Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Management, Education, Information and Control (MEICI 2017)

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Research and Practice on the Model and Method of Funds Management in Colleges

Yuanyuan Tian
With the large-scaled extension of education and opening of market economy, the development of college and university is restricted by capital flow. How to strengthen the financial management and simplify the process of expense account, how to speed up the capital turnover rate and service efficiency,...
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Exploration of Interactive Teaching Mode in "Database Theory" Course

Ping Li
The interactive teaching mode is researched in the basic course, according to the computer specialty core curriculum "database theory" characteristics. Firstly, the function of the interactive teaching mode are introduced. Then, the main problems in the teaching of the course are analyzed. Finally, the...
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The Research on Forensic DNA Evidence Base on Criminal Law Vision

Changmeng Jiang
Since the introduction of DNA technology into the field of forensic science, it has gradually become the main means of forensic evidence identification in criminal cases. The forensic DNA evidence produced by this technology has important functions in criminal proceedings, which can provide clues for...
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Construction of Data Acquisition and Statistical Analysis Model based on Big Data Processing

Hongsheng Xu, Ganglong Fan, Ke Li
Statistics and analysis mainly use distributed database or distributed computing cluster to analyze and classify the massive data stored in it. The main features and challenges of statistics and analysis are that the amount of data involved in the analysis is large, and the system resources, especially...
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A Plant-wide Case for Control System Study in Teaching of Process Control Engineering

Lingjian Ye, Hongwei Guan
In the process control engineering course, control methods are often introduced separately, which lacks an efficient way to deliver knowledge of control integration through case studies. In this paper, we introduce a plant-wide benchmark platform, the Tennessee Eastman (TE) process, for the teaching...
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Research on Constructing Innovation and Enterprise Education Quality Evaluation System of Application Oriented University

Kefei Wang, Ming Lu, Hongdi Ke
This paper proposes a new innovation and entrepreneurship education evaluation system,the system is based on the principle of objective evaluation and objective evaluation,subjective evaluation by improved AHP, objective evaluation by combination evaluation method, And through the inspection in advance...
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Research on Improved RSSI for Personal Positioning Method of Digital Community Monitoring System

Hongdi Ke
Zigbee network can be used to Digital Community Monitoring System, Personal Positioning Method is the important component of the Digital Community Monitoring System. On the basis of studying the RSSI and Trilateral-weighted centroid localization algorithms, we proposed a improved RSSI algorithm. On a...
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Innovation Model Analysis of Data Flow Calculation and Storage Technology based on Cloud Computing

Hongsheng Xu, Ke Li, Ganglong Fan
Common forms of cloud storage can be divided into distributed file systems and distributed database. Among them, the distributed file system uses large-scale distributed storage nodes to meet the demand of large files stored. The paper describes big data acquisition and processing key technology based...
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Research on the Professional Practice Evaluation Standard of the Computer Talents Training Mode

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu, Yanghong Liu, Jing Li
The training content of computer talents needs to change constantly with the continuous development of computer technology. Professional practice is a very important link point in the computer talents training. Combined with the training mode of "3+1" talents in present domestic colleges and universities,...
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Teaching Exploration and Practice of Software Development Course Based on "Project Experience Learning Mode"

Qingyu Zou, Yan Liu
Software development is an important part of software engineering. In this paper, we puts forward the teaching method of software development course based on "project experience learning mode" for the shortcomings of practical training conditions and practical experience of applied undergraduate colleges....
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Lossless Compression Algorithm For Color Image Based on the SHIRCT

Xinwen Bi, Meng Xu, Wenyou Hu, Xiaodan Shi
This paper studies the wavelet transform domain in low-frequency generation embedded SHIRCT transform complete color image compression algorithm. The results show that this algorithm can be very good to complete image lossless compression, by 12 color international standard test image simulation, JP2,...
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Research on the Education about Development of Cultural Tourism about Henan Province

Hexiang Lu
The cultural tourism industry is one of the most important industries in the current society. It can be said that it is one of the most potential industries in the 21st century. Through tourism, People can use consumption to stimulate economic and social development and meet people's special spiritual...
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The Motion Simulation System of Steel Cutting Manipulator

Xianghong Xu
Using the Visual Studio and MATLAB to carry on secondary development in Pro/E and complete the robot motion simulation system. Robotics Toolbox is used to establish the dynamic model of steel cutting manipulator ;Through the joint development of the Visual Studio and the Pro/E, we can import robot model...
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The Design and Application of Data Acquisition and Monitoring System for Laboratory

Rongxia Duan, Baocai Xu, Chunmei Wang, Ningfeng Xu
Laboratory data acquisition monitoring system is designed for a school laboratory developed, solved about the problems such as data acquisition, real-time monitoring, alarm, greatly improving the work efficiency, and improve the accuracy of the testing data and real-time performance. This paper expounds...
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Application of Performance Technology in Educational Technology

Yingying Sun
With the deepening of the discussion on the educational technology discipline system, people have paid more attention to the performance technology. In this paper, starting from the understanding and research of performance technology and through the brief introduction of it, the connection between educational...
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The Application of KOMET Evaluation Technology in Teaching

Zheng Liu
To a certain extent, KOMET evaluation technology promotes the reform of education and teaching in Occupation College. KOMET evaluation technology is applied to teaching; Teachers can not only have a better understanding of the characteristics of occupation education, devise the study tasks scientifically...
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Experimental Study on the Application of the Michelson Interferometer

Yiying Lyu, Lei Ma, Qili Yang
Traditionally, the optics experiment of tradition takes the lead of the authenticating experiment and goes short of interesting and activity, meanwhile it is very unfavorable to the expansion of students' creative ability. In this paper,applications of Michelson interferometer in laser wavelength measurement...
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The Design of Solar Bike

Xiaoyun Li, Yijui Chiu, Keke Sun, Shengbo Li, Da Su
This paper used SolidWorks to design solar powered electric bike structure. By comparing and verifying the possibility of several installation methods, the program determined that the solar panels is placed in front and rear frame and that the solar tracking device is installed. And the structure interfaced...
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Harmony Development of Graduation Project and Social Project Practice

Kui Dai
Through graduation project teaching process analysis and summarizing , combine the graduation project and social project practice, explore a new teaching method , to how improve graduation project analyze and summarize, have pointed out the developing direction in the future of graduation project is...
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Cultivation of College Students' Innovative Ability in Operational Research Teaching

Min Sun, Maoying Tian, Hongchun Sun
Originated in the practical problems, Operational Research is a bridge which connects the theories in mathematics with the real world. This enables Operational Research to be a useful tool to cultivate students' innovative ability. In this paper, we discuss some problems encountered in this process and...
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A Critical Discourse Analysis on English News Based on Corpus

Hu Huafang
The critical analysis of news discourse is an important concern of the critical discourse analysis, which is of theoretical and practical significance. With combination of discourse analysis and social context analysis, news discourse research based on corpus contains qualitative, interpretative summary...
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Development of serial port Bluetooth communication module based on STM32

Jian Huang
Bluetooth communication technology is becoming more and more mature, and it is suitable for wireless communication in short distance. Especially suitable for networking. And Bluetooth both sides to communicate, must use AT instruction to set, and its communication rate, Internet Password and so set to...
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Application and Consideration of MOOC Use in Animal Medicine Teaching

Tuerxunjiang Kuerban, Dayong Tao, Bo Jing, Jianzhong He, Haihong Jiao, Donghai Zhou, Dexin Qiu, Dingzong Guo
Objective: In recent years, massive open online course (MOOC) has rapidly become a novel type of remote educational model worldwide. In this article, MOOC was applied in the course teaching of veterinary medicine to investigate the unidirectional ecological attribute of MOOC. Methods: Classification...
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Research on Strategic Human Resource Management of Enterprises Based on Cloud Computing

Yue Hao
Cloud computing technology can play a better supporting role in human resource management (HRM). The study shows that the characteristics of cloud computing technology and strategic HRM have internal consistency and the cloud computing technology can improve data utilization efficiency of HRM system,...
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The Empirical Analysis of the Purchase Intention of Online Vacation Tourism Products under the Regulation Function of Consumption Experience

Yue Wang
With the increasing demand for travel, online travel reservation is becoming more and more popular. Online vacation tourism market as an important subdivision field has broad development space. This paper investigated the regulation effect of the consumption experience on the consumers' intention of...
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Over Approximate Flow Pipeline Volume Algorithm for Three Variables Real-Time Linear Algebraic Hybrid Automaton

Hao Yang
In order to compute trajectory of three variables real-time linear algebraic Hybrid Automaton, three dimensional over approximate flow pipeline volume algorithm for three variables real-time linear algebraic Hybrid Automaton is proposed. Firstly, it defines the three variables real-time linear algebraic...
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Construction of Teaching Team of Fine Arts Majors in Colleges and Universities

Ping Zhao
The construction of teaching team in Colleges and universities plays an important role in improving teaching quality and training creative talents, which is of great significance for deepening the reform of higher education in China and improving the quality of education and teaching. The article analyzes...
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Research on the Needs for English Proficiency of College Students

Weina Ouyang, Xue Han
For a long time, College English education in China has been in a serious imbalance with great investment and limited output, the level of students' English ability is still low and it cannot match the social needs of the employer. Therefore, the problem of the demand and structure of College students'...
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Research on the Design Strategy of Micro - course Based on Flipped Classroom

Binbin Yu, Dawei Zhan
The traditional teaching mode, which is mainly taught by teachers, is not conducive to the development of students' subjectivity. The emergence of micro-courses has renewed the educational philosophy, micro-class more focus on learners so that learners learn fragmented learning resources. It may meet...
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4G Terminal LTE-CPE in the Practical Application

Xianjing Zhang, Hanbing Chu
LTE is the largest new technology research and development project initiated by 3GPP in recent years. With the improvement and maturity of LTE technology standards and the operators on the LTE investment increasing, 4G terminal products have appeared and the scope of its application is more and more...
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The Professional Practice Content Innovation of the Training Mode of Information Innovative Talents

Henghua Shi, Xin Xu, Xiaoshun Li, Xiaotong Liang
With the training direction of information talents and the characteristics of information technology development, the training mode of information innovative talents needs continuous exploration. In this paper, we combine the training mode of "3+1" talents with that of information innovative talents....
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Design of Automatic Patrol Line Car Based On Camera

Jian Huang
Camera technology is widely used in face recognition, color recognition and graphic image recognition. But the amount of information is very large when the camera is collected, so it is necessary to use high-performance microprocessor for data acquisition, and to identify different objects with a certain...
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Formal Modeling and Analysis for Power Grid Operation Risk

Lin Cheng, Rui Chen, Mingshun Liu, Tanfeng Ma, Zhonghai Ma
As more and more variable resources and demand response resources being integrated in the power grid, the grid operation is experiencing increasing level of risk. The spreading of a small failure can result a big disaster in many large-scale electric systems. Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)...
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A Co-relationship Study of Cognitive Style and Language Activity Design in English Class

Wenqun Yao
It is argued that learners' cognitive styles have close relationship their learning effectiveness. The present article explores the matching between students' cognitive styles and language activity design in English class. The study first investigated the cognitive styles of a certain group of students...
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Research on the Angle of Flaring Angle of One Way Valve

Yang Wang, Dongfang Hu
The one-way valve of a certain type of airborne pod is discussed in detail; especially a lot of people are concerned about expanding process of shaft. It can not only provide the basis for the optimization design and manufacture of the product, at the same time it also can improve the structure process...
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A New Approach for Operation Risk Analysis of Complex Electric System

Rui Chen, Jie Cao, Yan Wang, Lingzi Zhu, Zhonghai Ma
As large-scale electric systems becoming more and more complex, the risk probability is also experiencing a higher trend. This paper presents a novel risk analysis method from the perspective of complex network theory. By focusing essentially on the topological structure properties of the electric system...
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Application Research of Mooc in Flipped Classroom of College Courses

Zhongbin Wei, Song Zhao, Kun Wu
Based on MOOC, the teaching mode of flipped classroom in the university, help to improve the quality of university learning, realize the purpose and function of university study, provide experience for the reform of other courses. Mainly from four aspects of the teaching procedure, teaching strategy,...
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First-Principles Calculations on Electronic and Elastic Properties of Cuins2 Andcuinse2 at Ambient Pressure

Chunjie Wang, Xue Li, Yue Wang
An investigation on energy band structures, density of states, elastic coefficients and Debye temperature of CuInS2 and CuInSe2 at ambient pressure were conducted via first-principles calculations based on density functional theory (DFT). The results show that CuInS2 and CuInSe2 are direct band gap semiconductor....
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Research on Stock Returns and Volatility-Based on ARCH - GARCH Model

Linna Hu
The real estate industry occupies the important position and the role in the national economy system and China's securities market. Therefore, the study of real estate stock returns and volatility is of paramount importance. This paper collects time series data for real estate stocks [1].Firstly, establish...
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Reasearch of Reducing Agent

Haiquan Wang
Reducing agent is an important part of drilling fluid using oil and gas fields. Its function is to reduce amount of lost water of drilling fluid, and then the rheological properties of drilling fluid can be improved. This article outlines the research progress of water-based drilling fluid reducing agent...
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Apology Strategies Employed by the Public Figures in the Open Letters of Chinese and English

Shanshan Xu
This study investigates the similarities and differences on apology strategies employed by the public figures based on the data analysis of some English and Chinese open letters and makes an explanation in the perspective of intercultural pragmatics to foster the communication skills.
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Research on the Influence of Internet Word of Mouth on Consumers' Purchase Intention

Jun Wang, Hai Liu
With the development of information technology, more and more consumers tend to use the network platform to release or search enterprise products, brands, services and so on. Under this circumstance, this paper selected the influence of Internet word of mouth (IWOM) on consumers' purchase intention as...
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Research on Agricultural Information Data Based on Knowledge Mapping

Ning Fu, Yu Huipeng
The main research contents of this paper include the following two parts: In the first part, the form characteristic of data source is analyzed. Through the analysis of the distribution of published papers can be found from 2001, 2002 and 2003 are only 1 articles in HowNet data platform, from the beginning...
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Modeling and Simulation in Numerical Computation Education

Lian Xue
In this paper, we make some discussion on the concept of teaching reform in the "numerical computation" of education through modeling and simulation, which enable students further master the background, idea and mechanism of the numerical algorithm embedded in "numerical computation" education as well...
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Financing Structure, R & D and Sustainable Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises

Dan Gao
This article selects Chinese SME Board listed companies from 2011 to 2015 in five consecutive years of data as the research sample, from the perspective of enterprise sustainable growth, using panel data to study the financing structure, R&D input and t the capacity for sustainable growth. The results...
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Application and Development of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment in Fashion Design

Jing Han
Intelligent manufacturing was proposed in many Western countries as early as in the 1980s. With the development and improvement of the information technology, the speed of intelligent manufacturing in China has been significantly improved. Intelligent manufacturing has been applied extensively in various...
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A New First Arrival Pickup Algorithm Based On Information Theory for the Seismic Signals

MingYue Zhai
For the seismic data with low SNRs, the first arrival automatic picking method is very important but difficult. In the paper, we proposed a new method based on the mutual information in information theory. The mutual information between signals and noises is zeros, thus random noises have less effects...
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Countermeasures to Improve Local Government Governance Capability by Using Big Data

Weigang Guo, Zhen Zhu, Xiaohua Li, Jianqin Xie, Qiuming Lin
As big data has become a national strategy in many countries, China's local governments are aware of the political significance of big data, social value and economic value. For the purpose of helping the local governments to accelerate the pace of development of big data, this paper adopts the method...
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Analysis on the Current Situation of Grain Minimum Purchase Price Policy in China and Suggestions for Improvement--A Case Study of Wheat in Henan Province

Zhen Chen
Under opening grain purchase and sale policies, China is implementing the minimum purchase price policies. In addition, the policies for grain and paddy should be implemented in 2004 and the wheat be implemented in 2006. During implementing period, the policy exerts to manufacture the prediction. With...
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Analysis of Vehicle Sperling Index Compared with the Flexible-rigid Coupled Model and Multi-body Rigid Model

Yijia Wang
In order to understand the calculating difference between the multi-body rigid model and the flexible-rigid coupled model, especially the influence of the high frequency vibration caused by the wheel our-of-roundness(OOR) on sperling index and vibration acceleration response for standard wheel, polygon...
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Design of Postgraduate Information Management System Based on Spring

Xiao Yu
This paper designs the postgraduate information management system for the information of postgraduate management in university graduate school. Through the development of the Spring framework, the system function module is analyzed, the overall architecture of the system is designed, the database design...
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Ideological Education and Management of Students under the Socialization of Student Apartment

Yong Sheng
In recent years, with the reform of higher education system, logistics services such as school apartment management have gradually shifted towards the direction of socialization. This change puts forward higher level requirements for the management of student apartments and the ideological and political...
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An Application of Knowledge Management System for Tourism Regions

Yijin Shi, Zhiyang Jia, Wei Gao
An application of knowledge management system for tourism management is presented. The knowledge system can be featured as an online web application which is capable of stores and retrieves knowledge, improves collaboration, locates knowledge sources, mines repositories for hidden knowledge, captures...
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Exploration on the Training of Advertising Teaching Based on the New Period

Jing Wang
In recent years, under the situation of large-scale enrollment in colleges and universities in China, the field of advertising education in our country has paid great attention to the education of applied subjects. Based on the characteristics of this new application period, the practical teaching content...
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Evolutionary Game and Steady State Analysis of Government and Real Estate Developers in the Development of Smart Community

Baolong Yang, Zuoliang Lv
Government and real estate developers as the main responsibility for the development of smart community, this article selected the two stakeholders to study the evolutionary game of the smart community development decision-making, building a non- Symmetric 2 x 2 evolutionary game models and the dynamic...
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Green Intelligent Home Energy Management System and Its Business Modeling

MingYue Zhai
Energy internet emphasizes the entities to be interconnected and shared, where home energy management is an important constituent entities, the system need to consider the energy information of supply and demand in both the side of energy production and the side of load in order to realize the precise...
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The Integration of Technology and Culture of Sportswear Products under the Trend of Start-ups and Innovation

Bo Pang
Mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an important development strategy put forward by our country. "Double hit" era is not only to promote China's economic development of a good medicine, but also push the important changes of value orientation and cognitive development. To achieve product technology...
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Modern Educational Technology Theory and University Quality Education

Qiaojuan Lei
Modern educational technology theory is a broad and specific concept. It refers to the theory and practice of optimizing teaching with modern educational theory and information technology. Modern educational technology theory is closely related to university quality education. This article studies and...
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The Influence of Internal Control on Accrual Measure and Earnings Management

Chuyuan Huang, Mengnong Zhou, Jiayi Guan
This paper studies the internal control as the internal supervision mechanism of the enterprise, discusses its influence on earnings management with accrual measure of fair value between listed corporations with internal control deficiencies and without internal control deficiencies. The author examines...
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Managing a Two-Echelon Supply Chain under the Impact of Consumer Environmental Awareness and Carbon Labeling

Wei Yu, Ruizhu Han
This paper concentrates on the impact of consumer environmental awareness (CEA) on the decision behaviors of the supply chain members and the channel coordination strategies within a one-retailer-one-manufacturer supply chain under carbon labeling system. Based on the newsvendor model, this study compares...
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The Convergence of "Made in China-2025" and Prevention Mechanism

Yujie Chen, Yuanjian Qin, Jie Lu, Shuyang Qi
After years of rapid development Chinese manufacturing industry has become the world's largest, independent and complete manufacturing system. Still, there are some problems such as being big but not strong, lacking independent innovation and irrational industrial structure. Therefore, the Sate Council...
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Research on Unique Course System for Low-carbon Talent Cultivation

Xingjia Liu
In this paper, the purpose is to explore how to establish a characteristic and competitive curriculum system which is suitable for low-carbon talent cultivating, to adapt to the changing market demand for low-carbon talents; the methods is to analyze the importance, opportunities and challenges of the...
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A Study on the Relationship between College Mathematics Teaching and Quality Education

Lingxia Huang
Education determines the basis for the formation of our comprehensive national strength. University education is the front end of higher education, and its educational results directly determine the strength of national strength. College mathematics is necessary to quality of many future laborers. This...
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A Modified Elastic Plate Model for the Thickness of Reinforced Soil of Shield Tunnel End

Yi Song
Object: This paper is concentrated on soil body's stability and economy of the shield end and its reinforced thickness. Methods: Existing elastic thin plate model was too conservative for design. A modified elastic plate model of the thickness was proposed for calculation. Based on elastic finite element...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis Technology of CNC Machine Tool Based on Machining Surface Roughness

Guangwen Zhou, Chunyu Mao, Mei Tian, Yanhong Sun
This paper studied the relationship between the spindle fault and the roughness characteristics, by surface roughness of machining. Spindle common fault is divided into the spindle system is not balanced, the spindle system is not right, the spindle system has a transverse crack and the spindle system...
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Study on the Influence of Vertical Channel Conflict on the Changing Trend of Channel Cooperation

Qiuping Yong, Xiaoyan Wu
With the intensification of market competition and the tendency of product homogeneity, the problem of channel conflict is becoming more and more obvious. In general, channel conflict is divided into three types: vertical channel conflict, multi-channel conflict and horizontal channel conflict. This...
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Research on Raw Material Consumption and its Socioeconomic Divers of Shenyang

Heming Wang, Fengmei Ma, Shen Zhao, Jian Wang, Qiang Yue, Tao Du
China's resource consumption has been increased rapidly with the development of economy. As one of China's most important industrializing cities, Shenyang faces even severer situation of resource restriction. It is important to analyze Raw Material Consumption (RMC) of Shenyang and its socioeconomic...
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A Research on "Trinity" Curriculum Design Reform Based on Application-oriented Institutions

Jifeng Liang
This paper takes electronic information science and technology major as an example and illustrates how the application-oriented institutions set up the personnel training program, how they grasp the curriculum content to highlight the characteristics of undergraduate education, and to distinguish with...
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Research on the Economic Effects of Regional Inbound Tourism Based on Internet Diffusion

Guanghai Tang, Ruili Chu
Using the Internet to transform the tourism model and enhance the ability and experience of online travel service is an important measure to develop the Intelligent Tourism in many places. For empirical analysis, a panel data model was set up based on the relationship between Internet resources such...
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Study on the Optimization of Default Point of China Listed Company by using Genetic Algorithm KMV Model

Jia Lin, Yongping Gui
Objective of this paper is applying KMV Credit Risk Model to the credit assessment of China listed companies, the KMV Model needs to be modified in combination with the characteristics of listed companies, and setting an accurate default point is crucial. This paper uses several methods including Genetic...
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The PLC Signals' Noise Mitigating Algorithm with PCA

MingYue Zhai
Power Line Communication (PLC) systems suffer from too severe noise contamination in the channels. In the paper, a new scheme was proposed based on the principal components analyses(PCA) to mitigate noises in PLC channels. The scheme consists of four steps. In the first step, the PLC signal with one...
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Simulation and Analysis of Loss-of-Coolant Accident in Cold Leg of PWR Based on ATHLET and SIMIS

Tianxiao Li, Wenping Zhou, Wei Sheng, Fan Li, Weizhe Li, Yunping Cai, Guoxiu Qin, Xuesong Zhang
An accident safety analysis of small break loss of coolant is needed in order to avoiding the loss of coolant accident due to inadequate cooling in the reactor core and the leak of radioactive after the small break in primary circuit. We analyze the small break loss of coolant accident in cold leg of...
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A Study on the Strategies of Improving the Efficiency of College English Classroom

Bing Zhang
The effective promotion of college English classroom teaching is one of the hot issues in the study of educational theory in recent years. This paper analyzes the strategies of improving the efficiency of college English classroom from the aspects of changing the educational idea, strengthening the classroom...
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Research on Students Basic Information Query System Based on HTML5 Cross Platform

Qiang Chen, Jiajia Wu
Traditional PC is not convenient for students managment teacher. And native smart phone including android and ios is high cost of development. This paper analysis design and implement HTML5 coross platform students basic information query system. It help studnet mangement teach quickly get student baisc...
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Homeroom Teacher in University Craftsman Spirit Embodied in the Work

Baosheng Guo, Hongying Ji
Class tutor system is an important driving force and effective means of colleges and universities to do a good job of cultivating moral character and building people, this article will use the method of literature analysis, questionnaire and so on, to explore homeroom teacher in students' academic guidance,...
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Research on Vehicles Rock art Image of Yinshan and Helan Mountain and Its Teaching Enlightenment

Aiping Gou, Guangping Gou
Helan Mountain in Ningxia province of China and Yinshan in Inner Mongolia remain a large number of ancient rock arts and become an important distribution area of rock arts in China. Vehicle rock art has been closely related to human activities such as war, travel, migration, commerce and hunting. Therefore,...
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ELF: Its Development, Problems Associated with and Suggestions for Improving Teaching Methodologies in China

Xiaoxia Lu
As China develops fast, English teaching and learning also develops with it. However the new practices face some difficulties and resistance such as unwillingness to change long-held beliefs and perceptions, misunderstanding due to different cultures and disappointments from judgments of language proficiency...
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Development and Application of Integrated Services in Metropolitan Area Transmission Network

Lifen Wang, Mingtao Ma
With the high-speed development of contemporary communication industry, Metropolitan networks is required to be a multi-Service platform for transmission. This article introduces the application of two key technologies, PTN and MSTP from the point of application, and the development process and construction...
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Teaching and Practice of Mathematical Modeling

Wenhao Xie
This paper has analyzed and researched the relationship of the mathematical quality-oriented education and mathematical modeling education.It also has deeply analyzed the characteristics and theoretical basis of the college students' mathematical modeling teaching and discussed the mathematical modeling...
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Research on Teaching Method Innovation of Clothing Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges in Jilin Province Based on Educational Informatization

Yingying Ge, Tiantian Yang
Based on the problems of the teaching of garments in higher vocational colleges in Jilin Province, this paper introduces the information technology, analyzes the application of micro-class and large data in the education level, and learns the information of "public construction sharing" resource construction...
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An Exploratory Theoretical Framework based on the Interactive Marketing Model of Industrial Products based on user Innovation

Fangfang Shao, Jing Ai
interactive marketing is developing rapidly due to the importance of special marketing demand and the development of information technologyã€,This paper introduces innovative users as key variables into the industrial product marketing model.Transfer the interactive marketing to industrial marketing,...
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Application and Discussion of Multidimensional Interactive Model in Pathology Teaching of Nursing Specialty

Jing Xu
Objective: The purpose of this study is to explore the practice effect of multidimensional interactive teaching model in pathology teaching of nursing specialty. Method: Two classes of nursing undergraduate of 2015 in our college are selected as the research objects. They are divided into experimental...
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Research on Teaching Quality Supervision and Evaluation System in University

Bo Yang, Lina Zhang
Improving the quality of teaching is the ultimate goal of long-term pursuit. The quality of teaching is related to the social reputation and the source of students in universities, thus affecting the existence and development of such universities. This paper analyzes index system of the teaching quality...
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Analysis for Enterprise Financial Distress in Southern Hunan Province and Its Countermeasures ---Case Study on Jingui Silver Industry and Hunan Chendian International

Xiao Yuan , Zhou Likun, Zeng Hui
Since the outbreak of global financial crisis caused by the sub-prime crisis in the United States, the world economy is still at the recovery phase. China has also been deeply influenced. In recent years, China's GDP is growing up slowly, while the general economy is falling down. Under such big market...
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The Overview of the Origin and Research of Rural Tourism Development

Lu Tang
With the accelerated process of urbanization in China and the continuous development of tourism, rural tourism is also flourishing across our country. After the 1950s, rural tourism has become a hot spot in foreign tourism research. In China, after 2000, rural tourism has also become the focus of scholars....
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A Study on the Financial Effect of Share Repurchase of Listed Companies Based on Factor Analysis

Yelin Zhong, Yunying Wen, Jiaming Zhong
This paper constructs the financial performance evaluation index system of listed companies by taking market share repurchase events from July 2015 to March 2016 as a sample study and testing the changes of the financial indicators of the listed company after the share repurchase, and the results show...
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Research on Vocational Training Countermeasures of New Generation Migrant Workers

Qinglan Luo, Xinze Li, Chunyan Wang
The public pay more attention to the vocational training of migrant workers. And employment of the new generation migrant workers is the key problems received more and more attention now. We conducted a survey about the vocational training needs of the new generation migrant workers in some cities and...
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Catch-up Strategy of Close Followers -- Research on Path of Value Reconstruction within Value Network

Linhao Han, Dong Wang
For the early stages of the industry's product lifecycle, following the example of the rapid re-entry of the market through the value of the enterprise will foster market competitiveness. This study attempts to explore the viable path of value reconstruction of Baosteel through case study[1]. The path...
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Research on the Restrictive Factors and Coping Strategies of Audit Quality Improvement

Weishuang Xu
High quality information plays a vital role in guiding investors to make investment decisions and optimize resource allocation. But the agency problem and information asymmetry problem that leads to different investors can obtain the information quality is different. So it is necessary to reexamine the...
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Construction of Library Bibliographic Inquiry System Based on 4G

Xin Li, Yue Dong
[Purpose/significance] 4G network is more and more popular in many libraries because of its convenience and timeliness, with the upgrading of 4G mobile network communication technology and the deep development of Digital Library. [Method/process]In this paper, in order to satisfy readers' demand for...
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Design of the synchronous generator excitation control system based on DSP

Dandan Ma, Hongtao Mi
The excitation controller is an important part of the synchronous generator excitation system, which is important for the safe and stable operation of the power system and generator.In this paper, a DSP excitation controller based on TMS320F2812 is proposed based on the current research situation of...
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A Study on the Countermeasure of Cruise Home Port Upgrading to Cruise Ship Tourism Destinations in Tianjin

Xiaonan Li
The development of China's cruise tourism market is growing rather rapidly, and it will maintain a high growth in the next few years. But the rapid growth is mainly concentrated in the cruise outbound tourism, which is only the initial stage of cruise tourism. The development prospects should be cruise...
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High-level Professional Construction and Reform Ideas

Ping Xin, Dandan Ma, Hongtao Mi
Under the background of new economy and new industries, colleges and universities should set the new concept of, build the new structure of the innovative, integrated, full-cycle engineering education, explore and implement the new model of emerging engineering and traditional engineering combined disciplines,...
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Reconstruction Model of CT System Based on Radon Inverse Transform

Yutong Li
This paper solves the problem of how to calibrate the parameters of a CT system with a structure-known template. We used the method of radon inverse transformation. The calibration parameters include three aspects: the distance of the detector unit, the rotation center of the CT system in the square...
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The Application and Effect Analysis of Colourin New Media Advertisement

Xiaodan Li
Nowadays, color occupies an important status in advertisement. Under fast food reading mode and the age of picture-reading, the special effect of color on new media advertisementcannot be neglected. It can directly affect target audience's psychology and even consumer behavior to varying degrees. This...
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Contract Translation from the Perspective of Text Typology

Yue Wu
This paper presents a study of contract translation from the perspective of text typology initiated by German linguist Reiss, and aims to conclude effective strategies of contract translation. The discussion is conducted based on the author has met during translation activities. It is found that contract...
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A Study on Different Types Uighur Female Middle School Students' Physical Fitness and Its Influencing Factors in Urumqi

Wenmei Dong, Hui Wang
This research chose six schools in Urumqi, each of which was on behalf of exemplary senior middle school of Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, general middle school and rural middle school. The female students in eighth grade were selected as research object and were tested in the same grade and area....
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Application and Teaching Implication of Discourse Analysis in Reading Comprehension

Yonghong Wu
In the field of foreign language education, reading comprehension has long been proven to be the most important among the five skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. Therefore, to enhance foreign language learners' reading comprehension is, to a great extent, to enhance their...
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The Role Positioning of Ideological and Political Education Workers in the Process of College Marxism Popularization

Mingmin Li, Jing Li
Today, ideological and political education work is showing a new trend of globalization and popularization in the process of college Marxism popularization. In the new era under new development perspective, the key content of modern China's ideological and political education development should be studied...
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Driver Fatigue Eeg Fuzzy Entropy Feature Analysis Based on Sliding Window

Zhendong Mu
For the non-stationary signal, entropy is a good method of analysis, now has been successfully applied to the study of driver fatigue detection feature, now for the driver fatigue detection method is based on the piecewise independent samples, it is difficult to describe the gradual process of fatigue,...