Proceedings of the 2021 International conference on Smart Technologies and Systems for Internet of Things (STS-IOT 2021)

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Application of 3D Printing Technology in the Construction Industry and Its Development Prospects

Jian Yin, Yiru Suo, Tao Lv, Kaisi Ma, Xincheng Wang, Zhonghua Zhang
The success of rapid industrialization around the world may be due to automated processes leading to faster and cheaper production methods. Over the past three decades, the method of mixing and pouring concrete on site has been gradually replaced by prefabricated construction techniques in some developed...
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Design and Implementation of APP Information Platform System for Precision Poverty Alleviation Based on Rural Tourism

Tao Wang, Xiaojuan Liu, Amar Jain
Rural tourism is the product of the fast pace of modern life and the “urbanization problem”. In the past ten years, my country’s tourism industry has developed rapidly. Tourism has become a necessity in people’s lives. Rural tourism can connect all aspects of the city, so it is gradually becoming a necessity...
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Digital Transformation and Development of Provincial Power Grid Enterprises

Mingxia Zhu, Zhenjian Xie, Zhe Wang
The important role of power grid companies in national economic development is becoming more and more prominent, and their development level is closely related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Policies such as “digitalization” and “smart grid construction” have played a key role in promoting...
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Analysis of (r,Q) and (s,S) Spare Parts Ordering Strategy under Maximum Inventory Constraints

Ou Qi, Lei Zhang, Jiuchao Li
Aiming at the limited maximum inventory in actual storage, the advantages and disadvantages of (R, q) and (s, s) spare parts ordering strategies are analyzed. Through the storage cost modeling, the optimal cost parameters of the two strategies are determined. Under the condition of cost optimal parameter...
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Analysis of Marginal Effect of Ability Improvement Based on Simulated Training Equipment

Fei Gao, Ou Qi, Fanghuai Gou, Jianfeng Song
Simulation training is a key training method to improve equipment operators. However, the marginal effect of this training method is obvious. When the training reaches a certain degree, continuing training will lead to serious marginal effect, resulting in increased training time and little ability improvement....
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The Application of GIS in Studying the Route of Qing People Entering Xinjiang

Danyang Gong
GIS is a specific and very important spatial information system. This way avoids the problems of large human resource investment and complicated work in traditional data processing. So this technology helps to improve the research speed and deepen the research content. The research on the route of the...
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Based on the Path Selection of College Smart Class Culture Shaping under the Background of “Internet +” Era

Xun Zhu
With the continuous improvement of information technology level, China gradually enters the era of big data. In the background of the era of big data, the use of information means to establish a class management platform can improve the information level of class management. Through the information class...
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Research on Evaluation System of Comprehensive Effects of Implementation of Technological Innovation Projects in Power Grid Enterprises

Guang Yang, Wei Li, Di Fang, Cuiliu Liu
The implementation of scientific and technological projects has become an important source of support for the innovative development and strategic deepening of power grid enterprises. At this stage, the lack of a corresponding review method system for the comprehensive effects of the implementation of...
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Improving Strategy of Agricultural Products Logistics on the Basis of Supply Chain

Na Wei, Danhong Chen, Dejing Wang
With the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers and rural revitalization, China’s agriculture has experienced a rapid development stage. The development of Internet is also changing the marketing methods of agricultural products and promoting the development of rural e-commerce. As one of...
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Development History and Current Situation of Resistor Array Technology at Home and Abroad

Yichong Xu, Jian Chen, Shouyi Liao
The development experience and current situation of resistance array technology at home and abroad are briefly reviewed. Foreign resistance array technology started early and completed the development from small-scale to large-scale, from scanning to snapshot. At present, it is developing towards specialization...
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Development of Chinese Animation from the Perspective of Computer Evolution

Namin Mi, Alexey Sukhov
To start with the introduction of relevant computer graphic image processing technology, combined with the historical experience of animation in China and abroad, compares and investigates different animation production methods, analyses the influence of computer technology on animation production in...
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DEA-based Achievements Estimate of Technology Investment

Qian Wang, Yuxin Zhao, Xiaoyu Wang
In recent years, domestic R&D funding has maintained rapid growth, and scientific and technological innovation has achieved fruitful results. However, compared with the world’s technological powers, the technological foundation is still weak. Science and technology R&D activities are a typical...
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Evaluation of Local Transformation Ability of Technological Achievements Based on Entropy Method

Xiaoyu Wang, Yuxin Zhao, Qian Wang
The transformation of technological achievements is an important task for the national economy. It transforms technological achievements into actual productivity. In this paper, the entropy method is used to take the technological achievements of Dalian, Liaoning as the research object, and the local...
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3D Creative Design of Cheetah Running Form

Ziwei Xu
In recent years, 3D printing technology has been developing rapidly, which not only helps the development of science and technology industry, but also promotes the progress of cultural and creative undertakings in China. Cultural and creative products are widely loved by people because of their unique...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Distribution Network Project Cost Management Effectiveness Based on Big Data

Xiang Gao, Yuanke Zhou, Yue Tang, Jinghua Liu
Due to the particularity of distribution network, its engineering construction management is very important. According to the content and characteristics of distribution network project cost management, this paper first establishes the effectiveness evaluation index system of distribution network project...
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Logit Analysis of Residents’ Life Satisfaction Based on Big Data

Jia Huang
Based on six waves of pooled cross-sectional survey data from the second (1990) wave to the seventh (2018) wave of the World Values Survey (WVS) database, this paper uses the statistical software Stata to conduct an ordinal logit analysis on the collated data with reference to the Life Satisfaction Approach....
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Application of Blockchain Technology in College Teacher Evaluation System

Jieyu An, Binfen Ding
The teacher evaluation system is a comprehensive information system for teachers and students of the whole school based on the management practice of higher education, using advanced design ideas and technologies. The system effectively overcomes practical problems such as high pressure of evaluation...
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Fuzzy Clustering Prediction and Improvement Path Analysis of University Students’ Physique

Jinmao Tong, Fei Wang
It is difficult for traditional methods to enter the fields of biology, psychology, medicine and social sciences because there are too many factors and complicated rules in these disciplines. Complexity and accuracy often exclude each other, but complexity is compatible with inaccuracy, namely fuzziness....
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Enterprise Financial Management Informatization under Cloud Computing Environment

Xiaohua Zhou
For enterprises, financial management is the top priority of management work, and the effective promotion and application of the financial management model of the financial sharing center integrating cloud computing and other technological elements can undoubtedly become the key to helping enterprises...
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Blockchain + Industry-Education Integration Enterprise: Coupling Path and Platform Construction

Xin Zhang, Pengmin Jia
As the driving force of vocational education development and reform, industry-education integration enterprises have entered the critical period of construction, and put forward the construction demands of symmetrical organizational structure, transparent data status, information resource sharing, and...
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Application of Computer Aided Numerical Calculation Method and Artificial Intelligence in Technology Innovation Analysis

Hongzhen Zhang, Ya Dong, Xia Hua
With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology and the continuous update and wide application of artificial intelligence technology, the Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence have gradually penetrated into many industries in human society and have been involved in...
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Text Generation Image about Gan

Sijia Ye
In recent years, the task of text to image generation has been an important research hotspot in the field of computer vision and natural language. The purpose of this task is to take a descriptive language text as the input, and then output an image with consistent text content. Due to the instability...
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Parameter Matching of Open Winding Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Performance Requirements of Electric Vehicle

Zhiwen An
As the only driving source of pure electric car, the motor system is the top priority of research and development, so the efficiency of the motor directly affects the energy consumption of the whole vehicle. Among all types of motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has attracted more and more...
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Application of Chinese Folk Art in the Computer Design Assistant System of Modern Art

Juan Tan
Chinese folk art has a long history and bears splendid traditional cultural characteristics. In different historical periods and regions, works of different forms, beautiful styles and distinctive ethnic characteristics have been created. With the rapid development of computer technology, computer art...
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Reflections on Machine Scoring in Business English Writing under the Background of Big Data

Wenyi Ding
In the era of big data, information exchange is more convenient and faster, and its frequency increases rapidly. As a result, the demand for language services increases, and the importance of business English gradually highlights. With the rapid growth of business English learning, there is a great demand...
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Research on Translation Corpus Building with the Assistance of AI

Xiaoqing Hou
The quality of machine translation depends on the corpus available for it to learn from. With the development of AI, the translation corpus is now the key to realize Intelligent translation and scenario-based translation. The data on the Internet, data of the enterprise, user-generated data, machine-generated...
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Optimization Model Research Based on Partial Least Squares Method

Huilan Jin, Zhenrong Zhang, Liyan Xu, Hong Fang
In this paper, taking the preparation of C4 olefins by ethanol coupling as an example, we discuss an optimization model based on partial least squares method. First of all, build a univariate polynomial regression model, and analyse the effect of temperature on the selectivity of ethanol conversion and...
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Development of Digital Inclusive Finance based on Blockchain Technology

Minghong Sun
Inclusive finance aims to provide universal, beneficial and fair financial services for poor areas, small and medium enterprises (SMES), low-income groups and other vulnerable groups. After the epidemic, financing difficulties of SMES are prominent and shows new features. In this paper, the application...
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IPPR of Traditional Wooden Building Section Based on Deep Learning

Xiaodan Liang, Haoming Dong
In recent years, deep learning (DL) and neural network models have become hot topics in new research directions in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In order to protect our traditional wooden buildings, this paper applies the research of DL in IPPR to traditional wooden building...
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Deep Learning based Optimization Model for Digital Currencies and Investment Portfolios

Jieyan Dong
The portfolio problem refers to investors or financial institutions that, in managing investments in all types of bonds, stocks, peripheral financial products, depending on the proportion of value held, constantly recombine to achieve stable and loss-free profits, but also to ensure that risk is minimized....
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Analysis of Visual Communication Design of E-Commerce Platform Based on Internet Technology

Hongbo Sun
The development speed of the Internet in my country has been increasing in recent years, and the number and scale of Internet users have also been increasing and expanding. The development momentum of the e-commerce industry based on the rise of Internet platforms is also very rapid. In the Internet...
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Research on the Influence of Artificial Intelligence Technology in English Personalized Teaching

Jingtai Li, Heyuan Huang
Personalized teaching is an important direction for the technological transformation of modern English pedagogy. The wide usage of the latest teaching concept to English personalized teaching is conducive to the demand analysis of English personalized teaching, further accelerate the construction of...
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Research on AI-assisted Teaching Mode for English Teaching from the Perspective of Total Physical Response (TPR)

Jingtai Li, Rong Wen
Total physical response (TPR) was produced in the United States in the early 1960s. This teaching method is a method of teaching foreign languages through body movements, which is mainly used for English education of American immigrant children. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, educators...
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Analysis of the Degree of Influence between Network Public Opinion and Its Response to Corporate Sales and Stock Prices: Taking the Xinjiang Cotton Incident as an Example

Ming Zhao, Yiwen Li, Shoujin Wang, Yingxu Tai
Online public opinion events will have an impact on the company’s sales and the stock price of listed companies, and the analysis of the impact can provide decision-making reference for enterprises to deal with public opinion. Taking “Xinjiang cotton” event which got higher attention from netizens as...
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Knowledge Map Construction and Visualization with Weight

Ming Zhao, Yingxu Tai, Shoujin Wang, Yiwen Li
Knowledge map construction and visualization of characters and related information in novel sand films can help readers or audiences understand the content of related works more accurately and quickly. Taking the novel “In the Name of the People” as an example, the occurrence frequency of main characters...
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Application and Optimization of Wavelet Threshold Denoising Algorithm in Signal Processing

Zhen kong, Shuo kong
Wavelet threshold method filters the signal by eliminating the singular value of data in advance. Based on the conventional hard threshold and soft threshold method, a new threshold function is proposed. The function has better mathematical characteristics and clear physical significance. It can accurately...
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Application of Three-dimensional Simulation Technology in the Expansion and Innovation of Graphic Design to Three-dimensional Space

Jielan Zhou
Graphic design, computer technology and Internet technology are updated and developed at the same time. In modern design, graphic design is not limited to two-dimensional state. Three dimensional space is more and more widely used in leading cities such as architecture, advertising, interior design and...
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Design and Application Analysis of College Students’ Psychological Early Warning System based on Mining Algorithm

jun Liao
The development of a psychological management system for university students has already been an important tool for monitoring and preventing the psychological crisis of college students. A large amount of data is stored in the student administration database of the University, but the data processing...
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Intelligent International Marketing System and Marketing Method based on Big Data

Wei Hao, Yanan Wang
With the advent of the era of knowledge economy and the accelerated globalization of the international market, it has become an inevitable trend for Chinese enterprises to move towards the international market. However, due to congenital and acquired environmental factors, Chinese enterprises still have...
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Analyze the Application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology in Computer Network

Hao Hong
With the advent of the information age, information technology represented by information technology and artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in computer network. It effectively improves the stability and management level of computer network. Especially with the rapid development of...
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Research on Reader’s Reading Promotion in the Digital Age

Jianqiong Li
With the rapid development of science and technology, the increasing prosperity of spiritual and cultural life, people’s thirst for knowledge and the unprecedented surge of access to information, digitization will become the development direction of the library. Readers are the soil and condition for...
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Research and Application of Film and Television Sound Dynamic Effect Design System Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jing Niu
In the process of film from visual art to audio-visual art, sound design technology provides unlimited possibilities for its development. Before the emergence of audio film, we can only understand the connotation of the film through the actor’s actions and some subtitles. Until the emergence of audio...
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Application of Assembly Construction in Intelligent Construction Under the Background of Artificial Isntelligence

Min Yang
The rapid development and wide application of artificial intelligence are deeply affecting all aspects of human society, and also promoting the construction industry to move towards the era of intelligent construction. In this context, this paper first analyzes the relationship between artificial intelligence,...
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Construction of Sharing Mode based on VR Technology under the Background of Big Data

Yi Qi, Gen Jincheng
With the continuous improvement of information technology, readers’ demand for information has also changed fundamentally. The function of the library as an information document center has also changed from “collection” to “use”, and colleges and universities are gradually developing to the campus cultural...
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Development of Intelligent Technology for Sports Training

Haisheng Zou
Intelligent technology is a new computer technology applied in the field of sports in recent years, which can effectively improve the effect of sports skill training. This paper analyzes the characteristics of intelligent technology, describes in detail the importance of virtual reality technology in...
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Design of Intelligent Pronunciation Training System based on Android Pslatform

In recent years, with more and more Chinese learning English, there are more and more English learning software, but most of the software are lack of good pronunciation evaluation and feedback correction. However, in English pronunciation learning, especially for non-native English learners, effective...
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Application of BIM Technology Based on Big Data Analysis in Autonomous Learning of Civil Engineering Teaching

Ya Qin
In the information age, big data, an important modern information technology, has been developed rapidly and has realized the penetration into many fields. The higher education is one of them. In the view of big data, the civil engineering course teaching in Colleges and universities must take the way...
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Energy Big Data Application based on Energy Big Data Center

Jia Liu, Jiangbo Sha, Zhenhua Yan, Rui Ma, Dongge Zhu
Energy big data has great potential application value in promoting the flow of energy resources on demand and the optimization and transformation of energy structure. Based on the investigation of national energy information system and energy industry enterprise big data platform, the development orientation...
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Design and Implementation of Analysis System based on Data Mining

Wen Pan
In recent years, China’s investment in intelligent education and informatization is increasing, and many English intelligent education and online education platforms emerge as the times require. These platforms have changed the traditional English education mode and effectively supplemented the traditional...
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Separate Source Predictive Control of Gas Emission based on psobp AdaBoost

Tao Xu, Tong Cheng
Gas disaster is a great challenge for coal mine enterprises to work safely. Once gas disaster happens, people’s life and property safety will face great threat. High precision prediction of gas emission is an important measure to improve gas prevention and gas control, and it is of great practical significance...
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Intelligent Question Answering System for Internet of things data analysis and educational technology

Yanzhuang Chen
Question answering is an indispensable part of the teaching process. The effect of question answering largely depends on the form of the link and whether it can meet the individual needs of students. The traditional teacher learner face-to-face question answering and e-mail question answering can not...
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Natural Image Classification Method based on Deep Learning

In this paper, natural image classification based on deep learning is studied. Image classification is an important research direction in the field of computer vision. With the rapid development of Internet and mobile terminals in recent years, the number of pictures in various social networking sites...
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Privacy and Security of Internet of Things Data in Financial File Management

Lili Fan
With the advent of the information society, the new technological revolution represented by the development and application of modern information technology is bound to accelerate the process of enterprise informatization in our country. As the basic work of enterprise management, financial archives...
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Virtual Simulation Teaching Course Design based on Internet of Things Data Transmission

Gao Yushu
Accelerating the construction of educational informatization and leading the construction of virtual simulation experiment teaching center is an important reform plan put forward by the Ministry of education in the information age. Today’s era has entered the information age. Advanced science and technology...
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Analysis of Educational Big Data Mining Based on Deep Learning Technology

Jianwu He
Behavioral data comes from a large database that collects data on students’ use of their campus smart cards. The main work of this paper includes: (1) firstly, this paper summarizes the research status of student behavior analysis and educational data mining technology at home and abroad, and further...
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Design and Implementation of Internet of Things Big Data in Computer Application Basic Course Examination System

Caihua Kong
With the development of computer technology and network technology, the application of computer in the field of education is more and more widely. In modern teaching, many subjects are gradually using computer as a tool for examination, that is, paperless examination. So as to save human and material...
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Construction of Classroom Dynamic Evaluation Model based on Internet of Things

Yinling Li
With the development of computer technology and Internet technology, the current information exchange processing and analysis sharing has entered the era of big data. In the new era, the society puts forward higher requirements for students’ English learning. As the main standard to test the quality...
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E-commerce Service System for Cloud Stall Application of Big Data

Jing Liang
With the country’s comprehensive recovery of “stall economy”, the accompanying problems can not be ignored. Based on this, in the field of Internet technology and big data, e-commerce system as an online trading platform, has a pivotal role. Due to the continuous expansion of user groups and the increasingly...
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Autonomous English Online Learning System based on Web

Jiaying Liu
With the update and development of the Internet, online English learning has gradually become the mainstream teaching method. At present, the traditional form of teaching has been difficult to meet the needs of modern education, so more and more students begin to use the network environment platform,...
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Application of Multisensor Technology in Training

Mengran Niu
In high school sports training, through competitive sports, more diversified training of students’ physical quality, promote the all-round development of students, enrich the content of high school sports teaching, enhance the interest of high school sports classroom, stimulate and cultivate students’...
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Application of Internet of Things Data Analysis in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Feng wang
In order to deeply analyze the key factors and their potential interaction that affect the Job-hunting of college students in Yingjia, the author makes extensive statistics on the decision-making factors of the graduates of Nanjing Institute of information technology in recent years, such as recommending...
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Construction of College Students’ English Autonomous Platform based on Virtual Cloud Terminal System

Heng Wang
Aiming at the low initiative of students in traditional offline teaching and online MOOC teaching in programming course teaching, this paper analyzes the function of virtual English platform, summarizes the experience of using virtual English platform, constructs hybrid classroom teaching based on virtual...
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Flipped Classroom Mode of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Visual Data Analysis

Yingying Wang
As an important platform for students to learn English systematically and construct English knowledge system, colleges and universities play an important role in cultivating students’ awareness of cross-cultural communication and improving their comprehensive English ability. In the process of the reform...
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Design of Internet of Things Analysis and Management System for Quality Data

Peng Xue, Min Liu
Through the application of data mining technology and database technology, this paper designs and develops a three-tier framework of B / s technology for college students’ quality analysis and management system. System development software environment is as follows: SQL Server 2005 database, C language...
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Construction of Humanistic Training Mode of Self-learning Applied Talents based on Internet of Things

Xiaoyan Yin
At present, both liberal arts majors and science and engineering majors are advocating the goal of cultivating applied talents, and strive to improve students’ practical ability and innovation ability on the basis of enhancing students’ mastery of theoretical knowledge. For the major of Chinese language...
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Application of Internet of Things Big Data in Early Waring Management of Enterprise Human Resource Crisis

Yang Yu
As a new management concept, human resource has stepped on the stage of society. As an important force to promote the healthy development of enterprises, it has been paid attention to by various industries. The lack of early warning mechanism is an important factor leading to human resource crisis. The...
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Internet of Things Analysis in Classroom of Visual Communication Design Specialty

Hua Zong
In recent years, with the rapid development of multimedia technology and the improvement of people’s understanding of multimedia teaching, the application of multimedia teaching in the field of education has become a hot spot of teaching reform. The means and technology of courseware making are also...
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Design and Implementation of Financial Intelligent Data Management

Liwen Zuo
With the in-depth study of artificial intelligence technology, various industries have been deeply affected, including the securities industry. The emergence of artificial intelligence has greatly strengthened the efficiency and accuracy of financial management of securities companies. The emergence...
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Innovative Design of a New Type of Civil Aviation Aircraft in the Epidemic Era

Qinghan Yang, Lijun Xu, Xinke Pan, Guodong Liang, Xin Chen
the epidemic will accompany our lives for a long time, but the needs of economic development will continue to promote the development of the aviation industry. The delivery mode of traditional civil aviation aircraft can only passively respond to major disasters, including epidemics. Through the research...