Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education Studies: Experience and Innovation (ICESEI 2021)

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Ability Training Methods of Postgraduates with Interest-oriented, Omni-directional and Diversified Resource Utilization and Plant Protection Professional Degree

Kaifa Guo, Chenzhong Jin, Yunyun Zhou, Xiu Liu
With the rapid development of agriculture in the new era and the improvement of higher education level, there are higher requirements for the ability of postgraduates in the field of resource utilization and plant protection. This article mainly researches the ways to cultivate the ability of professional...
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Analysis on the Reasons of Academic Burnout Among Chinese Adolescents

Yanting Ma
Academic burnout is investigated by scholars and has been found to have negative influences on students’ mental health. This paper is going to outline the possible reasons for academic burnout using literature review from both internal and external perspectives. Internal reasons include: the effect of...
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The Construction of College Teachers’ Image Under the Studio Teaching Model

Zhonghao Hu, Yifan Chen
Under the new educational model of the studio, college teachers are faced with a huge challenge. This challenge is not only a test of professional ability, but also a reconstruction of the teacher’s own image in the face of the transformation of the teacher-student relationship. College teachers not...
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A Review of the Modern Higher Foreign Language Education in Sichuan from Sichuan Chinese and Western School

Luhua Gan
Taking Sichuan Chinese and Western School as an example, this paper discusses the development of higher foreign language education in modern Sichuan. Through the verification of historical documents, the paper analyzes the background and influence of the establishment of the Sichuan Chinese and Western...
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The Literature Review for Mental Health Concerning Special Education and Research on Personality Characteristics and Self-consciousness of Children of Special Schools

Zhiwei Lin
Mental health issues of special children and backward supportive educational environment are of great concern. This paper focuses on the mental health issues of special children and the deficiency in support system concerning mental health. Literature review and a study using two questionnaires and statistics...
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Research on the Implementation of Learning Evaluation Based on the Network Resource Teaching Platform

Yanqing Zeng
In the context of the current information age, teaching methods based on network resource platforms have emerged. With the support of modern Internet technology, the time and space elements that restrict the traditional teaching model have been broken and the connection between teachers and students...
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Exploration and Analysis of the Educational Path of Financial Quotient for College Students Based on Thinking Development

Ning Lang
Financial quotient is a kind of thinking as well as a kind of management ability. In the context of high-quality development in the current new era, people are increasingly aware of the importance and necessity of financial quotient and financial quotient education. However, due to the lack of financial...
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Research on the Employment Psychological Dilemma of Higher Vocational Graduates and Solutions Against the Background of Major Public Health Emergency

Weibo Qiu, Penghao Li, Xiyan Hua, Daliang Li
In the context of COVID-19 epidemic, the employment assistance of higher vocational colleges is mainly concentrated in employment recommendation, job-searching skills training, employment tracking and services, etc., and less attention is paid to the psychological dilemma of employment of higher vocational...
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Status Analysis on the Ability to Act of College Students’ Career Planning

Shuting Tian
Career planning for college students is a special skill that can inspire self-cognition, improve employability, and understand the needs of the industry, thereby improving the viability and professional quality of college students in the job market. In fact, although most students have formulated their...
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Research on the Historical Process and Value Orientation of Teacher Education Cooperation Among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

Jiao Zeng
Teacher education in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has both similarities and differences. The cooperation of teacher education in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has gone through three stages: “one-way output” stage, “multi-directional interaction” stage and “win-win integration” stage. Throughout the...
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The Function and Value of Film and Television Works in the Teaching Practice of Social Work Courses

Haoyu Wang, Yan Cao, Run Wang, Xu Su
Social work specialty belongs to the practical, operational and applied social science. In professional teaching practice, it is required to pay attention to the combination of social work and practice. As an auxiliary means of social work teaching, the film and television works can effectively serve...
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Research on the Measurement of Classroom Teaching Quality Evaluation System Based on Entropy Weight TOPSIS Method

Jin Liu
Firstly, the importance of the construction of classroom teaching quality measurement system and the methods of classroom teaching quality measurement are summarized. This paper summarizes the domestic and foreign literature on the measurement of classroom quality evaluation system, further introduces...
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A Study on the Training Path of Craftsman Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges Against the Background of the Transformation of Old and New Kinetic Energy

Guiqin Li, Hongbo Liu, Youji Li, Hongmei Jie, Qian Lv
Artisan talents are the backbone force to promote China’s economic development into the era of quality. Vocational education is the main channel and important position to cultivate craftsman talents, and it shoulders the historical mission of cultivating new craftsman talents. Based on the revision to...
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Research on the Construction of Guizhou Distance Education Teaching Team in the Post-epidemic Period

Taking Guizhou Open University as an Example

Wei Chen, Tiantian Tang
Strengthening the construction of distance education teaching teams in the post-epidemic period is of great significance to improve teaching quality, promote the growth of the teaching team, and promote teaching reform and education development in the post-epidemic period. In response to the current...
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Research on Process Management Optimization of Master’s Thesis Aiming at Quality Improvement

Chuanyu Peng, Hangyu Hu
As an important part of the master’s training process, dissertation is a method to test the innovation ability and academic accomplishment of postgraduates, and its quality must be guaranteed in order to achieve the expected goal of talent training. The quality of dissertation is not only related to...
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The Application Status of Augmentative and Alternative Communication in the Field of Special Education in Mainland China

Juan Yang, Xuanfeng Duan, Yao Tong
In special education, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is an important means of education and rehabilitation training for children with communication disorder, and it is significant to improve children’s communication ability and life quality. In this paper, in order to understand the...
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A Study on the Application of Multimodal Metaphor in English Idiom Teaching

Qunfang Zhang
In recent years, foreign scholars represented by Forceville have extended the study of conceptual metaphor to the interdisciplinary multimodal research field, and put forward the multimodal metaphor theory, which has attracted the general attention of scholars in various research fields. The rapid development...
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Optimization Strategies of English Major Talent Training System Against the Background of Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education into Professional Education

Danyi Huang
With the construction of the innovative country, there is an increasing need for innovation and entrepreneurship education to be integrated into professional education. Against the background of fast-developing innovation and entrepreneurship education, the training mode of English majors in colleges...
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Modern University System: A Culture That Helps the Benign Operation of Universities

Xiaomin Sun
According to the British biologist and educator E. Ashby, universities are the products of inheritance and the environment. Lovell, the former president of Harvard University, added that universities have existed for longer than any form of human organization. Is the long-term existence of the university...
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Investigation and Analysis of Tennis Teaching Status in Different Types of Colleges and Universities in Jiaodong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration

Wei Li, Bo Yang
Using the methods of questionnaire and interview, this paper makes a detailed analysis on the characteristics of tennis courses in different types of colleges and universities in Jiaodong Peninsula urban agglomeration. As a result, in Jiaodong Peninsula, the professionalization proportion of tennis teachers...
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New Measures for Employment of College Students from the Perspective of Innovative Talents Training

Zhihua Jiang, Yaling Xu
With the rapid development of the national economy, the social environment is becoming more and more complex, and the development of various fields of society is closely related to the support of innovative talents. Therefore, cultivating innovative talents and creating new employment ideas for college...
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Bureaucracy in Higher Education from a Comparative Perspective

Chenqi Liu
This paper aims to examine “bureaucracy” in the higher education context. Contrasting the definitions of bureaucracy in two cultures, it can be seen that the origin of debate started from Weber’s rectification of bureaucracy. Since then there were two tributaries — one refers to the original office power...
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Research and Practice of Blended Teaching of Aesthetic Education Course Based on Multimedia Platform

Jiping Yue
Based on the characteristics of the post-epidemic era, this article sorts out the teaching experience during the epidemic and conducts online and offline blended teaching research and practice. It starts from the three aspects of students, teachers and classrooms, adjusts the role change of teachers...
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Research on Multi-ethnic Cross-cultural Education Guided by National Communication and Integration

Taking Sichuan Minzu College as an Example

Jing An, Caixia Lv
How can universities for nationalities educate students for the country? This is a realistic problem that every university for nationalities pays attention to. The problems that need to be considered and solved are as the follows. First, it is required to solve the problem of cultivating the consciousness...
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Exploration on the Cultivation of Interior Design Talents in Ethnic Minority Regions

Jing Guo, Zhao Xu
Against the background of implementing the strategy of rural revitalization, China is vigorously improving the rural human settlement environment, constructing livable and beautiful villages, promoting rural residential, bed and breakfast, hotel and other interior design projects. However, high-quality...
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Review Martial Arts Education in Primary Schools

Jie Sun
Since the “martial arts into the campus” policy was put forward, the martial arts curriculum has been widely carried out in some primary and secondary school campuses. Although certain results have been achieved, problems have been found in practice, and the school martial arts education mainly has curriculum...
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Problem Solving: Creative Management Mode of University Teaching

Huafang Mao
The management mode and characteristic of teaching should be consistent with the teaching mode and characteristic. Universities should take teaching as the center. As the teaching is one-off and creative, the university teaching management should also be creative. Problem solving mode is a creative mode...
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Interpretation and Practice of Physical Education Policy in Chinese Colleges and Universities (1979–2020)

Deping Wei, Quanchang Wang
Research methods such as literature method, mathematical statistics method and logical analysis method are employed in the paper to sort out the evolution of physical education policies in colleges and universities during the 41-year reform and opening up, the practice of physical education curriculum...
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Investigation and Analysis of Attribution Bias Between Teachers and Students in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Classes in China

Yu Cheng, Yuerong Gao, Haiyan Wang
This research is to test attribution disagreements between students and teachers in classes in China under the theoretical framework of attribution bias. The teacher-student dyad analysis proves to be a more reliable way to test attribution bias when the number of teacher samples fails to match that...
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Innovation and Practice in the Cultivation of New Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Talents

Taking the “Cultural Industry Management Major” of Shanghai Ocean University as an Example

Xue Gao
This article takes the “New Liberal Arts” plan initiated by the Ministry of Education as an entry point, combines with the development status of the cultural industry management major in China, and takes the cultivation of cultural industry management professionals in Shanghai Ocean University as an...
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Research on the Training Mode of English (Cross-border E-commerce) Talents in Application-Oriented Colleges and Universities

Shuwen Tan
Cross-border E-commerce is a business activity developed from the rising Internet economy. The past two decades witnessed the vigorous development of cross-border E-commerce, and the cultivation of high-quality cross-border E-commerce talents for the society became an important issue for application-oriented...
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An Analysis of the Path to Resolve Teachers’ “Inconsistency of Words and Deeds”

Taking the Investigation and Analysis of Four Junior High Schools in W City, S Province

Tian Liu, Xiaoru Xie, Yue Wang
The survey found that most of the teachers in the four junior high schools have contradictions of “inconsistency of words and deeds” in the five aspects of the views of autonomy, task, dedication, capacity, and efficiency. Teachers’ attitudes of “unconsciously, turning a blind eye”, “consciously, seeing...
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Research on the Precision of Student Funding Work in Colleges and Universities Based on Big Data

Yu’nan Xie, Zimo Shu, Han Li
As one of the “top ten” education systems in colleges and universities, funding education plays a pivotal role in the fostering of character and civic virtue in colleges and universities and the realization of educational equality. Precision is the core of university student funding work. Research on...
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Study on the Influence of Confucian Culture on Macau’s Basic Education After the Macau’s Return

Jiepei Chen
The traditional Confucian culture has a profound and lasting influence on the Macao region. Although the influence of Western aggression due to historical reasons has made Macao a region where multiple cultures are in harmony, the influence of Confucian culture has been diluted. However, with the gradual...
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The Exploration of How to Integrate Moral Education with Psychological Health Education at Secondary Vocational Schools from the Perspective of Positive Psychology

Chenxi Li, Fan Yang
“Morality stems from the mind”, “Conception starts from the behavior”, thought and psychology are interactive, and the application of psychology to moral education can improve the acceptability of moral education, so as to improve the effectiveness of moral education. Positive psychology pays attention...
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Research on the Countermeasures to Improve the Service Quality of Private Colleges and Universities

Yiheng Wang, Siding Kong, Yingqi Liu, Jie Lian
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of economic globalization, education internationalization and Chinese higher education popularization and the transformation of independent colleges, the team of private colleges and universities has been further expanded and the development of private...
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Parental Educational Leadership Leads the Healthy Growth of Children in the Rebellious Phase

Yunfeng Huang, Hongyan Liu
Parental educational leadership is the key ability, including parental educational visionary foresight, educational value insight, educational resource integration, educational action guidance, and educational evaluation incentives. Educational visionary foresight and educational value insight enable...
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Research on the Superior Quality Education Resources Introduction Under the Chinese-foreign Cooperative School-running Mode*

Qun Liu
Chinese-foreign cooperative education is not only seen as an important way for the development of universities, but also been promoted as a key driver of the state’s education reform and innovation. But the quality and quantity of foreign educational resources introduced from foreign countries are not...
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The Application of Project Teaching Method in the Course of “Fundamentals of Electronic Technology”

Li Wen, Kouquan Zheng, Bo Zhang, Lihua Qi, Wenbin Zheng
In order to improve the ability of students from vocational and technical education of non-commissioned officers to analyze and solve problems, and to enable students to adapt to the posts, the project teaching method is effective. The project teaching method is applied to the course of “Fundamentals...
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Analysis on the Design of Kindergarten Regional Activities from the Moral Perspective

Ling Yu
The basic elements of preschool education are preschool teachers, children, educational content and educational environment. Creating a good educational environment not only can develop children’s cognitive abilities, but also is essential for children to form healthy personalities. Kindergarten regional...
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Exploration and Practice of the Training Mode of Emerging Engineering Disciplines of Electronic Information Applied Talents in Local Colleges and Universities Against the Background of “Internet+”

A Case Study of Chengdu University

Lijuan Xiong, Xiujun Zhang, Zhiqiang Zhang
Facing the “5+5+1” industrial development needs of Chengdu, the main contradictions and problems between supply and demand of industry and talent training are analysed and discussed in-depth and extensively researched. Therefore, it innovatively reconstructed the training program and practice teaching...
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Research on Teaching Reform of High-quality Courses of College Physical Education in the Era of Big Data

Baofa Ma, Tienan Wu, He Sun
The construction of high-quality courses is a forward-looking and important measure for China’s colleges and universities to deepen the teaching reform and improve the teaching level and quality of undergraduate courses, and also has become an important work of colleges and universities with iconic value....
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Ways to Strengthen the Effectiveness of Moral Education Courses in Colleges and Universities

Minghui Chen
Moral education occupies the primary position in the quality-oriented education system of colleges and universities, and is also an important way to promote the overall development of students’ comprehensive quality. In the new era, it is suggested to establish a standardized teaching mechanism in the...
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Research on the “Double High” Talent Cultivation Model of the Modern Catering Service Industry in Secondary Vocational and Technical Colleges with Accurately Serving Regional Development

Biyue Long, Wenqing Duan, Yanjun He
This article takes the talent training of culinary professionals in Guangxi secondary vocational and technical colleges as the research object and analyzes the situation of talents in Guangxi’s catering industry and preliminary problem-solving strategies. It proposes to build a “double high” talent training...
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Construction of First-class Undergraduate Major Under the Guidance of Emerging Engineering Education

A Case Study of Network Engineering

Huanhai Yang
The network engineering major is a typical major that meets the requirements of “Emerging Engineering Education” talent training. This major needs to cultivate students’ engineering awareness and practical skills, and foster applied engineering talents with the ability of network system planning, implementation,...
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A Study of Family Education and Its Improving Strategies in Qingyuan City of China in the “Internet Plus” Era

Shufen Huang
Family education is an important part of children’s education. Being Aware of the important impacts of family education on children’s development, the Chinese government and education departments have formulated and promulgated “The Family Education Promotion Law” to further clarify family responsibilities,...
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Textbooks, Teaching and Evaluation: An Analysis on the Three Elements of the Rule of Law Education in Ideological and Political Courses of Middle School

Zhiyu Cao
Middle school is a key link in the development of rule of law education for young people, and ideological and political course is the main way of rule of law education in middle schools. The rule of law education in ideological and political courses of middle school mainly includes two parts: imparting...
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Reform Exploration of the Financial Management Professional Curriculum System in Private Higher Learning Institutions Aiming at the Integration of “Course, Certificate, Training, and Competition”

Chunmei Bai
Technological progress and policy changes have put forward new requirements for the reform of the financial management professional curriculum system in private higher learning institutions. The failure to effectively implement the practical training link, the traditional thinking of course professors,...
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Reflection on Ideological and Political Education in Foreign Language Teaching

Bianqi Sun
The curriculum-based ideological and political education currently has a political and strategic connotation, which determines the implementation of morality cultivation and the fulfilment of value shaping tasks, integrating with knowledge learning and competence development. This paper analyses in detail...
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A Summary of the Research on Tan Kah Kee’s Vocational Education Thought

Lili Song
Tan Kah Kee’s educational thought runs through his school-running practice and educational philosophy. Through analysis and exploration of Tan Kah Kee’s vocational education thought, it can provide a new development direction and channel for the development and improvement of contemporary vocational...
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Research on the Design of Safety Education Identification System for Art College Laboratories

Lingtao Liu
This article focuses on the laboratory safety education courses, takes the changes in the learning style of college students in the era of picture-reading as the foothold, analyzes the status quo and problems of laboratory safety education courses in colleges and universities in recent years, and builds...