Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Life, Innovation, Change and Knowledge (ICLICK 2018)

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Absent to be Employees Attendance Using Face Detection at Puskesmas Trimulyo Sekampung Lampung Timur

Arif Hidayat
Presence is a data collection of the presence, part of the reporting activity of an institution, or component of the institution itself which contains the attendance data compiled and arranged in such a way that it is easy to look for and be used if at any time required by the interested parties Computer...
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Internationalization of Batik In The Creative Industry of Harajutik

Rosida Tiurma Manurung, Achmad Zulfikar, Ifit Novita Sari, Nuning Kurniasih, Kundharu Saddhono, Yuliyanto Budi Setiawan, Murjainah, Parwito
Indonesia has a variety of traditional textile, namely Batik, Tenun, Songket, Gringsing, and others variety. Indonesian Traditional Textiles have their characteristics, fineness, and uniqueness. Batik as a cultural wealth of Indonesia potentially become a favorite fashion for youth. If Batik managed...
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Lecturer’s Environmental Satisfaction on Campus Environmental Characteristics Based on Indonesian Ideology (Pancasila)

Hanurawan Fattah, Yasminum Suhanti Indah, Widyatno Aryudo, Dinda Putri Fatikha, Firstara Lawindo, Reika Azil
The main purpose of this study was to describe in depth the environmental satisfaction. This research used a qualitative approach with case study design. Subject participants in this study were 9 lecturers of universities in Malang, Indonesia. Data were collected through guided interviews, open questionnaires,...
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Women’s Role in the Prevention of Sexual Transmission of HIV within Marriage in Indonesia

Erna Herawati
This paper discusses intersecting issue of the sustainable development goals aspects: gender and health. Drawing from the case of Warga Peduli AIDS ( Local Residents Concerned about AIDS) in Bandung, West Java, this paper presented an empirical evidence on how women in Indonesia play significant role...
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Batik Cimahi: An Opportunity Of People's Economic Movement

Hanny Hafiar, Priyo Subekti, Lukiati Komala, Kokom Komariah
Batik is one of the nation's works that are recognized by the world as one of Indonesia's cultural identity. Every city in Indonesia, especially in West Java has the typical batik characterized by the identity of the city, including Cimahi city. The popularity of batik Cimahi, not as famous as the popularity...
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CSR Web Reporting: A New Communication Technology Tool For Corporate Reporting And Its Relation With Ownership Structure

Kenny Fernando, Elfina Astrella Sambuaga, Budi Kurniawan, Ernie Riswandari, Theresia Hesti Bwarleling
This study aims to highlight the new practice of corporate reporting in utilizing the information and communication technology nowadays. Further, The empirical test was conducted to examine and observe the influence of Ownership Structure on the practice of CSR disclosure. Regression analysis was conducted...
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Variation of diurnal Turbulence Kinetic Energy using sonic anemometer observation: a case study in Ledeng, Bandung

Sandy Hardian Susanto Herho, Raden Mas Dwiriyo Suryo Sasmoko
Sonic anemometer observation was performed on 29 - 30 September 2014 in Ledeng, Bandung to see diurnal variations of Turbulence Kinetic Energy (TKE) that occurred in this area. The measured sonic anemometer was the wind velocity components u, v, and w. From the observation result, it can be seen that...
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The Effect Of Service Quality, Price And Promotion On Visitors Satisfaction Toward Puncak Mas Tourism Object In Bandar Lampung

Suci Lestari Bramtika, Erna Listyaningsih, Bambang Purwanto
This study aims to investigate the effect of service quality, price and promotion on visitor satisfaction toward Puncak Mas tourism object in Bandar Lampung. The dimensions of quality service in this study are tangible, reliable, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy. The findings on this study are...
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Analysis of Aerodynamics Urban Electric Car Using Computation Fluid Dynamics

Didi Kusaeri, MSK. Tony Suryo Utomo
This research is done by making electric car/Urban Electric Car with aerodynamic design. The purpose of this study is also often done. Because very very to the consumption of energy/fuel. The simulation is performed using Computational Fluid Dinamic. The turbulence method used k-ε and its discretization...
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Hate Speech in Election: Increasing Trends and Concerns

Husnul Isa Harahap
Simultaneous Regional Elections in 2018 is not a new phenomenon in Indonesia. This election is a mandate of UU 8 of 2015. According to UU 8 of 2015, the simultaneous regional election will be held in several waves, and the first wave has been held in 2015 and 2017. However, there were different phenomena...
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The Learning Proverbs Comics For Children

Aftina Aftina, Dwi Prasetyo Nogroho, Krisnawa Adi Baskhara, Novi Eka Susilowati
Indonesia still has a low level in literacy. It is proved based on the statistical calculations stated that Indonesia is ranked in 60 of 61 countries. It is inversely proportional compared to the percentage of people who aware of the letters from year to year which is increased. In Indonesia, the majority...
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Combating Urban Waste Through The Development of A City Scale Waste Bank Readiness Index

Iwan Juwana, Siti Ainun, Baiq Kusumawati Dewi
One main issue in solid waste management of densely populated cities is the short lifetime of the landfill as its final disposal. This happens because in many cities solid waste is collected from its sources without sorting and treatment prior to the disposal. A waste bank is an alternative instrument...
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Encryption of RGB Image Using Hybrid Transposition

Ansar Rizal, Didi Susilo Budi Utomo, Rihartanto Rihartanto, Arief Susanto
Nowadays digital imagery is used for many purposes. Starting just as a hobby of photography up to the purpose of security or identification. For more sensitive purposes, an image needs to be encrypted so that the image is not recognized by an unauthorized person. In this study, hybrid transposition is...
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Idealized Abstraction of the Concept of Human in Dayak Kanayatn’s Byword and Its Importance in Dissolving Ethnic Conflicts in West Borneo

Ferry Hartono, Sukawiti2 Sukawiti, Herianus Nuryadi
The Dayak Kanayatn’s byword, “Adil ka’ Talino, Bacuramin ka’ Saruga, Basengat ka’ Jubata”, is becoming more and more popular nowadays, thanks to its massive use in local Borneo formal and informal meetings. Deep structural analysis shows apparent traits of universality in each of its element and concept...
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Women Empowerment In The Development Of Agro Tourism Villag

Neneng Komariah, Encang Saepudin, Saleha Rodiah
Women's empowerment is ideally implemented by exploring, maintaining, and developing social capital, including local wisdom. The socio-cultural values owned and developed in society must be optimized as the basic capital in creating social responsibility. This can be done by increasing the active role,...
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The Role of Sasi As A Local Wisdom Based Environmental Sustainability

Priyo Subekti, Heru Ryanto Budiana
The life of a society, principally, complies a complex set of rules, such as norms, beliefs, rules, laws, and so on. Those are what drives people to behave. Thus it can be said that the values and norms are the guides for people to carry out their daily activities. One of the values and norms adhered...
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Enterpreneurship Experience Based On Online-Reading Among Housewives

Pawit M Yusup, Agus Rusmana, Diah Sri Rejeki
Making an extra living for a wife does not have to go to the office every day, work at home can be done. Women entrepreneurs can be good examples for their family environment or social environment. The positive things that the activities are about professionalism, self-actualization, patience and other...
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Transcendental Law Paradigm: National Health Care Solutions

Siti Soekiswati, Absori
One of the sustainable development targets of the country was the people's welfare achievement that was evenly distributed throughout the country. One of the indicators was the level of public health. The government launched a National Health Insurance (JKN) to achieve optimal public health,. However,...
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Interpersonal Communication In Moral (Ahlak) Coaching of Dropout Teens

M. Nasor M. Nasor
Communication can be done by everyone anywhere and anytime, including parents' interpersonal communication to their children. Interpersonal communication is the process of sending and receiving messages between two people or a small group face to face with various feedback. Basically through this communication...
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Waste Management At Neighbourhood Level For The Purpose Of Society Welfare

Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Rully Khairul Anwar
This study discusses waste management practices in urban society in Bandung, West Java. It examines how the society, as part of the citizens of the Republic of Indonesia, carry out waste management which is viewed from the kind of they practice. Using descriptive-qualitative method, this study found...
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Taking Advantage From The Increased Construction Liberalization Under Akfta To Indonesia’s Economic Growth

M. Fawaiq M. Fawaiq, K. Jati K. Jati, A. Mardiansyah A. Mardiansyah, Herlitah Herlitah
The purpose of this study is to measure the impact of the increased liberalization level of construction services under AKFTA on the Indonesian economy and on the performance of the construction service sector. The method used in this research is CGE with processing data through GTAP simulation. The...
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Do entrepreneurships lectures can grow self entrepreneurship assistance?

Dwi Nur Rachmah, Marina Dwi Mayangsari, Rahmi Fauzia
Entrepreneurship courses are a trend and part of education at school and at the University. Psychology Studies Program of Lambung Mangkurat University makes entrepreneurship lecture as one of the elective courses for students. In this lecture students are taught about entrepreneurship theory and practice...
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CSR Communication Planning through Participatory Communication

Miftah Faridl Widhagdha, Kevin Kurnia Gumilang
Communication planning is part of communication management to achieve communication goals. Participatively, communication planning involves all stakeholders in order to achieve the common interests and objectives agreed upon by stakeholders effectively and efficiently. This study uses a communication...
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Implementation of E-Bird Competition Based on Artificial Intelligence In Pressing Fraud on Organizer Management Birdsong Contest In The District Banyuwangi

A A Gde Satia Utama, Hendri Arya Fernando
This research aims to design an operational information system e-bird competition using an integration website and online applications as well as ultrasonic sensor-based technology uses artificial intelligence in the detection of the fraud conducted by participants or members of the judges of birdsong...
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e-Jas Module: Effort to Improvement The Environmental Care and Responsibility Character

Savitri Wanabuliandari, Sekar Dwi Ardianti, Ristiyani Ristiyani, Henry Suryo Bintoro, Dian Utami Sutiksno
This study aims to determine the students' responses toward the environmental and responsibility character through the use E-JAS edutainment module. The type of research used quasi experimental with one group pre test-post test design. Based on the results of data analysis showed that the students' responses...
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The Role Of Social Capital In Evoking Village After Disaster

Rully Khairul Anwar, C.M.S. Samson, M. Taufiq Rahman
This study aims to depict the people affected by flood in one village in Garut, West Java. The community with various efforts has evoked its village from the post-disaster downturn. Using qualitative and descriptive research methods it is found that there is social capital maintained by the community...
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Utilization of Geographic Information System (GIS) For The Prevention of Land And Forest Fires As Mitigation Efforts For Peatland Disasters

Rahmad Hidayat, Wahyu Purwanto, Fakih Fauzan
Riau's forest and peatland fires are not only the focus of the Riau Provincial Government, but have become a national and international concern, as it has resulted in a fog disaster as soon as possible in several Asian countries. One of the efforts to prevent forest and peatland fires is to know the...
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Analyzing the change of students’ attitude toward learning English (A case study of the students of foreign language school)

Aam Alamsyah
The present study aims at investigating attitude change which could possibly occur to some students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree. Unlike other studies, the present study was conducted within a longer time span in order to identify the potential attitude change after experiencing one semester...
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Female Teachers’ Subjective Well-Being from the Aspects of Gratitude, Optimism, and Work-Family Balance

Nina Zulida Situmorang, Fatwa Tentama, Mujidin Mujidin, Erita Yuliasesti Diah Sari, Yuke Andini, Afriana Silawati, Nuning Kurniasih, Listian Indriyani Achmad, Urip Wahyudin
Subjective Well-Being has become the primary goal of individuals to improve their quality of life. In particular, it also mainly applies to female teachers serving as both mother and teacher. This research aims to understand the influence of gratitude, optimism, and work-family balance on female teachers'...
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The Role Of Low - End Disruptive Innovation In The Face Of Small Medium Industries Market Competition. A Case Study Of Tasikmalaya Embroidery Product

Prety Diawati, Henry H. Loupias
One of the potential Small Medium Industries (hereinafter, SMIs) in the province West Java Province is the embroidery center in Tasikmalaya City. The development of the global economy, for example, the establishment of AEC free markets and ACFTA trade agreement, has led to an increasingly competitive...
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Building Students Character with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Perspective in Era of Disruptions

Agus Sugiarto, Trida Trisno Zuono, Isnin Harianti, Ahmad Heru Romadhon, Anang Surohman Hidayat
Changes in the era of so rapid an impact on the human characters changes ultimately have an impact on the environment and society sociological. Research conducted by the segment of the character development in higher education and students as objects. Research carried by the object is University Maarif...
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Indonesia Media Broadcasting Regulations In An Accelerated Innovation, Creativity & Development (Case Study In North Sumatra)

Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi, Suwandi Sumartias
There is a significant need to develop a Media Broadcasting Regulation, especially in the context of local shareholders for TV networks and local TV in Indonesia. The law is expected to regulate all about TV's programs and the Operational Lisence. The study which did at North Sumatra, and data's collected...
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How to Extend your Data Lifetime: Research Data Management in Indonesia’s Context

Dasapta Erwin Irawan, Cahyo Darujati, Santirianingrum Soebandhi, Fierly Hayati, Deffy Ayu Puspito Sari
Data is the basis of research. On the other side, the world has a problem of replication. The first problem is we don’t really know how to manage our own data to able to reanalyze it at some point after the research has been finished. The lifetime of data is very short, in only one or two fiscal years....
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Traditional Game As The Communication Media In Delivering Message About How To Resolve The Disaster

Edwin Rizal, Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, Diah Sri Rejeki, Sapari M Hadian, Rully Khairul Anwar
Indonesia is included into zona ring of fire, disaster could be happened without advance warning and place. The fact is, in 2018 there are 513 disasters had happened, such as tornado or puting beliung , landslide, forest fire,flood, earthquake and eruption. Like what had happened in Maluku, due to the...
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Drowsiness Detection According to the Number of Blinking Eyes Specified From Eye Aspect Ratio Value Modification

Novie Theresia Br. Pasaribu, Agus Prijono, Ratnadewi Ratnadewi, Roy Pramono Adhie, Joseph Felix
The current accidents in road increase caused by driver's negligence. There are several reasons, that is fatigue, drowsiness, not concentration, and others. One of the drowsiness detectors is through the blinking of an eye. In normal people the blinking of the eye is 10 per minute, whereas in people...
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Disaster Management Sekolah Rescue: As Disaster Activity Program In Pass Fm Radio, Katapang Subdistrict, Bandunga

Dian Wardiana, Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, Evi Nursanti Rukmana, Moh. Sapari Dwi Hadian
Sekolah Rescue is off air radio program about disaster in Pass FM Radio. The existence of Sekolah Rescue in Pass FM Radio becomes more interesting when knowledge about the disaster in radio become real. They directly move to help the community when the disaster happened, begin with becoming a volunteer....
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Comparation of P-Median, P-Center, and Maximal Coverage on Facility Location Problem of Bokabo Tobacco Supply Chain, Sumenep District

Kukuh Winarso, Muhammad Imaduddin Abdur Rohim
Madura Island is the largest tobacco producing area in Indonesia with an area of 30-33% of the total area of tobacco plantations in Indonesia. However, during the last 3 years the area of tobacco plantations on the island of Madura has decreased which affects the decline in tobacco productivity. This...
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Performance Measurement of esMOCA Biomechanics V2 for Biomechanics analysis

Sabarudin Akhmad, Anis Arendra, Bayu Sapto Aji
This research intends to know the usability of esMOCA in terms of ease and speed of use by measuring the performance of instrument compared to the photographic method on doing biomechanics analysis. Respondents will be given the task of analyzing biomechanics using both methods and the performance will...
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Development and Process Characterization of Low Cost Heat Pump Dehumidifier for Crackers Dryer

Anis Arendra, Sabarudin Akhmad Mualim, Khoirul Hidayat
The aims of this reseach is developing low cost heat pump dehumidifier (HPD) for shrimp crackers dryer, and observe the process characteristic of HPD dryer. System of HPD dryer consist of evaporator, condensor, compressor, expansion valve, fan blower and drying chamber. Observed characteristic factor...
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The Effectiveness Of Using Cooperative Learning Model From Broken Triangle, Square, Heart Type Towards The Students’ Cognitive Learning Outcome

Dwi Cahyadi Wibowo, Pandu Wijaksana, Hilarius Jago Duda
This research aims to know the effectiveness of using cooperative learning model from broken triangel/square/heart type to the students’ cognitive learning outcomes. The research used quasy eksperimental design particularly nonequivalent control group design. The population was 40 students from Class...
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Analysis of The Influence of Management Commitment to SERVQUAL and OCB Toward The Quality of Services and Implications of Customer Satisfaction in PLN Mojokerto Service Area

Agus Raikhani, Muhlasin Muhlasin, Abdul Adzim, linda ratna sari
The aims of this paper is to analyze the influence of management commitment in quality service and organizational citizenship behavior toward customer satisfaction through the quality of services on PLN Mojokerto service area. The total sample in this research was 156 customers with the sample collection...
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The Influence Of Quality Information Toward User Satisfaction of Enterprise Resource Planning With Top Management Support As Moderating Variable

Heri Wijayanto, Tulus Haryono, Hakas Putri Wikan Estu
This research aims to analyze the influence of ERP quality informations toward user satisfaction and to analyze the role of the top management support as a moderation variable toward the influence of information quality to the user satisfaction. The result of the previous researches about the influence...
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Effect of Financial Performance on Company Growth with Company Size as Moderating Variable

Sri Hermuningsih
The purpose of this research is to analyze the effect of financial performance on company growth with the company size as a moderating variable on companies that entered the Jakarta Islamic Index stock which registered on the Indonesia Stock Exchange 2014-2016. This study measures the financial performance...
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The Effect of Retained Earnings on Dividend Policy from the Perspective of Life Cycle

Irdha Yusra, Rizka Hadya, Rhini Fatmasari
The dividend distributed by the company to the shareholders is very different when it is viewed from the standpoint of the company's life cycle. Companies in the established phase have a higher chance to pay dividends than companies in the decline stage. This is relevant to the company's life cycle theory....
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Empowerment, Service Quality, Job Satisfaction and Performance of Beef Cattle Breeders

Effy Indriati, Humaidah Muafiqi, Muchtar, Widji Astutik
This study aims to analyze the influence of service quality and empowerment on performance of beef cattle breeders through job satisfaction in Jombang – East Java. The sample in this study amount to 149 people. Analytical techniques used in analysis structural equation modeling (SEM). This study resulted...
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Expenditure Analysis on Government and Income Distribution in East Java

Humaidah Muafiqie1, Effy Indriati, Muchtar
Government of East Java Province have outcome for infrastructure development in order to increase society well-being through equal income distribution. Economy growth which is the benchmark of region progress doesn’t necessarily present society well-being. Government effort to increase society well-being...
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The Role of Group Emotional Intelligence In Shaping Industrial Relations Climate

Prima Vandayani, Ryan Kurniawan
This study aimed to determine the effect of group emotional intelligence (GEI) on industrial relations climate (IRC). The analysis unit entire unit population is 58 unionized workers groups that affiliated with SPSI, SPN, SBSI, and SBSI 92 on garment companies in Bandung Raya. The observation unit involved...
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The Synergy Of Penta-Helix Stakeholders In The Development Of Smart Destination In Dieng Tourism Area, Central Java - Indonesia

Herlan Suherlan, Nurdin Hidayah, Wientor Rah Mada
This research intends to obtain information about comprehensive picture about penta-helix synergy in realizing the concept of smart tourism in Dieng Central Java. This research uses a qualitative research design with phenomenographic approach that seeks to understand the perspective [1], thought, and...
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Why Millenials Eat Out From Home?

Ramlawati, Aditya Halim Perdana Kusuma Putra, Yasni, Jafar Basalamah, Andi Mappatompo
Development of this era also makes consumption patterns in Indonesia changed. At least the pattern changes in people's eating habits, especially in the city of Makassar in the '90s has now changed very drastically. Today, eating at home that is cooked by the family members themselves would be a rare...
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Sustainability of Traditional Shop in The Middle of Minimarket in Tasikmalaya City

Ade Komaludin, Suherman Sodikin, Nisa Noor Wahid
This study aims to maintain the sustainability of traditional shop in Tasikmalaya City. The rapid growth of minimarkets into residential areas, bad for traditional shop so it is necessary to know how its impact and its effect on the traditional shop around it. The specific purpose of this research is...
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Measuring of Islamic Banking Productivity in Indonesia Using Malmquist Index

Irman Firmansyah
This study aims to measure the productivity of islamic banks in Indonesia in the period 2013 to 2017. The method used is the malmquist productivity index that is part of the Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) method. The results show that in 2014 is the most productive period for islamic banks in Indonesia,...
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The Influence of Free Wi-Fi And Place Toward Buying Decision In Angkringan ( Food Stall ) In Madiun City

Hari Purwanto, Dian Citaningtyas Ari Kadi
The reserach objective is to provide empirical evidence from the phenomenon of “ angkringan “( food stall ) business in Madiun city which utilizes information technology toward the installation of Free Wi-Fi in order to attract buyers or customers who previously rely on the management of the comfortable...
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The Role of Arabica Coffee in Local Economic Development in Highland of Simalungun District, North Sumatera, Indonesia

Jef Rudiantho Saragih
Coffee is very important commodity in the global trade. Arabica coffee is superior commodity for farmers in Simalungun highland, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Productivity of arabica coffee in the region is only 50%-65% of the expected productivity. Therefore, there is a 35% to 50% productivity difference...
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Implementation of GCG In Making Reputation And CRM, Toward Customer Loyality

Maman Sulaeman, Hasan Fahmi Kusnandar, Dedeh Sundarsih, Yumi Sri Andriati, Ismayudin Yulizar, Erna Rusmiwati, Endang Syarief, Yogi Sugiarto Maulana
this research is based on the problem ineffective implementation of law enforcement in the implementation of assurance program, the newspaper and electronic reporting on the management of participant funds stored in Socials Assurance Labour and conflicts in the board of directors brings unfavorable effects...
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Needs Assessment Analysis of Social Science Learning in Primary School

Anang Yulianto Nugroho, Hartono, Sudiyanto
The aim of this study is to explore the obstacles and needs in teaching the social science at primary school levels. A descriptive aproach method was used in this research. The data collected were analyzed using interactive analysis (Miles and Huberman). The results show that: 1) the books used are not...
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The Experience of Parents with Speech Delayed Children in Garut, Indonesia

Andri Nugraha, Eva Daniati, Susan Susyanti, Iin Patimah, Elsy Susani
Speech delay in children occurs when a child finds it difficult to use and develop the mechanisms required to produce speech. Some of the unfavorable consequences of speech delay in children include poor academic achievement, reduced IQ, and psychosocial problems. Thus, this study aimed to explore the...
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Market Analysis of Bantul Markets After Revitalization

Arie Perwitasari, Rifki Khoirudin
This research was to know the different traders income in Bantul market before and after revitalization program, the effect of capital, location, length of bussines, working hours, and age to traders income after revitalization, and the most dominant variable effect to traders income at Pasar Bantul....
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The Analysis of Students Difficulties In Understanding Basic Math Concept At the Second Grade of MTsN Balang-Balang

Mardhiah, Suharti, Muh. Alamsyah, Nursalam, Muhammad Rusydi Rasyid, Andi Halimah, Sri Sulasteri, Andi Dian Angriani, A Sriyanti, Baharuddin
The study aims to find out the students’ difficulties in understanding basic math concept at the second grade of MTsN Balang-Balang and to know the factors causing the students’ difficulties in understanding math concept at the second grade of MTsN Balang-Balang of Gowa Regency. This study is qualitative...
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What Is More Important In Business? The Fallacy In Interpreting Innovation As a Strategy

Roslina Alam, Nasir Hamzah, Aditya Halim Perdana Kusuma Putra, Wenny Anggresia Ginting, Sauh Hwee Teng
There is a different perspective between the typical Craftsman Businessman and the Opportunistic Entrepreneur. Business cannot be separated from the risk but the courage (recklessness) is also not the best solution. The era of economic openness has shown the world community on how the changing business...
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The Implementation of Cooperative Learning at Primary Schools

Bety Ratih Meganingtyas, Retno Winarni, Tri Murwaningsih
This study was aimed at finding out how the implementation of cooperative learning in primary schools. The design of this research was qualitative research. The study was conducted in 4 primary schools in Kedunggalar Sub-district. The subjects of this study were teachers and students of the fifth-grade...
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Analysis of Work Load and Total Operator Needs on Final Inspection of Work Station

Supriyadi Supriyadi, Herlam Siregar, Eko Hadi Sucipto
This study aims to determine the number of ideal operators according to the company condition. This research uses work measurement method and analyzed by Yamazumi Chart. The research object is three selected operators from the final inspection work station. The study results concluded that, the new...
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The Leadership Principle Model Based On The Business Performance In Vocational High School Tegal

Sitti Hartinah DS, Tati Heriati, Tatik Sunaryo, Sulfikar Sallu
This research belongs to the descriptive research, it uses confirmatory factor analysis. The populations of this research are 221 teachers of the vocational high school that is researched, then 83 are selected as the samples by proportional random sampling procedure. Data is taken from questionnaire...
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Urgency Of Mediation Institutions As One Of The Alternative Dispute Settlements In The Society

Indien Winarwati
When discussing the laws and state institutions that implement the law, it will relate to formal justice that is run and produced by legal processes that are also formal. This is because the legal process carried out by state institutions in the field of law is based on written and codified law, and...
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Protection and Empowerment of Salt Farmers in Madura

N. Nuswardani
The Madura island is known as the salt island. This is supported by data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) in April 2015 indicated that out of approximately 3.2 million tons of national salt demand, more than 60% of it is supplied from East Java (spread over 11 districts), the data...
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Announcement of The Judge’s Decisions as Additional Sanction For The Corruption Perpetrating Corporations

Corporations often do corruption together with government officials. It is often that the corporation charged by criminal sanction of fines but not executed. Based on the phenomenon, it should be found and investigated the sanction that will bring deterrent effects. In analyzing the problem will be...
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Innovation of Islamic Education Through the Implementation of Mandatory Program Madrasah Diniyah (Non-Formal Religious Education Institutions) In Formal Institution

Afiful Ikhwan, Ava Swastika Fahriana, Musyarapah, M. Mukhlis Fahruddin, Dian Iskandar Jaelani
This research is based on the existence of an innovation phenomenon of Islamic Religious Education in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia district, which will implement the Madrasah Diniyah Mandatory Program in all formal institutions at the junior, senior high school, and vocational level as intracurricular....
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Agroindustry in Madura in Facing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

Abdul Azis Jakfar
The paper aims to: 1) map the potentials and challenges in developing agroindustry in Madura and 2) formulate efforts to develop agroindustry competitiveness in Madura in facing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). The paper uses descriptive analysis by literatures study and continues with description and...
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Strategies of Cluster Based Development of Higher Education in University of Trunojoyo Madura

Muh Syarief
Cluster-based development of higher education is used to serve as a method of accelerating the development of University of Trunojoyo Madura (UTM). A cluster is an agglomeration of programs that involves actors from upstream to downstream, allowing the incorporation of program scale across faculties...
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Contribution of Cohesion and Coherence Instruments Mastery toward the Study of Bahasa Indonesia at 10th Grader of Vocational High Schools in Sukabumi

Faizal Arvianto, Tanti Agustiani, Deden Ahmad Supendi
This research is aimed at determining how the contribution of variables of cohesion and coherence instruments mastery toward the study of Bahasa Indonesia at 10th grader of vocational high schools in Sukabumi city. The research method applied in this research was quantitative by means of correlational...
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Maintaining Peace Among Students Through Character Building Based On The Values Of Pancasila (Five Principles)

I Ketut Sudarsana, I Nyoman Temon Astawa, Ni Wayan Arini, I Wayan Jatiyasa, I Wayan Suwendra
This study aims to describe how to keep peace among students through character education in the State Vocational High School 1 Sukawati Gianyar. This study is important to give an idea how to respond to the development of the world in the era of globalization with all the dynamics and progress following,...
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The Existence Of Puja Mandala In Manifesting Tolerance Education

I Ketut Sudarsana, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Wijaya Mahardika, I Made Arsa Wiguna, Ni Kadek Juliantari, I Nyoman Warta
This study aims to describe the existence of Puja Mandala in realizing the education of tolerance. The goal is to create an atmosphere of harmony that can create a safe, serene and peaceful atmosphere that is realized in real life not only in the theoretical terms, which is manifestly implemented through...
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Interpreting Dispute Resolution Clauses

Putu Tuni Cakabawa Landra, Ni Putu Cherry Saraswati, Lang Palmer Williamson
In Indonesia, courts have ruled that the presence of an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause denies them jurisdiction to rule on issues arising from the contract, even if the ADR clause only purports to cover particular disputes or terms and the issue before the court falls outside of the ADR...
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Survival Ecolexicon in The Environment of Plants inTraditional Medicine Taloki Language

La Ino
This article discusses the survival of Taloki Ecolexicon in the environment of medicinal plants. The problems in this study are: 1) How is the survival rate of Ecolexicon in the Traditional Medicinal Plant Environment Taloki Language? The aims of this research are: 1) Deeply describe survival rate Vocabulary...
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Developing Blue Ocean Strategy Theory Based on Spiral Dynamics System Spectrum Model in Education Management

Ade Tutty Rokhayati Rosa, Hamdan Hidayat
History of Arts and Culture Science Management owned by an Islamic civilization in Pondok Pesantren Modern in Gontor, it is important to do research based on perspective of life view. This is the background of this research because every scientific activity in a society will shape their perspective on...
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Teachers’ Creativity and Innovation Model in Writing Scientific Works through Intensive Training

Ade Tutty Rokhayati Rosa, Deti Rostini, S. Ricky Yoseptry
One form of teacher professional development is the development of teachers' ability to create scientific papers. This ability can be easily seen from the publications of teachers in various media, especially scientific journals. Writing scientific papers of this kind is believed to improve the professionalism...
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The Influence Of Personal Factor And Psychological Factor Toward Costumers’ Decision In Choosing “Britama” Saving At BRI Branch Bank Of Lahat

Desi Ulpa Anggraini, Ade Nia Suryani, Yeni Marsih, Harapin Hafid
This research aimed to know (1) the influence of personal factor towards costumers decision in choosing “Britama” saving at BRI Branch Bank of Lahat, (2) the influence of psychological factor towards costumers’ decision in choosing “Britama” saving at BRI Branch Bank of Lahat, (3) the influence of personal...
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Character Development in Learning through Culture and Climate Management

Ayi Najmul Hidayat, Kingking Muttaqien, Vidia Lantari Ayundhari
This research aims to gain an overview of the students character development through culture and climate management in an Elementary School Bandung, West java, Indonesia. This research used naturalistic qualitative approach. The research participants were students, teachers and the principal. Research...
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Effect of earnings Management on Tax Aggressiveness: Audit Committee, Institutional Ownership, and Independent Commissioner As Moderating Variables

Bayu Seno Pitoyo, Nurmala Ahmar, Suyanto
The Effect of earnings Management on Aggressive Tax Action with Audit Committee, Institutional Ownership, and Independent board Commissioner As Moderating Variables. This study examines the effect of earnings management on tax aggressiveness. with the audit committee, institutional ownership and independent...
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Increasing Ability Reading by Flash Card Method in Children Age 5-6 Years in Kindergarten Kasih Ibu Kec. Periuk Kota Tangerang

Evy Fitria, Rahmat Nasution, Otto Fajarianto, Nina Ainal Wardah
This research is based on the problems of early reading ability experienced by the child and the experience of the researcher while teaching in kindergarten school which still gives less precise reading lesson, less varied learning activities, less interesting media, and less developed media usage...
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Larung Sesaji Tradition: Symbolic Meaning and Ritual Value with Water Concept in Lake Ngebel Ponorogo, East Java

Kundharu Saddhono, Kusuma R. Pertiwi, Dwi Anggrahini
This study aimed to describe the peculiarities of the tradition of larung sesaji located in lake Ngebel Ponorogo, East Java. Larung sesaji conducted in Lake Ngebel Ponorogo, East Java is a tradition that reflects the symbolic meaning and value of rituals that are environmentally water. Data examined...
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Mount Kombang Tradition: Picture of Culture and Meaning Ngliyep Coast Community, Malang District, East Java

Kundharu Saddhono, Fitria Shalza Rahmaniar
The Javanese has a different tradition in each region. Differences tradition has become one form of diverse local wisdom. This study aimed to describe and explain about the tradition of the Larung Sesaji on Ngliyep Beach. The form of research is descriptive qualitative by using ethnography approach....
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Development of Article Materials Based On Author Experience And Its Use In SMA

Suherli Kusmana, Lina Lihanawati, Jaja
This study aims to analyze the article and get information on how to write an article from the author and then compiled it into an article text articles. The method used in this research is research and development method (research and Development). Several stages in this study include analysis of interviews...
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Life Skills’ Training To Build Social Autonomy For Mild Intellectual Disability Persons

Nani Nur Aeni, N. Dede Khoeriah, Zubaedah Wiji Lestari
This research is a qualitative descriptive research, with participant mild intellectual disability persons and special needs school’s teachers, instructors and social workers from difable rehabilitation service West Java Province. The study aims to produce a model of life skills training program suitable...
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Recovery Bullying With Counseling And Sublimation Through Literary Work Writing

Prima Gusti Yanti, Suswandari, Nini Ibrahim
The bullying recovery effort is an activity to save bullying victims from mental pressure and to prevent them from being bullied again with guidance and counseling therapy and sublimation through literary work writing. These are intended to allow students who have once been bullied to eliminate the mental...
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The1Analysis of2Pre- service Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in Terms of Grade Point Average (GPA)

Nani Ratnaningsih, Ai Nur Solihat, Satya Santika
The study aims to describe and to analyze pre-service teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in terms of grade point average (GPA) in Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers Training, Siliwangi University. The study used the descriptive qualitative method and involves 97 pre-service teachers...
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Teacher Personality Competency In Improving the Interest of Learning Education of Christian Religious In Class Study Xi.1 Senior High School 1 Palangka Raya

Ana Sriekaningsih, Sarmauli, Hendrika Yovania Karubaba
Personality competence is a strong, stable, mature, wise, and authoritative personality ability, as well as being a role model for students. The teachers were not discipline in terms of time when the learning process takes place and in terms of being honest with colleagues about information related to...
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User Perceptions to the Quality of Apemkislamets Learning Application Management Service

Slamet Setiyono, Resista Vikaliana, Argo Ciptono
This paper is aim to know specify the service attributes which should be improved or developed in Apemkislamets application. The approach used is WebQual. WebQual is a quality measurement approach for websites or applications through user perceptions based on three dimensions: Usability, information...
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The Implementation Of Policy On Restaurant Tax Levy In The Regional Revenue Management Board Of Cirebon Regency

Nurudin Siradj, Endang Sutrisno, Zubaedah Wiji Lestari
The implementation of policy on restaurant tax levy in the regional revenue management board of Cirebon Regency has not reached the expected target yet. This is due to the lack of optimal action toward the measures and objectives of the policy on restaurant tax. This research is aimed to identify the...
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The Factor Analysis that Influence the Employment Absorption at Songket Industry in Palembang-South Sumatra Province, Indonesia

M. Yusuf, Budi Hartono, Buswari
The population growth in the country of Indonesia is getting old is not diminishing but is growing. Palembang is one of metropolitan city in Indonesia. The number of people unemployed in this city is quite a lot. Unemployment is generally caused because the labor force is not proportional to the number...
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Procedures Noncompliance in Muslim Marriage Application: A Case Study in Syariah Courts in Terengganu, Malaysia

Asiah Bidin, Kamaliah Salleh, Akmal Mohamad, Noraida Harun, Noor Ashikin Hamid
The Administration of Islamic Family Law Enactment in each state in Malaysia has laid down specific rules and procedures for the application of marriage. The Islamic Religious Affairs Department is the body to implement the rules and procedures. Despite of having the clear provisions on procedures, there...
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The Determinant of SME’s Performance: The Main Role of Leadership Strategy, Knowledge, and Business Orientation

Aditya Halim Perdana Kusuma Putra, Muhammad Ashoer, Akmal Abdullah, Ali Muhtasom, Ida Farida, Arfiany Guntur
The pattern of leadership and knowledge of business, as well as business orientation, certainly plays the role which in turn will ultimately give the final confirmation of what is actually a "pioneer" or a "follower" in a business activity. The purpose of this study is to analyze the extent to which...
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Do Inflation, Kurs, and Interest Rates Can Affect on Public Savings?

Mapparenta Mapparenta, Munawir Nasir
The purpose of this study is to analyze empirically the relationship inflation, interest rate, and Kurs on public saving which operated in South Sulawesi Province. The analysis method used is a linear regression with 15 bank samples. The result of the study stated that inflation does not have significant...