Proceedings of the 2020 2nd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2020)

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The Game and Risk Control of Three Parties in Logistics Finance

Naizhang Zhai, Eric McDermott
Small and medium enterprises are an important part that forcing China’s economic and social development. It is true that giving promotion to the development for small and medium enterprises is a crucial basis for China to keep the economy and politics stable, offering them a rapid development and strategic...
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Research on the Enterprise Financial Statement and Countermeasure — Take Yili Company as an Example

Mianxin Wang
This paper uses some basic data analysis methods to analyze the annual financial report of Yili company. Through calculation and comparison, it can be found that Yili company actually has much more competitive advantages than other enterprises in the same industry and its efficiency and liquidity of...
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Analysis on the Different Response of Fast Fashion Brands and Luxury Brands to the Epidemic

Wen Peiyu
The fashion industry is one of the most important industries in the world economy, and it has always had strong competitiveness in trade exchanges. The outbreak of the epidemic triggered great turmoil in the global financial market, which had varying degrees of negative impact on fashion brands of all...
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Comparison Study of the Pension Policies in China and the U.S.

Lingsong Li
Due to the continuous development of medical technology and the improvement of people’s living standard, the average life expectancy of people is also increasing. Many developed countries and some developing countries are now facing the increasingly serious problem of population aging, with the elderly...
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Analysis on the Post-COVID-19 Fiscal Policy Based on the Empirical Analysis of Financial Revenue and Expenditure

Zhenlan Yao
The monthly data of China’s national financial revenue and expenditure from January, 2012 to December, 2019 have been collected in this thesis. ADF Test, Johansen Test and Granger Test based on the monthly data have been investigated and the Error Correction Model have been set up. Results show that...
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Analysis on Chinese Private Logistics Company’s Situation Before and After Covid-19

Miao Zhenhao
Due to the impact of the global epidemic, both private enterprises and state-owned enterprises have been affected, but the small private enterprise may be undergoing a more serious affect. Aiming at current situation of logistics industry in China, this article will use the data of private logistics...
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The Impact of the Issuance of Central Bank Digital Currency on the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy

Yuqing Wu
Facebook’s efforts to launch its Libra cryptocurrency elicited heated debates over who will control money in the future, major economies have started to examine how central bank digital currencies could become reality. In this paper, clear boundaries between central bank digital currency and cryptocurrency...
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The Technological Innovation Performance of Chinese Firms After Cross-border M&A

From Cross-Border M&A Frequency and TMT International Experiences Perspective

Zipei Sun
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have always been used as an important means to enter the host country market or to obtain strategic resources. In recent years, Chinese firms are increasingly introducing capital into foreign countries through cross-border M&A. This article examines...
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Medical Tourism’s Leading Drivers, Motivators, and Promoters – The Healthcare Cost Disparity Between the Developed and the Developing Countries

Miyu Fan
The report explores the phenomenon of medical tourism from an economic perspective. In particular, the discussion culminates by highlighting the field’s leading drivers. Room for inefficient healthcare operators is constantly shrinking in a rapidly globalizing industry; hence, it is imperative for all...
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The Future Development Prospects, Reform and Reconstruction of Commercial Banking Business Under the Background of Digital Currency

Xingzhi Qi
As a symbol of the development of the times in recent years, digital currency has attracted worldwide attention. It is undeniable that the rise of digital currency has brought new opportunities to the world economy, however it has also brought an impact on traditional economic methods, especially commercial...
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Analogies Between Internet and Blockchain, Hype Cycles, and Securities Trading Patterns

Marco I. Bonelli
In our daily lives, we are witnessing a similar impact between the Internet and Blockchains technologies, and we are assisting to a scenario of Blockchain greatly influencing the Financial System as the Internet did the Media Industry about 20 years ago. There are certainly many parallels, between the...
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The Disruptive Effects of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry, Food Industry, and E-commerce Industry

Cheng Dai
This article mainly focuses on the disruptive effects of COVID-19 on the world’s aviation, food, and e-commerce industry, discussing the background information of COVID-19, how the COVID-19 disease is affecting these industries, and suggestion about what local governments and companies should do during...
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On the Time Value of Inheriting and Promoting Chinese Red Music Culture

Hui Liu, Na Zhang, Hua Fang, Keke Du, Junfei Bi
China’s red music culture is consistent with the development of the Chinese revolution. It is an important magic weapon for cohesive combat effectiveness and an important form of promoting the main theme. It can educate and guide the broad masses of people to establish a correct world outlook, outlook...
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Imperfection of Protection System of the Rights and Interests of Minority Shareholders

Xiehan Yuan
with the development of the market economy, the rights and interests of minority shareholders have been increasingly attached, but the problem is still not optimistic. There are usually conditions that the controlling shareholder infringes the minority shareholders. Damage to the rights and interests...
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Research on Brazilian Taxation of FPSO’s Life-Cycle Based on Repetro

Xue Jinyan, Liu Yingtao, Tong Jinzhe, Li Lianying
As for international FPSO Operators, Brazil is a country which have important market of FPSO leasing and service. However, the high taxation in Brazil makes FPSO operators difficult to enter into the Brazilian market. In order to attract overseas investment, the Brazil government makes some preferential...
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Analysis on Online Shopping Under Prisoner’s Dilemma

Roger Li
Prisoner’s Dilemma refers to the situation where different individual decision makers always have an incentive to choose the way that creates a less than optimal outcome for the other individual. Online shopping is one of the situations that involves Prisoner’s Dilemma. Thus, analyzing and understanding...
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Impact of Perceived Income Inequality on Private Provision of Public Goods

Zhang Zhengxin
Experimental literature on public goods games has suggested that perceived income inequality may lead to an unpredicted impact on group contribution and individual behaviors. A standard linear public goods experiment is conducted to investigate the impact of perceived income inequality on the provision...
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Analysis on the Application of Chinese Public Goods in Health & Insurance Area

Ji Zheng
In our daily life, public goods and programs are familiar to us. It is not exaggeration to say that all countries in our world have public goods. Public goods include things like policies, roads, parks. In fact, when firefighters jump into a burning house to save your dog, or when you are fined for speeding...
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Analysis on the Success of Coca-Cola Marketing Strategy

Bodi Chu
Nowadays, Coca-Cola could be found in every corner of the world. No matter you are in the most bustling city or a remote village, there must be a Coca-Cola vending machine near by your house. In 1998, the brand value of Coca-Cola reached 83.845 billion US dollars, ranking first in the world for three...
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Research on the Benefit Transmission in the Whole Listing of Private Placement – A Case Study of China Power Construction Corporation

Ni Lan, Mei Suyi, Guan Jialiang, Chen Jiayu, Li Mingqi, Chen Zihan
In 2006, “private placement” was officially recognized by China Securities Regulatory Commission. Private placement is favored by listed companies because of its low cost and simple operation, and has become the preferred way of equity refinancing. However, this way also provides a channel for the large...
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Online Internet Influencers: Reshaping the Digital Business in Cosmetics Industry in China

Feixiao Xin
With the maturity of e-commerce in China, live streaming, which leads the lastest trend of e-commerce, has now become a “go-to” option for customers.The media and the audience are no longer completely independent with the development of this new era.The audience will have the right to choose the media,...
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Self-Contemplation – A Modern Adaptation of the Spectacle

Shiqiao Feng
This paper discusses the origins and developments of a spectacular society since the post-war era, when mass media is expanding into the visual world of daily life, giving birth to a new way to organize the society around the notion of consumption and reduce into the representation of an immense spectacle....
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The Way for China to Implement Carbon Emission Policy

Haoyi Wang
China has established five centers around the nation to conduct the carbon trading[1]. As China’s economy recovers from Corona Virus, it needs to pay attention Researching the promising strategy for China to solve carbon emission problems. In this essay, the major economic tools is margin analysis about...
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The Extent to Which Gender Difference Influences the Degree of Subjection to the Endowment Effect—An Empirical Finding

Zhengzhuo Li
The maximum price that someone is willing to pay for a good is usually much less than the minimum price that the person is willing to accept to give up the same good (the WTA-WTP gap). This is known at the endowment effect. Loss aversion is the main reason of endowment effect. This study investigates...
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Comparison Between Classical Game Theory and Evolutionary Game Theory Focused on Prisoner’s Dilemma

Jingjing Dong
Game theory is the study of multiple individuals or teams using related parties in the game to implement strategies under certain constraints. Prisoner’s Dilemma is a classic example of people using game theory for analysis. This paper compared the classical game theory and evolutionary game theory through...
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Application of Business Analysis in Sports Business

Runtian Zhu
As two emerging professions, business analysis and sports business have a more than close cooperation. Regarding as a profession that maximizes profits through the analysis of big data, business analytics has created tremendous commercial benefits for the sports business. The primary purpose of this...
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Analysis on C2C Online Trading Platform Under the Regression Analysis and Game Theory — Taking Taobao as an Example

Jiatong Ding
Taobao is one of the biggest C2C platform in the world, because of the information asymmetry and the lack of communication between consumers and sellers, consumers may buy counterfeit or inferior goods in Taobao. The paper will focus on one of measure of the communication, comments. It will analyze the...
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Analysis on Catering Industry Under Cov-19 — Taking McDonald’s and Hidilao as Examples

Chen yue
As Corona virus occur in January and later spread to the whole world, the economy got hit hard by this epidemic. And catering industry got hit the most during Cov-19. However, many companies didn’t choose “sitting duck”, instead they stayed positive to face the crisis and keep operating during the worst...
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Consequences of Risk for a Start-Up Business and the Effect of External Setback on Cooperation in a Public Goods Experiment

Nanrui Gong
Every start-up business has to cope with is risky, whether it is originated internally or externally. Even if a business start-up functions without major deficiencies on the inside, external factors such as a market crash, a government fine or an attack from business competitors might seriously undermine...
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Analysis of the Failure of Ofo Sharing Bicycle Company and Possible Solutions

Jiajun Ma
Society is developing at an unprecedented rate. Air pollution and environmental problems are causing detrimental effects on people’s health, both mentally and physically. The emergence of the sharing bicycles makes environment and citizen’s health condition better. Companies of the sharing bicycles in...
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Analysis on the Relationship Between Cause Marketing and Brand Loyalty

Yanzhong Yao
Cause marketing can help a business to build a good corporate image and increase social responsibility. Therefore, it is a long-term mutual promotion of marketing means. The project is going to determine the relationship between cause marketing and brand loyalty by analyzing the data from the questionnaire...
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The Enterprise in the Emerging Market Influenced by Coronavirus: Experience From IHG

Jiayi Gong
During the coronavirus, the economy is experiencing the downtown of the business cycle, which is also the recession in the market. The GDP grows negatively and both business producers and customers do not have the confidence about the future in various industries. IHG, one of the giants of the travel...
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Exporter Competition in China’s Soybean Market and the Chance for Canada

Meihui Song
Because soybeans are high in protein, they are an important source for animal food. Additionally, they are also an important source for cooking oil and other cooking ingredients such as soy sauce and miso, indispensable to East-Asia diets. Therefore, soybeans are in high demand to maintain the dietary...
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Discussion on the Application of Monitoring Technology for Fixed Source Air Pollutants in Environmental Monitoring

Zhang Xin
With the continuous development of our country’s social economy, a large number of harmful substances are discharged into the atmosphere which cause great pollution to the environment. At the same time, there are many kinds of harmful substances in the atmosphere, so it is necessary to supervise the...
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Cost of the Accounting Scandal of Luckin Coffee to Multiple Aspects and the Influence Under Current Economy and Pandemic Time

Qiyao Wang
Luckin Coffee, as one of the most successful marketing cases in China or even the world, break the fastest IPO record in China in 2019. However, the recent fraud has led to the great attention, fear of the reliability and value of Chinese stock market. This paper analyzes the fraud of Luckin Coffee,...
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Analysis on Edible Oil Market in China

Zhe Wang
In this paper, the author talked about how large packaging companies can gain major market share with great profit and during this situation how can small packaging companies survive and prosper. In the main part in the passage, the author contrasted the price of different kinds of oil and the sales...
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Analysis on the Practicalities of Economic Strategies Government Implemented During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hanning Cao
This analysis was promoted during the global devastation of coronavirus. Since official administration was launching a variety of economic strategies because of the existence and destructiveness of COVID-19, it’s compulsory and emergent for citizens to understand whether these policies are absolutely...
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Peer Effect and Foreign Investor Shareholding—Evidence From the Sample of Mainland -Hong Kong Stock Connect Program

Zhonghe Wang
Based on the dataset of Chinese listed firms from the first season 2017 to the first season 2020 as the research object, using the sample of Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Connect Program, this paper applies the two-way fixed effect model to analyze the peer effect on foreign investor stockholding and embedded...
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The Pharmaceutical Innovation and the Patent System After TRIPS in China–Using Developing Countries Cases to Analyze

Jiaqi Dou
Due to the high technique intensity and large expenditure on R&D, patent always plays an important role in the developing of pharmaceutical industry. With the signing of TRIPS agreement, the new patent system shows a significantly effect to pharmaceutical innovation in developing country. In this...
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The Introduction and Comparison of Share Repurchase and Dividend

Baiyan Wei
Share Repurchase and Dividend are the two most popular strategies for company to requite their shareholders and investors. Both of them have significance on a company’s cash flow and future growth. What is the definition of Share Repurchase and Dividend and their advantages and disadvantages become the...
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The Influence of Dividend Policy on the Company Value–Take Apple Inc for an Example

Ziyan Jin
Dividend policy is one of the core contents of company, it plays an important role in firm operating. Stable dividend payment is beneficial to convey the signal that the enterprise has good development and can attract more investment from shareholders. However, the long-term dividend payout can lead...
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On the Judicial Review of the Minority Shareholders of Limited Liability Companies Exercising the Right of Veto

Huashan Lin
In order to avoid the oppression of large shareholdrs, the minority shareholders of limited liability companies often adopt the terms of one person, one vote, minimum attendance, super majority decision and even unanimous consent. Such clauses give the minority shareholders the right to veto the meeting...
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Causes and Solutions for the Weak Economic Recovery in Finland

Yijin Wang
Finland is experiencing a prolonged recession since the financial crisis. In particular, its export sector has been hit severely. This paper discussed the potential reasons and solutions for the sluggish recovery of Finnish economy and used empirical data to prove the ineffectiveness of exchange rate...
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Research on the Financing Problems and Countermeasures of Fujian Jinsen Forestry Co., Ltd

Xiyuan YANG
Financing has gradually become the most common and core factor in the development of smes. This paper takes Fujian Jinsen Forestry Co., Ltd as the research object, adopts data statistics, case analysis and other methods to make an analysis of financing methods and channels of smes, studies the impact...
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Research on the Impact of COVID-19 on China’s Capital Market

Meixi Chen, Yitong Xin
The outbreak of COVID-19 has a great impact on the development of China’s capital market. Based on the event study method, this paper quantitatively analyzes the impact of COVID-19 on China’s capital market as a whole and various industries. The results show that: first, the initial stage of the outbreak...
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Research on the Current Situation of Sports Consumption Industry Under the Background of Great Health

Tian LI
The use of mathematical statistics, literature methods. Starting from the network data and research report of sports consumption industry, this paper summarizes the problems exposed and faced by sports consumption industry through the analysis of consumer groups, consumption items, industrial enterprise...
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Analysis on the Development Prospect and Problems of Medical Tourism Industry

Sishi Zeng, Hongsen Zhong
With the increasing interaction of the international community, business contacts become more frequent, promoting the combination of different industries to form new industries and create new business opportunities. Among them, medical tourism has become one of the emerging hot industries in the world...
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Comparison and Analysis of Real Assets Investment Between Chinese and the US Market

Yawen Zheng, Yifan Guo, Yiduo Qian, Jiale Chen
As globalization is increasing, global investments are more popular than before. One of the attractive global investment fields is real assets. This work aims to review the performance in the US and Chinese real assets markets. It compares the differences between two countries from four subsectors: residential...
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Research on Quantitative Investment Based on Machine Learning

Kaiwen Zhang
The stock market is a complex nonlinear system with low signal-to-noise ratio. Machine learning is used to model fuzzy nonlinear data and has proved to be a powerful tool in many fields. Machine learning has been continuously improved, and the successful application of the algorithms in the fields of...
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Risk Aversion, the Analysis and Improvement of Risk-Free Arbitrage Based on CBOE Data

Tianchi Lu, Weiyi Wang, Tianhua Chen, Hongyu Yang
This paper conducts various risk-free arbitrage studies on options data in the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Although there are not many opportunities for arbitrage that violates market rules on the surface, there are many external factors that need to be considered in practice. These factors were...
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Research on the Market Expansion Strategy of Tourism Enterprises Under the Background of Big Data

Yifan Ren, Xirui Huang
Based on the rapid development of technologies, big data has begun to be applied in various industries. Under the background of information data, the market structure of the tourism industry has changed, and competition based on big data technology has also begun. Traditional offline tourism companies...
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The Characteristics, Supervision Requirement and Control Path of Asset Quality of Financial Asset Management Companies

Han Yu
In recent years, in order to reduce the risk of management to a certain extent, some financial institutions need to consolidate the quality of assets. In addition, if company wants to improve the quality of assets, it needs to control the risk fundamentally, and reducing the loss is the main content...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Jianyang City’s Economic High-Quality Development Level Based on Entropy Method

Xiong Zhang, Jinyang Liu, Qiuzhu Chen
Based on the connotation and goals of high-quality development, a comprehensive evaluation index system, including 19 indicators, is constructed. After processing the data and calculating the index weights, the broad index and sub-indices of the high-quality economic development of Jianyang City are...
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Research on Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Model of University of Finance and Economics—Taking S University as an Example

Jia Liu
The scale of college graduates in 2020 is 8.74 million. At present, it is a critical period for college graduates to seek employment. Under the influence of economic downward pressure and the superposition of the epidemic situation of new crown pneumonia, the difficulties of college graduates in seeking...
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Grey Correlation Analysis of the Industrial Structure and Economic Growth in Jianyang City

Qiuzhu Chen, Jinyang Liu, Xiong Zhang
According to the economic development data of Jianyang City from 2010 to 2019, This paper measures the rationality and advancement of industrial structure in Jianyang City and analyzes the correlation between industrial structure and economic growth by grey relational analysis. The results show that...
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Review and Development Analysis of Agricultural Product Supply Chain Finance

Ling Li, Xiaolin Li, Haozhe Zhang, Tingyi Guo, Yunkun Liu
Agricultural product supply chain finance is a new development model that has emerged in recent years. It solves the problems of financing difficulty and high cost of some agricultural product enterprises, and finds a way to realize the rapid development of local agricultural products. The development...
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The Impact of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge on the Flow of Productive Factors in Shenzhen and Zhongshan

Jie Zhang
The successful construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge will certainly shorten the transportation time between Shenzhen and Zhongshan, accelerating the flow of productive factors between the two places. Based on the manufacturing and service industries in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, this paper uses...
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An Evolutionary Game Analysis of Green Development of Logistics Enterprises

Xiaoxia Yan
The development of China’s economy has promoted the rapid development of logistics industry, and in this process of development so that China’s environment has been seriously persecuted, on this basis, the implementation of green logistics has become the inevitable trend of China’s logistics industry...
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Shift Towards Vegan in China During COVID-19: An Online Behavioral Survey Study

Yaran You
This paper investigates why Chinese people are shifting towards a more plant-based diet after the COVID-19 pandemic by analysing the online results obtained from 146 Chinese people all over the world. Reasons included social stigma, and that vegetables are healthier, safer, and better for weight loss....
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The Impact of Foreign Trade on Economic Growth in Laos

Somsanith Sythongbay
This paper analyzesLaos’s trade policy before and after economic reform using an ADF test, co-integration analysis, Granger causality test, and an error correction model to analyzeforeign trade and economic growth. The empirical results show that, in the long term, Laos’s total trade, exports and importsare...
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Knowledge Map of Domestic Educational Informatization in the Last Decade

Yu-meng LIU, Jun-wei XUE
Based on 321 articles on educational informatization collected by CNKI from 2010 to 2020, we analyzed the development of educational informatization in China in the last decade. Through the analysis of key words, we found that “informatization”, “smart campus”, “big data” and “basic education” are the...
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A Review of Research on Team Conflict, Conflict Managementand Team Performance

Ying Luo, Lei Lu
This paper reviews the research on the relationship among team conflict, conflict management and team performance, mainly introduces the influence of different mediating factors and moderator effects on this relationship. To clarify the research status of conflict management theory and points out that...
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The Problems and Solutions of the Professional Manager System of State-Owned Enterprises

Jian Zhao, Qichao Xu, Hualei Zhang
The purpose of this study is to analyze the difficult problems and supply solutions of the professional manager system of state-owned enterprises. As the result of the study, the problems in the professional manager system of state-owned enterprises are shown as follows: First, the corporate governance...
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Prediction and Tracking Test of the Top of Shanghai Stock Index

Guo-ping Li, Jin-tao Gu
Mr. Zhou Jintao has predicted that the Shanghai Composite Index will have a historical bottom in 2019 and 2030, and a historical top in 2035. As for when the top of the bull market between 2019 and 2030 will come, Mr. Zhou left no prediction, for reasons unknown. However, people can still deduce from...
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From Scale to Quality: There are Still Many Ways to Go for China’s Cultural Tourism Innovation

Ya Li
When mass tourism and outbound tourism become a regular way of leisure, Chinese residents are no longer satisfied with this kind of shallow landscape tourism, but tend to travel with strong cultural symbols, and cultural experience or cultural tourism has become a popular way of travel. As the world...
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Development of Futures Program Trading Strategy Based on Warren Buffett’s Investment Performance

Guo-ping Li
It is the dream of investors to develop a stable and profitable futures program trading strategy. Based on the investment performance of Warren Buffett, that is, the annual compound rate of return is slightly higher than 20%, and combined with the simple principle of trading system and the principle...
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How to Evaluate the Sustainability of Rural Tourism? A Case of Xiaozhuang Tu Ethnic Village in Qinghai Province

Huaju Xue, Wen Li, Bo Li
Rural tourism is one of the most direct, realistic, and effective green industries andit can increase residents’ income in ethnic areas. Based on the theory of sustainable development, this paper takes Xiaozhuang Tu Nationality Folk Culture Villageas an example, which is a typical ethnic village in Qinghai...
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Geographic Distance, Co-Opetition and Technology Convergence/Dispersion Effect: An Empirical Study From the Perspective of Institutional Distance

Rongjian Yu, Yong Wang, Liyao Xiang
Whether the technology is convergent or discrete among enterprises has a profound meaning of industrial growth. In view of the limitations of previous research, integrating the three perspectives of geographical distance, co-opetition and institutional distance. Empirical research based on data such...
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Accelerating the Development of “Night Economy” in ZhaoQingCity From the Perspective of Innovation

Hui Cheng
This paper analyzes the domestic and foreign literature research on “Night Economy”, and draws lessons from the theories and practices of urban Night Economy development at home and abroad to make an in-depth and systematic study on the innovative development of urban Night Economy.On this basis, based...
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Analysis of Decision-Making Behavior of Logistics Enterprises and Consumers Under Carbon Emission Regulation

Lixin Du
Logistics enterprises have increasingly become an important force and support for high-quality development. In order to alleviate the problem of high carbon emissions in the logistics industry and promote the low-carbon operation of logistics enterprises, the key is to establish an effective carbon emission...
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Research on the Relationship of Social Responsibility, Corporate Reputation and Corporate Performance of Listed Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies

Hong Ji, Yi Liu
Enterprises actively fulfill their social responsibilities not only to realize their own performance but also to realize their social value. The outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in 2019 has pushed pharmaceutical companies to a hot spot in society, and the public’s call for pharmaceutical...
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Research on Frontstage-Backstage in Rural Tourism: A Case study of Hongcun Village, Anhui Province, China

Qianfei Su, Linxia Zhang
Increasing attention has been paid to traditional Chinese villages with historical and cultural significance in recent years. Rural tourism has been recognized as an important way to promote rural revitalization. The protection and utilization of traditional rural culture are two key issues facing tourism...
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Research on the Development of Cross-Border E-commerce in the Context of Digital Trade

Xuemei Qu
With the innovative development of digital information technology and the acceleration of data transmission speed, the digital economy represented by cross-border e-commerce in China now begins to show unprecedented development prospects. In recent years, the rapid replacement of Internet technologies...
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The Embodiment of Craftsman’s Spirit in Silver Inlay Lacquerware and Its Inheritance in Furniture Design

Yien Geng, Wenying Dong
Analyses and investigates the craftsman’s spirit and the silver inlay lacquerware, as well as the crafts of “silver inlay”, “texture engraving”, and “halo color” in the process of silver inlay lacquerware’s “carved silver silk halo design”. Interpretation the craftsman’s spirit of the Chengdu silver...
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Customer Satisfaction: What Should Business Hotels Care About?

Tingting Du, Caihong Zhang, Mei Wang
Online reviews have an important influence on hotel customers’ consumption behavior. This research mainly collects comment information of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Chongqing through web crawlers, and uses content analysis to perform word frequency statistics, word cloud graph analysis, semantic network...
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The Decomposed Effect of Tax Avoidance on R&D – Empirical Research Based on SEM

Nuo Li
With the rapid development of Chinese society and the gradual rise of emerging industries, R&D and innovation are increasingly becoming the fundamental driving force leading enterprises to compete and grow. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategy of innovation-driven...
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Debt Effects on Profitability

Jiaen Zhang, Jiarun Hu, Qian Luo
To better understand the impact of debt ratio on the profitability of all the companies of S&P 500, and the role of tax rate, this research paper discusses not only those mentioned but also summaries them by combing relevant literatures. And we will conduct two regression models to test our theory,...
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Research on the Strategy of Improving the Technological Innovation Ability of Jiangxi Universities

Hong Ji, Jinjin Wang
As a member of the regional technological innovation system, enhancing colleges’ technological innovation capability in Jiangxi Province can help universities play a role in transforming economic development methods and building regional innovation systems, And it is important to promote regional technological...
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Nowcasting Influenza Using Google Flu Trend and Deep Learning Model

Ping Jiang
Understanding how Influenza-like Illness (ILI) spreads has a substantial societal impact on improving overall human well-being and effective government response. The accurate estimation of ILI occurrences in a timely manner helps to alert and make meaningful intervention decisions that could save lives....
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Research on Internal Accounting Control of Enterprises

A Case Study of Electric Power Enterprises

Xinyi Yang
Internal accounting control is an important part of internal control, enterprise internal control is the key link, in recent years, internal accounting control has been the concern of the practical and theoretical circles. This paper introduces the internal control of enterprises, and takes Datang Anhui...
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Studies on VaR Estimation of China’s Agricultural Product Futures Market Based on GARCH Models

Peizhe Li, Yue Wang
Taking China Agricultural Products Futures Index (CAFI) as an example, this paper makes descriptive statistics and analysis on the logarithm yield of CAFI, discusses the calculation of VaR under the assumption that the residual is subject to the normal distribution, t-distribution, and generalized error...
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Research on the Strategy of Improving Performance by External Financing of New Third Board Enterprises

Jing Liu, Kexin Cao, Peiying Zhu
Our country’s New Third Board market can help small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly obtain over counter financial support, effectively solve the problem of capital bottleneck, and meet their development needs. At present, The New Third Board market has problems such as insufficient liquidity,...
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Chinese Age Pension System and Analysis

Congying Wang
Stochastic model checking is the extension and generalization of the classical model checking. Compared with classical model checking, stochastic model checking faces more severe state explosion problem, because it combines classical model checking algorithms and numerical methods for calculating probabilities....
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Research on Female Objectification in Lipstick Consumption

Shuwen Zhang, Xinjun Fu
Lipstick consumption, as a part of consumption culture, can represent part of the characteristics of consumption society. Through analysis of it, it is found that lipstick is made into an aesthetic abduction and gender bias exclusive to women. The female images in advertisements are based on the aesthetic...
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Research on the Format Structure of New Retail Era From the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence

Han Wang
With the rise of the concept of “new retail” proposed by Jack Ma in 2016, driven by artificial intelligence technology, the new retail format has set off the trend of “intelligent new retail”. At present, artificial intelligence technology runs through the new retail supply chain, creating the “unmanned...
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Analysis of the Policy Effect of “Automobile Go to Countryside” and Relative Suggestions

Xinxin Zheng
From 2008 to 2010, the Chinese government launched an “Automobile Go to Countryside” policy to encourage residents in rural areas to purchase vehicles with a displacement of 1.3L or less. I evaluate the effect of this policy on car sales using the difference-in-differences design that combines differences...
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Research on Optimization Strategy of Financial Management in Private Enterprises

Jing Liu, Chengxi Ma, Peiying Zhu
With the complex development trend of economic environment, enterprises are facing great challenges. It is necessary for modern enterprises to have scientific and professional financial management ability. Under the guidance of modern financial management theory, this paper systematically analyses the...
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A Study of the Marketing Strategies of High-End Luxury Brands: The Case of Hermes

Qinnuo Xu
As the standard of living of technology continues to improve, our consumption level also grows and the luxury market is growing in China. People’s lives have also entered the information age. The luxury goods market is aimed at part of the group, in which the consumption needs and consumption motives...
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Analysis and Development Plan of the Economic Volume of Chinese Football Cultural Industry Under the Non-Technical Field

Rui Gan
In this paper, in the case of the removal of football technical, China football capital volume as the breakthrough point, economic analysis, this paper expounds that the capital environment is supported by policies and ushered in the era of dividends, and on this basis, put forward the solution analysis...
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The Effects of Macroeconomic Factors on Housing Prices in China: Empirical Research and Linear Regression Analysis

Jiatong Li
The housing market in China has experienced substantial development over the past years, and the macroeconomy carries considerable weight in driving the rapid increases in housing prices. This paper aims to study the relationship between the macroeconomy and housing prices in China, and analyze three...
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Analysis of the Influence of Greek Mythology Upon English Culture

Xiaoxi Cui
The Greek mythology is the creation of ancient Greek people and is originated from the old Aegean culture. It is a representative of the brilliant civilization of ancient people in Europe. Through history, the Greek mythology has greatly influenced the development of the European culture. As an important...
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Macro-Economic Uncertainty, Capital Structure and Corporate Investment

Yuxing Chen
The capital structure and Investment of enterprises is the basis for the existence and development of them. However, there are many unstable factors in Chinese macro-economy. Our research shows that macro-economic uncertainty has a significant effect on the relationship between Capital structure and...
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Task Variety and Task Performance of Employees: Exploitative Learning as a Mediator and Job Complexity and Openness to Change as two Moderators

Lei Lu, Ying Luo
This study examines a mediated moderation process linking task variety and task performance of employees, from the review of the previous literature. The research uses multi-stage, matching employees and leaders to collect questionnaires; through a three-stage survey and analysis of 295 employees and...
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Research on the Approaches to Achieve the Poverty Alleviation Through Cultural Tourism Based on the PPP Mode of Social Impact Investment

A Case Study of Danzhai Wanda Small Town

Xinyu Liu
Poverty alleviation through cultural tourism industry plays an important role in the implementation of China’s poverty alleviation strategy. It will become a key measure to achieve poverty alleviation through cultural tourism with injecting social impact investment into poverty-stricken areas and driving...
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Research on the Effect of Automobile Recall System on Quality Improvement

Yongqin Feng, Xiaorui Zhang, Wenzhao Li
Based on the stakeholder theory model of automobile recall system, this paper puts forward the research framework of automobile recall system for quality improvement. 439 valid questionnaires from automobile manufacturers, dealers, parts suppliers and consumers are studied to reveal the role of automobile...
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Investigation on the Development of State-Owned Enterprises in Benxi City–From the Perspective of Enterprise Innovation

Wen Li Bao
From the perspective of organizational innovation, the researcher interviewed 98 middle managers and employees of 27 state-owned enterprises under Benxi SASAC. The results show that: 1. The state-owned enterprises in Benxi City are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises; the innovation sources of...
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Research on the Impact of Service Failure Attribution and Recovery on Customer Satisfaction

Huifang Jiang
Online shopping has become an indispensable part of our lives. It brings a lot of convenience to our lives, but the characteristics of online shopping services make its more and more frequent mistakes. Service failure will have a great negative impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore,...
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U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy and Influences—From Sub-Prime Crisis to COVID-19

Wenxing Zhang, Yulan Du
Under the impact of this year’s coronavirus epidemic, the Fed resumed quantitative easing, and in the foreseeable future the monetary policy in the United States will return to normal. In order to deal with the recurrence of the U.S. monetary policy, it is necessary to deeply analyze the unconventional...
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Research on Financial Statistics Model Method under the Background of Big Data

Yixin Chen
With the rapid development of science and technology, China has entered the era of big data, which has new requirements for data collection and processing. For financial statistics, the original financial statistical model has been difficult to meet the development needs of financial statistics in the...
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How to Promote the Industrial Integration of Acoustic Beacons

Wenzhi Li, Zhimin Zhou, Chong An, Weiwei Wang, Yun Zou
Acoustic beacons are widely used in navigation, public security frontier defense, fishery supervision and fishery administration, fishery fishing and breeding, marine ranching, emergency rescue and relief, scientific investigation, sports, marine construction and other industries, with a large number...