Proceedings of the International Conference On Applied Science and Technology 2019 - Social Sciences Track (iCASTSS 2019)

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Developing Rural Community Economies Through Village-Owned Enterprises in the Province of Bali

Putu Adi Suprapto, Ni Luh Ayu Kartika Yuniastari Sarja, I Nengah Suastika, Baifern Wongbuangam
The stipulation of Law No. 6 of 2014 concerning Villages gave birth to a new enthusiasm for rural communities to develop the economy. In the provision of Article 87 paragraph (1), a village may establish a village-owned enterprise called a BUMDesa. Establishment and development of BUMDesa based on village...
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Factors Influencing Tax Payer Compliance to Fulfill the Obligation to Pay Tax in Samarinda Municipality

Ahyar Muhammad Diah, Hasiara La Ode
The aims of the research are to find out and test the effectiveness of tax collection on taxpayer compliance; to know and test the knowledge of taxpayer on taxpayer compliance; to know and test the justice of tax payment regulation on taxpayer compliance; to know and test the taxpayer's comprehension...
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Enhancing Students' Engagement in TBLT: The Implementation of Mind Mapping

Raka Sitawati, Dyah Hudiananingsih, Rai Jaya Widanta, Dana Ardika, Ketut Suciani, Paulus Subiyanto
Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) has been found effective to improve students' comprehension on language and communication skill. This study aimed at investigating whether (or not) mind mapping, as a part of learning technics, was potential to increase students' engagement in learning English in English...
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The Students' Perception of Computer-Based TOEIC (CBT) in Bali State Polytechnic

Ardana Putra, Dana Ardika, Nyoman Yuliantini, Cahya Dewi, Rai Widanta, Ketut Suciani
This research aimed to investigate the used of Computer-Based TOEIC by the students of bussiness administration, Bali State Polytechnic. The research method was descriptive qualitative method which emphasized on the objective measurement of the collected data. The data were collected through questionnaire...
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Effectiveness of Content-Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Toward Students' English Competence

Made Sumartana, Wayan Sadiyani, Rai Jaya Widanta, Dana Ardika, Raka Sitawati, Ketut Suciani
This research was aimed at investigating effectiveness of CLIL to improve students' English for Mechanical Engineering (EME) competence. EME is designed for mechanical engineering students who learn English as a supporting subject. Two groups of semester two Mechanical Engineering student who had same...
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Effectiveness of Project-Based Learning (PjBL)

Dyah Hudiananingsih, Raka Sitawati, Made Rai Jaya Widanta, Dana Ardika, Sentanu Gede, Wayan Sadiyani
This research was aimed at investigating effectiveness of project-based learning toward students' achievement. Two groups of student majoring in accounting were involved in the research. The groups of students who had same English level of ability according to their English lecturer were given a three-session...
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Politeness Maxims by the Students of Mechanical Engineering State Polytechnic of Bali

Wayan Sadiyani, Ketut Sadia, Cahya Dewi, Rai Widanta, Dana Ardika, Nyoman Yuliantini
This research aims at analyzing the application and the violation of politeness maxims by the students' utterances of Mechanical Engineering Bali State Polytechnic whether the students are polite or not and at identifying which utterances are consider polite and which ones are not based on the six maxim...
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Policy Model in Increasing Tourist Visits in Alas Kedaton Tourism Object

I Putu Budiarta, I Dewa Gede Ari Pemayun
The purpose of this study is to find out the policy model for increasing tourist arrivals at Alas Kedaton attractions. This research was conducted using qualitative descriptive methods. This research reveals that the development policy and development of Alas Kedaton tourism objects are directed to:...
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How Learning Center (LC) Affects Students' TOEFL Score

Dana Ardika, Nyoman Rajin Aryana, Nyoman Yuliantini, Cahya Dewi, Rai Widanta, Dewi Paramitha
This research aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Learning Center (LC) to improve students's TOEFL score. Learning Center was designed as a site where students were able to learn TOEFL by computer-based. The research participant involved six classes in each departement, State Polytechnic of Bali....
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Character Education Based-on Local Wisdom in Excellent Service Course

Eva Mirza Syafitri, Febrina Indrasari, Netty Lisdiantini, Hifzhan Frima Thousani, Ridho Muarief, Agustinus Doedyk Setiawan
The purposes of excellent service courses are to be able to create superior human resources in the field of service and to achieve them requires a learning process that is able to instill excellent service attitude into oneself or student character is not only limited to knowledge transfer but also the...
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Financial Independence of the South Sumatra Regional Government

Rita Martini, Kartika Rachma Sari, Tri Somadi, I Wayan Karman
Research to prove the influence of regional wealth, natural resources revenue funds and general allocation fund to regional financial independence was carried out on the districts/cities in South Sumatra Province. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to analysis data from the Budget Realization...
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A Case Study: Factors Contributing to Anxiety Possessed by Bunga in Maritime English Learning at Maritime Major, Politeknik Negeri Samarinda

Maulita Mursandi, Puji Astuti Amalia, Minarni Adham, Sektalonir Bhakti
From the pre observation it was found that there was a learner, Bunga, who was very unusual. She was shaking and speaking inaudibly when she sat in English classroom. Pre investigation has been done before this study was conducted. In the pre investigation the researchers gave foreign language classroom...
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Promotion Strategy to Embed Brand-Positioning for the Applied Masters of Tourism Business Planning

I Gusti Ngurah Sanjaya, I Made Widiantara, I Ketut Yasa, I Wayan Wirga, Ida Bagus Sanjaya, Ni Ketut Lasmini
Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) in 2019, based on the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, decree number 1246/KPT/I/2018, has received permission for a new Study Program at Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) namely the Applied Master Program in Tourism Business Planning under the Department...
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The Effect of Metacognitive Learning Strategies on Heuristic Ability in Mathematical Reasoning and Self Efficacy Reviewed from Students' Initial Mathematical Abilities

Indah Riezky Pratiwi, Parulian Silalahi
The use of Metacognitive Learning Strategies to help students understanding the way of learning, is an important thing that teachers need to pay attention to. This Research aims to examine differences between the Mathematical Heuristic Reasoning Ability and Mathematical Self Efficacy students who obtain...
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Business Plan of Abon Cakalang "Bless" in North Minahasa Regency

Ovni Taroreh, Nancy Mandey
The title in writing this business plan is "Business Plan of Abon Cakalang "Bless" in North Minahasa Regency". Business plan of abon cakalang "Bless" is said to be feasible to run because it is supported by marketing aspects, organizational and management aspects, production aspects, and financial aspects....
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Motivation and Self-Efficacy of Travel and Tourism Business Study Program Using English to Support the Graduate Competence

Anak Agung Ayu Ngurah Harmini, Gede Ginaya, Cokorda Istri Sri Widhari, I Dewa Gede Ari Pemayun
Tourism Department, State Polytechnic of Bali has carried out a curriculum review on the three study programs in 2007, two years up to when this study is performed. Travel and Tourism Study Program is one of the study program that its curriculum was reviewed. As a result, the study program management...
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The Effect of Audit Quality on Tax Avoidance

Nanik Lestari, Sucitra Nedya
This research aims to examine the effects of audit quality on tax avoidance of manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) period 2012-2017. Audit quality is proxied by auditor size, audit fee, and audit tenure. Tax avoidance measured by Current ETR. This research uses secondary...
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Manpower Optimisation Needs with Workload Approach Using NASA-TLX Method on Ship Reparation

Nurul Noviandani, Arie Indartono, Fitri Hardiyanti
One of many things that could help the company to achieve their goals is a good human resource planning. The right calculation to optimize the manpower needs can make a company be more effective, efficient, and productive in finishing their works. In contrast, to increase productivity, the workload would...
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Development of Green Accounting Model for Hospitality Industry in Badung District

Ayu Dwi Yulianthi, Putu Wiwiek Ary Susyarini, Luh Linna Sagitarini
Environmental issues are no longer a new issue. At present, almost in all countries are starting to pay great attention to the issue of environmental damage, for example the problem of global warming. All parties begin to contribute ideas related to saving the environment. One of them is environmental...
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The Effect of Voluntary Disclosure on Firm Performance

Aprillia Krisdayanti, Seto Sulaksoso Adi Wibowo
Companies faced with the challenges to be more transparent in disclosing information company, so as to help make decisions in anticipation of an increasingly changing conditions. The annual report is basically a source of information for investors as one of the tools considered in the decision to invest...
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Online Promotion Policy Model of Tourists Visiting Pinge Tourism Village, Tabanan, Bali

I Gusti Agung Bagus Mataram, Ni Wayan Wahyu Astuti, Ida Ayu Kade Werdika Damayanti, Nyoman Indah Kusuma Dewi
One of the tourism villages in Bali which is classified as successful and often as a reference for the development of other tourism villages is Pinge tourism village (which will later be called Pinge only). As a village, Pinge has culture, both traditional, artistic, culinary and natural life. To support...
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Analysis of Internal Quality Audit to Improve the Implementation of The Higher Education Internal Quality Assurance System at The Manado State Polytechnic

Selfy Manueke, Mieske Wisye Manopo
High quality and competitive education has become a national and international concern. Therefore, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education is targeting the implementation of an effective Higher Education Quality Assurance System in order to guarantee the quality of higher education...
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Competitiveness Enhancement and MSME Performance Through Development of Internal, External, and Entreprenual Skills in Bali Province

I Komang Mahayana Putra, I Ketut Pasek, I Wayan Sukarta
The focus of this research is how to improve the performance and competitiveness of MSMEs. Theoretically the problem of performance and competitiveness of MSMEs must examine several factors that were suspected as the cause, including internal factors such as strengths and weaknesses, external factors...
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An Analysis of Influence of Interest Rates, Rupiah Exchange Rates, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Inflation, and Indonesia Composite Index (ICI) on the Performance of Mutual Funds Using Panel Data Methods

Siti Samsiyah Purwaningsih
This study investigates the influence of interest rates, Rupiah exchange rates towards the US Dollar, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), inflation, Indonesia Composite Index (ICI) towards the performance of equity mutual fund. Based on the results of previous studies conducted by Purwaningsih, et al. in 2015-2016,...
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The Tukad Bindu Tourism Pricing Model as One of the Digital Destinations in Bali

Ni Luh Eka Armoni, I Ketut Suja, Ni Ketut Bagiastuti
Tukad Bindu is one of the digital tourist destinations in Bali. Digital destination is a tourism product that is creative and packaged in a modern way using digital technology, to facilitate tourists in making a seamless customer experience in searching (looking for), ordering (book), and paying (paying)...
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An Importance-Performance Analysis of Bali State Polytechnic's Green Tourism Program

Kadek Dwi Cahaya Putra, Cokorda Gede Putra Yudistira, Ida Bagus Artha Adnyana, I Komang Mahayana Putra
Understanding stakeholders’ perception on organization social responsibility initiative is very important for the success of the initiative itself. Green Tourism is Bali State Polytechnic (BSP)’s special program to show its social responsibility commitment. In order to succeed, the Green Tourism program...
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The Determinant of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosures: Evidence from Mining Company in Indonesia

Hendra Sanjaya Kusno, Dahyang Ika Leni Wijayani, Sisca Santika
This research is to make an empirical evidence of firm size, ownership structure and board of commissioners on corporate social responsibility disclosure. The data were collected from 16 mining companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange). The technique's used in this research are multiple regression...
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Satisfaction of the Stakeholders as Users of Graduates of Bali State Polytechnic

Anak Agung Ayu Mirah Kencanawati, Ni Wayan Sukartini, Lily Marheni
Generally, the aim of this study was to analyze the quality of satisfaction of the stakeholders as employers of the International Business Management Study Program, Department of Business Administration, Bali State Polytechnic. Specifically, the purpose of the study was to analyze stakeholders’ satisfaction,...
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Economic Order Quantity Method Approach in Raw Material Inventory Control for a Small Medium Enterprise

Andi Erna Mulyana, Iin Zuliana
This study aims to determine whether the EOQ method can be applied and used in controlling raw material inventories in a small and medium enterprise using the EOQ method. In this study, a case of raw material inventory control in Ananda Bakery is used. Observation, documentation and interview techniques...
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The Interactive Whiteboard Promethean Attracts the Interest to Study of Millennial Accounting Students

Danar Irianto, Pradipta Eva Trudiyanti, Yunestia, Kurnia Wulan Widaningsih
Entering the era of 4.0 requires all educational institutions to be ready to face the digital world. The digitization system requires mental preparation and media to be used in education. Higher education institutions such as Batam State Polytechnic has digitalized learning media, the 'Promethean' interactive...
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The Strategy to Increase Competitiveness of Wood Craft Products in Ubud District, Gianyar Regency Bali

Ni Made Rai Sukmawati, Ni Made Sudarmini, Ni Kadek Muliati
In general, the purpose of this study is to formulate a strategy to improve the competitiveness of wood craft products in Gianyar. Data were collected using interviews, observations, questionnaires, and documentation. Then the data obtained were analysed using: IFE matrix, EFE matrix, IE matrix and SWOT...
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Developing of Superior Tourism Products for Sustainable Competitive Advantage at Kenderan Rural Tourism in Bali

Ni Made Sudarmini, Ni Made Rai Sukmawati, I Nyoman Meirejeki
This study aims to identify tourism products and develop them into superior tourism products to create a competitive advantage that is sustainable. The study was conducted by observing, and to the and in-depth interviews with village leaders related to the products that were the object of this study....
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Strategies to Improve the Quality of Academic Service at Bali State Polytechnic Based on Student Satisfaction Inventory

I Wayan Siwantara, Ni Wayan Sumetri
The objectives of this study were: (1) to determine the level of the quality of academic service in Bali State Polytechnic based on Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI), (2) to formulate a strategy in order to improve the quality of academic services in Bali State Polytechnic (BSP) based on SSI. The...
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The Sustainable Rural Tourism Asset Development Process Based on Natural and Cultural Conservation

Aceng Gima Sugiama
Sustainable rural tourism as one of the ways to improve economic condition particularly for the local community. This study aims to analyze the rural tourism development process in two rural tourism areas, which have different natural and cultural backgrounds, but both can develop and survive as sustainable...
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Gender Equality of Tourism Graduates in Tourism Industry

Dewa Made Suria Antara, Ni Gusti Nyoman Suci Murni, Ni Nyoman Triyuni, Made Ruki, Naruemon Phuaphaiboon
This study aims to examine the participation of women workers, especially in tourism industry related to industrial revolution 4.0, in order to identify whether they have gender inequality. Qualitative research was carried out with a total of 56 respondents who were women graduates of the Tourism Department,...
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Model of Community Participation in Environmental Conservation to Support Sustainable Tourism

Ni Gusti Nyoman Suci Murni, Made Ruki, Dewa Made Suria Antara
Sustainable tourism has always been a reference in the development of tourism all around the world, awareness of tourism industry players, local community and tourists, in supporting tourism development more aggressively heard as a discourse to improve community welfare. This study used cultural studies...
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A Movie Analysis With Context Defense Studies, Case Study of “Merah Putih Memanggil”

Deddy Stevano H Tobing
This study discusses the movie "Merah Putih Memanggil". The movie was screened on the cinema on the anniversary of the Indonesian National Army and played on a television screen to coincide with the Birthday of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia. This study uses qualitative methods to analyze...
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Explicating Human Capital Contribution for SMEs Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Cokorda Gede Putra Yudistira, Wayan Edi Arsawan, I Wayan Wirga, I Ketut Santra, Ida Bagus Sanjaya, Ni Made Kariati
Researchers debating about the role of human capital in order to increasing financial performance, sustainability and competitiveness. This study aims to examine the role of human capital in improving financial performance and competitive advantage. This study used a quantitative design through the distribution...
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Marketing Strategy of Marine Tourism in the Village of Serangan Denpasar

I Ketut Suarta, I Putu Budiarta
The development of marine tourism is based on the Community Based Tourism (CBT) concept and the local wisdom of Tri Hita Karana could provide maximum benefits to ecology, socio-cultural continuity and economic improvement. Marine tourism utilizes coastal areas with all its potential biological resources,...
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The Effect of Transformational Leadership on Employee Individual Creativity

Yulinda Tarigan, Pingkan Anandita Fawwaz, Morgan Kindler, Zainal Abidin Tarigan Silangit, Mia Syafrina
This study aims to analyze the effect of transformational leadership style on employee creativity. This study used primary data in the form of questionnaires distributed to manufacturing companies, supervisors, HRD, and administration at PT. Schneider, PT. Shimano, and PT. Infineon. This study used a...
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Visitors' Preferred Wellness Activities:The Implication of Push and Pull Factor Theory

I Gusti Made Wendri, Ni Kadek Muliati
Nowadays, spa with its wellness program is becoming ever more trendy among spa goers who want to promote their health while having vacation outside their own countries. While relaxation, pampering and escape are central in the visitors' pursuit, the destination should necessarily be capable of responding...
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Implementation of Green Tourism Concept on Glamping Tourism in Bali

I Made Budiasa, I Ketut Suparta, I Wayan Nurjaya
One of the currently trends in the world of tourism is Glamping. Glamping or glamourous / luxurious camping are camping activities that do not neglect comfort and luxury. This study is aimed to identify implementation of the green tourism concept in glamping sites in Bali. The approach used is qualitative...
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The Role of Self-Efficacy Mediating the Effect of Goal Orientation and Task Complexity on Judgment Audit Performance

Ida Bagus Anom Yasa, I Ketut Sukayasa, Ni Made Wirasyanti Dwi Pratiwi
This study aims to analyze the effect of goal orientation variables consisting of learning goal orientation (LGO), performance approach goal orientation (PAPGO), and performance avoidance goal orientation (PAVGO), and task complexity variable (TC), on performance judgment audit (JAP ), and the role of...
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Strategies to Grow the Technopreneurship in Polytechnic Student

Ganjar Ndaru Ikhtiagung, Galih Mustiko Aji
This research explains that to increase entrepreneurship interest in technological fields to students in science can be influenced by several factors, it will increase student interest in entrepreneurship. Besides, with good academic management in Polytechnic, it will improve students' self effectiveness...
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Increasing Purchase Decisions on Palm Oil Seeds Through Marketing Mix and Trust

Wahyu Rafdinal, Fatya Alty Amalia
This study aims to examine the impact of trust and marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) on the firms' purchase decisions of palm oil seeds. To meet such aim, we carried out a purposive sampling to obtain the respondents of palm oil firm in West Sumatera. After 82 respondents obtained,...
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Analysis of SP Students Using AHP-Apriori Combination

Yeni Rokhayati, Uswatun Hasanah Binti Rusdi, Dwi Ely Kurniawan, Nur Zahrati Janah, Sudra Irawan
Unauthorized absences in lectures causes students to get a warning letter (SP). The SP issued in each semester is numerous. It increases the work of related parties to deal with compensation issues. Thus, the factors that cause students to be absent without permission are interesting material to...
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Implementation of Value Chain Model as a Tool to Measure International Competitiveness of Bali State Polytechnic

Luh Mei Wahyuni, I Putu Mertha Astawa
Free economic transactions make competition between universities increasingly sharp. It's encouraging the development of institutions to have international competitiveness. The purpose of this study is to analyze the performance achievements of the vision towards BSP international competitiveness in...
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Analysing GORE on BPMS Development

Ade Hodijah
Business processes Management (BPM) is one that supports an organization having a competitive advantage. Effectively managing the business processes is more workable than developing a new information system. This research explored the application of Goals Oriented Requirements Engineering (GORE) on BPM...
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Development of Potential-Based Tourism Models in Pelaga Village Tourism Village, Petang District, Badung Regency

I Ketut Suarja, I Nyoman Mei Rejeki, Nyoman Indah Kusuma Dewi
The concept of tourism village has been enforced by the provincial government in Bali. The main purpose is that tourism can be enjoyed by the community not only by a few tourism actors. This study attempts to; (1) know the potential and priorities of superior potentials that can be developed; (2) find...
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Determinant of Applying Online Travel Agent as Marketing Media in Star Hotels at Sanur

I Gusti Ketut Gede, Luh Putu Inten Rumini, Kadek Eni Marhaeni
Sanur as one of the tourist destinations in Denpasar has hotel tourist facilities, both star and non-star hotels. The number of star hotels in Denpasar City is 34 and 73.5 percent are located in Sanur. Hotel managers in this region need to carry out promotional activities to win the competition, one...