Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Conference on Education and Development (ICED 2018)

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Construction of Education Mode of the Academy System Based on Outstanding Talents Cultivation

Jian-Bin Zhang, Ying-Jie Zhang
Based on the practical demand of developing outstanding talents, this article proposes a new mode of cultivating outstanding talents by using the modern university academy system as a platform, namely, the Outstanding Academy System. The implementation of this system will collect excellent students,...
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Campus Culture Construction in Transition of Application-oriented Undergraduate Education

Min Zhang, Jian-Guo Luo
Campus culture construction is an important content in transition of application-oriented undergraduate education. In this paper, the connotation of campus culture construction is defined and the significance is discussed. Lacking of attention and professional characteristics are widespread problems....
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Research on the Connotation and Forming Factors of University Running Characteristics

Xing-Hua Lu, Zhi-Xin Ma
This paper analyzes the necessity of establishing the university running characteristics, expounds the concept and connotation of the university running characteristics, and studies five forms of expression of the university running characteristics. Lastly, this paper puts forward the basic law and the...
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Types and Forms of Evaluation at Primary School from the Viewpoint of Teachers

Martin Skutil, Iveta Lichtenbergová, Eliška Říhová
In the context of overall changes in education and the search for new ways of working, there are also changes in the area of evaluation. It is manifested in the tendency for a comprehensive evaluation of a pupil, the tendency to draw a pupil into evaluation processes, the tendency to abolish the classification...
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Evaluation as One of the Key Aspects of Primary School Education

Martin Skutil
School evaluation is an important part of quality education. In essence, evaluation is a feedback for the evaluated individual on the quality of their performance, results and efficiency of their performed work, but it also contributes to the development of the personality of the pupil and their self-evaluation...
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Inappropriate Reviewer Assignment that Causes Education Inequality in Peer Assessment

Yan-Qing Wang, Chong Wang, Ying Gao, Fu-Quan Sun
The equality of educational opportunity might have been concerned since the first school opened. Any extra care or consideration for low-competency students is welcome and heartwarming. Peer assessment, offline or online, is becoming a very successful learning vehicle beyond a quality assurance approach....
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The Food Safety Regulations Infiltrate the Thinking and Practice of the Cold Food Teaching in the Course of Health and Diet Therapy

Yun-Sheng Jiang, Yu-Chen Han, Zi-Bin Shi, Qin-Yi Zhou
Starting with the ‘People's Republic of China Food Safety Law’ that was issued and implemented in 2009, combining the actual situation of the ‘Cooking Practice’ curriculum in the ‘Health and Diet Therapy’ course, we analyzed the latent food safety risks in the processing and operation of various types...
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Innovation Training Combined Thesis: A New Model of Practical Teaching Method for Improving Innovation Ability of College Students Majored in Environmental Engineering

Shi-Jie Song, Wen-Jie Nie, Hua-Dong Du
Taking Xi’an University of Science and Technology (XUST) as example, basis of analyzing deeply the issues of practical teaching for cultivating the innovation ability of college students majored in environmental engineering, a new practical teaching method is presented from the view of combining closely...
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Coincidence of Marx and the Traditional Culture in Development Thoughts of Human Beings and Its Contemporary Values

Zhao Sun
The related research on the development thoughts of human beings has played an important role in people’s development and social development, and the academic circle has always given high attention to Development Thoughts of Human Beings, therefore, it is extremely important to carry out the corresponding...
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Educating Users on the Key Factors that Contribute to the Usefulness of Financial Statement Analysis

Heng-Jie Xu, Hengjie Xu
Financial statement for decades has been the key source of information for decision makings by several stakeholders. This study seeks to educate users on the key factors that contribute to the sustainable assessment of financial statement. In recent years, many giants companies have collapsed due to...
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The Value Orientation and Ultimate Goal of Education

Ai-Qun Yu, Jia-Qi Wu, Ding-Xiang Liu
The theme of educational philosophy has not changed. Education can never forget and neglect the existence of human life. Because of its unique, rich and diverse human life, education has become fascinating, entertaining, and difficult, and there is no end to any exploration of education. All life can’t...
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Evaluation System and Its Empirical Analysis of Students' Practical Ability for Application-oriented University

Xin-Zhong Bao, Kun Xu, Rui Ma, Nan Zhang
There are many literatures on college students' practical ability, but the relevant empirical research methods are very few. From the views of the basic practical ability, professional practical ability and innovative practice ability, a practical ability evaluation system is established for students...
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Questionnaire and Analysis of Microwave Technology Course for College Students

Cheng-Guang Sun
Study of teaching effect for microwave technology course is developed in this paper. To receive the learning attitude of this course, a questionnaire is designed and tested for college students major in electronic information science and technology. According to answers of the questionnaire, corresponding...
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Inheriting Sixty Years of Essence in Adult Education and Forging the New Ecology of ICT Online Education——Exploration of Continuing Education Reform and Development in School of Online Education at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)

Han-Xu Sun, Li-Min Deng, Chang-Rui Qu, Ai-Yang Zhang
China’s distance education has gone through 20 years since it was founded. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has stepped into a new era. The principal contradiction facing Chinese society have been transformed into the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced and inadequate development....
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The Relationship between Academic Procrastination and Future-Orientation: an Investigation among a Mid-sized International School in China

Yi-Ran Shi
As one proceeds through school, the responsibility of controlling his or her academic behavior shift significantly from teachers and parent-centered to self-centered. Study and programs were established to help college students ease this process (example studies need to be cited here). However, often...
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Thoughts on the Mode of Training Graduate Students of Part-time Professional Degrees

Qing-Xiu Peng, Li Ding
Coordinating the development of full-time and part-time postgraduate education, standardizing the management of part-time postgraduate education. In September 2016, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Coordinating Full-time and Part-time Postgraduate Management" (Teaching...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Professional Practical Link in the Cultivation of Full-Time Postgraduate with Professional Degree

Qing-Xiu Peng, Lu Zhang
For full-time postgraduate with professional degree who possess no work experience, the well implementation of professional practice is realization of important link in term of full-time graduate with professional degree cultivation. This paper discourse and analysis from three perspectives, such as...
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“One Belt and One Road” Strategy and the Economic Development Study under the New Normal in China

Le-Zhou Lyu
One Belt and One Road is new opening strategy to promote sustainable economic development under the new normal in China. It embodies the Chinese wisdom of top-level design of "promoting reform through opening up, promoting development through reform and promoting transformation through development"....
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Teaching Design of Network Course Based on Blended Learning Theory-- Taking Foreign Architectural History as an Example

Bo Zhou, Jia-Hao Liu, Yi-Ge Xiao, Wen-Hua Jiang
Based on the present situation of network courses in Colleges and universities and the teaching achievements of the "history of foreign architecture", this paper mainly discusses the teaching design of "foreign architecture history" from the angle of mixed teaching theory, and further ponders and sums...
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Chinese Colleges Information Disclosure Reality and Future

Xiu-Mei Qi
Information disclosure has spread from government to the field of higher education and attracted more and more public attention in China. Universities which engage in comprehensive education, researches, and awards of academic degrees, have a special characteristic different from government agency, that...
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Application of Digital Watermarking Technology on Copyright Protection of Library Digital Resources

Feng-Mei Wu
In recent years, with the development of Digital Library and network technology, the reproduction of digital Resources of books and materials, such as the use of communication network, has become more and more popular. The copyright protection of digital library has also been paid more and more attention...
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Application-Oriented Professional Curriculum Framework Model Based on Big Data Technology

Allam Maalla, Xiao-Ling Wu
This paper focuses on the scientific design of the "application-oriented talent training curriculum framework", the construction of data science and engineering major in Guangzhou college of commerce, and the use of big data technology to achieve curriculum design as an example to provide reference for...
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Research on the Innovation of Scientific Research Organization Mode in Chinese Universities

Mao-Bing He, Li-Na Xuan
Since the concept of collaborative innovation was put forward, China's colleges and universities have continuously broken through internal and external mechanisms and barriers, vigorously promoted the deep integration of internal and external universities, and solved the problems of resource dispersion,...
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Research on Framework Model of Applied Professional Courses in Colleges and Universities based on Big Data

Guang-Yu Wu, Allam Maalla, Xiao-Ling Wu
This paper focuses on how to design the professional talent training curriculum framework" more scientific based on big data technology, and leverage big data technology to analyze large-scale online recruitment information and conduct curriculum design and practice. Provide reference ideas for the design...
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The Practice Teaching System of Big Data Talent Training in Universities

Allam Maalla, Shu-Qing Lin
This paper goal is to build a practical teaching system for financial big data talent training in business colleges, accelerate the training of qualified and excellent financial big data engineering talents, meet the talent needs of the industry, and expand the professional reputation of the colleges....
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Research on the Fusion of AR Technology in Home Space Design

Wen-Bo Zhao
AR technology is an advanced home automation system, which saves energy and time of design. How to reasonably use AR technology to solve the problems of long design cycle and high investment in the current home design industry, and focus on improving the quality of home space design from the perspective...
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The Teaching Evaluation as a Means of Control over the Java Training Process

Xu-Fu Peng, Xiao-Wan Zhu, Hui Yan
Concerning the problems in the task-driven and project-driven teaching methods, the teaching evaluation is introduced in our paper to perfect the control over the teaching process. Before the class starts, the pre-class tests and learning contracts are additionally performed to better plan the students...
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Improving the Soft Power of Chinese Culture and Enhancing the Countermeasures of Cultural Confidence

Tong-Bo Zhang, Liu Liu
The promotion of soft power of Chinese culture is crucial for the comprehensive development of a country. With the deepening degree of the globalization, our country has made certain achievement in the promotion of cultural soft power since the reform and opening up. However, there are still many shortcomings...
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Comparative Research on Family Moral Education between China and America

Liu Liu, Tong-Bo Zhang
In recent years, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party’ s Central Committee, the topic of family education has been mentioned by comrade Xi Jinping in many speeches. As one of the important parts of education, family education plays a vital role in ideological work. Moral education is the...
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Teaching Innovation and Practice of "Basic Engineering Course Design for Rail Vehicle Engineering" Based on Project Driven

Kang Wang, Cun-Yuan Qian
With the rapid development of high-speed railway and urban rail transit industry in China, the demands for complex knowledge of disciplinary expertise and internationalized personnel in rail transit equipment are becoming stronger and stronger. Therefore, in accordance with the teaching requirement of...
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The Practice of English Reading Teaching in Junior Middle School based on Basic Education Reform

Ping Shi, Wei Wang
The reform of basic English education has constantly infiltrated into the aspects of teaching, and English reading teaching is no exception. As an important component of the English Curriculum of basic education, teaching requires students to master some basic knowledge of English both written and oral...
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A New Definition of Religious Ritual

Qing Lan
In social science, ritual is a concept often used, especially in religion study. But we have not a successful definition of ritual yet. This means we can not distinguish it from normal behavior. Many anthropologists have endeavored to define ritual, while they all failed because they lacked an adequate...
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Predicaments of “Rite of Passage”

Qing Lan
“Rite of passage” is a core concept in the ritual or religion research. From premier use in 1909 to nowadays, the “rite of passage” has not a clear definition yet. After analyzing the usages in van Gennep’s famous book, and Turner’s developments in 1960s, we have not found an exclusive meaning. We argue...
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Measurement and Importance Identification of Regional Systemic Risk in China

Pei-Nan Ji, Li-Juan Bai, Yang Jiang, Guang Yu, Guan-Qi Wang
Regional risk has become the focus of attention in the theoretical and practical areas in recent years, and the research on regional risk has become a hot issue. In this paper, we use all of China’s A-share listed companies as the object of study, all the shares of listed companies in accordance with...
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Research and Application of Adaboost Based Prediction of Student’s Academic Achievement

Shuang Zhang, Ming-Wen Gao, Qing-He Hu
Student’s academic achievement is a major indicator of teacher’s teaching quality and student’s learning effect. But exam result is not enough to evaluate and predict student’s academic achievement. The factors of prediction should be scientifically selected from the whole teaching process. Based on...
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Analysis and Discussion on Major Technology Ability of Safety Engineering

Jian-Fang Zhu, Ji Li, Guo-Xing Liu, Zhi-Liang Wang
The training of applied talents is the requirement of the development of our national economy. According to the requirement, this paper analyzes the characteristics of safety engineering discipline in China and cross discipline, discusses the safety engineering discipline development three stages of...
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The Promotion of Virtual Reality Technology in Branded Agricultural Products

Xin-Yu Guo, Jun-Jun Yan
This article main introduces the concept of virtual reality technology, the research status at domestic and foreign. It also analyzes the development status of China's branded agricultural products and expounds the problems existing in the development of branded agricultural products. By combining virtual...
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Research on the Canonical Correlation between Employment and Economic Development in China

Jie Wang, Hong-Mei Li
As China's labor resources and employment problems become more and more serious, it is crucial that exploring the relationship between employment and economic development. Through corresponding analysis, we conclude that the developed cities are dominated by the tertiary industry and employees in these...
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Research on the Model of Scientific Research Organizations in Guangdong Universities Based on the Perspective of Collaborative Innovation

Mao-Bing He, Li-Na Xuan
With the rapid development of Guangdong's social and economic construction, colleges and universities have become the main object of Guangdong's scientific and technological innovation. The rationality of its scientific research organization and its high efficiency have played an important role in the...
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Build School-Enterprise Cooperation Faculty and Develop Engineering Leading Talents

Jianxiong Li, Ce Zhang, Jianan Jiang, Dianhui Chu, Weigong Lv
The goal of engineering leading talent project is to train top-notch talents who are oriented towards high-end industries with practical ability, innovation and engineering leadership. With the joint training of school and enterprise as the carrier, the double-tutor system is implemented, which is an...
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Study on the New Tread of Quality Assurance Development in International Higher Education

Sheng-Bo Liu, Chang Liu
With the continuous development of higher education at home and abroad, the research on the quality assurance of international higher education presents many new research hotspots and trends. In this paper, scientometrics method is used to analyze the literature on the quality assurance of higher education...
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The Exploration and Practice of Promoting the Application-oriented Talents Quality by “Six-Cooperation” to “Six-Fields” Integration

Shuang Liang
As a local College, Shenyang Technology College aims at cultivating high-quality applied talents who are skilled in the fields of production, construction, management, and service and “know profession, strong skills, good at cooperation, expert in work” that meet market demands. Industry-profession and...
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PDA Practice in Collection Service to Support World-Class Universities and Disciplines Construction of UESTC

Yun-Yue Zhang, Hua Yang, Bin Li
PDA practice in collection construction and service has been explored in UESTC. There are three mearsures in the“Online-to-Offline” model, Foreign Original Book Exhibition, Boyue Study and Yunyue Reading .It is a rapid response to readers’ needs. The practice makes an innovation in domestic university...