Proceedings of the 1st Vocational Education International Conference (VEIC 2019)

219 authors
Wahjono, Harijadi Gunawan Buntoro
Professional Competence of Vocational Teachers from the Graduates of Vocational Education Building Engineering Study Program UNNES
Wahyuningsih, Sri Endah
The Level of Necessity and Mental Readiness by Fashion Department Students in Supporting Fashion Business Incubator
Wahyuningsih2, Sri
The Use of Polisher Machine on the Floor Cleaning Practices in Housekeeping Department: Implementation of Performance Assessment
Wibawa, Setya Chendra
Development of Vocational Online Examination: A Case Study of Computer Systems
Wibawanto, Hari
E-Learning Quality Evaluation Instrument for SPADA Indonesia
Learning Innovations of Massive Open Online Courses Integrated Hybrid Learning as an Acceleration to Increasing Professional Capability of Prospective Vocational Teachers in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
IT-Based Monitoring and Evaluation System for Vocational Students in Industrial Work Practice
Widjanarko, Dwi
Implementation of the Critical Thinking Concept as an Effort to Strengthen Automotive Electrical Charging System Competency
Widowati, Trisnani
The Effectiveness of Modern Hair Bun Styling Handout to Improve the Learning Outcome of Students in Hair Beauty Department of a Vocational High School
Widowati, Trisnani
Analysis Of Practical Assessment Sheet Needs In Beauty Education Programs In State University
Widowati, Trisnani
Development of Techniques of Evaluation of Courses Hairdressing Hairstyling Education Department of Family Welfare Education Faculty of Engineering University of Semarang
Winarno, D.R.
Application of Systemic Functional Grammar for Sixth-Semester Students in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, UNNES
Wiyono, Agus
Analyzing Factors Affecting Vocational Education Development to Support Regional Potential
School and Industries Collaboration on Implementing Vocational Education Internship Program: Best Practice in Indonesia
The Development of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Learning Model in Vocational Education
Yulia, C
Electronic Rubrics Design to Assess Student Competence in Vocational Education
Yundra, Eppy
Robotic Learning Media Development for D3 Students of Information Management Unesa
Yunos, Jailani Md
Analysis of the Necessity for Heutagogical Approach Through 4Cs Skills as Innovation for Vocational Lectures in the Education 4.0
Zakiyyatussa’diyyah, Qori
Learning Improvement of Wood Carving Skills in SMK for Preservation of Local Wisdom and Its Contribution in Furniture Industrial Sector in Jepara