Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Science Education and Sciences 2022 (ICSES 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Aris Doyan, Saprizal Hadisaputra, Mohd Mustafa Awang Kechik, Muhammad Roil Bilad, Ching-Ming Wei, Susilawati
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Improvement of Local Purple Corn (zea mays) Variety with Multigamma Irradiation (Nuclear) Techniques Yielding Superior Generation

Bartholomeus Pasangka, P. Irvandi Gorby
This study aimed to use multigamma irradiation techniques (nuclear) to improve indigenous purple corn to produce better generation types that can withstand drought, harsh climates, pests and diseases, and high yields. Observation, sampling, irradiation, careful selection, purification, and interpretation...
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Weather and Water Level Monitoring System for Hydrometeorological Analysis in the Lake Toba Region

Dyah P. Djenal, Santoso Soekirno, Prada Wellyantama, Aly Ilyas, Sugiarto, Maulana Putra
Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia that has a multi-sectoral role, both for the benefit of local communities and for national and even international interests. Lake Toba as a tourist destination where in 2020 the Toba Regency Central Statistics Agency recorded the number of passenger...
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Magnetic Properties of PDMS Based Magnetorheological Elastomer with Cobalt Additive

Muhammad Kashfi Shabdin, Mohd Mustafa Awang Kechik, Chen Soo Kien, Lim Kean Pah, Abdul Halim Shaari, Nurhazimah Nazmi
This study investigates the influence of Cobalt in magnetorheological elastomer (Co-MRE) on which the magnetic effect could be applied in soft optical electronics such as wearable and flexible sensors. Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) was used as a medium, and Co was used as a filler to construct isotropic...
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Performance Analysis Comparison of DHT11, DHT22 and DS18B20 as Temperature Measurement

David Yulizar, Santoso Soekirno, Naufal Ananda, Muhammad Agung Prabowo, Ilham Fajar Putra Perdana, Diar Aofany
WMO states that temperature is an important parameter in life and defines temperature as a physical quantity that characterizes the average random motion of molecules in a physical body. The accuracy of temperature measurement on a thermometer is influenced by the selection of the right and accurate...
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Community Resilience in Adaptive Flood Mitigation Based on the Local Wisdom of Silat Village in the Kapuas Watershed Indonesia

Henny Herawati, Kartini, Eko Yulianto, Rima Wahyu Utari, Dini Ariva
Silat village is a village upstream of the Kapuas River, which is the longest river in Indonesia. One of the tributaries of the Kapuas River is the Silat River. The history of population distribution on the island of Kalimantan, especially West Kalimantan is through water transportation, this condition...
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Manufacture of Light Propagation Instruments on Fiber Optic Cables

Moammar Qadafi, Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Rika Ratnasari, Via Monica Devi, Istiqomah, Ferniawan, Ulfah Nurkhaeroni, Mujitahid, Sekar Partiwi
Practical activities can help teachers deliver material because students are directly involved and observing. In addition, practical activities also help students understand concepts. This research aims to make teaching aids to understand the concept of light propagation on fibre optic cables in schools....
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The Distribution of Flood Hydrograph Recession Constant of Seropan Underground River for Karst Aquifer Characterization

Gifari Shadad Ramadhan, Tjahyo Nugroho Adji, Eko Haryono, Ahmad Cahyadi
This research was conducted in the Seropan underground river in the Gunung Sewu karst, Gunung Kidul Regency. This study aimed to identify some of the flood hydrograph properties of the Seropan underground river to characterize the karst aquifer. A water level data logger is installed to detect underground...
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Effect of Polyacriontrile (PAN) Concentration on Characteristics and Performance of TiO2/N719/PAN-rGO for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Herlin Pujiarti, Anjar Nur Ramadhani, Nabila Hari Arimbi, Markus Diantoro, Arif Nur Afandi, Nasikhudin
The increase in energy demand and reduced energy reserve, other alternative energy sources that are more environmentally friendly are needed, one of which is solar cells. Among several types of solar cells, Dye Sensitized Solar Cell is a type of solar cell that can produce electricity more efficiently....
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Effect of Composition of (x)rGO/TiO2 as Photoanode on the Performance of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Nabila Hari Arimbi, Nasikhudin, Markus Diantoro, Arif Nur Afandi, Herlin Pujiarti, Adisria Marise Afianti
DSSC is a permanent alternative energy device in the form of environmentally friendly photoelectrochemical as a renewable energy source. So, the Efficiency of DSSC is still varied and relatively low. Therefore, in this study, a study was conducted on the effect of the composition of rGO/TiO2 as a photoanode...
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Resistance of Broiler Meat Through Exposure to Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields of 700 µT and 900 µT Intensities and Safety Risks to Health

Sudarti, Singgih Bektiarso, Lutfiana Ditta Sari, Elok Permatasari, Dina Helianti
That publicity to extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic fields can save and suppress the increase and proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms, which have a vital role in the process of meal spoilage. This has a look at pursuits to have a look at the “Resilience of broiler meat thru exposure to extremely...
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Educational Tourism of Cave: Where Literature and Geology Meet

Ferdinal, Hamdi Rifai, Siti Zulaikah, Dini Fitriani
Although art scholars are primarily concerned with instruction, one of literature’s fundamental purposes, it may also be appropriate for non-art scholars, such as geological scientists. Geology lessons can be taught using literature, such as cave exploration. An alternate strategy for bringing people...
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The Natural Rubber/Silica/Silane Composites: Study on Hardness, Tensile and Morphology Behaviours

Indra Surya, Sabri, Marpongahtun, Nabil Hayeemasae
Applying a favorite semi-efficient method, the influences of a typical silane coupling agent, named aminopropyltriethoxy Silane (APTES), on morphology, hardness, and tensile strength behaviors of the natural rubber/silica composite were examined. As a natural-based rubber, the natural rubber (NR) was...
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The Strength and Reinforcement Behaviors of Styrene Butadiene Rubber-Silica Compound with Oleamide as Palm Oil-Based Rubber Additive

Indra Surya, Sabri, Marpongahtun, Nabil Hayeemasae
In the application of a semi-efficient method for the rubber compounding and vulcanization, the study on the effects of oleamide addition, as a rubber additive, on the strength and reinforcement behaviors of styrene butadiene rubber (SBR)-silica compound was carried out. The oleamide was synthesized...
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The Effect of TiO2 Film Immersion Duration in N719 Dye on Microstructure, Optical Properties, and Photoanode Performance of Photosupercapacitors Based FTO/TiO2/N719/Activated Carbon/Carbon Black

Markus Diantoro, Ida Vaeruza Albadi’ah, Nasikhudin
Photosupercapacitor (PSC) is integrated harvesting (DSSC) and storing energy (supercapacitor) simultaneously. The increase in DSSC performance is studied through an effect of TiO2 film immersion duration on the N719 dye, which has not been investigated so far. Furthermore, the effect of stacking configuration...
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The Microstructure and Performance of Coal-Based Activated Carbon in Symmetric Supercapacitors as Affected by Activation Temperature and ZnCl2 Concentration

Markus Diantoro, Rizka Ramadhani Maisyarah, Ishmah Luthfiyah
Supercapacitors are gaining much attention as electrochemical energy storage for their fast charging rates, high power density, good cycle performance, quicker charge-discharge, longer device life, and abundant materials. According to the storage mechanism, supercapacitors are divided into 3 types; EDLC...
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A Simple Digital Calorimeter as Practicum Innovation Based on W1209 Thermostat Module

Rika Ratnasari, Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Muhammad Faris, Moammar Qadafi, Ulfah Nurkhaeroni, Via Monica Devi, Istiqomah, Ferniawan, Bung Ashabul Qahfi, Baiq Fitri Rahmayanti
A calorimeter is an instrument used to measure the amount of heat transferred to or from an object. The calorimeter used in schools is analog. The data obtained is less accurate, and students have difficulty interpreting the data. This research aims to create a simple digital calorimeter practicum tool...
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Android Learning Design to Increase Interest in Learning Music

Erlando Doni Sirait, Puput Irfansyah, Aan Risdiana
This present research develops an android-based learning design to increase interest in learning music. Technology that has penetrated education can be used as an alternative to achieve learning goals. Music, as one of the lessons taught in school, can help students to increase their creativity. However,...
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Pre-service Elementary Teachers: Analysis of Mathematics and Physics Concepts with Traditional Games in Sundanese Ethnomathematics Learning

S. Supriadi, F. Robiansyah, D. Wardana, S. Susilawati
Endog-endogan and engklek are traditional games used in Sundanese ethnomathematics learning. This game has many mathematics and physics ideas for elementary school teacher education students to explore and apply in lectures and science. This research goal is to discover the ideas of mathematics and students’...
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A Conceptual Framework of the Ethno-Inquiry Learning Model and Its Validity to Support Pre-service Science Teachers’ Critical Thinking Performance

Saiful Prayogi, Sukainil Ahzan, Indriaturrahmi, Joni Rokhmat
The purpose of this study is to create a conceptual framework for the ethno-inquiry learning model and determine its validity in supporting pre-service science teachers’ critical thinking ability. The conceptual framework is constructed on an in-depth study of theoretical and empirical studies, information...
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Physics Learning Tools of Inquiry-Creative-Process Integrated Ethnoscience: Its Validity to Train Prospective Teachers’ Critical Thinking Ability

Ni Nyoman Sri Putu Verawati, Ahmad Harjono, Wahyudi, Syifa’ul Gummah, Saiful Prayogi
This study aims to develop physics learning tools of an inquiry-creative-process (ICP) model integrated with ethnoscience and to find its validity in training prospective teachers’ critical thinking skills. This study’s learning tools developed and tested for validity comprise lesson plans (RPS) and...
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Preliminary Development of Refutation Texts for Conceptual Change on Lunar Phases

D. Devianty, S. Syuhendri
The conceptual change model by Posner et al. states that students must be dissatisfied with the old conceptions, and the substitute conceptions must be intelligent, plausible, and fruitful to ensure the conceptual change. The previous study has obtained students’ misconceptions about the Lunar Phase...
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The Effectiveness of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) Sound Wave Electronic Student Worksheets to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of High School Students

Husnul Fuadi, Gunawan, Susilawati
Digital teaching resources are an alternative to traditional textbooks in the “digitalization 4.0” era. The student worksheet is one of the digital instructional resources that can be generated. Along with using digital teaching tools, the selection and implementation of learning models are equally important...
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Environmental Literacy of Prospective Science Teacher in Lombok Indonesia

Khaerus Syahidi, A. Wahab Jufri, Aris Doyan, Kosim, Joni Rokhmat, A. A. Sukarso
This report describes the Skills literacy environment of student candidate teacher chemical in Faculty MIPA at University Hamzanwadi. Skills consist of competence environment, knowledge environment, and attitude to the environment. Data were collected by surveying semester 4 and 6 students. From the...
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Analysis of Digital Literacy of Pre-service Teachers Involved as Teaching Assistants in Independent Study Programs (Called MBKM) 2022

Hairida, Lily Thamrin, Putri Tipa Anasi, Dyoty Auliya Vilda Gasha, Nurfadilah Siregar, Erlina, Anggi Fatmadiw
Digital technology cannot be separated from education as it can support teaching and learning activities. Therefore, pre-service teachers must have digital literacy. This study aimed to determine and analyze the digital literacy of undergraduates involved in the program MBKM as teaching assistants at...
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Perceptions of Chemistry Teachers at Pontianak City State High Schools in Utilizing Information and Communication Technology

Fatmawati, Hairida, Rini Muharini, Rody Putra Sartika, Rahmat Rasmawan
Information and communication technology (ICT) is very important in 21st-century education because it can improve students’ understanding. The purpose of this study was to describe the perception of chemistry teachers at SMA Negeri Pontianak about the use of ICT in learning. The research method used...
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Calcined Kaolin as Adsorbent for Organic Compounds in Peat Water

Nelly Wahyuni, Gusrizal, Yeni Juliawati
Kaolin is a clay mineral composed of silica tetrahedral and octahedral alumina layers, which have high absorption capacity and are abundant in nature. This study aims at determining the optimum temperature of kaolin calcination and the effect of variations in pH, stirring time, kaolin mass, and stirring...
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REACT Strategy: Efforts to Link Concept Colligative Properties Application in Daily Life and Science Development

Rahmat Rasmawan, Hairida, Rody Putra Sartika
Applying the concept of colligative properties of solutions is closely related to everyday life and science development, so the REACT strategy can be applied in learning. This research aims to develop a valid flipbook for learning the colligative properties of solutions that relate the concepts and their...
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Separation of Unsaturated Fatty Acids of Nyamplung Oil Using Urea Crystallization as Basic Ingredients of Synthesis Dihydroxy Stearic Acid

Erin Ryantin Gunawan, Dedy Suhendra, Dina Marlina Oktavia, Murniati
Dihydroxy stearate acid (DHSA) is a compound used as an emulsifier and additive in cosmetic formulations. This study aims to separate the unsaturated fatty acids of nyamplung oil, synthesis DHSA, Characterization of unsaturated fatty acids and DHSA compounds. The separation of unsaturated fatty acids...
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Synthesis of Polyol Through Epoxidation and Hydroxylation Reactions of Ricinus Communis L. Oil

Dedy Suhendra, Erin Ryantin Gunawan, Sri Seno Handayani, Haerani
Polyols are intermediate compounds used as raw materials to produce highly valuable industrial materials. Generally, the raw materials for synthesizing polyols are petroleum-based, non-biodegradable fossil fuels. In this study, the raw material used is oil from Ricinus communis L. (Local name: jarak...
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Online or Offline? A Pedagogical Debate on the 5E Learning Cycle Model

Rody Putra Sartika, Rahmat Rasmawan, Lukman Hadi, Masriani, Hairida, Yunita Puspasari, Helsa Ulfa Destari, Pingkan Ramadhan Sailendra, Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Hafiz
Learning has been carried out flexibly, meaning that if the Covid-19 condition increases, the learning will be carried out online. If the Covid-19 conditions decrease, the learning will be carried out offline again. This study aims to determine the differences in conceptual understanding of students...