Proceedings of the 1st Yogyakarta International Conference on Educational Management/Administration and Pedagogy (YICEMAP 2017)

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A Situational Analysis of English Language Learning among Eastern Indonesian Students

Mozes Kurniawan, Elvira Hoesein Radia
Nowadays, English is widely spread for communication in the world. It is also considered as the first formal language for international communities. The importance of English as a global language is also felt by a lot of countries, in this case, Indonesia. As a part of ASEAN Economic Community, Indonesian...
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Implementation of School-Based Management in The City of Padang Implementation of School-Based Management in Padang Indonesia

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto, Yulianto Santoso
This study aims to explore the implementation of school-based management in the Junior Secondary schools in the city of Padang. More specifically, this study aims to compare: 1) autonomy, 2) collaboration, 3) stakeholder participation, 4) transparency, and 5) accountability of SBM in the Junior Secondary...
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The Effect Of Transformational Leadership, Work Culture, Self Learning And Work Commitment Towards Teacher's Performance

Lisa Gracia Kailola
Teacher's performance plays a crucial role in achieving quality of education and good character of students. Low teacher's performance will decrease quality of graduates itself. Based on data in Depok City, West Java, teacher's performance is in the priority programs of government, and still need to...
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Guidance and Counseling Comprehensive: Evaluation Implemenation Guidance and Counseling Program

Supriyanto Agus, Irvan Budhi Handaka
Evaluation comprehensive guidance and counseling programs in Indonesia is carried out systematically in its assessment. Assessment can be found through implementation program guidance and counseling in aspects of planning, design, implementation, and evaluation in guidance and counseling programs, and...
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The Role of Character Education for Early Children in Early Childhood Education Programs in Happy Kids Bogor Indonesia

Ronny Gunawan
Character Education is a topic that is being discussed in the world of education in Indonesia. Character education needs to be applied from an early age, as early childhood (between from 2 to 7 years) is a time when people begin to learn about the ways of life and socializing. Where the curriculum of...
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Educational Management of Islamic High Boarding School 'Roudlotul Ulum'

Achmad Slamet, Ibnu Hadjar, Mustaqim Mustaqim
Education management of Islamic High School in pesantren(Islamic Boarding School) is a part of knowledge that empowers human resources in conducting the education of Islamic senior high school in pesantren. This management needs to have serious attention and be programmed, because pesantren is the older...
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Leadership Based on the Internal Quality Assurance System in the Christian University of Indonesia

Hotmaulina Sihotang, Bernadetha Nadeak
This study aims to determine the readiness of faculty and postgraduate program and to find a leadership model to implement the internal quality assurance (IQA) system consistently and sustainably. The method of the research was qualitative and quantitative approach. The data were obtained through interview...
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Optimizing the Roles of Information and Communications Technology in the Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Edy Prayitno, Wahju Tjahjo Saputro, Deborah Kurniawati
This study aims to maximize the learning outcome assessment. The background are many weaknesses in the procurement of conventional tests, including the tendency of students to cheat, supervisors inconsistent with his duties in supervising the exam, and the risk of loss of student answer sheets for collecting...
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Developing Subject Specific Pedagogy (SSP) of Problem Based Learning Model in Laboratory to Improve Problem Solving Ability and Motivation of Students of Senior High School

Godelfridus H. Lamanepa
This study aims to: (1) produce a physics subject specific pedagogy (SSP) of PBL model in laboratory activity appropriate to be in used physics learning of senior high school, (2) determine the effectiveness of the physics SSP of PBL model in laboratory activity to improve problem solving ability of...
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The Utilizing Of Phet Simulation As A Computer-Based Learning Media To Improve The Understanding Of College Student's Physics Concepts.

Isabel Coryunitha Panis, Oktavianus Ama Ki'i
The computer in physics learning is a course subject on the studi program of physics education of WidyaÿMandira Kupang universityÿthat aimed toÿprepare college students to use the computer as a physics learning media. The research aims to improve the understanding of physics concepts of college students...
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Analyzing Student Readiness of e-Learning Implementation in Middle School

Feby Artwodini Muqtadiroh, Amna Ahifia Nisafani, Nadia Silviana
E-learning is a widely developed mean to support learning process in class. However, student readiness may hinder its application, thus results in its deployment failure. One of the methods to assess student readiness is blended learning model from Tang and Chaw. This model analyzes student readiness...
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The implementation of ACM/AIS IS 2010 in the undergraduate programs of Information Systems in Indonesia

Arif Wibisono
Information systems discipline has emerged as a multidisciplinary field. As time progresses, we witness a wide interpretation of IS curriculum within undergraduate programs worldwide. This paper seeks to measure the concordance of IS curriculum in the undergraduate programs in Indonesia with world-widely-adhered...
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Developing Scientific Writing Instruction Evaluation Instrument by Using a Constructivism Approach

Supriyadi Supriyadi
The aim of this research was to develop evaluation instruments for scientific writing instruction with a constructivism approach. In order to achieve the research objectives, the combined models of development, 4D and RDR were used. The design of this research that included four stages, namely the preliminary...
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Factors Affecting Teacher's Intention to use E-Learning

Amna Shifia Nisafani, Ryan Arnoldi N.R., Feby Artwodini Muqtadiroh
The adoption of e-learning technology in Indonesia is limited partly because of user rejection. While one rejecting user is teachers, they play an important role to succeed the implementation of e-learning as they provide e-learning content. Thus, this study aims at investigating factors that affect...
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Educational Improvement Towards Effective Madrasah

Nurkolis Nurkolis
The objectives of this article to know: how was the quality of madrasah, how was the efficiency of madrasah, how was the professionalism of madrasah teacher, and how was the quality of madrasah graduates in Central Java Province. The approach of study was descriptive quantitative utilizing document from...
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Community Empowerment Through Networking Capacity Development of The Target Group of Community Entrepreneurship Education

Entoh Tohani
This research aims to produce development model of the networking capacity for target group of community entrepreneurship education empower community. This research done due to fact that lack of the possesion of networking capacity by the community entrepreneurship education recently. This research design...
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Design of Training Based on Needs to Improve Pedagogic Competence of The Tutors

Joko Sutarto, Sungkowo Edi Mulyono, Tri Joko Raharjo
"Top down" training that has been done is considered unable to increase the competence of pedagogical tutors. The purpose of this study are: (a) to identify what are really needed by tutors community to improve their pedagogical competence in their training, and (b) to figure out a perfect conceptual...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Non-formal Education Learning in Central Java

Tri Joko Raharjo, Fakhruddin Fakhruddin, Joko Sutarto
The effectiveness of learning is influenced by various factors, this study aims to determine the magnitude of the effect of: (a) the working climate, and supervising the commitments learning tutors; (b) work climate, and supervision of the effectiveness of learning for learning; and (c) determining the...
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Cultural Quality Revitalization Model in Strengthening The Higher Education Capacity Building 'Good Learning Culture'

Syarifuddin Achmad, Syamsu Qamar Badu
this paper is to present the result of research as a best practice in promoting Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, as a Higher Education, for strengthening its Capacity Building. This research has successfully formulated a Cultural Quality Revitalization Model 'good learning culture' in overcoming the lack...
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Being a Role Model to Motivate Students

Mega Wati
How can non-English students in a noncredited English program, who are thus usually reluctant, be encouraged to apply the university value of Striving for Excelllence? In this paper the result is shared. This classroom research initially aims at identifying the successful motivational strategy from the...
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The Effect of Islamic Work Ethics on Affective Commitment of Vocational High School Teachers

Umi Anugerah Izzati
In some vocational schools, teachers demonstrate lack of affective commitment to the schools. They mostly haven't shown maximum effort to exert their potentials related to the values of good and bad behavior in the work. The objective of this study is to investigate the impact of Islamic work ethics...
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A Tracer Study on the Graduates of Guidance and Counseling Department of Ahmad Dahlan University

Sri Hartini, Caraka Putra Bhakti, Dody Hartanto
This tracer study aims to describe users alumni evaluation towards the graduates of Guidance and Counseling Department. This study belongs to the quantitative descriptive study applying survey approach. This study employs random sampling technique with 30% proportion of the total graduate during 2014-2016....
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The Relationship between Learning Motivation and Learning Outcome of Junior High School Students in Yogyakarta

Said Alhadi, Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra
Qualified education is the governments' desire in the effort to support skilled human resources. One indicator of successfully qualified education is the high-level learning outcome achieved by the students. Learning outcomes are important indicators for both teacher and student. One of the factors determining...
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Local Development Model to Increase Moral Behavior

Alif Muarifah, Dody Hartanto
Moral behavior is one essential factors in the development and creation of an advanced and fair society. It is the ideal concept should be acquired and developed. However, at this time, especially teenagers' moral behavior has changed. The changes tend to be on the negative behavior. This article describes...
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Mapping Genealogy of Character Education in Indonesia Ki Hajar Dewantara and Hamka as Preliminary Locus Study

Okta Nurul Hidayati
Indonesia has been developing a formula of improving the good character education system. Previous studies explain that religiosity is one of the elements of character education, but it can be derived also from the nationalist aspect. This paper aims to analyze the formation of moral constructs of a...
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Strategic Management System as The Internationalization Policy of Indonesian Islamic Higher Education

Irawan Irawan, Mahmud Mahmud
In 2016, the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the Directorate General of Islamic Education, and the Directorate of Islamic Higher Education, established a policy namely Strategic Management System (SMS). All colleges have to implement the system. But, the speculation that the...
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Barriers to Women's Career Advancement in Indonesian Academia: A Qualitative Empirical Study

Nur Kholis
Why is the representation of women fewer than men in the top academic positions in Indonesia? To answer this question, the researcher did an empirical study using qualitative method to explore any possible barriers that have been encountered or faced by women. Twenty-five participants consisted of 19...
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Contrastive Analysis of Indonesian and Javanese Languages and Its Prospective Implication for Language Learning

Roni Sulistiyono, Pujiati Suyata, Triwati Rahayu
This study was aimed at analyzing contractive comparisons between Indonesian language and Javanese one. Both languages are belong to the Western Malay Polynesian group, but then have developed under varieties of influences and have experienced differences in some respects. The contrasts between both...
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How Project Based Learning Boost Learning Environment

Pujiriyanto Pujiriyanto, Samsi Haryanto, Mulyoto Mulyoto, Dewi Rochsantiningsih
Environment is one of the contributing factors to develop creativity. This study aimed to investigate the performance of the project-based learning (PBL) model designed to develop creative learning environments according to the students' perceptions. The method employed for the study is quasi experimental...
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Student Commitment to Do Lecture Task Observed from Motivation to Achievement

Fitriani Fitriani
The purpose of this research was to find out the analyze student commitment to do lecture task observed from motivation to achieve achevement. By analyzing the commitment and motivation of achieving good results, the causes of and solutions to enhance the student's commitment to the task are expected...
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The Influence of Problem Based Learning Model and Cognitive Style on The Result of Learning Intermediate Financial Accounting 2

Nunuk Suryanti
This research was quasi experiment research which was aimed to find out the influence of Problem Based Learning Model and cognitive style on the result of learning Intermediate financial accounting 2. The population was taken from students of accountancy education FKIP UIR who started attending college...
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The Effect of Meta - Creative Learning Strategies toward Student's Creative Products Practiced Creativity and Creative Self - Efficacy in Making Women's Clothing in Vocational High School

Rahmiati Rahmiati, Saemah Saemah
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of meta-creative learning strategies on the achievement in fashion's creative products, practiced creativity, and creative self-efficacy among vocational high schools' student. This research used the quasi-experimental design using a non-equivalent control-group...
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The Effectiveness of Sports School in Malaysia A Pilot Study in Sports School of Pahang State

Mohammad Bin Seman, Tan Kuan Tee, Muhammad Faizal Bin A. Ghani
This research is to study the effectiveness of Sports School in Malaysia. Furthermore, this study will identify the deterrent factor of effective practice in a Sports School. To achieve research objectives, questionnaires were distributed to 30 respondents from Sports School in Pahang state. The questionnaire...
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The Community Based Education for Improving The Culinary Service Capabilities

Sujarwo Sujarwo, Fitta Ummaya Santi, Tristanti Tristanti
Bejiharjo village districts of Karangmojo is one of the villages that has tourism potential "Pindul" and the tourism potential of natural resources that began to be known by local and international tourists, so that women can be empowered in accordance with the region's potential, especially in managing...
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Text-to-Speech-Based Textbook for University Students with Visual Impairments in English Syntax Inclusive Learning: A Need Analysis Study

Sunardi Sunardi, Raden Arief Nugroho, Purwanto Purwanto
This study aims at finding needs and expectations for designing a user-friendly textbook of English syntax which can be used by university students with visual impairment in inclusive learning. English syntax learning is chosen because of its certain difficulties undergone by visually-impaired students,...
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Educating the Indonesian Language A Proposed Verbal Social Project for the National Harmony

Jumanto Jumanto
This paper presents the exploration of language use pragmatically and to propose educating the Indonesian language as a verbal social project for the national harmony. The word educating here is beyond in-classroom teaching-learning process, as it also involves family and societal participation in the...
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Development of Higher Education Service Model Through Total Quality Service of Three Pillars of Tertiary Education in Universitas Negeri Gorontalo

Ismet Sulila
This study on the Development of Higher Education service model through total quality service of three higher education academic services (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi) in Universitas Negeri Gorontalo (UNG) aimed at comprehensively studying the effectiveness of three higher education academic services...
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ICT and Knowledge Management for Organizational Competitiveness Understanding Policy and Practices

Miftahus Sa'adah, Siti Nur Hidayah
Globalization has inevitably forced organization including higher education institution to improve its competitive advantage. Recently, the notion of knowledge management has been gaining wide acceptance toward organizational enhancement. It includes the use of technology to support knowledge creation,...
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Developing On-line Quizzes Using Exelsa Moodle To Improve Student Achievement in Economic of Environment and Natural Resources Course

Kurnia Martikasari
This research aims to develop on-line quizzes using exelsa moodle to improve student achievement in Economic of Environment and Natural Resources course. To collect data, students of Economic of Environmental and Natural Resources first degree in second semester 2015/2016 involved in the course quizzes....
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Developing the Worksheet Books Integrating Character Building to Teach Budgeting Course

Benedecta Indah Nugraheni
This research aimed to develop an educational product in a form of worksheet books integrating character building that was used as the appropriate media for learning Budgeting for students of Accounting Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sanata Dharma University. The...
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Development of Model Design Using Problem-Based Learning to Increase the Scientific Behavior and Critical Thinking Skills

Yohanes Maria Vianey Mudayen
The aim of this study is to increase the scientific behavior and critical thinking skills for senior high school students in Economy subject through the development of learning model design development with problem-based implementation. This study was conducted in Senior High School Stella Duce 1 and...
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World Englishes from a holistic view and considerations on English education in Vietnam

Tran Thi Hao, Ngo Dinh Phuong
The development of English as the mutual language among of ASEAN context since 2008 and the formation of ASEAN Economic Community since 2015 have set milestones in the social and educational development of each country of the organisation. In English education in Vietnam, understanding the diversity...
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The Quality of Learning in The Perspective of Learning as A System

Anik Ghufron, Deni Hardiyanto
This study aims to examine and simultaneously find the concept of quality learning in the perspective of learning as a system. This research was conducted in the background of the inequality and confusion of learning quality concept. This research uses qualitative approach with "grounded theory" method....
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Evaluation of Indonesian National Qualification Framework-Based Learning Process in Faculty of Education Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

Wahyuningrum Wahyuningrum
The aim of this study was to find out the success of Indonesian National Qualification Framework-based learning process in Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta State University). Indonesian National Qualification Framework-based learning process is said to be successful if...
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Building Students' Characters Through Extracurricular Activities

Arita Marini
This research aimed to find out the ways to build the students' characters through extracurricular activities at elementary schools in Jakarta, Indonesia. This survey study was conducted at 63 elementary schools in Jakarta, Indonesia. Data collection was done through interviewing and observing. Building...
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Environmental Education On The Basis of Ecotourism

Desy Safitri
The purpose of this research is to develop environmental education model on the basis of ecotourism. Specific target in this research is: (1) to develop valid environmental education model draft on the basis of ecotourism; (2) to develop practical and effective environmental education model on the basis...
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Teacher Knowledge and Experience Dealing with Students with Learning Disabilities in Inclusive Elementary School and Implications to Learning Accommodation and Modification

Sari Rudiyati, Pujaningsih Pujaningsih, Mumpuniarti Mumpuniarti
This study aims to portray teachers' knowledge and experience dealing with students with learning disabilities in inclusive elementary school Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia; and its implication in providing learning accommodations and modifications for students with learning disabilities. This...
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Institutional Strategies To Make Excellent Schools

Cepi Safruddin Abdul Jabar
Excellence is another important aspect of achieving school goals. Achievement of excellence involves all school resources in an integrated way with proper management. The objectives of the study is aimed to analyze the institutional strategies of the schools in achieving excellence. Ethnographic research...
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The Implementation of Genre Based Approach To Teaching Narrative Listening

Setyo Prasiyanto Cahyono
This research examines the implementation of Genre Based Approach in teaching narrative listening as an approach to motivate the students to learn listening. The design of this research used a case study involving a lecturer and 32 of the third semester students who took Advanced Listening at English...
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Role In Improving Academic Supervision of Teachers' Professionalism at Sudirman II Public Elementary School Makassar

Ratmawati Ratmawati, Ardiansyah Ardiansyah, Andi Mappincara
This study aims to determine the role of the headmaster as a supervisor in the planning, implementation, and evaluation and follow-up of academic supervision in SDN Sudirman II Makassar City. The subject of this research is the headmaster and teacher of the school located in SDN Sudirman II.Objek this...