Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Development of Cross-Border Regions: Economic, Social and Security Challenges (ICSDCBR 2019)

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The role of transnational corporations in the globalization of the economy

E Astrakhantseva, O Shipshova, M Antonova
The article investigates the role of transnational corporations in the processes of optimization of market relations in the context of economic globalization. Methodological and historical aspects of the emergence of transnational corporations and separate stages of their activity in the context of tendencies...
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Features of the economic development of border regions

A S Troshin, S V Kupriyanov, I S Sandu
Placement of productive forces (taking into account both the economic feasibility and security of the country) is one of the problems of the regional economy. Due to different circumstances, the implementation of these requirements cannot be achieved at the same time. Thus, the choice is necessary to...
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Developing the methods of factor analysis of the socio-economic diagnosis of the status of transboundary regions

Kh Ksenofontova, E Balashova, I Chernova
The article discusses the socio-economic diagnosis of the status of transboundary regions on the basis of the factor analysis method. Also, it provides our analysis of the mathematical properties of an index method, considering the proposed index model of the socio-economic diagnosis of the status of...
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Using results of the process-oriented approach for developing cluster policies for sustainable development of a region

N Vasilieva, V Nechaev, O Takhumova
The work reveals the priority directions of increasing the sustainable development of the country’s regions, ensuring the growth of the population's welfare and economic status in the national system and the world economy. The process-oriented approach is applied in the study. The article presents a...
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The causes of economic threats in the financial sector of a region

М Barsukova, А Suglobov, L Fedorova
The article systematizes theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of the causes of economic threats in the financial sector of the region, reveals the internal and external conditions for the formation of economic threats in the region. The article defines that financial bubbles can have...
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The possibility of assessing the economic security of the organization, taking into account the specifics of the region

А Suglobov, L Fedorova, М Barsukova
The article systematizes the theoretical and methodological approaches to assessing the economic security of an organization, taking into account the identified advantages and disadvantages. We also highlight the most common indicative method and algorithm for assessing and building a system to ensure...
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Security factors in the cross-border region

I Sannikova, L Semina, I Kovaleva
The relevance of the article is due to the problems of uneven socio-economic development of cross-border regions. The purpose of the study is to propose a way to assess the economic security of a region. Research objectives: (a) to conduct a study of the substantive aspects of the basic concepts; (b)...
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The innovative model of a higher educational institution as a strategy of development

I Kovaleva, L Semina, E Dyakova
Socio-economic transformations in Russia have led to the need to modernize many social institutions and the education system, primarily. Under these conditions, the problem of finding new forms of educational activity and modern educational technologies aimed at personal development arises acutely. Within...
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Threats and factors of financial security in the region

L Semina, O Grazhdankina, Lu Glubokova
In the contemporary world, the problem of financial security in the region is very important and urgent. Financial security is one of the most important characteristics of the economic system, which determines its ability to function in the mode of expanded reproduction, to provide the region with financial...
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Analytical substantiation of the need for the development of credit and savings cooperatives in the regions

М Yashina, Т Treskova, N Neif
In the course of the study, the dynamics of the volumes of financing and crediting of agriculture of the Russian Federation, federal districts and agricultural producers of the Ulyanovsk region were studied. It allowed establishing differentiated access of regions and agricultural producers to budget...
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Information and analytical support for internal audit of inventories

M Safonova, A Alekseenko
The contemporary business conditions and high competition in the market for goods and services forces many companies to increase the efficiency of using material resources. An important tool for reducing non-production losses is an internal audit of inventories, the effectiveness of which is directly...
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The development of Islamic entrepreneurship in the service sector of cross-border regions of the Russian Federation

V Kulkova
The current trend is the development of the Islamic business in the service sector for the Muslim population as the fastest growing segment of the global economy. In the Russian Federation, the development of this area is possible in the ethno-cultural cross-border micro-regions, such as the Republic...
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Human resource management as a condition for sustainable development of the territory

E I Zabneva
The sustainability of the development of a cross-border region depends largely on the effectiveness of human resource management. Each individual territory has a certain human capital, ensuring its livelihoods. However, the peculiarity of territorial administration in Russia is that the experience has...
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An analysis of the capital concentration of a corporate organization as a guarantee of successful business development

T Philippova, O Shavandina, E Kovalenko
The article is devoted to the development of the methodology for analyzing the authorized capital of a corporate organization in order to establish the degree of participation of each shareholder in the activities of the corresponding identified business component. In addition, the article examines the...
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Certification of the workforce quality as a tool for sustainable socio-economic development in cross-border regions

T Borisova, O Zatepyakin, D Yasinskiy
The authors consider the issue of implementing the process of certification of the workforce quality, which serves as a tool for sustainable socio-economic development in cross-border regions. The definition of the specified process is formulated. The paper presents invariant (immutable) parts of the...
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The problem of deteriorating (unfavorable) selection as a new barrier to the sustainable development economics

D Khvalynskiy, O Mamchenko
This article is devoted to the problem of a consistent reduction in the quality of goods under the conditions of the “development of capitalism” raised in the work of I. V. Rozmainsky. Also, it analyzes its impact on the sustainable development of various markets in the modern economy. The article discusses...
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The cross-border Kuzbass: diversification into international trade and sustainable development paths

О Seklecova, O Komarcheva, O Konshina
The presence of reserves of natural resources is an absolute advantage of the development of the region, using which it is important not to be limited only to the export of raw materials. The balance of foreign exchange is necessary to ensure the development of all sectors of the economy. Diversification...
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Zoning and problems of an inter-regional interaction

T Rudakova, I Sannikova, О Rudakova
In the contemporary international relations, a sanctions policy that limits the country's economic growth has become one of the conditions for intensifying efforts aimed at the formation of models of integration development in various regions. The article studies the main problems of interregional cooperation...
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Regional aspects of the international development of the confectionery industry for the border areas of the Far Eastern region

N Frolova, Yu Praskova, I Reznichenko
Ensuring the production of high-quality and competitive products is a strategic task of the national economy, on which the pace of industrial development of the country and its national prestige depend. One of the highly competitive industries in the Russian Federation is the confectionery industry,...
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Investment support for the development of industries and the labor market in the Far Eastern Federal District as part of a cross-border area

A E Zubarev, I T Pinegina
The article presents the results of a study on the impact of investment projects that have been selected for funding on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District. The methodology for selecting and calculating the impact of these projects on economic growth and the region’s labor market has been...
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Qualitative characteristics of lectures employment in the Russian universities in conditions of precarity

S Lobova, A Bogoviz
The transformation of the system of social and labor relations in the country’s vocational education has several negative consequences, which include the following: significant changes in the content and scope of administrative and documentary work of scientific and pedagogical workers, the widespread...
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Formation of a scientific and educational complex as a factor for the sustainable development of the region

O Vladimirova, A Slavikovskiy, M Khusainov
In modern conditions of ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the region, the choice and justification of the optimal organizational variant of interaction between the main institutions of the innovation economy (science, education, business, and government institutions) becomes relevant....
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Developing teamwork readiness in the process of training managers

O N Vladimirova, V V Kolga, G T Polezhaeva
The article considers certain peculiarities in the process and mechanisms of formation of the readiness of modern managers for teamwork. In addition, it focuses on the development of their competencies to manage activities of educational organizations.
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On the economic interests and social contradictions of contemporary integration processes

Dagbaeva, S Dagbaeva, L Khandazhapova, N Lubsanova
The article examines the scientific approaches to assessing the integration processes in the countries of the Economic Belt of the Great Silk Road (EB GSR). The methodology for multi-criteria evaluation of the activity of integration processes is developed and tested. Methods of comparative analysis...
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Problems of implementing regional industrial policies in the transboundary arctic regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

N A Fedorova, M A Mordinova, I V Skryabina
The article focuses on the problems of creating industrial parks in the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in accordance with the need to implement regional industrial policy and the goals of improving the efficiency of industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation.
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Investments in the production of high-tech civil products as a factor in sustainable development of a regional economy

Yu V Erygin, D V Eremeev, V E Lagutochkin
The article demonstrates the role of commercialization of the enterprises’ innovative potential in the military-industrial complex in ensuring sustainable innovative development of the region’s economy. The comparative characteristic of various forms of investment in the enterprises’ innovative development...
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Cross-border interaction and regional sustainability

I Kolchurina, E Ivanova, V Shipunova
The paper presents analytical results the development dynamics of the border regions of the Siberian Federal District (Russia). It also focuses on the dependence of this dynamics on the cross-border interaction of territories and analyzes those factors that prevent these cross-border regions from strengthening...
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Socio-economic development of the Arctic border regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

N Melnikova, N Fedorova
The article attempts to comprehensively study the current state of socio-economic development of the Arctic border regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), taking into account economic and socio-psychological factors. A general assessment of the living conditions of the population, taking into account...
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Institutionalization of cross-border space as a frontier movement

O Arkhipkin, A Lapshin, S Golik
The article presents theoretical and methodological aspects of analyzing sustainable development of the cross-border space on the basis of symmetry and asymmetry of institutional proliferation in the territories of border regions of neighboring countries. According to the authors, the institutionalization...
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Development of digital literacy in vocational education as a condition for regional sustainable development

O Shelyugina, M Davydenko, A Stepanskaya
The article is devoted to the problem of developing digital literacy in vocational education as a condition for sustainable development of a region. The key main components of the concept of digital literacy are digital consumption (the use of Internet services for work and life), digital competences...
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A conceptual model for evaluating the impact of the complex investment project “Yeniseyskaya Sibir” on the development of Krasnoyarsk

V Sarchenko, S Khirevich
The article describes the “Yeniseyskaya Sibir” complex investment project, aimed at unlocking the socio-economic potential of the Krasnoyarsk Region, Republic of Khakassia, and Tyva Republic. As of today, the project includes 32 investment projects with a total declared investment value in excess of...
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Influence of world development trends on changes in the system of higher education in Kazakhstan and Russia

Ye A Kolos, T S Dobrydneva, S I Dobrydnev
In this article, based on the analysis of global trends in the development of future specialist training, perspective types of production and products (mainly services) that are promising for cross-border areas are highlighted, corresponding to a number of global trends. Based on the analysis of foreign...
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Prospects for the scientific and technological development of Russian regions in the framework of global science development trends

T Ediseeva, A Neizvestnykh
The main attention is devoted to the issues of the scientific and technological development of Russia at the regional level in the framework of the global trends in the development of science. The authors review and present a set of cutting-edge perspectives on problematic issues of public administration...
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Improving the efficiency of economic management based on the development of agro-industrial clusters

A Pavlov, I Bondin, N Bondina
The interaction of suppliers and manufacturers based on flexible links within cluster unions allows to achieve a synergistic effect, i.e. exceeding the sum of indicators of individual components of cluster-businesses. This effect is provided by the advantages of deep specialization of enterprises, their...
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The development of the regional catering market: The case of the Altai region

I Ugarova, E N Bolkhovitina, N I Davydenko
The contemporary catering market is highly competitive, and it is characterized by a high degree of product and service differentiation. At the same time, it is impossible to talk about the uniformity of its development in all countries, including the regions of the Russian Federation. Over the past...
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Methods of multidimensional classification in assessing the economic efficiency of local government

A Zaretskaya
The study is devoted to the development of additional tools for analyzing the performance of local governments. All the calculations are made on the example of the Novgorod region.
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Development of entrepreneurship for ensuring social and economic sustainability of the Zhatay Urban District of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

E Sibileva, S Kontorusova
The success of the socio-economic development of the city area “Zhatay” of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the near and distant future will be determined by the state and implementation of development projects by the city-forming enterprises and the level of entrepreneurship development. Therefore, as...
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The impact of the digital economy on the development of cross-border areas

Е Vdovkina, S Shapovalova, S Poddubnova
The article explores the importance of applying the directions of the digital economy for the Altai Krai, as well as the development prospects of “Smart Cities” in the region. The authors estimated the potential of the Altai Krai from the perspective of existing possibilities to have a successful digitization...
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A boundary approach to the study of sustainability in regional development

E Radkovskaya, E Kochkina, M Drobotun
The article substantiates the need to use the methods of economic and mathematical modeling in studies of sustainable development, both at the regional level and at the state level. The authors propose a model for determining the level of sustainability of regional development, implementing a boundary...
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Factors influencing motivation for terrorist activities being implemented with the use of information technologies in transboundary regions

V V Polyakov, M A Starodubtseva
The article discusses the need to analyze the goals and motives causing the participation of criminals in cyber-terrorism activities. The most significant factors contributing to the formation of the personality of terrorists are given: relative and communal deprivations leading to an identity crisis....
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Application of technical analysis in management decision-making in higher education institutions

S M Abilov, A A Kaigorodtsev
University management should be organized in such a way that it may provide the labor market with specialists needed today. In order to solve the problem, a hypothesis on the possible use of such method of technical analysis as the moving average method is being applied for forecasting in the financial...
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Interregional spatial integration: a theoretical aspect

E Dvoryadkina, E Nechaeva
The article substantiates theoretical approaches to the study of interregional spatial integration as a factor in the sustainable development of cross-border regions. Key activities in cross-border regions that ensure the effectiveness of processes for implementing spatial interregional integration were...
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Industrial and business potential of the Russian regions bordering with Kazakhstan

I Makarova, S Doroshenko
The article substantiates the relevance of considering the problems of peripheral development of border areas. The development of the industrial and entrepreneurial potential of the twelve border regions of Russia and Kazakhstan has been studied. Using comparative, informational, statistical analysis,...
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Development of the Ural border regions as an important component of the cross-border integration of the Eurasian Economic Union

A Linetsky, V Kovalev
The article analyzes the dynamics of the development of foreign trade and development of the Ural border regions as an important component and effective tool for deepening cross-border economic integration in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). In the work under the concept of “cross-border region,”...
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Risks and threats to sustainable development of the border region

A Trotskovsky, L Rodionova, A Sergienko
The article provides a comprehensive assessment of the main risks and threats to the sustainable development of the economy and social sphere of the Altai Krai. The specificity of the manifestation of these threats and risks at different stages of development of the economy of the region and individual...
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Analysis of differences in the level of socio-economic development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2018

A Yu Yudintsev, G N Troshkina
The article is devoted to the analysis of the level of socio-economic differentiation of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation as of 2018. Based on the statistical information bulletin “Information for Monitoring the Socio-Economic Situation of the Subjects of the Russian Federation” of...
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Assessing the quality of life of the population in rural areas of the Altai region

V Vorobyova, S Vorobyov, S Shlegel
The paper assesses the state of the housing stock, the availability and accessibility of social services in the economy (culture and sports, health care, pre-school, and general education) as the main criteria for diagnosing the quality of life of the population of the Altai Krai. The paper focuses on...
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On some prerequisites for sustainable development of the Republic of Buryatia

I Chimitova, Y Serebryakova, R Munkueva
When discussing the issues of sustainable development of cross-border regions, it is necessary to take into account the socio-psychological background, including the quality of the national character of the main contacting ethnic groups. The article discusses some of the character traits of the titular...
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Basel is not a panacea for crisis: advancing the discussion on the sustainability of credit institutions

G Gavrilchenko, I Astrakhantseva
The article discusses aspects of the effectiveness of the implementation of international standards developed by the Basel Committee to strengthen the sustainability of credit institutions, reducing the cost of eliminating the effects of economic and financial crises in the regions and in the whole country....
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The EAEU economic and legal exemptions in cross-border trade between Russia and Kazakhstan

V Kovalev, O Falchenko, A Semin
This paper assesses the impact of the customs effects of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) on the border trade development of Russia and Kazakhstan. The authors argue that the key problem of trade and economic cross-border cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan is the existence of economic and legal...
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Art workshops as a resource for sustainable development of the textile industry in a cross-border region

Yu V Kiryushina, L I Nekhvyadovich, N A Mikhailova
Based on a study of archival sources and materials, the article reveals the role of art workshops in the development of the textile industry in the cross-border Altai region. In addition, the authors take into account the transboundary nature of the territory and the specific socio-economic and cultural...
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Identifying economic activities in the Altai region with self-development potential

Y Inozemtsev, O Kochetygova, A Mitrofanov
Based on exponential trends in the number of employees of organizations in the municipalities of Altai region, a method is proposed for identifying types of economic activity, for which the positive and negative feedback operates.
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Trends and features of budget financing of the border regions of the Siberian Federal District

N Krivonosova
The article discusses the expenses of the consolidated budgets of the border regions of the Siberian Federal District. On the basis of real statistical data, a comparison is made for regions in different areas of financing: socially-oriented expenditures, production expenditures, and administrative expenditures....
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Problems and prospects of competitiveness of the territories of Greater Altai in the context of sustainable developmen

A V Krotov, R A Karatabanov, V M Zan
The article made a spatial-economic and cartographic analysis of the territories of the Greater Altai in terms of their competitiveness and prospects for sustainable development. The position is substantiated in the paper that the regions in question should more closely cooperate, and the article suggests...
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Non-financial reporting as a basis for the sustainable development of a company

T V Zhukova
The aim of the study is to assess the current trends associated with the formation of non-financial reporting and aimed at disclosing information about the sustainable development of the company. The article examines such key principles used in the preparation of non-financial reporting as a dialogue...
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The UN sustainable development goals: a regional aspect in higher education

O M Kazakova
The article discusses the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the ways of their implementation at the regional level in the field of higher education. The author analyzes examples of such projects in Russia and abroad. She also emphasizes the importance of adapting the SDGs in Russian regions.
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Economic integration of Kazakhstan with the neighboring countries

S D Mamenov, A N Dunets, K A Artemieva
Kazakhstan is the main strategic ally of Russia in Central Asia. In its geopolitics, Kazakhstan seeks to maximally respect the priority of its own national interests, despite its active participation in Eurasian integration structures, and implements a multi-vector strategy. Currently, bilateral cooperation...
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Institutional foundations of cross-border international cooperation

B Krasnoyarova, A Krotov, R Karatabanov
The study on the example of the regions of the Great Altai substantiates the paramount nature of the institutional basis for the sustainable and effective development of cross-border areas. The models of integration efforts of the border areas with the aim of positive changes in the life of local communities...
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On the institutional conditions for the development of exports of the Altai Krai on the basis of a balanced integration into global value chains

S Bocharov, O German, R Samsonov
The article is based on the analysis of the structural and dynamic characteristics of the foreign economic activity of enterprises based in the Altai Region. It focuses on the use of the developed hypothesis of institutional value chains to explore the existing organizational an export development model...
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The quality of educational services as a factor of additional financial costs

V Sarchenko, O Vladimirova, Т Kategorskaya
The article presents a methodology for assessing the quality of educational services in the system of higher education and the results of using the methodology, which characterize the possible consequences of low-quality training of specialists in various industries. The identified trends in the development...
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Sustainable development of border areas as a subject of scientific research

Т Bobrovskaya, O Gherman, T Zaytseva
Sustainable development of border areas is a critical factor in ensuring the national security of Russia. In this regard, it is important to apply a number of research approaches to assess the state and identify positive changes occurring in this area. The relevance of the article is due to the problems...
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Partnership of government and business for ensuring the social stability of a region

M Kivarina, A Makarevich
Historically, the presence of the commercial sector in the social sphere was reflected at any stage of the development of society (pre-industrial, industrial, and post-industrial). The article highlights the main conceptual forms of business participation in social processes, and it also describes the...
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A systematic approach to managing the life cycle of innovative products in the framework of implementing the Concept of Sustainability of Regions

G Rybakova, I Doyko, I Zobnina
The article discusses the key aspects of a systematic approach to the management of the range and quality of products, including the continuity of management processes at the stages of the product life cycle, as well as at different levels, such as state, regional, enterprise-producers and suppliers.
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The national model of corporate governance as the basis for the sustainable development of the Russian economy

S I Mezhov, I S Mezhov
In recent decades, the country's leadership has adopted many programs and projects for economic growth, the implementation of which does not always give the desired result. In our opinion, the main reason for this is insufficient attention to the corporate organization of business and the contemporary...
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Personnel management as a key outline of the architecture of international cooperation in the hotel business: the case of the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Turkey

G Vukovich, A Nikitina, M Krotova
The article investigates the theoretical and methodological aspects of personal management in tourism, which are characterized by the criteria of quality of tourist services. Also, the authors analyze the duties of the staff in a number of hotels in the Republic of Turkey and the Krasnodar region, describing...
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Outsourcing in the organization of global business services

I V Trushchenko, A N Maloletko, O V Kaurova
The article presents an analysis of existing views on the outsourcing of global business services, discusses the problems of global outsourcing of business services that are affected by global scientists in their studies of the effectiveness of project organization, analyzed the global market for global...
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Digital analysis as a tool for assessing regional opportunities for the transition to digital technologies

I B Manzhosova
The study presents a digital analysis technique consisting of seven successively implemented blocks, the analytical potential of which allows one to systematically assess the impact of digitalization processes on the regional economy, the readiness to introduce new digital technologies, the degree of...
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Value aspects of engineering performance in contemporary conditions of innovative technology dominance

M P Danilkova
The article is devoted to one of the topical themes of modern philosophy of science and technology – axiological problems of engineering. They arise at the stage of high-tech modernization of modern society, in the conditions of the dominance of innovative technologies in the system of social relations....
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Political and historical factors of the degradation of human capital in the Russian Altai

V A Dolzhikov
The article analyzes the causes and factors that cause the socio-demographic depression in the Russian part of the contemporary Greater Altai. The main conclusion is that the broader and sustainable development of human capital in the region is hampered by the crisis of the regional policy “center,”...
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Approaches to evaluating the development results of a competence-based educational program

T Ezhova, V Petrov, A Apanasenok
The article is devoted to the actual problem of assessing the results of a student’s mastery of a competence-oriented educational program, which still does not have a generally accepted solution. A comprehensive interdisciplinary study of interrelated and interdependent processes is proposed: the process...
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Genesis of functional nutrition: sustainability perspectives

A Y Zharikov, S V Rettikh, S V Shirokostup
In this article, the authors consider the concept of “functional food” in a biomedical context. In the modern world, it is quite difficult to eat regularly and properly. A modern consumer is active, mobile, socially loaded; consequently, the minimum time per day is allocated for food. As a result, there...
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Social exclusion in a cross-border socio-cultural space

А Tuzova, D Serdov, E Pyanzina
The article explores the features of social exclusion in cross-border regions, the determinism of social exclusion by the processes of identification and self-identification of individuals, cultural, ethnic, economic, religious factors, and circumstances. In the context of the study, the cross-border...
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Schoolchildren’s political values and attitudes as a factor in the sustainable development of the Russian political system (on the example of the regions of South-Western Siberia)

S Yu Aseev, T A Aseeva, Ya Yu Shashkova
The paper analyzes political values and attitudes to the political behavior of modern Russian students in the context of ensuring the future sustainable development of the Russian political system. Based on the materials of a mass survey of schoolchildren from a total of four regions in South-Western...
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Political activity of the Russian youth: a mobilization potential of the sources of political information

O Popova, E Negrov
The article is devoted to the study of the forms of political activity of Russian youth through the prism of its sources on political information. The relevance of the study consists of a combination of a thorough review of the main research directions on the role of the youth participation in the socio-political...
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A treaty as a factor of sustainable development of a cross-border region

V Sorokin, V Bedenkov
Contractual regulations provide flexibility and contribute to building a consensus on the legal status of the cross-border regions. The format of the Commonwealth of Independent States involves an active use of contractual regulation. The paper focuses on the legal nature of the regulatory contract,...
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Information policy as a factor of stability and sustainable development: risks and threats

I V Fotieva, T A Semilet, E V Lukashevich
The article considers the segments of the country’s information policy (institutional (state) and non-institutional ones), which are associated with the development of Internet communications. The article demonstrates the dominance of the second segment and highlights its actors. The article assesses...
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Information support of integrated corporate structures

S Kolchugin
The article considers the methodological issues of creating the consolidated accounting, which allows to realize the information needs of integrated corporate structures, especially those operating in trans-border regions. The article derives the fundamental identity of the consolidated accounting and...
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The “Mobile Voter”: legal regulation and regional practice in the context of modern migration

I Akimova, О Blinova, V Mankovskaya
This article examines the legal framework and law enforcement practice of applying the procedure of voting by place of residence, taking into account the realities of modern migration processes in cross-border regions. In the professional literature and some environments, this mechanism is called the...
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Legal status and registration of international companies in the cross-border regions of the Russian Federation

E Anichkin, Ulvi Aliyev, D Pyatkov
The article is devoted to one of the topical and poorly studied issues of private international law, which is the redomiciliation (changes in personal law) of foreign legal entities in the Russian Federation. In the light of the new Federal Law on International Companies, the article examines the procedure...
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On the legal framework for the provision of public services in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan: a comparative legal characteristic

N Kandrina, O Kazantseva, V Zubkova
The article is devoted to a comparative legal description of the legal framework for the provision of public services by public authorities in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The article discusses the controversial issues of legislative practice and makes proposals for the adaptation...
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Limits of competence of local representative bodies in the cross-border regions

О Blinova, V Mankovskaya, I Mankovskiy
The article examines the theoretical and legal aspects, which allow to conduct a comprehensive study of the limits of competence of the leading body of the municipality. The problem of determining the actual limits of the competence of the representative body is one of the key in the process of rational...
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Violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of waste management: problems of applying administrative responsibility

A Grishakova, A Golovinov, N Kandrina
The article is devoted to the problem of applying the administrative responsibility for violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of waste management, the search for optimal ways to solve them, as well as issues of legal regulation in this area.
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Protecting the constitutional rights of the accused minors in the system of measures to ensure social security in cross-border regions

S Davidov, N Dudko, M Neymark
The article deals with the concept and meaning of social security and reviews a number of measures that would help to ensure social security. Based on the analysis of regulatory acts, theoretical provisions, statistical data, conclusions were drawn up and proposals were made for improving measures to...
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Legal support of international police cooperation in the field of combating crime in the border regions

S Davidov, N Dudko, E Petuchov
The article discusses the regulatory legal acts, bilateral treaties, and agreements governing international cooperation in the fight against crime. Based on their analysis and taking into account the needs of the practice, proposals are made for further improving the legal framework for the cooperation...
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Regional universities in the cross-border space: problems of a legal status and a classification

A Vasilyev, G Kuanaliyeva, A Kazbaeva
The study is devoted to the problem of legal status and the types of regional universities in the cross-border space. The article analyzes the regulatory experience of the status of regional universities in Russia and Kazakhstan, specifically focusing on the cross-border regions. The authors conclude...
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Institute of compulsory insurance of the lawyers’ professional liability in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan: a comparative legal analysis

О Kazantseva, L Shpits
The article is devoted to the problems of introducing the institute of compulsory insurance of professional liability of the lawyers in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The authors analyze the current legislation of the two states, focusing on compulsory insurance of professional...
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On some guarantees of labor rights of citizens in connection with election campaigns

Yu Mihailenko, I Prasolova, A Ivanov
The article discusses the guarantees of labor rights of citizens involved in an election campaign (members of election commissions, registered candidates, artists and officials of organizations involved in providing information on elections) within the framework of the classification of guarantees developed...
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Unilateral economic measures and their impact on the development of cross-border cooperation: an international legal aspect

R Galiev, K Cheprasov, T Volcogon
The article is devoted to the legal analysis of unilateral measures of an economic nature, which are commonly identified with the term “sanctions.” It has been established that modern unilateral economic measures often have an extraterritorial nature, thereby causing damage to the third states and cross-border...
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Youth extremism as a threat to the social security of cross-border territories

L Kiryushina, N Dudko, I Gelmel
The article considers youth extremism as one of the factors contributing to the violation of state security in cross-border regions. Relying on extensive data on criminal cases in the Altai region, the authors reveal certain peculiarities of youth extremism in the region bordering with Kazakhstan and...
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Improving the regional legislation on science and innovation as a factor in the socio-economic and technological development of regions: a roundtable review

A Vasilyev, Y Zelenin, O Avilova
The article analyzes the state of the legislation of the Altai Region on scientific and innovative activities. The article notes the need to update the regional legislation on science and innovation as a condition for the successful socio-economic development of the Altai region, taking into account...
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Legal support of the participation of foreign lawyers in the criminal proceedings of Russia and Kazakhstan as border regions

L Bertovsky, E Petuchov, L Suhanova
The article analyzes the regulatory legal acts of the national legislation of Kazakhstan and Russia, their bilateral treaties, and conventions. The provisions of these regulations regulate issues of international cooperation in the field of criminal justice with the participation of representatives of...
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Proper observance of the principle of reciprocity as a guarantee for the sustainable development of cooperation between the subjects of cross-border territories in the field of criminal justice: the moral and legal aspect

M Neymark, E Petuchov, K Sinkin
The article discusses regulatory legal acts, bilateral treaties, agreements governing international cooperation in the field of criminal justice. Based on their analysis and theoretical positions, the concept of “reciprocity” is formulated. And also, taking into account the needs of practice, proposals...
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The legal nature of utility payments in the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures of debtors in the cross-border regions

Yu V Kholodenko, S S Berdnikov
The article considers the problems arising in law enforcement practice during the insolvency (bankruptcy) procedure of legal entities. Their main activity is the management of apartment buildings. In particular, the article focuses on the lack of uniformity in understanding the legal nature of one of...
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Problems of organizing activities for certifying enterprises on the Russian halal market

Sh A Shovkhalov, A T Petrova
With the growth of the Russian market of Muslim services, the scientific community and practitioners became interested in it. The most important role in this issue is the regulation due to institutional peculiarities consisting in high transaction costs arising from neglecting the permissible behavior...
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The issues of recognizing foreign arbitral awards by the Russian judicial system

V Gavrilenko, V Grigonis
This article deals with the recognition of decisions coming from the foreign arbitration by the courts of the Russian Federation. The authors analyze in detail the international legislation, as well as the legislation of the Russian Federation and foreign states, which regulate the procedure for recognizing...
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On the possibility of forming the authorized capital of goodwill

Yu Kholodenko, М Khvorova
The legal nature of the business reputation of legal entities for a long time raises questions among members of the legal community. Analysis of the literature and judicial practice indicates a lot of problems around the definition of business reputation and its property content. The property nature...
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Legal problems of technology transfer in Russia

T F Kryaklina, S V Rettikh, S V Shirokostup
The concept of “technology transfer” has many meanings. In a number of cases, the content of this term is narrowed down to issues of turnover of rights to the results of intellectual activity, in others, the content of the term is expanded to any form of knowledge transfer, production methods, material...
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Problem issues regarding the impact of the law on morality in the Russian Federation

K Sinkin, I Vasev, R Nasyrov
The article considers the problems of interaction of law and morality from the position of the negative impact of the law on public morality. Based on the analysis of individual legal regulations, as well as historical examples, the variants of interaction of law and morality are demonstrated. To implement...
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Legal aspects of the turnover of rare and endangered animal species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation

N Lisina, V Erin, E Trezubov
The article analyzes the legal aspects of the circulation of animals listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation, their maintenance and rehabilitation in semi-free conditions. The authors suggest a number of ways to improve legislation in this area.
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A systematic approach to the analysis of sustainable development of cross-border regions

O Mamchenko, E Vdovkina
This article is devoted to the consideration of the problem of sustainable development of cross-border regions of the neighboring states. We propose to classify the cross-border regions using multi-dimensional observations based on the use of discriminant analysis. The research relies on a systematic...