Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Sport Sciences, Health and Tourism (ICSSHT 2019)

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A Contribution of Leg Muscle Explosion Power and Flexibility to Football Shooting Accuracy

S Afrizal, Vega Soniawan
The construction of the physical condition of the construction as the dominant factor toward success in reaching the achievements of the summit. This research at the contribution of an explosive limb muscle and flexibility against the accuracy shooting soccer athletes PS UNP. The sample in this study...
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Effect of Agility Training Towards Soccer Dribbling Skills

John Arwandi, Mhd Firdaus
The problem in this research is the provision of agility training in improving soccer dribbling skills. This study aims to determine the effect of agility training on dribbling skills on SSB SerojaJambu Air Bukittinggi players. The method used in this research is an experiment. Sampling using a purposive...
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Leg Muscle Strength, Eye-Foot Coordination and Balance Associated With Soccer Shooting Skill

M. Ridwan, Ded Putra
The problem in this study is the lack of ability to shoot soccer players in the Cendana Vocational School in Padang Panjang. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between leg muscle strength, eye-foot coordination, and balance to soccer shooting abilities. This type of research...
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Differences in the influence of Aerobics and Zumba Gymnastics Against Weight Loss Ladiva Gymnastics Studio Members

Sri Gusti Handayani, Anton Komaini
The problem with this research is that there are still many mothers with Ladiva gymnastics who are overweight even though they have been doing gymnastics for a long time. Ladiva gymnastics have a schedule of aerobic and zumba gymnastics with the same instructor. The purpose of this study was to see the...
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An Analysis of the Soccer Passing Technique Skills

Vega Soniawan, Yogi Setiawan, Eval Edmizal
This research is conducted due to the problems found in playing soccer; where some of the players tend to do wrong passing, inaccurate passing, and lack of passing power and quality. The research aims to describe the soccer passing technique skills in using the inside of the foot in terms of movement...
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Plyometrics Exercise Effects Vollyball Athlete Smash Ability

Alex Aldha Yudi, Dimas Anggara
The problem in this study is the low ability to smash the volleyball athletes at the Guntur 1000 Kota Padang club. This study aims to determine the effect of plyometric training on improving the smash ability of the volleyball athletes at the Guntur 1000 Kota Padang club.The research design used was...
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Basic Skills of Men Garuda Basketball Athlete

Ronni Yenes, Ryan Gutrianto
The purpose of this study is to determine the passing, dribbling andshooting skills possessed by Padang Basketball athletes. This type of research is descriptive research. The sample in this study were all Putra Garuda Basketball athletes in the age group of 23. The instrument used in this research arepassing,...
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Correlation Between Emotional and Eye-Hand Coordination Ability Towards Passing Ability in Volleyball

Tjung Hauw Sin, Imam Prasetia
The problem in this study is the lack of passing ability on volleyball in class X students of Adabiah Padang High School, this study aims to determine the correlation between emotional and eye-hand coordination to the passing ability of volleyball on class X students of Adabiah Padang High School. This...
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Physical Conditions of Swimming Athlete

Yendrizal, Gusdi Wardiman
The problem of this research is the low achievement of swimming athletes. This study aims to determine the level of physical condition of swimming athlete. The research design used is descriptive research. The population was swimmers of Golden Black Swimming Club, amounting to as many as 30 people. The...
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The Coaching of Football Extracurricular

Argantos, Gilang Cahyadi
The problem in this study is that coaching is not going well and decreasing the extracurricular football achievements of Semen Padang High School. One of the efforts to increase the achievements of Seman Padang High School in producing high-achieving students is by conducting a quality and appropriate...
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The Influence of Interval Exercise Method on Swimming Speed of 50 Meters of Chest Style

Rihan Salmon Aziz, Roma Irawan
The problem in this study is the ability to swim the speed of swimming students who study basic swimming, Department of Coaching. Faculty of Sport Science. Padang State University. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of interval training methods on swimming speed of 50 meters breaststroke...
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Physical Conditioning of Freestyle Swimming Athletes

Alnedral, Bonardo Aritonang
The problem in this study is the low performance of the TirtaKaluang swimming pool athletes in Padang. This study aims to determine the level of physical condition of athletes, including: explosive power leg muscles, flexibility, and speed.The design of this research is descriptive research. Sampling...
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Volleyball Athlete Character Study

Aryadie Adnan, Arialdi Dafit
The problem in this study is the low performance of volleyball athletes and according to the trainer, the athletes do not yet fully possess the characteristics that support achievement. This study aims to determine the character of BBS Lima Puluh Kota volleyball athletes. This research is a descriptive...
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The Method of Exercise Play Has an Impact on Under Passing Ability Volleyball Players

Eri Barlian, Doni Jaswanto Anpolu
The problem in this study is the provision of a variety of exercises in increasing the ability to pass under the volleyball. This study aims to determine the effect of playing training methods on the passing ability under the volleyball players of Painan1 High School. This research is a quasi-experiment....
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Drill Exercise Method Influences Ability Groundstroke Tennis Court

Hendri Irawadi, M. Jaqfaruhdin Yusuf
The problem in this study is the low ability of grounstroke students at the Faculty of Sport Science, Padang State University. This study aims to find out how much the groundstroke ability of students at the Faculty of Sports in Padang State University is using drill drill method. This type of research...
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Implementation of Motor Learning on Social Skills in Children

Eddy Marheni, Firunika Intan Cahyani, Eko Purnomo
Low motor skills will have an impact on childrens low ability to socialize. The purpose of this research is to improve childrens social abilities through learning motion using educational games.The type of research is classroom action research using a qualitative approach.This research was conducted...
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Developing Model of Games to Improve Students’ Fundamental Movement Skills

Vicky Ahmad Karisman, Moch. Asmawi, Samsudin, Firmansyah Dlis
This study aimed at recognizing the effectiveness of game model development in improving students’ fundamental movement skills. This study utilized the research and development with ADDIE (Analyze Design Develop Implementation and Evaluation) model. The games ware designed through several stages; those...
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Gross Motor Abilities of the Student With Intellectual Disability (Debil) Spesial Education of Padang City

Sayuti Syahara, Ishak Aziz, Mohd. Ekhsan Maulana Sadikin
The problem of this research is the absence of data of gross motor skill of light Intellectual disability at Elementary School’s in Padang. The research method used is descriptive quantitative approach. The population of this study was 38 population SLB in Padang City. The study used the cluster technique...
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The Influence of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercises on the Level of Anxiety an Athlete the High Jump

Eko Purnomo, Suci Nanda Sari, Eddy Marheni
Competitive competition situations will raise anxieties for high jump athletes such as feelings of fear, tension, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and digestive disturbances that interfere with athlete’s performance before the match. One simple and easy effort that can be done by athletes to reduce...
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Effect of Swimming Style and Nutritional Status on Asthmic Complaints

Ossy Ulfha Silvanny, Sayuti Syahara, Bafirman
The problem in this study originated from asthma complaints suffered by elementary school students in Nanggalo Lapai Subdistrict, Padang City, such as SD Negeri 06 and SD Negeri 18, Nanggalo Lapai Subdistrict, Padang City. This causes, students have limitations in physical activity, fatigue, lack of...
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Implementation of Football Sports Extracurricular Activities in SMP Negeri 25 Padang

Siti Khodijah Reza Amum, Nurul Ihsan
The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation of extracurricular soccer sports activities at SMP Negeri 25 Padang, including the variable quality of coaches, infrastructure and athlete motivation. The type of this research is descriptive. The research population of all athletes / students...
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Relationship of Physical Fitness to Physical Education Learning Outcomes of Class VIII Students of Junior High School Negeri 6 Siak Hulu

Giant Rexy Nanda, Merlina Sari, Rezki
Based on observations made by the authors of junior high school 6 Siak Hulu, where the desire of students to exercise is still felt to be very less than expected. Obstacles in practice in the field, where students are not active in the learning process, this is caused by the habits of students who do...
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Relationship Between Eye-Hand Coordination, and With a Precision Service

Andre Igoresky, James Tangkudung
This study aims to determine how the relationship grip strength, eye-hand coordination, and self confidence with a service. This study was conducted to tennis athletes PTL Club Padang state University. This study used the method of sampling (cencus). The samples in this study are not yet 20. Data collected...
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Weight Training With a Set System Has Influential Effect Weightlifting Snatch Force Ability

Hermanzoni, Ade Rezky
The problem in this study is the low performance of PABBSI weightlifting athletes in Tanah Datar District. The purpose of this study was to see the extent of the effect of the training system set method on the ability of the PABBSI weightlifting snatchatlet Tanah Datar District.This type of research...
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The Effect of Jump to Box Exercises on Heading Ability

Ikhwanul Arifan, Eri Barlian, S Afrizal.
This type of research is artificial experiments, this research aims to know the extent of the influence of exercise Jump To Box against the ability of the Heading, (Experimental Study on Soccer Club athlete The son of Pasaman). The population in this research is the son of The Club’s soccer athletes...
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The Influence of Paired Upper Passing Exercises to the Passing Ability of Volleyball Games at the University of Nusa Cendana Penjaksesrek Women’s Team

Yudabbirul Arif, Lukas Maria Boleng, Veramyta M. M. F. Babang
The formulation of the problem in this study is whether there is an effect of the upper passing practice on the accuracy of the passing of volleyball? This study aims to find out whether with upper passing training in pairs can increase the volleyball’s passing ability.This type of research uses a quantitative...
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Analysis of Basic Techniques of Shooting Football School Players Imam Bonjol Padang City

Satrio Novaldi
This research is base don’t helack of maximum achievement of football school players Imam Bonjol Padang City and specifically football school Imam Bonjol players Padang City has basic shooting techniques that need to be improved both seeninearly phase indicator, main phase,and final phase.The purpose...
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Factors Associated With Diabetes Mellitus Incidence

Debby Sinthania
Diabetes mellitus is one of the main health problems, because the prevalence of diabetes mellitus continues to increase, both in developed countries and in developing countries.The purpose is to determine the factors associated with the incidence of diabetes mellitus. This research is descriptive analytic...
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Progressive Concept Towards the Long Passing Result of Woman Football Players of Jambi FC

Adhe Saputra, Ahmad Muzaffar, Iwan Budi Setiawan, Tubagus Zam Zam Al Arif
Before the progress of the attack ahead of the opponent’s goal area, a player must get a long-distance ball or long pass from a teammate behind him, so that he gets a way to progressively attack to the opponent’s goal area. In the game, a player’s movement pattern is needed when controlling the ball...
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The Contribution of Leg Power to the Long Jump Capability UKM Students Sport

Long jump is one of the athletic sports. Indonesian’s current athletics events have gradually shown a very satisfying appearance. In recent years, sports in this athletic branch have been able to compete with Asian countries, especially in Southeast Asia. However, there are several Indonesian athletic...
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Contribution of Eye and Leg Coordination to Sepak Sila Skill in the Sepak Takraw Game in Extracurricular Students Activities

Alwin Saputra
Based on observations, found the phenomenon, among others there are students who do football but the leg cannot touch the ball properly. This is due to the weak coordination of eye and foot coordination of students in doing sepak sila. Furthermore the ball of sepak sila is not well controlled, this is...
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Learning Methods and Motivation Towards Learning Outcomes of Soccer Games

Andi Gunawan, Firmasyah Dlis, Johansyah Lubis
This research is motivated by the results of a survey conducted at school showing that students who play soccer still have a lot of low playing football skills. Both in terms of dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control. The role of motivation in learning can be likened to fuel to move students so that...
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Athletic Learning Support Games for Junior High School Students

Andika Triansyah, Mimi Haetami, Fitriana Puspa Hidasari
Taking into account a play pedagogical approach as a way to optimize the student’s learning outcomes in physical education lesson, this research primarily aims to develop a game based activities roomates secondary school assists students in learning with the topic of educational athletics running events....
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Development of Swimming Sport in Tanjungpinang City

Andri Gemaini, Argantos, Bafirman
This research aims to determine development of swimming sport, that viewed from Coach qualifications, athlete conditions, supporting facilities conditions, and mechanism of swimming sport organizations in Tanjungpinang City, Riau Islands Province. This research is qualitative research, informant from...
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Physical Education Learning Outcomes Factor: Study Path Analysis

The Learning Motivation, Parents Attention, Physical Fitness

Anggun Permata Sari, Umar, Khairuddin
SMP N Bukik Barisan shows the learning result of the students towards Physical Sports and Health Education is average. The learning result affected by factors, like as motivation, parents attention, and physical fitness. The research aims to find out effect of motivation, parental attention, and the...
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Improving Children’s Motor Skills with Experiential Learning-Based Games

Anton Komaini, Yanuar Kiram, Nadia Daniati
The purpose of this study was to see the effect of experiential learning-based play activities to improve children’s motor skills. The choice of play activities based on experiential learning is because through this activity children experience direct experience and benefit from these activities. This...
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The Effect of Aerobic Exercises on Students’ Physical Fitness

Apri Agus, Sepriadi, Fahd Mukhtarsyah
Physical fitness is one of the problems which have something to do with health issues experienced by many people including university students. Students with a good physical fitness will have good health condition which enables them to do their daily activities without experiencing major fatigue. One...
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Differences of Leukocyte and Neutrophils to Lymphocytes Ratio on Maximum Training

Arif Fadli Muchlis, Afriwardi, Efrida
Physical exercise is a stressor to the immune system. Leukocytes and the neutrophils toward lymphocytes ratio (NLR) can be used to determine the status of immunity. This study aims to see the difference in the number of leukocytes, neutrophils, lymphocytes, and NLR on maximal physical exercise. This...
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The Impact of Giving Caffeine in Coffe (Coffea sp.) Againts the Level of Hemoglobin (Hb) Mus musculus BABLC

Armaita, Didin Tohidin, Y Afrihatin.
The tannins and phitat in tea and coffee as well as calcium and phosphorus in milk can bind iron so that it is difficult to absorb (Said, 2004). Caffeine intake from coffee also turns out to make various nutrients bound and damaged. In addition, the content of hemoglobin in the blood will also tend to...
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The Influence of Athletic Learning Model on Improving Physical Fitness

Despita Antoni, Dessi Novita Sari, Sefri Hardiansyah
Physical fitness describes a person’s health level for various types of physical activity. Based on observation and research conducted on elementary school students, it was found that the level of physical fitness of elementary school students is still relatively low. This is thought to be caused by...
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Glute Exercise and Basic Exercise Therapy Improve Ankle Stability in Patients With a Chronic Ankle Sprains

Donal Syafrianto, I Nyoman Mangku Karmaya, Syahmirza Indra Lesmana
Chronic ankle sprain causes ankle instability, which is accompanied by a decreased reaction of gluteus muscle strength due to changes in muscle activation and proprioceptive disorders. The purpose of this study is to prove whether the addition of glute exercise to basic exercise therapy further increases...
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Capabilities Overview Basic Technique Football Players SSB Ripan’s U-14

Erik Mukhtar Erizon, Fakhrina Hudayani
Problems in the study is the reduced ability of the basic techniques of soccer player SSB Ripan’s U-14 Lubuk Buaya Padang. The aim of research to determine the ability of the basic techniques of passing, dribbling, shooting and heading. Type of research is descriptive, This type of research is descriptive,...
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Level of Physical Condition of Daughter Taekwondo MTC (Manunggal Taekwondo Centre) Pekanbaru-Riau

Etika Yusrina
The problem of this research is to see the physical condition of the taekwondoque athlete at MTC (Manunggal Taekwondo Center) Pekanbaru and give a description of the physical condition condition of the taekwondoin daughter at MTC (Manunggal Taekwondo Center) Pekanbaru. The purpose of this study is to...
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Validity and Reliability of the Dollyo Chagi Taekwondo Kick Instrument

Fitra Febrioni Sukma, Anton Komaini
Results of research observations So far, the dollyo chagi taekwondo kick instrument available is an instrument for measuring a test of kick ability skills by counting the number of kicks in a certain time interval. When an athlete kicks several times, the athlete may have an injury to the knee and fall,...
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Rhythmic Activities Based on Traditional West Kalimantan Culture

Fitriana Puspa Hidasari, Muhammad Fachrurrozi Bafadal, Andika Triansyah
Screen based technology leaves homework for parents and educational institutions. If this perpetual behavior continues, the child will lose a period in which all aspects of his development rapidly, one of which is that physically activity becomes limited, physical activity is generally formed in childhood...
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Improving Motor Skills of Tribal Children of Anak Dalam Sakai in Riau Province From Perspectives of Nutritional Status, Play Activities, and Physical Fitness

This study aims to improve the motor skills of tribal children of Suku Dalam in Sakai, Riau Province through: (1) improving nutritional status, including reintegrating nutrition into the elementary school curriculum as an effort to develop healthy living lifestyle that is inseparable from healthy diet...
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Pulse Recovery of Soccer Football Athletes PSTS Tabing City of Padang Age 13–15 Years

Hadi pery Fajri, Andri Gemaini
This study aims to determine the pulse rate of recovery of PSTS Tabing soccer athletes in Padang City Age Group 13-15 Years. This research was conducted at the Padang Tabing City PSTS soccer field. The time of the study was conducted on July 3, 2019. This study used a descriptive research method, with...
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Relationship of Age on Lung Vital Capacity

Hanif Badri, Rendy Syahputra, M Indika Pudia
This research was conducted to Determine the relationship of age on the vital lung capacity. An unknown problem is the unknown relationship of Age on Vital Lung Capacity at eagle Soccer School Padang. The sample of this study was Carried out on 16 Eagles FC Soccer athletes. The method used in this study...
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Development of Dribling Training Models on Athletes Padang State University Basketball

Hendri Neldi
The UNP Basketball Club is one of the clubs that also develops achievements in the basketball field. However, based on observations obtained data that a decline in achievement at this club. In a preliminary study, the dominant problem affecting was dribling errors, which caused many teams to fail to...
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Promotion Opportunity Relationship With Job Satisfaction of Nurses Implementing in the Patient’s Room Hospital Pariaman

Hilma Yessi
Job satisfaction is a positive attitude toward work in a person.The research objective was to determine the promotion opportunity sale with job satisfaction of nurses in the inpatient unit Pariaman Public Hospital. Type descriptive correlational, cross-sectional design. The population of the entire inpatient...
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The Effect of Massage to Blood Pressure and Decrease the Percentage of Body Fat at Dharmawanita Members of Sport Science Faculty UNP

Darni, Rosmaneli, Wilda Welis
This study aims to reveal the effect of massase on decreasing levels of fat, cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure of Dharmawanita of FIK UNP women. The long-term goal of this research is to find a way or method to reduce levels of fat, cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure. This research uses...
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The Effect of Health Education on the Implementation of Early Mobilization in Post op Abdomen Patients in the Surgical Ward of Pariaman’s RSUD in 2018

Linda Marni, Aulia Asman, Erpita Yanti
Mobilization will also prevent muscle and joint stiffness, ensure smooth circulation of blood, improve the regulation of the body’s metabolism, restore physiological work of vital organs which in turn will accelerate the healing of patients and reduce the cost of patient care. The type of research that...
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Validity and Reliability of Pencak Silat Straight Kick Test Instrument (ANQO Test)

Muhamar Kodafi Putra, Anton Komaini
This study aims to determine the validity and reliability of the straight kick test instrument against martial arts athletes named ANQO Test. the method used is descriptive method. The population in this study were Pencak Silat athletes, Faculty of Sport Science, Padang State University campus. there...
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The Profile of Physical Conditions Sumatera Barat’s Volleyball Athletes

Muhamad Sazeli Rifki, Ariando Ariston
Volleyball is an interesting sport, because in it there is an impression of cheap, easy and has its own charm. Technically, volleyball tends to be complex, because there are various movements that are combined simultaneously from the upper body, upper or lower body motion. The thing is a volleyball athlete...
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Increased Awareness of Teenagers / Young Mothers in Prevention Breast Cancer Through Realize in Public in Kenagarian Lubuk Alung District of Lubuk Alung Padang Pariaman

Maidawilis, Mike Asmaria
Early detection of breast cancer is a regular and systematic effort or way of breast examination performed by the woman itself which is an integral part of screening program or early detection (Endang, 2014). The lack of knowledge and community skills about breast examination itself so that the case...
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The Phenomenological Study of Patients’ Family Experience in Early Detecting of Sign and Stroke Sympthom Pre-Hospital in Regional Public Hospital of Pariaman

Mike Asmaria, Vivi Yuderna
WHO (2016) states that stroke is one of the causes of 6.7 billion deaths per year around the world. The slow identification of stroke symptoms causes handling delays and extends the damage of neurology. The purpose of this research is to identify the experience of the patient’s family in early detecting...
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Evaluation of Dominant Physical Ability in Dispora Fostered Athletes in Aceh Province Athletic Branch in

Evaluation of Dominant Physical Ability in DISPORA Fostered Athletes in Aceh Province Athletic Branch in 2013Physical condition is a unified whole of components that cannot be separated, either improvement or maintenance, athletics is the oldest sport or is said to be the mother of other sports, in which...
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The Effect of Leg Muscle Strengh, Leg Muscle Explosion Power, and Reaction Speed on the Side Kunging Degree Capability

Nissa Aldani, Gusril, Alnedral
The study aims to reveal the direct and indirect effects of exogenous variables on endorgent variables. The research method is a quantitative Path Analysis approach. The study population was all athletes in the Tarung Derajat Padang city of 110 sports, consisting of 60 men and 50 women. Sampling with...
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The Relationship Between Parents’ Education Levels to Fundamental Motor Skills Children’s in Buttui Mentawai

Resi Marini, Anton Komaini
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between the level of parental education with the basic movement skills of children in Buttui Mentawai Village. This research method uses a combined research method (Mixed Methods), which is a step of research by combining two forms of approach...
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The Effect of Training Method and Ergogenic Implementation to Explosive Power Leg Muscle Basketball Athletes

Ronni Yenes, N Erizal., Roma Irawan
The use of appropriate training methods will make the exercises performed more effective and efficient. Moreover, the achievement of the training objectives will be acquired as the targets. This study aims to see the effect of the set system training method and the circuit training method with the implementation...
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Sport Tourism Development in Lake Sipin Region in Jambi City

Ugi Nugraha, Mochammad Asmawi, Hidayat Humaid
Lake Sipin, located in Jambi City, is a possible destination to be developed for sports and tourism. This study aims at analyzing the development of sports tourism in the Lake Sipin area. This research is qualitative research with case study design. The results showed that Lake Sipin was currently developed...
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Influence of Athletic Training With Pair Jump Rope Training Model and Ladder Drill to Increase Ability Kids Athletic Elementary School Students

Ujang Rohman, Abd. Cholid, Regina Septiria, Arif Luqman Hakim
This research aims to develop varied athletic sports learning through athletic training in pair jump rope and ladder drill models to improve abilities (kids athletic elementary school students. The research method uses an experimental method with a quantitative approach. Randomized Group Preetest-Posttest...
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The Comparison of Cardiovascular Endurance Based on the Blood Types for the Students of Sport Science Faculty of Jambi University

Wawan Junresti, Sri Murniati
This study aims to examine the comparison of cardiovascular endurance based on the blood type for the students of Sport science faculty, Jambi University, as well as to determine what blood type has better cardiovascular endurance. This is a comparative descriptive study through survey method with 24...
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Long Jump Learning Model Using Play Approach

Wondo Wibowo, Hartati
This study was aimed to produce a long jump learning model product using play approach for fifth grade students of elementary school. The Method used research and development. The procedures consists of; analysis of needs for initial product, initial product development, product validation and evaluation...
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The Effect of Weight Training Method With the Level of Motor Ability to Hypertrophy of Thigh Muscle

Yendrizal, Ronni Yenes, Fadh Mukhtarsyaf
Weight training performed continuously with the basic principles of exercise effects an increase in muscle mass or known as muscle hypertrophy. There are many training methods used to increase muscle hypertrophy, such as the fast and slow repetition exercises. In addition, the factor of motor skill level...
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The Relationship of Sleep Hygiene With Quality of Sleep in Adolescents

Dwi Happy Anggia Sari, Nindy Annisa
A Young person is somebody who is 12-18 years of age. Somebody said to be a young person when it has created sexual development and settling his way of life as an individual isolated from the family, self-planning to confront tasks, decide the future, and wind up arriving at develop age as indicated...
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Sociodemographic Factors Related to the Incidence of Depression in the Elderly

Sandra Dewi, Hidayati, Debby Silvia Dewi
The World Healt Organization (WHO 2018) says nearly 400 million of the world’s population suffer from mental disorders. Often it is not properly diagnosed, so it does not get proper treatment and treatment. In Indonesia with a variety of biological, psychological and social factors with diversity of...
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Improvement of Learning Outcomes Through Team Games Tournament (TGT) Learning Model to the Physical Activity of Class XI IPS 2 SMA Negeri 5 Bukittinggi

This research aims to improve the activities and sports of physical education and health students through the application of the Team Model tournament games in the subject volleyball game.This research is a class action research conducted at SMA 5 Bukittinggi. Subjects in class XI IPS 2 SMA 5 Bukittinggi...
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The Influence of Hypnobrithing Techniques on Reducing Anxiety of Third Trimester Mothers During Preparation for Childbirth

Aulia Asman, Erpita Yanti, Autika Asman
Pregnancy is a natural thing that happens to women who are productive. During pregnancy there are changes in the mother both physically and psychologically. In Indonesia about 95% of health workers do not pay much attention to the psychological condition of women giving birth but rather pay attention...
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Correlation of Age With Hemoglobin Levels in Trained Soccer Athlete

Erpita Yanti, Tika Gustina, Rara Putri Meliza
The problem in this study is the still low hemoglobin level in Rajawali Fc soccer athlete caused by several. The index of body mass, genes, physical activity is one of the factors that influence hemoglobin. purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of age with hemoglobin.This research is...
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The Relationship of Body Mass Index to Hemoglobin Levels

Yessy Aprihatin, Devon, Marisa Imral
Study aims to identify the relationship between body composition and hemoglobin (Hb) levels. The problem with some football players is that their hemoglobin levels are low. The method used in this research was Ex Post Facto. Selected research methods and experimental designs. The experimental design...
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The Endurance Ability Analysis Persikopa Football Players of Pariaman City

Ridho Bahtra, Moch. Asmawi, Widiastuti
This study aims to determine the endurance ability Persikopa football players of Pariaman City. The study was conducted at the AMS Pauh football field in Pariaman City. The method used in this research is descriptive method. Sampling in this study through total sampling technique. The sample was 25 Persikopa...
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Development of Advanced Learning Technique of Pencak Silat Based Multimedia in FIK UNP

Sonya Nelson, Fahmil Haris
This research aims to develop advanced learning techniques Pencak Silat with the design of multimedia technology application. The design of models developed through several phases include: (1) Digging for potential and problems, (2) data collection, (3) product design, (4) Design validation, (5) revision...
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Development of Water Recognition Skills Training Model in Children

Wendri Maryadi, Achmad Sofyan Hanif, Wahyuningtyas Puspitorini
Children who first practice swimming, must first be introduced to the properties of water. The introduction of water really needs to be applied to all those who want to learn swimming specifically for children with intellectual disabilities, of course it is very important to do water swallowing. The...
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The Effect of 3 KG Medicine Ball Training on Extracurricular Participants Ability of Passing

Windo Wiria Dinata
The problem in this study is the ability of passing basketball students who are not optimal. This research is aimed at seeing influences of 3 kg medicine ball training on the passing ability of high school basketball students. This research method is experimental. The population of this study was 28...
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The Effect of Iron Supplements on Lung Vital Capacity in Soccer School

Pudia M. Indika
Physical exercise on high frequency and intensity requires cardiopulmonary endurance. Lung vital capacity is ability of lung to maximum respiration. Oxygen in the air can be distributed if it has iron minerals in hemoglobin. Severe physical exercise interferes with the absorption of iron minerals. The...
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21st Century Sports Management

Nugroho Susanto, Zulbahri
In the 21st century, Sports management is the science and experience for all mankind, in their performances, profession or society that involve the output, stimulation, publicity or classification of any physical exercise associated to an interest or product. Sports institutional management consists...
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A Study of Professional Standard for Teacher Performance of Sports Physical Education and Healthteachers of State Junior Schools

N Erizal., Adnan Fardi, Yendrizal
The study is quantitative descriptive which aims to find out the competence of Sport Physical Education and Health teachers, which includes: pedagogical competence, personal competence, social competence and professional competence. The population in this study is all Sport Physical Education and Health...
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The Influence of Teaching Inclusion Style on Destination Swimming Learning

Pringgo Mardesia, Firmansyah Dlis, Abdul Sukur
This study aims to look at the effect of inclusive teaching styles on breaststroke swimming learning outcomes. The teaching style of inclusion has done a lot to understand and explain learners in sports. When using the inclusive teaching style approach, it can introduce various levels of tasks to be...
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Long Jump Practice Lecture Towards Athletic Learning Results

Ishak Aziz, Nelfia Adi
The purpose of this research is to acknowledge the how far the ability of the students in long jump practice lectures. When in learning result, especially in the long jump number is low, it will affect the overall results of athletic practice learning. The population of this study is all of the students...
Proceedings Article

The Influence of the Sprint Training Method Towards SSB Player Speed

Yanuar Kiram, Al Mukhlis
The problem in this study is the low achievement obtained by the SSB Tunas Harapan player, X Koto Subdistrict, Tanah Datar District. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is an influence of the sprint training method on the running speed of the SSB Player Tunas Harapan, X Koto District,...