Proceedings of the 2017 6th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2017)

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Preliminary study on determination of reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels under earthquake

Yongqiang Zhou, Qian Sheng, Xianlun Leng, Xiaodong Fu, Nana Li
For determining the reasonable ratio of spacing to diameter of double tunnels, the criterion is often only for the excavation, and does not take into account the earthquake situation. In order to ensure the stability of surrounding rock masses, safety and economic rationality during construction and...
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The identification of added mass and aerodynamic damping using HHT method under wind action

Xufeng Sun, Chao Hu
For the long-span roof structures which have relatively low frequency and light mass, the vibration property under the action of fluctuating wind is significantly influenced by the added mass and aerodynamic damping. Since the influence can be reflected by the change of structural frequency and damping...
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GIS-based study on the Bohai Strait cross-sea channel route scheme

Yu Li, Xiaodan Ha
The Bohai Strait cross-sea channel, an undersea tunnel, is proposed to connect Dalian, Liaoning province and Penglai, Shandong province. The construction of the Bohai Strait cross-sea channel project can restrict the important project of national development from a certain angle, and it is helpful to...
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Study on the Performance of Reactive Powder Concrete for Building Exterior Wall

Xin'E Yan
Reactive powder concrete (RPC) is a cement-based material with excellent flexural strength. This study focuses on the flexural strength and maximum fluidity of RPC mixed with superplasticizer and steel fiber. In order to explore an optimized mix proportions of RPC, we make a research on the influences...
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Study on Coal Mine Fast Drilling Equipment and Blasting Key Technology

Hongli Wang, Wei Bao, Taihui Xu, Lixin Song
At present, in excavation of the coal mine roadway, it is widely used to a full section of millisecond blasting in borehole depth of about 2.0m. A lot of practice shows that, due to the influence of geological conditions, drilling, charge and other factors, footage per cycle reaching 2.5 ~ 3.0m, there...
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Optimization Planning of Space Layout of Buildings in Explosive Area Based on Harmony Search Algorithm

Yiyuan Zhang, Ya Wang, Pengfei Chen
In order to do planning for explosive area, simplified explosion planning calculation model is built based on the relative certainty of chemical explosion. First, simplified explosion-structure mutual model is built to calculate the force situation. This model adopts the peak overpressure calculation...
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Policy assessment on displacement of 1.6 liters and below passenger car purchase tax in 2015

R. Geng, Z.Y. Chen
In 2015 halved and below 1.6 liters of displacement passenger car vehicle purchase tax policy, from the displacement of 1.6 liters and below passenger car sales, auto industry structure upgrade effects on energy saving and emission reduction, analysis of the policy effects on 6 aspects of the influences...
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Numerical parametric study of three-dimensional tunnel response due to overlying circular basement excavation

Jiangwei Shi
Deep basement excavation inevitably induces stress changes in the ground leading to soil movements, which may cause adverse effects on existing tunnels. Although basement-tunnel interaction has attracted increasing attention recently, the influence of circular basement excavation on metro tunnels is...
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Design and Development of Smart Campus System Based on BIM and GIS

Yunxia Jiang
This paper discusses the design and development of the campus system from the following aspects: the overall structure of the system, the functions of each subsystem, and the key skills and difficulties.
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Study on Plane-section Assumption of New Composite T-shaped Concrete-filled Steel Tubular Columns

J. Huang, S.Q. Dai, J.Y. Xie, C. Wang
The linear regularity of the strain distribution about new composite T-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular columns on the multiple sections was analyzed by ABAQUS. The plane-section assumption of new composite T-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular columns was studied under the axial loading and lateral...
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Study on the Conflict Management Process Applied in the Construction of Integrated Transportation Hub Project

Shusheng Xu, Zhichao Xu
According to the trait of Integrated Transportation Hub that it involves amount of stakeholders, dissevering the conflict management process will result in describing conflict inaccurately and keeping the conflict unresolved. Regarding of integrating the quantitative and qualitative approaches, we consider...
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Application Research on Monitoring Cloud Platform of Bridge Construction Based on BIM

Peng Zhi, Tianyun Shi, Wanqi Wang, Huilin Wang
Based on BIM, cloud platform, internet of things and other advanced technology, this study establishes a monitoring cloud platform used in the bridge construction. It solved the key technology application issues such as formulating bridge BIM implementation standards and engineering breakdown structure...
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Study on the sediment consolidation process under different salinity fields in the Yellow River Estuary

Chuanfang Xiong, Hongxian Shan, Shaotong Zhang, Chaoqi Zhu, Yonggang Jia
A field experiment was carried out on an intertidal flat of the Yellow River delta to study the consolidation process of sediments under different salinity fields. Three test pits were excavated to simulate newly deposited seabed by backfilling well-mixed sediments with water in different salinities....
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Research on the operational modal testing of a structural laboratory through ambient excitation

Xiaomin Zhang, Jianqi Chen, Yong Sun
Modal parameter identification plays an important role in the dynamic performance evaluation and design of seismic structures. In this paper, we tested the large span space steel structure laboratory in a university, and then got modal parameters such as frequency and vibration mode based on the assumption...
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Uncertainty Evaluation for Measurement result of Pavement Permeability Coefficient

Lu Liu, Genqiang Jing, Hongbo Guo
The measurement result representation must contain both the value to be measured and the measurement uncertainty associated with the value, which is complete and meaningful. When the pavement permeability coefficient is measured on the road, the measurement results are given to the pavement seepage coefficient,...
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Interfacial Shear Stresses Calculation of FRP Strengthened RC Beams

Jia Yang
One major problem when using ber reinforced polymer (FRP) to strengthen structures is the presence of high interfacial shear stresses near the end of the RC beams which might impact on the debonding failure modes and working mechanism. Interfacial debonding failure may occur at the plate ends due to...
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Interfacial Slip Calculation of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Plate under Symmetry Concentrated Loading

Jia Yang
Debonding of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is a main premature failure of RC beams strengthened with FRP plate, which is mainly due to the interfacial slip between FRP and concrete beam. The interfacial slip is one of the key factors to affect the behaviors of RC beams strengthened with FRP plate. Under...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting Project Success in Chinese Context Based on Interpretative Structural Modeling

Hua Zhao, Huijie Jiang, Xing Li, Shulan Liu
In the field of engineering management practice in today's China, the theoretical research of project success is still a hot topic. On the basis of literature and Chinese context, the project success factors are summarized for the Chinese construction projects, and the hierarchical structure model of...
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Bandgap analysis of two-dimensional phononic crystals

Fenglian Li
The Dirichlet-to-Neumann method is adopted to calculate the band gaps of the two-dimensional phononic crystals with different interface conditions. The system is in a square lattice which is composed of the solid cylinders embedded in a softer material. The cross sections of the inclusions are circular....
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Factors affecting the durability of GRC cement

Yue Yin, Shengmi Wang, Maoquan Zhuang, Mingzhe Hu
GRC is a concrete made of glass fiber, acting as reinforce matrix, and combined with cement. It has high tensile, bending and anti-impact properties. However, due to its endurance problem, it is prohibited in industry applications. In the recent thirty years, many researchers have investigated its endurance...
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Analysis and Behavioral Modeling of TiO2-based Resistance Switching Device

Gang Liu, Liang Fang
This paper presents a new behavioral model for TiO2 resistive random access memory (RRAM). The model is based on hierarchical transformation filament theory, the device parameters are obtained from an Au/TiO2/Au MIM (Metal/Insulator/Metal) RRAM cell with 100 nm in diameter, 50 nm-thick TiO2 thin film....
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An Improved Contour Tracing Method of Extracting Shoreline Based on LiDAR Data

Caixia Yu, Yilong Li, Jun Xu, Wenqian Huang
The Contour tracing method can automate extraction of tidal datum referenced shorelines from light detection and ranging ( LiDAR) data. With this method, shorelines are derived easily, but they are too broken, meandering and trembly. So an improved contour tracing method is put forward in this paper....
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The strength analysis of new W-shape resilient wheel under different working conditions

Jianhui Tian, Ke Wang
This paper presents a new W-shape resilient wheel and bases on "UIC510-5 Technical approval of monolithic wheels (2003)" standard for strength analysis. The calculation results show that in five kinds of working conditions, the elastic components strength of wheel meets the design requirements. New W-shape...
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Comparison on VS(Z)-VS(30) models

Linjian Ji, Zhengru Tao, Wenqian Li, Xiaxin Tao
The time-averaged shear-wave velocity to the depth of 30 m (VS(30)) is the most important site specific parameter in seismic building codes and ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs). So far, there are several models to estimate VS(30) from average velocities to depths less than 30m VS(Z). 206 borehole...
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Research Status of Vegetation on Flow and Sediment Movement

Guoying Wu, Jiayi Wang, Bingxue Shi
Vegetation in river effect on flow and sediment transport. Based on the main research results, this paper divided the study of effect of vegetation on flow and sediment transport into three aspects: flow resistance, turbulence structure and sediment movement. The flow resistance is mainly affected by...
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Experimental study on seismic behavior of cast in situ lightweight composite wall

Pang Run, Yuze Tian, Jingyi Yue, Zhenjiang Qin, Ran Wei
Based on the cast-in-situ light composite insulation wall, through the experiment, analyze the natural frequency and the aseismatic performance of the wall. It is concluded that the natural frequencies of the wall before and after vibration test are 10.01Hz, which indicated the wall stiffness without...
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Grey Correlation Analysis of the Bending Resistance of Lightweight Thermal Insulation Composite Wall

Song Liu, Yuze Tian, Jihong Liu, Wang Chen, Tianhuan Wang, Junzhe Li
The research of light thermal insulation composite wall has great significance to the study of alleviating the energy shortage situation and promoting the sustainable development of China. In this paper, the gray correlation analysis was carried out to determine the indicators that influence the bending...
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Fatigue analysis of rib-to-deck joints in steel orthotropic decks of Chongqi Bridge

Hui Wang, Suyu Han, Shiqin He, Fei Yan
Chongqi bridge is the longest-span continuous steel box girder bridge with an orthotropic steel deck in China. Due to the small thickness of both the deck plate and rib wall, the out-of-plane bending moments result in high local flexural stresses causing fatigue cracks to develop at the rib-to-deck joints....
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The Application of Regression Analysis Method on the Linear Control of the Pavement on Concrete Beam Bridge with Wide Spans

Rongxiang Shan
Cantilevered construction is adopted in most concrete bridges with wide spans. Because of such factors as shrinking and gradually deforming of concrete, constructive error, and constructive load, the pavement cannot be perfectly flat when the bridge is accomplished. So it is necessary to adjust the linear...
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The treatment technique of dynamic analysis of highway slope diseases under complicated geological conditions of high temperature and rainy area

Haiping Li, Rongxiang Shani
Under abnormal climatic conditions, a large number of cutting slope deformation instability problems that plagued expressway operation have become one of the major security issues. The formation lithology, geological structure and other inner factors are closely related to the stability problem of expressway...
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Mechanical Property of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Reinforced Concrete (CFSTRC) Columns Subjected to two-opposite-side Fire

Lei Xu, Yanhong Bao, Wenda Wang, Jiangang Sun
The present study established a numerical investigation on the behavior of concrete filled steel tube reinforced concrete (CFSTRC) columns under combined loading and two-opposite-side fire. The FEA model was verified by the experimental results of CFST columns subjected to non-uniform fire. The comparison...
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Numerical Assessment of Seepage Control Effects of Underground Powerhouse

Huakang Zheng, Chao Hu, Qin Shang
For performance assessment and optimization design of the seepage control system in the Yagen underground powerhouse, a numerical method combining a substructure technique, the variational inequality formulation of Signorini's type and an adaptive penalized Heaviside function (short for SVA method) was...
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Experimental Research on Effect of Heat Source on Performance of Transcritical CO2 System

Yingfu Liu, Tongzhen Jia, Guangya Jin
In this paper, the transcritical CO2 system is experimental studied, influence of heat source on system performance is analyzed. The experimental results show that the cooling water flow has no obvious effect on the system performance and it may be owed to the limitations of this experimental device....
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Stability Analysis of a Composite Girder Cable-stayed Bridge

Wusheng Tian, Bin Liang, Liang Lv
The Gangjiang No.2 Bridge is studied as the research object. In this paper, a finite element model is established by using ANSYS finite element analysis software in the engineering background of the cable-stayed bridge with double cable plane steel. The results show that it can get the result of the...
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Study on Static and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Long Span Steel Concrete Composite Beam Cable-stayed Bridge

Wusheng Tian, Bin Liang, Xingliang Jin
The Gangjiang No.2 Bridge is studied as the research object. The three-dimensional finite element bridge model is established with ANSYS 15.0 about static and dynamic characteristics of the bridge. The main girder and the main tower stress have enough safety storage, which can meet the specification...
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Optimization of Construction Process of Double Side Slope Method Used in Super Section Tunnel

Xingliang Jin, Bin Liang
Taking Chongqing Metro Line 5 tunnel project as an engineering example, which is a shallow buried large section tunnel. The finite element numerical analysis software MIDAS-GTS was used to establish the three-dimensional finite element model of the tunnel. The analysis data was compared with the site...
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Study on the Reasonable Length of Core Soil in Shallow Buried Large Section Tunnel

Xingliang Jin, Bin Liang
Taking Chongqing Metro Line 5 tunnel project as an engineering example, which is a shallow buried large section tunnel. Study on the length of core soil in the tunnel excavation. The numerical simulation software MIDAS-GTS was used to establish the three dimensional solid model which under different...
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Study on Mixture Ratio Design Method of AC-20C Modified Foamed Asphalt Mixture

Kejia Liu, Bin Liang
The design process of mixture ratio of foamed asphalt mixture is studied in the paper. By means of a series of asphalt test, the best foaming condition, mineral aggregate gradation and the best ratio of asphalt is determined. The road performance test of foam asphalt mixture is carried out to verify...
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Study on Pavement Performance of Foamed Asphalt Mixture in Mid-Surface of Expressway

Kejia Liu, Bin Liang
Pavement performance of Foamed Asphalt Mixture in Mid-Surface of Expressway is studied in the paper. The production process of foamed asphalt mixture in the construction site mixing station is briefly introduced. Experimental study on water stability of asphalt mixture by immersion Marshall test and...
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The study of Forming process and Modeling of Bidirectional Self-Rectifying Pt/TiO2/Al Structured RRAM

Gang Liu, Liang Fang
The forming process and SET-RESET mechanism of Pt/TiO2/Al resistive random access memory (RRAM) are investigated. Forming process was implemented by consecutive voltage sweep instead of one-step operation. After forming process, bidirectional self-rectifying characteristics was exhibited. In following...
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Analysis on the Influence of Stage Development Features about Architectural Color under the Regional Culture Background in Changchun City

Mei Li, Lu Liu, Yilong Zhao
There is a close relationship between architectural color and the formation of urban social historical context, the formation of urban features, urbanÿresidents' attachment, and so architectural color is an important part of urban features. The paper generalizes architectural color features during various...
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Molecular dynamics study on the physical properties of gold and silver alloys

Guilin Yang, Bin He, Rusong Li, Xin Qu
In order to describe the physical properties of -Pu from the microscopic scale, we perform molecular dynamics calculation using the analogy material Ag-Au alloy. The melting point, volume heat capacity and linear expansion coefficient of Ag-Au alloys with different doping levels were calculated by the...
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Study on the location of the emergency storage for processed grain based on multi-objective location model--take a direct-controlled municipality as an example

Qi Wang, Jianjun Han
Under the background of the current frequent emergencies, the problem of the processed grain emergency storage has the practical significance and theoretical value. This paper considers the facility location efficiency for processed grain emergency storage and coverage radius demands satisfaction differences,...
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Computer Simulation of Fast Neutron Multiplicity Analysis

Lin Zhuang, Quanhu Zhang, Wenming Zuo, Chen Chen
The paper constructs the model of nuclear materials and fast neutron multiplicity counter, and obtains the mass of nuclear materials by utilizing the equation of fast neutron multiplicity. Via GEANT4 tool kit, the paper obtains the simulated results which are identical well to the results calculated...
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Finite element analysis of Reactive Powder Concrete beam flexural properties

Cuiping Chi, Changchun Pei
By using finite element analysis to study the effects of different water-cement ratio and different fiber composition on the flexural properties of Reactive Powder Concrete beam. The results show that: Firstiy, under the same fiber combination, with the increase of water-cement ratio, the bending moment...
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Analysis and Comparison of Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow Forecast based on Multiple Methods

Yiru Cui, Yang Li
Passenger flow forecast is an important and functional part of urban rail transit operation and management, excellent and accurate passenger flow forecast can guide the operation management to achieve high efficiency and safety. This article mainly discusses the three forecasting models commonly used...
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Safety evaluation of power supply system for Urban Rail Transit

Yang Li, Yiru Cui
In order to prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents in urban rail transit project, the safety evaluation work is paid more and more attention. Safety evaluation work is a powerful guarantee for urban rail transit construction and operation safety. In this paper, AHP and comprehensive...
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The overlying influence of underground structure and impermeable surface of the ground on groundwater recharge in residential area construction

Qingyang Zheng, Shisong Qu, Jinchao Li, Weiping Wang, Zhengxian Zhang
More population and less land is the main contradiction in the process of urbanization in China. Residential buildings developing upward and downward, such as the underground structure, not only made the impervious surface area increased, increasing more surface runoff, but also the underground impervious...
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The Environmental Risk of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil as Raw Material for Making Ceramsites

Yijian Feng, Xiangyang Sun, Zhong Zhong, Chi Zhang
Rapid and rough economic development in southeastern China has led brownfields come to be big problems. In this study, heavy metal contaminated soil and sludge were used as raw materials for ceramsites making in a simulated calcination system. Different recipes of raw materials for ceramites making were...
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An improved algorithm for the Cellular Element Method

Jie Liu, Jixin Yang, Jingnan Yang
A cellular element method turns the global analysis of the finite element method into a series of partial analyses. The final overall balance is achieved through the partial unbalanced transfer of force. The requirement for computer memory is extremely low and parallel algorithms are easy to implement....