Proceedings of the 2017 6th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2017)

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Water eco-civilization urban construction in Shandong Province from the perspective of systematic governance

Jinghao Wang, Yue Sun, Fang Liu, Wang Miao, Wanxiong Song
Water supply is a prerequisite for urban development, water development, not only to consider the urban water resources on the socio-economic development of carrying capacity, but also to consider the quality of water, taking into account the water environment and water ecology of the growing water pollution...
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Development of an In-situ Analyzer for Nutrient Monitoring in Seawater

Hongliang Wang, Shuwei Zhang, Cuilian Guo, Dongzhi Chu
This study presents the development of a compact and portable in-situ analyzer for nutrient determination. The analyzer can detect the seawater concentrations of nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, ammonia and silicate based on spectrometric method and flow injection analysis with the use of peristaltic pump,...
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Distribution, Speciation and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the Surface Sediments of Sanmen Bay in ZheJiang

Ji Hu, Chenhui Zhao, Shuxia Liu, Xiaoya Liu, Jianming Pan
This Surface sediment samples were collected from Sanmen Bay in Zhejiang. The distribution of total concentration of five heavy metals (Zinc, Chromium, Cadmium, Copper, and Lead) was determined, and their speciation using BCR sequential extraction procedure was investigated. The pollution level and ecological...
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IGPC-QFT Cascade Control and Its Application in Superheated Steam Temperature Control System

Xuyang Liu
The superheated steam temperature control system is a complicated controlled object with large inertia and large time delay characteristics, and its model parameters change with the load. For this nonlinear system, an IGPC-QFT cascade control algorithm was proposed. The quantitative feedback theory (QFT)...
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Research Progress on Functional Activity and Preparation of Low Molecular Weight Polysaccharides

Xuejun Liu, Yu Xu, Chang Zhu, Jiahui Wang, Xuan Zhang, Rui Tang
This review introduced the low molecular weight polysaccharides preparation methods, and the research progress of functional activity of low molecular weight polysaccharides were described, and the future development and application prospect of the low molecular weight polysaccharides were discussed,...
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Research on Antibacterial and Antioxidation of Fermented Ham

Xuejun Liu, Jiahui Wang, Chang Zhu, Yu Xu, Rui Tang, Xuan Zhang
Fermented ham is a kind of food that use lactic acid bacteria and other microbes to break down its protein and other nutrients. Fermented ham has excellent taste, unique flavor, and a lot of bioactive components, which has certain health function. At the same time, it can also plays a role in antibacterial...
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Trends in Total Precipitation and Frequency of Daily Precipitation Extremes

Yanwei Zhang, Wenwen Wang
Base on daily precipitation dataset of 55 stations in Xinjiang, China and apply STARS (Sequential t-test analysis of regime shifts) techniques, trends in annual and seasonal total precipitation and extreme daily precipitation, assessed for 1961-2008. The results indicate that there is little trend in...
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Nutrition and Health Function of Soybean Drawing Protein and its Application in Food

Xuejun Liu, Xuan Zhang, Chang Zhu, Jiahui Wang
In this review, soybean drawing protein was reviewed. The definition, nutrition and health function of soybean drawing protein and its application in food were detailed. And the future research directions of soybean drawing protein were outlooked, the article noted that the soybean drawing protein in...
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Successes and Failures of China's Golden-Sun Program

Yonghua Wang, Guoliang Luo, Huang Kang
In 2009, the Chinese government released the policy about the Golden-Sun Program, deciding to provide investors with upfront subsidies prior to project construction with the special funds for renewable energy, with the aim to accelerate large-scale industrialization of PV power generation in China. This...
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Study on the Ecological Footprint of Real Estate Development Companies and Its Influencing Factors:Based on China's Provincial Datas

Ying Zhang, Ying Gu
The ecological footprint theory provides a quantitative evaluation method for the sustainable development of real estate development companies .Based on the ecological footprint model and national hectare, combining with the characteristics of real estate development companies, this study calculates...
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Practice training and analysis of Human geography & Urban-Rural Planning professional :A case study of Guangzhou University

Yanyan Liu, Yinjie He, Dafang Wu, Meizhen Lin, Muzhuang Yang
The purpose of this article is through the human geography and planning in urban and rural areas of Guangzhou university for example to explore the discipline of personnel training and curriculum reform, So this article has certain reference and guidance. This article firstly analyzes foreign urban planning...
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Research Progress on Bone Mud Liver Sauce

Xuejun Liu, Rui Tang, Chang Zhu, Jiahui Wang, Yu Xu, Ziqing Liu
Bone mud liver sauce was a sauce which the bone mud and chicken liver was mixed in the appropriate proportion and its formula was optimized so that the sauce was obtained to be used for bread and rice. The sauce had a good taste and unique flavor, the sauce also broke the limitation of traditional sauce...
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Development policy of horizontal well for the reservoir with big gas cap and narrow oil rim

Xiangzhong Zhang, Li Chen, Angang Zhang, Haili Cao
For solving the associated gas outlet, maintaining oil and gas pressure balance and increasing the output of a single oil well, the development strategy of gas injection in gas cap and horizontal well development in oil rim was proposed in Aryskum oilfield. The location, length and distance of horizontal...
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Research Progress of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid(GABA)

Chuanxin Tan, Xiaohui Yan, Xiaoguang Wu, Chang Zhu, Mengxing Gou, Xuejun Liu
Authores reviewed GABA's physiological functions, preparation methods and the development prospects. Earlier researchers produced GABA by chemical synthesis method. However, it pollutes the enviroment,the reaction is intense, and can't add to the food. Researchers now use microbial fermentation method,...
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Research Progress of Fermentation stater culture on Fermented

Yuan Fu, Xiaohui Yan, Xiaoguang Wu, Chang Zhu, Mengxing Gou, Xuejun Liu
Authors summarized fermented sausages the origin, development, species and the role of microorganisms. At the same time, we discussed the fermrntation starterculture and its prospect.
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Research progress of functional lactic acid bacteria

Xuejun Liu, Mengmeng Wang, Chang Zhu, Mengxing Gou, Xiaohui Yan
Lactic acid bacteria are closely related to health, in recent years, experts and scholars at home and abroad have been continuously exploring the function of lactic acid bacteria. This article introduced antioxidant, decrease cholesterol, reduce blood press, immune function, produce bacteriocin, and...
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Effects of the activated sludge performance in the sequencing batch

Huiting Zhang, Zixuan Zhong, Feng Luo
To explore the factors affecting sludge settlement, cultivation of aerobic activated sludge in a 20L sequencing batch reactors (SBR), using sludge in the aeration pool of the sewage plant as seed sludge, keep in room temperature (20 ~22 ), artificial synthetic wastewater. By changing the SRT, DO, running...
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Determination of sulfonamide antibiotics in sludge by ultrasonic solid phase extraction and HPLC

Xiaoxia Cao, Dengxin Li
In order to improve the recovery rate of sulfonamide antibiotics in sludge, and to optimize the extraction and determination methods of sulfonamides antibiotics in sludge, ultrasonic solid phase extraction -HPLC was used for the detection of sulfonamides antibiotics in sludge. First the determination...
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Purification and characterization of Kunitz trypsin inhibitor from soybean

Chunmei Gu, Shujun Li, Xinxiu Song
In this paper, a Kunitz trypsin inhibitor from soybean meal was isolated to apparent homogeneity by a combination of phosphoric acid extraction, heat treatment, ammonium sulfate precipitation, ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography and gel filtration. The results showed that the specific...
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Utilization of Bactericide Technology for Pollution Control of Acidic Coal Mine Waste

Mingliang Zhang, Haixia Wang
Exposed to air and water, the oxidation of sulfide minerals (e.g. pyrite) in coal mine waste can result in serious environmental problems such as acid mine drainage (AMD). Thiobacillus ferrooxidans is generally regarded as the principal iron-oxidizing bacteria involved in the process of sulfide oxidation....
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Research Progress of wet FGD process with waste marble

Huizhou Wang, Lei Liao, Wenxiu Hu
Marble powder is produced during the production of marble waste, the Chemical compositions of marble wastes were comparable with limestones. Therefore, the marble powder can be used instead of limestone flue gas desulfurization. In view of these, the marble powder can be alternative sorbent in WFGD....
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Research Progress on Remediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Soils with Mining Ecotype Sedum alfredii

Lu Zhang, Herong Gui, Haojie Shi, Han Ding
Plant remediation is a new developed technology for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil and become a hot spot in this field. Mining ecotype Sedum alfredii Hance can enrich heavy metal ion of contaminated soil and have advantages of large biomass, fast growth, wide adaptability and multiple harvest....
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Decision making model under the emission trading system in China and its implications

Xiaomei Guo, Li Huang
Currently, the tradable allowance system, which is a market based environmental policy, is being introduced in China. Under this system, enterprises are given much flexibility in decision making. In this article, the authors constructed decision strategies and models for enterprises and analyzed the...
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Ground Source Heat Pump with Passive Heat Compensation Tower

Yanli Song, Tao Du, Dong Ren
The collation and analysis of the existing problems of ground source heat pump system and the existing solutions, based on the research and development of a new patch of ground source heat pump tower, through the experiment, obtained in the air temperature is 27.1 , the wet bulb temperature is 19.8 ,...
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A Review of Layered Double Hydroxides as Intermediate-temperature CO2 Adsorbents

Yisong Wang, Tao Du, Liying Liu, Shuai Che, Yanli Song, Xin Fang
Carbon dioxide capture technologies and solid adsorbents have been a rapid development with the human face increasingly severe environmental problems. Layered double hydroxides (LDH) is a kind of intermediate-temperature solid adsorbent, which is expected to have a useful application prospect. In this...
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Interdisciplinary Research and Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Land Use and Land Cover Change: A Review

Jialiang Zhong, Dafang Wu, Chao Zhu
LUCC (land use and land cover change) has become one of the hotspots in global change research. Through literature induction, there are some differents between Chinese and foreign scholars in research direction and technical methods. Chinese scholars focus on researching changing laws, driving forces...
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Study on the law of disturbed coal seam permeability

Wangang Jiang
The 367 coal mining face in FengCheng ShangZhuang coal mine was selected for the project background, the law of the mining permeability is mirrored by the law of the flow of parallel hole that drain gas from virgin coal seam following by the moving of working face. According to the surveying data, the...
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Confirm high standard basic farmland area: a case study in Huaihua city

Junling Qiao, Dafang Wu, Yinjie He
Accelerate the construction of a high standard of basic farmland is the primary task of the implementation of the National Land remediation planning, delineation of the high standard of construction of basic farmland in key areas is an important content of the high standard of construction of basic farmland....
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The Research on the Absolute Radiometric Calibration of Hyperspectral Camera Based on Reflectance Basis

Zhenjie Yang, Kangnian Zhao
The hyperspectral cameras often have hundreds of bands, and their absolute radiometric calibration is the premise for terrain remote sensing applications. Using the hyperspectral camera carried in manned aircraft platform carry out field calibration experiment, and according to the reflectance-based...
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Effects of Mutual Grafting on Photosynthetic Characteristics of two ecotypes of Solanum photeinocarpum under Cadmium Stress

Maolin Chen, Cheng Chen, Lei Liu, Wei Jiang, Lijin Lin
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of mutual grafting on photosynthetic characteristics of two ecotypes of Solanum photeinocarpum under cadmium (Cd) stress. Four treatments were used in the experiment: ungrafted of farmland ecotype (F-CK), ungrafted of mining ecotype (F-CK), the farmland...
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Effects of Uniconazole on Growth and Cadmium Accumulation of Accumulator Plant Stellaria media

Keng Wen, Lijin Lin, Lei Liu, Wei Jiang, Ming'An Liao
A pot experiment was carried out to investigate the effects of applying uniconazole on growth and cadmium (Cd) accumulation of accumulator plant Stellaria media. The results showed that application of uniconazole inhibited the growth of S. media, and promoted the absorption and transport of Cd from soil....
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Effects of Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) on Growth of Cosmos sulphureus

Jiali Wu, Huashan Lian, Xun Wang, Wei Jiang, Lijin Lin
A pot experiment was carried out to investigate the effects of applying naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) on growth and physiology of Cosmos sulphureus. The results showed that application of NAA promoted the growth of C. sulphureus when the dose of NAA was not more than 15 mg/L. When the dose of NAA was...
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Effects of Abscisic Acid (ABA) on Growth of Cosmos sulphureus

Qian Zhang, Huashan Lian, Xun Wang, Wei Jiang, Lijin Lin
A pot experiment was carried out to investigate the effects of applying abscisic acid (ABA) on growth and physiology of Cosmos sulphureus. The results showed that application of ABA promoted the growth of C. sulphureus. ABA increased the biomass and photosynthetic pigment content of C. sulphureus. With...
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Research on Evaluating Cascading Trip in Power Grid considering the action of backup relay protector

Huang Wang, Huiqiong Deng, Cheng Zhang
Around the phenomenon of cascading trip in power grid, a method of evaluating it was researched. Firstly, aiming at the backup relay protector of current type, by comprehensive analyzing the action of the relay protector and the power flow distribution in power system, this paper analyzed the relationship...
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Extraction, purification and antibacterial activity of polysaccharides from Purslane

Chunmei Gu, Shu Pan
In this study, the polysaccharides from Purslane were extracted by ultrasonic method and its content was measured by the phenol-sulfuric acid method using glucose as the standard. The crude polysaccharides were collected and purified by DEAE-Cellulose anion-exchange and Sephadex gel-permeation chromatography....
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Numerical simulation of Energetic materials burning based on material point method

Weidong Chen, Fengchao Zhang, Shengzhuo Lu
Numerical simulation of Energetic materials combustion and Energetic materials burning rate determination is the key issues of Energetic materials combustion study. Material point method inherits the advantages of Lagrange and Euler, which have a great advantage when dealing with large deformation and...
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Syntheses, Crystal Structure and Fluorescence Property of Copper (II) Complex Constructed from 5-Sulfosalicylic Acid

Liyan You, Hui Jiang, Chaohong Ma
The copper(II) complex[Cu(H3ssal)(2,2'-bipy)(4,4'-bipy)(H2O)](H3ssal=5-sulfosalicylic acid) as synthesized with 5-sulfosalicylic acid by high pressure hydrothermal method. The crystal structure of the copper (II) complex contained derivative bipyridine ligands has been determined and studied by X-ray...
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Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their antimicrobial activities

Hao Chen, Qinghua Xu
In the present study, nanocellulose, extracted from fully bleached kraft pulp by sulfuric acid hydrolysis, was firstly oxidized using periodate to obtain dialdehyde nanocellulose (DANC). Then, DANC was used as both reducing and stabilizing agent to prepare Ag-NPs. The synthesized Ag-NPs were characterized...
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Analysis of Water Quality Based on Physical and Chemical Data in Hanjiang River Basin (China)

Hongwei Wang, Wenbo Zhao, Chunlong Zhao, Rong Zheng, Zhaojin Cui, Xing Wang, Yaxin Wang
According to the investigation of 25 stations in Hanjiang River Basin in August 2015 and January 2016, the aquatic health index of the region was evaluated by using the evaluation method. The diversity evaluation grade was light or non-polluting in August 2015 while diversity rating for the heavy pollution...
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The Control of Water Logging in Kunming Based on Combined Utilization of Rainwater and Rain Energy

Yuchao Chen, Shihua He, Jimin Hu
In view of the serious water logging, water scarcity and water environment deterioration, the paper analyzed the causes of water logging according to the specific conditions of Kunming. The problems of water logging and water scarcity were considered from the perspective of rainwater utilization. Based...
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Leaching risk of chelate induced phytoremediation of Tl contaminated soil by Zea mays L.

Xiangxin Chen, Dinggui Luo, Guangchao Yao, Xiaotao Mai
In this paper, the effects of EDTA and EDDS as chelating agents, chelating-induced maize remediation on Tl-contaminated soils and their heavy metal leakage characteristics under rainfall conditions were studied. The results showed that both EDTA and EDDS could promote the uptake of Tl by maize, and EDDS...
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Numerical and Experimental Study on Indoor Air Distribution and Quality

Zhen Gao1, Yun Jiang, Kuangzhong Ouyang, Haowei Hu, Siwei Zhang, Jinwei Ma
To optimize and control the indoor air distribution and quality, theindoor temperature and humidity were measured based on indoor fresh air system.The one measurementwas indoor temperature and humidity in both cases of return air and without return air in winter respectively. The other was indoor temperature...
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The analysis of phytoplankton diversity in water among Xiaowutai Mountain Basin (China)

Hongwei Wang, Linfeng Li, Chunlong Zhao, Rong Zheng, Zhong Fu, Ni Ming, Peipei Wang, Shaoying Xing, Shuo Chang, Minzhe Zhang, Xiaodan Lin
Based on the investigation of phytoplankton in 14 samples of the waters among Xiaowutai Mountain in August 2016, the species composition, evenness, abundance and diversity of phytoplankton in the Xiaowutai Mountain were studied, and then evaluated the quality conditions of water. The results showed that...
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Countermeasures of Solid Waste Management in Shale Gas Exploration and Development

Xingchun Li, Ming Xue, Wenjia Xu
Shale gas development offers a guarantee for energy supply but also brings environmental impacts. The particularity of shale gas development makes the use of oil-based mud indispensable. In this study, following the release of the Environmental Protection Act (2015) and the National Catalogue of Hazardous...
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Multi-Dispatching Integration Cooperated With Data Interaction Service

Xiaojing Hu, Qiang Li, Jing Li, Yadi Luo, Yansheng Lang, Changzheng Gao, Zuoming Liu
To achieve distributed parallel computing of network analysis in the multi-dispatching and control system, under the architecture of existing smart grid dispatching and control system, the general requirements of data communication based on network analysis applied to wide area distributed parallel computing...
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Research on Sedimentary Facies Characteristics of Carbonate Reservoirs -----Taking NT Complex Carbonate Reservoirs in the Pre-Caspian Basin as an Example

Shuqin Wang, Liu Junfeng, Li Lingli, Zhao Jianxin, Sun Wenqi
Accurate characterization of reservoirs is a great difficulty in the study of carbonate reservoirs. Characterization of reservoirs shall be firstly based on the geological recognition of carbonate reservoirs, including multiple reservoir quality-related geologic features such as structure evolution,...
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Solid waste as electron donor for Sulfate reducing bacteria to prevent heavy metals pollution from acidic coal mine waste

Mingliang Zhang, Haixia Wang
Sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) was isolated from soil and applied for the remediation of heavy metals pollution from acidic coal mine waste. The result indicated that SRB could be used for the remediation of heavy metals pollution from acidic coal mine waste, based on sewage sludge, chicken manure and...
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Removal of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solution by Microwave and Fly Ash Combined Process

Yuheng Quan, Lan Chen
The combined process of microwave and fly ash is used to remove methylene blue pollutant from aqueous solution in this study. The microwave radiation time, fly ash dosage and pH value on removal process are varied separately to study the effect of these experimental factors on removal performance. The...
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Experimental study on recycled concrete containing recycled fibers and organic fibers

Yong Zhang, Qiong Liu
Recycled concrete is an environmental green material for recycling construction and demolished wastes. Numerous studies performed on recycled concrete indicated that it had poor characteristics of workability, strength and durability attribute to the inferior mechanical properties of recycled aggregates....
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Analysis of Characteristics of the Southwest Region of Shallow Water Delta

Huifang Wang, Chuanling Lei, Hui Li
The southwest region of Qaidam, in the sedimentary period in Paleogene, with relatively flat structure and basal stability evenly subsidence, was formed the " broad and shallow lake basin " ancient terrain. Ancient climate is arid or semi-arid environment, and such climate caused the intense physical...
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Study of LADRC Controller for Main Steam Temperature System

Yuechao Wang, Fengping Pan, Lingling Shi, Zhiqiang Pang, Juanjuan Ren
Against such characteristics as large delay, nonlinear, time-varying and uncertainty of controlled object, the P-LADRC cascade control system is proposed in this paper. The principle of the LADRC is briefly introduced firstly, and then QPSO algorithm is applied to tune the initial parameters of LADRC-P...
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Effects of exogenous melatonin on antioxidant properties of kiwifruit seedling leaves under copper stress

Xuewen Zhao, Hui Xia, Xiu Wang, Yulun Guo, Xuezhen Yuan, Lei Yang, Dong Liang
The one-year-old wild Actinidia deliciosa seedlings were used as materials, by root irrigation of 0.1æmol-L-1 MT solution and 15 mol-L-1 copper sulfate solution, to investigate the effects of exogenous melatonin on antioxidant properties of kiwifruit leaves under copper stress. The results showed that...
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Effects of exogenous melatonin on antioxidant system in leaves of kiwifruit seedlings under cadmium stress

Xiaojing Huang, Hui Xia, Yanqiu Shen, Qin Wang, Nengqin Xu, Zhi Lei, Dong Liang
Using one-year-old wild Actinidia deliciosa as the experimental material, effect of melatonin (MT) on the antioxidant system under heavy metal Cd stress was studied. The results showed that after Cd stress treatment, the relative electrical conductivity, MDA content, proline content, soluble protein...
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Structure analysis of electroless Ni-P-Al2O3 nanocomposite coatings

Hong Wang, Yubao Cao
Ni P Al2O3 nano-composite coatings were successfully fabricated on a P20 plastic die steel surface by electroless plating process containing sulfate nickel, sodium hypophosphate and suspended Al2O3 nanoparticles. The pH value and temperature of the electroless bath were 4.5 and 87§C, respectively. The...
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Methodology of Customized Bus Lines and Adjustment based on Soft Time Windows

Zhijie Li, Rui Song
An innovative mode of public transport(PT) service, known as customized bus(CB), has been springing up across China. This service, providing advanced, personalized and flexible demand-responsive PT, is offered to specific clientele, especially commuters. In order to resolve the problem of passenger personalized...
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Catalytic Ozonation Using Metal Catalyst Supported on NaY Zeolite

Lan Chen, Yuheng Quan
In order to enhance the degradation ability of ozonation process, catalyst used in catalytic ozonation was studied in this paper. NaY zeolite was selected as the carrier of catalyst. Catalysts prepared with different conditions were added in reaction solution to find the catalytic ability of catalyst...
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Thoughts on Constructing Ecological Logistics Park Based on Supply Chain

Jintian Ge, Qiang Li, Daiwei Guo
In recent years, the phenomenon of "haze, air pollution and traffic jam" has gradually deteriorated, which seriously affects the health and safety of residents and the efficiency of logistics operation. Data show that: 2016, China's automobile exhaust emissions of 120 million tons, carbon emissions of...
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Research on the Development of Information Intensive Green Logistics

Jintian Ge, Daiwei Guo, Qiang Li
Empty and round trip problem has become an important bottleneck restricting logistics enterprises to reduce costs and efficiency. Build advanced logistics information system and comprehensive information service platform to achieve intelligent logistics, Development of information intensive green logistics...
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Economic Fluctuation and Business Investment Behavior

Caifen Zou, Qian Yu, Rong Ge
The impact of economic fluctuations on corporate investment behavior was studies based on the data of of listed companies during 2009 -2015. The result indicated that the better the economic environment is, the larger the scale of capital expenditure would be, and the weaker the intensity of technological...
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Analysis on the Coverage Extension Policy of Basic Endowment Insurance for Urban Workers in China

Yongyong Sun, Qianwen Xu
It has been the work focus of Chinese government to extend the coverage of basic endowment insurance for urban workers, and it prompted a rapid growth of the fund's income and accumulated balance. This improves the financial sustainability of the system temporarily, and increases the future responsibility...
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Study on Evaluation Index System of Sustainable Development of Resource - based cities

Xin Li, Hongcai Yan, Hongjun Cao
To achieve the goal of the sustainable development and think of the "five major development" concepts as the guiding ideology ,according to the basic principles and research methods of constructing the evaluation index system of sustainable development of resource-based cities,this paper builds up a...
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Design of Servo System Based on TI DSP

Xinghong Li, Qian Xiang
O-E theodolite is a sort of complex and valuable instrument for measuring the parameter of moving target in the shooting range. While the track precision is the main technology target. The increasing complex and real-time arithmetic was applied in the servo system for boosting the track precision of...
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Study on Heat Treatment Procedure of Aluminum Alloy Castings and Flue Gas Waste Heat Recovery Technology

Huiguo Qian, Xionghui Luo, Jingson Chen
This paper introduces the status quo of current heat treatment procedure of aluminum alloy castings,Heat treatment furnace burner uses cold air as a fuel and the resulting emissions are directly discharged to the atmosphere instead of being recovered, so a great number of residual heat resources are...
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Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Chinese cabbage seedlings under Salt Stress

Juan He, Lijin Lin, Haitao Huang, Jianye Jiang, Wei Jiang, Yi Tang
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of spraying exogenous melatonin (MT) on growth and physiological characteristics of Chinese cabbage seedling under 50 mmol-L-1 NaCl salt stress. The results showed that exogenous MT could promote the growth of Chinese cabbage seedlings under salt stress...
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The effects of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer on yield and quality of lettuce

Enze Zhang, Lijin Lin, Ji Liu, Yanhong Li, Wei Jiang, Yi Tang
In order to study the organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer and its effect on the yield and quality of lettuce, a pot experiment with 5 treatments (no fertilizer, single organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, organic - inorganic fertilizer, organic - inorganic fertilizer (1/2)) was conducted....
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Effects of different proportions of inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer on yield and quality of amaranth

Huashan Lian, Liying Ouyang, Ji Liu, Liqiong Yang, Panhong Zou
This paper studied the effects of different proportions of inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer on yield and quality of amaranth by means of pot experiments. The result shows that when the ratio of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer is 1:3, the most beneficial to improve the production...
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Research on Adhesive Joints of Low-temperature composite Axial Insulation Break

Changchun Yang
Threaded adhesive joints between stainless steel electrodes and insulating structure of axial insulation break was studied in detail. Wet winding process was chosen for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic inner insulation tube, and threaded adhesive method was chosen for joints bonding GRP to Stainless Steel....
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MnO2 Nanotubes Synthesized with One-step Hydrothermal Method as Efficient Bi-functional Cathode Catalyst for a Rechargeable Zinc-air Battery

Haoran Li, Xuemei Li, Qi Nie, Keryn Lian, Jinli Qiao
This paper reports the preparation and electro-catalytic activity of MnO2 nanotube catalysts for both oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reduction (OER) in alkaline media. The catalysts were synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method under controlling the different temperatures. Results...
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Doped Mesoporous Carbons Derived from Transition Metal Iron and Chitosan as Efficient Non-Precious Cathode Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyte

Fang Dong, Enguang Zhang, Qiaowei Tang, Qinping Guo, Jinli Qiao
In this work, a series of mesoporous carbonaceous materials (MCs), which are simultaneously doped with N and Fe-containing species, were prepared by polymerization of potassium hexacyanoferrate-mediated chitosan on SiO2 nanospheres. The SiO2 template was carbonized and etched with NaOH. The electrochemical...
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Anion conducting chitosan/poly[(3-methyl-1-vinylimidazolium methyl sulfate)-co-(1-vinylcaprolactam)-co-(1-vinylpyrrolidone)] membrane for alkaline anion-exchange membrane fuel cells

Bei Ao, Yanan Wei, Xiaofan Hou, Keryn Lian, Jinli Qiao
Anion-exchange membrane composed of chitosan (CS) and poly[(3-methyl-1-vinylimidazolium methyl sulfate)-co-(1-vinylcaprolactam)-co-(1- vinylpyrrolidone)] (PMVMS-co-VC-co-VP) was prepared by applying double cross-linking technique for alkaline membrane fuel cell (AMFC). Having tested the ion conductivity...
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Effect of Annealing Temperature on Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Activity of Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-doped Mesoporous carbons

Qiaowei Tang, Fang Dong, Fengyuan Zhang, Jinli Qiao
In this work, we have synthesized N and S co-doped mesoporous carbons as highly efficient electrocatalysts to investigate the influence of annealing temperatures on electrocatalytic activity of N and S co-doped mesoporous carbon for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media. The catalysts were...
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Comparison study of CO2 electroreduction to formate fuel on CuxO nanocatalysts synthesized with different reducing agent in hydrothermal method

Tao Lei, Kun Yang, Qi Zhang, Joey June, Jinli Qiao
In this study, novel kinds of CuxO nanocatalysts have been successfully synthesized with different reducing agents (aniline, O-methoxyaniline and 3,5-dimethoxyaniline) by a facile hydrothermal method. The catalytic performances of the as-prepared CuxO nanocatalysts were investigated systematically for...
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Preparation of Ce doped Ti-based SnO2/Sb electrode and its application in dyestuff wastewater degradation with improved treatment efficiency

Kun Yang, Tao Lei, Yuyu Liu, Jinli Qiao
In this study, a novel Ce doped Ti-based SnO2/Sb electrode (Ti/SnO2@Sb@Ce) with high overpotential and high catalytic activity was prepared by two-step method. The nano-scale film was formed with the help of an additional step of hydrothermal synthesis process contributing to produce more -OH radicals...
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Growth Morphologies of Fe Nanoparticles in the Copper Alloy

Yahong Zheng, Zidong Wang, Guodong Shi
In this paper, based on experiments, by study the nanoparticles crystallized in Cu-Fe alloy, research possibility to form situ nanoparticles dispersion in matrix of immiscible Cu-X alloy. Nanoparticles of Fe-rich dispersed in copper alloy were obtained by experimental methods. Confirmed by adding elements...
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Investigation on Skills of Greening Transformation for Existing College Campus Architecture in Jiangsu Province

Minghui Li, Yongqua Fu, Yongsheng Song, Sheng Qian, Yuping Chen
According to the research and field tests on campus architecture in Jiangsu province, which indicates the current situations and problems existing in college buildings, this paper tries to put forward several skills on greening transformation which are based on the principles of greenization and local...
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Study on Removal and Solidified Characteristics of Heavy Metals in the Slag from High Temperature Smelting of Copper Sludge, Electroplating and Pickling Sludge

Cailing Zhou, Shifu Ge, Hui Yu, Tianqi Zhang
The slag from high temperature smelting of copper sludge, electroplating and pickling sludge in different cooling methods were studied for the heavy metal removal and solidification effect. The contents results showed large removal of Cu, Ni, Cd and serious enrichment of Mn, Ba, Be, Pb, As. The leaching...
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China's Energy Import Market Structure and Its Effects on Energy Security

Guicai Dong
Energy is an important strategic resource of a country, and its stable supply is of great importance to the security of a country, especially economic security. Due to diversification, stability is the basic view of ecology. Based on the market concentration index and diversity index in industrial economics...
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Multi-Objective Capacity Optimal Allocation of Hybrid Energy Storage System

Shize Li, Suping Gao, Chaojiang Guo
For battery and super-capacitor hybrid energy storage system capacity configuration, the hybrid energy storage system multi-objective optimal allocation model is proposed. The optimization goals were economic cost, reliability of power supply,and the balance of supply and demand. The constraints were...
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Research on Control Strategy of Hybrid Energy Storage System in Distributed Generation

Chaojiang Guo, Suping Gao, Shize Li
A control strategy which is used in hybrid energy storage system is proposed in this paper. This control strategy has combined low pass filter with multi-objective optimization. Besides, the problems of overcharge, over discharge and limitation of maximum power are considered, which has improved the...
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Research on Application of SDN in the New Generation Power Dispatching Data Network

Guiying Zhu, Jihao Hu, Zijian Yan, Shuiping Liu, Xiaomei Liu, Peng Sun, Hong Zhang
Along with the rapid development of UHV AC/DC interconnected power grid and the construction of the power dispatching data network, the resources allocation capability of power grid in wide area has been enhanced greatly. Now, the power grid operation faces a series of challenges, such as the centralized...
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Research on Application of SDN in Dispatching System of Power Grid

Zijian Yan, Guiying Zhu, Xiaomei Liu, Peng Sun
With rapid development of power grid, the accurate and centralized analysis are characteristic of the future dispatching trend in power grid, all information of dispatching system at all level need to be shared. The demand for optimization operation of dispatching data network is more and more urgent....
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Bioleaching of Uranium Ore Containing Fluorite Using Acidithiobacillus ferrivoran, Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and Leptospirillum ferriphilum

Xiaolan Mo, Xiang Li, Jiankang Wen, Liulu Cai
The results of MLA automated quantitative mineralogy system indicated the uranium ore used in this study was mainly composed of pitchblende (0.47%), quartz (64.91%), fluorite (2.18%) and pyrite (0.44%). The existence of fluorine-containing minerals plays a strong inhibition role of bacterial activity...
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Removal of NO Research in A Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor

Ying Wang, Xinhai Yu
Development of cost-efficient denitration technologies has been a challenging task in industry. Here we proposed a new denitration method by using polypropylene hollow fiber membrane contactor. The NO gas from a simulative flue gas was absorbed into a saline aqueous solution through a holly fiber membrane,...
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The current situation and developing countermeasures of Chinese railway refrigerated transportation

Ping Guo, Dawei Cui
The paper explains the overview of domestic and international refrigerated transportation. It also points out some problems existing in the railway refrigerated transportation of China. The article discusses the reform of refrigerated transportation organization, the development of advanced refrigeration...
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Synthesis and characterization of a novel modified expandable graphite and its application in rigid polyurethane foams

Lin Liu, Xiangjun Ma, Rui Lv, Zhengzhou Wang
In this work, an intermediate product DOPO-A was firstly synthesized through an addition reaction between triethoxyvinylsilane and 9,10-dihydro-9-oxa-10-phosphaphenanthrene-10-oxide (DOPO). Then DOPO-A was hydrolyzed to form DOPO-A' (silanol of DOPO-A) and the surface of expandable graphite (EG) was...
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The effect of convection gas on coal pyrolysis characteristics

Xiaonan Zhao, Qihai Guo, Li Ding, Daohong Wu
Nitrogen was introduced in the process of fix-bed pyrolysis reactor as convection gas, and the influence of convection gas/gas production rate ratio and material height on the heat transfer and pyrolysis products was researched. The results showed: With the increase of convection gas/gas production rate...
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Synergistic Effect and Formulation Optimization of Antioxidant between Tea polyphenols and sorghum red pigment

Yangbiao Zhang, Xiaolei Chen, Zhiyou Zhi, Yihua Jiang
In order to understand the synergetic effect between the solution of tea polyphenols and sorghum red pigment, synergetic effect and optimal formulation of compound antioxidant with the response surface method were determined using the method of free radical scavenging under DPPH system.The results showed...
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Study on processing technology of modified pomelo peel on acid dye neutral red wastewater

Zijun Wang, Xinlong Jiang
The waste pomelo peel modified and orthogonal optimization of adsorption conditions of neutral red was studied.The results showed pomelo peel modified with 0.1 mol-L-1 acetic acid was the best.The optimal processing conditions were as follows: 100 mL neutral red solution of 200 mg-L-1 ,adding 3.0 g-L-1modified...
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PIV measurement of mainstream flow in cigarette smoke

Jingsong Zeng, Runyu Li, Liang Du
Based on stepping motor system and the law of fluid continuity, PIV technique was used to measure mainstream flow field in cigarette smoke directly, and the cigarette outlet velocity was obtained at different stepping motor frequencies with different suction pressure. The results show that the velocities...
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Stress Monitoring for Cantilever Construction of Concrete Continuous Bridge with Variable Cross-section

Bin Zhou, Xiang Xue, Yanguang Xue
Due to the complex topography and strict requirement for the construction as well as the significant effect, from the stress and strain, on the geometric shape of such a continuous bridge with variable cross-section, it is difficult to control the geometric shape of the bridge without stress monitoring....
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Study on the abrasive resistance of Polylactic acid fiber sand barrier

Jingxin Shen, Weijie Yuan, Yi Yu, Xiaomin Song
Life length of PLA sand barrier shall be influenced under wind-drift sand. This study researches the law of abrasion performance to provide theoretical underpinnings in predicting life length of PLA sand barrier. This study tests the abrasion performance of PLA sand Barrier by applying Martindale Abrasion...
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Effects of Silica Content on the Properties of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) / Silica Nanocomposite Hydrogels

Lili Wu, Chao Zhang, Chaocan Zhang
Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) is a representative thermosensitive polymer, whose hydrogels have broad applications. But poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) hydrogels are weak and brittle. To get higher strength hydrogels, in this paper, silica sol was utilized as nanoparticle reinforcer source to construct poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/silica...
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Determination of the Crystal Structure of La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 δ

Jie Zhang, Chenggang Li, Weiguang Chen
X-ray diffraction spectra are studied in the two series of La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 δ (denoted as LSGM). The comparison of the enlarged portion of XRD spectra between the experimental samples and samples in the card bas has been made to detemine their crystal structures at room temperature. The comparison...
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Technology and Application of Centralized DC Power Supply for LED Street Lamp

Rutong Zhang, Xiaoshu Huang, Bin Zhou, Yang Yang
With the continuous expansion of the scale of urban lighting, LED (light-emitting diode) lamps with a long life, high luminous efficiency, in many cities gradually popularized into the practical stage. In the traditional AC power system, the driving power of LED is the main failure point of LED lamps,...
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Study on Flow Field Uniformity at the Outlet of Denitrtion Reactor and Optimization of Diversion Structure

Xiangbo Ze, Zerong Zhong, Changjiang Zhong, Wenzhen Xzhong
Due to the problem of reforming the reactor, the original supporting column at the outlet of the equipment has a negative influence on the uniformity of the flue gas. In this paper, CFD simulation technology is used to simulate the smoke movement at the outlet of the denitration reactor, using the standard...
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Effects of adsorption of copper-polluted water by Ti-MCM-41

Xiangqing Fang, Le Sun, Ya Li
Ti-MCM-41 zeolite was hydrothermally synthesized by using tetrabutyl orthotitanate as titanium source and fumed silica as silicon. Powder X-ray diffraction UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and inductively coupled plasma were used to characterize the product, results indicated revealed that the...