Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Electronic Industry and Automation (EIA 2017)

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Research on the Missile Ballistic System Simulation Based on Matlab

Fancheng KONG, Wei CHEN, Di ZHANG, Zhenzhou BAI
The paper makes research on the ballistic missile system simulation modeling and simulation of system modeling, simulation experiment, which are the computer simulation of three elements: system, model and computer. System in the paper refers to a certain type of ballistic missile system, the model includes...
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The Inversion of C/S Based on Protocol Firmata

Yongping HUANG, Fengyue YU, Danhui LI
In distributed control system applications, there are many different functions should be realized on upper computer and lower computer respectively. It increased the amount of software development, software upgrades and maintenance become difficult. By studying the firmata protocol, the inverted C/S...
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Analysis Based on RBF Neural Network for Effect of Artificial Flow Field on Dissolved Oxygen Uniform Distribution

Gang LIU, Jiaoyan AI, Zengqiang LEI, Kui LIANG
To verify the effect of artificial flow on the improvement of local DO(dissolved oxygen) imbalance distribution, Lake Jing in Guangxi University was taken as the experimental area, five groups of experiments were designed, pump with different flow rate and different nozzle were used to push flow in experimental...
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Efficient Query for Historical Data in Evolutionary Algorithm

Jie TIAN, Pan YAN, Huiwen HUANG
For the time-consuming problem in calculating the fitness value, this paper proposes a hash bucket with precision mechanism for a quick query of the data in the neighborhood of a particle. In order to establish a balance between the calculation accuracy and utility, it uses the hash tables with precision...
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An Improved Ant Colony Optimization for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Lei WANG, Jingcao CAI, Zhihu LIU, Chaomin LUO
This paper deals with the flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP) with the objective of minimizing the makespan. An improved ant colony optimization was proposed to avoid falling into the local optimum and time consuming exist in the basic ant colony optimization (ACO). Computational results show...
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Inertia Modeling of Brushless Doubly-fed Induction Generator and Stability Analysis of Wind Power Grid

Min LU, Hui LI, Mi ZHAO
Brushless doubly-fed induction generator (BDFIG) leave out the slip ring and brush as the dual-stator structure, which can improve the reliability, reduce maintenance costs and expect to be widely used in wind power system. The current converter is installed in the one of the dual stator winding: control...
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Optimization of Human ECG Signal Acquisition Based on Wavelet Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm

Jian CHEN, Dongmei LIANG, Yingqi LIU, Jie LIU
Human ECG signal is weak, the signal-to-noise ratio is small, the collected ECG signal amplification and filtering are often accompanied by interference, the interference from the body's own interference such as EMG interference, but also from outside interference such as 50Hz power frequency interference[2]....
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Stability Analysis of Micro-grid with Multiple Convertors

Tianyi MA, Jinyao LI, Mingming ZHANG, Shaoru MA
Most of the Distributed Generators (DG) in micro-grid are interfaced with convertors. Under the islanding mode, the frequency and voltage of micro-grid are supported by convertors. These convertors are called Voltage Source Convertors (VSC). The convertors, only supplying power for micro-grid, are called...
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A Knowledge Reuse Method for Product Design-knowledge Component

Duanwu YAN, Ning JU, Kun CHEN
In order to promote the reuse of product design knowledge in product design and improve the efficiency of product design, the paper analyzes the structure of knowledge components, proposes the framework of product design system based on knowledge component, and studies the design and implementation of...
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Calculation of Short Circuit Based on Compensation Method

Feng GAO, Xilan ZHAO, Huijing BI, Gang HUANG
In order to improve the shortcomings of short circuit current of traditional power grid, this paper presents a method based on compensation method for short circuit current calculation. In the algorithm, the compensating method is used to introduce the compensation current in the fault port, so as to...
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Research on Simulation System of UHVDC Transmission

Keyuan QIN, Qin SONG, Wuguang TAN, Bing LI
Skill training of UHVDC Operators is becoming increasingly important with the rapid construction of UHVDC projects. It is necessary to build a simulation system to meet the training needs. This paper presents a fully digital software simulation program. The entire system can run on a computer, which...
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Research on Coordinated Scheduling of Electric Vehicle Charging/Discharging and Renewable Energy Power Generation

Weisheng LI, Guangxu ZHOU, Pinglai WANG, Guangqing BAO
With the dramatic increase of plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) grid penetration, the random characteristics of EVs will influence the normal operation of the power system. Given this background, a multi-objective optimization model is proposed in this paper to mitigate the peak-to-valley deference of...
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The Contact Performance Analysis of Disconnecting Switch's Fixed Contact

Bufan LI, Na LU, Yufeng HE
In order to optimize and improve the GW6 disconnecting switch's fixed contact existing structure, this paper, according to its conditions, sets up the analysis model by SolidWorks. In the integrated AWE exploitingÿenvironment, this paper doesÿfinite elementÿanalysis for its contact performance and temperature...
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Application of Multi-order Complementary Filtering Technique in Dynamic Attitude Measurement of Forestry Special Robots

Bin LIU, Yan REN, Xufang DENG
The wide application foreground of forestry special robots makes it become the hotspot of current research. The attitude angle measurement [1] of the special crawler-type robot is one of the key problems. Based on the complementary filtering algorithm, the attitude and angle measuring circuit and data...
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Grey Forecasting Model for Taiwan's Machine Tool Export Value

Ching-I LIN, K.A. TSENG, Shih-Hung TAI
Machine tools facilitate the production of other industrial equipment and machinery - they are the opening point of almost every metal manufacturing activity. Taiwan has built up machine tool industry over a period of times. Our primary aim is to predict the future values for the export value of Taiwan's...
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Economic Value of Using CrWN Films and the Contribution of Using Control Chart for Process Stability

Shih-Hung TAI, Chun-Yao HSU, I-Shin CHEN
This study investigates the optimization of direct current reactive co-sputter deposition process parameters to achieve multiple performance characteristics (roughness, roundness, and flank wear) in the CrWN thin films by the Grey-Taguchi method. In the confirmation runs, when using grey relational analysis,...
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Micromachined Quartz Tuning Fork Gyroscope with High Overload Capacity

Maoyan FAN, Lifang ZHANG
To protect MEMS gyroscopes based on the quartz tuning fork in a high-g shock environment, the support bonding regions are located at where the stress concentrates in the spring beam of the tuning fork. After an analysis of the high overload shock characteristics, a highly efficient cushion structure...
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Secondary Frequency Automatic Control Method for Micro-grid Inverters

Jiajian HUANG, Xiaogang XU, Xin LI, Chaoming WANG
Micro-grid is as an effective technology for controlling the influx of distributed generations and improving the percentage of renewable energy generation, both of which are researched all over the world. The traditional linear droop control is important for micro-grids in order to realize the plug and...
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Island Partition in Active Distribution Network Based on CIM

Jiajian HUANG, Xiaogang XU, Xin LI, Chaoming WANG
The operation mode after faults in distribution network will be changed due to more and more distributed generations (DGs) integrated into distribution network with their additional service ability. And the above mode is carried out based on the different bus information, such as the value of active...
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A Research on Movement and Detection of Cursors in an Immersive VR Weather Application

Shouyao WANG, Shenjia HU
Our Immersive VR Weather Application offers a new method to access weather forecasts. Made by software like Unity and Maya, using VR technologies, the weather data are shown with three-dimensional scenes and human models. This expressive and direct way provides a highly immersive experience for the user....
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The Research of Relational Database Query Processing Based on Cloud Platform

Wei GU
Big Data is now increasing rapidly, It need for more servers to handle large amounts of data, resulting in a number of different ways to improve the operation of data processing time, Cloud data processing platform is the most popular way of operation, Non-structured data using a cloud environment, in...
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Study on Electro Hydraulic Force Servo System Considering Spool Friction and Cylinder Piston Friction Nonlinear

Jianying LI, Zhongqiang ZHAO, Yanwei WANG, Guihua HAN, Shiming LI, Fatang DONG
In order to give full play to the performance of electro hydraulic force servo system in engineering applications, especially its good dynamic performance, the electro hydraulic force servo system and its bond graph model built process are analyzed. In this course, aiming at the time varying nonlinear...
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Design of a Voltage Reference based on Subthreshold MOSFETS

This article proposed that an ultra-low power voltage reference under low supply voltage took advantage of characteristics of MOSFETS operating in the subthreshold region to meet the low power design. The circuit was designed using 0.18 CMOS process of SMIC, and simulated after layout using SPECTRE simulation...
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A Multi-channel High Efficiency Boost LED Backlight Driver with High Dimming Ratio

Yong WANG, Baoxing DUAN, Yi LI, Ting LIU, Yintang YANG
In recent years, the screen size and backlight brightness have been increased year by year in portable electronic equipment, which makes much more requirements for LED driver chips. A 3-channel boost LED driver with high efficiency is proposed, and it has 3 channels with 10 LED lights in each channel....
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A System of Satellites Observing High Resolution Images Support in Road Traffic Environment

Yan WANG, Hong ZHOU, Hua XU, Zhonghua HE, Liping LEI, Dandan CUI
With the need of road traffic monitoring and development of remote sensing technology, high resolution satellite images are valuable and available in traffic environment monitoring. We developed a system using the high resolution images observed by satellites combined with Geographic Information System...
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A Closed form Localization Method using AOA and TOA Measurements based on WSN in NLOS Environments

Ruirui LIU, Jiexin YIN, Ding WANG
This paper proposed a closed form localization method based on wireless sensor network (WSN) in the non-line of sight (NLOS) environment. We utilized the angle of arrival (AOA) and time of arrival (TOA) measurements to determine the positions of target and reflectors according to the localization geometry....
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Algorithm and Hardware Implementation of Image Haze Removal Combining with Sky Recognition

Xiaobo ZHOU, Xiaodong FAN
When a picture is taken in the haze, the picture is abstract and much information is hidden by the haze. In this paper, on the basis of the dark channel prior algorithm, dehazing of hazy images is carried out. At the same time, given defects of the dark channel prior algorithm, namely halo, color lumps...
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Digital Phase Detector based on Hilbert Transform

Shuai GUAN, Yi WANG, Dingbang XIAO, Zhihua CHEN, Xuezhong WU, Qiang XU
Based on the Hilbert transform algorithm, a digital phase detector for sinusoidal signal is proposed. A half-band IIR filter implemented by the all-pass method approximates the Hilbert transform to realize the orthogonal decomposition of the signal. The Prosthaphaeresis formulas and Cordic algorithm...
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Reduced-dimensional MUSIC Algorithm for Joint Angle and Delay Estimation based on L2 Norm Constraint in Multipath Environment

Likai GUO, Ying WU, Ruirui LIU
In this paper, an l2 norm constraint-based reduced-dimensional MUSIC (l2CRD-MUSIC) algorithm for joint angle and delay estimation (JADE) with automatic pair matching in multipath environment is proposed. By utilizing the l2 norm constraint on the steering vector, the quadratic optimization problem in...
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A Low Noise ASIC for Butterfly Accelerometer

Yi WANG, Shuai GUAN, Qiang XU, Zhihua CHEN, Dingbang XIAO, Xuezhong WU
An open-loop switch-capacitor detection circuit with high resolution and low noise is proposed for a butterfly accelerometer. This paper introduced the composition and realization principle of the system, proposed a C/V detection structure and a filter with high Q value. The preamplifier adopted the...
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Applications of Timer of Data Sampling Software

Hongyan ZHUO, Chengliang GE, Zhiqiang LIU, Jiaru ZHANG
Based on periodic inspection and scanning, data sampling software usually used WM_TIMER and MM_TIMER. MM_TIMER is a multimedia timer. There are differences between WM_TIMER and MM_TIMER, such as implementation methods, PRI and precisions of time. Herein, the great differences are compared with experiments....
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Research and Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Agriculture

Wei CAO, Jian XU, Juanjuan SHAN, Ruonan SUN
With the development of agricultural information technology, sensing technology, Internet communication technology and intelligent technology and agriculture. As an important technology in the Internet of things, wireless sensor networks (WSN) is an important technical form of the Internet of things....
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A Novel Timing Synchronization Algorithm based on Signal Reconstruction in Multipath Fading Channel

Juan CHEN, Xueqiang ZHENG
Timing synchronization method for DS-SS system taking into account the multipath effect on HF channel is studied. A novel timing synchronization algorithm based on signal reconstruction is proposed in multipath fading HF channel. Through signal reconstructing and interference cancelling, the right path...
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Microwave Switch based on Tunable Single Negative Metamaterials

You LI, Tuanhui FENG
The microwave switch based on tunable single negative (SNG) metamaterials was presented. Firstly, the tunable SNG metamaterial was fabricated and its electromagnetic properties were investigated. It was found that the gap properties of the SNG metamaterial can be tuned conveniently and the epsilon-negative...
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Clock Tree Synthesis in ASIC Back-end Design

Hongyan CHAI, Peiyuan WAN, Yue MA
Based on the Synopsys physical design tool IC Compiler, taking the design of BES6799 chip under SMIC 0.18 m Logic 1P5M process as an example, this paper analyzed and compared the clock skew and clock cell area of clock trees which are built by three methods, such as inserting inverter, buffer, combination...
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Multi-targets ISAR Imaging Technology based on Robust Principal Component Analysis

Fan YE, Zelong WANG, Jubo ZHU
In multi-targets inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging, range profiles of multi-targets with different motion are coupled, so traditional Range-Doppler imaging algorithm is failure. A new imaging technology based on low-rank decomposition is proposed in this paper. After translational compensation...
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The Position Design of Rail Transit Train based on RFID-Geomagnetic Combined Positioning

Wenxiang LI, Qinzhen HUANG
This paper presents a design based on RFID-terrestrial magnetism combined positioning which can achieve the accuracy and reliability of the rail transit train positioning, and introduces in detail.
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Novel Compact Single Pole Three Throw Switch by using Slow Wave Microstrip Structure

Xinfeng DAI, Ming ZHOU
Slow wave structures have been being widely and deeply investigated up to now, and extensively used in integrated circuits with various applications, such as microwave tubes and miniature components. This paper presents a novel compact single pole three throw (SP3T) switch, and the proposed SP3T involves...
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Integrated Avionics System Network Function Robustness Analysis based on Complex Network

Qiang JI, Qiming YANG, Jiandong ZHANG, Guoqing SHI
Aiming at the phenomenon that only the local effect of the failure of the subsystem is considered on the study of robustness in the existing avionics network, this paper proposed a way to evaluate the robustness of the integrated avionics system using the efficiency of the subsystem. The method takes...
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The Ground Clutter Canceller based on the Clutter Recovery in Airborne MIMO Radar

Current researches show that the clutter rank is much lower than the system degrees of freedom (DoFs) in the airborne MIMO radar with orthogonal waveforms. According to this conclusion, we propose the ground clutter canceller based on the clutter recovery (CCCR) to suppress the clutter and reduce the...
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A Study on Dispersion Law of Underwater Threat based on Monte Carlo Algorithm

Shufen LIU, Ji HOU, Lu HAN
At present, it is impossible to detect the underwater target accurately found at a distance by equipment such as multi-sonars due to the limitation of underwater target detection technology. A method using Monte Carlo algorithm to confirm the dispersion law of underwater threat according to the target...
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A low Power 28 Gb/s 27-1 PRBS Generator and Check with Correlate Dual Outputs in 40 nm Technology

Hongguang ZHANG, Deng LUO
A 28 Gb/s PRBS generator and checker with correlation Dual outputs is presented in this paper, with the proposed dual outputs interleaved structure, the PRBS has only the half data rate, which is able to expand the communication data rate. A hybrid counter is proposed to undertake both high frequency...
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Design of Bias Power Supply for Magnetron Sputtering with Automatic Equalization Current

Xiping HUANG, Guitao CHEN, Yanlin NIE
High power switching power supply with modularization faces the challenges of equalizing voltage and current between each module. It is difficult to guarantee the reliable equalizing current by controlled equalizing current method while the large current is changing in the arc process of magnetron sputtering....
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Simulation Analysis of Cable Coupling Effect based on CST

Shuanshuan FENG, Zengrui LI, Jianxun SU
In view of the cavity in the complex electromagnetic compatibility of the problems of cable layout, based on the theory of transmission, network theory to establish a single cable and cavity cable model in CST cable studio ,and the circuit model was established in CST cable studio (CST-DS).The coupling...
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Multiscale Symbolic Transfer Entropy on Closing Eyes and Being Idle in rhythm of Electroencephalogram

Lizhao DU, Wenpo YAO, Xiaolin HUANG, Jun WANG
As we all know, electroencephalogram (EEG) is an effective tool to analyze many disease, epilepsy, for example. According to the latest research, we have found out that the value of multiscale symbolic transfer entropy (MSTE) on closing eyes and being idle differs but there is a question still, what...
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A Progressive Garbage Collection Scheme Based on Hotness of Valid Pages for NAND Flash Memory

Mingyang LI, Yonghong ZENG
With the popularity of NAND flash memory, exploiting garbage collection techniques to improve the lifetime of NAND flash memory has become a critical issue in the design of flash translation layer (FTL). However, the existing garbage collection theories always focus on the selection of victim block,...
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Design of Intelligent Humidity Sensing Watering System Based on MCU

Chengjie ZHANG
In order to solve the problem of watering flowers timely in family, an intelligent automatic watering systems is designed, which can realize intelligent watering for different soil moisture needs of different kinds of flowers. It adopts FC-28 soil moisture sensor to detect soil humidity and uses the...
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An Approach for Checking RTL Design Signal Sources and Destinations

Jianguo SONG, Aojie CHEN, Tao GUO
Formal check provides a method for detecting problems of SoC design in early time of verification. Looking at SoC design issues, most of design integration errors come from modules connectivity. Combining above two points, this paper descripts an approach check signal connectivity with formal check method....
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Spark-Based Iterative Spatial Overlay Analysis Method

Zheng ZHAO, Luo CHEN, Ye WU, Ning JING
For the spatial overlay analysis of vector data on the condition of mass data and confined memory, the paper proposes spark-based iterative spatial overlay analysis algorithm. The algorithm builds multi-level grid index structure combining the first-level grid with quartering ,designs memory space data...
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Novel Concept "HEMS E Project" Challenge

HEMS (Home Energy Management System) is widely recognized as the useful technology for saving energy. On the other hand HEMS is never influenced around common people. The reason is supposed coming from following three points. 1. High initial cost, 2. Location dependence (The present HEMS is mounted into...
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Based on the Publish/Subscribe and RMI for the Railway Power Network Integrated Large Data Set Synchronization

Zhijian QU, Ruilin ZHOU, Shengao YUAN
Railway power network is an important part of modern rail transportation, especially in high-speed railway. There are three problems: (1) With the increasing number of high-speed rail mileage, along the line of signal equipment, lighting equipment and occlusion device increasing quickly; (2) As the high-speed...
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Bayesian Estimation of Measurement Error Models with Longitudinal Data

Dewang LI, Meilan QIU
In this paper, Bayesian inferences for semiparametric measurement error models (MEs) for longitudinal data are investigated. A semiparametric Bayesian approach combining the stick-breaking prior and the Gibbs sampler together with the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm is developed for simulating observations...
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Defective Edge Detection System Design for Long Bamboo Batten

Tian SUN, Xiangwei MOU, Shuxiang SONG, Jianhui LI
To effectively and accurately detect edge defects in bamboos, a defective edge detection system for a long bamboo batten was designed in this study. There is a significant gap difference between the defective and intact edges of bamboo battens. Specifically, a large gap exists between the edge of a defective...
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Sliding-mode Trajectory Tracking Control of Autonomous Surface Vessel

Kui LIANG, Jiaoyan AI, Zengqiang LEI, Gang LIU
In this paper, The kinematics and dynamics model of autonomous surface vessels (ASV) is established for the trajectory tracking control of ASV. A trajectory tracking control law is proposed by the sliding mode variable structure control method. Through theoretic analysis, the control law can guarantee...
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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Self Extracting Cabinet Control System

Xin LI, Xiangfei MENG, Qiming GU
This paper describes the design and implementation of the intelligent self extracting cabinet control system, Master controller provides two ways that password pickup and pick up by card and provide humane voice prompts; provides bar code scanning mechanism-based inventory; support for intelligent cabinet...
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Fault Diagnosis-oriented Aeronautic Equipment IETM Knowledge Acquisition Method Study

Weiwei JIANG, He YIN, Jin YAN, Xueqiao HOU, Liang ZHANG
Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) serves as a key supporting technology of aeronautic equipment support informatization and is a carrier for structural, interactive and intelligent equipment technology data. In order to solve the problems that the traditional fault diagnosis system is single...
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Predictive Control of a T-type Inverter in Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Guoliang YANG, Zi YANG, Yiming FANG
A new controlling method of three level inverters is proposed in this paper. Three-level T inverters are widely used in industry for high-power, medium-voltage power conversion and drives. Topics related to power losses due to commutation and quality of the output current is relevant issues in this power...
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Research and Realization of Automatic Dynamic Balance for Cross-Flow Fan by NC Drilling

The dynamic balance of cross-flow fan was primarily implemented by manual balance sheetmetal, and there are some shortcomings that low precision and easily fall off. In this paper, firstly, the mechanism of dynamic balance of cross-flow fan was elaborated. Then, the collection of unbalance is achieved...
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Development of Two Positions and Two Channels Grease Valve Driven by Stepper Motor

Liping YUAN, Yugang ZHAO, Xinyu LIU, Zhanjun WANG
A design scheme of two positions two channels grease valve driven by stepper motor was proposed, and the design of valve core and driving device was introduced. This scheme used stepping motor as the driving, and the thrust was greatly increased, and it was able to work stably under 40MPa. The two positions...
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A Novel Piezoelectric Micro-gripper's Control Based on Modified Smith Predictor

Xiangjin ZENG, Jimin WANG, Pengpeng SONG, Sisi HUANG
We develop a micro-gripper that actuated by piezoelectric cantilever for the need of micro parts assembly. The displacement-voltage relationship model is given in this paper. For hysteresis of piezoelectric ceramic, a control scheme based on fuzzy adaptive PID with a Modified Smith Predicator for the...
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A Conceptual Framework for Combination of Educational Data Mining and Software Cybernetics

Yi CAI, Qunxiong ZHU
Both educational data mining (EDM) and software cybernetics are emerging interdisciplinary research fields at present. This paper analyzes the combination mechanism between them in educational environment, and addresses a conceptual framework to improve the success of educational software. The framework...
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Fault Diagnosis on Cabin Electric Power Equipments

Baoji YUAN, Weining LI, Yanfeng WU
Design Integrated construction of fault diagnose system with centralized control in this paper. The diagnose system has been divided into main station and slave station by different functions. We has structured the software frame of diagnose system so as to increase efficient of fault diagnose on voltage...
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Wavelet Transformation Application on Accommodation Equipments' Fault Diagnosis

Baoji YUAN, Yanfeng WU, Weining LI
The submarine aircraft has several accommodation electrical equipments that have varieties of failure modes. The centralized control system includes accommodation electric network equipments' fault diagnosis and exception handling, so it is very important. With accommodation electric network scale expanding,...
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The Study of Control Strategy for Bolt Tightening Robot on Power Transmission Lines

Liqiang ZHONG, Shaosheng FAN, Ruoyun LI, Di YANG
A new control strategy and its real-time implementation were presented for a power transmission line bolt tightening robot. In order to overcome the influence of the wind, a prediction algorithm of multi-sensor information fusion optimal Kalman filter is adopted to predict the trajectory of the camera....
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A Visual Navigation Control Method of Substation Inspection Robot

Liqiang ZHONG, Shaosheng FAN, Shaohai ZHANG, Di YANG
According to the real condition of the substation inspection robot provided a vision-based navigation control method for substation inspection robot can be run in the complex road environment, with strong anti-interference, implementation of simple, good stability and high precision in this paper. In...
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A Large-scale Distribution and Deployment of Robot Task Based on MQTT Protocol and ROS

Jing WEI, Dianxi SHI, Bingzheng YAN, Yerong HU
The beginning and development of modern intelligent robot makes robot task become more and more complicated. Task distribution and deployment for large-scale robots has become a major problem. Traditional distribution mechanisms are mainly Polling, SMS Push and IP Push, but for the task distribution...
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Design and Realization of Intelligent Upgrade Based on Temperature Control of Electric Heating Cooker

Li CHEN, Junzhi CHEN, Hao MI, Ming YANG
This paper presents the design and realization of intelligent upgrade based on temperature control of electric heating cooker. The cooker is supplied by segmented PID algorithm which helps to realize precise temperature control. By fully utilizing STM32 MCU, intelligent upgrade including smart-friendly...
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Research on Target Matching of Television Guided Missile Seeker

Wei CHEN, Fancheng KONG, Di ZHANG, Zhenzhou BAI
Target matching research of TV precision-guided weapons, is whether the analysis according to the principle of TV seeker intercept missiles to intercept and hit the target. The paper used intercepting and tracking algorithm of TV-guided missile seeker, to attack simulated the target simulation images,...
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Research of Downhole Instructions Decoding with Variable Drilling Fluid Displacement

Aiqing HUO, Shaohui LI, Wei HE, Ke SUN
This paper studies a downlink communication mode in which the effective downhole control instruction was generated by the use of drilling fluid pump displacement to format three descending and three ascending pulse instruction encoding. The principle of the downlink communication was introduced. The...
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Development of Wireless Remote Control Electric Devices for Livestock Farming Environment

Jianhua ZHANG, Fantao KONG, Zhifen ZHAI, Shuqing HAN, Jing ZHANG, Jianzhai WU
Suitable livestock farming environment is an important safeguard for healthy growth and high quality production of livestock. Based on the effect of greater cost-saving and efficiency- increasing of environment wireless remote control devices of the Internet of Things on livestock farming, it will greatly...
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Mutual Compensation of Threshold Voltage and Thermal Voltage Temperature Effects with Applications in Voltage Reference Generator

Jiangxu WU, Jianguo HU, Zhikui DUAN
A low power, low temperature coefficient (TC) CMOS voltage reference generator is proposed in this paper, which exploits temperature mutual compensation relationship between threshold voltage and thermal voltage, and provides a mean reference voltage of 411.8mV.In this reference, a proportional to absolute...
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Pavement Guide Marks Recognition based on Projection

Yi WEI, Hang YANG, Chenhui YANG, Yamin XU
With the development of intelligent transportation system, the automatic recognition of pavement guide marks has attracted more and more attention. Due to their convexity-concavity in shape, existing algorithms can hardly complete the task. This paper introduces projection technique that transforming...
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Research on Communication Anti Jamming System based on Multitier Architecture

Jun WANG, Airong YU, Hai SUN, Yong WANG
There are many types of device interfaces in the communication anti-jamming test environment, and the control instructions vary greatly. Most of the traditional test control systems are developed only for specific equipment and interfaces of a manufacturer, and its function is single. Because the reuse...
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GNSS Automatic Monitoring Wireless Communication Model Building and System Implementation for a Super Long Dam

Yingyi MA, Yangyang ZHANG, Yongsheng CHEN
Taking the wireless automatic monitoring for a super long earth-rock dam on Shifosi Liao River trunk stream as the research background, the GPS dam deformation monitoring system based on the GPRS wireless communication technology is studied and developed. The wireless acquisition of GPS raw data and...
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Using Topological Potential Method to Evaluate Node Importance in Public Opinion

Rui SUN, Wanbo LUO
The evaluation of node importance is the main research direction in public opinion field, which is much significant to accurately find out the influent nodes for the propagation and evolution of public opinion, furthermore to effective control and predict public opinion situation and in-time guide it....
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Weighted Centroid Localization Algorithm Based on Normal Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks

Shaoguo XIE
Localization algorithms continue to be a challenging and important topic in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). To efficiently exploit the normal distribution for range-free localization, we propose two weighted centroid localization algorithms called Positioning Based on Normal Distribution and Positioning...
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Rumor Propagation Model on Complex Network with Repast Simulation Platform

Rui SUN, Wanbo LUO, Yong ZHONG
Considering propagation characteristics of rumor on complex networks, this paper presents a rumor propagation model on complex network with Repast simulation platform. We introduce the structure and the main class library of Repast simulation platform. Then we build an efficient model based on the multi-agent...
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Research on Multi-level Gazetteer Services Based on Object Relational Database

Jieyu DONG, Luo CHEN, Mengyu MA, Ning JING
Gazetteer service is one of the basic functions ofÿWeb map services, and the search efficiency and accuracy is very important to the user experience. Traditional approach is based on full-text indexing technology. The ranking of search results is mainly based onÿthe relevance of the search keywords....
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A Beamforming Scheme with Steering and Nulling Capabilities for Direct Radiating Array Based Satellite Antenna

Xiao GENG, Yong LUO, Yilei SUN, Yuxin CHENG, Jianjun WU
In the current satellite communication systems, the multi-beam satellite system has been widely used. This paper analyses the typical fixed multi-beam system and designs a simulation program called DRA for beam forming. The beam can have any directivity, and can eliminate interference with the null steering...
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Time-delay Alignment Method of Distributed Phased Array Satellite Terminal Antenna Based on Geometric Model

Jing WANG, Chunyang MA, Jian LI, Yuxin CHENG, Jianjun WU
Satellite terminal distributed phased array antenna system has a lot of advantages such as good reliability and flexibility. The delay of a signal when it arrives at the receiving end is not the same. Thus in order to combine the signals effectively, it is necessary to align the multiplexed signals in...
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A Minimum Pointing Error Based Beam-Tracking Algorithm for Multi-beam GEO Satellite Antenna

Jian LI, Xu TAN, Jing WANG, Yong LUO, Jianjun WU
In this paper, the traditional LMS algorithm is extended to the real-time multi-reference point algorithm. The adaptive tracking beam is obtained by the mean square error and the minimum optimization criterion. Finally, this paper presents a switching proposal of the tracking beam. In order to better...
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A Novel Algorithm of Coset Coding for Wiretap Channel in Physical Layer Security

Hui SHI, Jing LEI, Erbao LING
Coset coding is a typical method of secure coding in physical layer security. This paper focuses on coset coding based on the random linear codes in binary symmetric channel. While analyzing system security, we derive the formula of eavesdropper's equivocation and proposed a novel code extending algorithm...
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An Improved Zero-Forcing Detection Algorithm of Spread OFDM for Underwater Acoustic Communications

Ke WANG, Leiyu SHI, Wei LIU, Jing LEI
The so-called spread OFDM(S-OFDM) system is designed to resist frequency-dependent attenuation by using Walsh-Hadamard (WH) code for spreading the frequency-domain OFDM symbols in the transmitter, and linear detectors, like ZF or MMSE, are usually used to recover the signals in the receiver. In this...
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A Stream Computing Method for Railway Distribution Network Monitoring Information Based on Storm

Zhijian QU, Qunfeng WANG, Xiang PENG, Ruilin ZHOU
Aiming at the problem of rapid processing of real - time data in intelligent dispatching, a new method for calculating the information flow of distribution network monitoring is proposed. Access the distribution network monitoring data by publishing subscriptions, combining the topology parallel model...
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Performance Analysis of a Delay-Tolerable Cognitive Radio Network

Shensheng TANG, Chenghua TANG
In this paper, we analyze the performance of a delay-tolerable cognitive radio network at the call level, where secondary users detect and opportunistically access the channel resources when no primary users present. An ongoing secondary user using a channel may switch to another channel with some routing...