderating Effect Of Switching Cost On The Influence Of Price And Service Quality Towards Switching Intention

Muhammad Zakiy
This study aims to identify the role of switching cost as a moderating variable in the influence of price and service quality on switching intention. It also attempts to answer the current state of Islamic bank customers in Indonesia by using Reinforcement Theory in the context of switching intention...
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Creative Industry’s Startup: How Can Investors Indicate Important Factors To Fund It?

Nora Rizal, Jurry Hatammimi, Nurlita Isnaeni
Creative-economy has become center attention of the Indonesian government, by establishing The Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy in 2015. However, funding or economic is still considered as the main obstacle for the creative-industries startups, as the driver for creative-economy, in developing...
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Islamic Social Reporting and Factors that Influence its Disclosures Practices among Companies Listed in Indonesia Sharia Stock Index

Rizal Yaya, Syahda Nurrokhmah
Islamic Social Reporting has been promoted as instrument to encourage business entities to comply with Islamic teachings. The objective of this research is to obtain empirical evidence about factors that influence Islamic Social Reporting disclosure for companies listed in Indonesia Sharia Stock Index....
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An Energy Cost Efficiency in a Platinum-Ranked Green Home

Anis Rahmawati, Taufiq Sucipto, Roemintoyo, Muchamad Aripin
An eco-friendly home, well known as green home, is a home building that pays attention to sustainability aspects of the environment, both in the construction process and in the use of the building. This article reviews the efficiency of energy costs according to building utilization. A green home designed...
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Application of e-Learning in Japanese Learning at Japanese Language Education Program Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Rosi Rosiah, Arsyl Machawan
Along with technological developments, online learning has been generally accepted as one component in the teaching and learning process. This is proven the many educational institutions applying e learning. E-Learning is a type of learning system that allows the delivery of teaching materials to students...
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Accountability in the Management of Papua’s Special Autonomy Funds in Asmat Regency In the 2015-2018 Period

Suswanta, Muhammad Iqbal
The death of 72 residents of the Asmat regency in Januari 2018 revealed the latent problems of health and welfare in the province of Papua. Tens of trillions of budgets disbursed by the central government each year did not increase the quality of health and welfare of the Asmat population. Cases of malnutrition...
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Challenge at Work: Innovative Work Behavior among Teachers

Shafira Annida, Intaglia Harsanti
Education is one of the biggest challenges for teachers in the millennial era. Study nowadays is not only about transferring knowledge, that is characterized by unidirectional learning. It is more about how far teachers are able to provide an understanding to students that science is not to be memorized...
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City Branding Strategy and Local Government Readiness

Eli Mihardja, B Bintoro, Rahmita Saleh, Yusmanizar
City branding can start from extracting the potential of Indonesia’s regions, which can qualify for world qualifications. Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism’s policy also emphasises that the regional government must also build a brand for the region, which is in accordance with the potential and positioning...
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Development of “Museum Sandi” Information Application based on Augmented Reality

Andra Setiawan, Ali Muhtadi
Some people argue that museums are the building for saving antiquities. However, based on Government Regulation No. 6/ 2015, it is noteworthy that museums have other vital functions to educate and entertain people. For education purposes, museums can provide information and communication about their...
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A Synergetic Communication Model of Decision Making on Mount Sinabung Eruption Contingency Plan

Puji Lestari, Eko Paripurno, Arif Nugroho, Joao Muni, Januario Pereira
The research aims to find a synergetic communication model in the formulation of the Regent’s regulatory policy on the Mount Sinabung eruption contingency plan. This study was conducted with descriptive qualitative methods, the data collection techniques were through interviews, observations, and documentation...
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Mainstreaming Religious Values in Islamic Studies Curriculum Development for Multicultural Society

Firdaus Wajdi, Zulkifli Lubis, Devi Kurniati
Curriculum development is a continues process in improving and adjusting the quality and goals of studying and teaching. One challenging process is, however, to prepare a transformed curriculum for different students. This study aims at illustrating curriculum development process of general religious...
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Comparative Study of Islamic Values Between Early and Final Semester Medicine Students

Ardi Pramono
Islamic values are found in the Prophet Muhammad SAW as said by Allah in the Qur'an: "Indeed, the Messenger of Allah has been a good example for you, for those who hope for the mercy of Allah and the coming of the Day of Judgment, and he calls Allah ."[Al Ahzab 21]. The characteristics of Rasullullah...
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The Implementation of Mangrove Policy on the East Coast of Surabaya

Lunariana Lubis, Agus Wahyudi
Mangrove policy about monitoring policy and control of mangrove area is a policy made to protect and conserve mangrove area. Monitoring and controlling policy of mangrove area in Surabaya is contained in Mayor of Surabaya Regulation No. 65/2011. The purpose of this policy is to maintain and preserve...
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Why Companies Are Not Always Adopting Sustainable Innovation?

Achmad Sutawijaya, Lenny Nawangsari
In reality, technology adoption is a very complex process. Currently, manufacturing companies have passed the four main phases, referred to as the industrial revolution. The first is called the 1.0 industrial revolution, while the second and third industrial revolutions are known as Industry 2.0 and...
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Digital Political Party Campaign In Attracting Young Voters

Diah Candraningrum
General Elections in Indonesia were just held on April 17, 2019. At that time, all Indonesian people have gave their voting rights in the Presidential Election and Legislative Election. Especially for legislative candidates who are competing to be elected representatives, they do everything they can...
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Korean Gastro Diplomacy: Strategy To Enhance Country Promotion Toward Moslem Countries

Ratih Herningtyas
This paper discusses culinary as a medium of cultural exchange and strategic instrument to enhance other countries awareness, to engage on a cultural and personal level, and to encourage economic development such as trade and investment, as well as country promotion with everyday diners. It is no longer...
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Worksheet through Problem Based Learning Approach as a Learning Media

Dena Anugrah, Sri Waluyanti
This research was aimed at gaining a worksheet learning media with the steps of Problem Based Learning approaches for the learning of Medical Electronics Practice. This research adapted the development model of Alessi and Trollip consisting three steps, namely planning, design, and development. Product...
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The Boarding University Strategy in Developing E-Learning Based Multimedia Instructional

Rila Setyaningsih, Abdullah, Edy Prihantoro, Hustinawaty
The development of information and communication technology has a significant influence on the development of learning media and method. E-learning is a new way of teaching and learning using information and communication technology as a learning system. Interactive multimedia which is more popular as...
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Nationalism attitude of Indonesian citizen: A survey

Kunto Satrio, Ilfiandra, M. Solehuddin, Ipah Saripah, Yusi Yustiana
Nationalism is one of the fundamental things for the development of a country since it influences the strength of the country. Over a few decades, the problems of nationalism have been experienced by several countries. This study aims to investigate the attitudes of Indonesian nationalism by using a...
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The Determinants of The Sustainable Slum Beautification Program

Adinda Christina, Joko Adianto, Rossa Gabe, Lita Barus
This study aims to understand the determinants of the sustainable slum beautification (SB) program in Indonesia. The SB program has emerged as one of the successful slum improvement programs. However, many slum settlements in Indonesia failed to achieve the expected result. This indicates that the issue...
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The Decline of Ideology in Indonesia: Parliamentary Threshold and Cleavage among Political Parties in coping with the 2019 Election

Ridho Al-hamdi
This paper examines the response of Indonesia’s parties in dealing with the parliamentary threshold in the 2019 election. It has a twofold objective: to discern the development of political ideology in Indonesia’s post-New Order regime and to identify the current political cleavage among political parties...
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Government of Yogyakarta City Communication in the Arrangement of Maliboro Areas in 2015-2016

Erinda Fauzi, Dian Eka Rahmawati
This study aims to understand the government communication process of Yogyakarta City Government in the arrangement of Malioboro areas with Lasswell paradigm. Research method use qualitative with Malioboro area Arragement as a studi cases. This research is was undertaken in the city of Yogyakarta by...
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The Politics of Indonesian Chinese at Grassroots Level (A Study of the Village Head of Indonesian Chinese in Bangka Islands)

Ibrahim Ibrahim, Sandy Pratama, Putra Saputra, Rendy Rendy
In a long period, the Indonesian Chinese has avoided electoral political dynamics. Even further, Indonesian Chinese ethnic groups avoid social spaces that openly connoted to the political world. Marginalization and discrimination factors are the right terms to describe the position of the ethnic Indonesian...
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The Regulations And Ethic Implementation of CSR Program in PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika Indonesia and Int3Tree Malaysia

Adhianty Nurjanah, Frizki Nurnisya
Corporate Social Responsibility activities are still carried out haphazardly because the awareness of their implementation is only to avoid punishment from the central government, NGO or the society. In order to sidestep the penalty, many companies will do CSR program without any value and dedication...
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New Capitalism After Disaster in Indonesia, Ngelepen Teletubbies Village

Sannya Dewi, Dyah Pitaloka, Anjani Fatharini, Bella Hajarputri
Bantul faced severe damage when the earthquake struck on May 27, 2006 and one totally destroyed village was Ngelepen Village. As a result, 72 families received house-living aid in unique shape. The construction of the house is a dome shaped, that looks like a Teletubbies house (cartoon movie in early...
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Public Open Space Policy in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Restu Rahayu
The public open space policy in Kaohsiung is in accordance with Articles 42 and 43 of “Urban Planning Act”, which is regulated to enhance the convenience of the citizen’s activities and to ensure a good urban living environment. Article 45 also stipulates the parks, green spaces, squares, children's...
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The Value Chain Holistic Model of Industrial Ulos Weaving Fabric

Dameria Naibaho
The research objective is to create a holistic model of value chains that can enhance tangible and intangible benefits for stakeholders in Ulos Woven Fabric Industry in Pematang Siantar City, Simalungun, Samosir, and North Tapanuli Regency. The specific target is to inventory all activities that occur...
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CSR for Child Poverty: Challenging Policy in Disruptive Era

Rutiana Wahyunengseh, Sri Hastjarjo, Didik Suharto
National Socio-Economic Survey 2017 notes that in the City of Magelang, there were 31.7% of poor people with low educat­ion, labor status, and unemployment. Children from this poor family automatically are on child poverty condition. The prob­lems are: (1) How do the city government and the CSR forum...
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Islamic Organization Movement Strategies in the Victory of a Muslim Governor Candidate Pair in the 2017 Governor Election (A Case Study of Islamic Defenders Front)

Sadam Anwar, Aditya Perdana
This study discusses the political strategies carried out by the Islamic Defenders Front organization in the victory of a pair of Muslim governor candidates in the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election. The political strategies carried out in each phase involved mass mobilization for the political candidate,...
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A Strategy To Optimize Parking Levies In Malang City

Merintha Suryapuspita, Sulikah Asmorowati
Research on the strategic planning established by the Transportation Department of Malang City in optimizing the regional revenue from parking levies is based on the number of parking lots that can be optimized and unsynchronized strategies that have been made by the Department of Transportation compared...
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Contemporary Meaning and Function of Minaret An Exploration of Grand Mosque Hasyim Asyari

Muhammad Fatih, Herlily, Kemas Kurniawan
This paper will investigate and interrogate the significance and existence of minaret in contemporary urban mosque in Jakarta. Etymologically speaking, minaret derives from the word manaras, which means mercusuar. Throughout history, minaret was not built to amplify call prayer and its development in...
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Case Study of Remote Pair Self-Disclosure Through WhatsApp Application Services among Indonesian Crews Family on Holland America Line Cruise Ship

Arief Nuryana, Pawito, Prahastiwi Utari, Sudarmo
Nowadays, the improvement of technology has been creating a digital transformation that gradually or radically changing people's behavior and habits in almost every aspect of daily life. As a result, the transformation gradually changes the ways in how people interact with each other. This paper is the...
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The Effect of Pancasila Education and Civic Education on Nationalist Character of The Students

Arcadius Benawa, Andy Gunardi, Sukron Ma'num, Iqbal Hasanuddin
The main objective of this research is to observe the extent of students' understanding of Pancasila Education and Civic Education towards the formation of nationalist character. For this reason the method used is a quantitative research method which is carried out by submitting a questionnaire to the...
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Forming Muslim Middle Class' Piety and Identity InYogyakarta

Zuly Qodir, Haedar Nashir
The identity of community groups is always present in various forms. Those who belong in the middle-class Muslim community form their piety identity differently from others outside the community. This article states that the middle-class Muslim practices various activities such as studying of Holy Qur'an,...
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The Empowerment of Women: Eliminating Communication Inequality based on Islamic Perspective

Chairiawaty, Maya Palapah
According to Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics, there were 347.256 divorce cases during 2015. The number tends to increase annually. Allegedly, communication disharmony is the major factor causing divorce. In fact, communication is essential for a family. Most of Indonesians, based on the culture...
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The Politics of Gender in Indonesia’s Political Parties

Iradhad Sihidi, Laeli Khanifah, Achmad Romadhan
After the 1998 political reforms, political parties had been encouraged to practice gender politics, oriented to have equality by providing lots of affirmative spaces for women's involvement as the demand for political parties is more inclusive to women to take apart and carry cooperative programs for...
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The Occupation Shift in the Society around Industrial Region Analyzed from the Effectiveness of Regional Policy in Karawang District, West Java, Indonesia

Juliati Prihatini
In Village of Sirnabaya, Subdistrict of East of Telukjambe, District of Karawang are many industries construction, because the land of agriculture is marginal so it is not productive if use to agriculture activity. The goal of this research is to know the effect of insight from District of Karawang in...
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Capacity Building of Apparatus for Reducing Poverty

M. Tamrin
This study aims to describe the information about the existing, reliable indicator of poverty accurate and valid in support of poverty reduction programs in Malang district and to know the data collection mechanism or the poverty rate so that strategy and direction of activities in order to support capacity...
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A Systematic Review of Digital Literacy Training for High School Students

Aqyas Nisa, Diana Setiyawati
The increase of false news (hoax), hate speech, access to negative content, and misuse of internet as a crime media indicated a low level of digital literacy, especially in teenagers and young adults as the age group with the most access to the internet in Indonesia. Digital literacy, the ability needed...
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A Need Analysis for The Development of English Vocabulary and Pronunciation E-books for SMA/MA Students

Nanda Nugraha, Abdul Amiseno
The aims of this study is to describe the need analysis of the development of English vocabulary and pronunciation e-books for SMA/MA students. This study used a qualitative descriptive method for the research conducted at SMA Negeri 1 Pengasih. Data were collected through observation and interviews...
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Funeraria and Modern Funeral Homes: Change, Modernity and Sustainability

Rohane Derogongan, Arnann Agosto, Russel Bariñan
Some people make a living out of the dead as the case with workers and owners of funeral homes. Since the 1950’s, traditionally operated funeral homes or “Funeraria” which are family-owned have been existing in Iligan City, Philippines. With the advent of technology and modernity, “Funeraria” have to...
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Women in Politics: The (un)empowerment of Emak-emak during 2019 Election Campaign Period in Indonesia

Ni Sukmawati
Cyberfeminism has been posited as a new medium to promote women’s opinions. In Indonesia, the Community of Mothers (Komunitas Emak-Emak – KEE) has determined itself as a cyberfeminism movement promoting gender equality, especially for mothers. In fact, its presence has been attracting interests during...
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Issues in the Implementation of Computer-based National Exam (CBNE) in Indonesian Secondary Schools

Bramy Biantoro, Ajeng Arfianti
According to the Indonesian Ministry of Education, the implementation of Computer-based National Exam (CBNE) has been a success and able to improve the assessment quality, logistic efficiency, and student digital literacy in secondary schools. However, there are multiple issues reported during the CBNE,...
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Open Legal Policy in the Constitutional Court Decisions and National Legislation Making

Iwan Satriawan, Tanto Lailam
The Constitutional Court’s Decision No. 46/PUU/XIV/2016 which rejected the petition of petitioners to broaden the meaning of zina (fornication) in the Criminal Code of Indonesia has been becoming an interesting issue to be discussed. Some researchers have argued that the Constitutional Court must use...
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The Complexity of Sexual Abuse Problems on Children in West Nusa Tenggara: the Culture against the Law

Dorang Luhpuri, Rini Andayani, Azlinda Azam
The issue of sexual abuse today is quite alarming. Many cases have occurred including in West Nusa Tenggara. A social rehabilitation center that provides services to Children Associated with Law (ABH) in Lombok is quite overwhelmed with client problems, especially those related to sexual abuse issues...
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Encouraging Good University Governance (GUG) at Study Program Level

Dyah Mutiarin, Tunjung Sulaksono, Awang Darumurti, Suswanta, Muhammad Khozin, Novita Wulandari, Verawati Srimulyati
This paper aims to describe the implementation of Good University Governance (GUG) at Higher Education Institutions (HEI). This study compared the strategy of two educational institutions, namely the Department of Government Science – Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (Ilmu Pemerintahan/ IP UMY),...
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Local Wisdom: The Self-Reflection of To Lotang’s People as Mass Media Audiences

Hasse Jubba, Jalaluddin Basyir, Faisal
The To Lotang is the minority people who live along with local wisdom that signify their presence as well as their differences from majority society. The study is aimed to retain the knowledge on how the To Lotang’s local wisdom is manifested in the activity of interpreting information from the mass...
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Increasing of Preaching Interest Through Historic Field Trip Learning

Anita Aisah, Ghifari Makhasi
One of the Muhammadiyah education functions known as the preaching of “amar makruf nahi nungkar” (invite to the goodness and avoid to the meanness). This spirit is internalized at all levels of education in the Muhammadiyah School, especially through compulsory subjects called “Al Islam dan Kemuhammadiyahan...
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Synergizing Progressive Values and Social, Emotional, Spiritual Intelligence in Islamic Education in The Digital Era

Yunita Aristyasari
One of the problems found in this era is the lack of synergy between the social, emotional and spiritual attitude with student’s knowledge and skills in following technological developments in the digital era. Thus, Islamic education must be prepared and should not be complacent in facing this era. This...
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Challenges in the Digital Economy Era of Muslim MSMEs Organic Products in Malang City

Sri Muljaningsih
Muslim MSMEs that produce food made from organic crops in Malang City engage both creativity and innovations. At present, product innovation is unfortunately insufficient, due to facing obstacles in developing their products. This paper depicts a result on the implementation of the triple helix creative...
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Developing Scientific Character through Empowerment of Shame Culture in Higher Education

Izzatul Mardhiah, Andy Hadiyanto, Ahmad Hakam, Amaliyah, Dewi Anggraeni
The advancement of digital era has contributed in developing the quality of human resources, accelerating the process of searching knowledge, and affecting demographic and social value aspects. This change requires the Islamic education curriculum to adjust with the challenges and needs in the digital...
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Increase Religious Tourism Visit in DKI Jakarta through QR-Coded Pilgrimage Tourism

Sari Narulita, Rihlah Aulia, Amaliyah, Humaidi, Arip Suprasetio, Azry Hidayat
Indonesia, which is known as a country with many religions, has excellent religious tourism potential. Many buildings or historic places that have special meaning for religious people. DKI Jakarta, as the capital of Indonesia, also has a variety of tomb sites that are visited by many. But unfortunately,...
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Embryology In The Qur'an And Hadith: Expanded Multidisiplinary Perspective

Ahmad Husairi
Development of fetus in uterus (embryology) was much mentioned in the Qur’an and hadith. Along with advances in science and technology, especially in the digital era, reinterpretation of embryology with the multidisciplinary approach between Islamic and medical sciences, especially embryology, is a challenge...
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Building Character of Sharia-based Human Resources as Significant Component in Facing ASEAN Economic Community (MEA)

Dyah Diwanti
This research aims at analyzing the characters of Sharia-based human resources in facing ASEAN Economic Community (MEA). The data used were those of qualitative data compiled from literatures and other supporting sources. The approach used was qualitative approach using an in-depth study of literature...
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Exclusivism in Cyberspace: Challenges in Interfaith Communication

Yuangga Yahya, Indra Fajari, Farhah
This article tries to see a phenomenon called Echo Chambers through the perspective of Stella Ting-Toomey’s Intercultural Communication theory. This study shows that the development of social media was also followed by the shadow of Echo Chambers. The tendency to isolate oneself and associate with those...
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The Farmer’s Willingness to Preserve Rice Farming in Suburban Areas in Sleman Regency Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This research aims to know the level of knowledge of farmers about government regulations on the protection of agricultural land sustainable food and identifying the factors that influence the farmer’s willingness to preserve rice farming. The location was determined by a purposive method in six villages...
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Communication Strategies of the Provincial Government of Bali for a Benoa Bay Reclamation Conflict Resolution in 2016-2017

Suciati, Nur Sofyan
This research aims to describe communication strategy models of Provincial Government of Bali in resolving a reclamation conflict of Benoa Bay. The reclamation refusal led by Forum Masyarakat Bali (ForBali) hampered the reclamation project, mentioned on Presidential Regulation No. 51/2014. Even though...
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Engaging Millennials on Using Chatbot Messenger for Eco-Tourism

Ayu Amalia, Mohammad Suprayogi
Special Region of Yogyakarta is known as one of the tourism icons with eco-tourism potential for natural tourism. Most visitors during the previous year visited coastal tourism area such as the South East Coast cluster. This tourism phenomenon is benefitted from word-of-mouth information dissemination...
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Comparison Between Justice Institutions in Indonesia and Justice in The State of Khilafah Hizbut Tahrir Version

Nugraha Pranadita
Crime is a universal problem faced by all civilizations in the world. Various cultures in the world have their own ways of fighting crime that is in their society. The law enforcement mechanism becomes a controlling instrument of crime that is operated by law enforcement. Meanwhile, the judiciary is...
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An Analysis of Summative Test on the 8th Grade of Muhammadiyah Junior High School of Yogyakarta

Nurul Aisyah
This piece of work was aimed to survey intended to determine the level of difficulty and power of discrimination of a final test with the use of multiple choice applied in the subject of Aqidah-Akhlak for the Muhammadiyah Junior High School’s Eighth Grade in Yogyakarta. Sample of this survey is 200 pupils...
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The implementation of school zonation system in Yogyakarta

Suryanto, Komary
The Yogyakarta Special Province has implemented school zonation system for student's school admission. The policy has raised various responses from communities that need to be well studied to find best inputs upon impacts of such a policy. This study aims at revealing the responses of the Yogyakarta...
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Heritage and The Local Community Engagement: The Case of Kotagede, Yogyakarta-Indonesia

Yeni Rosilawati, Krisna Mulawarman, Enny Mulyantari
Indonesia has been prominent as a countries in South East Asia with the richness of culture. One of the important heritage sites in Yogyakarta province is Kotagede heritage site. Kotagede is a historic neighbourhood in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Culture has been so important for the society and creates public...
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Strengthening Network-Based Regional Tourism: A Case Study of Network Between Sleman Regency Government and PT. Cikal Bintang Bangsa at the Festival of Light Kaliurang

Muchamad Zaenuri, Rina Eviany, Helen Fridayani
One of the ways to increase regional income is from regional tourism development. Kaliurang is an area in Sleman Regency that is considerably potential in the tourism sector. In this area,, there are many tours that offer natural and artificial tourism. A tourism object of the Festival of Light Kaliurang...
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Comparison of Female Legislative Candidate Selection Between the Nasdem Party in 2013 and the Unidos Podemos Party in 2015

Ahmad Hidayah, Aditya Perdana
The selection of candidates is the initial phase for women to be able to participate actively in politics and to sit in a party or even the parliament. This research analyzes and compares the selection of women candidates between the Spanish political party Unidos Podemos and the Indonesian political...
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Transnational Advocacy in Increasing Women’s Representation in Myanmar’s Parliament

Nur Azizah, Muhammad Ammar Hidayahtulloh
Women in Myanmar have been underrepresented in all aspects, including in the parliament at the union and state/region level. However, the number of women’s representation in parliament at national and state/region level was significantly increasing from 3.7% in 2010 to 10.08% in 2015. The international...
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The Impact of the Imposition of Zakat Profession Against Behavioral Academics

Zaini Muchlis, Ecky Imamul Muttaqin
This study aims to investigate the knowledge and understanding of academics staff on zakat and to know the impact of professional zakat on the behavior of lecturers of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta. The objects of this study were lecturers at the Faculty of Economics and Business. This research...