Proceedings of the First Padang International Conference On Economics Education, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship (PICEEBA 2018)

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The Analysis of Vocational Students’ Work Readiness in Pariaman and Padang Pariaman

Adi Afriadi, Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Marwan Marwan
This study aims to determine the influence of career guidance, self-efficacy and motivation to work on work readiness of students in Pariaman and Padang Pariaman. The data for this study were collected using a survey questionnaire. The sample was selected using proportional random sampling technique...
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Labor Competitiveness in Digital Economy: A Systematic Review of College Graduates

Efni Cerya, Jusmanila Mustika Sari
The aims of this paper are to identify and to analyze some key references on labor competitiveness in digital economy. This study is a systematic review which employs four phases: (1) the identification of relevant studies with the use of several keywords such as labor competitiveness; (2) the description...
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Factors comprising Motivation to Participate in Shadow Education in West Sumatera

Sany Dwita, Charoline Cheisviyanny, Herlina Helmy, Marwan Marwan
This research aims to examine factors comprising students’ motivation to participate in shadow education in West Sumatera. In particular, this research focuses on the participation of secondary school students in shadow education. Data for this research were collected by using a survey questionnaire...
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Factors Determining Learning Difficulties in Taxation Course at Politeknik Negeri Padang

Desi Handayani, Efrizal Syofyan, Marwan Marwan
Taxation course is first offered in Diploma of Accounting program at the third semester after where the students learn the basic concepts of accounting and business. The curriculum main concerns are on accounting and strong conceptual materials for tax analysis. In fact, Taxation 2 course contributes...
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Social Disloyalty and Modesty in The Teachers’ Career Development in The Digital Era

Harsono Harsono, Muhammad Yahya, Muhammad Fahmi Johan Syah
This study aims to describe the antagonistic behavior of teachers in the digital era. They have been bureaucratically polite by obeying the time and work schedule, but the atmosphere of the class is unfavorable even conflicted during the learning process. This is a qualitative research with ethnographic...
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The Effect of School Environment, Family Environment and Learning Motivation on Students’ Learning Performance

Jefri Kurniawan, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Sany Dwita
This study is motivated by the students’ low learning outcomes in accounting subject. This is allegedly caused by the less conducive school environment and family environment and the relatively low learning motivation. This study is a descriptive associative research with the population of 75 accounting...
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Analysis of Accounting Learning Quality and College Students’ Financial Literacy

Tri Kurniawati
One of the ultimate goals of all university education programs is to enhance the economic and financial literacy of our citizenry. This is the strategic issues in rebalancing the economic agenda. This study aims to analyze: a) the quality of accounting learning process, students achievement and the level...
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The influence of Problem-based Learning and Motivation on Students’ Learning Outcomes

Helmi Linda, Z. Mawardi Effendi, Idris Idris
The aim of the study is to determine the influence of teaching method on students’ learning outcomes, motivation and their interaction on students’ learning outcomes. The population on this study was 199 accounting students in grade XI at SMK Negeri 1 Painan. The sample was selected using purposive sampling...
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The Influence of Organization Participation and Learning Styles on Students’ Academic Achievement

Isra Dwi Ningrum, Yulhendri Yulhendri, Marwan Marwan, Rose Rahmidani
The study was conducted to determine the influence of the activeness in organization and learning style toward student’s academic achievement particularly at the Faculty of Economics, State University of Padang. This study is a descriptive associative study. Students who are active in organization within...
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The Difference of Learning Outcome in Economic Lesson (Using of Cooperative Learning Strategy “the Learning Cell Type” and Expository Strategy in Learning Process in Tenth Grade Student of SMKN 1 Payakumbuh)

Oknaryana Oknaryana, Jean Elikal Marna
This study intended to find the different learning outcome between active learning strategy “the learning cell type” expository learning strategy. This study was an experimental study held in economic lesson to the tenth grade students of SMKN 1 Payakumbuh in discussion of “macroeconomic problem”. The...
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The Analysis of Pedagogical Content Knowledge of Teacher Candidates

Elvi Rahmi
Students as prospective teachers have unique characteristics, they are required not only to understand the materials, but also to be able to teach the materials to others when they practice to be teachers, or become actual teachers. This study aims to determine and analyze the pedagogical content knowledge...
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The Influence of Teachers’ Role and Motivation on Basic Accounting Learning Outcomes at Vocational High Schools

Filma Alia Sari, Marwan Marwan, Sany Dwita
Learning outcomes is students’ academic achievement after the completion of learning process. A preliminary survey and prior research show that a large number of students failed to pass basic accounting subject because they do not achieve the minimum learning outcomes required by the schools. This research...
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The Influence of Learning Maturity, Self-confidence, Learning Facilities, and Achievement on Students’ Interest to be A Teacher

Selviani Selviani, Idris Idris, Marwan Marwan
The aim of this research is to show the influence of learning maturity, self-confidence, learning facilities, and achievement on the students’ interest to be a teacher. The research is a descriptive and associative research. The population in this research are 216 students in senior high school in city...
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The Implementation of Team Games Tournament to Improve Students' Problem-Solving Skill (Quasi Experiment With Blended Learning Strategy)

Rani Sofya
This research is a quasi-experimental research on Introduction to Accounting 1 course with the aim of finding the influence of the implementation of team games tournament method with the use of blended learning on students’ problem-solving skill. The research data were tested and processed with Microsoft...
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The Effect of Fighting Spirit, Confidence and Motivation Towards Students Readiness for Work

Reni Susanti, Agus Irianto, Syamwil Syamwil
This study aims to reveal the influence of the fighting spirit, confidence and motivation on students’ readiness for work. This study is descriptive and associative research. The population in this study was 389 students of class XII at vocational high school majoring business management in Tanah Datar...
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The Effect of Tutorial Video Use and Prerequisite Skills on Students’ MYOB Accounting Performance

Syofriani Syofriani, Efrizal Syofyan, Marwan Marwan
This study aims to investigate: (1) the difference in MYOB accounting learning performance of students taught by using tutorial video as a learning media and those taught by using power point in a conventional type of learning, (2) the difference in MYOB accounting learning performance of students with...
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The Impact of Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learning Styles on Economics Education Teaching

Rita Syofyan, Menik Kurnia Siwi
The purpose of this research is to analysis the impacts of visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning styles on economics education teaching. One of the most important uses learning styles is that it makes it easy for teachers to incorporate them into their teaching. There are various styles of learning....
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Collaboration of Teachers and Parents through Game-based Simulation and Contextual Games to Cultivate Savings Interest in SD Sumbersari III Kota Malang

Sri Umi Mintari Widjaja, Rizza Megasari, Dian Rachmawati
Economic education in the field of finance is very important to do from early childhood as such education will be useful in adulthood. This research was conducted at SD Negeri Sumbersari II, in the Lowokwaru district of Malang city. The research subjects are teachers, students and parents of students....
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The Development of Learning Model Based on Research and Relevance Journal for Postgraduate Students’ Scientific Publications of Economics Postgraduate Program

Yulhendri Yulhendri, Efrizal Syofyan, Silsiya Afridona
This article describes the students’ low reasoning ability of the Economics Master Program in writing scientific journals and thesis that are still based on the old theory and common sense, so it is necessary to apply an attractive learning model that is research based learning with inquiry approach....
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The Potency of Sea Fishery in West Sumatra

Melti Roza Adry, Dewi Zaini Putri, Novya Zulva Riani, Joan Marta
West Sumatra is one of the Province in Indonesia that has potential of marine resources both public and marine waters. However, this potential has not been optimally managed so as not to contribute significantly to the welfare of the people and economic growth of West Sumatra Province. This analysis...
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The Labor Force Participation Rate, Export, and The Educational Investment Impact for The Economic Growth in Riau

Nurul Afni, Idris Idris, Marwan Marwan
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of Labor Force Participation Rate (TPAK) on Economic Growth, to know the effect of export on economic growth, and to know the effect of educational investment on economic growth. The research method used is: (1) using secondary data, (2) literature...
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The Model of Productivity and Efficiency on Fish Catching Results in Coastal Fishermen City of Padang

Hasdi Aimon, Melti Roza Adri, Elida Elida
Fishing is the main activity of the coastal fishermen of Padang City. Fishermen capture fish using three types of fishing gear; in boats motor, out boats motor and non-powered boats. The data used by the National Economic Survey, BPS, with a deep understanding of the survey results. The findings indicate...
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Pull Factors Affecting The Jobseekers Decision to Do Urbanization

Syamsul Amar, Ariusni Ariusni, Alpon Satrianto
The study aims to analyze the effects of pull factors affecting the decision of prospective job seekers to do urbanization to Padang and Pekanbaru. These factors consist of: economic infrastructure, educational facilities, medical facilities, employment opportunity, security level, and wage rate as independent...
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The Economic Development Model in Supporting The Economy of Pariaman Regional Area

Bakaruddin Bakaruddin, Usnimar Usnimar, Zulkifli Zulkifli, Hasdi Aimon
Along with the development and economic growth, the role of tourism today is increasing as a new sector of foreign exchange contributors that is large enough to improve the welfare of the community. Indonesia as one of the countries that have a wealth of natural and cultural extraordinary, also enjoy...
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Characteristics of the Consumption Pattern of Household’s Small Businesses (Socio-Economic and Demographic Perspectives)

Sitti Hajerah Hasyim, Muhammad Hasan, Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf
The aim of this study to determine the effect of the socio-economic and demography aspects which includes household heads’ education level, business status, and household size to household consumption pattern of small businesses. The study population was the entire household of small businesses in the...
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The Development of Competitive Strategy for Prospective Export Commodities in Jambi

Muhammad Syurya Hidayat, Muhammad Safri
The development policies on Export commodity must be systematic and comprehensive. Hence, it is necessary to have an analysis of the competitive Export commodities affecting factors of development including development models and strategies. Therefore, this research was designed to be a quantitative...
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A Competitiveness Analysis of Economic Sector in Tuban Regency, East Java

Imam Mukhlis, Sugeng Hadi Utomo, Lisa Rahmani, Yashinta Maya Fernanda
This study is aimed to identify the sectors that have the competitiveness and the base sector in the regional economy. This study uses secondary data in the form of time series of Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) Tuban District East Java Province from 2010-2016. This research employ the method...
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An Investment Analysis Based on Main Commodities and The Effect of Licensing System, Availability of Manpower, and Economic Growth on Investment Realization in Jambi

Muhammad Safri, Muhammad Syurya Hidayat
To realize its investment, the Province of Jambi must have an information feasibility that can guide the investment feasibility study. They required preliminary data on pre-eminent commodities in the districts/cities, descriptions of the land types suitability and factors that are expected to affect...
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Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Output and Price in Indonesia: An Effectiveness Approach

Alpon Satrianto
The purpose of this research is to analyze the most effective policy on output and price. From several literature studies that have been done by many economists only see the effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policy on output alone. No authors find the effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policy on...
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Analyzing The Entrepreneur Process of Motivation, Resource Allocation, and Institutional for Poor Households in Rural West Sumatera

Sri Ulfa Sentosa, Ariusni Ariusni
Poverty is a problem in the development of rural areas in the Province of West Sumatra. The government has implemented various programs to reduce poverty, but the number of poor people in rural areas tends to increase. The purpose of this study is to analyze the entrepreneur process in terms of: 1) motivation...
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How to Increase the Income of Cocoa Farmers through the Development of Cocoa Products?

Mike Triani, Marta Dinata, Andria Ningsih
Cocoa is one of plantation commodities main West Sumatera also play a role important as producer regional foreign exchange, and as provision of employment opportunities and source of income for farmers .Demand cocoa the world is still very high which annually increased .Cooperatives cocoa ‘Mandiri Prima’...
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Analysis Determinants of Labor Supply for Married Woman in West Sumatra

Adi Warman, Idris Idris, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This research aims to analyze and determine the effect of wages, husband's income, age, number of dependents, and education on labor supply of married women in West Sumatra partially or simultaneously. This research used the data organized as cross section with the number of data 1.068 people. The data...
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Household Expenses after An Increased in Basic Tariff of Electricity in Pekanbaru

Prama Widayat, Ryan Pahlawan
Electricity is a basic human need besides other staples, either for those of the small or large income. Those who are less able are given subsidies from the government, but in 2017 the Indonesian government unilaterally increased the electric base rate (TDL) which certainly imposes on electricity bills....
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Analysis of Individual Characteristics, Transmigration Aspects and Transmigrant Employment Structures (Study in ex-Transmigration Villages within Jambi Province)

Yulmardi Yulmardi, Erfit Erfit
This study aims to analyze the individual characteristics of transmigrants in ex-transmigration villages within Jambi Province, analyze aspects of transmigrant transmigration in the former transmigration villages within Jambi Province, and analyze employment in ex-transmigration villages within Jambi...
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Profile and Development Model of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Jambi Province (Through Superior Commodities Approach)

Zulfanetti Zulfanetti, Ade Octavia, Erida Erida
This study aims to analyze (1). the development of Value of Production, Credit, Number of Business, Labor and Asset of MSMEs; (2). the factors that influence the value of production of MSMEs; (3). the superior sectors of MSMEs; (4). superior commodity of MSMEs spread in Regency / City of Jambi Province....
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The Analysis of Factors Influence The Production Structure in Sumatera Province

Zulgani Zulgani, Rahma Nurjanah
The research entitled the analysis of factors affecting the production structure in Sumatera province. This research aims to analyze the factors affecting the production structure in Sumatera economy and to examine the effect of population variables, HDI, Special Allocation Fund (SAF), Income per capita...
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Melaka Century Ride Sporting Event: Why Peripheral Service Quality Turns Them Back on Wheel? (Exploring the dimension of peripheral service quality in Melaka sporting events)

Akmal Adanan, Mohamad Daim Darson, Aida Nur Kodri, Ahmad Khairuman Md Hasim
The main purpose of this paper is to identify the elements of future intention towards Melaka sporting event. This paper empirically examines the attributes of peripheral service quality towards Melaka Century Ride which covering the participants’ satisfaction of the event. This study employed the attributes...
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Customer Service Approach on Determinants of Marriage Satisfaction

Siti Norashikin Bashirun, Nur Idayu Badrolhisam, Nurhafizah Mohd Zolkapli, Farah Shazlin Johari, Nor Maslia Rasli Samudin
Satisfaction is a universal concept that can be seen as important in marriage institution. In organization customer satisfaction, it is one of the main goals to be achieved; this could be similar in the marriage relationship whereby couples are searching for their marriage satisfaction. To achieve it,...
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The Effect of Auditing Quality and Independent Board of Commissioners on Financial Performance of Property and Real Estate Companies in Indonesia

Aminar Sutra Dewi, Febsri Susanti, Maria Magdalena, Dewi Zulvia, Jhon Fernos
The decline in stock prices of property and real estate firms resulted from the government's policy of high loan interest has not affected the property sector and real estate. This study aims to examine the effect of good corporate governance implementation that is the quality of auditor (AQ) to financial...
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A Review of Semiotics in Advertising and Consumers’ Attitude in the Indonesian Consumer Market

Vidyarini Dwita
The English language is increasingly used in non-English speaking countries. This paper focuses on attitudes towards the use of English advertising in Indonesia with the aim to analyze the effect of using English to advertise products on Indonesian consumers. This paper reviews the findings of literature...
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The Effect of Service Quality, Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty of Bank Nagari Main Branch Padang

Elidawati Elidawati, Yasri Yasri, Idris Idris
The purpose of this study is to analyze the influence of service quality, product quality and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty in Bank Nagari main branch of Padang. This study used 300 respondents as the sample. The data analysis technique used in this study was path analysis. The results of...
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Marketing to “Z Generations”: An Analysis of West Sumatera’s Youth Decision Factors When Buying Modern Snacks &Minangkabau Traditional Snacks

Susi Evanita, Okki Trinanda
This study aims to rank factors that influence the decision of the Z Generations in buying snacks. The population of this study is all teenagers in West Sumatra. The sample size was set by 450 respondents by using R.L Gay term, but after research instruments verification, eventually the number of samples...
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The Impact of Brand Experience and Brand Trust on Brand Engagement: The Mediating Effect of Brand Satisfaction  

Ikhsan Fikri, Yasri Yasri, Abror Abror
This study examines the influence of brand experience and brand trust on brand engagement through brand satisfaction as a moderating variable. The samples of this study are 200 customers of Dunlop tyre. This study employed Structural Equation Model (SEM) by using AMOS version 24 as the data analysis....
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Total Quality Management, Dynamic Capabilities, and Competitive Advantages: Mediating Effect of Innovation

Firman Firman, Gesit Thabrani
This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of total quality management, dynamic capabilities, and innovation to competitive advantage. This study also tries to test whether innovation mediates the relationship between total quality management and dynamic capabilities to competitive advantage....
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The Influence of Locus of Control and Financial Knowledge to Employee Investing Decision PT. Pertamina (Persero) Branch of Padang

Halkadri Fitra, Rosyeni Rasyid, Yuliza Susanti
This study aims to determine the effect of Locus of Control and Financial Knowledge on Investment Decisions. The research population is all employees of PT. Pertamina (Persero) Branch of Padang and using Purposive technical Sampling so that obtained sample 43 people. The data used are primary data, obtained...
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Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction: The Case of Agriculture Department of Tanah Datar Regency

Deri Elsa Fitri, Syamsul Amar, Abror Abror
Human resources are a contribution to the growth and development of the organization. The achievement in organization is determined by the role of human resources quality. This study aims to analyze and explain the significant influence of leadership on working climate, leadership on work motivation,...
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Relationship Marketing in Insurance Industry: A Systematic Analysis of Literatures

Nurul Aida Harun, Mohd Nazri Mohd Noor, Afrah Hayati Abdul Rahman
The relationship marketing is important in the service industry especially the one involved the complex, highly intangible services such as life insurance. By reproducing the theoretical based for the study, this paper has acknowledged different determinant of interaction and different impacts on the...
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WhatsApp Acceptance and Behavioral Intention to Use among Non-Nursing Staff in Selected Hospitals at Melaka

Milfadzhilah Mohd Jamil, Nashrah Talib, Noor Haty Nor Azam, Nornabila Mohd Nazeri, Mohd Azmil Mohd Yusof, Nur Elimtiaz Abidin
Mobile application has become an increasingly popular way for individuals to communicate, allowing for the initiation and maintenance of various relationship types. WhatsApp can be viewed as a mobile application that allows people to access a great deal of information rapidly with one another. In this...
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Analysis of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction at Semen Padang Hospital

Puspa Leni, Sutiyem Sutiyem, Suhery Suhery, Dessy Trismiyanti, Yoserizal Yoserizal
The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, and assurance on the customer satisfaction at Semen Padang Hospital. The sample size is 100 respondents. The sampling technique used was accidental sampling technique. The data collection was done by distributing...
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The Effect of Job Satisfaction and Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Commitment of Banks’ Employees in Padang

Muthia Roza Linda, Riza Yonita
This study aims to analyze: 1) to what extent job satisfaction affects the organizational commitment of banks’ employees in Padang; and 2) to what extent perceived organizational support has an effect on the organizational commitment of banks’ employees in Padang. This research is a causative research,...
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The Influence of Liquidity, Leverage and Profitability on Financial Distress of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Erni Masdupi, Abel Tasman, Atri Davista
This research aims to empirically examine the influence of (1) liquidity, (2) leverage and (3) profitability on financial distress of manufacturing companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). The population in this study are all manufacturing companies listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange. The...
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The Effect of Marketing Mix on Satisfaction and Its Impact on Hotel Customer Loyalty in Pekanbaru-Riau

Arizal N, Wita Dwika Listihana, Nofrizal Nofrizal
The purpose of this study to test and analyze empirically the influence of Quality Service to satisfaction and its impact on customer loyalty hotel in Pekanbaru City. Organization and Service Company in its operation is determined is the quality of the services it produces where the quality of these...
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Effect of Education, Promotion Position And Conflict in Organization on Motivation of Country Civil Work Aparting in Regional Financial Area (B.Keuda) West Sumatera Province

Dwinda Novera, Erni Masdupi, Rosyeni Rasyid
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of education, promotion and conflict in the organization on the work motivation of B.Keuda West Sumatera Province. Population in this research all employees of Regional, which is 128 employees. The sampling technique of this research is cluster propotional...
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Accountability in Local Government: Leadership and Organizational Culture when SPI becomes The Moderating Variable

Kadar Nurjaman, Deni Hermana
The objective of this study is to examine the influence of leadership and organizational culture on accountability in local government organization (organisasi perangkat daerah—OPD) in West Java with internal control system (sistem pengendalian internal—SPI) as moderating variable. This research is a...
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The Effect of the Locus of Control, Financial Knowledge and Income on Investment Decisions

Rosyeni Rasyid, Muthia Roza Linda, Dina Patrisia, Halkadri Fitra, Yuliza Susanti
There are several objectives of this study. First, to analyze the effect of locus of control on investment decisions. Second, to analyze the effect of financial knowledge on investment decisions. Third, to analyze the effect of income on investment decisions. The population of this research was all 68...
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Investigating the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance among Academic Administrative Management Group at Mara University of Technology (UiTM) Southern Zone Campuses, Malaysia

Wan Aisyah Amni Wan Mohamad Saferdin, Gladys Sebi Entigar, Nurbarirah Ahmad, Siti Rosnita Sakarji, Khalijah Mohd Nor
Emotional intelligence (EQ) has become increasingly popular as potential underlying attribute of effective leadership and organizational performance. Emotional intelligence is described as a set of abilities that refer in part to how effectively one deals with emotions both within oneself and others....
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The Effect of Halal Tourism on Customer Satisfaction

Muhammad Sindhu Danu Saputro, Yunia Wardi, Abror Abror
This study analyzes the influence of Halal tourism dimensions (i.e., Islamic facilities, Halal, Islamic culture, and free from alcohol drinks and gambling) on tourist satisfaction in West Sumatra. This research is a causative research which examines the influence of Islamic facilities, Halal, Islamic...
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Factors Affecting Consumers Behavior of Coventry University Students Towards Fast-Fashion Industry

Erini Junita Sari, Hanifah Hanifah
Despite of its rapid growth, fast fashion industry is still considered as an under-researched field. Researches related to fast fashion are rare to be found, both in academic and marketing aspects. This research is conducted to serve the purpose of addressing the characteristics of consumer behavior...
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The Effects of Work-Family Conflict on Turnover Intention of Banks’ Employees in Padang with Burnout as The Mediating Variable

Rini Sarianti, Yuki Fitria, Yunita Engriani
The study aims to examine the effect of work-family conflict on turnover intention of banks’ employees in Padang with burnout as the mediating variable. The population of this study was all female employees at 7 conventional banks selected in the city, and the population number was 378 people. The sampling...
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The Internalization and Implementation of Minangkabau Alternative Leadership Values for Formal and Informal Leaders in Padang

Sulastri Sulastri, Yuki Fitria, Chichi Andriani, Mega Asri Zona
The objectives of this research are 1) to conceptualize Minangkabau alternative leadership, and 2) to find out the level of knowledge and understanding of the formal and informal leaders in Padang about the Universal Leadership Model of Minangkabau. The population of this research is formal leadership...
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Innovation Strategy of ‘Silungkang Songket' as the World Heritage

Dessi Susanti, Rose Rahmidani, Armiati Armiati
This research is expected to produce a road map of the innovation strategy of silungkang songket and to create the profile of the innovation factors of its to exist nationally and internationally. The data were collected by using observation method, documentation study, interview with silungkang songket...
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The Effect of Work Motivation Dimension on the Performance of Employees of PT. Gapura Angkasa of Minangkabau International Airport Padang

Sutiyem Sutiyem, Muthia Roza Linda, Suhery Suhery, Puspa Leni, Dessy Trismiyanti
The objective of this study is to analyze: 1) the effect of the need for achievement on the employees’ performance; 2) the effect of the need for affiliation on the employees’ performance; and 3) the effect of the need for power on the employees’ performance. This study is a causative research which...
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Emotion Regulation and Service Organizational Citizenship Behaviors: Moderating Role of Gender

Syahrizal Syahrizal, Ayu Wahdania
The purpose of this study is to examine the direct effect of emotion regulation (deep acting and surface acting) on service-oriented organizational citizenship behavior (SO-OCB), and to test for the moderating effect of gender on the relationship between emotion regulation and SO-OCB. The subjects of...
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E-Consumer Behavior: The Roles of Attitudes, Risk Perception on Shopping Intention-Behavior

Widayat Widayat
The objective of this research is to examine the roles of attitudes, the risk perception of intention and behavior online shopping, among students. The data were collected from the samples through a five-Likert scale questionnaire. The samples of adolescents who were still studying in Malang city were...
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The Marketing Model and Human Resources Management Strategies to Achieve Competitive Advantage of Grocery Stores

Rohman Willian, Novita Eka Sari, Tona Aurora Lubis, Rizdhianty Savitri
Grocery stores in traditional markets in the Province of Jambi are facing an intense competition, especially with increasing number of minimarkets and modern stores. This can lead to the tight competition between retailers. The purpose of this research is to formulate the model of marketing and human...
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An Analysis on Brand Image and Switching Intention of Flight Companies’ Customers with Word of Mouth (WOM) as The Intervening Variable

Yasri Yasri, Yunita Engriani
Brand image and intention to switch are two important factors for every company. Companies that already have a strong brand image tend to be preferred by customers and their intention to switch is lower. Factors influencing the two variables include word of mouth (WOM), customer satisfaction and complaint...
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The Influence of Islamic Tourism on Word of Mouth about Tourism in West Sumatera

Yollanda Yollanda, Yunia Wardi, Abror Abror
This study aims to analyze the influence of Islamic tourism on the word of mouth about tourism in West Sumatra. Respondents in this study are tourists who visit West Sumatra. This study used 345 respondents as the sample. The data analysis technique of this study is multiple linear regression analysis....
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The Relationship between Brand Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: Brand Trust as The Intervening Variable

Rahmi Yuliyasti, Erni Masdupi, Abror Abror
This study examines the influence of brand experiende and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty through brand trust as an intervening variable. This study was conducted to 166 customers of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk as the samples. We employed Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) by using...
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Antecedents of Employee Organizational Commitment at Public Sector Organizations in West Sumatra

Mega Asri Zona, Megawati Megawati, Arief Maulana
This research analyzes employees’ organizational commitment at public sector organizations in West Sumatra. This research used job satisfaction and perceived organizational support (POS) as antecedents of employee organizational commitment. The results of data analysis show that 1) perceived organizational...
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The Influence of Perceived Risk and Perceived Ease of Use on Consumer’s Attitude and Online Purchase Intention

Sonya Zuelseptia, Rahmiati Rahmiati, Yunita Engriani
This research analyzed the perceived risk and perceived ease of use on consumer’s attitude and online purchase intention. The type of this research is causative research. This research was conducted in the city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The population in this study is the whole community...
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The Influence of Moral Reasoning and Gender towards Whistleblowing Intention

Mayar Afriyenti
Whistleblowing has been regarded as one of the most effective ways to prevent corruption. Various economic, psychological and ethical factors have been investigated as triggering a person's desire to take whistleblowing action. This research aims to empirically examine the influence of moral reasoning...
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The Acceptance and Use of E-Learning System Among Accounting Lecturers in State and Private Universities in Padang: An Empirical Study Based on UTAUT Model

Henri Agustin, Erly Mulyani
One of the investments of state and private universities to improve the quality of teaching and learning between students and lecturers is the procurement of e-learning system. Due to the large funds of e-learning system investment, the state and private universities need to periodically evaluate whether...
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Going Concern: A Note of Audit Committee and Independent Commissioners

Charoline Cheisviyanny, Sany Dwita, Herlina Helmy
This research aims to analyze the role of audit committee (AC) and independent commissioners (ICs) in relation to companies’ going concern opinion. Based on the Indonesian GCG rules, one of its duties is to maintain company’s long term going concern. However, prior studies show that the existences of...
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Does Increasing Central Government Transfer Improve Local Government Performance? A Case of Aceh Provincial Government

Heru Fahlevi, Muhardiansyah Muhardiansyah, Aliamin Aliamin
The objective of this study is to evaluate the financial performance of Aceh after receiving a series of significant transfer fund under Special Autonomy Fund (SAF) since 2008. The data were collected from secondary sources i. e. 2009 to 2016 financial reports of Aceh provincial government and news from...
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The Influence of Intellectual Capital on Corporate Value through Financial Performance

Iqbal Firdausi, Riswan Ludfi
This study aims to analyze the influence of intellectual capital on financial performance, the influence of intellectual capital on firm value, the influence of financial performance to firm value and the influence intellectual capital to company value through financial performance. The sample in this...
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The Analysis of Factors Affecting Dividend Payout Ratio in Manufacturing Companies Listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange

Annur Fitri Hayati, Gusti Astuti, Khairi Murdy
This study aims to conduct a fundamental study of factors affecting the dividend policy of manufacturing companies listed in the Stock Exchange. The sample of this study was 21 manufacturing companies listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX). The type of data used was secondary data in the form...
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The Influence of Personal Cost of Reporting, Organizational Commitment, Fraud Seriousnesss Level, and Gender on Whistle-blowing Intentions

Nayang Helmayunita
This study aims to look at the influence of personal cost of reporting, organizational commitment, gender and level of seriousness of fraud against the intention of doing whistle-blowing. The population in this study was all civil servants in the regional organization in Payakumbuh, Indonesia. The sample...
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The Influence of Ethical Orientation, Gender, and Religiosity on Ethical Judgment Accounting Students

Herlina Helmy
This study aims to examine the influence of ethical orientation, gender and religiosity on ethical judgement accounting students. This research is a causative research focusing on the context of accounting students at Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Padang. The data for this study were obtained...
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Green Intellectual Capital and Financial Performance of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Erinos NR, Yurniwati Yurniwati
This study aims to find the influence of intellectual capital with financial performance in Indonesian Stock Exchange. The independent variable of this research is element of Green Intellectual Capital, consist of intellectual capital and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Intellectual capital calculation...
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Integrated Reporting Based on Maqasid Al-Shariah: A Proposed Framework for Islamic Non-Profit Organizations

Nathasa Mazna Ramli, Nur Solehah Aqilah Md Ali, Nurul Aini Muhammed
This research focuses on Islamic non-profit sector which rely on sources from the public. The emergence of this sector can be strengthened by fulfilling the needs of stakeholders for efficient reporting mechanism. Assessing the reporting of the sector would be notable to ensure that it obtains its objectives....
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Comics as an Alternative Learning Media for Introductory Accounting Course

Vita Fitria Sari
Introductory Accounting course is the basic course for accounting student which one of the topic is accounting cycle of services company. Accounting of service company can be considered as a foundation in understanding other topics in introductory accounting course. Problems arise since lecturers still...
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The Determinant Factors Comprising Students’ Performance in The Digital Era

Nurzi Sebrina, Vanica Serly, Salma Taqwa
This study seeks to examine the determinants factors comprising accounting students’ academic performance at Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia. This research was used a survey method. Data were collected by administering questionnaires to 176 accounting students. The questionnaire consisted 33 questions...
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Understanding The Influence of Motives, Preparedness, and Expectations on Accounting Students’ Performance: An Indonesian Study

Vanica Serly
Accounting students enter universities with a set of motives, expectations and preparedness for their study. These all will lead to students’ efforts in studying accounting to get their best results. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of motives, expectations, and preparedness...
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The Economy Crisis and Financial Performance

Mia Angelina Setiawan
This research aims to examine the effect of firm size and insider ownership to financial performance of companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The population is all companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the research period of 2009 – 2011. Sample used is purposive sampling method...
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Factors Influencing Capital Expenditure Achievement in West Sumatra

Efrizal Syofyan, Selfin Kristianti Waruwu, Sany Dwita
The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of leadership, applicable regulations and human resources competence on the capital expenditure achievement level at West Sumatera local government. Based on the literature, this study formulates three hypotheses in regards to leadership, applicable...
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The Impact of Board Director’s Entrepreneurship and Members’ Participation on Cooperatives’ Performance

Marwan Marwan, Idris Idris, Indah Kumala Sari
This study aims to determine: 1) the impact of board of director’s entrepreneurship toward the cooperative members’ participation, 2) the impact of cooperative members participation on the cooperative performance, and 3) the impact of the board of director’s entrepreneurship towards cooperative’s performance....
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Persistence on The Income of Small-Scale Peyek Snack Entrepreneurs in Padang

Depni Oktalia, Agus Irianto, Sri Ulfa Sentosa
This study aims to reveal how emotional intelligence and persistence affect the income of entrepreneurs who own a small-scale industry of snack called peyek in city of Padang. This study is a descriptive and associative research. In this study, the research populations were 82 entrepreneurs of small-scale...
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The Role of Core Value, Character and Entrepreneur Leadership towards Successful Entrepreneur

Yolandafitri Zulvia, Arif Adrian
Leadership is one of the important factors in the successful of entrepreneurs in digital era at this time. There are many successful business leaders. On the other hand, a lot of entrepreneurs go down because they do not prepare themselves from the early age to understand their core values and characters....