Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2020)

320 authors
Tresiany, Yeni Winda
Metaphor Translation Strategies in Dan Brown’s Origin Novel Indonesian Version
Trisna, Ayu
Learning Pragmatic Aspects Acquired by a Three-Year-Old Indonesian Child
EFL Learners Perception of Written Corrective Feedback
Wau, Yasaratodo
Best Leadership Principals of Remote Elementary Schools in the Future
Williandani, Mega
Techniques of Intertextuality
Become a Professional Teacher in the Future
Wuriyani, Eli Prihasti
Development of Fabel Story Text Teaching Material Base on Local Wisdom for Seventh Grade Student
Yulia, Erma
The Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) Using Macromedia Flash 8
Identifying the Categories of Ideological Shift of Text in the Translation of ‘Half of Yellow Sun’: Critical Discourse Analysis in Translation Study
Translation Quality in Bound Novel by Nurhayat Indriyatno Mohamed
The Effect of Principal Leadership and Organizational Culture on Work Motivation of Banda Aceh City High School Teachers
The Effect of Principal Leadership, and Work Motivation, on the Performance of Bireuen District High School Teachers
Implementation of Academic Administration System in Asahan University
Translation Procedures of Collocations in Novel the Ghost Writer into Bahasa Indonesia
The Effect of Student Team Achievement Division Strategy and Think Pair Share Strategy on Reading Comprehension Achievement
The Effect of Sources of Job Stress on Job Satisfaction of Educative Workers
Zen, Zahari
Analysis of Factors Affecting Economic Growth in the SMEs Sector in Indonesia
Zuksa, Fikarwin
The Influence of the 2017 Anthropology Student Learning Process Medan State University Graduate School of Social Interaction Whatsapp
Zuska, Fikarwin
The Role of Women in the Education of Beneficiary Families of the Harapan Family Program
Zuska, Fikarwin
Character Education Conducted by Online Transportation Drivers for Each Customer