Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Social Science (ISSS 2019)

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Study on Severity and Influencing Factors of Injury at Intersections

Linlin Wang, Junyou Zhang, Yuan Feng
Intersections are the places where traffic accidents occur frequently. As the hub of urban transportation, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of vehicles has become a problem that needs to be solved. The research on the mechanism of the severity of traffic accident injury at intersections can...
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Overview to the Research on Codes of Professional Ethics for Librarians of China and United States

Xiaoli Hou
The political revolution in France and the industrial revolution in Great Britain and the United States shifted the course of history around the North Atlantic. Comparably, the transformation of cultural metamorphosis and social structure are more extensive and substantial. The library is the outcome...
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Research on the Walkability Evaluation of Historical Urban Area: Taking Changting, Fujian as an Example

Minzhi Chen, Ying Zheng
The measure of walking environment is an important indicator to measure humanized city and social ecology, at present, the evaluation of road walkability is still dominated by various strongly subjective built environment indicators, and there is still no quantitative and standardized measure research...
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Winston’s Pursuit of Existential Meaning in 1984

Jiyan Sun, Guizhen Li
1984 is a novel about self-existence. Sartre emphasizes self, freedom and responsibilities, and the absurd world in which human beings are entangled in. Therefore, based on the existential theory of Sartre, this paper analyzes the free choices of love, thoughts and actions of the protagonist Winston...
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Review on the Relationship Between Identity and Emotion in Organizational Context

Liying Wang, Liping Lin
Status is a symbol of one’s family, career and society. Identity is very important for individuals, because it will have a very important impact on individuals’ self-cognition and their cognition of other social objects. Some people believe that the identity of an individual will change with the changes...
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Gender and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Wenyi Gao
As organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) becomes a hot and interesting topic, there are some contradictory opinions towards different groups displaying OCB. The most controversial one is about gender. Some people believe that females tend to manifest more OCB, while others argue that men are inclined...
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Study on Translator’s Subjectivity in the Light of Steiner’s Fourfold Translation Motion: A Case Study of the Aggression on Cheng Naishan’s Chinese Version of the Joy Luck Club

Wei Zhang, Wenhui Dou
The paper introduces George Steiner and His Fourfold Translation Motion Theory, and the study of the Aggression on Cheng Naishan’s Chinese Version of The Joy Luck Club is elaborated accordingly.
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Study on the Relationship Between Self-Congruence and Marriage-Quality of Professional Women

Jun Xu, Jinxia Zhao
At present, the divorce rate is increasing year by year. The study on marriage quality and its influencing factors is crucial to the stability and harmony of family and society. Therefore, this paper is about investigation of relationship between self-congruence and marriage-quality among 245 married...
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The Consideration About Diversified Flows of Employment of Graduates Majoring in Chinese Language and Culture Education

Zhongli Guo, Yuanyuan Zhou
In order to better solve the employment problem of university graduates majoring in Chinese Language and Culture Education, this paper, on the basis of investigating the employment situation of graduates of this major, probes into the diversified flows problem of employment of graduates of this major...
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Policy Oriented Research on Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Entrepreneurship Measures Based on Co-Word Network Analysis

Chongshan Wan, Danlin Zhang
With continuous work in taking targeted measures in poverty alleviation, China will soon achieve comprehensive poverty reduction in the rural poor by 2020. After a large number of poverty alleviation practices, entrepreneurship for poverty alleviation becomes an important way to achieve the self-worth...
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Study on the Protection of Overseas Chinese Citizens’ Security

Lina Chen, Yawen Chen
With the acceleration of the process of global integration, cross-border flows tend to be frequent, and the interactions between individuals, countries and international organizations are gradually deepening and the relationship between the parties is complicated. In this context, there are more and...
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Weight Cognition and Weight Loss Behaviors of College Students

Yanli Shen, Zhengying Lou, Jiaqi Xu
In recent years, college students began to set off an upsurge of losing weight, at the same time, “thin for beauty” of a single and deformed aesthetic concept began to invade colleges and universities. Even worse, this kind of assumption kidnaps the aesthetic assumption of college students, and has a...
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An Analysis and Research on the Development of Preschool Physical Education

Feng Wang
With the continuous enhancement of the health awareness of the whole people, today’s education reform is also advancing under the quality-oriented education. The teaching of physical education in early childhood teaching is more and more widely concerned by people, and the physical activity of early...
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The Manipulative Nature of the Articles Published by Influential Official Accounts on WeChat

Menglin Shi
In China, more people started to get update of events happening around the world through social media platforms such as WeChat or Weibo. Even though these social media platforms provide a more entertaining and more convenient sources of information, the often have titles which appeal to readers’ curiosity...
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Freedom, Passion, and Resistance: On the Intention of the “Absurd Man” in Sisyphus Myth

Weixian Wang
Sisyphus Myth is the most important of Albert Camus’s three early representative works on absurdity, which embodies his existentialism and absurd philosophy. This book takes “absurd man” as its core, mainly with the help of the elucidation of the meaning of the image of “Sisyphus”, through the analysis...
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A Comparative Study of Political and Social Reforms Between China and the United States in the Post-Cold War Era

Xiaohe He
Since the end of the cold war, one of the most remarkable fundamental changes in the world’s political and economic structure has been the rapid rise of China and its accompanying and emerging trend of “power transfer between China and the United States”. The fundamental reason why the gap of comprehensive...
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Site Spirit Analysis of Yanshan, Hekou Ancient Town in Jiangxi Province

Siao Lu, Hui Lin, Jing Xu
Hekou ancient town, Yanshan county, Jiangxi province, is one of the famous towns in the south of qing dynasty, which is neck and neck with jingde town, zhangshu town and wucheng town, and is known as the four famous towns in Jiangxi, Due to its late development, people have a very limited understanding...
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Appeasement, Rearmament, and the British Left-Wing Press: The Case of the Daily Herald

Siqi Li
This paper provides an investigation into the responses of Britain’s left-wing press between 1935-39 to key international developments, specifically fascist expansionism, and the (Conservative) government’s foreign and defence policy. By examining the shifting relationship between editorial positioning...
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A Summary of Research on Campus Bullying in China

Ruohan Yuan
Campus bullying is a universal problem in the world, and it is also the focus of attention of Chinese academia and all walks of life at present. This paper combs the important research literature about campus bullying in China, collates the connotation and types of campus bullying. In addition, this...
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The Path Choice of China’s Service-Oriented Government Construction During the Social Transition

Shuai Li, SweeSim Foong
At present, China has entered into social transition, and various social problems and contradictions gradually emerge, the inefficiency of government departments has made the government’s prestige challenged. In order to alleviate the contradictions and solve the problems in the social transition, the...
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The Use of Latin Literature During the Transition Period Between the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire—How Latin Literature was Utilized to Achieve Various Political Approaches

Zhikai Li
Julia Caesar and Augustus Caesar are two of the most important figures on the Roman history: one ended the old Roman Republic, the other started the Roman Empire. During their lifetime, the Rome complete the dramatic shift from a republic to an empire. The Gallic War and the Aeneid, two of the most influential...
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Research on the Selection of Arbitrators Based on Game Theory

Xingtong He, Xinyan Jiang
This paper established a model to describe a specific problem called the selection of arbitrators in general classes. This model involves a party of two choosing among a list of arbitrators with their opponents’ vetoes and their preference ranking. Firstly, this paper founded mechanisms to depict social...
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Epidemiological Status, Influencing Factors and Preventive Measures of Eating Disorders

Yidan Huang
Eating disorders are now more commonly seen in public and the risk of having an eating disorder is still among the top concerns in today’s society. Eating disorders are serious conditions related to persistent eating behaviors that negatively impact health and emotions. Psychological and nutritional...
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Analysis of Welfare Model of Poor Children in Shenzhen Under Perspective of Pluralism

Wei Li, Yongting Zhang
In order to improve the social participation of poor children ability and independent ability, literature analysis and participatory observation method are applied based on pluralism perspective to study the pattern for the welfare of the poor children of Shenzhen. First of all, the related concepts...
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Analysis of Female Characters in a Dream of Red Mansions—Taking Xue Baochai as an Example

Ziyu Lu
A dream of Red Mansions is a classic Chinese classical novel, in which the characters are always discussed by the fans of Red Mansions. Xue Baochai, as one of the main characters, is a typical feudal woman. In Xue Baochai’s character image, she has the qualities of the feudal lady’s virtuous, as well...
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Analysis on the Path of Local Application-Oriented College Students’ Rural Self Entrepreneurship

Jie Jiang
How to make Local Application-oriented College students achieve greater effectiveness in entrepreneurship should be explored in depth. This paper discusses the basic conditions of Local Application-oriented College Students’ Rural self entrepreneurship, analyzes the problems existing in Local Application-oriented...
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Schoolgirls’ Resistance of Ryōsai Kenbo in Late Meiji Period

Jiatong Ying
This paper aims to investigate late Meiji high schoolgirls’ resistance to the good wife and wise mother norm by analyzing an individual case, fictional figures and research papers. This paper tries to show the resistance of girls and their reason from a different angle. Because more education opportunities...
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The Method of Seeking Truth from the Facts in Marxist Philosophy

Mengyan Ma
The paper aims at analyzing the basic thought and connotation of seeking truth from the facts and the application and development of seeking truth from the facts in socialism with Chinese characteristics, so as to provide theoretical basis for the implementation of the thought of seeking truth from the...
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Practice and Exploration of Fine Career Guidance in Application-Oriented Colleges

He Zhan, Mingze Zhan, Haibin Wang
As an innovative management culture and management mode, refinement management is applied to college students career guidance which can guide undergraduate to adjust their mentality, rational thinking and rational positioning in time. The management mode aims to establish the occupational development...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in International Chinese Teaching

Ping Jiang
With the development of information technology, people’s lifestyles and production modes are changing subtly, and the education industry is no exception, the advance of network technology has caused worldwide changes in the education and teaching field, educational information is a revolution in the...
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Three Aspects of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era

Yupu Zhang
Xi Jinping’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era is the era’s navigator of the innovative development of the party and the country. It is a major strategic theory in which the party and the country innovates social development in the new era and promotes China’s modernization...
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Comparison of Chinese and Western Internal Spiritual Culture

Rui Li
One kilogram and one centimeter, which temperature is higher? This is obviously a nonsensical question. A question that people with common sense will not bother to discuss. The reason is simple: artisans and centimeters are not in a unit of measurement at all. How can they be compared? Similar questions...
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Examining Rural Social Security Situation in Xing County, Shanxi Province from a Realistic Perspective

Chenhao Zhao
Social security is a systematic project related to the well-being of people’s livelihood and the long-term stability of the country. Social security refers to the social security system in which the state and society distribute and redistribute the national income through legislation and guarantee the...
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Research on the Application of Regional Factors in Museum Design

Feng Ding
Museum is a place to show wisdom and knowledge to the public. It is one of the cultural symbols and symbolic buildings of a country or place. Therefore, the characteristics of regional factors should be fully considered in the construction of museums. This paper discusses the application of natural environmental...
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The Influence of Self-Control on Media Literacy of College Students

Xiaoping Yang, Xu Wang
This study explores the influence of self-control on eight dimensions of media literacy to put forward some suggestions to enhance self-control and media literacy of college students. Questionnaires were employed in the survey and SPSS was adopted to test the hypothesis concerning the relationship between...
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The Influence of National and Folk Sports on the Trans-Border Ethnic Groups Cultural Identity Between China and Burma

Wei Gu, Jianping Zhang, Jianyu Zhang
From the perspective of ethnic sociology, literature survey, questionnaire survey, expert interview, field investigation, mathematical statistics and other research methods are adopted to take the Trans-Border ethnic groups of China and Burma in southwest yunnan province as the main research object,...
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The Transition in Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait: Before and After 1939

You Li
The special life and experiences of artists usually serve as beginnings, motivation, and significant turning points for their artistic creation. Affected by various emotional changes, these artists show the influence of critical events in their styles of artwork, marking their stages of life. As one...
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The Influence and Enlightenment of Feminism on the Development of Chinese Women

Tengjing Wang
Topics on women’s rights have attracted worldwide attention for a long time. As a feudal country, China’s traditional concept of “patriarchal supremacy” and “men is better than women” are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. As a widely influenced social trend of thought, Western feminism aims...
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Connecting the Reality–PBL Teaching Design of Course “Preliminary Architectural Design”

Jialing Xu
After 8 years of teaching practice, we find the limitations of traditional teaching and think about effective teaching methods. The course “preliminary architectural design” is designed with the teaching goal of “connecting the reality”. Learners need to face real people on a real site, and use real...
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Research on the Development of Bilingual Teaching for Ethnic Minorities Under the Environment of Modern Educational Technology

Fangwei Huang
under the background of multi-nationality, multi-language and multi-language in our country, the bilingual teaching of ethnic minorities is an important content and way of national education in our country. Under the background of vigorously carrying out modern educational technology in our country,...
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Research and Suggestions on Population Aging Under the Background of Social Security Fee Reduction

Minxuan Zhong, Ziwei Zhao
At present, China implements the important measure of “tax and fee reduction”, which reduces the cost of enterprises, reduces the burden on enterprises, and can promote economic growth. Social security fee reduction in particular to reduce the enterprise endowment insurance contribution ratio. However,...
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Exploration and Analysis on the Idea of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in the New Era

Tianfu Lin
The idea of targeted poverty alleviation fully shows the theoretical innovation and practical innovation of road for poverty alleviation with Chinese characteristics. It meets the needs of dynamic development of socialistic poverty alleviation and development with Chinese characteristics in the new era,...
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Interactive Teaching Experience and Reflection of Mental Health Education for College Students Course—Taking Sichuan Vocational College of Information Technology as an Example

Ling Qiao
The author introduces interactive teaching into college students’ mental health education curriculum; finds that college mental health education for student course has strong application, experience, and diversity of teaching evaluation in the teaching process. On this basis, some reflection has been...
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Study in Biochemistry Flipped Classroom Based on Mobile Internet

Yong Chen
With the rapid development of Mobile Internet technology, mobile learning has been becoming a research hotspot in field of education and teaching. This study discussed the feasibility of the dynamic integration of mobile learning and flipped classroom based on Mobile Internet, and applied the flipped...
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Performance form Analysis of Pingxiang Lotus Fall

Yeqin Peng
Lotus Fall is also called” Lian Huale”, which is the traditional form of folk performance in our country. Pingxiang Lotus Fall is a branch of the Lotus fall system. In 2010, Pingxiang Lotus Fall was listed in the provincial non-material cultural heritage list project in Jiangxi Province. The research...
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Study on the Transmedia Storytelling Construction of the Text of “Spider-Man”

Nianjia Ren
The “Spider-Man” series of films construct intertextual structure by means of re-contextualization in the texts, and then bring strong sense of immersion to the audience with the projection of the world’s empathy, finally shaping the classic “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” character image, and constructing...
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Study on the Transmedia Storytelling Practice of “Spider-Man”

Chang Meng
From perspective of transmedia storytelling case practice, the derivative creation of “Spider-Man” series films is considered as the main research subject. From the aspects of official creation and fans’ derivative works, the transmedia storytelling practice is summarized as two typical modes: the film-and-game...
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The Application of Case Teaching Method in Econometrics Teaching

Mingfang He, Hui Liu
Econometrics is a core course for undergraduates majoring in economics. Abstraction and tediousness make it difficult for teachers to teach and students to learn. Reform of the teaching mode based on lectures is imperative. Based on the content of chapter “Multivariate Regression Analysis”, this paper...
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The Prospect of Early Bilingual Education in China

Yang Sun, Yifan Lu, Peng Zhang
This study will review and analyze literatures of the field to indicate the prospect of the early bilingual education in China. As scientific findings about early bilingualism have few opportunities to be disseminated in China, my investigation aims to introduce some mainstream concepts of bilingual...
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The Character Identity Writing in the Filipino’s American Novel “TWICE BLESSED”

Hong Shao
The novel “TWICE BLESSED” by Filipino-American novelist Ninotchka Rosca starts the writing of Philippine history through historical events such as the country’s presidential election. The author, through the identity writing about the main characters in the Philippine President candidate group, lets...
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A Great Prophecy of the Historical Development of Human Society: Moby Dick

Hua Zhao
Moby Dick is a profound American fiction which leaves readers endless space to investigate. Literary critics find the essential value of it from different angles. The connection between the text and social phenomenon is the core part we should think about. It is this kind of connection that shows us...
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Study of Pattern Separation in Human being

Jingci Jiang
Pattern separation, the ability to distinguish similar representation of experiences and memories, is crucial to episodic memory. In this review, we summarize different models of memory systems that are important for understanding pattern separation, then introduce the concept and definition of pattern...
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Research on the Impact of Pre-Schools on the Ideological and Political Work of Graduate Students and the Countermeasures

Yongchao Shen, Menghua Huo, Xueqian Li
In recent years, the scale of graduate students in China has continued to increase, and the flow of graduate students across universities has increased. The pre-school factors have an important impact on the quality of graduate education. Subdividing students from the pre-school level to carry out targeted...
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Exploration of Interactive Teaching Mode in Mental Health Education Courses of College Students

Ling Qiao
The author introduces interactive teaching into the mental health education courses of college students, adopts the “four in one” teaching mode, makes students become dominant in the classroom and actively participates in teaching, establishes multiple motivational assessment methods, thus the new teaching...
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The Strategies to Guide Higher Education Institution-Related Online Public Opinions from the Perspective of Crisis Management

Shuwei Wang, Yu Pang, Chuanbei Liu
Since college/university students are one of the most active netizen groups, higher education institutions become one of “storm eyes” of online public opinions. Suddenly-happened group events often cause uproar online. If they are not controlled immediately, they may damage the image of higher education...
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Research on Public Sentiment Dissemination and Countermeasures in a New Media Environment

Xiaotong Xie, Leyi Ren
On the basis of researching literature on new media environment and public sentiment dissemination, this essay points to the characteristics of public sentiment dissemination in a new media environment: liberalization, diversification, tendentiousness, an inclination to arouse associations, population...
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The Cross-Cultural Training of College English Teaching Under the Concept of “Internet+”

Li Luo
Objective: To improve the college student’s English level by combining English language teaching with cultural teaching through “Internet+” technology. Method: This paper introduces the concepts of “Internet+” and Cross-Culture, and analyses the importance of cultural factors in English teaching. It...
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The Historical Process and Basic Experience of Upholding and Strengthening the Communist Party of China Leadership Since Reform and Opening up

Guangxin Shi, Shuwen Chen
The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, the fundamental guarantee for doing a good job of the Party and the country, and the fundamental point of China’s political stability, economic development, national unity and...
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Integration of Social Capital: The New Dimension for the Strengthening and Innovation of Social Governance

Ting Zhang
Social capital is a kind of hidden resource contained in social relations, which is intensively centered on the aspects such as the trust and cooperation of citizens, the orderly citizen engagement networks and the fair and just social norms. The social capital theory provides a brand-new theoretical...
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Study on the Application of Green Building Technology in Public Buildings

Shule Wei
The concept of green building has a long history, which began to appear in the 1960s. At first, Italian architect Paolo combined the concepts of ecology and architecture to get “the concept of ecological architecture”. Since the 1970s, in order to deal with the energy problem, solar energy, wind energy...
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Research on the Sustainable Development of Social Responsibility of Higher Education of China from the Perspective of Stakeholders

Xiaoyan Zhao
The higher education of China has developed rapidly. During the process of its development, social responsibility has got more attention. From the perspective of stakeholders to analyze the social responsibility of higher education of China could promote the sustainable development of China’s higher...
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Study of Brown Land Governance Based on Stakeholder Perspective

Ying Wang, Jiameng Song
In the early stage of China’s industrial development, most factories were built in urban centers or surrounding areas. Extensive management and environmental protection measures were not enough. The pollution of land was very serious, and the area of brown land increased year by year. Brown land is often...
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Analysis of the Reliability and Validity of the Evaluation of College Students’ General Ability

Meijuan Shan
At present, it is difficult to evaluate students’ general ability at home and abroad. Based on the history and research of general education evaluation, this paper defines general education evaluation as “general ability” evaluation of college students. On the basis of literature research, combined with...
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Research on the Influence of Learning Analysis Technology on Teaching Mode Under the Background of Big Data

Ming Yang
With the development of information technology, big data analysis applied in the field of education has become the development trend of teaching today. Learning analysis technology, as an emerging technology, has changed the empirical mode of traditional teaching. It can not only provide students with...
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Review and Application of Research on Social Representation Theory

Jiaming Wang
Literature survey shows that social representation theory has been widely used in many fields such as research on foreign social science, collective representation and personal representation, and provides effective theoretical support and practical guidance for many industries. However, at present,...
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Path Research on Strengthening the Construction of Student Associations in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of the Reform of the Communist Youth League

Junxiang Wang
College student associations play an important role in prospering campus culture, improving students ‘comprehensive quality and promoting the reform of talent cultivation in Colleges and universities. However, with the development of higher education, college student associations are also facing the...
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Taoism and Strategy Flexibility: Through the Institutional Perspective

Ru Guo, Xiaodong Qiu
The traditional strategic thinking is based on mechanical worldview, which believed that as long as sufficient information is available, a formula can be used to predict the future development of the enterprise. However, in the era of big data, social development is involved with rapid-changed information...
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Optimization of Emergency Evacuation Strategy Based on Social Force Model

Yahui Zhang
In order to deal with the possible terrorist attacks and other emergencies, it is particularly important to develop a reasonable evacuation plan. We develop an evacuation model to solve this problem. The evacuation model is based on social force and bottleneck evacuation model. The simulation experiments...
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Land Property Right and Internal Migration in China

Sally Li
Promoting internal migration has been a vital objective for Chinese government. Rural-urban migration have numerous advantages that can help the individual, the urban areas, and the country as a whole. However, there are obstacles presenting in the process of migration. This paper is going to mainly...
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Exploring and Thinking on the Successful Experience and Poverty Alleviation Model in the Implementation of Accurate Poverty Alleviation Based on ZhengJia Village, a Provincial Poverty-Stricken Village in Hubei Province

Jun Li, Junrong Deng
Based on the actual situation of ZhengJia Village, this paper analyzes the causes of poverty in ZhengJia Village, the successful experience of poverty alleviation under the “four in one” poverty alleviation program, and the seven poverty alleviation models that explore the “one altitude one model”. Further...
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Critical Evaluation of Ancient Origins of the Global Variation in Economic Preferences

Jixuan Li
Risk, time, and social partialities show huge difference both cross and inside countries, this non-uniformity is also correspond to economic results at both individual and country’s aggregate levels. This essay is going to critically evaluate this paper in two sections and make some suggestions accordingly....
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Research on the Cooperative Mechanism of Volunteer Service of “Team Cadre + College Student Volunteer + Social Worker”

Wei Xu, Huanxia Qian, Hangsheng Chen, Na Tang, Shanshan Hou
Based on the analysis of the existing volunteer service model and common problems in colleges and universities, this paper proposes the cooperation mechanism of “corporate cadre + college student volunteer + social worker” as a way to solve problems, and combines Internet thinking to volunteer service...
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Analysis on the Power Supervision Mechanism of Village Committee

Haifeng Liu
along with our country urbanization and rural social transformation, rural contradictions increasingly prominent, especially the contradiction between the villagers and the village committee, conflict. The village committee devour their collective property on abusive, serious violations of the economic...
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The Creative Background and Artistic Characteristics of Chapter “Pension Song” for the Local Folk Art Forms

Yeqin Peng
“Pension Song” is one song of many modern Pingxiang the local folk art forms written by Huakeng Song and composed by Renchu Tang and Huakeng Song in 2006. It combined with “Pingxiang Tea-leaf Picking Opera”, “Pingxiang Lotus Fall”, and “Pingxiang Spring Gong” and so on traditional tunes and music elements,...
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Co-Governance and Sharing: The Exploration and Path Research of Social Organizations Participating in Urban Community Governance in Kunming

Ming Ma, Siji Tao
Under the national policy and social background of innovative urban community governance mode, Guandu District, Kunming vigorously cultivates social organizations to participate in urban community service and governance, and actively promotes innovative transformation of community governance patterns....
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Contemplations on Man and Nature—A Comparative Study of the View of Nature Between William Wordsworth and Wang Wei

Liyun Cheng, Xin Liu
Both William Wordsworth and Wang Wei are prominent idyllic poets who chanted nature and sought beauty and divinity from nature. While sharing similarities, they contrasted each other in many respects in their poetic works. Wang Wei’s poems were deeply influenced by Zen Buddhism, which gave nature a rich...