Proceedings of 2016 2nd International Conference on Humanities and Social Science Research (ICHSSR 2016)

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Elementary Study on the Relationship between Employees' Career Competencies and Turnover Intention

Xixi Wu
Employee turnover management is an important aspect of organizing human resources management, and turnover intention is the most direct antecedents of employee turnover behavior. Based on previous literature, this paper put forward that career competencies will also influence workers' turnover intention...
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Construction of Risk Identification and Assessment Index System of Logistics Park Construction Project

He Qi
Logistics park construction is a is a large investment. Due to its long payback period, it is a high risk project. It has lots of possible impact factors. The construction errors will cause large range, long time and irreparable losses to the enterprise and the society. Therefore, it is of great practical...
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Reflection on the Connotative Development of Continuing Education in Colleges and Universities --Base on the definition perspective from adult education to continuing education

Yaner Tang, Yanli Liu
Specifying concept is clear basic elements of definition. Adult education is an essential part of continuing education. They have the same substantive connotation. Therefore, if sort out the relationship of the object, subject and characters, it could make rewarding suggestions to promoting the connotative...
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The Discussion on Early Education Service in Community

Hui Zhang
The early education of 0-3 years old infants is the beginning of lifelong education system,early education service of community for 0-3 years old infants exists some problems in China,for instance, the administrative service of community guarantees is insufficient, private early education institutions...
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A Rose Will Never Bloom: Doomed Tragedy of Miss Emily

Yuying Zhang
In "A Rose for Emily", Miss Emily Grierson was a morbid woman living in isolation because of the lifelong persecution of patriarchy, family, tradition, and Puritanism. Moreover, she became the monument of her era, and her death signified the fallen monument (Faulkner) and the end of aristocratic era....
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"Ideal I" or "Real I": Becky Sharp's Pursuit of Identity

Yuying Zhang
In 1848, one of the greatest English critical realistic writers, William Makepeace Thackeray published his novel Vanity Fair. In this novel, Thackeray presents a panoramic picture of English society in the early half of the nineteenth century, and reveals its social darkness and moral crisis. From childhood...
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Comparative Research on Germany "Industrie 4.0" and " Made in China 2025"

Lele Wang
Germany proposed intelligent manufacturing-led "Industrie 4.0",designed to keep the manufacturing powerhouse of the world; China also propose "Made in China 2025",aims to change manufacturing industry "big but not strong". Both of them belong to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing strategy,...
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Research on the Current Situation and Model of Commodity E-commerce Logistics in Ningbo

Qiying Shui, Fei Ma, Jiaqing Zhu, Jiaqi Qiu, Suiyi Lin, Tianying Jiang
This paper analyzes the status of e-commerce logistics and commodity logistics model in Ningbo, and puts forward the problems of the logistics mode. At last, in order to solve the existing problems, it provides the corresponding countermeasures for the healthy and rapid development of the logistics mode.
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Internet Lending and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Financing

Cen Yu
Internet finance is a financial innovation spawned out under the background of the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. In numerous internet financial models, the most closely model to small and medium-sized enterprises financing is internet lending. The paper, through the analysis...
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Risk Dispersion and Sharing of Risk Investment for the Development of New Energy Automotive Industry

Zihan Shui, Xingyu An, Jingyang Shao
The new energy automobile is of great significance for global energy security and environmental protection. It has great business potential, but at the same time, great risk is also hidden in it. The development of new energy automobile relies on a series of technical breakthroughs and the construction...
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Analysis on the Impact of RMB Exchange Rates on Manufacturing Trade between China and EU Zone

Yimo Wang, Yonghua Yang
Since the RMB exchange rate regime has reformed for several decades, the exchange rate has been unilaterally increasing steadily and significantly. For long time, Euro zone is one of China's most important trade partners, as a result, import and export between two areas has increased a lot. During this...
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Research Tools for Understanding Sports Consumers

Peng Cui
This paper is focus on discuss the importance of marketing research to sports marketers. Explain the fundamental process for conducting sports marketing research. Identify the various research design types. Describe the process for questionnaire development. Understand how to prepare an effective research...
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The Research on Consumer Decision Process and Problem Recognition

Gao Song
This paper examines the nature of the consumer decision process and analyzes the first step in that process-problem recognition. Within problem recognition, we focus on (1) the process of problem recognition, (2) the uncontrollable determinants of problem recognition, and (3) marketing strategies based...
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A Study on the Short-Term Market Effect of China A-share Private Placement and Medium and Small Investors' Decision-Making

Shuangjun Li
Since A-share market achieved full circulation after the non-tradable share reform in 2006, the private placement has been the main equity refinancing method of the listed companies in Chinese stock market. Mainly adopting the method of event study, this paper uses 867 listed companies which implemented...
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The Impact of Capital Account Liberalization on China's Short-Term International Capital Flows

Lijun Yu
Capital account liberalization promotes the free flow of capital in the global scope, so the resources can be effectively configured. However, the frequent movement of the short-term international capital brought by this kind of opening, also led to the outbreak of financial crisis. Therefore, the thesis...
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A Risk-averse Analysis of Overseas Acquisition

Huan Zhu, Liankai Liao
As we all know, the deal that CNOOC successful merged with Nexen in 2013 was the biggest in China. Combined with the reality, this paper briefly reviews the process and reveals the key problems in this merger[1]. Then some relevant recommendations are provided in the cultural, technical, financial and...
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A Study on China's Financial Innovation and Industrial Structure Synergy Effects

Pengfei Zhu
Have a collaborative mechanism analysis between financial innovation and industrial restructuring, and select time series data from 1993 to 2015 to build financial innovation, industrial structure adjustment comprehensive evaluation system and calculate by using principal component analysis, then build...
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The Research about Effects of Borrowing on the Firm's Profitability

Liyang Jiang
The decision to finance part of the firm's assets with borrowed funds has important managerial implications. If the firm finds it increasingly difficult to service its debt (paying interest and repaying the borrowed funds) because of excessive borrowing, its management will be under pressure to make...
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Study on the Financing Mode of Railway based on PPP

Zhejuan Fan
Transportation plays an important role in promoting the economic development of a country. As the main mode of transportation, the railway transportation system needs to adapt to the level of economic development. For our country, the railway is the backbone of the transportation system, and it is very...
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Individualized Education in Public Art Education of Colleges and Universities

Fei Liu
Individualized education is developing to be the main trend in present education in the world. In the light of the analysis of individualized education and its concept, this paper points out the importance of carrying it out in public art education of colleges and universities. Meanwhile, the paper also...
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Research on Social Responsibility of the Accounting Firms Under the Dig Data Environment

Xien Li
In the time of big data,the connotation of the social responsibility of enterprises is to be extended, showing new characteristics, and at the same time, the mode of disclosure will also produce a new evolutionary. As a special form of enterprise,Certified public accountants' social responsibility will...
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Language Transfer on a Meta-Cognitive Level

Yueyao Wang
This paper aims to discuss and review language transfer on a meta-cognitive level, which includes transfer of language-independent skills such as phonological awareness, structural awareness/decoding, awareness of definitions and functions, good meaning-making strategies/literacy skills, writing strategies...
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The Existing Risks and Countermeasures of Supervision and Management of P2P Online Lending

Xinyang Li
P2P online lending is an innovative form of financial organization, which achieves some of the functionality of the existing financial system, and it is a useful complement to the traditional financial system. The problems of P2P online lending in our country are mainly rooted from legal deficiency of...
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Research on Hedging Efficiency of SSE 50 Index Futures

Jingyong Fan
Financial assets' investment income is proportional to the risk, high income corresponds to high risk. As the most important derivatives, stock index futures' primary function is hedging. Based on the theory of hedging and the method to evaluate its effectiveness, this paper carries out an empirical...
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Research on the Development and Risk Regulation of Internet Finance

Wenjie Huang, Shujun Ye
The representative products of Internet Finance such as the balance of treasure, P2P, third-party payment have some impacts and influences on traditional bank businesses, with both risks and opportunities. On one hand, it is a new stage of innovation development of finance industry in the Internet Age;...
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Research on the Strategy of Backdoor Listing of Chinese Enterprises

Shuliang Liu, Huijie Xiao
In recent years, more and more enterprises are eager to obtain the facility of huge financing or asset merger and acquisition through listing. However not all enterprises can directly take the IPO approach, many enterprises especially medium-sized enterprises have been shut out of the securities market....
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Constitution of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in the Open Universities

Wei Wu, Yuehua Zhang, Xue Wang, Lan Li, Jingni Yu, Lihong Yue
The education regarding innovation and entrepreneur- ship with its own significant strategic importance and value of education has attracted wide attention, and were recognized by most ordinary colleges. Similarly, it is also very significant for the Open University to develop innovative and entrepreneurial...
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Board Heterogeneity, Diversification Strategy and Firm Value

Bei Ye
Taking nonfinancial companies listed on Shanghai or Shenzhen stock exchange as the sample, the paper studies the relationship between board heterogeneity, diversification strategy and firm value. Empirical research shows that board occupational heterogeneity is positively related to corporate diversification...
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A Grey Relational Analysis of the Influence Factors of Tourism Industry in Guangdong Province

Tong Yu, Chunshang Wu
This article launched grey system theory to analyze the tourism industry in Guangdong Province from 2005 to 2014, which indicated that the regional economy development level is the most influencing factors of Guangdong tourism industry. The article proposed policies and suggestions for the rapid growth...
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A Research on the Financial Models of Wuhan Rail Transit

Meng Li
Wuhan Metro, also known as Wuhan Rail Transit, is the urban rail transportation system of Wuhan City. From the subsequences of other cities' metro construction and operating conditions, it is obvious that the project investment is huge and the construction is costly; the project is burning a huge sum...
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The Impact of Financial Crisis on Asymmetric Foreign Exchange Market Intervention in Emerging Asia

Yanzhen Wang, Mingming Liu, Xiumin Li
Using asymmetric loss function, this paper estimates asymmetric preference of central bank foreign exchange market intervention in seven emerging Asian economies before and after the 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis and 2008 global financial crisis to reveal the impact of financial crisis on asymmetric...
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A Study on Integration Degree of Tradable Goods and Service Market of China's 36 Cities

Mingming Liu, Yanzhen Wang, Xiumin Li
This paper measures China's market integration by the price difference among regions of eight categories of goods and service. We select tradable goods price data of China's 36 cities in twelve years. We calculate the overall and classified Gini coefficients to analyze integration level of China's market...
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Anti-corruption in the Contemporary Era: Insights from DENG Xiaoping's Anti-corruption and Integrity Upholding Theories---Anti-corruption and Integrity Upholding: "Dogs Catching Mouse" Is Advisable, But the Key Is "Cats Catching Mouse"

Ying Gao, Liang Yao
DENG Xiaoping's anti-corruption and integrity upholding theories are used to analyze the intense "anti-corruption storm" after the 18th CPC National Congress and anti-corruption measures for the future are put forward: "dogs catching mouse" is advisable, but the key is "cats catching mouse".
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P2p Personal Credit risk Identification Index Selection Research under Sharing Economy in China

Yaming Zhang
With the development of the Internet financial, the number of the P2P network platform is increasing rapidly, however the problem of the P2P platform is also a increasing trend in the meantime.After investigating its reason, individual credit risk is the main factors of problem platform. For the personal...
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Construction of CT Skills Cultivation Mode in Integrated English Course

Yin Yang
Critical thinking (CT) is the essential goal of learning and central to higher education. Integrated English Course (IEC) provides a good platform to equip students with CT ability. This paper constructs CT skills cultivation mode in Integrated English Course from four steps: constructing interaction...
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Attitude to Humour and Jokes in Children with Mild Intellectual Disabilities

Pavel Zikl, MarkŽta Lev'nská, Kristyna Honzicková, Lucie Brabcová, Petra Bambulová, Vendula Kroilová
This paper focuses on the comparison of sense of humour and attitudes to humour in a peer group of 10-11 year-olds. It surveys children with normal intellectual abilities and children with mild intellectual disability (mild ID). The SHQ-6 questionnaire and a set of cartoons were used as research tools....
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Discussion on English Grammar Teaching from the Perspective of Educational Psychology

Huan Deng
The purpose of college English teaching is to help students transfer their English knowledge into communicative tool in language practice. Grammar is a prerequisite to the mastery and application of language. The traditional English grammar teaching, which relies mainly on dull recitation while plentiful...
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What Do Pupils Laugh at? Content Analysis of Jokes

Loudova Irena, Prikrylova Katar¡na, Kudrnova Eva, Adam Trejbal
The joke is a ticket to the culture of adolescents. Humorous situations play a central role in the socialization of adolescents. The research material is a collection of selected jokes (3 of the funniest ones) coming from 181 pupils at the age of early adolescence and is subjected to qualitative content...
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Sarah's Lack of Love: A Lacanian Reading of Love, Again

Xiuhua Li, Liyang Zong
Based on a Lacan's reading of the lack of love of Sarah, the heroine of Love, Again, the paper argues that the psychological transition from the imaginary to the symbolic is the underlying cause of Sarah's lack of love, and that it is the lack of love that helps Sarah re-enter the symbolic world and...
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The Analysis of the Development of Sharing Economy in the Internet Era

Yajing Sun
Sharing economy based on Internet technology is in a state of rapid advance, and is unobtrusively changing people's lifestyle. By exploring the new economic properties of Internet, the paper analyzed the interactive mechanism between sharing economy and Internet. Then discussed the challenges that Internet...
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Research on Solutions for Urban Traffic Congestion

Chao Dong
in recent years, the conflicts between urban traffic supply and demands have been getting more and more serious. It is known that today, urban traffic congestion is getting more and more severe, which has greatly affected residents' regular travel and made the environment pollution worse. So far, urban...
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The Philosophical Thinking on the Combination between Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to the Hearing Loss Relating to Diabetes

Ruiyu Li, Xueyu Ma, Mishan Wu, Junqiao Guo, Meng Li, Yue Li, Ying Dang, Weihua Han
The basic theories of TCM have the same philosophy with Taoism, Confucianism and other traditional Oriental ideology. TCM holds that all the natural phenomena have two aspects, Yin and Yang, which are both contradictory and complement to each other, as well as interdependence and mutual transformation....
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Primary Summary and Exploration on Innovation and Curiosity

Weihua Han, Ruiyu Li, Mishan Wu, Meng Li, Ying Dang, Junqiao Guo
As innovation is the soul of a nation for improving and the endless power for a country to flourish and grow, important invention and discovery of each time is for innovation and each innovation is closely related to "curiosity". In the paper, it came to a conclusion for innovation and curiosity according...
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Analysis the Risk of Online P2P Lending under the Background of Sharing Finance in China

Yawei Yang
As a new financial format and a direct trading system between the two sides of the financial resources, it have special advantages in promoting the development of sharing economy and the realization of "Inclusive Finance". P2P network lending as a classic form of Internet banking, but also to accelerate...
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How do College Student Leaders Learn and Make Good Use of Marxist Philosophy --Thoughts on Reading the Book Learning and using philosophy Written by Comrade Li Ruihuan

Li Zhang, Yu Zhang
The book Learning and using philosophy, written by Li Ruihuan, states the profound meaning of philosophy in plain language. Combined with the author's work experience, the book clearly expounded the basic point of view of philosophy, which is very beneficial for us make good use of philosophy. Student...
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An Empirical Research on Dynamic Relationship Between Yield Rate and Trading Volume in China's Stock Markets

Tingting Qian, Yizhen Qiu
Based on the econometric methods such as Vector Autoregressive model (VAR), Impulse Response Function (IRF) and Granger Causality Test, this paper investigates the dynamic relationships between yield rate and trading volume in Shenzhen and Shanghai stock markets. The study indicates that there is a strong...
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Research on the Combination of P2P Network Credit and Insurance Based on Game Theory

Pengcheng Han, Xubin Li, Chaoyi Guo
Since the P2P network credit appeared in China in 2007, it has experienced nearly 8 years of development. But we should notice the following debt defaults, which caused a lot of social problems, becoming even more regular along with its expansion. The occurrence of these violations shows great risk behind...
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Research on Space-time Utility of WeChat Payment

Desheng Li
WeChat is a social software developed by Tencent, and in 2013 loaded with WeChat payment function. Since the WeChat red envelopes War fame, WeChat payment will soon become a payment in life by virtue of its convenience and fun, and occupy quickly a certain market based on the social platform of WeChat....
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Some Aspects of the Impact that Children (Being Treated at a Psychiatric Illness) have Upon the Quality of Life of their Parents

Ulrichova Monika, Brichova Marie
Working with children and adolescents who suffer from serious mental illness, lays is very demanding in regards of the care in the whole family. In our paper, we focused mostly on working with autistic children. Childhood autism and schizophrenia are diseases that seriously affect the lives of carers....
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Analysis on the Contradiction between the Difficult Employment of College Students and Shortage of Migrant Workers

Tianqi Huang, Meixia Shi
This article analyzed "the difficult employment of college students and shortage of migrant workers" and find out the reasons for this contradiction from coordination of the industrial structure and employment structure, in order to find a way to solve this problem. The phenomenon of "difficult employment...
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An Optimization Strategy for Improving the road Emergency Guarantee System in Hubei Province

Zihan Zeng
A road emergency guarantee system is a prerequisite for ensuring that emergency relief activities, such as the transportation of emergency supplies or the deployment of medical emergency teams, can proceed smoothly. In this paper the classic 4R model developed by Robert Hess and the 5-factor model are...
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A Teaching Revolution and Practice for Cultivating Graduates in Design Sciences

Chengyuan Ren, Qiance Song
Recently, it is a hot topic of graduate course teaching to enhance the research characteristic of teaching, and cultivate innovative ideation of graduates. We investigate the cultivation of high-quality graduates from the perspective of course teaching,with respect to the situation that the graduates...
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A Factor Analysis on the Financial Industry Agglomeration of Beijing

Pengyuan Xu, Meiqing Zhang
This paper describes the characteristics of financial industry clusters of Beijing and discuss the factors affecting those, using factor analysis to extract common factors from the hypothetical indicators that may affect the financial industry gathering. Research shows that Beijing's financial industry...
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Analysis of Jiang Zemin Thought in Science and Technology

Yanying Fei, Wenhua Ren
In the 1990s, the global knowledge-economy has been booming, the traditional relationship between technology and the productivity was been rebuilt, and our technological power was urgently demanded to be built up. Under the condition, Jiang Zemin thought of science and technology emerged at a historic...
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Agricultural Product Traceability: Current Needs, the Existing Problems and the Corresponding Suggestions

Yandan Wang, Xiangyu Zhang
Market globalization and frequent food safety incidents have resulted in consumers' much awareness of the need of food traceability. The objective of this paper is to analyze the current needs and problems of agricultural product traceability in China, and to summarize the achievements and shortcomings...
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The Empirical Research on the Relationship between Price Fluctuation and Urban-rural Income Gap

Yaxu Li, Shujun Ye
This study analyzes the relationship between price fluctuation and urban-rural income gap by the granger causality test, vector auto-regressive(VAR) model, impulse response function and variance decomposition. The results of the granger causality test indicate that there is a one-way causal relationship...
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The Application of 5S Management in our Country Enterprise Management

Tian Sha
5S is an unique management approach of Japanese enterprises and they have made great success by using this approach. In the early 1990s, although 5S management is transferred into our country and then be promoted and popularized rapidly, it didn't reach expected effects. In order to make the 5S management...
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A Study on Regulatory Reform of China's Taxi Industry in the era of Internet Plus

Yanfang Li, Peihong Chen
For a long time, the taxi industry is heavily enforced with inefficient entry and price regulation in China, which has restricted the development of taxi market and accumulated many problems. Under this circumstance, new business model of "Internet + transportation" has provided an excellent opportunity...
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Chinglish in the Oral Work of College Students

Jing Xiao
Chinglish is one of the major problems in the oral English of Chinese College students. This problem often hinders oral expression and intercultural communication. This paper aims to measure students' Chinglish at four different levels: pragmatic, lexical, phonetic and syntactic level and focuses on...
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Curriculum of Pre-service Teacher Education in China:Problems and Strategies

Hui Zhang, Ping Jiang
Because of the current structural imbalance in the curriculum of pre-service teacher education in China, such as old content, implementation, a single evaluation. This article aims to improve the teachers' professional quality as the center of the curriculum goal, adjust the curriculum structure, train...
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Study on How to Cultivate the Innovational Thought of Students Majoring in Art Design

Chengyuan Ren, Jinling Du
Innovation is increasingly becoming essential indicator for measuring talents, the cultivation of innovation ability is especially important for the students majoring in art design while learning book knowledge. On the one hand, innovation is not only the call of the times, but also the requirements...
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The Research of Urban Traffic Network Influence on Urban Agglomeration

Haoyu Wu
With the analysis urban traffic policy and illustration of the concept of accessibility of transportation network, we found that urban transport policy and the accessibility of transportation have become important factors which affect residents' employment and living, the enterprise's location. This...
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Mobilization in Blood Bank: Mutual Assistance of "RH-" WeChat Group in New Media

Wei Sun, Shanshan Xu
By means of credibility authentication, collective memory, online to offline communication, "RH-" WeChat group could mobilize steadily the members. This paper takes "RH-" WeChat group as a case to analyze the characteristics of mutual assistance of mobilization based on the experience of blood donation...
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Analysis of Hydrogen Production from wind Power Generation from the Perspective of Industrial Security

Jie Qi
Hydrogen as "secondary energy" is the new technology development direction and the research important topic.Using of wind power for water electrolysis can eliminate the carbon dioxide emissions in the traditional hydrogen production,and achieve real green and clean production. At present foreign electric...
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The Research on the Privacy Protection of Hospital Patient in the Age of Internet Plus

Ying Dang, Jiangxiao Zhang, Ruiyu Li, Yue Li, Meng Li, JunQiao Guo, Jingtao Sun
In accordance with the information disclosure problems in hospitals because of the loss of patient medical card or the disclosure of charge data and electronic medical records, we put forward a privacy protection system of the patient in hospital in the age of internet plus. The patient's information...
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Study on the Role of Real Estate Industry in the Employment of Related Industries

Bei Su
Nowadays, real estate industry is fast growing in our country and it has an important effect on the related industries. Based on the relationship between real estate industry and output of other industries, this paper adopted empirical analysis model to further explore the correlation between the investment...
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Conflict and Integration of the Nation-state-Thai Muslim Conflict Functional Analysis

Siqi Ren, Yi Liu
Research of issues related to religious conflicts in Southeast Asia at this stage, basically reflects the positive correlation between the factors of conflict and social disruption. Lacking of a comprehensive analysis of the function of the conflict limits the research results. This paper mainly focuses...
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Student Reading Strategies of GIS Workflow Diagrams

Zdena Dobesova
This paper describes the results of eye-tracking testing of workflow diagrams from ArcGIS ModelBuilder. The respondents were 26 students of study branch Geoinformatics and Geography at Palacky University. The article describes that the reading patterns could be detected as aggregation from scanpath of...
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Comparison of Satisfaction in EFL Flipped and Traditional Classrooms

Zhonggen Yu, Qin Zhu
EFL flipped classroom has been receiving increasing popularity compared with the traditional EFL classroom. However, few studies have focused on the comparison of satisfaction levels between the flipped and the non-flipped pedagogies. This study, using a quasi-experimental research design, and randomly...
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Survey Report on Status Quo and Influencing Factors of Entrepreneurship of New Generations

Dong Yang, Xubin Li, Pengcheng Han, Fengfei Li
Entrepreneurial desire, self-capacity and professionalism level of new-generations of entrepreneurs are main factors influencing the transition of entrepreneurs from survival to development. Through a series of links including selection of survey subjects, questionnaire design and survey and interview,...
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Studying the Factors Affecting Sales of New Energy Vehicles from Supply Side

Shuang Zhang
In recent years, in response to the energy crisis, global sales of new energy vehicles have increased significantly. A great number of scholars have studied the factors affecting the sales from consumer behavior. However, instead of studying the demand, this paper focuses on the supply, studies the producer...
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Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Jobs-Housing Separation between Tokyo Metropolitan Area and Beijing

Yidan He
Jobs-Housing separation would make a significant impact on the urban traffic, causing serious traffic congestion problem in the morning and evening peak periods.This paper uses spatial distribution of resident/employed population and the population ratio of day and night as the main methods for research...
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Analysis on Externality of Traffic Jams in Beijing--Based on Supply-demand Equilibrium

Manyu Qi
Since entering the 21st century, the problem of traffic congestion in Beijing is increasingly outstanding. It is subject to a greater impact of people's daily life, and the resulting social loss. Recently, it carry out a large number of measures of traffic congestion in Beijng, but the current traffic...
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Research on Cooperative Mechanism among APSN to Improve the International Competitiveness of Ningbo Port

Yujun Duan, Lili Ma
Port development has benefited from the development of international trade and shipping. The pattern of international trade and the change of shipping also affect the adjustment of port layout. Nowadays, regional economic integration as new trade pattern which promote port constantly improve on the function...
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Research on the Maturating of Technological Achievements to Improve the Level of Patent Management in Ningbo

Lili Ma, Yujun Duan
With the improvement of the national IP strategy and system, the number of IP applications and grants is increasing between high-tech enterprises. It is an important issue to business managers of high-tech companies that how to use the intellectual property effectively. This paper summed up the important...
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Trust Beneficial Right Asset Securitization and High Financing Costs

Huanhuan Ruan
The trust beneficial right asset securitization has general advantage of asset securitization that it can reduce financing costs. But in China, financing by issuing trust beneficial right securitizations does not have an advantage. There are many factors that can lead to this phenomenon. In this paper,...
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Hierarchy of Needs Theory and the Positive Psychology Construction of Chinese College Students

Yue Wu
To a certain extent, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory is universal significance for people to build up positive psychology. During the course of cultivating the college student's positive psychological quality, the Hierarchy of Needs Theory can give guidance for the Chinese college students' positive...
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A Study on the Positioning of Warehouse Logistics Industry in Yangtze River Region--Based on the Agglomeration Efficiency of Service Industry

Qiuyang Gu, Yitao Xu, Zhenghai Li, Liyang Zhu, Haowei Xia
The storage and logistics industry in the Yangtze River Delta region can draw lessons from the service industry, and exert the benefit of agglomeration to achieve the development of the logistics industry in the Yangtze River Delta region.
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Sexism in English Language

Zhemin Chen
Language is not only a tool for communication, but also a mirror of speaker's ideological. This research aims to use the analytical approach critical discourse analysis to reveal the sexism in English language and hopes to gradually eliminate sex discrimination in vocabulary and expression.
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Talent Training in Commodities on the basis of "Six-dimensional Synergy" School-enterprise Cooperation

Yue Hu, Jun Ma
School-enterprise cooperation is the key of training in applicable talents for colleges. In this paper, we take commodity trading program in Ningbo Dahongying University as an example, to analysis commodity trading program by "six-dimensional synergy" school-enterprise cooperation model, as the achievements...
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Research on how to build new Foreign Trade competitive advantages of Ningbo by using the "Internet +"under the innovation-driven Background

Wenhui Ma
Implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, speed up industrial upgrading, to seize the commanding heights of economic competition has become the focus of a new round of global economic development. "Internet +" lead to industry form has undergone major changes. In innovation-driven context,...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of Computer Composition Principle in CDIO Mode

Lei Wei, Qiuyun Zhao
For existing problems and with guidance of CDIO, teaching of the Computer Composition Principle is reformed from teaching objectives, methods, the experimental teaching and assessment. Application of mind map, the auxiliary teaching platform, and the software simulation application are discussed in teaching....
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Quantitative Assessment Indicator System Research of Engineer Practice in Computer Science

Qiuyun Zhao, Le Wei
In university education of engineering, there are some problems in subjects of the software developing, such as Engineering Practice. To solve the problems, a quantitative assessment indicator system was introduced to the lecture. Using the system, the teaching process is divided into five stages, i.e....
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Research on Rural E-commerce Cluster Development Trend

Xinyu Nie, Jiguo Zhang, Yuqin Lin
This paper uses single index method and comprehensive index method respectively to investigate the development of a typical rural e-commerce industry cluster-ShaJi e-commerce cluster in Jiangsu province and forecasts its development trend by building growth curve models.The result shows that the overall...
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An Empirical Study of Note Taking and Task Repetition on Noticing and EFL Writing

Ling Shi, Xin Yuan, Min Wu, Zuhong Lu, Yangyang Liu
This paper set out to probe into the learning strategies that help promote Chinese college students' noticing and memory retention of targeted language through the mental process of input into intake. Three experimental groups-Group A, the control group (without note taking and task repetition), Group...
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Reading for Both Learning and Enjoyment---- The Application of Flipped Classroom in College English Extensive Reading Course

Chanjuan Chen, Fan Hu
In terms of ineffectiveness and inconsistency of current college English extensive reading course, it is high time that instructors searched for a more creative and innovative approach to take the place of conventional teaching method. Flipped classroom teaching mode avoids disadvantages of traditional...
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Research and Practice on Innovative Training Mode of Science and Engineering Graduate Students

Hongmei Zhang, Xingdong Peng, Na Li, Hongyang Zhao
Taking some high level research universities in China as samples, through serious research, we found that many domestic famous colleges and universities put forward a lot of creative mode of graduate cultivation on the basis of summarizing their own graduate training mode. Our task group have studied...
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Research on the Assets Management Systems of Chinese University

Shujuan He
In recent years, there are some management problems, which to a certain degree have affected the sustainable and healthy development of Jilin University. The author sums up the research status and characteristic of assets management systems of Jilin University and analysis asset management organization...
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Analysis of Problems in Postgraduate Entrance Education and Research on its System Constructions in the New Era

Ming He
With the environmental changes of political economy, school culture, family education, network media, there exist plural phenomena among postgraduate in the new era, including plural value and utilitarian targets, subjective consciousness and lost responsibility, independent thought and dependent psychology,...
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An Alternative Perspective of Housewifely-ism A Brief Analysis of the New Housewifely-ism by the "Echoing the Women"in the 1920s and 1930s

Shuhui Chen
In 1930s, there was a heated debate on the view of "Women Going Home", and the magazine "Women Resonance" put forward the concept of "New Doctrine of Virtue". On the basis of equality between men and women, this concept advocated that women should continue to play the role of good wife and good mother...
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Study on Bitcoin Risk Perception Based on EFA and Structural Equation Model

Jing Li, Qin Qin, Yu Zhang
This document established the main factors of bitcoin risk perception based on the explorative factor analysis, then studied them using structural equation model and conducted one-order and second-order confirmatory factor analysis. The results show that the bitcoin perceived risk mainly includes four...
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Empirical Researches on International Economic Based on Complete Trade Model

Qunli Wu, Ye Yuan
With the continuous development of economic globalization and trade links between the world ever closer, more international trade includes direct and indirect trade links, so there is an urgent need for a method to analyze the problems associated with the international economy. This paper creates a complete...
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Dynamic Change of Industry Ecosystem Network in China

Qunli Wu, Lan Hu
The article puts forward the concept of "industrial ecosystem" to reflect the flow of Chinese industry internal resources are in more complex situations. Used SNA method, and based on the input-output data in 1997-2007, then analyze the evolution process of industrial structure in our country from the...
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The Analysis of the Influence of the Reform of English Examination in College Entrance Examination on Some Students in Key High Schools in Shanghai

Qi Wang, Yuwen Dong, Lan Huang
The reform program of College Entrance Examination in Shanghai was issued in September 2014, which made a sweeping change in English examination. The Reform is intended to change the model of exam-oriented English education. This research focuses on the reform of English examination, the change of learning...
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Research on the Intangible Assets Management Systems of University

Shujuan He
Intangible assets management of university is a systematic project, which covers many aspects of running university. Based on the particularity of intangible assets in the university, the author sums up the research status and characteristic of intangible assets management systems of university and gives...
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Invisible Control: Critical Discourse Analysis of Reports in the New York Times on China and Japan over Disputed Islands

Lei He
Under the guide of Intercultural Communication Studies, this paper analyzes reports in the New York Times on China and Japan over disputed islands. On the basis of Critical Discourse Analysis, this paper illustrates ideology and value orientations implied in news discourses, and exposes the true intention...
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Staff Demission Analysis of Public Hospitals - Example of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Xu Xu
As the foundation of staff demission data from 2013 to 2015 of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, through the employee quality control chart, analysis the quit reason, from internal and external for the public hospital staff. Put forward the management policies and suggestions...
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Situation Analysis and Countermeasures during the Promotion of International Trade Cooperation in Cultural Industry

Juanli Lan, Hongzhen Lei, Zhiyu Tian, Wangyue Zhang
With the further development of cultural products in foreign trade, China's cultural products are bound to face competition in the international market. The cooperation of cultural products in international trade, which make cultural products has become one of the new form and important way to participate...
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Study of IE Teacher-Student Interaction Pattern Based on Informational Education Environment

Jijun Xiao, Shu Ou
With the continuous development of industrial engineering (IE) discipline in universities, it is essential to accelerate the construction of IE disciplines, educational concept, evaluation and specification of teaching level against the new background of economic and informational globalization. The...
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Chinese Instructor's Vocational Ability:Basic Concept, Structure and Questionnaire Design

Xianhua Yang
Study on chinese counselor's vocational ability has become a focus of current research in the field of higher education. Studies in this field are conducive to enriching the theories of counselors' profession or vocation, promoting college students' growth and development, and also developing the counselors's...