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Analysis on the Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission of Jiangxi’s Tourism Industry Using the Extended Kaya Identity

Junsong Jia, Xiu Zhou, Xinping Zhong
Firstly, we divide the energy consumption (EC) and carbon emission (CE) of Jiangxi’s tourism industry into three groups and account them respectively. Then, we analyze the drivers of the total CE (Tc) by using the Arithmetic Mean Decomposition Index (AMDI) method based on the Kaya identity. Results show...
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Effective Detuning of a Three-level Atom Interacted with the Laguerre-Gaussian Laser Beam

Yanli Wang, Zhengling Wang, Naifei Ren, Yaru Wang, Xinzhi Hu
We derive the general analytic expression of the effective detuning of the linearly polarized light field from the -configuration three-level atomic mode. The detuning amending term resulting from the three-level atomic mode is not related with the type of light field, which is determined by the two...
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The Design of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Detection System Based on ARM

Ling Long, Bing Yi, Heng Xie
In order to detect the liquid level values in ordinary lives and industrial production easier, faster and more accurately, this system took ARM as the controller. The ultrasonic emitting and receiving circuit ensured the reliable ultrasonic transmission time. By proper conversion process of ARM, the...
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Research on Rapid Product Design Based on WAVE Technology

Linzhen Zhou, Qingzhu Li
Rapid design systems in existence mainly target at series development instead of product variant design. As an effort to solve this problem, this paper applies WAVE (What-if Alternative Value Engineer) to rapid product design. It elaborates on the basic theory and design method of WAVE and points out...
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Study on the Dynamic Relationship between Carbon Emissions and Energy Consumption in China

Yifeng Wang
Environmental issues have become increasingly prominent in China. Studying on the relationship between carbon emissions and energy consumption can help us to realize the target of reducing carbon emissions in 2020. The article studies the dynamic relationship between carbon emissions and energy consumption....
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Research on the Risk Evaluation Model and Application of Coal Logistics Supply Chain Network

Lieying Zhao, Xifu Wang, Hongsheng Sun
This paper identifies the risk factors of coal logistics supply chain network, and it has established 15 qualitative and quantitative risk evaluation index systems of coal logistics supply chain network. At the same time, it uses genetic algorithm to optimize the weight and threshold of BP neural network,...
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Experimental Study on Characterization of Ground Heat Exchange Pipe Thermal Deformation

Renzhu Wang, Youtang Wang, Qing Gao
The study on thermal deformation of heat exchange pipe fixed in borehole was implemented. The thermal deformation of pipe buried in backfill was measured, and three typical shapes of pipe in non-backfilled borehole were selected to research thermal deformation behavior when they were suffering in heating...
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In-Situ Monitoring of the Effect of External Environment on a Contemporary Building in Prague: The Performance of the Additional Thermal Insulation System

Zbyšek Pavlík, Jan Fort, Pavel Beran, Robert Erný
Experimental assessment of the hygrothermal performance of an office building in Prague, which was recently provided by an additional contact thermal insulation system (TIS), is done in the paper, in order to evaluate the contribution of the applied TIS to the moderation of the interior climate. At the...
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Use of Sewage Sludge as Raw Material in the Manufacture of Roofs

Durante Ingunza, Maria Del Pilar, Lima Andressa Dantas, Nascimento Rubens Maribondo
The present study verifiesthe possibility of incorporating sewage sludgein the production ofceramic massfor ceramicroof tiles. Domestic sewage sludge and clay from ceramic industries of the northeastregion of Brazil were used. The raw materials were chemically and mineralogically characterized. Seven...
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Effect of Air Mixing on Subway Cabin Temperature during Heating in Winter Season

Youngmin Cho, Woo-Sung Jung, Soon-Bark Kwon, Duck-Shin Park
Public interest on the thermal comfort of subway cabin is increasing, since more than 90% of the complaints from passengers are about the thermal discomfort. Some passengers may feel hot, while the others may feel cold even in the same cabin due to the uneven temperature distribution in the cabin. For...
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Case Study of Environmental Impact Analysis for Railroad Construction Project by Using Life Cycle Assessment Method

Woo-Sung Jung, Jae-Young Lee, Youngmin Cho, Tae-Soon Kwon
LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method was applied to a line of Korean High-speed Railroad construction site in this study. The portion of environment was larger with this investigated site than other sites. Detailed design specification and event breakdown system construction cost analysis program was used...
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Laboratory Critical Experiment Simulating Long-Term Exposure to External Environment: A Hollow Brick Block with Mineral-Wool-Fiber Cavity Filler

Zbyšek Pavlík, Jan Fort, Milena Pavlíková, Robert Erný
The long-term exposure of a contemporary hollow brick block with the cavities filled by hydrophobic mineral wool to the external environment is studied in a laboratory critical experiment. The studied brick block is exposed to difference climatic conditions. On the exterior side winter conditions corresponding...
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The Effect of Different Improvement Methods on Growth of Pyrus Betulaefolia Grown on Alkali-saline Land

Wuque Gong, Jinghui Yang, Yanjun Qin, Weizi Huang, Yanjun Liu, Chao Zhang
In order to explore practical and efficient method of improvement to alkali-saline land in Binhai area of Tianjin. Four kinds of improvement method were used with plants of Pyrus Betulaefolia which grew on the heavy alkali-saline land and combining biological and physical ways in Tianjin.The different...
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Damage Assessment of Offshore Riser-guards under Accidental Vessel Impact

Zubair Imam Syed, Osama Ahmed Mohamed, Dinesh Palaniandy, Mohd Shahir Liew
Steel riser-guards are installed on offshore jacket platforms to provide protection to risers against vessel collision. As risers transport the crude oil which is highly flammable, a collision between vessel and risers has the potential of causing severe structural damage to the platform and injuries...
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Research on Cost Management of Construction Project Based on Activity-based Costing

Jianqiang Tang, Maoping Zhang, Hua Tang, Yuan Chen
This paper, based on the principle of activity-based costing, mainly introduced the specific process of applying the method in cost accounting and cost forecasting during the Project Construction being constructed. Through using the activity-based costing to calculate the actual cost and the budget cost...
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Preparation of Chemical Modified Waste Corn Stalk by Urea for Removal of Lead ( ) and Study on its Adsorption Isotherm

Qingshan Pan, Xianlan Chen, Ling Shi, Heping Yan, Bo Zhou, Shijuan Xu, Jing Wang, Gaozhang Gou, Na Wu, Dushu Huang, Yunhui Long, Wei Liu
Corn Stalk (CS) modified by urea and microwave was investigated as an adsorbent for Pb( ) removal from aqueous solution. The preparing parameters on mass percent gain of Modified Corn Stalk (MCS) are analyzed using response surface methodology (RSM).The effects of PH and MCS dose on the Pb ( ) removal...
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Adsorption Isotherm Study of Cd(II) by Polyamine Wheat Straw Cellulose

Qingshan Pan, Xianlan Chen, Ling Shi, Heping Yan, Bo Zhou, Shijuan Xu, Jing Wang, Gaozhang Gou
Wheat Straw Cellulose (WSC) modified by diethylenetriamine was investigated as an adsorbent for Cd(II) removal from aqueous solution. The preparing parameters on preparation of Polyamine Wheat Straw Cellulose (PWSC) were optimized. The effects of pH, adsorbent dose, contact time and initial concentration...
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Fabrication and Application of Removing Microcystin of CTA-based Forward Osmosis Membrane

Xiaoxiao Lu, Guie Chen
CTA-based membranes for forward osmosis (FO) were prepared by immersion precipitation. Casting composition and coagulation conditions—solvent/acetone ratio, temperature, evaporation time of coagulation bath—were optimized to obtain membranes with best performance. Membranes were characterized by various...
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Shenzhen Bay Flying Swallow Type Composite Arch Bridge Design

Yong Li, Xiaoxiong Zha, Chongli Zhu
Based on the Shenzhen Bay Bridge which is located at the center of park cultural landscape, so it has important requirements of improving environments , protecting the environment and beautifying the environment. the bridge is optimal designed to be a flying swallow type curve special-shaped composite...
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Relationship between Urban Form and the Co2 Emission of Energy Consumption Based on the Hi_PLS Model – a Case Study in Shanghai

Junsong Jia, Xiu Zhou, Jing Lei
We, firstly, collect the energy consumption (EC) of Shanghai and compute its co2 emission (CE). Then, we use three kinds’ indexes (urban size, traffic infrastructure, and compactness) to analyze the relationship between city’s form and its CE based on the Partial Least Squares (PLS) and the Hierarchical...
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The Inventory Cost of an Engineering Project Supply Chain Based on System Dynamics

Qiuqin Lu, Pengfei Chen
In order to grasp the main factors of the inventory cost of an engineering project supply chain ,the causal relationship diagrams and system dynamics model of the inventory management of an engineering project supply chain are built according to the actual construction .Then using system dynamics simulation...
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Research on Design Technology of Green Building for Environmental Protection

Li Xu, Bin Zhou, Chuxin Wang
To strengthen environmental protection, the implementation of ecological sustainable development is the theme of our human development, which leads to the formation of sustainable development concept of green building. This paper firstly introduces the green building system, and then analyzes the energy...
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The Site Selection Optimization of the Jointed Rock Masses Cavern in the Mountain with Different Slope Degree

Bangxiang Li, Weishen Zhu, Chao Li, Dunfu Zhang, Hao Zhou
A study on distribution characters of initial stress in the condition of gravity effect in the slopes within alp of which the slope angles poses 30° 45° 60° respectively were conducted by numerical analysis. After comparison, it is found that when closing to the region of slope surface, the difference...
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Research on the Design of Exemplary Ecological and Environmental-friendly Architecture

Yanwen Wang, Xuen Hou
Based on the background of landscape research, taking the form of landscape environment as the breakthrough point, this paper puts forward the design model of ecological and environment-friendly building in mountain region. First of all, from the aspects of spatial characteristics and structure, the...
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Study on Creep Property and Creep Model for the Rock Foundation of High Fill Carbonate

Junyi Fu, Bin Wu, Hong Wang
The carbonate foundation creep has significant difference between natural and moist condition under stress. Through field test of high fill carbonate foundation, it has shown that rocks have been in a long-term moist state, the total settlement of rocks creep in the moist state are significantly greater...
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Poly Acrylic Acid Ethyl Acrylate as Smart Carrier for Rebar Inhibitor Delivery in Alkaline Condition

Lijuan Feng, Meirong Li, Shanshan Zhang, Haibo Lei, Xin Cui
With ethyl acrylate, acrylic acid as monomers, an intelligent carrier material (PAE) was synthesized, and its swelling properties at different pH values, its cycle characteristics as well as its release control performance for inhibitors in alkaline solution were studied. The results indicate that the...
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Establishment of Isolation Method by Co-Culturing of L.paracasei HD1.7and B.subtilis in Two Media

Xinglin Li, Shoufeng Huang, Yanyang Sun, Jingping Ge, Wenxiang Ping
The co-culture of microorganisms involves at least two microorganisms or more in an environment of confined conditions, which is induced by microbe communities that are ubiquitous in nature. Therefore the attentions of people are increasingly attracted to utilize the co-culture approach in many fields....
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Influence of Seawater Flow Velocity on the Morphological Characteristics of Calcareous Deposits Formed by Cathodic Protection

Chengjie Li, Min Du, Xin Cui
The influence of seawater flow velocity on calcareous deposits formed under galvanostatic polarization mode was studied. The protection potentials of electrodes shifted positively with increasing flow velocities which were monitored versus time at various flow velocities. The whole curves of potential...
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A New Method for Image Denoising with Nonlocal Means

Xuyao Zhang, Zhiyong Xu
Denoising is an important problem in image processing, as it can influence the following processing step and decide the final visual effect. To denoise the image and preserve the details, this paper enhances the Nonlocal Means. When estimating the value of a disturbed pixel, we use the information of...
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Effects of Sand Composition on the Mechanical Properties of CA mortar

Xiao-hui Zeng, Hua Yan, Fulin Qu, Shun-hao Wang, Lilin Fu, Kai Yang
In this paper, different rocks like marble, calcite, basalt, granite and quartz were used to produce the sand of CA mortar. Results showed that the type of sand had notable effects on the mechanical properties of CA mortar. For the calcium carbonate composition rocks like marble and calcite, when use...
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Technogenic Mercury Environment Pollution and Human Health in Mining Settlement of FEFD

L. T. Krupskaya, V.P. Zvereva, N.G. Volobueva, V.T. Tagirova, K.E. Gula
The article deals with the problems of technogenic mercury pollution of environment and population health effects in the mining settlement in the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD). The measures are proposed to reduce its harmful impact.
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Innovation Approach to Environment Problems Solution at Coal Producers of the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD)

L. T. Krupskaya, V.P. Zvereva, V.A. Morin, L.P. Gul, N.G. Volobueva, D.A. Golubev
Based on the analysis of the processes of coal deposits development in FEFD, including development and mining operations, coal processing, reproduction of land productivity in technogenic formations (reclamation) and ecosystems rehabilitation, as well as regulatory framework it was concluded that innovation...
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A Predictive Model of Different Temperature Growth of Escherichia Coli in Fresh-cut Lettuce Based on Matlab7.0

Huixia Duan, Feng Tan, Xinxin Yi, Hongxing Zhang, Maoshu Hou, James E.M. Monaghan
Contamination of Escherichia coli in fresh-cut lettuce poses potential risk to the public. In order to study the growth characteristics of Escherichia coli 1.1187, we established a prediction model of different temperature growth of Escherichia coli in fresh-cut lettuce based on Matlab7.0. In this study,...
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Analysis of the Improvement of the Carbon Fiber Mono-filaments Tensile Strength in Tensile Device

Jiabin Xu, Guixin Zhao, Haitao Wen, Zhaoqing Dong, Daigen Chen
This paper describes a new micro-scale machining process which experimentally demonstrated a carbon fiber mono-filament tensile nanofibers and micro-scale devices fixture based on a 180°- and 90°- orthogonality carbon fiber mono-filament tensile (OCFMT). The fabricated OCFMTs with orthogonality structures...
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A Calibration Method of Channel Error of Digital Measurement System Based on the One Element Linear Regression

Ji Xu
Systematic error of digital measurement system (DSM) mainly exists in the analog measurement channels. The cause of systematic errors is circuit status and parameters of OPA, DAC and reference circuit which drift with changes in temperature and time deviate from the standard values. In this paper, firstly...
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Numerical Simulation of Flow Field and Proper Placement range of an Aerosol Sampler on an UAV

Jing Zhang, Yaqin Ji
This study have explored a method to obtain the airflow characteristics and the particle trajectories using CFD techniques and SST k- around a UAV. Numerical simulations of gas-phase turbulence physics at the flight speed of 20 and 40m/s and the altitude of 600 m have been carried out. DPM model simulated...
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Modeling and Simulation for the AC-DC Electric Locomotive

Xiufang Jia, Zhe Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of electrified railway, caused the number of AC-DC electric locomotive has a rapid growth. For power systems, electric locomotives as the non-linear loads, the harmonic problems caused by the electric locomotives have been increasingly important and get the...
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The Research of Capacitor Voltage Balancing Strategy of MMC

Xiufang Jia, Jichen Liu, Jianpo Zhang
Compared with the two level voltage source,the modular multilevel converter (MMC) adopting the modular design dose not have the disadvantages such as the direct series connected Insulated gate bipolar (IGBT),high generation of harmonics,etc.MMC is currently studied and applied in high voltage and high...
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A Panel Data Analysis on the Relationship Between Real Estate Value And GDP

Huachao Qian, Jian Chen, Qi Wang, Chen Liu
In this paper, we use the panel data over the period of 2002 - 2012 from 29 provinces in China to test the impacts of real estate value on the GDP. The result shows that the real estate value has a positive effect on GDP, but the output value has a biphasic effect on GDP and there are strong regional...
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The Research of Intensive Use of Land Resources in the Process of Constructing Jinan Metropolitan

Xuegang Cui, Chengxin Wang
The land is the foundation of social and economic development of the city, and the effective supply of construction land is an important guarantee for the economic development of the city. The use of land resources of Jinan metropolitan in the structure is unreasonable, and the occupation of cultivated...
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Estimation of Crop Evapotranspiration in North of Shanxi Province

Qiubo Long
Seven representative empirical potential evapotranspiration equations selected form the radiation-based and temperature-based methods, they were evaluated and compared with the Penman-Montieth equation using daily meteorological data form Mizhi station in north of Shanxi. The comparison was first made...
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Intension and Extension Study about Modern Machine Interface Design

Xu Chen
"HMI" means the area of mutual influence between the human-machine , who participate in all areas of human-computer exchange of information are part of the man-machine interface. The design is the study of human art, not a simple machine and equipment subject, object by object relations representative,...
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Study and Advance on High Speed Machine Tool Sleeve Bearing with Low Viscosity Lubrication

Li-li Wang, Min Wang
Hybrid sleeve bearings are normally lubricated with high viscosity lubricant, the temperature of oil film increases with the increase of rotating speed. The low viscosity lubricant can decrease the temperature, which is the efficient method to increase the rotating speed of hybrid sleeve bearings. A...
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The Design of Multi-protocol Converter Based on Functional Analysis

Yan Wu, Jingjing Zhou
A multi-protocol converter was developed by embedded system, which used a method of protocol analysis based on character set to establish both a sequence of command instructions and a sequence of protocol analysis methods for one serial port, used an analysis method of character set to collect and extract...
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A Hardware Design of Vehicle Information Platform

Yingqing Wu
Mobile devices have been widely used to assist the existing public transportation system. A new solution to the vehicle information collection is introduced. The hardware design of a vehicle information communication platform is mainly introduces, including platform power distribution design, the battery...
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Analysis and Research on the Starting Process of Control Algorithm for Certain Type of Aviation Auxiliary Power Unit

Ya-nan Guo, Ding Fan, Kai Peng, Qiu-xia Wang
The control system of a certain type APU is analyzed and researched. Certain analysis on the mechanism of the structure and working principle of APU and study of the idea of its fuel control system are made. The main fuel flow control law and control algorithm are deduced by reverse analysis method....
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Design of Power Transformer in MTEM Transmitter Power

Xiao-li Wang, Junxia Gao, Jiashen Tian, Yutao Zhang
Multi-channel high-power electrical prospecting instrument (MTEM) transmitter is developed on the basis of the bipolar switching power’s principle.Thedesign ofthe transformer’smain components is critical to the performance of MTEM transmitter system.The dual-input dual-output 60KW of power transformers...
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The Hardware Design of Intelligent Management System for Traffic

Jinfang He, Ling Long
In this paper, we put forward a new type of intelligent assistant management system, and implement the hardware design of intelligent assistant system for pedestrian traffic in city. Thissystem uses MCU as main control chip, also includesanother four parts: mechanical arm, detector, image acquisition...
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Speed Control Scheme of Large-LED Display Screen

Jingjing Zhou, Yan Wu
Take MCS-51 series as an example, introduced a high-speed control scheme of single- chip solutions for large LED screen display.The control of SCM for LED display screen generally start read data from data memory then write the data to LED dot matrix tablets. The innovation of this program are that use...
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Implementation of Data Transmitted Network Base on OPNET

Juan Wang, Lan Qiu
The paper focuses on research the solution of establishing the model of packet transmitted network and implement of it, withing the powerful simulation of network modeling of OPNET. To see the effect of the packet generation rate on the performance of the network, using the Simulation Editor to create...
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Research on Interaction Design of Multi-Screen Interactive Products Based on Mobile Terminal

Xinxiong Liu, Congmei Huang, Haiping Zhao, Wensi Li
As the state promote the triple play actively, many companies and research institutes have conducted in-depth research and development of the multi- screen interactive products. In this paper, the author designed a new multi-screen interactive product, that started from multi-screen interactive background...
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Research of the Model of Traffic Information Acquisition and Distribution Based on VANET

Lan Qiu, Juan Wang
At present, mainstream traffic information acquisition methods cannot directly get the vehicle speed and traffic density, but VANET-based  broadcast mode can be very good to meet this requirement. This paper studies the traffic information  distribution to collect traffic information based on VANET....
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Database Design on English Examination Comprehensive Information System

Rui Xiang
With the deepening of reform and opening up and the development of foreign exchanges, English education is becoming more and more important, the comprehensive information management of English examination is an important way to enhance the information level of English education. This paper is based on...
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Development Situation and Prospect of Chinese Industrial Robots

Haichao Gao, Ruipeng Guo, Pengcheng Li
With the rising of Chinese labor costs, industrial robots as a new type of labor force, is quietly changing employment pattern of China's manufacturing industry. This article first introduced the current development of industrial robots at home and abroad, summed up the current situation of China's industrial...
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Effects of Sewage Sludge Ashes Addition in Portland Cement Concretes

Fernandes de Lima, Durante Ingunza, Maria del Pilar
Due to worldwide awareness of the need for environmental preservation, considerable weight has been given to developing technologies and methods that promote sustainability, underscoring studies on recycling urban solid waste such as sewage sludge ash (SSA) as a source of raw materials for this industry....
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A Design of the Hot Water Bath System

Yingqing Wu
The paper designed a method to get hot water by combining heating method composed of solar collector and air source heating pump to change the former situation of environmental pollution and energy wasting brought by original oil-fired boilers.The control system offering user-friendly human machine interfaceadopting...
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Modeling of Mechanical Properties and Morphological Analysis of Glass Fiber Nylon 6 Composite

Piyush P. Gohil, Jitendra M. Mistry, Vijay P. Chaudhary
The polymer matrix composite material has higher structural efficiency at lower weights as compared to metallic structures, so that they are found in aircraft, space shuttle, automobile and many more industrial applications. In present work, the glass fibers were 15 %, 30 % and 40 % reinforced by weight...
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Investigation on Drilling of Banana Fibre Reinforced Composites

Kundan Patel, Vijaykumar Chaudhary, Piyush P. Gohil, Keval Patel
India offered a biggest source of natural fiber like banana, rice husk, coconut and jute fiber etc. All the natural fiber has its unique advantages as well as mechanical properties which are very useful in the development of potential composites for various applications like transportation, automotive...
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The Analysis of Organization of Dismantling Methods of End-of-life Vehicles for the Needs of Recycling

Viktor Kryaskov, Sergey Gagunov, Anton Tumasov
This paper proposes a general overview of existing technologies and methods of organization of disassembly of end-of-life vehicles at the end of their operational stage. The experience of countries with the most effective ELV recycling systems has been analyzed in order to develop recommendations for...
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The Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

Maria Colucci, Annunziata Palermo, Mauro Francini
Up to now, a large part of the debate and the initiatives involving rural areas have still tended to concentrate on activities orientated to markets (qualification of the productions, valorisation of the system of services to tourism, interventions on the valorisation of cultural resources), leaving...
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The Application of Well-log Data in Mirco Fault Identification

Jiayi Wu, Yi Bao
Mirco fault has strong concealment in seismic data interpretation, the fault which is not easy to identify tend to complicate the oil-water relationship in oil-bearing blocks. Combined with the feature of seismic profile reflection to determine the relative change trend of reservoir top interface depth...
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Recovery and Help System for the Elders Based on GSM

Zhiliang Chen, Liguo Tian, Meng Li
In modern society, along with the rapid development of society, the recovery and help system for the elders is born at the right moment. It discussed in detail the design idea and design scheme, and gave the working principle and the overall block diagram of the system based on the ATmega128 MCU and...
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Brightness Temperature Changes from Satellite Infrared Information before Wen'an Earthquake

Yaling Ning, Haijie Lv, Congxin Wei, Jiashu Xu
Using MODIS thermal infrared data of satellite and geostationary satellite thermal infrared brightness temperature data for Wen ' an 5.1 earthquake in Hebei province during 2006, the temporal and spatial characteristics of the earthquake were systematically calculated and analysed. Studies show that...
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Research and Implementation of a Network Secure System Based on Honeypots

Bingqing Luo, Zhixin Sun
Aiming at the shortcomings of the traditional honeypot on massive global scanning attact, this paper constructs a novel network secure system based on honeypots (NSSH). Afterwards, this paper discusses the classic architecture of NSSH, which consists of four parts, firewall/router, analysis network,...
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Design and Implementation of Semantic Resource Management Platform Based on LDAP

K.Q. Wu, C.C. Liu
With the development of information technology, nearly all resources are presented in an informational way. But it’s uncommon to manage resources platforms with resource semantic annotation. LDAP (Lightweight directory access protocol) is applied widely for its simplicity and integrity. OWL (Ontology...
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Design and Realization of Oil Rapid Detector

Xin Li, Letian Teng, Wennan Miao
With the enhancement of public awareness of food safety, the rapid detection of edible oil and other oil is in great need today. Using the relative dielectric constant difference among various oils and considering the effect of temperature on oil property, an instrument for rapidly detecting and identifying...
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Design and Implementation of monitoring and Management System for Discrete Manufacturing Process Based on IOT Technology

Qibing Lu, Buyun Sheng
For active perception of multi-source information, coupling of heterogeneous information, and effective integration of manufacturing information and knowledge layer, this paper proposed some key technologies and a new implementation framework. The RFID and other sensing technologies were used to acquire...
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Research on the Layering A* Algorithm for Real-time Navigation

Xiao Tan, Tao Chen
According to the existing problems in the applications of embedded navigation, this paper designs the hierarchical search A*algorithm, based on the transferring road network, to meet the need of real-time navigation. In the algorithm, a hierarchical search strategy is applied to route programming of...
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Multi-level Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and Gray Relational Theory

Heng Yang, Gening Xu, Xiaoning Fan
According to grey correlation method is used for multi-level comprehensive evaluation model of the optimal design scheme selection, the fuzzy index exists in the design scheme index, based on triangular fuzzy number of grey correlation theory is proposed on the multi-level comprehensive evaluation model....
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Research of the Adaptive Routing Algorithm Based on State Perception in a Reconfigurable Network

Xiao-min Zhang, Chao Wang, Li-ming Liu
To improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the message transmission in a reconfigurable network efficiently, this paper proposes a reconfigurable fault tolerant model and a mechanism based on the minimum cost path in a reconfigurable network, it also proposes an adaptive routing algorithm based on...
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Consensus and Obstacle Avoidance of Partially-informed Multi-agent System

Jiaojie Li, Wei Zhang, Yupu Yang
In this paper, we study the collective obstacle avoidance problem when only part of agents is informed of obstacle information. The control protocol is proposed to lead second order agents trend to state consensus in the existence of smooth convex obstacles. Both the position and velocity of agents will...
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Influences of Software Postures on Software Interface Design

Chao Gao, Kunqian Wang
By exploring aesthetics in human-computer interface applications, thus summed up, how to improve computer interactive interface to enhance the beauty of the user when the efficient use of human-computer interaction and the use of feelings.
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Roll Angular Velocity Real-time Tracking Algorithm Based on Geomagnetic Information with Frequency-locked Loop

Zhen Wang, Fengqi Gao, Min Gao, Zhicai Lu
A new rolling rate tracking method based on frequency-locked loop (FLL) was present in order to solve problems by low price, exact measurement and in-time correction mean for rocket projectile. The geomagnetic field component was firstly measured by magneto-resistive sensor and the frequency of signal...
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Qualitative Analyzing and Evaluating Energy Efficient Datacenters Based on Cloud Model in Cloud Environment

Ke Han, Xiaobo Cai, Hui Rong
The green cloud becomes a center of attention, how to evaluate the energy efficiency of the cloud environment has been one of difficult and attractive field . Cloud models are the effective tools in transforming between qualitative concepts and their quantitative expressions. This paper designs an uncertainty...
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Status Analysis of Training of Professional Talented in Medical Information Education

Yuanqiang Wang, Shangfu Hao, Xiao Zhang
With the rapid development of digital medicine, health big data and medical Internet of things, the demand for the talents with stronger comprehensive ablility of information has become more highlighted. On the basis of status analysis, the paper finds that enrollment scale, curriculum structure, stabilization...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Physical Training for Male Athletes in Dragon Boat Race

Bing Li
Since the reform and opening up policy, the dragon boat project has been developing rapidly, and now it’s widely spreading all over the world. Owing to the Olympic spirit, the dragon boat race has gradually transformed itself from a folk sport to a competitive sport. Athletes are required to have a good...
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On the Application of Psychological Training in Athletic Training

Bin Xu
Humans have senior intelligence which general animals do not have .it is necessary to use human intelligence furthest, with a higher standard to consider our sports training. The article research and discuss the application of the psychological suggestion training in sports training in psychology .The...
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How to Improve the Athletes' Physical Fitness

Bin Xu
Sports training includes physical, skill, tactics, psychology and intelligence ability training. The physical training is an important part of sport training among them. Physical condition has direct influence on the athletes' performance level. We should carry on the analysis on the physical training...
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The Role of Physical Training in Badminton Teaching

Bin Xu
Badminton has been deeply loved by the people all the time. With the change in human body quality, basic equipment, and the level of science and technology, the badminton players need higher requirements in physical fitness; in addition, the movement itself needs a good fitness. Thus this paper will...
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College Students' Health Education and College Sports Environment

Bin Xu
Health education and physical education environment are two significant factors that affect college students set up the correct health perspectives, enhance their health consciousness, have healthy behavior and life style. If the influence of sports environment is consistent with health education in...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Ecological Environment Construction of School Sports

Bin Xu
The ecological environment of school sports is an environmental system which centers on the school physical education, and plays controlling and adjusting role in the emergence, existence and development of school sports. School ecological sport is an important part of ecological campus. It is also the...
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Sports Environment and Sunny Sport Activities in School

Bin Xu
The text explained the concept of environment, sports environment, and school sport environment, stated the components which constitute the school sport environment and school sport- environment’s impact on the sunny sport activities through the study way of document materials. The text also put up with...
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Leisure Healthy Green Construction under the Perspective of Symbiosis Theory

Jianping Shu, Denfang Chen, Bin Yang, Xiaoyuan Wen
Under the condition of city leisure sports public service is shortage of supply. We study on urban and rural health green way by using the empirical method and literature method, as well as based on the theory of "mutualism". To think recreational sports is the demand of urban residents and way, healthy...
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Research and Analysis on the Status Quo of and Countermeasures for Professional Taekwondo Athletes in Southwest china——Mainly in Sichuan and Chongqing

Xiaoyuan Wen
It was in 1994 that Taekwondo was officially introduced into China. After that, Taekwondo was put on the list of China's Ninth National Sports Games. Just a few years, China achieved so outstanding results in the Olympic Games as to promote Taekwondo's rapid development in China. The development during...
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A Study on Sports Training Management System of Some Universities in Chengdu

Xiaoyuan Wen
Knowledge and talents are the main driving forces for social advance and country development. In today’s world, the competition between economic, technology, national defense and other fields are ultimately the talents competition. Meanwhile, the competition between sports talents in our country become...
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Rubber Band Combination is Applied to Defensive Training of Basketball Player

Xinwen Li
Defense is one of the most important aspects of the game who will win. This is be gradually accepted by many people. Today we have number of various defense training methods, but using the auxiliary equipment and simulation technologies, and calculating on the basis of individual differences in athletes...
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The Construction of Distance Education of Elite Athletes in the Education of Cultural Quality Guarantee System

Xueda Yang, Xiangdong Liu, Youzhi Zong
The healthy and harmonious growth of excellent athletes relates to not only the development of the athletes themselves, but also the benign development of the country sports enterprise. Through the questionnaire, this study investigates Chinese athletes’ cultural quality and proposes that it’s very necessary...
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Motion to Reduce Weight and Body Shape

Jian Liu, Lijun Xu
Through the analysis principle of reason and exercise on obese produce weight loss, put forward the movement to lose weight and the method of scientific health, advocate the beautiful shape of the body through exercise, ang achieve healthy and beautiful goal.
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On the Professional Education of Social Sports

Jian Liu, Lijun Xu
In order to satisfy the urgency of students, Entrepreneurship Education in higher education popularization is the inevitable result of social development, which is an important way to promote the sustainable development of social sports specialty. Therefore, the social sports specialty should reform...
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Discussion on the Essence of School Physical Education

Xiaojun Li
This study from the essence of school physical education do the cultural interpretation, in order to display relationships of sports, human and culture, and put forward with cultural connotation, making sports as a kind of human’s practice. From the perspective of culture, the essence of school physical...
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Aesthetic Reflection on P.E. Teaching Courseware Design

Qing Lan
P.E. is a discipline to interpret the beauty of the body and its actions. P.E. teaching involves a process of transferring beauty. P.E. teaching courseware should follow several aesthetic principles, so as to serve the purposes of informing and inspiring as well as those of entertaining and refining...
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The Application of New Materials Technology in Basketball

Yiqi Song
With the rapid development of modern materials technology, application of new materials in basketball has become more widely. By using new materials technology in basketball, not only athletics’ performance can be improved and make the game more enjoyable, but also athletics can be protected from sports...
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The Simulation about Electric-field Distribution and Gain Characteristic of GEM Detector by Maxwell and Garfield

Ai-xing Wang, Qianglin Wei, Yibao Liu
The minimum unit geometric model of signal GEM(Gas Electron Multiplier) detector has been build, and the Maxwell v11 program is used to calculate the electric potential, electric field, potential value of triangular meshes of detector, and the hemitropic faces and electric field intensity vector graphs...
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Analysis and Evaluation of Operational Status of Vertical Cylindrical Furnace

Dong Sun, Dandan Yu, Guodong Feng, Yongxue Zhang, Hucan Hou, Menglong Li, Weibo Zheng, Lu Fan, Xiaofeng Hu
Vertical cylindrical furnace is the key equipment and the main structural unit in petroleum industry, so it is very significant to analyze and evaluate the operational status of vertical cylindrical furnace. In this paper, a vertical cylindrical furnace in Shengli Oilfield was taken as the research object,...
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Steel Production Scheduling Based on Priced Timed Automata

Lixia Ji
Scheduling production of steel is very complex because there are many different types of intricate constraints. This paper proposes a method using priced timed automata(PTA). PTA is the formal description method and it describes the behavior of entities, attributes and constraints. Furthermore, it adds...
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Gangue Utilization Methods Inquiry

Xinghua Li, Honghong Wang, Xiaomeng Li
In order to reduce the cost of coal, reducing gangue pile, increase the use of coal gangue consumption, the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, coal is mainly used for power generation, brick, reclaimed farmland, roads, underground filling, construction materials, chemicals and fertilizers, coal...
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Infrared Small Target Detecting Based on Parallel Streaming Pipeline Architecture

Taotao Hu, Liming Wang, Jingen Wang, Hu Sheng
The paper presents a design method for high-speed image processing system based on FPGA structure. A temporal/spatial fusion filtering algorithm is proposed for detecting infrared small target. The algorithm is composed of Top-hat filter, three frames difference filter (TFDF), or operation, closing operation...
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An Improved TIP Modeling Method

Lianjin Deng, Dexiang You
This paper presents the TIP superposition progression model, improves the traditional TIP modeling technology based on single image as a whole scene data sources, modeling of long scenes, the other end model will appear ambiguity phenomenon is very serious problem. This experiment adopts multiple photos,...
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Study on the Ability and Stability of Multi-fingered Hands Robot for Grasping Explosives

Haijun Mo, Zhisheng Lin, Jiajun Zhou
The posture of the explosive disposal robot is changing constantly when it is working or carrying the explosives. The change of the posture results in the change of the loading direction and finally influences the grasping ability of multi-fingered hands. This paper focuses on the ability of the explosive...
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Investigations on Thermal Insulation and Vapor Resistance of Body Armor Using Thermal Manikin Method

M.Q. Yuan, M. Fu, J. Yang, J.H. Jiang, X.M. Qian
With the frequent occurrences of the violence incidents, research on body armor is paid much attention to. To study the human physiological responses when wearing body armor and to improve the wearing comfort of body armor, a thermal manikin was used to measure the thermal insulation and vapor resistance...