Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS 2018)

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Social Sciences and the Indonesian Historical Diaspora

David Reeve
There has been some very interesting work in Indonesian history combining the roles of various social sciences. One thinks particularly of the work of Sartono Kartodirjo, the great historian from Universitas Gadjah Mada who developed a multi-disciplinary/multi-dimensional approach to Indonesian history,...
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Best Practices for Social Media Governance and Strategy at the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

James Christopher Cullin
The purpose of this research project is to identify best practices for a cross-institutional social media framework for the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Canada. Many individual schools, divisions and departments within the college actively deploy social media,...
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The Desa Wisata Terpadu as a vector of sustainable development in Bali?

Sylvine Pickel-Chevalier
The international diffusion of sustainable tourism requires the invention of syncretic models adapted to the sociocultural characteristics of local societies. That is the challenge of the touristic integrated village policy created in 1992 by the Indonesian government. This model promotes the establishment...
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Comparative Analysis of United States Agency and Representative Council of Indonesia

Agus Trilaksana, Mr Artono, Thomas Nugroho Aji
The People's Consultative Assembly is a representative institution in the democratic country of Indonesia. The People's Consultative Assembly in accordance with the 1945 Constitution result of Amendment I of 2000 consists of members of the People's Representatives Council and Members of the Regional...
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Barongsai as a Strengthening Tool to Reach Harmonious Multiculturalism

Mr Artono, Mr Riyadi, Mr Najamuddin
In the 19th century there was an influx of large numbers of Chinese immigrant workers to the Dutch East Indies to work in mines and plantations. The largest group of Chinese immigrants began between 1860 and about 1890, they were composed of several very different ethnic groups and had cultures and customs...
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Application Of Experiental Learning Model In History Learning

Corry Liana, Mr Nasution, Septina Alrianingrum
The era of globalization is an inevitable period. Therefore, the Institute for Educational Teaching (LPTK), especially historical education must be able to answer the challenge by applying learning innovation. LPTK has the task of preparing professional teachers, who are able to educate the young generation...
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Political Orientation of Nahdatul Ulama After Muhtamar IX

Eko Satriya Hermawan, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji, Mr Riyadi
Nahdatul Ulama (NU) is currently the largest Muslim-based community organization in Indonesia. Looking at the historical view, that NU used to be a political party, even winning the election in Sidorajo, East Java. This study uses a methodological approach of history to see the uniqueness of NU in winning...
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The Profile Of Micro Small Medium Enterprises At The Monetary Crisis Era In1997-1998 Case Study: Intako Sidoarjo

Mr Nasution, Agus Trilaksana, Mr Artono
The purpose of this study is to analyze the acquisition of capital, development of production and marketing, and strategies undertaken by INTAKO in order to survive when the monetary crisis hit Indonesia in 1997-1998. To support this research, we used qualitative descriptive method. The study was conducted...
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The Social Change of the Tionghoa Community in Surakarta in Age XX

Mr Riyadi, Corry Liana, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji
The article discusses the social changes of the Chinese community in Kampong Pecinan (Chinese community resident) Surakarta which includes changes in the processual and social structure of society. In the smaller scope of social change can be interpreted as a part of the process within the social structure....
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National Anthem and Nationalism in Football

Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji, Thomas Nugroho Aji, Mr Nasution
The transformation of the nationalism can be traced through almost any social activity. Nationalism is also unique. It is frequently appear during international sport event, such as Olympics, World Cup, and Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. This case show that the important of us to think about relation...
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Digital Literacy Building Social-Cultural Awareness

Septina Alrianingrum, Ms Listyaningsih, Mr Jacky
Globalization and modernization demanding society must be able to follow the development of information technology through gadgets in various models and application features that make it easy for people to get extensive, fast and diverse information. Internet optimization becomes the basis of digital...
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Kartini and The Feminism Thinking in Javanese Nobles Women (Women Priyayi)

Sri Mastuti Purwaningsih, Lilis Muchoiyyaroh, Julien Biringan
The beginning of the 20th century was the opening of Dutch European schools to Javanese nobles. It allowed the Javanese priyayi children to receive a European education. Education allows the transformation of European ideas to spread to the east. Freedom and independence are one of Europe's most influential...
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Cultivation in Dutch East Indies

Mr Sumarno, Mr Wisnu, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji
The system of forced cultivation has always been viewed negatively in the history of Indonesia, because as a form of oppression against the people with a mandatory system to plant certain crops that apply in the international market. But in fact the policy can be reinterpreted as a model in the development...
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The Democratic Process In The History Of Village Head Election In Java

Thomas Nugroho Aji, Eko Satriya Hermawan, Agus Trilaksana
Villages in Java past before the arrival of Europeans to Indonesia has been mentioned in existence in some historical relics of inscriptions, including mentioned in inscriptions walandit and inscriptions kawali which is a relic of the 14th century. In both these inscriptions mentioned that the village...
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The Forecast Djaka Lodang And Prabowo Subianto In The Concept Of Historicism

Mr Wisnu, Septina Alrianingrum, Eko Satriya Hermawan
This paper discusses two predictions, Djaka Lodang's prediction and Prabowo Subianto's prediction. The forecast in historicism is a way of approach in the social sciences and the history of science which is based on the notion that forecasting of the future is the ultimate goal of history. This is made...
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Nagarakertagama Manuscript As Historical Route in East Java Tourism Development

Sri Mastuti Purwaningsih, Y. Hanan Pamungkas, Mr Nasution
Nagarakertagama is an ancient manuscript that in 2012 recognize as memory of world by UNESCO. Writing by Mpu Prapanca, it’s contain of the story of Majapahit Kingdom (1293 -1478 AD), include, genealogy of kingdom, the situation of capital city of Majapahit and the famous journey of king hayamwuruk in...
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Registration of Transfers of Land of Rights for Nominee in the Post of Tax Amnesty

Mahendra Wardhana, Indri Fogar Susilowati, Dita Perwitasari
National development relies heavily on the participation and financing from the people through receipt of tax payments. But not all economic activities carried out by the public are reported to the authorized tax authorities. The unreporting of all these economic activities resulted in a reduction in...
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Social Security For Domestic Workers in Indonesia

Arinto Nugroho, Emmilia Rusdiana, Mr Mustari
Minister of Manpower Regulation Number 2 Year 2015 concerning Protection against Domestic Workers tries to protect domestic workers to get social security programs. Unfortunately, Article 11 letter (g) of this regulation only requires users to register domestic workers in social security programs without...
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Copyright Protection of Authors on Indexed Journal

Budi Hermono, Muh Ali Masnun, Indri Fogar Susilowati
Publication of scientific work is a manifestation of the fulfillment of Tridharma college lecturers in universities. Scientific publication is the result of the review of scientific research as well as lecturers in accordance with its competence. Ministry research, technology and higher education are...
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Due to the Law of Marriage Agreement Against Third Party with the Ruling of Constitutional Court Number 69 / PUU-XIII / 2015

Dita Perwitasari, Eny Sulistyowati, Indri Fogar Susilowati
Marriage Agreement, is something that is still considered taboo for a marriage in Indonesia. However, over time, education levels, technological advances and the current era of globalization are not so taboo to be made in a marriage. The known marriage agreement is a marriage agreement based on the Civil...
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The Urgency of the Opening of East-West Archipelagic Sea-Lanes in Indonesia

Elisabeth Septin Puspoayu, Arinto Nugroho, Mr Tamsil
Indonesia as an archipelagic state has the obligation to regulate archipelagic sea-lanes (ASL) in accordance with Article 53 UNCLOS 1982 and the rights to determine the rights and obligations of ships passing through the ASLs in Indonesia that has been set. The opening of North-South ASL in Indonesia...
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Criticism Of The Strategy Of Criminal Law Formulation In The Law Number 22 Year 2009 Concerning Traffic And Road Transport

Emmilia Rusdiana, Gelar Ali Ahmad, Diana Darmayanti Putong, Reynold Simanjuntak
Order in Traffic to a certain extent reflects the moral, mental, and personality of the nation, and this is an indicator of the dignity of a nation. Indonesia has enforced The Law Number 22 Year 2009 concerning road traffic and transportation (UULLAJ). UULLAJ is an administrative nuance, but the norms...
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Obligations of Business Actors to Publish Halal Labels in Food as a Form of Legal Protection for Muslim Consumers

Eny Sulistyowati, Nurul Hikmah, Isye Junita Melo
Article 4 jo Article 25 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 33 of 2014 concerning Guarantees of Halal Products regulates obligations for Business Actors who trade in their products - including food - in Indonesia "must be halal certified" and "must include halal labels". One of the considerations...
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Nawacita In Victimology Studies: A Case Study of The Development of West Java International Airport (BIJB)

Gelar Ali Ahmad, Pudji Astuti, Emmilia Rusdiana
Nawacita is programs promised by Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla in their regime which one of them is to continue and integrate Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia Economic Development (MP3EI) into it. The Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development (MP3EI)...
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Indonesia’s Governance System after Amandment of the 1945 Constitution: The Dialectic between Text and Context

Hananto Widodo, Hezron Sabar Rotua Tinambunan, Fitri Mamunto, Hasnawi Haris
Indonesian political turn-over made up by long history has brought many constellation to form a government institution. The fall of new orde has brought some new spirit to redefine the government institution in support of the presidential system purification. This writing aims to construct the prefer...
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Analysis of Bureaucratic Reform in KPPN Surabaya I And II to Improve Public Services Through Standard Operating Procedure Enforcement With One Stop Service Innovation

Hezron Sabar Rotua Tinambunan, Hananto Widodo
The Implementation of bureaucracy reform in Treasury Office (KPPN) Surabaya I and II follow the bureaucracy reform of Ministry Finance. The purpose of this study is to describe the bureaucracy reform of public services in KPPN Surabaya I and II. The type of research uses a social legal study. The data...
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Overlapping Synchronization of Mining Business Arrangements in Forest Areas in Indonesia

Indri Fogar Susilowati, Mr Tamsil, Mahendra Wardhana
The provisions of the Forestry Law (Law No. 19 of 2004) which prohibits mining business activities in forest areas (both production forests and protected forests) create complicated problems, because the mining depositors already have permits and / or government approval as a remote mining authority...
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Disharmony Arrangement of Regional Owned Enterprises After Regulation Government Number 54 Year 2017

Muh Ali Masnun, Mahendra Wardhana, Pudji Astuti
The purpose of this research is to identify the form of disharmony in the arrangement of Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) and how to resolve the disharmony. This research method is normative juridical by using primary legal materials and secondary legal materials. The results of this study, the form...
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Legality Laws Against The Role of Mosque as a Unit Management of Zakat Management (UPZ ) a Strategic Way to Increasing Well-Being

Nurul Hikmah, Gelar Ali Ahmad, Muh Ali Masnun
Zakat is an obligation that should be adopted by a moslem to give a part of their wealth to pass (mustahiq) in accordance with islamic syariah. View the community of the existence of the institutions of amil and zakat ( LAZ ) has not so good, so people want to give (muzakki ) more channel until the day...
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Characteristic of Crime In Education

Pudji Astuti, Emmilia Rusdiana, Wenly J.R. Lolong
The essence of education is a process of mental development, so that people are educated not only has the intellectual prowess but also commendable morals. In fact the purpose of education is not realized, for their criminal acts in the implementation process of learning. Combating crime in education...
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Comparative Weaknesses Of BANI To Accommodate The Needs Of Business Actors In The Middle Of Expansion And Globalization Of International Arbitration

Mr Tamsil, Indri Fogar Susilowati, Elisabeth Septin Puspoayu
The conflict of BANI's founders and administrators to court institutions resulted in the Indonesian Arbitration becoming unattractive and inappropriate for cross-border business players to resolve trade disputes between them. In fact, without the conflict BANI has been overwhelmed by competition with...
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Review Acts Of Corruption Through The Perspectives Of The Ethics Of Public Administration Theory

Trenda Aktiva Oktairyanda, Thelma Wawointana, Kahar Fakhri
A proliferation of corruption cases are massive and occurred over and over again, has demonstrated to us that there is a serious pathology of the bureaucracy and insubordination against the ethics of public administration in Indonesia. With the emergence of cases of corruption, then the necessary enforcement...
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Key Policies: Complete The Promise To Terminate Citarum Crisis

Badrudin Kurniawan, Tjitjik Rahaju, Muhammad Farid Ma'ruf
Citarum River has a vital role to local community. But people behavior is precisely to make it increasingly threatened due to heavy pollution and siltation of river. Various government policies have been carried out but it had not yet result expected goal. Based on this fact, author is interested to...
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Electronic Voting (E-Voting) in Indonesia: Reflection On E-Voting Practices in Some Countries

Eva Hany Fanida, Darman Manda, Marthinus Mandagi
Recently, the term e-voting has often been discussed in Indonesia. This is due to the emergence of the discourse on the implementation of the e-voting system in the Indonesian Presidential Election which will be held in 2019. This e-voting option is used as an alternative solution because the hope of...
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Innovation in the Public Sector in the Digital Era (A Study of the Process Diffusion of SIMPUS in Yogyakarta)

Deby Febriyan Eprilianto, Fitrotun Niswah, Ms Meirinawati
In Indonesia, innovation is associated with the utilization of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the process of public administration. The most important thing in doing an innovation is the process of innovation diffusion. The purpose of this research was to know and describe the process...
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Village Finance System (SISKEUDES): Transparency of Village Asset Management Toward Open Government Partnership

Fitrotun Niswah, Goinpeace Handerson Tumbel, Ms Aslinda
The logical consequence of the concept of regional autonomy is the presence of fiscal decentralization. The independence of rural communities in the formulation of programs for the administration of governance and development at the village level becomes the space of urgency of village financial management,...
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Fiscal Decentralization and Local Potentials Improvement in Madura Region

Galih Wahyu Pradana, Mr Tauran, Tjitjik Rahaju, Ardhie Raditya
Fiscal decentralization has the goal of providing opportunities for regions to explore the potential funding sources as well as they have. In this discussion, we will review how fiscal decentralization implemented in the region of Madura. The discussion will be more in-depth about the impact and the...
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Stakeholder Collaboration: Strategies to Strengthen Disability Capacity Achieve Economic Independence in Madura

Tjitjik Rahaju, Asri Widjiastuti, Galih Wahyu Pradana
Attention to persons with disabilities should always be enhanced by involving various stakeholders. The involvement of all stakeholders at the central and regional levels was developed in a collaborative strategy to strengthen the capacity of disability to be self-sufficient and able to contribute economically.The...
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Strategy Management of Hazardous and Toxic Waste Processing by PT Artama Sentosa Indonesia (Study of Transporting and Collecting Hazardous and Toxic Waste)

Ms Meirinawati, Eva Hany Fanida, Indah Prabawati
A company does not only produce many products but also produce the waste. The waste itself can be hazardous and toxic or not. Hazardous and toxic waste needs a serious processing. The hazardous and toxic waste which cannot handle properly causes environmental pollution and even environmental damage....
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Revitalization of Pedestrian: Fulfillment Accessibility Rights for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) in Surabaya

Muhammad Farid Ma'ruf, Indah Prabawati, Eva Hany Fanida
Implementation of fairness in Public service is to ensure the availability of service facilities for all community groups. Governments are obliged to provide access, means and special treatment to disadvantaged groups such as Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). Sufficient, integrated/inclusive and sustainable...
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Evaluation of Partnership Programs and Community Development in the BPJS Healthcare Security of Surabaya Main Branch Office

Indah Prabawati, Badrudin Kurniawan, Tjitjik Rahaju
The business field has an important role in developing company awareness program for the surrounding community which is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR in Indonesia is regulated in the regulation of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) no: Per-05/MBU/2007 about Partnership...
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Fight Terrorism with Philosophical Reason

Agus Satmoko Adi, Mr Warsono, Abdul Latif
The phenomenon of terrorism is discussed and has always been a hot issue since the events of September 11 in WTC, Bali I and II bombings, JW Marriot haotel and Ritz Carlton and the latest suicide bombings in 3 churches in Surabaya conducted by a family. Terrorism as an act of violence for the purposes...
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Building Social Awareness Through Meditation

Mr Harmanto, Ms Listyaningsih, Maya Mustika
Social awareness for adolescents needs attention. Social awareness as an effort to build a personality needs attention. This is because education is an effort to install the dignity and freedom of individuals to develop their talents, interests, and abilities. Awareness theory in the present is very...
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Building The Nation Character In Cross Cultural Country Through Character Education Based On Local Culture

I Made Suwanda, Imam Suyitno, Ms Sarmini
Indonesian nation that has abundant natural resources, large population with diversity of ethnic, religions, races and groups are actually very potential to become a developed and dignified nation. However, potential resource alone is not enough to be able to deliver the nation of Indonesia into a developed...
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Legal Protection for Baha’i Adherent in Indonesia

Iman Pasu Marganda Hadiarto Purba, Rahmanu Wijaya, Apeles Lexi Lonto
Indonesia is a state of law that guarantees the fulfillment of the human rights of citizens. One of the rights is freedom of religion and belief. However, the term official religion and unofficial religion often become problems for the guarantee of these human rights in Indonesia. One of the religions...
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E-Learning as Media Teaching Learning Pancasila Education in Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Ms Listyaningsih, Septina Alrianingrum, Hendrik Pandu Paksi
Along with the progress in information technology, learning-based on the internet at this time is a requirement, In order to increase knowledge and broad insight for students, it is necessary to be developed by using electronic media-based learning through the utilization of the Internet network called...
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Green and Clean as Issue on Women's Movement in Surabaya

Maya Mustika Kartika Sari, Oksiana Jatiningsih, Ms Listyaningsih
Discourse on gender phenomena has always been an interesting topic. Various social studies are used to respond to gender phenomena and realities in society. The women's movement is expected to create a new awareness of gender equality that can lead to just social relationships. This article is based...
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The Perspective of Family-Gender Role of PPKn Teacher Candidates at Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Oksiana Jatiningsih, Maya Mustika Kartika Sari, Totok Suyanto
Gender construction builds social agreement on the gender roles of women and men. The division of gender roles is common and may have to occur in life, but sometimes the concept of role sharing leaves injustice in life. There is a role that seems to be a "destiny" of women or men in a family so that...
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Criminal Liability of Political Parties in the General Election of Regional Head in Indonesia

Rahmanu Wijaya, Jeane E Langkai, Rusli Abdulrahman
Regional Election of 171 (one hundred and seventy-one) regions in Indonesia on 27 June 2018 can be correlated with legislative elections and the election of the President and Vice President of Indonesia in 2019. Candidates for Regional Election are carried by political parties that will later follow...
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Improving Critical Thinking Skills of Students through the Development of Teaching Materials

RR Nanik Setyowati, Maya Mustika Kartika Sari, Siti Maizul Habibah
Student’s critical thinking ability can be improved through a good learning process. For that, the learning process should be packaged in such a way that students are actively involved in the classroom. The effort to obtain these results is to improve the quality of learning through the use of good teaching...