Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2017)

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Split Screen Aesthetics in Soviet Animation

Violetta Evallyo
The essence of the split screen reception is to separate. However, paradoxically, it combines objects and spaces, integrating new ways of cooperation. The split screen can veil the displayed modernity, enhance the decorative and connotational properties of visual matter in animation.

Between Ordine and Capriccio. Gothic Architecture in the Theatre of the Enlightenment

Anna Korndorf
The perception and rethinking of the "dark Middle Ages" in the period of Enlightenment largely determined the interpretation of the present, and expectations for the future. That was why the appearance of Gothic images and motifs on the theatre stage was not just another phase in the history of art and...

Essence of Beauty Debate Considering F.M. Dostoyevsky

Sergei Nizhnikov
The article is dedicated to the debate on the essence of beauty through the prism of the evolution from the ideas of Fyodor Dostoyevsky about beauty in a broad historical-philosophical context (Plato, Kant, Schelling, Vl. Solovyov, N. Berdyaev, V. Zenkovsky). The author of the article distinguishes and...

Social and Historical Environment of the Society of Moscow Artists

Elena Lomova
The article is concerned with the social and historical conditions of forming the Society of Moscow Artists (OMKh), whose members had covered a long way from an epatage art group the Jack of Diamonds to the society standing at the origins of Socialist Realism.

To the Issue of the Russian Impressionism in the 1960s

Lyubov Shirshova
The article reveals the origins of creativity of the People's Artist of the USSR, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Efrem I. Zverkov as an artist - impressionist. It also expands the range of ideas about the creative activity of the master and shows new aspects of his landscape painting of the...

The Classical Ideal and Gothic Nationalism. John Soane and the Architectural Patriotism of the Early 19th Century

Nikolai Molok
The article is a study of the views of John Soane, one of the key figures in the English architectural tradition, the last Neo-Classical architect and keeper of classicist architectural artefacts. Being at the crossroads of the topical trends of European architecture, his works were in the focus of numerous...

Expansive Cultural Strategy in the Periphery of Europe. Example of Tenerife Arts Space and Castelo Branco Cultural Centre

Maria Mikaelyan
The following paper will focus on the way in which European local authorities have dealt with cultural policies, urban regeneration, place branding, and community-building in the last two decades. Following the museological model of multifunctional art centre and adopting it within a peripheral urban...

Rituals and Customs as a Reflection of the Folk Tradition. The Russian North in the Context of Culture

Magda Djichonaya
The article is devoted to folklore traditions and is considered by the example of the Russian North. Ethno-cultural realities reflect the specifics of the structure of artistic culture and of the existence in it of authentic folklore.

War, Art and the New Experience of the Crowd

Ekaterina Bobrinskaya
The paper deals with a new turn occurred in crowd mythology on the eve of the First World War. The crowd now becomes not merely an object under observation. The crowd of society, or "diffused crowd", transforms into material that is organised and formalised. The new image of the organised and regulated...

Metropolis and We

Oleg Koshkin
The present article is concerned with one of the pressing challenges of urban architecture, the preservation of cities' historic architectural heritage in the framework of modern construction and renovation of architectural monuments. The problem is reviewed in historical aspect from ancient times to...

On the Prosperity and Spread of Flower and Bird Painting in the Northern Song Dynasty

Shaoduan Zhang
During the Northern Song Dynasty, flower and bird painting dominated the whole painting world, forming a peak in history. We can see its prosperity from its imperial-court decorative painting, literati painting and folk life painting. Court painters, literati and civil professional painters have made...

Interpretation of Tolkien Creation Idea from "The Hobbit"

Qingxue Gao
"The Hobbit" of Britain literary giant Tolkien was the hearth book wrote to children. In the book, the author used his exquisite creative concept to win countless supporters. The story was later adapted, directed and filmed as a fantasy blockbuster movie by Hollywood director Peter Jackson into a trilogy....

Application of Color and Musical Language in Chinese Contemporary Animation Film

Peng Jing
With quickening space of domestic modernization construction, people's material and culture life standard gets promoted continuously and art industry also obtains extremely rapid development. As an important branch of art, contemporary animation film develops with an objective speed under current social...

Art in the Era of Postmodernism

Maria Matyushova
The article deals with the philosophical interpretation of the tendencies taking place in contemporary art. The author shows that the main aesthetic category of contemporary art is the category of novelty.

Hubei Drum and Its Further Development from the Perspective of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Laimin Zhang
Hubei drum is a folk talking-singing art, which is popular in Wuhan and the Eastern Hubei. It originated from Shandong drum and has a history of more than two hundred years. Its content truly reflects and represents the living conditions and vital interests of the vast majority of the working people,...

On the Historical Value of Wang Juzheng 's "Spinning Wheel Drawing" in the Northern Song Dynasty

Shaoduan Zhang
Genre painting is an important category of Song Dynasty painting. The genre painting in Song Dynasty broke through the frame which take religious and upper aristocratic life as the main content, and began to focus on the real life of common people in art works. These genre paintings took urban and rural...

Supply Side Structure Problems of the Vocational College English Education and Its Breakthrough

Yanqing Song
English education has been a short board of civil vocational colleges, and even some English majors, such as commercial English, also can't achieve the standard of social demand. This status has directly influenced the vocational college's cultivation quality, and reacted in a chain to the vocational...

Analysis on Lester's Piano Transcription "Rigoletto"

Xi Chen
Lester was one of the most important musicians and pianists in the romantic period. Piano transcription occupies a special position in Lester's composition career. It is of the largest number of Lester's works, and a genre most people know. His piano transcriptions can not only reflect the fusion with...

Practice of Deleuze's Film Theory. Evaluation and Analysis on the American Film Adaptation

Jiale Ruan, Jue Wang
Adaptation, a film with Nicolas Cage acting the leading role and Spike Jonze as the director, carries off abundant prizes upon being released. This paper takes this film as an example and discusses Gilles Deleuze's film philosophy from three levels: time, latency and presentation. In the film, "time"...

Beauty and Art in the Oriental Philosophy. An Aesthetic Study in the Traditional Chinese Philosophy

Shuqing He
According to records of the Historian (Shi Ji), Confucius deserves a place among the illustrious men in the past and was the sage among the sages. In the oriental, it may be no exaggeration to say that we are still living in the traditions of Confucian thoughts. In the West, Plato did not work out a...

The Historical Context of National Art Exhibition

Zhaoxia Li
As the most important art exhibition in the New China, the National Art Exhibition has accumulated considerable sedimentary accretion and formed a certain cultural context since the first exhibition in July 1949 till the twelfth exhibition. This paper intends to elaborate on the interrelationship between...

Regional Education Alliance: Innovative Management Mode of Integration of Urban and Rural Education in Chengdu

Lu Huang, Xi Yang
In order to realize the integrative development of urban and rural education, Chengdu city innovate and explore a new model of education management, and "Regional education alliance" shall be an important grasp. Through the co-ordination of various types of quality education resources, the development...

Zibo Fish Plates: From Folk Art to Cultural Heritage

Ke Sun
Zibo fish plate, also called as "Shandong fish plate", is a porcelain plate-shaped ware with fish-pattern paintings for daily use to meet people's daily needs, which was mainly produced in places like Boshan and Bochuan in Zibo City, Shandong Province in the history, and which was popular in regions...

The Comparative Study on Settings of Homosexual Roles in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland's TV Series

Chan Wang
The effects of civilization of social environment and western culture make Chinese values develop diversely. And the topic of homosexuality is also on the way to publicity from sensitivity. Of course, this kind of public discussion exists a lot of restrictions of propaganda way, target audiences, acceptance,...

Analysis of Zhao Mengfu's "Ancient Realm"

Xianjuan Dong
Zhao Mengfu was a strong advocator and implementer of literati painting in Yuan Dynasty. He advocated the "ancient realm", which can be understood from the two aspects of "ancient" and "realm". "Ancient" means to copy the previous generation, it both includes the copy of previous literati painting's...

The Negotiation of Cultural Identity. An Analysis of Public Diplomacy Strategies in A Cross-situational Context

He Gong, Guangjin Tu
It is widely acknowledged that cultural diversity is a critical aspect of public diplomacy seeking to communicate with international publics. However, little research-based evidence exists about what cultural diversity means to practitioners. This study examines how the attributions of cultural identity...

Analysis on Communication Effects of Cultural Quiz Show

Shengnan Yu
Nowadays, with the development of "pan-entertainment", screens are full of "reality show". Cultural programs draw people's attention within a short time because of its popularity and good reputation. It is the appearance of new cultural education programs and the cultural heritance activity with profound...

Film Art Crisis in the Era of Intelligent Media

Haihao Zheng, Tao Liu
Going with the rapid media integration, digital media gradually turn to intelligent media, the brand new medium ecology created by media technologies have brought opportunities and challenges to all kinds of art forms inside it, especially for film the seventh art, who producers and researches have to...

The Historical Influence of Christianity in Cultural Communication between China and the West

Yongxia Bai
Christianity plays a significant role in cultural communication between China and the west in modern and contemporary Chinese history. With powerful and aggressive color, in the long history, Christianity was taking positive effects on Chinese science and technology development, and was imposing negative...

Research on the Artistic Feature Trend of Fashion Photography under the Influence of Conceptual Art

Qiming Wang
It must be inevitable for conceptual art to prosperously develop in the period of postmodernist culture, which is the side reflection of the cultural and social public concern in this period, so the idea essence of the conceptual art and its way of expression have a profound impact and mutual integration...

On the Writing Style of Maupassant's Short Stories

Haijie Wang
Maupassant's short stories are rich in subject matters, the ideas are novel and unique, the themes are profound, and the images are vivid. As the readers, we can see the truth in detail; the use of hidden art and the display of naturalism which are the main writing styles of his short stories.

The Role and Strategy of Diversified "Artisan" Talents in Contemporary Ceramic Painting

Long Zhou, Lingxia Zhang
Talents of contemporary ceramic painting have entered an "Artisan" era, most of talents consist of professional, crossover and academic talents, which are professional, open, knowledgeable and inclusive. Artisan talents play significant roles in enhancing the overall strength of ceramic painting, innovation,...

Ludwig van Beethoven to the Distant Beloved (An Die Ferne Geliebte). The Story of Creation

Elena Klimenko, Pyotr Glubokiy
The article discusses various assumptions on creation of the song cycle To the Distant Beloved by Ludwig van Beethoven, establishing connections between the first song cycles with German amateur vocal circles in the late 18th - early 19th centuries. The authors apply the comparative-historical method...

Aesthetic Embodiment of Surrealism in Modern Design

Jianian Liang, Danlei Zou
As the trend of thought in literature and art of western bourgeoisie in the early 20th century, surrealism originates from France and has extensive influences. The concept of surrealism and its artistic practice are analyzed and the application and influence of surrealist works in modern design are teased....

Reform and Practice of "Five-in-one" Graduation Creation Mode of Fine Arts under the Perspective of Transformation and Development of Local Colleges

Jun Sun
Constructing graduation creation (design) system with "five-in-one" pattern of "experiment teaching, professional competition, graduation (course) design, graduation field work (practice), graduation creation (design)" can better take advantage of regional resources through practical planning and empirical...

Wang Xilin-Chinese Shostakovich. Research on Wang Xilin's Musical Life and Musical Achievements

Jincheng Huang
Wang Xilin is considered one of the most famous Chinese composer in the international music scene. He has won the highest Symphonies Composing Award of Chinese government twice and visited the United States, Britain, Italy and other countries. His works The No.3 Symphony, Quartet, and other works were...

New Trend of Evolution in Modern Mongolian Costume Art

Hongyan He
With the acceleration of urbanization in our country, Mongolians who live in prairie pastoral area pour in cities. The transformation of pace and style of life makes the clothing, food, housing and transportation in 80 percent of towns in Inner Mongolia have urbanization tendency. The urbanization tendency...

Multiple Meanings of the Ending of Seize the Day

Xiaoxia Zhang
The ending of Seize the Day, one of the representative works of American contemporary famous writer Saul Bellow, has multiple meanings. Firstly, in the first part of his life, Wilhelm is constrained by his "pretender soul". At the end of the novel, in the Jewish chapel, Wilhelm begins to realize the...

Reflection and Thought on Peasant Paintings in Longmen of Guangdong

Shaomin Chen
Peasant paintings is a kind of folk art, yet it has unique characteristics compared to traditional folk art. Though appeared in the modern society, peasant paintings has a thick historic deposition in China, it originated from the folk, yet differing from general traditional folk art, it was birthed...

Integration and Extension and Division. Space Creation for TV Programs

Ying Guo
For a long time, more attentions have been paid to TV's art of time but not to the art of space. Actually TV technologies that become mature increasingly have not only achieved the span of time dimension but also created different spaces. This article takes the development course of TV programs as a...

Discussion on "Lingering Charm" of Sculpture

Yuping Luo
Since ancient times, sculpture has the dual function of practicability and aesthetics. "Lingering charm" is where aesthetic value of sculpture artwork lies, being one part of the major content of inherent tension generated through interaction between sculpture artwork and artistic society. The concept...

Research on the Spirit of Ink Painting and Its Innovative Application

Wei Zhang
It rises an upsurge in new ink painting based on a foundation of traditional ink painting in the nowadays. We try to use the spirit of the traditional ink painting in the present popular areas, which produces innovative sparks with new ink painting. In this way, the innovative application of ink painting...

Narrative Style Centered on Humanitarian Spirit in Folk Narrative of China Contemporary Photography

Bing Hao
This article discusses the theme of humanitarian spirit in folk narrative features of China contemporary photography and specifically explains the narrative style centered on humanitarian spirit in China contemporary photography, namely, the exploration of the deep narrative space and the unique individual...

A Cognitive Semantics Approach to the Images and Implications of Female Devils in Journey to the West

Zhong Deng, Ziqi Lin
Female devils in Journey to the West present themselves with a variety of images, thus attracting much attention with the aim to clarify their literary and cultural implications. This paper, by pointing out some inadequacy and inaccuracy of previous studies, intends reanalyze the images and implications...

The Lacquer Painting from Chinese Traditional Lacquer

Lina Dong
Since the sixth national art exhibition, lacquer painting was incorporated into art exhibition. This is a milestone of painting style's development, which becomes a more important form of artistic expression in today's China Art Circle. But the lacquer painting is still very young, it is always a decoration...

A Study on Red Aesthetic Value in the Revolutionary Historical and Cultural Heritage of Shaanxi

Peng Chen
The revolutionary historical culture of modern China is an important part of contemporary social culture, which affects us as a traditional cultural power. The values and modes of thinking born in a particular historical period determine people's aesthetic tendency for a long time. The contemporary humanistic...

Subjective Involvement in Record Photography

Xiaozhou Li
The depth of subject matter of record photography is based on the principle of "from individual to group and from special to universal", and it mainly conducts intensive study of the relationship between people, people and society. Such evaluation on the basis of reality can be reflected in the photographer's...

Protection and Brand Construction of Wheat Straw Craft Painting as Intangible Cultural Heritage in Heilongjiang

Xue Jiang
The paper has organically combined the internal resources and external environment of Harbin wheat straw craft painting culture with its brand development strategies, comprehensively analyzed the influencing factors and discussed the feasible development way of Harbin wheat straw painting culture brand.

Research on Strategy of Nantong Traditional Craft Revitalization

Yiyue Xiong
Nantong traditional craft has rich variety and various forms. It still continues to develop although having experienced repeated ups and downs. Over the past century, Nantong traditional crafts are sold well overseas and enjoy high reputation in the world. Since the middle 1990s, Nantong traditional...

The Semiology Connotation in the Chinese Ancient Dresses

Juan Yang
China's ancient skirt culture embodies not only the material and cultural value of clothing, but also the thoughts of Chinese traditional philosophy and aesthetics. As a cultural symbol, there is a specific signifier and signified in the skirt, which has a rich symbolic meaning. This article obtains...