Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technology

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The PID Parameter Setting for the Hydraulic Servo System Based on Genetic Algorithms

Yao Yao, Pengfei Wang, Wenyu Zhang, Hualiang Wu
This paper is based on the magnesium alloy in our school laboratory rolling machine as the research object and the servo system model of valve controlling hydraulic cylinder is established, by using genetic algorithms to optimize PID controller design and to control its model. The simulation and experiment...
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Research on Time-Temperature-Integrators of Meal-Ready-to-Eat Military Food Made by Thermo-sensitive Dyeing

B. Wang, J.-P. Yu, Z.-N. Ye, L.-L. Luo, F.-Y. Zheng, J.-W. Jiang
The quality of meal-ready-to-eat (MRE) military food was indicated. [Method] Based dyestuff 2-phenyl-3-methyl-6, 6-2 D-amino fluorane and 2, 2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) propane color developer thermo-sensitive system, time-temperature integrators (TTI) produced black by thermo-printer and faded gradually...
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The Relationship between Superhydrophobicity, Self-Cleaning Performance and Microstructure of Moth Wing

Gang Sun, Yan Fang
The microstructure and superhydrophobicity of the moth wing surfaces were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), an atomic force microscope (AFM) and a contact angle (CA) meter. The relationship between superhydrophobicity, self-cleaning performance and microstructural characteristic was...
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Overview of Experimental Studies on Strength Problem of Rubber Material

Xuanli Zhang, Guoying Zhao
The mechanical properties of rubber materials are complex, and the strength problem is getting more and more attention. This paper summarizes the research status of mechanics experiment of rubber materials under dynamic and static load, commented recent years domestic and foreign the progress on the...
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Stiffness analysis method of rolling mill based on process data

Tao Liu, Dan Yan, Gang Chen
Mill stiffness is an important parameter for strip rolling mill, but it is difficult to online detect. When the wide of strip are changed, or the rollers are changed, the mill stiffness will change slightly. This change can affect the thickness precision and flatness precision significantly. Making full...
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Study on New joint Technique for ABS Thermoplastic Materials: Electric Resistance Hot-driven Riveting

Changqing Zhang, Shengtian Bai, Yongfeng Shi, Shaolong Jin, Lidong Yang
Electric Resistance Hot-driven Riveting is a new alternative spot joining process developed for polymer multi-materials structures. In the technique, a cylindrical metallic rivet is used to join one or more thermoplastic components by means of forming rivet heads on both sides of connected joint through...
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Properties of ductile high entropy bulk metallic glass Cu29Zr32Ti15Al5Ni19

Jinhong Pi, Xiancong He, Yunqiang Bai
Bulk metallic glass Cu29Zr32Ti15Al5Ni19 was successfully prepared in a copper mold with designing idea of high entropy alloys. The compressive strength of glassy Cu29Zr32Ti15Al5Ni19 is 1673.4MPa. Particular attention should be pay to that it shows a plastic deformation high up to 20% during compression....
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Prediction of Chatter Stability for Milling Process Using an Improved Semi-discretization Method

Zhongqun Li, Fan Zhu, Lei Xia, Yuerong Peng
On the basis of the classical semi-disretization method (SDM) proposed by Insperger, an improved SDM and its algorithm were implemented in this paper. With the developed module, the chatter stability of milling process can be predicted. As the dichotomy search rather than sequential search is applied,...
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Product design exploration based on users psychological perception

Yue Zhang, Yuan Ren
When choosing product, those visual, auditory, tactile and other sensorial perceptions are the key factors deciding whether to buy it. And the product's function, shape, color and surface treatment is the key points that considered when conceiving. Through exploration on users psychological and spiritual...
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Research on the mechanism of weld-line movement of U-shape TWB parts

Yong Gan, Xi Qin, Hanchao Wang
Application of finite element method, the mechanism of metal flow and weld line movement of U-shape parts with transverse welding line and U-shape parts with longitudinal welding line was investigated, respectively. Research results show that: for U-shape parts with transverse welding line, amount of...
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Effect of TiH2 Particle Size on Aluminum foam Pore Structure

Zhiqiang Guo, Donghui Ma, Xiaoguang Yuan, Xue Dong
Pore structures and aluminum foam densities are strongly influenced by the particle size of TiH2 powders. In this paper, TG curves of the the original powders and the 4 kinds of powders which were separaed by the original powders were researched. The foaming process and pore structures using selected...
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Effect of Polyamide 6 on Crystallization Nucleation Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Polyoxymethylene

Chunfa Ouyang, Xu Xiang, Weili Xue, Qun Gao, Zhengchuang Zhao, Kangsheng Zheng, Wang Zhang, Duoyou Zhang
The present study is the first propose use of secondary melt-processing, in which polyamide 6 (PA6) were successfully dispersed in Polyoxymethylene (POM) and POM/PA6 blends were prepared carried with POM. The effect of PA6 on crystallization nucleation behavior and mechanical properties of POM have been...
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Preparation and Photoluminescence Investigation of Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials of Complex Ag2ClO5N5C28H22

Chang Sheng Gu, Xiao Min Hao, Li Li Ji, Yong Li, Wen Dong Song
One new organic-inorganic hybrid materials of complex Ag2ClO5N5C28H22 (1) was synthesized by evaporation methods using 2-Chlorobenzeneacetic acid(2-CBAA), 4,4'-dipyridyl (4,4'-bipy), and AgNO3. And the complex was characterized by elemental analysis, FT-IR, thermogravimetrie analysis(TGA), XRD, X-ray...
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Syntheses and Characterization of Luminescent Materials of Compound ZnO6N2C29H28

Chang Sheng Gu, Xiao Min Hao, Li Li Ji, Yong Li
One new luminescent materials of complex C29H28N2O6Zn (1) was synthesized by evaporation methods using (4-hydroxyphenyl)acetate(4-HOBA), 4,4'-trimethylenendipyridine(TDP) and Zn(NO3)2. And the complex was characterized by elemental analysis, FT-IR, thermogravimetrie analysis(TGA), XRD, X-ray single-crystal...
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Facile Preparation of Flexible, Optically Transparent Superhydrophobic Surfaces by Conjugated Microporous Polymer

Zhaoqi Zhu, Na Kang, Yu Pan, Hanxue Sun, An Li
Creation of optically transparent superhydrophobic surfaces has increased extensive attention in the self-cleaning area. In this work, flexible, optically transparent superhydrophobic surfaces were fabricated by coating the conjugated microporous polymer on poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) substrate over...
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Life Cycle Assessment of Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal Waste for Vehicle Biogas Production

Wei Huang, Xin Zhang
Using ISO life cycle analysis and assessment methods, life cycle assessment (LCA) of anaerobic digestion of municipal waste for vehicle biogas production in Anyang was studied. Through the confirmation of the goal and scope, the inventory analysis and environment impact potential calculation were made...
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The Perturbation Toxic Effect of Graphene on HepG2 Cell

Guozheng Jiao, Xin Li, Junqiang Qiu, Ning Zhang, Hongying Xu, Shumin Liu
How to accurately and comprehensively unveil the toxic effect of graphene on the cells have always received extensive attention by many researchers. Owing to the opposition results in classical assay approaches, some researchers have attempted to adopt advanced analysis techniques. Our group successful...
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction of Cationic Collectors on the Mica (001) Surface

Dan Su, Yuelong Liu, Gousheng Liu
The adsorption of different cationic collectors on mica (001) surface is studied using molecular dynamics simulations. The relationship between structure and adsorption performance of collectors has been discussed. The MD simulations indicate that both the interaction strength and adsorption behavior...
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The Microscopic Structure and Adsorption Performance of Amide Ions on the Mica (001) Surface

Dan Su, Yuelong Liu, Gousheng Liu
Molecular dynamics simulation has been empolyed to investigate microscopic structure and the adsorption performance of amide ions on the mica (001) surface in the vacuum. The results drawn from the computed interaction energies show that amides are more effective collectors for mica compared with quaternary...
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Stress-strain analysis of NC bending and springback process for 21-6-9 stainless steel tube

Jun Fang, Shiqiang Lu, Kelu Wang, Xuguang Min
In order to study the distribution of stress-strain of bending and springback process, based on the platform of ABAQUS code, a 3D elastic plastic model of the whole NC bending process of 21-6-9 (0Cr21Ni6Mn9N) stainless steel tube was established, and its reliability was validated. Then, the distribution...
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Thermomechanical Modeling and Analysis of Workpiece in End Milling Process

Yong Feng, Binghui Jia, Guodong Yan, Xiaolin Jia
In order to study the cutting force distribution of the workpiece during the process of vertical milling machining, the thermomechanical model of the steady oblique cutting is derived. The measuring system of cutting force is also established, and then the feasibility of theoretical model is verified....
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The Full Process Axial Tension Test of Reactive Power Concrete

Hai-Yan Yuan, Fang-Fang Jia, Chun-Mei Zhu
The full process axial tension test is conducted for reactive powder concrete (RPC) with three kinds of steel fiber volume ratios. The dumbbell test piece with varying section of arc transition is adopted in the test with copper washer of varying thickness to address the problem that it is easy for outer...
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Dynamic state based on autoregressive model for outgoing line of high voltage stations

Yanhong Wang, Tao Xin
Authors of papers to present a dynamic state prediction method based on an autoregressive model for outgoing Line of high voltage stations of power plants. When load is increased line autoregressive model at a constant power factor, it is proved in this paper that the bus voltages autoregressive models...
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Strengthening of Inner Wall of N80 Oil Tubing Induced by Laser Surface Melting Spirally

Lixin Song, Meiyan Li
Laser surface melting(LSM) was performed on the inner wall of N80 oil tubing by the spiral mode. The results show that the microstructure of N80 oil tubing consists of zonal pearlite and ferrite. After LSM, the cross section was divided into the melted zone composed of martensite transformation hardening...
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Research on dynamic error caused by three coordinate measuring machine body deformation

Ligang Qu, Liang Yu, Changqing Su
In high precision three coordinates measuring machine in the process of measurement, dynamic error analysis has been improved measuring machine precision and speed is an important subject. Three coordinate measuring machine structure in the movement of the dynamic deformation of the theoretical points....
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Grey Correlation Coefficient Analysis and Estimation of Urban Living Garbage in Harbin

Lihong Sun, Yu Zhang
The amount of garbage conforms to the gray data characteristics because of the uncertainty and dispersion of urban living garbage produced, the corresponding dynamic prediction model based on Grey model can be established due to the uncertainty and dispersion of the collected amount in line with Grey...
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Tribological Characteries of MoS2 and DLC film in Sliding Contacts under Different Lubrication Conditions

Yue Bai
The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of solid and liquid lubrication on friction and wear performance of selected solid lubricating coatings, comparative experiments have been carried out on magnetron sputtered MoS2 coatings and chemical vapor deposited hydrogenated diamond-like carbon...
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Image processing of weld seam for Al alloy pulsed GTAW based on vision sensing

Yunxia Chen, Su Zhao, Xiaojing Wang
In recent years, machine vision sensors have been widely used to track weld seam. A suitable way is designed to process image of aluminum alloy pulsed gas tungsten arc welding process experiments in this work. With the passive vision sensor to capture some ideal images, we adopt and compare different...
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Analysis of Rough Gear Gashing Force for Multi-engaged Cutting Blades

Jin Zhang, Jianrun Zhang, Yuejiang Sun, Xiaodiao Huang, Yongfen Dai
Disk-type gear gasher is promised by a cutter body and indexable inserts, affording gear gashing which belongs to no free, heavy cutting. By applying nonlinear empirical exponential formula and using Time Finite Element Analysis method, the model of gashing forces was obtained. The corresponding gashing...
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The preparation of core-shell structural ZnO@4A nano-materials

Dong Feng, Zhiyi Li, Jiejing Nong, Wenbo Zhao
Core-shell structural material has received much attention, this materials are different from the symbiotic synthesized two phase molecular sieve, but has ordered core-shell structure which retains the composition characteristics of the molecular sieve and has a variety of active center and dual channel...
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Effect of Femtosecond Irradiation Laser on the Optical Properties of GaAs Solar Cell

Ruifang Chen, Zhiguo Shi, Yunxia Ye, Xue Qing, Yinqun Hua
The results of damage on the GaAs solar cells surface irradiated by femtosecond laser show that: the anti-reflective layer irradiated by laser is damaged when the laser energy is more than 1 uJ; and when the energy is increased to 5uJ, the anti-reflective layer is completely damaged. The comparison between...
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Composite inhibitor for gas hydrate in deepwater drilling

Xiaolan Liu, Xianghua Liu, Wenqian Wei
In recent years, the research about natural gas hydrate inhibitors has transformed from thermodynamics inhibitors to kinetic inhibitors and anti-agglomerant inhibitors in the deepwater drilling. However, once the malfunction occurred in the injection system, kinetic inhibitors is powerless facing the...
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The research for the test model and the finite element model of the multi-ribbed composite wall

Kun Qian, Guanghui Jia, Tian Xia
On the basis of experimental study, we used the finite element software ABAQUS to establish the nonlinear finite element numerical model of multi-ribbed composite wall, simulating model for reference [7], analyzed the stress of multi-ribbed composite wall structure, and the test results and the finite...
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Fabrication of Nd:YAG transparent ceramic with B2O3-SiO2 as sintering aids

Bo Wang, Quanxi Cao
1.0at% Nd:YAG polycrystalline ceramics were fabricated by solid-state reaction and vacuum sintering method using commercial Al2O3, Y2O3 and Nd2O3 as raw materials, SiO2 and SiO2 combined with B2O3 were used as additives. By changing the ratio of B2O3 to SiO2, the effects of B2O3-SiO2 doping on sintering...
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Active vibration control of periodic disturbance based on the lattice notch filter

Jinchun Liu, Jingjun Lou, Qiwei He, Zhang Zhen
A narrowband active vibration control algorithm with frequency estimator based on lattice notch filter is proposed to suppress the primary signal with multi line spectra. A adaptive iir (infinite impulse response) lattice gradient notch filter was adapted to estimated the frequency of the multi-harmonics...
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Aqueous solution polymerization of acrylamide:synthesis and optimization

Haidi Cai, Changhong Li, Feng Zhao
The polymerization of acrylamide initiated by 2,2'-Azobis(2-methylpropionamidine)dihydrochloride and ammonium persulfate was studied in aqueous solution at 6 C.The effect of variables such as acrylamide concentration and initiator concentration, additive concentration were investigated.When the concentration...
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Research on accumulation and change rule of sucrose in Helianthus tuberosus Linn. under PEG stress

Meng-Liang Zhao, Li-Hui Wang, Xue-Mei Sun, Yi Li, Li Li
Based on the “Qingyu No.1” and “Qingyu No.2 “the two Jerusalem artichoke varieties as experimental materials, the Jerusalem artichoke with different concentration of polyethylene glycol,PEG-6000 stress (0,10%,20%,10%) of drought stress on the content of the different parts of the sugar in the treatment...
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Ability of the Different Inversion Methods to Handle the data Gaps

Ren-Fen Zeng, Cui-Yun Li
Inversion problem is always represented as different from different conditions,especially in the practical application problem such as geophysics, geodetics, ocean science and so of important theory about inversion problem is Bayesian.We shortly introduce basesian formulation ,and some analysis...
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Prediction and Prevention of Rock Burst at Working-Face Roof

Linjun Peng
Recovery working face impact pressure force main source of coal in large hanging exposed overburden pressure compressed elastic energy and high-strength elastic bending deformation of the thickness of hard roof stored elastic energy. Mining-induced damage and breaking the roof itself and induce higher...
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Deep Coal Power Foundation Excavation of Rock Burst Hazard

Linjun Peng
Rock burst is one the world's worst coal mine disaster, rock burst accident-prone nature and severity of injuries to become one of the focus of attention, rock burst is an extremely complex dynamic phenomena, is home to cutting-edge research topics of major coal mine safety. Rock burst prevention is...
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Coating PAMAM dendrimer onto PDMS microfluidic chip to resist nonspecific Biomolecules adsorption

Dong Lin, Qin Zhao, Miaomiao Yan, Giuge Hou
The surface of poly(dimethylsiloxane)(PDMS) microfluidic chips were modified using polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer via physical coating. The results showed that the surface of the modified chips was coated by a dense, uniform, continuous, hydrophilicity layer of PAMAM. The hydrophilic of the chip surface...
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Error Analysis on CNC gear hobbing Machine Spindle Transmission Chain Based on SOV Theory

Jia-Li1 Zhao, Yuan Liu, Zhen Guo, Yao Zhang
In view of the situation that the transmission elements of YS3118 CNC gear hobbing machine are too many and complicated, leading to transmission errors which cannot guarantee the machining precision, Based on SOV theory, with CNC gear hobbing machine as example, the method of using state-space model...
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A Method for Engineering Design Selection of Complex Systems Based On System Engineering

Jia Li, Fayuan Wei
The modern complicated large engineering is significant to the nation and society. The initial conceptual design selection could decide most of the whole engineering project. It’s a multi-objective, multi-criteria, multi-field process. Basing experts’ experience, the traditional plan selection depends...
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A Discussion on Calculation Methods for Deepwater Wave Elements of Coastal Engineering

Lei Zhang, Jianbo Liu
Taking the design wave elements prediction of West Kalimantan strait as an example, we adopted two methods, the numerical simulation method and the design wind speed method, to determine the deepwater wave elements of different return period. The results of two methods showed that there are some differences...
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Numerical study on Sinking Mooring System of Immersed Tube Tunnel Construction

Zhengzhong Qiu, Meng Wan
Relying on a large immersed tube tunnel, based on 3D potential flow theory, the tube-floating barge mooring system was calculated and analyzed by hydrodynamic software SESAM. The mechanical characteristics of the mooring rope and the motion response time-history curve of the tube-floating were obtained...
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Structure analysis and study of sticky and waterish material dryer

Xinqi Yu, Dongdong Yuan, Guanghui Peng, Qinggang Liu
In this paper, a new pattern sticky and waterish material dryer mainly consists of tossing mechanism, hot air distribution system, and feeding and discharging device. Material is scraped off and crushed by tossing mechanism with high speed rotating spiral sheets. Hot air is redistributed to improve the...
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An Exact Analytical Solution to the Static Cracks in Finite-width Single-edge Cracked Strips

Lu Guan
Using the method of complex analysis and through constructing new conformal mapping functions, we analyzed the plane elasticity problem of static cracks in finite-width single-edge cracked strips, and provided an exact analytical solution to the crack-tip stress intensity factor.
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Punching Shear Capacity Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Slab-column Connections

Huiyong Guo, Jinjun Cheng
In order to solve punching shear strength problem of reinforced concrete slab-column connections, an improved punching shear capacity formula is presented. First, punching shear capacity of reinforced concrete slab-column connections is analyzed. Then, a comparison of punching shear capacity calculation...
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Study on The Tribology Characteristic of The Steel-cast Iron Friction Pair in The Self-repairing Additive

Yanhong Yan, Xiaoting Shi, Yanhong Xia, Xuchao Chen
Influence and mechanism of frictional wear characteristics of 45# steel-cast iron friction pair were investigated under the 46# machine oil that includes the self-repairing additive condition with different loads by using MMU-5G end-face friction and wear testing machine. The capability of generating...
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Design and implementation of low coupling and high available mobile workflow for power operation

Gang Wang, Xingchuan Bao, Min Xu, Haiyun Han, Lin Peng
In the field of the power supply enterprise, it is urgent to use the mobile workflow to carry out the process management. This paper adopts low coupling and high available workflow design, which design the workflow client through the long connection and SMS with the power mobile operation state manager...
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Development and Implementation of the Gear Design Parameters Automatic Generation System Based on VB

Shuping Long
The gear design process involves many calculation parameters and big computational effort, which are inefficient and error-prone. In such cases, the software based on VB6.0 was developed, which can automatically operate the gear parameters and generate the result data. Software interface is simple, easy...
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Research Optimization of Suspension Properties Based on Dynamic Model of Vehicle

Yijie Chen, Wang Lu Zheng Guanhui, Zhang Dan Ning Xu
Dynamic model of 4X4 vehicle was researched in this article, the mass,damping and stiffness matrices were deduced through lagrange theorem. On the other hand, model transfer function was got by fourier transform of differential equations, after that, random excitation coherence function of 4 wheels and...
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Researches on Molding Technologies of Bamboo/Plastic Composite

Kun Li, Lianfa Yang
Bamboo/plastic composite (BPC) is an advanced composite material. BPC has been used in building, gardening, outdoor products and other fields due to its advantages of biodegradable, high mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, low cost and so on. In this paper, four BPC molding methods are presented....
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Joint Structure between the Shaft and Cam Lobes in Assembled Camshaft

Zhifang Zhai, Lianfa Yang
Assembled camshaft (AC) technology is a type of neo-manufactured technology of camshaft by which components are machined separately and assembled together. Compared with traditional integral-type camshaft, AC has advantages of lighter weight, material saving, compact structure and excellent performance,...
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Optimization of Drawbead Resistance Based on Orthogonal Experiment

Minghe Zhang, Lianfa Yang
The impact of drawbead resistances on the stamping process of an automobile panel was investigated based on orthogonal experiment. Simulations based on Dynaform were conducted and two optimal objects that the maximum ratio of thickness reduction (MRTR) and average thickness in deformation region (ATDR)...
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Application of Radial Heat Pipe to Heat Recovery of Flue Gas

Gongduo Zhang, Shun Li, Hui Jiang, Guowei Xie
According to the heat balance of coke oven, the key to energy saving of coking industry was made clear. The technology of flue-gas heat recovery with radial heat pipe was introduced. Then its advancement was described. By giving an example, the application of radial heat pipe in coke-oven proved that...
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Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer on BFS during the Flight

Shun Li, Gongduo Zhang, Hui Jiang, Guowei Xie
At present, the domestic treatments of BFS are water-quenching processes. The existed studies on the centrifugal granulation were focused on slag particle shape, size and mass distribution. Slag temperature during the flight has not been reported. The relations between slag temperature and air temperature,...
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Study on parching procedure - acid leaching of Yunnan phosphogypsum decolorization mechanism based on Origin software

Ziyu Liu, Zhiman Zhao, Chenxi Du, Shuai Li
By the method of parching procedure and acid leaching to improve the phosphogypsum whiteness, and take advantage of the curve fitting technique of the Origin software to fitting the experimental data. Than, get the related curves and equation expression of the parching procedure and phosphogypsum whiteness...
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Study on Discharge Water with Consolidation of Clay Soil on Top of Confined Aquifer

Mei Yao, Peigui Liu
Consolidation and drainage tests were carried out for undisturbed saturated soil with a buried depth of 70~100m in Fuyang region. Automatic triaxial apparatus was used for tests as it can provide big confining pressure, and solve the problem of seepage along side wall, which happens with varying water...
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Fabrication of the pyramidal microstructure on silicon substrate using KOH solution

Yaqin Wang, Ruizhi Luo, Junjun Ma, Shi-Qing Man
he texturization of monocrystalline silicon wafers using a mixture of potassium hydroxide and isopropyl alcohol solutions has been investigated. The texture morphology and pyramid size are affected by the KOH concentration, the temperature and the time together. The surface reflectance and the surface...
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Solvent Residues in Moon Cake Plastic Packaging Bags

Xie Li, Yu Jiang, Zhang Wei, Ren Lu
Food packaging plays a crucial role on food safety. A gas chromatography and mass spectrometry technology was used to determine and analyze eight solvent residues in three kinds of moon cake plastic packages. In the experiment, linear calibration curves of the eight compounds were obtained with correlation...
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The University Network Public Opinion Monitoring System Based on Multi-Agent

Weige Ji, Qiang Lv
The article is base on the Multi-Agent theory, analyzing the structure of university network public opinion monitoring system, building the university network public opinion monitoring system based on Multi-Agent and introducing the effect of each Agent in detail. Putting forward a feasible scheme for...
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Research on refined mesh Scheme of Manifold Element in Adaptive Numerical Manifold Method

Hongfen Gao, Gaofeng Wei
Numerical manifold method is a numerical method that widely used in rock mass engineering, its core technology is finite cover of manifold analysis. The manifold element of the numerical manifold method is formed through the finite cover. In this paper the adaptive analysis method based on the manifold...
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The Design of the Security Supervision and Evaluation System of Construction Machines and Tools based on the Development of Microsoft Access

Jihan Zhang, Ming Jiang, Kai Liu, Fei Peng, Guangrui Tang
Aiming at the fulfilling the requirements of security supervision and evaluation of machines and tools in transmission and transformation projects, China Electric Power Research Institute(CEPRI) develops a set of high efficiency of supervision and evaluation system with Microsoft Access. This article...
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Research of Distribution Network Expansion Planning With Wind Power

Jiheng Jiang
The paper analyses the distribution network wind power access two modes: wind power accessory construction energy storage equipment, mainly in the wind power, and photo voltaic generation, supplemented by the scenery of the joint system reservoir. According to two modes respectively established the expected...
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Parameter Modeling for Single Screw Pump Based On CATIA Secondary Development Platform

Heng Fu, Yanhua Gu, Xiaoyu Wang, Xiu Fang Zhang
This article proposes parameter modeling for single screw pump and secondary development platform based on CATIA. First, we establish geometric parameter modeling of screw (rotor) and fixed bushing (stator) in CATIA. Then, a secondary development platform is developed by technology of VB and function...
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Microwave Absorption Performance of La0.9Y0.1MnO3 with Different Sintering Temperatures

Weihong Ma, Quanxi Cao, Zi Yang
La0.9Y0.1MnO3 powders have been synthesized at different temperatures by the traditional solid state method. The crystal structures have been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The electromagnetic parameters were measured by vector network analyzer (VNA) within the frequency range of 8.2-12.4GHz....
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Six degrees of freedom arc welding robot off-line programming based on MATLAB

Zimu Li, Xinyu Wang, Wenming Zhang
With the constant improvement of the level of industrial automation, robots are increasingly used in various fields of industrial production which is one of the most widely used welding robot. Today, however, people mainly adopt teaching methods to control the robot manually, it has some shortcomings,...
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Mud Cake Removing to Improve the Well Cementing Quality

Jianwei Zhang, Jian Wang, Qingming Meng, Xin Li, Baodong Zhu
This In order to improve the oil well cementing interface strength, the removing agent (JCJ) and cleaning agent (QXJ) were used from the perspective of clearing the mud cake on the borehole wall and wellbore casing. The factors influencing the effect of JCJ and QXJ were researched through metal plate...
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Synthesis and Properties of a Novel Coating Material with High Thermal Conductivity and Insulation for Busbar

Yueju Zhao, Runtao Dou, Guogang Wang, Dengxu Wang, Shengyu Feng
A novel coating material using polymethylvinyl silicone rubber as the base gum and aluminum nitride (AlN) as the thermal conductive filler was presented, and its mechanical property and thermal conductivity were measured. The results indicated that with increasing the content of AlN filled into the silicone...
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Plastics Pyrolysis and Two-stage Coliquefaction of Coal-plastic Mixtures

Kun Du, Yu Li, Minglei Lian
The two-stage co-processing of coal with medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) was investigated using ammonium tetrathiomolybdate (ATTM) as a catalyst. The first-stage plastic pyrolysis carried out at 420 °C, 6.0 MPa hydrogen pressure and HZSM-5 as catalyst. The second-stage coal and MDPE co-liquefaction...
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Developing of teaching experiment system for dynamically observing and measuring to cutting process

Yue Zhang, Lina Zuo, Li Han, Yu-Qiang Ma
A teaching experiment was developed to observing and measuring to cutting process, to improve the teaching performance of the “fundamentals of mechanical manufacturing technology” course. The experiment is carried out on a column milling machine tool; the cutting tool is fixed on the overarm; the board...
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Recycling assessment and Test validation of Constant velocity drive shaft for Santana Automobile

Xi Lu, Li Zuo
Using constant velocity universal drive shaft of Santana Automobile for different years as specimen,mechanical characteristics such as natural frequency and hardness were investigated.The results show that natural frequency of drive shaft decreases slightly with the increase of years.The maximum of decreased-percentage...
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A Weighted Multilevel Median Filtering Algorithm

Dehai Shen, Jian Hou, Xu E, Longchang Zhang
In order to remove the mixed noise in an image, proposed a weighted filtering algorithm. The algorithm divided a 3x3 filtering window into six horizontal and vertical sub-windows, found out every median pixel of pixels in every sub-window and the median of these median pixels, calculated the absolution...
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Use of membrane separation device for extraction of intracellular protein and DNA

Yu Shi, Xiujie Liu, Rongji Dai, Yulin Deng
In this paper, a membrane separation device is proposed and demonstrated to be able to lyse cells and extract intracellular protein and DNA. The device consists of cell pretreatment chamber, microfiltration unit, membrane separation unit, fluid reservoir unit and control units. The pretreatment method...
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The Design of Wireless Charging Device

Jian Chu, Liqing Geng, Huaijie Huang
In recent years, the wireless power transmission is a new transmission mode. The wireless charging theory of magnetic coupling resonant mode is researched. The wireless charging device based on MCU is designed which includes sending unit and receiving unit. The sending unit is consists of resonant circuit,...
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Study on Shrinkage Characteristics and the Law of Crack Propagation of Compacted Red Clay

Sheng Chen Kai, Lu Zhen
The red clay has high moisture content, high plasticity, high void ratio and other special engineering properties,especially when the subgrade surface dehydrates,it shrinks and cracks,caused the subgrade to have some diseases.Taking the subgrade filling from Liupanshui inner Expressway as the research...
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A Method for Rehabilitation of Hand Dysfunction by Cyber Glove

Hao Chen, Haining Ou, Hongxia Chen
This paper presents a new method of rehabilitation workstation for hand dysfunction. It has functions as follows: hand dysfunction diagnosis, assessment of disability, physical training. With the assistance of cyber gloves as well as hand strength training devices designed by the present authors, this...
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Products of cyclic fuzzy finite state machines

Feidan Huang, Zexi Deng
A cyclic fuzzy finite state machine is a fuzzy finite state machine which is generated by a state. In this paper, we study products of cyclic fuzzy finite state machine. We prove that two cyclic finite state machines are cyclic when the full direct product(or restricted direct product, or cascade product,...
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Infochemicals for the chromatographic separation technology

Haidi Li, Weiping Yin, Huaqing Liu, Yanjun Li
Chromatographic separation is the most frequently techniques used in research on the infochemicals and chemical analysis of natural products. In this paper, three secondary metabolites were isolated with fat-soluble substances from the black ants, Polyrhachisvicina Roger by normalphase high-performance...
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Study on the internal flow law of cross wedge rolling of aluminum alloy based on finite element analysis

Wen-Sheng Yuan, Tao Li, Zhong-Lei Wang, Zhao-Dong Li
the cross wedge rolling technology, as an effective method of shaft forming, has been paid more and more attention. With the development of the car's lightweight, aluminum alloy with its high quality performance, as a substitute for the best choice of structural steel. Steel of shaft parts by cross wedge...
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Experimental study on cross wedge rolling process of aluminum alloy material

Wen-Sheng Yuan, Lei Wang, Ting-Xiang Yuan
in this paper, the passenger car of the axis parts (materials - aluminum alloy 6061) for cross wedge rolling technology analysis, design calculation of the cross wedge rolling die. The process of cross wedge rolling was simulated by computer technology, and the parameters were optimized. Friction condition,...
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Electrodeposition Behaviors of Zn-Ni Alloy on Copper Foil with Carrier

Gengfeng Deng, Qinghua Zeng, Jueqi Huang
Zn-Ni alloy is a promising peeling layer of ultra-thin copper foil with carrier support due to its good binding properties with copper matrix. We present here our recent work on the electrodeposition behaviors of Zn-Ni alloy peeling layer on ultra-thin copper foil with carrier support by cyclic voltammetry...
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A Design Study on the Torsion Vibration of the Vehicle Powertraint

Tieshan Zhang, Mingsong Li
Take a vehicle mounted DMF(dual mass flywheel) drive system as an example, Inherent characteristics and response characteristics of automotive transmission system is calculated by the simulation software. The results show that reduce the stiffness K8 between DMF second quality and transmission gearbox...
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Effect and Impact on Performance of Concrete of Migration Type Rust Inhibitor

Zhiqing Li, Xiaodong Hu, Min Zhu, Xing Yang, Songgan Wen
The purpose of this paper was to obtain a more in-depth understanding of the influence of migration type rust inhibitor on rust-inhibiting and the performance of concrete.Ten concents of migration type rust inhibitor BE were choosen, the relationship between content of BE with electrochemical impedance...
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Friction and wear behavior of electro-deposition Ni-cBN composite coatings

Xin Gao, Ying Liu, Xiuchen Zhao, Chenyi Dai
In this paper, Ni-cubic boron nitride (cBN) composite coating with different volume fractions (from 0.3 to 8.5 vol.% ) of cBN particle was successfully prepared by electro-deposition method on titanium alloy substrates. The effect of volume fraction of cBN particles and applied load on the friction and...
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Simulation Analysis of Laser Shock Forming for TA2 Titanium Sheet Based on ABAQUS

Xianfeng Tan, Baohua Xie
The influence of the different laser faculae model and optical field distribution with spatial frequency components on laser shock forming for TA2 titanium sheet metal was done by the binary optical beam shaper and the finite element software ABAQUS, and the dynamic response and forming rule of the deformation...
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The Preconditioner of GPHSS Method for Saddle Point Systems

Shiheng Wang, Ke Wang
Pan and Wang presented a generalized preconditioned Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting (GPHSS) method [J. Numer. Methods Comput. Appl., 32., 174-182, 2011] for saddle point problems. The method is improved to solve saddle point systems whose (1,1) block is a symmetric positive definite M-matrix with...
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Study on the Influence of Seat Adjustment on Occupant Head Injury Based on MADYMO

Shucai Xu, Binbing Huang, Jingyao Hu, Jinhuan Zhang
Occupant head protection is very important in frontal impact. In this paper, a restraint system model was built with Hybrid 50% dummy in MADYMO, and then the parameters of belt and airbag were adjusted to consummate the model. Then the effects of different seat longitudinal position and seatback angle...
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Effects of a Forward Displaced Position on Driver Injury Levels in Frontal Crashes

Xiao Luo, Wenjing Du, Shucai Xu, Jie Yang, Jinhuan Zhang
To verify that a forward displaced position has effects on the driver injury levels in front-end collisions and estimate the injury levels in real accidents under this situation, a series of sled tests were conducted with dummy in different forward displaced positions. Injury response values of different...
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Research on modeling method for small agriculture machine based on the ontology

Yun Luan, Wei Liu, Xiaoting Hou, Guozhong Cao
Aiming at the development request of miniature farm machinery in our country, to improve the efficiency of the concept of small agricultural machinery design, put forward a kind of small agricultural machinery modeling method based on ontology, the modeling method and form a complete set of symbol system...
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A Novel Spirocyclic Halogen-Free Flame Retardant: Synthesis and Flammability Characteristics in Epoxy Resin Composites

Hongcheng Li, Jiping Liu, Jiayi Zhao
A novel spirocyclic halogen-free ame retardant ISCP was successfully synthesized, and its structure was confirmed by FTIR, 1H NMR, and 31P NMR. Results of LOI, UL-94, and CONE tests demonstrated that the ISCP effectively enhanced flame retardancy of EP composites, which could improve the LOI value from...
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Research on the Preparation Process of New Animal Glue Binder Used in Foundry

Wei-Hua Liu, Tianshu Wang, Ying-Min Li, Wen-Hui Huo
A new sand binder system cured by heat is prepared by alkaline decomposition and modification on animal glue binder. To improve some shortages of animal glue such as agglomeration at normal temperature and a low efficiency, an alkaline decomposition process is selected firstly. With the addition of modifiers,...
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Information-Based Intelligent Traffic Platform Design for City Parking Space Management

Xin Zhang
With the development of wireless communication and Internet technologies, it is possible to see every parking stall as an information source. The Internet of Things technology can then facilitate the realization of automatic charging of static traffic (on-road parking) and real-time monitoring of parking...
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The Construction and Optimization of Purifying Performance Evaluation System of Non-woven Filter Materials

Minghu An, Bao Shi, Guang Yang, Wei Zhang
According to Chinese National Standards (GB/T14295-2008,GB/T6165-2008), European standard(EN779:2012) and American standards(ASHRAE52.1-1992, ASHRAE52.2-2007),a testing device of filter materials’ performance was set up. Using the filtration efficiency and resistance of acupuncture, meltblown and electret...
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Synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers and its application for the electrochemical detection of dopamine

Chunyan Wang, Xiaoqiu Liu, Xiao Wang
Nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers (NCNFs) was synthesized by simple electrospinning, followed by the thermal treatment using urea as nitrogen source. The morphology and microstructure of CNFs were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The results...
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Application of ANSYS APDL in the Design of Piezoelectric Transducer

Fuxu Li, Guangji Li
Piezoelectric transducer is more and more widely used, how to obtain its resonant frequency and vibration mode according to the material parameters is the main problem to solve in the design process. Due to the coupling in working process, the vibration theory of the traditional plate has been unable...
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Properties of heat-sealing BOPP film: effect of coating thickness and random copolymer content

Jie Du, Feng Yu, Shun Meng, Hongcun Huang
Nowadays heat-sealing biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films are widely used as packages because of its size-stability and nontoxicity. However, the heat sealing strength is relatively low, which makes BOPP films not satisfy the increasing performance as the modern packagings. Therefore, an effective...
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Study on the dispersion degree of chopped carbon fibers dispersed in fluid medium by microscopic analysis

Xuanyu Wang, Zhilong Liu
In order to study the dispersion effect of chopped carbon fibers in fluid medium, an experiment was designed to disperse carbon fibers by explosion in the air while another was by ultrasonic waves in mixed solvent of ethanol and acetone. A characterizing method has been set up based on the number of...
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Neighborhood Communication Design in the Smart City

Ping Su, Xiaoxin He
Neighborhood communication is concerned not only by socialist, but also by architects and planners. In the smart city trend, digital technology has changed the way of our living; it can bring some new opportunity to solve the problem in neighborhood communication of the industrial age. Base on the analysis...