Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2020)

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The Effect of Learning Methods and Learning Interests on Music Playing Skill Ensembles in State Junior High School 6 Academic Year 2019–2020

Tommy Supermard, Harun Sitompul, Muhammad Badiran
This study aims to determine: (1) the effect of ensemble music playing skills taught by drill and demonstration methods on music playing skills, (2) the effect of ensemble music playing skills who have high learning interest with ensemble music playing skills who have low learning interest, 3) the interaction...
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Implementation of School Principal in Improving the Performance Teachers of Nurul Hasanah Primary School Percut Sei Tuan

Marini Purba, Irwandy, Widansyah Lubis
The purpose of this study was to describe and explain the implementation of the managerial communication of the Principal of the Nurul Hasanah Tembung Private Primary School in Deli Serdang Regency in improving teacher performance. The subjects of the study were the principal, teachers, staff and the...
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The Influence of Children Playing Method and Self-Concept of Social Ability in Children Aged 5-6 Years in TK An-Nisa Medan

Nurul Akmal Aman, Simaremare, Daulat Saragi
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of micro and macro role playing methods and children’s self-concept on social abilities of children aged 5-6 years at An Nisa Kindergarten Medan. This research was conducted at An-Nisa Kindergarten in Medan on Jalan No. 18 Medan in the odd semester...
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Metaphor Translation Strategies in Dan Brown’s Origin Novel Indonesian Version

Yeni Winda Tresiany, I Wy Dirgeyasa, Siti Aisyah Ginting
This Study entitle Metaphor Translation Strategies In Dan Brown’s Origin Novel Indonesian Version. The aims of this study was to investigate types of metaphor translation strategies in Dan Brown’s Origin Novel Indonesian Version. The research was conducted by using qualitative design. data are words,...
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Efforts to Improve Learning Outcomes of Floor Gymnastics Through Exercise Teaching Styles

Tengku Miftah Rizka, Nurhayati Simatupang, Indra Kasih
This study aims to study the improvement of learning outcomes in floor exercise through the style of teaching gymnastics to students. The subjects of this study were conducted at SMK Negeri 1 Percut Sei Tuan in the 2017/2018 academic year, the sample in this study were 30 students of class XI. Analyzing...
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The Use of Inquiry Instructional Model to Increase Writing Ability of News Text

Sanggup Barus, Sahat Siagian, Abdul Hasan Saragih
This research aims to know whether the use of inquiry instructional model can increase student’s writing ability of news text. This research used quantitative descriptive approach. The method used was quasi-experiment method. The instrument used to collect data was test instrument of writing ability...
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Developing Teaching Materials Based on Scientific Approach to Improve Children Language Development Age 5-6 Years in RA Al-Mahabbah Batangkuis

Kharida Shaleha, Rosmala Dewi, Evi Eviyanti
The purpose of this study is to develop the feasibility and effectiveness of teaching materials to improve the language development of children aged 5-6 years group B at RA Al-Mahabbah. This research was conducted at RA Al-Mahabbah BatangKuis Lubuk Pakam Desa Baru Dusun II, BatangKuis in the even semester...
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EFL Learners Preference of Learning Style in ESP Class

Arjuna Peranginangin, Alvin Zonathan Sagala, Elvi Yosna Lulbis, Aldo Elias Alrisky Pasaribu
Understanding students learning style were prior for every teacher and lecturer in order to help student aware of their learning style. It helped student understand how they should learn and empower them to achieve the learning substantives. Moreover, none of the research been conducted learning style...
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The Development of E-Module Biomolecules for Enzyme Integration of Project Based Learning Models in Accordance With the KKNI Curriculum

Vina Rezekyah Hasibuan, Murniaty Simorangkir, Ajat Sudrajat
The Development of electronic learning media needs to be done in accordance with technological developments. The purpose of this study is to obtain the integrated enzyme bio molecular electronic module of project based learning models according to the KKNI curriculum in an effort to increase student...
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Development of a Guidebook Basic Hockey Game Techniques Based on the Truth of Motion

Haris Fadilla Siregar, Imran Akhmad, Ibrahim Sembiring
This research and development aims 1) to determine the feasibility of developing a basic technique manual in the game of hockey based on the truth of motion, 2) to determine the attractiveness of the response of athletes and coaches to the development of basic technical manuals in hockey games based...
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The Influence of Situational Leadership, Work Discipline, and Achievement Motivation on Teachers’ Affective Commitment in Junior High Schools

Sri Lia Hartati, Irwandy, Aman Simaremare
This study aims to analyze the influence of situational leadership on work discipline, the influence of situational leadership on achievement motivation, the influence of situational leadership on teacher affective commitment, the effect of work discipline on teacher affective commitment, the influence...
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EFL Learners Perception of Written Corrective Feedback

Suerni, Seyu Fani, Asnawi, Wariyati
The aim of the study wad to find out the perception of written corrective feedback of student in practice writing skill in English class and the lack of using correct feedback in class. The study was using qualitative method and the data that collected using a written questionnaire that elicited participant’s...
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Analysis of Learning Outcomes of Students Who Have High and Low Achievement Motivation in the Class XI Science Food Digestion System Material Medan 11 Public High School 2019/2020 Academic Year

Ricky Manullang, Melva Silitonga, Tri Harsono
This study aims to determine and examine the analysis of student learning outcomes that have high and low achievement motivation in the digestive system material of class XI science at SMA Negeri 11 Medan 2019/2020 academic year. This research was conducted on the 11th grade students of Natural Sciences...
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“Dalihan Na Tolu” Character Education in Salaon Toba Village

Lifzen Sitanggang, Ichwan Azhari, Ratih Baduri
Dalihan Na Tolu is a traditional Toba Batak value. The educational value of Dalihan Na Tolu has been passed on from generation to generations which has taught a character building for themselves. Dalihan Na Tolu is used every day, where and whenever. Until the new era of globalization, the traditional...
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The Effectiveness of Contextual-Inquiry Lesson Plan on Higher Order Thinking Skills

Henni Rahayu Siregar, Hasruddin, Martina Restuati
Teaching and learning strategy are important in teaching-learning processes to produce effective and efficient learning, and achieving the learning goals. Contextual inquiry is one of the models that can accommodate students to express their own opinions when dealing with all problems they faced during...
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The Effectiveness of PSPEA Learning Models in West Vocal Techniques in Music Education

Lamhot Basani Sihombing, Efendi Napitupulu, Abdul Hamid
This study aims to develop a PSPEA (Planning, Song, Performance, Expression, Appreciation) learning model that is appropriate for learning in music education. This development research uses the Dick and carey model. The research subjects were students of Medan state university music education, which...
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Education of Character and Value in Jamu Sawah

Case Study of Ethnic Malay Village Lubuk Rotan Perbaungan District Serdang Bedagai Regency

Dedi Hartono, Hidayat, Usman Pelly
The Jamu Sawah ritual is one of the cultural properties owned by the community. Jamu sawah is a ritual performed by farmers before sowing rice seeds for planting, the values contained in it such as the values of mutual cooperation and religious values in conveying goodwill to the creator through the...
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Identifying the Categories of Ideological Shift of Text in the Translation of ‘Half of Yellow Sun’: Critical Discourse Analysis in Translation Study

Husnawati, Zainuddin, Amrin Saragih
The present study deals with the identification of ideological shift categories of text in literary translation through the Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) point of view. The critical discourse analysis was conducted to determine the occurance of shift categories of text in the translation process...
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Blended Learning and 4Cs: Trends in the New Normal Life of Education, Globalization and the Next Decade

Etika Maeda Sohaya
Since the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) was announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) decided to close and temporarily stop the whole process of teaching and learning activities in all educational institutions and to inform students...
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The Role of Women in the Education of Beneficiary Families of the Harapan Family Program

Adnin S Muhammad, Ratih Baiduri, Fikarwin Zuska
Women’s empowerment efforts are an integral part of national development efforts. Therefore, efforts to empower women are an ongoing effort in accordance with the dynamics of socio-cultural or economic changes that are taking place rapidly in this global era. Target of women’s empowerment programs or...
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Maintaining the Tradition of Asokanas a Media of Informal Education in Village Communities

Case Study of Pematang Ganjang Village Sei Rampah District

Dhita Mariane Perdhani Putri Manik, Hidayat, Tappil Rambe
The village community has a basic concept of living together that is full of awareness and a sense of responsibility. People live in groups. Life in groups causes a close relationship with one another, so that mutual help is an obligation and a necessity for society itself. The purpose of this study...
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Character Education Conducted by Online Transportation Drivers for Each Customer

Case Study Ojek Online in Medan City

Muhammad Rifai, Hidayat, Fikarwin Zuska
Medan city people really need a fast and efficient means of transportation. The need for this means of transportation makes online transportation very in demand, so the Medan city community must also understand about safety in safe driving. The purpose of this research is that the people of Medan who...
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Analysis of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills, Scientific Literacy and Scientific Attitude in Ecosystem Materials

Ilham Hakiki Harahap, Martina Restuati, Ashar Hasairin
This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 2 Kotapinang which aimed to determine the level of critical thinking skills of students (1) grade X at SMA Negeri 2 Kotapinang; (2) level of scientific literacy skills of grade X students in SMA Negeri 2 Kotapinang (3) scientific literacy of grade X students...
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An Innovative Chemistry Learning Material With Project and Multimedia to Developed Students Thinking Skill on the Teaching of Anion Analysis

Gelis Juliandini, Manihar Situmorang, Zainuddin Muchtar
Students’ thinking skills become the target life skills to be achieved at State University of Medan and can be supported through learning innovation. This research aims to develop an innovative project-based learning with multimedia to build critical thinking skills of students in teaching of Anion analysis....
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The Influence of the 2017 Anthropology Student Learning Process Medan State University Graduate School of Social Interaction Whatsapp

Rizky Syamhot Lubis, Fikarwin Zuksa, Tappil Rambe
This study aims to describe the influence of the learning process of anthropology students of the 2017 Postgraduate University of Medan through the social interaction of whatsapp media. This research is to find out and get a picture of the effect of the learning process with social interaction through...
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Development of Learning Media Based on Computation Method in Molecular Shape

Siti Rohaniah Hasibuan, Asep Wahyu Nugraha, Marini Damanik
Good learning media are needed to improve the quality of learning. One of the media that can be used is the use of computer technology, one form of application of computer technology in chemistry is computational chemistry. This study aims to determine the assessment of expert teams on computational...
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The Development of Android-Based Interactive Multimedia for High School Students

Nisa Humairah, Zainuddin Muchtar, Marham Sitorus
The application of technology in the field of learning is believed to be able to improve students learning abilities. One of the uses of technology in the digital era today is a smartphone with the Android operating system as a learning multimedia. Learning activities that use multimedia have a positive...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning Resources With Multimedia to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Teaching Cation Analysis

Dwy Puspita Sari, Marham Sitorus, Manihar Situmorang, Ajat Sudrajat
The progress of information technology that is very fast now has added value in supporting learning. Teaching and learning chemistry must adapt to the latest technology to maximize learning activities. This study aims to develop an innovative project-based learning resource with multimedia to improve...
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The Influence of School Culture, Team Cooperation, and Work Motivation on the Normative Commitment of Padangsidimpuan State Vocational School Teachers

Nurzanna, Eka Daryanto, Arif Rahman
This study aims to describe and determine the effect of school culture, teamwork, and work motivation on teacher normative commitment. This study uses quantitative methods; the model used is path analysis with descriptive and inferential data analysis techniques. The population was all 147 teachers of...
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The Development of Mathematics Authentic Assessment in Applying Model Eliciting Activities to Enhance Students’ Creative Thinking

Nurul Husna Lubis, Bornok Sinaga, Abil Mansyur
This study aims to determine: 1) The level of validity of the mathematics authentic assessment developed in the application of the Model Eliciting Activities; 2) The practicality of the assessment; 3) The effectiveness of the assessment; 4) And the impact of the assessment on the development of the students’...
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Code-Mixing Reasons in Arisan Among the Speakers of Balinese in Medan

Nazlah Syahaf Nasution, Amrin Saragih, Siti Aisah Ginting
Language that is not fully used anymore sometimes mixed with other language, known as code mixing. Code mixing is an insertion of one into another language within one utterance or sentence. In a group of Balinese in Medan, they also used code-mixing in their communication. In contrast with phenomenon...
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Development of Green Chemistry Practicum Guidelines Based on Discovery Learning

Erlina, Ramlan Silaban, Nurfajriani
This study aims to analysis the practicum guide of the school under study, to find out the feasibility of the chemistry practicum guide based on Discovery Learning in class eleven second semester which was developed based on the results of standardization and expert validator opinions, and to determine...
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The Effect of Guided Inquiry Learning Model and Critical Thinking Skills on Learning Outcomes

Yusri Asdedi Rambe, Albinus Silalahi, Ajat Sudrajat
Guided Inquiry is a series of learning that emphasizes the process of thinking critically and analytically to search and find out the answers of problems questioned. This study aims to show the effect of the Guided Inquiry learning model and critical thinking skills on student learning outcomes. The...
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Learning Pragmatic Aspects Acquired by a Three-Year-Old Indonesian Child

Ayu Trisna, Rahmad Husein, Anni Holila Pulungan
Learning pragmatic aspects is used to build harmonious relationships between adults and a child. The main advantage of this learning lies in adults understanding a three-year-old child on conversations that can improve the child’s pragmatic skills. The purpose of this study is to find out the pragmatics...
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The Analysis of Foreign Language Comprehension of Primary School Children

Inatigris Anggriani Harahap
Language comprehension is a process of understanding a language. The main point of comprehension is an ability of a listener to catch a language message. The purpose of this study was to analyze foreign language comprehension of primary school children. This study used a descriptive qualitative research....
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Reasons of EFL Students’ Anxiety in Writing Scientific Paper

Nurul Hudayani, Rahmad Husein, I Wy Dirgeyasa
This research mainly attempts to find out the reasons why students experienced the writing anxiety. The research is done by qualitative research method. The participants contributed in this research are 11 English department students of UIN Sumatera Utara. The data are collected by using interview to...
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The Shift of Bahasa Aceh in Delitua Kecamatan Delitua

Syukri Hidayati, Sri Minda Murni, I Wy Dirgeyasa
This research deals with language shift of Bahasa Aceh in Delitua. The objectives of the study were to explain the reasons of Bahasa Aceh shift occurring among its speakers in Delitua. This research conducted qualitative research. The data were taken from Acehnese people in Delitua. The data of the study...
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First Language Acquisition in Sentence by Three-Years-Old Child: a Case Study of a Karonese Child

Dessi Septaria Ginting, Rahmad Husein, Anni Holila Pulungan
This research is entitled the first language acquisition in sentence by three-year-old child: a case study of a karonese child. this research applied descriptive qualitative method. the data of this research are obtained from the utterances of a three-year-old child, name Josua and Gracia. this research...
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The Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) Using Macromedia Flash 8

Mhd Fauzi Amri, Abdul Hasan Saragih, Erma Yulia
The study aims to produce an interactive learning media based problem based learning (pbl) use macromedia flash 8 of basic technology automotive subject that worthy, effective use, easy to learn and easy to use. The type of research is a development research that use Borg and Gall product development...
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Application of Academic Supervision of GROW Model Coaching to Improve the Ability to Make Learning Modules Using the Flipbook Maker Application of Motorcycle Engineering Competence Teacher at SMK N 2 Binjai

Moch. Musta’in, Arif Rahman, Restu
The purpose of this study was to determine the application of the academic supervision of the GROW coaching model technique in increasing the ability of teachers to competence motorcycle engineering expertise to create learning modules using the flipbook maker application. The research design used was...
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Techniques of Intertextuality

Mega Williandani, Amrin Saragih, Siti Aisyah Ginting
Intertextuality is a mechanism whereby we write ourselves into the social text, and then by the social text writes us. The theory followed by Bazermann (2004) who describe techniques of intertextuality into six items namely direct, indirect technique, mentioning a person, document or statements technique,...
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Translation Quality in Bound Novel by Nurhayat Indriyatno Mohamed

Rahayu Ningsih, Anni Holila Pulungan, Zainuddin
Translation quality is the realization to what is good and bad in translation based on some criteria. This research intents to identify the accuracy of translation quality in Bound novel by Nurhayat Indriyatno Mohamed. The translation quality was aimed to know accuracy level of the novel. This research...
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The Development of Learning Model Assisted by Animation Media in Economics Subjects

Annazmy Hidayah, Efendi Napitupulu, Samsidar Tanjung
This study aims to: (1) Determine the feasibility of a learning model assisted by animation media in Economics subjects at SMA Negeri 1 Kualuh Selatan, Labuhanbatu Utara (2) To find out the activeness of a learning model assisted by animation media in improving student learning outcomes in economic subjects...
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The Effect of Principal Leadership and Organizational Culture on Work Motivation of Banda Aceh City High School Teachers

Musdiani, Zainuddin, Irwandy
The purposed of this research was aimed at information about, the influence of principal’s leadership on work motivation and the influence of organizational culture on work motivation on teacher performance. This research was conducted at Banda Aceh city high schools with a total population of 716 became...
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The Effect of Principal Leadership, and Work Motivation, on the Performance of Bireuen District High School Teachers

Munawar, Sri Mifayetti, Zainuddin
This study aims to address the problems of five proposed hypotheses, namely: 1) The direct influence of the leadership of the principal on work motivation, 2) The direct influence of the leadership of the principal on teacher performance, 3) The direct effect of work motivation on performance. This research...
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Become a Professional Teacher in the Future

A change the teacher paradigm

Windari, Rosmala Dewi, Din Oloan Sihotang
The purpose of this research is to find out how to change the teacher paradigm into a professional teacher, and then there are several conditions that must be met. First, teachers must have qualifications and competencies as a potential teacher at least. In Indonesia, all levels of teachers are from...
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The Challenge of Being a Teacher in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Tota Maria Nababan, Saut Purba, Paningkat Siburian
The whole world is now in the fourth industrial revolution known as the 4.0 Industrial Revolution which is soon entering the 5.0 industrial revolution. Now all lines are required to carry out activities disruptively, where this innovation is developing very rapidly, so as to help create new markets,...
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Learning With Higher Order Thinking Skills for Basic Statistics Subject

Efron Manik
The purpose of this study is to determine the HOTS learning model that is most suitable for the learning process of Basic Statistics Subject. This research method is descriptive research and continued with quantitative research. Based on the literature, the discovery / inquiry learning model and the...
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The Effect of Teacher Work Motivation on the Competency Test of Teachers in Physical Education, Sports and Health

Salamat ButarButar, Tarsyad Nugraha, Sanuasi Hasibuan
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of teacher work motivation on the results of the competency test scores of teachers of sports and health in the state junior high schools of Tebing Tinggi. This study used a descriptive correlational approach to determine the effect of teacher work...
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Competency Planning Strategies of Junior High School Teachers in increasing competitiveness

Batubara Regency North Sumatera

Ilyas Suharto Sitorus, Din Oloan Sihotang, Wesly Hutabarat, Eka Daryanto
The purpose of this study is to find out how strategic planning is needed in developing teachers to deal with the current 4.0 industrial revolution in the Batubara Regency Junior High School, North Sumatra. The case study method uses a qualitative approach. The results of this study indicate that: (1)...
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Academic Supervision Analysis by School Supervisors in Increasing Teachers Professional Competence

Senior High School 1 Sunggal District Medan City

M. Basir Hasibuan, Syawal Gultom, Wildansyah Lubis
The study aims to describe of the implementation of academic supervision by supervisors at the school in Senior High School 1 Sunggal District Medan City. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The results showed that the implementation of academic supervision of school supervisors in terms...
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Best Leadership Principals of Remote Elementary Schools in the Future

Ade Amriani, Paningkat Siburian, Yasaratodo Wau, Din Oloan Sihotang
A good school principal must be an example and role model for all school members. Such a leadership process will provide energy and high motivation, commitment, and confidence to the team. This understanding will contribute greatly to the distribution of the concept of effective schools correctly to...
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Analysis of Smartphone Use Policy

Case study in SMA Negeri Subulusalam

Baginda, Din Oloan Sihotang, Johannes Sohirimon Lumban Batu, Sukarman Purba
In Indonesia 80 percent of smartphone users have such behavior in all circles, especially in students who are puberty. They cannot stand for long to part with his smartphone. That way make a child will rarely behave socially to friends even with the surrounding community, such as rarely do direct interaction...
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Urgency of Internal Quality Guarantee System to Improve Higher Education Quality

Rismahara Lubis, Rosmala Dewi, Din Oloan Sihotang, Paningkat Siburian
The internal stakeholder satisfaction is one indicator of the success of higher education quality. From the description above shows that the application of the internal quality assurance system in higher education is very important in improving quality, so that it can produce graduates in accordance...
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Learning Innovations During the Pandemic COVID-19 for Teaching of Automotive Industrial Management

Hasianna Nopina Situmorang, Saut Purba, Manihar Situmorang
Pandemic outbreaks of infectious diseases caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) has required the students to study from home at Universitas Negeri Medan, and the learning adaptation by using online learning become a choice. This study aims to develop innovative learning for the teaching of Automotive...
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The Design of Teaching Materials Based on Folklore to Enhance the Reading Fast Ability of Primary School Students in Medan City

Mhd. Syafii, Khairil Ansari, Bornok Sinaga
An analysis of the utilization cerita rakyat daerah (Folklore) has implemented in contextual learning of Indonesian Language lesson for primary students grade V. By integration of this folklore, the reading fast ability of students is expected to improve. Before it is implemented in classes, this research...
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Implementation of Academic Administration System in Asahan University

Faisal Safri Dedi, Zainuddin, Irwandy, Anil Hakim Syaofra
His study aims to determine the implementation of the academic administration system, the obstacles that occur in the implementation of the academic administration system and efforts to overcome obstacles in the implementation of the academic administration system at Asahan University. This research...
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A superior Leadership style in Schools (Case study at SMA Negeri 1 Medan)

Jonson Rajagukguk, Din Oloan Sihotang, Benyamin Situmorang, Arif Rahman
Principal’s leadership is a major factor in success of school. This explains that the importance of leadership as a key to the success of schools in developing their schools. The purpose of this research study was to obtain information about the superior leadership style of high school principals in...
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The Development of Cooperation Governance Instruments to Facilitate University Collaboration Program

Manihar Situmorang, Abil Mansur Panjaitan, Winsyahputra Ritonga, Maya Oktora, Suci Pujiastuti
The need for a standard collaboration governance needs attention by university as a guarantee to the quality of collaboration services carried out by tertiary institutions. Strengthening the governance in the field of collaboration must always be done as an important part of the institution in realizing...
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Online Lecture Model as an Effort to Improve Higher Education Quality

Uli Anto Hutagalung, Paningkat Siburian, Sukarman Purba
Modern learning systems based on information technology provide broad coverage that is very suitable for the public that can be accessed in various places and times. This system can be accessed by various levels of society to the middle. One step in developing network technology and information technology...
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Investigating Valuable Factors of the Learning Environment in the Student Community

This study aims to examine the three dimensions that should exist in a learning community, namely Student Cohesiveness, Integration, and Task Orientation. From the purpose of this research, this study seeks to justify the value of a learning environment that should exist in the learning community at...
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Principals School Commitment in the Implementation, and Supervision Quality of Education in the Future

Tumpal Manahara Siahaan, Din Oloan Sihotang, Johannes Sihorimon Lumbanbatu, Sukarman Purba
The principal in carrying out its function to improve the quality of school requires an understanding of managerial mastery, the ability to plan, organize, communicate, motivate, direct and supervise and be carried out continuously on all elements of education. The educational element are; input, process,...
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The Use of Letterland Strategies in Teaching English Vocabulary to Young Learners

Julianti, Rahmad Husein, Anni Holila Pulungan
This research discussed about the use of Letterland strategies in teaching English vocabulary to young learners. Descriptive qualitative design was applied in this research and the data gathered from the sentences of four teachers in Nursery class at a Singapore Pre-School, Medan. Observation and interview...
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Development of Student Worksheets Based on Problem Based Learning Model to Enhace the Ability of Student Critical

Siti Syahraini Harahap, Dede Ruslan, Reh Bungana Perangin-angin
The purpose of this research is to develop a student worksheet (LKPD) based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) that is feasible and valid and effective. This type of research is development research with a 4-D model. The subjects in this study were VII grade students of SMP Negeri 41 Batam. While the object...
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The Effect of Audio Visual and Audio Teaching Media on the Student’s Listening Achievement

Wiwien Pratiwi Harsa, Amrin Saragih, Rahmad Husein
Listening is the basis for the development of all other skills and the main channel through which the student makes initial contact with the target language and its culture. Through listening, students acquire vocabulary and syntax, as well as better pronunciation, accent and intonation. Teaching listening...
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The Development of Natural Science Practicum Guidance Based on Guided Inquiry Integrated Scientific Skill Process

Romaito Junita Siregar, Eddiyanto, Ramlan Silaban
The study was aimed to find out the result of the analysis of the natural science practicum guidance in the school, to know the feasibility of natural science practicum guidance which is developed, find out whether the natural science practicum guidance have been based on guided inquiry and can improve...
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Analysis on the Types of Turn Taking Strategies in the Ellen Talk Show for Classroom Discourse

Nur Shabrina Hasan, Sumarsih, Masitowarni
The purpose of this research is to analyze the turn taking strategies in the Ellen talk show between Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Gates which every conversation always occurs the turn taking to make conversation flows well. In this case the aim of this research is to convey the types of turn taking strategies...
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Translation Procedures of Collocations in Novel the Ghost Writer into Bahasa Indonesia

Zainuddin, Rahmat Husein, Sutan Syamsah Siregar
Translation (or the practice of translation) is a set of action performed by the translator while rendering the source (or original) text (ST) into another language. This paper mainly concerns the types of translation procedures of collocations in the Ghost Writer. The research was conducted by using...
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The Development of Worksheet Integrated Learning Material With Project-Based Learning Model on Molecule Shape Topic

For Chemistry Bonding Course

Salahuddin Al Ayubi Pane, Zainuddin Muchtar, Ida Duma Riris
The important role of teaching materials in learning activities is very restricted due to the available learning materials were not optimal in providing the appropriate material and method for students. The development of learning material is needed to provide students with appropriate learning material...
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The Effect of Student Team Achievement Division Strategy and Think Pair Share Strategy on Reading Comprehension Achievement

Rizka Sari, Rahmad Husein, Zainuddin
The objective of the study is to explain whether are students’ reading comprehension achievement taught by using Student Team Achievement Division strategy is higher than that taught by using Think Pair Share strategy. The research design was experimental with research by using factorial design 2 x 2....
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Economic Growth in the SMEs Sector in Indonesia

Raihan Nuari, Muhammad Fitri Rahmadana, Zahari Zen
The role of SMEs has an essential meaning for an area, especially in the expansion of employment and the drivers of economic growth, including export activities. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of SME units, the value of SME investment, and the value of SME exports on Indonesia’s...
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Development of Comic as a Media in Fiction Text Lesson in Fourth Grade of Elementary School

Asri Maulida Ramadhani, Wisman Hadi, Daulat Saragi
The use of media in learning can make learning more interesting. This research aims to develop comic as a media which is appropriate and effective in learning. The research design used is the Borg and Gall design. The trial subjects in this development research were fourth grade students at Public Elementary...
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Developing English Speaking Material Through CBI for Marketing Students on Vocational High School

Dian Lestari, Rahmad Husein, Eddy Setia
The objective of this research to develop English speaking material throuhg CBI (Content Based Instruction) for the second year students of Marketing progam of Vocational High School. This study is descrptive qualitative research. This study educational Research and Development (R & D). The steps...
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Analysis on the Language Maintenance in Labuhanbatu Utara for EFL Classroom

Nurul Ramadhani, I WY Dirgeyasa, Rahmad Husein
This study discusses language maintenance issues in the context of EFL classroom. In particular, this study aims to examine the factors affecting Balinese language maintenance in the labuhanbatu Utara. While the teacher recommends using Balinese whenever needed. The subjects were interviewed 3 Balinese...
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The Effect of Collaborative Writing Technique and Brainstorming Technique on Students Writing Achievement

Dina Maryadi Nasution, Anni Hollilah Pulungan, Siti Aisyah Ginting
The objective of this research is to explain wheter are students’ writing achievement taught by using collaborative writing technique is higher than that taught by using brainstorming writing technique. Because students more than active to make writing cooperatively. While the brainstorming writing technique...
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Developing Guided Inquiry-Based Module on Topic Argentometry to Improve Science Process Skills Preservice Chemistry Teachers

Anna Juniar, Albinus Silalahi, Retno Dwi Suyanti
This research was done in chemistry Education Study Program of Universitas Negeri Medan, which aimed to develop standardize and test of the chemistry module on the topic Argentometry. The research wasbegun by choosing KKNI (Indonesian National Qualification Framework) and then analyzing chemistry book...
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The Influence of Teaching Style and Motivation on Students Knowledge of Services in Volley Ball Games at Students of Class X SMA Negeri 5 Langsa

Fauzan Siregar, Sanusi Hasibuan, Suprayitno
The purpose of this study to understanding of the influence teaching styles and motivation on students knowledge about analyze movements skills of serving in learning volleyball. This research is an experimental research which are quantitative approach with the research design is the treatment by level...
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Development of Problem Based Learning Tools to Improve Mathematical Communication Skills and Self Efficacy of Students

Imam Syafi’i, Mulyono, Asmin, Anil Hakim Syofra
This study aims to: (1) Determine the validity of problem-based learning tools developed to improve mathematical communication skills and self-efficacy of students of SMK Pelayaran Buana Bahari Medan; (2) Knowing the practicality of problem-based learning tools developed to improve mathematical communication...
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Developing Learning Devices Based on the Open-Ended Approach to Improve Student’s Creative Thinking Abilities

Nurhasanah, Mukhtar, Kms. M. Amin Fauzi, Anil Hakim Syofra
Learning tools based on an open-ended approach with virtual manipulative applications were developed to improve students creative thinking skill. The purpose of this study is to determine the quality of learning tools and the increase in students creative thinking abilities. This study is a development...
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Kinds of Projection in Indonesian News Story and Editorial Texts

Aini Melbebahwati Saragih, Sri Minda Murni, Meisuri
Projection is the logico-semantics of quoting and reporting speech or thoughts. The objectives of this research are to investigate the kinds or categories of projection and to derive the dominant kind of projection used in Indonesian news story and editorial texts. This research is conducted by using...
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The Translation Quality and Techniques in Bilingual Textbook of Economics for Seventh Grade of Junior High School

Akhmad Tarmizi Lubis, Anni Holila Pulungan, Didik Santoso
The research dealt with economics used with the aims of the study were to describe translation quality in the bilingual textbook of Economic for Seventh Grade of Junior High School. The data of this study were economic used in bilingual textbook is written Suroso and Widigdo, R.A (2010). It was taken...
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Development of Fabel Story Text Teaching Material Base on Local Wisdom for Seventh Grade Student

M. Afiv Toni Suhendra Saragih, Eli Prihasti Wuriyani, Wisman Hadi
This study aims to develop learning materials for fable stories based on local wisdom for Junior High School State 1 Raya. The type of research belongs to Research and Development. The product developed is a fable story text module based on local wisdom which is of high quality and suitable for use as...
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Needs Identification of 2nd Semester Student of German Department in Speaking

Ryan Dallion, R. Mursid, Surya Masniari Hutagalung
This research is a preliminary research for a learning media development. This type of research is survey research. The object of the research is the second semester students of the German department at the State University of Medan and a lecturer who teaches speaking subjects. Data collection techniques...
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Analysis of Cost Needs for Junior High Schools Education Facilities in Tanjung Tiram Subdistrict Regency of Batu Bara

Rahmadani, Irsan, Arif Rahman
Education facilities are one of the important points of eight national Education Standards which must be fulfilled by all schools. This research aimed to know how many percent of education facilities that have been compliant with Permendikbud No. 23 the year 2013 and see the overall cost that the Batu...
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Distance Learning Innovation Strategy in Indonesia During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sylvi Marini, Milawati Milawati
The outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has resulted in face-to-face learning not being implemented properly. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, schools in Indonesia are conducting distance learning. This study aims to analyze the innovation strategies that have been implemented in distance learning...
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Facilities and Infrastructure Management of Senior High School of Pelayaran Samudera Indonesia Medan in producing International Certified Graduates

Dina Sapriana, Mian Siahaan, Wildansyah Lubis
This research aims to find out the role of management of facilities and infrastructure in supporting the progress of schools to produce international certified graduates. This research was conducted at SMK Pelayaran Samudera Indonesia jalan Abdul Sani Mutholib Kelurahan Terjun Kecamatan Medan Marelan...
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Development of Learning Media in Big Book Form With Sub Theme “The Beauty of Cultural Diversity in My Country” to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Class IV SD Negeri 026609 Binjai

Khairunnisa, Syamsidar Tanjung, Daulat Saragi
This study aims to (1) produce learning media for the Big Book sub-theme of the beauty of my country’s cultural diversity on social studies content that is suitable for use by students in grade IV SDN 026609 Binjai Selatan, (2) To produce Big Book learning media on the sub-theme of the beauty of my country’s...
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Analysis of Students Mathematic Communication Ability in the Implementation of Realistic Mathematics Learning in Class V Elementary School of Markus Medan

Yuliana D Sinaga, Bornok Sinaga, E. Elvis Napitupulu
This study aims to describe the quality of mathematical communication skills of students who are given learning using the Realistic Mathematics Learning approach to the fraction material. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive case study. The subjects of this study were 40 grade students...
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The Analysis of Contextual-Based Biochemistry Practicum Guidelines

Dina Ananda Hasibuan, Ramlan Silaban, Nurfajriani
This study aimed to analysis biochemistry practicum guidelines as a supporting in biochemistry learning. The data analysis technique in this research was descriptive analysis and percentage. The instrument used was an instrument analysis questionnaire based on the BSNP (National Education Standards Board)...
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The Effect of Chemical Learning Interest on Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Periodic System Materials

Rinna Ayu Afriani, Retno Dwi Suyanti, Murniaty Simorangkir
The ability to think critically is the ability to identify and formulate a problem, which includes determining the point, finding similarities and differences, extracting relevant information and data, the ability to consider and assess, which includes distinguishing between facts and opinions, finding...
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School Facilities and Infrastructure Management System to Comply the National Standar for Education

Case Study in Senior High School 5 of Pematang Siantar

Ida Mariani Pasaribu, Antonius Gultom, Nora Marienta Pasaribu
The National Standard for Education (also known as SNP) and The National Board of Education Standards (also known BNSP) said that SNP is a minimum criterion about the education system in the entire jurisdiction of the unitary Republic of Indonesia. SNP consist of graduates’ competencies standard, content...
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Development of Physical Education Learning Model Based on Bed Learning Environment to Improve Basic Movement Ability in Elementary School Students

Johannes Indra, Hariadi, Agung Sunarno, Isa Hidayati, Friska Indria Nora Harahap
Research and development of physical education learning models utilizing the learning environment for paddy field beds on the locomotor ability of grade III elementary school children, specifically there are several objectives, including: 1) Developing and implementing a physical education learning model...
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The Impact of Thematic Learning on Improving Creativity, Problem Solving and Basic Motion Skills in Physical Education Learning

Azwar Lubis, Albadi Sinulingga, Nurhayati Simatupang
Thematic learning in the 2013 curriculum makes students as a whole more active because students thematic learning is really the main focus in learning. So that students are expected to achieve the objectives of learning well. In Physical Education learning, students often experience problems when the...
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Learning Model Development Blended Learning English

Iin Syahri, Sahat Siagian, Naeklan Simbolon
This study aims to find out: (1) the feasibility of the developed English blended learning model, and (2) its effectiveness in improving learning outcomes. This type of research is research and development by adopting the development procedure model of Borg and Gall (2005), Dick and Carey (2005) and...
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Study on Curriculum Management Implementation Life Proficiency Based (Life Skills)

This study aims to analyze the life skills curriculum management of students at SD IT Al-Fitrah Binjai, starting from the planning, implementation, and evaluation processes. This research is a quantitative descriptive study, taking the research location at SD IT Al-Fitrah Binjai. Data collection techniques...
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The Analysis of Global Worldview Mediation Variables in Identifying the Correlation of Teacher Personality and Competence in Empowering E-Learning

Heryanto, Yasozatulo Larosa, Irwanto Berutu, Mangatas Parhusip
Observing the change of the digital education system in this pandemic of Covid-19 becomes a big opportunity for teachers and students to use technology in depeloving learning proccess, especially the teachers are asked to take this oppotunity to improve the view and find the new knowledge in order to...
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Analysis of Students’ Metacognition-Based Mathematical Reasoning Abilities in Guided Discovery Learning

Fernanda Yossi Ben Siallagan, Bornok Sinaga, Waminton Rajagukguk
This study aims to analyze: the level of students’ metacognition-based mathematical reasoning skills in guided discovery learning, a description of the answer process for students’ metacognition-based mathematical reasoning abilities in guided discovery learning, the difficulties of students’ metacognition-based...
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Multimedia Development of Interactive Learning CTL Based Geographic Lessons in Students Class XI

Amelia Rahmadaini, R. Mursid, Sriadhi
This study aims to: (1) Determine the feasibility of multimedia interactive learning based on CTL in Geography subjects at SMA Negeri 8 Takengon (2) To determine the effectiveness of interactive multimedia learning based on CTL in improving student learning outcomes in Geography subjects at SMA Negeri...
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Cognitive Process in Prewriting Phases for Argumentative Writing

Dian Novita, Berlin Sibarani, Amrin Saragih
Based on this Kellog theory, in writing phases, there were some phases that should be followed by the writer sequentially, they are Prewriting, First draft, Subsequent draft. Prewriting Phase is really important in increasing the writing performance. The objectives of this study were to describe the...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Models and the Ability of Creative Thinking on the Outcomes of Learning Music Art

Edwin Johannes Sihombing, R. Mursid, Samsidar Tanjung
The learning process is an activity that can help students achieve predetermined educational goals. The learning process can run effectively if all components that are influential in the learning process support each other in order to achieve goals. These components include students, teachers, curriculum,...