Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Education and Management (ICEM 2017)

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Reformation and Exploration in Physics Experiment Teaching

Maoyong Tang, Yaxiang Bai
In order to improve the quality of physics experiment and cultivate the innovative person with ability of independent scientific research, traditional physics experiment teaching method and content must be reformed, In this paper, the reformation and exploratory researches of physics experiment teaching,...
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Current Situation and Development Prospect of French Economic Reform

Lu Chen
Since the debt crisis in Europe, the French economy remains in the doldrums, and it has not yet appeared any hopeful sign of recovery. France is considered as the second-largest economy in Europe, with the label "European sick man", even "French recession" is rampant. For the French government, the introduction...
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Reform and Development of Multimedia Teaching Methods in Foreign Language Courses at Colleges and Universities

Yun Li
For multimedia teaching methods in foreign language courses at colleges and universities, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of multimedia courseware with teaching and pay attention to some problems regarding usage so as to truly play the advantages of multimedia teaching equipment and achieve...
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Research on Service Network Governance Structure

Guihong Xu, Jingfeng Zhao, Haizhen Wu
The article analyzed the attitude and role of stakeholders in the service industry, straighten out the logic relationship, construct both bottom-up and top-down sandwich type vertical structure, but also horizontally through the multi-agent coordination management to realize the subject interests and...
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Research and Study on Credit System of Shanghai E-Commerce Enterprises

HaiLan Pan, WenJing Wei, YuHan Wang
In recent years, with the outbreak of such issues as the disclosure of personal information and the unrealistic price cuts of Taobao shops, it is not difficult to see that many problems concerning the credit of electronic commerce have begun to be uncovered continuously, thereby hindering the further...
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Training Mode of Logistics Talents Based on Internet Era in Application Colleges and Universities

Shufan Zhu, Rongyan Zhu, Xiaofen Zhou
With Internet platform and information communication technology having poured into traditional logistics industry, it is becoming more and more important to train logistics management talents to adapt to transformation and upgrading of logistics enterprises. This paper presents Training mode of logistics...
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Econometric Analysis of Development of Real Estate Industry in Zhanjiang

Yanli Xu, Dan Liu, Bin Chen
In order to promote the development of real estate in Zhanjiang City, this essay uses the method of econometrics to establish the regression model with the related indicators of real estate development in Zhanjiang from 2000 to 2013 as the econometric analysis. The results show that the total real estate...
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Flat Application in Interaction Design

Guoxin Chen, Yuntian Ma
Flat design is a mix of visual style and the concept of interaction design, visual style, information and interactive logic flat hierarchy, is to achieve the ease of use of the interaction and create high quality user experience. This article from the perspective of the social development, the interface...
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Study on the Instruction of EOP

Xixiang Ke, Xue Yang
This paper briefly introduces the current problems and characteristics of general English and ESP and analyzes the necessity of setting up English course for occupational purposes as one of the follow-up courses of college English. The necessity and practicality of English courses for occupational purposes...
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Research on MTI Education Model from the Perspective of Needs Analysis Theory

Yan Yao
To meet the growing needs of translation market, China has attached great importance to the training of translation talents. MTI was set up under this background. However, as a new major, education model of MTI is still relatively unclear for most MTI institutes. Market needs of translation talents haven't...
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Research on the Development of Editors in the Internet Era

Xi Wang
With the rapid development of science and technology, the new web-based digital media came into being. New media age posed a serious challenge to the survival and development of editors. In order to improve the competitiveness of editors, The following four aspects conteng are listed below: (1)The new...
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The Construction Mode of the Sadness Experience of Losing-Single-Child Groups under Chinese Cultural Background

Xinliang Wang, Chao Wu
The loss of only child events have a great influence on the life and work of the relevant parties and helping them to get out of their grief and return to their daily life is an urgent task for the development of contemporary Chinese society. Based on the background of China's cultural development, this...
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How Low-rating Restaurant Crack Business

Bo Gao, Xinjian Qiang, Shuyu Chen
This work is focusing on "Yelp" businesses. The main idea is to analyze the data from the Yelp web site. These two methods are used for grade prediction and feature selection: multinomial logistic regression and random forest. In conclusion, the results of the two methods are mostly the same with acceptable...
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Evaluation of Mobile Corporation Brand Business Performance based on Association Rules

Hongxia Guo, Bin Pan, Yong Liu
In SQL Server 2010 environment, the association rules is used to analyze the data of mobile phone users bill, in order to find the correlation between the users consumption and the revenue of mobile communications company Sichuan branch. The performance contribution(PC) indicators of tariff package is...
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Exploration of Training Innovative Talents in College English Teaching

Lili Luo
This article analyzes the measures taken and achievements made by normal universities in cultivating English language innovative talents, and the existing problems were summed up. Emphasis should be placed on the ability of subject application to reflect the practical value of foreign languages. From...
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Discussion on Innovative Education of College Students E - business Innovation

Mengqing Feng
With the rapid development of e-commerce in our country, many college students regard e-commerce as their preferred business model for personal entrepreneurship. Under the new situation, the e-commerce education for undergraduates should be strengthened. The emphasis is to strengthen the "three education"...
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The Role of English Language and Literature on the Cultivation of Students' Language Ability

Shuang Chen
Education of English language and literature plays an important role in promoting students' language ability. Here analyses the importance of cultivating students' language ability, put forward the components of students' language ability, analysis of the English language and literature for the specific...
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An Empirical Study on the Influential Factors of the Allocation Efficiency of Financial Resources in the Western Region

Hongjian Li, Chi Fan
This paper selects the data of twelve provinces and cities in the western region of China from 2011 to 2015, constructs the panel data and establishes the econometric model. It mainly analyzes the efficiency of allocating financial resources in the western region from three aspects: the marketization...
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The Problem Analysis and Improvement Measures of Mathematics Education of International Students

Xiaoyan Wang, Xuefei Lu, Yanhong She
The education of overseas students in China is an important part of talent training, teaching work is the most important part of international students' education, The teaching of mathematics courses for foreign students play an extremely important role in the process of cultivation. This paper analyses...
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Structure Performance Evaluation Method Research of Harbor Portal Crane

Yu Zhang
Harbor portal crane is composed of many pieces of metal structures, portal cranes various functional structures and cranes overall security evaluation system in accordance with the idea of the analytic hierarchy process and gives a quantified method, the application of expert investigation and the Analytic...
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China's Policy Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism Based on Evolution Characteristics of Strategic Emerging Industries [*]

Hongmin Liu, Yichao Han, Weiwei Liu
The typical periodic evolution is the characteristics of strategic emerging industries (SEI), and the development of SEI opens the "window of opportunity" for the establishment of the industry leaders and the late-development countries to realize economic catch-up. However, the characteristics of externality...
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The Exploration of Innovation of Ideological and Political Education Work for Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chong Liu
The development and changes of the higher vocational education bring not only opportunities to the ideological and political education of students at higher vocational colleges, but also challenges. At this stage, it is particularly important to strengthen innovative construction of ideological and political...
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Research on the Design of SINS/GPS Integrated Navigation System

Ruimin Zhang, Xusheng Wang
The functional design is carried out from global positioning, navigation instructions and other aspects based on the navigation system design. However, in the process of using SINS/GPS combination, it needs to be studied from the aspects of operation precision, system operability and so on. On the premise...
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College English Teachers' Sense of Responsibility—a Research Based on Schlenker's Triangle Model of Responsibility

Tuanhua Lu
Teachers' sense of responsibility is one of the determinants of college English teaching. However, its importance has been overlooked by most of current researches, hence this topic is insufficiently studied. The Triangle Model of Responsibility proposed by Schlenker precisely forecasts and explores...
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Research on the Current Situation of Intellectual Property Law Based on the Perspective of Public Information Resource Management

He Li
With the continuous development of the economy and society, China has gradually entered into the information society, and information has gradually become an important means to promote the economic development. Because of the important role of information, how to better implement the intellectual property...
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Estimating Multipath Signal Delay Using MUSIC Algorithm

Mingyue Zhai
This paper considers the problem of time-delay estimation of multipath signals, which is widely existed in wireless communications. For multipath channel, we propose a new signal model, and based on this signal model, we estimate the delay of multipath signal by using the traditional MUSIC algorithm....
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Aspects to Reform College English Teaching under the Background of Socialization of NMET

Junling Yan
As is known to all, English is an important subject of our learning, but as the socialization of the college entrance examination English reform, English major is faced with the problems of the reform. Different people have different views. Some people think that English learning and examination is essential...
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Travel Freedom, Sexual Harassment and Family Support to Female Higher Education in Pakistan

Sumara Mehmood, Chong Li
The developed nations around the world pay equal attention to male and female's higher education, however females' higher education in Pakistan is still most neglected sector. The paper is an effort to investigate the impact of travel Freedom, sexual harassment and family support to female's higher education....
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Analysis on Driving Forces of Sustainable Development of High-end Manufacturing Industry in China

Jun Xu, Xingcheng Ge
In recent years, with the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, the new wave of global industrial transfer, represented by high-end manufacturing industry, is becoming more and more intense. Nowadays, countries all of the world have increased the development of high-end manufacturing...
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Airport Security Analysis

Tianbao Liang
Nowadays, airplane is the fastest transportation tool, and more and more passengers choose it when they are traveling. so, Airport security analysis can help to upgrade Airport security system. For analyzing Airport security system, the Model of M / M / c queuing system in Queuing Theory is built to...
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Study on the Fiscal and Taxation Policies of Land Fallow in China

Lingling Qin, Jinyao Li
Cultivated land is the most valuable agricultural resource. Facing the "red light" of environmental resources, such as the irrational agricultural resources, the food supply pressure of the over-population and the super-intensive utilization of water, taking advantage of the abundant timing of domestic...
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Research on the Development of Environmental Accounting in China

Ting Guo
In recent years the waste of resources is serious, environment worsening, human survival environment is a serious threat. In this case the environment accounting arises at the historic moment. Environmental accounting caused great attention world, in foreign development earlier, but in our country late...
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Research and Implementation of Wisdom Campus System Based on Android Platform

Yanqiu Wang, Xiaofei Yan
With the rapid development of internet, cloud computing and mobile application development, smart campus system is paid more attention by more and more scholars. In China, many scholars have already explored the concept of smart campus. Against this background, we carry out research on the development...
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Construction and Practice of Excellent Course of "Network Security Technology"

Tiejun Jia, Yang Li
Through the investigation and analysis of advanced applied talents in network security, developed and implemented the in-depth and optimized construction plan for the "Network Security Technology" excellent course of Shanghai colleges and universities. Reform and practice are conducted on course construction...
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Construction of the Framework of Intercultural Communication Competence in Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Yanna Qiao
With the development of globalization, it has been very important to cultivate the ability of intercultural communicative competence in colleges and universities. Intercultural communication is a kind of comprehensive ability. Based on the connotation of intercultural communicative competence, this paper...
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Analyze the Application and Practice of Flipped Classroom Concept in College English Teaching

Mingbo Yu
The application of flipped classroom as a kind of teaching mode can make students become the real subjects in the normal study life, so as to achieve the purpose of using the classroom time to let the students and teachers communicate and interact with each other, and to improve the learning efficiency...
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The Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Music in College Music Education

Wei Chen
With the globalization of economy, China has closer relations with other countries. Music education in our country also begin to show a diversified musical art form and promote the development of music education in our country. But it also causes the marginalization of traditional music in college music...
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Cross-cultural Communication Based on Wittgenstein's Life Form

Yabo Li
Life form, "language games" and "family resemblance" are three important concepts in Wittgenstein's later philosophy research, marking the philosophy of language from theory to practice. In global village, no one is completely able to avoid the influence from life form, and no one can be really far away...
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The Evaluation Index System Research on Quality Engineering Based on AHP

Jiangtao You, Wei Liu
For the sake of accelerate the modern engineering management, promote the transformation and upgrading of highway and waterway engineering construction and development, improve the quality, safety and operation service level of highway and waterway engineering. This article puts forward the construction...
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Study on the Relationship between Innovation Types and Factors Supply

Dongming Yu
In the long-term follow-up study of sample enterprises, we found that the elements supply growth will bring different effects on innovation activities. Through in-depth research, the author found that, in the context of independent innovation, elements inputs will encourage enterprises to continuously...
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On Methods to Improve College English Teaching under the Background of Socialization of NMET

Junling Yan
With the help of the great reform of socialization of college entrance examination English, college English teaching must also make the corresponding reform measures so as to form a comprehensive range of an overhaul. In order to reform and improve college English teaching, we must understand contents...
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On the Pertinence of Textbooks in Chinese as a Foreign Language

Huiling Sun
In many principles of compiling textbooks for foreigners, the pertinence principle is the most important, and the principle of demand is the first principle of the principle of pertinence. The other principles are to think about the problem from the point of view of the teacher. The principle of pertinence...
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Core Talent Identification and Management Problems of the Enterprise

Xiaoqing Wang
Talent management has become a focus problem in human resource management theory and practice. Firstly, the article reviews the related studies of the talent management theory and practice, and puts forward the meaning of the core talents, which can be divided into four types: management core talents,...
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A Summary Report on the Senior Administrative Personnel Overseas-Study Team of Yunnan Provincial Higher Education in 2016

Yongkun Wan
From September 18 to December 18 in 2016, the 20-people Senior Executives Study-abroad Team of Yunnan Provincial Higher Education went to Langara College in Vancouver of Canada for three months of study. Through careful study and understanding of all the learners of this team towards Canadian fundamental...
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A Comparative Study of Learning Anxiety between Rural Left-behind Children and Non-left-behind Children

Xiaofang Li
Objective: to investigate the learning anxiety level of rural left-behind children and non-left-behind children. Method: Adopted the anxiety subscales of "mental health diagnostic test" (MHT), this research has made an investigation on 363 rural left-behind children and non left-behind children. Results:...
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On Validity and Improvement Strategies of Proposition in Putonghua Test

Huiling Sun
In the Putonghua Test, the proposition is crucial in determining the subjects' Putonghua level. But the design of proposition is defectiveness .the subjects are in front of the computer without communication object and not in the communication field, just one-way talking for three minutes. Such talk...
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Research on the Mode of Cultivating Innovative Talents Based on the Integration of Industry-University-Research

Chuanlin Huang, Yao Li, Shuang Gao
With the rapid development of information science and technology, there are also serious problems in the supply and demand of applied talents between informatization enterprises and higher education schools. Industry-university-research cooperation has become the fundamental solution to the problem....
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Artistic Teaching about Jia Pingwa's Prose in an Era of Visualization

Ying Zhang
Today, with the rapid development of visual culture, colorful images make readers enter the "era of reading pictures" unconsciously. Images bring the readers visualization, audio-visual impact and reading comprehensiveness. When teaching about the artistic characteristics of Jia Pingwa's proses, it is...
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Construction of Quality Assurance System for Talent Training in Chinese-foreign Cooperative Program

Haiying Ma, Rangjia Cai
In view of the current Chinese-foreign cooperative program personnel training quality, the problems of surrounding the talents training goal of Chinese-foreign cooperative program, for training scheme, course system, teaching staff, teaching resources and teaching quality monitoring system for this paper....
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Research on the Teaching Operation Mechanism of Intellectual Property Law Course

Shu Luo
As an inevitable choice of the postgraduate talent training mode of the intellectual property law, the joint training mode of industry, school and scientific research institution puts forward new requirements for the teaching of intellectual property law courses. In view of the main problems in the teaching...