Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on e-Education, e-Business and Information Management

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Study on the Mechanism of Upgrading the Quality of Personnel Training in Universities of Finance and Economics

Hongxing Ma, Yamei Guan
The "Big Finance" educational idea was proposed to adapt to the new educational environment and educational background of the new period. Its starting point was to broader perspectives. In this essay, analysis the problems of active quality guarantee system, based on the reference of American’s education...
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Research on Knowledge Structure of Physics Textbook

Xue-mei Cui, Seung Kee Han, Shou Zhang
A Physics textbook is composed of numerous physics terminologies which are organized to form new concepts of physics. For the purpose of understanding the global organization of the science-knowledge system in science textbooks, we analyzed the binary network of science textbooks, where the pair appearance...
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Analysis on Management Mode of Aquatic Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base of Domestic Colleges

Shan He, Haipeng Cao, Hongxin Tan
This paper analyzes the construction status of innovation and entrepreneurship bases by domestic universities in respects of organization establishment, institutional guarantee and school-enterprise cooperation. Furthermore, this article proposes three advantages which are embodied in fields of students’...
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Research on Force-directed Algorithm Optimization Methods

Lingling Wang, Xianshui Wang, Qiuquan Wang, Mei Xu
In view of the fundamental Forces-directed iteration the shortcoming of the slow speed, In this paper, using the method of Hyper node and Multilayer method to improve the algorithm and applied to the large-scale graphics drawing automatically, Hyper node Method is the distance of the vertex as a Hyper...
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Extreme Events on Correlated Networks

Fei Wang, Weiguo Fang, Chang Chen
In this paper, we study the extreme events taking place on complex net-works with different assortative net-work structures. Using random walk models, we build the formalism of ex-treme events on networks. We then present the definition of network as-sortativity, and discussed its relation-ship with...
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A Discussion about Push Forward Informatization Construction of the Educational Administration Management in Universities——An Example of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Yongli Zhang
Take the Beijing institute of graphic communication for example, analyzes the current educational administration management in universities information construction achievements, problems, and puts forward countermeasures and Suggestions on how to improve.
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Research on Talent Cultivation Pattern of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation

Nianyu Zou, Ping Li, Yuncui Zhang, Yi Yang, Yingming Gao
This paper introduces light source and lighting professional of Dalian Polytechnic University in recent years which has obtained many achievements such as the complementary of resource of teacher's professional, the cultivation of students' innovation ability, social benefits, the employment of students...
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Exploration on the College Mathematics Foundational Curriculum Reform by Using Mathematical Software

Shan He, Lu Shao, Hongxin Tan
As professional basic courses for specialties in fields of science and engineering, the mathematics foundational courses are always unsatisfactory in instruction effect and learning experience. This paper narrates the mode and significance of software-based mathematics foundational courses, and elaborates...
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Can Enhanced Audit Quality Reduce Higher Real Earnings Management — Evidence from China

Danyu Zhang
In this paper we use data from listed companies in China to examine whether the firms with incentives to manage earnings upwards resort to real earnings management when facing higher audit quality. Based on our OSL model, we suggest that higher audit quality increases the level of real earnings management...
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Research on Optimization of Computer Aided Multimedia Teaching

Mindao Xu
With the rapid development of information technology, computer technology has been used widely in teaching. Combining the computer aided teaching with traditional teaching can improve the quality of teaching effectively. In order to improve student learning results fast, this paper takes the natural...
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Embedding Suitability Adaptive Cover Selection for Image Steganography

Junying Yuan, Haishan Chen
There have been a number of state-of-art spatial image steganography algorithms which could hide data with a high degree of undetectability against steganalysts by embedding information adaptively into noisy regions. However, there is still a gap from real application when selecting a suitable cover...
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Analysis and Research on the Aggregation of Producer Services in China

Liang Dong, Lanjuan Liu
Producer Services has played a crucial role for the city's economic development, industrial structure optimization and transformation. In our paper we used the 31 provinces (city) Chinese employment data to computing the aggregation of Producer Services by Location Entropy, Spatial Gini coefficient and...
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Research on the Impact of China's Athletics College Sports Management Model

Jiancai Shao, Jingjing Ji
Our existing competitive system and the education system are largely restricted the development of university sports, only two highly coordinated, will improve the competitive level of our colleges and universities. Sports development is inseparable from education, especially during the growth process...
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Research on Profitability and Policy Environment of Small-Micro Scale Technological Firms in China: Basing on Regional Comparative Perspective

Yixia Cao, Kenan Zhang
China have implanted much beneficial policies towards small businesses in the past five years. However, there is never convincing empirical data presented about their effectiveness. In viewing the subject, this paper adopted a panel data from 2011 covering 31 provinces of China. The data used in this...
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Feedforward Control Analytical Model in SPC

Youxiang Cui, Wei Hong, Jianshe Li, Xiaoming Ju
When there are inherent disturbances or noise in the system inputs that are impossible or impractical to remove, various forms of feedback and feedforward adjustment have been used in the Statistic Process Control (SPC). This article presents a general feedforward control framework to analysis and compensate...
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Some Thinking about Micro-blog in the Improvement of the Library Service in Vocational and Technical College

Jinghua Huang, Xuanzi Hu, Wenliang Cao
This paper has firstly made a deeply research on the source and character of microblog. Then the application situation of microblog in the vocational and technical college library has been analyzed. On this basis, one kind of microblog system is designed and introduced in the paper. In the end, the problem...
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The Exploration and Practice of the Model of Training Skilled Application of Electronic Technology Professional Technical Talents

Guocan Ren, Sufang Yuan
Higher vocational colleges must successfully realize the goal of training technical talents, must have a reasonable training plan for support. This paper starts with the connotation of talents training mode and characteristics, analyzes the elements of talents training mode, the mode of goal system and...
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Desktop Virtualization of Private Cloud for University Library System

Liping Chen
Focusing on the design and construction of desktop virtualization of university library system, this article discusses the problems in current information construction of university libraries and makes an introduction to cloud computing and the basic concept and systematic structure of desktop virtualization....
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Edge Detection Method of Iris Image

Xianglong Zhou, Jingbo Zhao, Kuoting Wang
The paper describes several edge detection operators, such as Roberts operator, Prewitt operator, Sobel operator, Laplace operator and Canny operator. They were used to detect the edge of iris image. The better one among them for detecting edge of iris image was chosen.
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Empirical Analysis on Financial Distress Forecasting of Listed Companies in Jilin - Research based on Z-score Model

Shanshan Yu, Lihua Zhao
This article discusses the early warning model of financial crisis, considering our business practice. According to financial distress prediction model of existing listed companies, it applies the Fisher discriminant method in multivariate statistical, analyzes and forecasts the financial crisis of 31...
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Discussion on Developing China’s Microfinance

Yangang Li
It is inevitable that the creation of microfinance follows the financial deepened development and the financial innovation. Capital acceleration drives economic growth and credit is necessary for some fields especially for micro-agriculture and micro-industry to develop. But most people believe that...
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Integrating VIKOR with DEA for Efficiency Performance Measurement

Hsin-Pin Fu
The present study transferred the raw data of DEA to five performance criteria and utilized the VlseKriterijumska Optimizacija I Kompromisno Resenje (VIKOR) methodology to produce Sj, Rj, and Qj , where Sj and Rj represent the utility measure and the regret measure, respectively and Qj represents the...
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Image Classification Using Sparse Coding and Spatial Pyramid Matching

Xiaofang Wang, Jun Ma, Ming Xu
Recently, the Support Vector Machine (SVM) using Spatial Pyramid Matching (SPM) kernel has achieved remarkable successful in image classification. The classification accuracy can be improved further when combining the sparse coding with SPM. However, the existing methods give the same weight of patches...
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Exploration of the Application of MOOC to College Education

Yujie Ma
MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), an online course aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the Internet, has aroused growing attention of academic circles both at home and abroad. In western countries, MOOC has been applied to teaching and proven effective to some extent. The paper discusses...
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Metaphor, Metonymy and Cognitive Construal of Polysemy

Bianqi Sun
Polysemy is a common phenomenon of language and polysemous words are considered to be semantically related. This paper aims at exploring the cognitive mechanism of metaphor and metonymy in sense extension and discussing the application of metaphoric and metonymic conceptualization in English vocabulary...
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Current E-education Problems in China ——Misgivings about PPT Courseware Production

Chi Zhang
In recent years, there has been a rapid development of e-education in China as well as a vast increase of electronic resources. However, the quality of some electronic resources is worrisome. This paper describes the deficiencies of certain PPT courseware using the structure analysis of certain English...
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Research on Credit Evaluation System C2C E-commerce Sellers

Zhidan Zhou, Xuekun Liu, Mingli Hou
C2C e-commerce credit evaluation issues related to credit people online transactions. Articles from the system score and score two modules buyer, seller built C2C e-commerce credit evaluation index system in the amount of the transaction, current credit buyer, the seller of credit history, the quality...
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The Constructions of Physics Teaching Resources Database Based on Cloud Hosting

Haibao Li
In the information education background, a multimedia teaching resource database is the important foundation to ensure the effective E-teaching. A design scheme of physics teaching resources database has been put forward based on cloud hosting. In the scheme, the project background is analyzed, with...
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A Brief Analysis of Enhancing the Management of Language Lab

Run Hua Wu, Jian Jun Shi
With the development of technology, language lab begins to perform a vital role in foreign language teaching. This paper presents the necessity of enhancing the management of language lab. Based on some problems in present situation of management, this paper proposes some management methods from views...
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Reforming and Practicing of Experimental Teaching in Electronic Technique Fundament

Guoping Lei, Youchang Jiang, Gang Qiu
Based on the analyzation of the importance as well as existing problems of experimental teaching in the electronic technique fundament, reform and practice concerning the connection of the theories with the experiment teaching, experimental projects, experimental projects and evaluation system has been...
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A High Q&S RTSP Server’s Architecture and Implementation Based On Android

Yang Zhang, Zhiguo Hong, Ning Lv
FFmpeg is RTSP server’s core technology. Since 2010, Android mobiles have the highest speed of development. Android mobiles have enough high-quality devices to help us build server-based applications to provide audio, images and videos for web users. In this paper, by using FFmpeg to encode and decode...
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Study on the Profit Distribution in Green Supply Chain System based on Cooperative Mode

LiangPing Tu, Yu Zheng, XiaoLin Zhu
The paper discusses the way of profit distribution of supplier and retailer and analyzes total profit which is based on cooperative mode in the green supply chain system. It determines the factor of profit distribution in this system and work out weighting value and coefficients and complete profit distribution...
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The Exploration and Research of Teaching Reform about "Database Theory and Applications"

Jia LÜ, Jianfeng Liu
According to the teaching process of "Database Theory and Applications", basic principle is boring, knowledge is tedious, the practical application is difficult, enthusiasm is not high, learning objectives are not clear. This paper proposed the three-dimensional teaching method which is based on project-driven...
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The Research on Internet Marketing Performance Evaluation of Commercial Banks

Zhengqing Luo, Liang Zhou, Qinling Ge
With the further development of the Internet marketing in many segments of society, its performance evaluation has also become an important topic in the field of business and academia. In this paper, a performance evaluation index system of commercial banks containing four dimensions was established,...
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On the Incremental Reform of China’s Media since 1990s

Binggang Guo, Zhaoyang Zhang
This paper is a study on the change of China’s madia, the mass medias in China started its incremental reform since 1990 because of marketing. The media increments oriented by this reform lay foundation of the China modern communication politics, also push the old media system into the crisis of adaptation...
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Online Usage of Electronic Payment Investigation and Problem Analysis

LongJuan Wang, XiaoYi Zhou, JianMin Huang
This paper aims at studying and analyzing China's existing e-payment usage by setting up an online survey according to its development trends.
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Instructional Supervision in Education Institutions between China and U.S

Guanli Huang, Luyi Chen, Ning Fu, Xiaohong Hu
The paper identifies different perspectives in the construction of dimensional structure of evaluation scales, namely, instructors’ competence perspective, teaching process perspective, learning theories perspective and teaching context perspective. It is suggested that multidimensional and multi-approach...
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Reform of Teaching Content and Method in Vegetable Horticulture

Shaohui Wang, Rui Yang, Jihong Cheng, Chaojie Liu, Li Mei
Reform of teaching content and method in Vegetable Horticulture is discussed in this paper. In order to cultivate the comprehensive and innovative ability of the horticulture majored students, we emphasized the use of various teaching methods, enhancing of practice teaching, and deepening of the teaching...
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Application of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Horticulture Teaching

Shaohui Wang, Jihong Cheng, Rui Yang, Jinghong Hao, Li Mei
The paper focuses on the application of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in horticulture teaching. The application effect of CAI in teaching is very good due to its features of delight, syllabus-based teaching, interaction and operability. In addition, the suggestions and opinions for further curriculum...
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Organizational Ethical Climate Review

Bing Liu, Yuqing Yuan
Organizational ethical climate is members’ consistent cognition on the ethical environment characteristics. As an important factor in the organizational environment, it draws more and more domestic and foreign scholars’ attention. On the basis of the literature, this paper makes integrated analysis on...
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On the Innovation of Library Management by Way of Knowledge Management

Chunfu Jin
When it comes to liabrary, most people have the impression that its The managing pattern is dull and backward and it cannot meet the user’s need. As the rapid development of modern network, online reading and online surfing become more and more popular, so it is necessary to innovate the managing pattern...
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The Analysis of the Structure Nash Equilibrium Solution of Two-person Two-strategy Game

Hongxia Fu, Jinghui Yang, Guochun Tang
The paper discusses the solution of 2-person 2-strategy game in consideration that has the pure strategy equilibrium point of Nash, and adopts the underline method to get the equilibrium points of Nash considering the possibility that the gains of 2-person are equal at the first. The paper lists 81 kinds’...
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Dynamic Speech Feature Parameter Extraction Based on Fitting

Yingjie Meng, Wenjun Liu, Lixin Bai, Wei Chen
In view of the existing research of the speech feature parameter recognition, the anti noise is poor and storage capacity is larger. So, data fitting has been introduced into speech feature parameter extraction to enhance that. Combine with speech spectrum dynamic changes and the short-time energy smooth...
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Enhanced Classification Guidance, Continue to Promote the Reform Practice of Running Higher Vocational Education between China and Foreign Countries

Xin Zhang, Yuewei Ding, Li Wang, Yihong Fu
Enhanced classification guidance, Continue to promote the reform practice of running higher vocational education between China and foreign countries”, Is for international research on high-skilled talents training mode of vocational education, also is an important part of the study in High-tech high-skilled...
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Research Upon Construction of Technology-applied Laboratory

Guanqiang Ruan
It is extensively recognized by domestic institutions of higher learning that newly-established undergraduate colleges orientate themselves towards focusing on training technology-applied professionals. However, the construction of technology-applied undergraduate laboratory is still in the preliminary...
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Enterprise Quality Credit Evaluation Based on Grey Correlation Analysis and TOPSIS Method

Tiedan Wang, Jinjin Wang, Dinghong Peng
Evaluate the enterprise quality credit with the method of grey correlation analysis and TOPSIS. Determine the main evaluation indicators of enterprise quality credit according to the quality credit definition proposed by GAQSIQ. Introduce the grey correlation analysis and TOPSIS method to the evaluation...
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Learning Calculus through Application

Zelu Wang, Yuquan Sun
Learning to meet practical needs is not only an important purpose of study, but also a great method of study, which is also suitable for a better learning of Calculus .As we all know, many students don’t have enough interest and motivation to study Calculus, because of their lacking cognition of its...
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Experimental Teaching Design of the Credit Risk Analysis Based on Situational Method

Yin Yu
The credit risk analysis is important in finance and credit management and has the characteristics of profound theories and lots of model, so that it is difficult in understanding to students. By using Situational Method and the powerful data analysis functions of Excel, the abstracted theoretical knowledge...
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Teaching Reform and Practice for Electrical Machinery

Hailan Wang
Electrical machines is the main course for electrical engineering specialty. The quality of teaching has an important impact on the following professional courses. This paper provides reform and practice in the teaching approach for electrical machinery. By using multimedia development, internet google,...
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Study on Interaction of Golf Expo and Golf Goods Industry Cluster

Fangzhi Liu
By using methods such as literature, taking Tangxia Golf Show, Tangxia golf goods industry cluster as an example, this paper discusses the relationship between the golf Expo and the golf goods industry cluster. This article holds that golf Expo is the engine for the development of golf goods industry...
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A Research and Design of the Individual Course Management System Based on Android

Shijie Zhu, Yiyuan Zhang, Xiaolin Yi
Among the current fast-paced life, with the popularity of smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices, people use smart mobile devices frequency is much higher than the computer. Mobile is already an indispensable tool. In order to use mobile phones to help students and teachers study and work...
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Evaluation Research of Food Safety State Based on the Improved Fuzzy Information Axiom Model

Biao Zhang, Jiuyan Cai, Jie Yang
The evaluation of food safety state means to assess risk factors regarding the safety of food, and to finalize the security state of food. This report illustrates two factors: the healthy index affecting the food safety state and the sensory index reflecting its status. In order to establish the evaluation...
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Cognition Based E-education for Advanced Mathematics

Jianhui Liu, Huichuan Wang
By focusing on the difficulties in teaching and studying advanced mathematics in universities and colleges, this paper present a serious of methods for cognition based e-education. The methods proposed can engage unfocused students and teach complex scientific concepts with a friendly interface. The...
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To Explore the Application of Virtual Machine Technology in Experimental Teaching of the Network Security Course

Gang Ke, Wenliang Cao
Network security is a very practical course. Analyses the existing problems in experimental teaching of the network security course, then apply virtual machine technology in the experimental teaching. Finally, the paper gives 3 specific teaching cases, the teaching effect is good.
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Research on the Cultivation Mode of Financial Service Outsourcing Talents

Qiaoling Fu, Rui Zhao
With rapid development of financial service– outsourcing industry, more and more attention is placed on talent training mode. The purpose of this article is to make comparative study on the main talents cultivation mode developed by colleges and universities, and put forward that talent cultivating programs...
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Study of the Harmonious Teacher-student Relationship in the Postgraduate Enrollment Expansion Situation

Shanling Han, Jinbin Li, Zhiyong Li, Qingliang Zeng
The teacher-student relationship is an important factor related to the quality of graduate education. In the situation of postgraduate enrollment expansion, teacher-student relationship has produced a series of problems. In this paper, the common problems and the causes of teacher-student relationship...
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Discussing Legal Protection of the Employment of College Graduates

Xiaozhen Zhang
In the current severe employment situation, College graduates employment problem has been found. Because of the country's employment law system is not sound, lack of government regulation and graduates themselves legal knowledge, Damaged problems of their own legitimate rights and interests often occur...
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Research on the Inheritance and Development of the Paper as a Carrier of Information Transmission in the Context of the New Era

Qian Gao, Xiaoyun Fu
Paper is a great treasure which is result of the ancient science of our country, it enable the ancient culture flourish as a technological support. The invention of the paper put an end of the history of the heavy bamboo book playing the role as the information carrier. Along with the development of...
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Discussion of Higher Vocational College Students' Legal Quality of Ascension

Xiaozhen Zhang
The legal quality is an important part of college students' comprehensive quality, is indispensable to modern rule of law society on college students' quality of internal requirement. At present, the higher vocational college students' legal quality is low, which can't meet the needs of its usage and...
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A Study of Advanced English Teaching in the Setting of Multi-media and Internet

Xiulian Liu
This paper aims to find out an effective way to improve Advanced English traditional teaching, which the cramming method tends to be employed by a teacher in class. It applies the constructivist learning theory to probe the advantages and challenges in the setting of multi-media and Internet. The research...
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Interethnic Workplace E-mail Communication: An Investigation into Politeness Strategies

M.A. AlAfnan
The use of email in business communication might be troublesome in the sense that the language of emails is generally theorized as a mixture of spoken and written varieties. This possibility might even increase further among communicators who belong to different ethnic backgrounds as they have different...
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The Capital Stock's Analysis of Industry Transfer in the Western Regions of China: Evidence from Guizhou Province

Hui Zhang
The development of China’s eastern regions shows the characteristic that the industry transfers to inland in recent years. As the developing areas, the western regions of China must resolve an important question which is effectively undertake the various industries from the eastern regions and continue...
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Comparative Research on Traditional Advertising and Mobile Phone Advertising

Qianyi Li, Jing Huan, Zhiqiang Luan
Nowadays, the mobile advertising has a prevalent trend when comparing to the traditional advertising methods, for instance, the TV, radio and the Internet. Our research aims to find out how consumers perceive about the traditional and mobile advertising. More precisely, we downsize our project into a...
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Research on Global Positioning System in Mobile Communication Equipment Based on Android Platform

Yi Huang, Qian He, Yubin Wang, Zhiyong Xie, Tao Wang
Global Positioning System in Android mobile communication equipment has been widely applied for its good performance in smart phone. Hence, to improve the precision of GPS navigation in Android platform attaches great importance to the development of modern high-tech products. The paper presents a new...
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High Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation via Bayesian Method

Jie Tang, Si-ming Huang
High-dimensional covariance matrix estimation and its applications in the portfolio selection are increasingly becoming an important topic. However, classical statistical methods used to estimate the sample covariance matrix will lead to inverse covariance matrix biased. Based on this, we propose the...
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Design and Implementation of Pharmacopoeia Smart Learning System Based on Android Platform

Chunhua Liao, Lin Pen, Jianqiang Du, Zhibiao Li
Pharmacopeia is the national statutory medication guide, rich in content, but the structure is complicated. Pharmacopeia learning system based on traditional resources are limited time, place, and therefore learning is inconvenient. The purpose of this paper is to develop the smart learning system possible...
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Perfection of Long-term Mechanism for Synergetic Development of County Financial Service and Economy

Xiaoyan Gao, Li Ma
This paper elaborates the financial for the promotion of economic growth and the theory of inhibition, the empirical analysis on China's eastern, central and western county financial services and the present situation of the coordinated development of county economy, puts forward the long-term mechanism...
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A Study of Data Classification for Hybrid Storage System Based on Genetic Algorithm

Chunmin Qiu, Jie Shan
The explosive growth in data storage system so that people demand for large capacity and fast access to the increasingly urgent. At present, able to bear this responsibility is the rapidly growing solid state disk (SSD) and the traditional hard disk drive (HDD). The capacity of HDD is large, but its...
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Thinking about Constructive Teaching for Military Professional Education

Huafang Geng, Jianmei Dai
Military professional education plays a key role in training high qualified military officer, the traditional education ideas has not been meet the requirement of the new military revolution. The problems such as traditional education values, role of teacher and students and teaching content system existing...
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The Research on Service Platform of Ship Manufacturing in Cloud Manufacturing Environment

Xiang Su, Liangliang Gao, Weiyong Wang, Lai Wei
Through the analysis about the present situation of ship manufacturing industry informatization, introduces cloud manufacturing. The construction of the ship enterprise manufacturing service platform in the cloud manufacturing environment is studied. Detailedly describes the function of each module and...
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Study on Leadership Characteristics Model Based on Margaret Thatcher Review

Qiang He, Mengying Wu, Miao Zhang
This paper studies the characteristics list of leadership model based on the analysis Margaret Thatcher. Integrity, competitive spirit, passion and intuition, vision and adaptability, priority setting and decision making, influencing and persuading, all the factors constitutes the art of leadership.
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Toward Interpretive Methodology of International Human Rights Education

Guangyu Cao, Yanying Fei
The purpose of this paper is to articulate the epistemological foundations of international human rights education (IHRE) from the perspective of a hermeneutical interpretive methodology. This methodology potentially alleviates the challenges that face the cross-cultural implementation of human rights...
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Application of Fun Virtual Test in Experimental Teaching

Zhibang Yang, Chen Xu, Yi Wang, Xichuan Deng, Jia Liu
Objective Production of entertaining virtual test in Medical Microbiology and evaluation of its application in experimental teaching. Method: Considering the characteristics of medical microbiology experimental teaching, Photoshop was used to design the two network virtual experiments: "Observation of...
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A Novel Method for Teaching Knowledge about Binary System

Hui Xie, Xiaoying Wang, Lihua Fan, Xiaojing Liu
Binary system and relative knowledge alway are considered as an abstract and hard point in the introducing IT courses to the students just start learning IT. We present a novel method using an analogy based on shelf that could teaching these knowledges vividly and efficiently. The evaluation show our...
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The Correlation Analysis of Capital Structure and Enterprise Value of Steel Industry’s Public Companies in China

Qing Liang
This article selected the listed companies in iron and steel industry from Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share market to extract data from 2008 to 2012. Through the analysis of multivariate regression method, it analyzes the correlation of capital structure and enterprise value, and found the steel industry...
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Run-time Accelerate Channel for Communication-Aware Network-on-Chip

Tianpeng Ai, Tongsen Hu, Tianzhou Chen
Network-on-Chip (NoC) is a major communication architecture in multi-core system. Reducing the average delay of network communication is a crucial problem to improve system performance. In this paper, a run-time acceleration mechanism is proposed to reduce the latency of busy traffic in a network. We...
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Five-in-one Connotation Promotion Pattern of Information Management and Information System

He Yan, Jie Liu
In order to meet the demand of reform and development of higher education in the new situation, a new professional connotation promotion pattern of information management and information system, namely five-in-one ,is constructed systematically from the following aspects: optimizing personnel training...
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A Study on Relationships among Conflict Management and School Effectiveness

MeiChen Kuo, FuYu Lin, ChinYen Lin, FarnShing Chen
The aim of this study was to verify the relationships among principals’ conflict management and school effectiveness from administrative heads’ viewpoints at public vocational schools in Taiwan. This study employed questionnaire survey method to collect the research data. The descriptive statistics,...
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The Empirical Analysis of Effect of Origin of Alma Mater on University Teachers Interschool Mobility

Peiqun Wu, Cui Meng
adopting stratified cluster sampling method, We get a representative large sample including 4,890 teachers from 27 universities, the interschool mobile data of Chinese university teachers involving 2,354 effective resumes are collected from corresponding university's official website. By using the index...
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Research of Private Cloud Resource Allocation with Multi-type User Based on Online Mechanism Design

Xiaolong Ma, Lanjuan Liu
The development of cloud computing prompts a wide interest in market-based resource allocation mechanism by which a cloud provider aims at efficiently allocating cloud resources among potential users. A problem that at present the private cloud resource allocation within the enterprise exists is how...
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Study on Integrated Experiment Teaching on Functional Science of Preclinical Medicine

Yu-ying Zhang, Jin-hua Li, Guo-qing Wang
The study not only discuss the necessity and utilization of the functional integrated experiments on preclinical medicine in medical higher education but also focus on how such experiments are conducted in teaching in order to explore the teaching reform and to foster innovative modern medical talented...
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To Promote the Whole District’s Independent Initiation through College-government’s Cooperation and Coordination——Taken Peking’s Daxing New District as Example

Guozhen Xue
Based on the theory of the Triple Helix model, taken local colleges and the government’s mutual industry development in Peking’s Daxing new district as actual example, this article aimed to explore a new scheme, from whch the local colleges and the government could get independent initiation through...
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Research on Performance of Divesting Firms: Evidence from Listed Corporate in China

Chunxiao Sun, Chunyan Li
This study tests the performance of divestiture with the sample of divesting firms listed in the China SSE and SZSE over the time period 2004-08 with a dataset from SINOFIN and RESSET and the methods of factor analysis and independent sample T test. The findings reveal that the divest does not improve...
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Innovative Thinking of E-commerce Development of Commercial Banks

Lianze Zhang
The paper focused on the purpose and status of domestic commercial banks e-commerce; It proposed innovative ideas of relying on centralized procurement to expand e-commerce businesses and analyzed opportunities and challenges of the development of e-commerce through centralized procurement. The anchor...
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The Challenges and Coping of Internet Financial

Penghu Wang
Internet financial is a new financial model combining the Internet and finance. With the Internet and big data technology, the Internet companies can reduce the cost of financial transactions, changing information asymmetries, and expanding the geography and time of financial transactions. The article...
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Application Research of Employee Safety Advanced Program in Power Companies

Shengsheng Wu, Tianyu Yang, Huidong Guo
This paper introduces the employee safety advance program (ESAP) this emerging power enterprise safety management program, based on the core theory of model system of accident reason of this two Heinrich Domino theory and Reason’s complex safety management, finding the safety management "methods" for...
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A Comparative Study of Different National College Students' Information Literacy ——Based on the Investigation and Analysis of Three Universities in Xinjiang

Fu Wang, Hong-xia Zhao
In this paper, on the basis of questionnaire survey, through individual interview, colleges and universities in xinjiang four different national college students' information literacy, carried on the investigation and study, the results show that the han nationality college students and the hui college...
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The Localization of General Education of Universities in Taiwan

Max M.-Z. Yan, Kao Liu
Yale University as a representative of the practice for General Education has been about 200 years since 19 century, and then the idea of General Education has also been practiced in higher education of some countries and areas in Europe and East Asia. This paper focuses on observing the concept of General...
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On New Indexes to Judge Synchronization of EEG

Jing Yan, Jin Zhang, Rulong Wang, Huan Kuang, Ying Wang
Synchronization is one of the basic characteristics of EEG, which is of great significance to the study of EEG. But the synchronous evaluation methods of EEG are calculated according to local EEG, it reflects the local state of brain without considering the overall activity of the brain, so this is important...
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Exploration and Practice of Computational Thinking Training at University Computer Courses

HongXia Xie, Ban He
Aiming at the problems existed in university computer courses, application-oriented curriculum reform aimed at cultivating the ability of computational thinking was investigated. The quality of teaching will be improved by the teaching reform, if teaching objectives, teaching process and teaching methods...
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Ideological and Political Education Research and Analysis based on Problem Students

Jianhong Li
Educating and converting trouble students is an important task of teachers' work. The educators need to strive for the best, constantly being better; Digest, be able to achieve success one way or another; Completes the labor of duty, honesty and uprightness. Facing the problem of students, educators...
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Construction Pathway of Harmonious Campus Culture in the Local Higher Vocational Colleges

Jianhong Li, Qi He
Harmonious campus culture in local higher vocational college require material culture to cultivate talents through the environment, operating culture is harmonious and high-efficiency, spiritual culture is enrich and healthy. Among them, the school material culture is the foundation and the carrier of...
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Exploration and Practice of Guidance Mode about Engineering Course’s Graduation Project -----Guidance about Graduation Project for Students with Learning Difficulties

Bing Yan
This text introduces how to guide engineering course’s students with learning difficulties to implement graduation project. At first the text analyses some common methods to instruct graduation project in Colleges and Universities, and expounds the necessity to constitute a set of methods of the guidance...
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The Construction and Observation of the Database of the Chinese Organization Names

Hui Chen
Based on Dynamic Circulating Corpus(DCC), we extracted the Chinese organization names with their context information, text information and so on, and built a dynamic-updated database of the Chinese organization names. On the database, we researched on all kinds of the distribution features, structural...
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Design and Implementation of Relation Database and Non-Relation Database Unified Query Model

Xiaoyu Zheng, Naizheng Bian
For scenarios that application data stored separately in relational database and non-relational database, an establishment of a unified query abstraction layer for SQL and NoSQL database is proposed, which can query data from different database as from a single data source. By transforming NoSQL data...